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  1. [Drama 2018] Mother, 마더

    @abnoch Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so sorry that you (and your mother) had to go through this, and so glad that you were able to finally have a "real" father. I feel like it's so important for stories like this to seep into every bit of the planet and open up important conversations on this topic. Every person has worth and deserves love, especially vulnerable children. Sharing a drama this says, abuse like this isn't right, let's stop this and find a better way. Let's clear the air and open up discussions and find solutions. As for the drama, ep 15, I think the issue was simply that you had to let that period of probation pass, or it wouldn't be realistic. (There was a 10 year gap before a reunion in the original--thank you, Korean writer for not doing that to us.) So you had to fill in that space with something. But yes, it had beautiful plot and pacing, besides the outstanding performance of all actors.
  2. I remember an interview with PMH last year-ish where he said that she was just like his little sister--except when she was just like his little brother. Lol. Also, he said that if left to her own devices, she'd just pick out baggy, comfortable clothes all the time. I guess we have PMH to thank for all the pretty outfits. Also, yes, any guy interested in HJ has to go through PMH first.
  3. I went looking to see if I could find that movie anywhere. So far, no luck. I was rather amused, though, that when I search ONLY the title (no mention of her name at all), it does turn up zillions of Jongjoo related videos! Somewhere in the innards of YouTube, it knows how all the parts fit together... (If anyone can find it, let me know!) ETA: I see that you have added about the performing for free part, @shishi101. Wow, I really wish there was somewhere to watch this. (And how many times has HJ done a repeat performance with someone? I count at least three... How about make it four?)
  4. Filming starts in mid April. It's only two episodes long and I don't think it has a very big budget (otherwise LJS wouldn't be doing it for free). So even though an airing date has not been announced, I can't imagine it's very far into the future. In real life, the singer had an affair with the writer, who was married and had a wife and child back in Korea. On the boat ride back to Korea from Japan, the pair jumped overboard and committed suicide. The sensation was in part responsible for the song becoming widely known, so I think it would be difficult to avoid either event in the drama. But we'll see. Maybe they will shift the focus more on other elements (I already read that Woo Jin will have an expanded role from the film, with more emphasis on his work.)
  5. [Drama 2018] Mother, 마더

    @jfritz09 Fantastic review, I agree with every word. This was a lifetime performance for LBY. And Heo Yool is on my radar forever. I didn't realize this was the scriptwriter's debut. Wow.
  6. [Drama 2018] Mother, 마더

    Agree that the OST was so, so beautiful. I was so glad that they did the ending they did. After 16 episodes with lovely Heo Yool, it would have destroyed the flow of the entire story to cut to a totally different actress for a meeting 10 years later. I loved that they found a way to work it out so that we were left with her wise child words. I love that both of Soo Jin's mothers were needed. I love that her actress mother took her in and raised her--and then when that mother was gone, her birth mother moved in to mother all of the actress's daughters. That however unexpected, they all became part of the same family. I think the doors are open for Soo Jin to pursue something with the doctor if she wants to. But that's beyond the bounds of this story. This is about Soo Jin and Yoon Bok finding haengbok (happiness). I can't stop thinking about this drama. May it win every award possible.
  7. [Drama 2018] Mother, 마더

    While I personally related a lot more to "Finger Grandma" (as a purely subjective response, I just liked her character more), Drama Grandma sure grew on me, and this scene ^^ just had me shredded. She was truly majestic.
  8. [Drama 2018] Mother, 마더

    I cannot even. I couldn't wait, I watched it without subs. (I can understand a little bit on my own.) I have completely used up my tear ducts on this drama! So, so, SO good. I hope many people see it and are touched. Lifetime performance from LBY. And that little girl--well, I'll be watching for her. But really, the script, the acting, the cinematograpy, the music...there are not words to say what a fine job they did on this one.
  9. [Drama 2018] Mother, 마더

    Well deserved! See article here: https://www.soompi.com/2018/03/14/mother-nominated-1st-cannes-international-series-festival/
  10. Yes, it seems so. They want to focus more on Woo Jin and his works, it seems. By the way they also just cast another guy from School 2013 (Lee Ji Hoon) into the project. I'm curious how it will all play out, as they said that he will be part of a love triangle. ?? (Doesn't that make it a love square, though, if Woo Jin had a family back home in Korea?) Switching gears, I bet the editing for Inrang is intense. If it's sci fi melo action spy or whatever. GS was delayed for CGI reasons, and that was a quieter, supposedly realistic film. What more for Inrang? I'm not expecting it to be out until 2019, to be honest. So I wonder what HJ will do in the meantime? She could still do a drama later in the year.
  11. I haven't seen My Golden Life, either, but I see people posting enthusiastically about it all the time. I think she must have done really well.
  12. [Drama 2018] Mother, 마더

    This drama had better end well, is all I can say. I don't usually cry on the outside when I watch things, but I am a huge ball of snot and tears right now...
  13. @ibru That photoshoot is so beautiful and so full of happiness. You can't help but smile when you see it. Looks like they have cast the female role in Praise of Death. It's Shin Hye Sun, who has been a secondary role in several popular dramas (Legend of the Blue Sea, She Was Pretty, High School King of Savvy, and yes, School 2013. Only she was not the lead girl in School 2013, and anyway, it's not like there technically was one, as there wasn't even a romance.) I am very glad that they cast someone known for acting. Would I have loved to see JS and HJ on screen together again? Of course! But I also agree with others who have had some concerns about the storyline and the message to pull from it... So I think no matter how the outcome ended up, there can be something good in it.
  14. YuYin is SUCH a talented artist! (Yes, I have seen some of her realistic painting as well) But how can she capture the essence of a person in only cartoon form, and make it look just like that person? Every picture I've ever seen her do of Jongjoo (and probably others; I don't know the other people she's drawn) is so accurate even down to the body language. Head tilts, posture, even that GPS stare. Really take my hat off to her!
  15. If I understand it right, in Korea on Valentine's Day (Feb 14), the girls are supposed to give chocolate to the guy they like. Then on White Day (March 14), if you are a guy and a girl sent you something on Valentine's Day, you are supposed to return the favor. There is also Black Day (Apr 14), which is for those who didn't get anything for the previous two love holidays.