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  1. Well, the picture itself is an edit, of course. But the question is, is it a fan edit, or a Samsonite edit? If the sale is over, yeah, it's probably too late to catch it online. But it really does look like a Samsonite ad? If so, they are slow to catch on (JJ fans have been advertising for them for some time, lol)--but hey, we'll take it. Now, just get them for real in the same frame, okay?
  2. Wait wait this a fan edit? Or actually from Samsonite website??
  3. Lol, I can just imagine all of the people on her team BEGGING to go to work this week. They all seem quite enthusiastic to be in Hawaii--even her agency is posting about it (and so is she, since that one picture on her agency IG appears to be taken by her.) I'm glad Jun Choi is back. I was worried that some crazy fan had driven him off, but maybe he just wanted a break, like @adawiyahsarkis30 suggested. Poor JS at home. Both are working hard, but I'm thinking she may be having more fun...
  4. JS is crying in his empty room, lol. Also, it's incredible that this is the same person. Except for the Folli Follie picture, which was taken some time ago (and posted today), all of these pictures were taken within about three days of each other. No wonder she feels she can wander around unrecognized!
  5. Heh, MBC is getting quite the reputation, aren't they? And wow, HJ sure can pull off quite the range of stunning looks.
  6. Honestly I can't tell the difference between the NG of that scene and the aired one. Because both of them carry the same meaning in the drama, and yet it seems that JS and KC are equally inept at doing girls' hair? I'll have to listen again and see if they talk differently. KC and YJ in the script use lower jondetmal with each other (the -yo ending on verbs; kind of polite), but I'm pretty sure JS and HJ banmal each other (more familiar--at least, I've heard her use banmal on him. In the bts/ng, HJ says, igot bwoya?? (what is this?!) in response to his attempts, which is the more familiar form). Um, if I'm understanding right...Anyway, my point is that I can't see much difference between real and reel in that instance.
  7. To me the incident doesn't damage HJ at all, but it sure does show her former manager in a bad light. (Talk about career suicide, too! Who would ever trust you after that?) I think that many celebrities have had their privacy invaded in this way, and she is certainly not an isolated case. HJ is a kindhearted person, but I am sure by now she has some steel inside her, too, because her profession does bring her into contact with some less than pleasant situations/people sometimes...
  8. Or maybe because there is a lot of unrest and tragedy in the world right now. Or maybe because flying across the ocean is a bit like taking a ferry. Or maybe because she's waving out the window to someone who may or may not be on Jeju. Or maybe because she didn't want to wear any jewelry for whatever reason, but still wanted something bright. Honestly, who knows? But it's true there has been an awful lot of man-made disasters this week. Perhaps it was that she was thinking of.
  9. I think it takes between 9 and 10 hours to fly]. But you cross the international dateline, too, which definitely messes with your head. (I always think of Korea as east of me because that is how the time zone works--13 hours later than my local time. But it turns out if I were to fly there, I would travel west. Now I'm confused.) Anyway, hopefully she got there okay, and has a pleasant visit. And yeah, I wonder why she is wearing a Sewol ribbon on this random day.
  10. Much as I'm looking forward to more projects from JS, I am impatient for him to be done with the drama. It seems like he had a lot more disposable time when he was filming a movie. The FM is in Seoul, so it's not like taking time off to fly away to Hong Kong or whatever, right? So it *might* be possible? I imagine fans would be ECSTATIC if he showed up at her FM. I will allow myself a brief moment to imagine it...and then put the lid on, because his schedule this far hasn't been terribly accommodating to anything. Expect less, etc. etc. Two posts in two days from him, though, and both of them possibly coincidental but possibly directly related to her. I can't help but feel a little hopeful...
  11. On her way right now to Hawaii for a photoshoot. Dang, she is beautiful!
  12. I did see MBC the other day on someone's IG, asking them to please take down the screen shots or videos (don't remember which). So yes, they are still selling the DVD and are still concerned about copyright.
  13. We've talked a lot on here about how W was a turning point for JS, how he's all grown up now, and how his confidence level really shot up. But I think it was a turning point for HJ, too. She has been SO much more open and at ease talking about herself since then. I didn't think she even did fan meets anymore. I hope she has a safe trip and successful photo shoot. And then comes back home to...whoever misses her.
  14. Dear Jong Suk: please notice how beautiful she looks in white.
  15. Yes, not sure if his post is about KWB or HJ (or a little of both). But that's two days in a row now... For a while he seemed to have given up his little game of IG tag, but it looks like maybe it's on again now? The other day, some of his staff were on a plane to Jejudo. Maybe they're filming some there, and he's doing some hiking? (Actually, the picture could be from any time.) HJ is flying to my continent right now. Too bad I live almost as close to Seoul as I do to Hawaii... Her airport pictures are really beautiful!