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  1. Thanks for the compilation of interviews, @primrose210! I also feel like she's gone from looking forward into something in the vague future, to being happy about her current situation in life. Because of a particular person, hm...?? You said: " She seemed extraordinarily happy like a teen girl who falls in love for the first time." I agree, too. As to the Grazia interview where they asked how she felt about someone younger than her thinking she was cute, she said this about JS in an Instyle interview in August 2016: "When we're acting, I don't really feel the age difference, either. Some guys are young, but they're manlier than you'd think." Add to that a couple more interviews that perhaps do not talk directly about relationships, but do indicate a state of enjoying the moment of her life right now: Dazed and Confused interview in November 2016: Speaking of being done with filming W, JS said, " Noona seems to really miss it very much. It was my honour to be able to be in such a good project together." Aww. Then at the end, the interviewer asked what each of their plans were for the rest of the year. True, she was talking about taking a break professionally. But to me it sounds like she is wanting to enjoy the current moment in her life as a person, too: " I just want to put everything down and let time pass. I want to focus on each new thought that comes to my mind so I don’t want to force myself to plan anything." Then there is the Vogue interview just a few weeks ago, where she said this: "Besides living as an actress, which is very important, as a woman, as a person, how I should live my life...I think it's the time to ponder about things more deeply." For someone normally so focused on her career (in one of the April 2016 interviews she also expressed sadness at the thought that someday she might be too old to be cast in good roles, and so she gave each role her all in case it was her last one), I think it says something that she's also that focused on her personal life as well.
  2. That's a wonderful answer, @primrose210. Interesting on the whole Korean attitude. I have of course observed the hoards of oppa!-squealing fangirls online, plus a few individuals who seem a little scarily obsessed/unbalanced with particular actors, but I'm glad to know that in general there is also a certain level of expectation among most people to allow actors to have private, normal lives, too. In a country where what, a quarter of the population lives in the same city? it would be difficult if you felt you couldn't run down to the store to pick up a package of ramen and something to drink. I am glad to hear that her agency has her back. Some of the public invective aimed at her had to have been incredibly painful to deal with, and it's amazing that she continues to be so genuine and "real" when she does make public appearances. As someone who counts myself among her fans, I also feel that need to block negative stuff from her path. I also appreciate hearing the viewpoint of the longtime Korean fan on how HJ has changed since W. That is what it looks like to me, too, but I am not Korean. A year ago (so, just before or just about the time she signed on for W), she said she was interested in dating, and was doing a lot of thinking about what kind of person she wanted to date/marry. She said she was trying to figure out what love really was,* etc. The comment referenced a while back in this thread, about her type being someone with a lot of understanding and consideration, comes from one of those interviews. So whatever she may have thought or done since then, it was with that in mind. If she is interested in someone who connects on a number of things she thinks are important, and who is understanding and considerate, we know who to refer her to. Likewise, she is more than just a pretty face; she's someone who's clearly got her head screwed on right and would bring along a lot of lasting happiness with her to whoever she ends up with. The way we've seen HJ and JS interact seems out of the ordinary to me, and so if this is something they want to continue, I really hope they are able to do so. *(Note: there is a whole book about it, by an illustrator named Puuung. She may have run across it somewhere... )
  3. I also noticed quite a difference in her interactions and general state of happiness this time around, as opposed to when I've seen her talk about or interact with past coworkers. (But I don't want my state of shipping-ness to be a burden, either. Ottoke??) My sense (as someone watching from the outside who only sees what she chooses to show) is that is is veeeeeery protective of her private life, that she has maybe been burned by the media before, and that she does make a clear distinction between fiction and reality. The article feels very clickbaity to me, without much substance. I rarely have run across that kind of thing aimed at her, though, which I find interesting. Unlike in other countries, does Korea respect a person's request to the media to back off?
  4. @primrose210 I've actually seen that page before, and it felt a little speculative to me? Basically they just ran through a list of her costars. I saw an old (closer to 2010 than 2017) interview with her once where someone asked her about some of her former costars (including LSG) and she just laughed and pointed out that acting was acting, but there was an unspoken line you didn't cross.* And I really did get the vibe that it was fun to act with all of these cool guys, but it was just that. I seriously doubt there was EVER a thing with some of these people. *Which is why I smiled in the making-of W documentary where Soo Bong insists in voiceover that they were always very professional and "never crossed the line" or some such--even as the video is clearly showing overflowing amounts of offscreen chemistry. But then again, I am a shipper, so... I still think it's curious that so many viewers wonder about them, yet Korean media is officially completely silent.
  5. @maryofbethany I would love if they made an offer to her. I was trying to figure out why I would like this and why other pairings hurt my little shipper heart. I think it's because I see JCW as someone who's a strong actor and would be cool and professional and could work really well with our girl (even in a rom com) without getting complicated in personal life. (Plus I understand he's off to the military soon, anyway.) I would have a harder time seeing someone I ship paired with someone else just on the basis of a pretty face and no acting ability. Or maybe I just love this idea because it would in some ways be a matching bookend sort of drama to another one coming out in the fall?? Does HJ know any Taekwando? I know she knows someone who does... Really, this is all speculation because it's only fans asking for it, not the people in charge making any offers. And if the thing is supposed to start in May, that would cut things awfully close to her current movie filming schedule. But ahhh, I could get behind this idea. (Also, I have this wistful and probably completely unrealistic desire for JS and HJ to cameo together in something...just a little W reference in some future MBC drama that would give a nod to how the Kangs are doing now that they live in the real world...)
  6. This looks like the original report. It doesn't seem to say much more than we are already saying on this thread, but it's nice to know there is another shipper out there, right? I'd love to know their sources for the referenced Korean media... Also, I love knowing that the two teams still support each other's person.
  7. Apparently there have been some netizens asking SBS to consider Han Hyo Joo for the role, too (see article in Indonesian here: She's done a lot of sad roles, but after seeing her in W, I definitely think she could pull off rom com well. I know she's been filming a movie for the past while, but maybe the timing would work out? Whoever they get, I hope the female lead is strong, and I hope they get someone good.
  8. I have heard that Ji Chang Wook has been confirmed for the drama Watch Out for This Woman, but it seems that the actresses they keep approaching keep backing out. From google translate, anyway, it sounds like some netizens are suggesting SBS look into Han Hyo Joo (so, this is coming from public suggestions, not from the network themselves). Just looking at it the little bit there is about the drama, though, I think she'd do a great job in it. (The lead female is a murder suspect--but not the murderer--and works together with a prosecutor-turned-private-lawyer to catch the real murderer, who has amnesia. And it's supposed to be a rom com.) We know she can do comedic, and she's also expressed interest in action. She could run around with a prosecutor (um, maybe not the right one, but whatever), also trying to stop crime? It's supposed to start in May, though, so timing might not be great (or might dovetail perfectly, depending on when her movie filming finishes up). At any rate, there is no report of SBS making any offers, just that viewers are suggesting her name. The last person to turn down the role is with her agency, though, so I would think they would know how to find her if they wanted to.
  9. Her photoshoots are always beautiful, but I love seeing her interact with people, too. She looks so happy and healthy here. Hope we get some good news coverage from Hong Kong!
  10. To me she looks really happy and healthy and relaxed. Looking forward to whatever comes out of her visit to Hong Kong, too. Mr. Lee, on the other hand, has been awfully silent these days. Hopefully all is well with him. Really looking forward to another Park Hye Ryun (writer)/LJS combination, but I miss honeycouple, too...
  11. @ibru Looks like that scene in Harry Potter where everyone takes polyjuice potion to look like Harry. Except there are seven Jong Suks, instead.
  12. @May Low Aw, too bad. It looked like it was the recent one. I notice that there are frequent repeated and redundant posts on JS's thread, but usually I can tell which ones are out of date. My bad this time! I edited it so it wouldn't throw people off. Also, you could dress HJ in a grocery sack and she would still look good.
  13. I feel like our quiet girl is making sooo many appearances. Good for her.