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  1. There are certain people out there who you hope are always around to tell you stories. He's one of them. I'm going to have to come up with a master plan to re-watch all his work at carefully spaced intervals when he's gone for military service. Good thing he has a lot of work behind him, cause it's going to be a sad day when he leaves.
  2. I'm just really enjoying this drama. JS is such a natural actor. You just feel for Cha Eun Ho and his squishy little heart, lol. Love the scenes where his rational side and his emotional side are arguing, too. Lol.
  3. Just started on today's episode (7). Am dying with Park Hoon standing up to The Mother. The guy is a mixture of weaselly courage, he's hilarious. Looking forward to the double JS part coming up, I see.
  4. Looooooove the casting on this! The transition between actresses was seamless, it really feels like the same character. I did not get enough of that crazy purse guy in Terius, and I'm thrilled to see him playing the oppa here with perfect hilarity. Han Ji Min is still playing with time, but she got her mom back--again! How lucky for her. And her dad is Ahn Nae Sang! I've admired his acting in so many roles, but I loved him as the dad in High Kick 3, and this dad is a bit like that one. And I like Nam Joo Hyuk's acting in this, too. He does well in realistic roles. It's good so far.
  5. I only just started watching, but what a cool cast! Have seen Ahn Nae Sang in a variety of recent works where he plays a very serious (usually dysfunctional) dad, but his crazy role in High Kick 3 supercedes all. He's a great actor and I'm looking forward to him in this. (In whichever kind of role he ends up doing.)I really liked Han Ji Min in Familiar Wife, and ohhh! She gets to get her same mom back! That must be fun. And after seeing Son Ho Jun in Terius, I'm really interested in what he will be like in this one. As for the plot, well, Viki's only subbed 43% of ep 1, with nothing on today's episode, but I'll catch up eventually...
  6. That was a funny scene. I'm curious if JS ever looks up when the name Park Hoon is called, lol...
  7. Gosh, HOWWWWW can Dani not see that this guy is hopelessly in love with her??!! She is really clueless about love, isn't she? She doesn't know a thing about it. I can forgive her from being clueless over the food events. From everything I can tell (referencing basically ever drama ever made, plus real life people moving to Korea and commenting on it, plus Korean language instructors making a whole lesson out of it), people in Korea simply do not go out to eat alone. It's like putting a neon sign on your head that you have no friends, so it seems it's better even to grab the office weirdo to come along than go alone. So I can see how maybe she thinks it's just food, even if he is thrilled to be eating with the girl of his dreams. Just the act of eating with someone in a restaurant does not automatically mean you're on a date. But you know, Dani, when a guy takes you to fun events and spends the evening with you and stares at you continuously and walks around HOLDING YOUR HAND--then, I think it should be clear that he is sending you a message. Then again, he sends mixed messages to poor Hae Rin, too. I mean, his friendly contact with her parents, patting her on the head, listening to her at inconvenient times (guys, if you want to boost your ratings for a girl, listen to her! Jinjja)--those are also messages that most people interpret a certain way, too. I feel bad for Hae Rin, especially since she has this real friendship developing with Dani. That's going to hurt when it all comes crashing down. Back to watching...
  8. Carefully avoiding reading spoilers until I've watched, but I notice that Oh Eui Sik is in this one, too? He's in Romance is a Bonus Book (also currently airing). He's busy. Am hoping that this drama is Sunny and the Grim Reaper, reincarnated into another storyline. Doesn't matter what it's about, so long as they are there. (I'm sure that marketing is counting on many other people hoping that as well...)
  9. @_gillianne19_ Koreaboo is um, known more for clickbait rumors than for actual accuracy. You can go back and watch clips from the SBS awards yourself starting on page 3040 in this forum, and see what you think of their interaction during the evening. Clips of his actual speech (with subs) are on page 3042. After receiving the best couple award, they both gave a very short acceptance speech and were going to leave, and then the announcer stopped them and asked JS if, at least while acting, he felt anything. I'm not sure what other appropriate answer he could give at that point? But you can make your own opinion. In any case, I didn't see any reports of the Korean public taking his answer to that question as a serious, real life love confession. I'm sure he and Suzy are friends and had a nice time filming the drama, but there's no evidence of more. Whenever I see any story from Koreaboo, whether casting or dating news, I search for other sources to back it up. They have a lot of headlines about things that are rumored to be true, but they don't always bear up under facts. I think it must be challenging to be JS. He is naturally a very warm person who is comfortable with physical contact, plus he always has excellent chemistry in every project. Sometimes it does work out between costars, I mean, it can happen, but most of the time, it's just due to good acting. He's a guy who has a ship for every girl he's acted with. Would be amusing to see him go out to dinner sometime before military service and take a picture with all of them at the same time, lol.
  10. You have to admit, the color scheme matches perfectly... And a smile from our girl from Budapest:
  11. What a nice flower theme going on up there. I was looking at something completely different the other day on YT as well, and a Jongjoo video came up. It reminded me that I did not imagine it. Their interaction was really over the top. There are STILL people seeing this for the first time who are like, wait. Those people must really be dating.
  12. frozentundra

    Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    Maybe she's a piano teacher for some powerful family? I want to see more, too.
  13. Hyo Joo for Treadstone (she is playing the role of a North Korean wife and mom when she discovers her hidden powers, and has to defend her family.): Aw, let's throw in JS's piano pictures, too.
  14. @ibru Yes, I am wondering just how many things we will recognize from Doctor Stranger. (DON'T fall off that bridge, HJ!)
  15. It's apparently quite cold there (some snow on the ground) and I keep seeing other cast mates posting about action scenes. I hope she finally gets to do the action scenes she wanted (but stays warm!) I'm glad she posted. JS's most recent two projects have really carried her echo. (There was the double parallel between Love Lies and Hymn of Death's setting PLUS just JS, and now in RIABB, both a few plot elements and also just LNY in general remind me strongly of HJ.) I've really missed her/them. And since it will be a looooooong time before this US show hits the screens, I hope she keeps updating.