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  1. Can't help but think that this is a necessary thing to do when setting up a new agency. I don't know what specific thing they are thinking of here. But you know...before he had gigantic YG backing him, and it's possible that with a little agency (a brand new one at that), that reporters or whatever could try to push things, see how far they could go. So I think it's probably important to send the message right up front, that no matter how new or small they are, they also want to be treated with respect.
  2. frozentundra

    Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    She talked about it a bit in an interview with Al-Arabiya that aired in August 2017 but I believe the actual interview took place in April 2017 because what she wore in this bunny post from her agency on April 11 (2017) was what she wore in the interview. And here is a translation of her interview:
  3. frozentundra

    Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    Agree with kaz that the action scenes were well done, much more of a strength of the director than character development. I and the person I watched it with both agree with adamag about kdw's stiff acting. Maybe it was on purpose, I don't know, but he felt sort of wooden to me. Everything that was done, was done in high quality, but the pacing or basic storytelling or something just felt weak to me, especially in the last 45 minutes or so. I never saw the original, so I don't know what points they were deliberately trying to replicate, but as a standalone project, it just seemed to take a long time to get to the point towards the end, where I think you should have felt things pick up and get more exciting. The scenes themselves were exciting and well done, but at times they just went on too long in relation to the plot development. Even if you didn't change anything else, but just really cut everything through to the bone, I think it would strengthen all of the elements that people mentioned as being lacking. I'm nitpicking here, because I really wanted to understand what the Korean objection was. I also wanted to understand what the director's intention was. I think it was to show that power can be dangerous, that if you hire someone to do your dirty work, the blood is still on your hands, and don't be surprised if they turn on you. And most of all, perhaps the danger of an individual being swallowed by an organization; free will versus being controlled by the group, etc. So I'm being picky here, but overall, I still think there are many things that was done in very high quality. And I really think it should have done better in Korea than it did. When I was browsing DC yesterday, people were saying that it's been well received in Japan. And I read a really positive review in English yesterday, too. Yes, they hit on the pacing, etc. But they saw good things in it as well. So I hope for the sake of all who worked on it, they get some love from international viewers.
  4. frozentundra

    Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    On DC people are saying it's getting quite a positive reception in Japan, which is nice to hear.
  5. frozentundra

    Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    So I finally saw Illang. I thought it was well done in many ways, and should have done better at the box office than it did. (I feel that preconceived prejudice played a large role there, as a lot of people who gave 0-1 star reviews online freely admitted they hadn't seen it. Which was ironic, since one theme of the movie seemed to be about people wearing anonymous masks to band together and commit violence. Perhaps it isn't shooting people, but banding together to persecute others under the anonymity of the internet is quite similar in principle...) So there were strengths, but that said, there were some weaknesses that made it hard for people to connect with the film, too. I'll put some of my thoughts under a cut since there's no way for me to mention some things without spoilers. Things I liked: the visuals were quite stunning. Very nice camerawork, and also just a lot of great visual details--you knew that any time someone went around in a red jacket, they were part of the Sect. The exhibit at Namsan during that scene was all about the Berlin Wall (divided Germany/divided Korea). I really liked the animation (gruesome as it was) of Little Red Riding Hood, and HJ's voiceover was lovely. She really does have a beautiful voice. I also really liked the ending. To me, the main plot of the film seemed to be an inner conflict between humanity/individual free will, and being a tool in a larger controlling group. Will I be a wolf or a human? Will I be used, or will I make my own choices? Both characters faced that. To me it was logical and satisfying for them to both decide which way they wanted to go. I think they could/should have emphasized that plotline a lot more (and deleted ummm....a LOT of the gunfire. Action scenes without plot drag the tension, and I think that was one thing that the audience had a problem with, going by the responses I saw on Naver and Daum and DC.) I thought HJ did a great job with the character. Yoon Hee was someone who was extremely conflicted, pushed back into a corner by those who wanted to use her as a pawn. She did what she had to in order to survive and to protect others Her character felt very high strung due to the situation, as if she was always walking on a very thin wire that could explode at any time. I thought she played this extremely well. I have zero complaints about her acting (although I do have complaints about Scenes That Should Have Been Written In But Weren't. You can control your acting, but as an actor, you can't make up whole scenes and plot points.) Her character showed a lot more feeling than some of the others, and I appreciated that humanness. The love line. As I said, I don't feel this movie was a romance at all. Related to the love line was the connection between Lim and the wolf-turned-government guy. You can be the most spectacular actor ever, but there still need to be whole scenes and plot events in the middle to give later scenes meaning. The biggest weakness to me was in the pacing and just basic storytelling, and how they chose to edit it. Which scenes to include, which things they either didn't include, or didn't even write/film. The characters' plot arcs/struggles needed to come out stronger to give key scenes more weight, and they seriously should have edited out at LEAST 45 minutes of gunfighting. One person at my house walked by while I was watching it with someone else. Person 1, hearing the shooting: wow, that must be some action scene! Person 2 (who was actually watching the movie): *yawn* NOTHING IS HAPPENING. To me, that's the biggest weakness of the film, and not one that the actors or camerapeople could do much about. Too much time spent in scenes where the plot doesn't move, and not enough emphasis on actual escalating plot points. Mostly I think they could simply cut some parts and that alone would make other areas that already exist to just shine more. In short, I think HJ was awesome. She showed a character walking a knife edge, able to shoot fire from her eyes, hurt but reining it in do to the things she had to do, and I absolutely think she did an excellent job. And I'm sad that some other elements of the film (and also some netizen bullying) make it hard for people to see this. These are only my opinions, and of course I don't expect or demand anyone else to share them. But I'm interested in the thoughts others had, what stood out to you, what you liked and what made you scratch your head and go, huh?
  6. Hehe... That is exactly what we said at our house, too. Are there divers standing by?? Yeah, I think Kwon is just blinded by her ambition, and isn't the true baddie. I want to see her eat crow when she finds out the truth. The red shoes were quite the twist at the end! Is it Candy? Since we've never actually seen the wife, only heard her bossy voice... I really want JYT to join Terius's side. He is a total slimeball, and I want him to jump sides and swear loyalty to Terius. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that. But mostly I just want to see him be subordinate to someone with actually the moral advantage. (Um...I am generally less bloodthirsty and justice-driven with real people than I am with fictional characters, just so you know.)
  7. For anyone wondering/affected by DF, it looks like you can watch this show on Kocowa (as in, their direct web site). But NOT on the Kocowa expansion from Viki. It's confusing, I don't understand why the content is different (and who would subscribe through both doors? That seems redundant.) I really hope Viki can just get the license. (Purposely averting my eyes from spoilers. Kocowa's site was understandably flooded today and very slow, and it might be a bit before I can catch up.)
  8. I can't remember where I read it now, but if I recall correctly, they were making a profit. (Which is written in black, as opposed to not breaking even, which would put them "in the red.") I am umm...not an expert in business, but from what I understand, most startup businesses lose money before they make it. It might take a couple years to start making a profit. He started it for fun, to fulfill a dream, but it turns out it's doing well. (Or was the last time I read about it.) And speaking of business, today without warning, Drama Fever shut down. They were acquired by Warner Brothers/ATT, who decided they didn't want to spend the money on it, and without warning, just completely stopped streaming dramas. Which is super annoying if you were in the middle of one and Viki doesn't carry it. (I know, Soompi is owned by Viki, but for licensing, they were often complementary instead of competing, with licensing going back and forth between the two for different shows.) They had exclusive rights to stream Goblin and Terius Behind Me, for example, and now...nothing. Supposedly it got expensive, but the subscription price was pretty cheap, and I think people would rather pay a little more to keep the service than just dump it altogether. I think Viki carries most of JS's shows. Let's hope they continue to do so. (But--sniff--DF was the only one who had High Kick.) (Sorry, I know we are worldwide here, and I don't know how many people it affects. But it's quite sad.)
  9. Maybe if we all went to Viki to request them to carry Terius, they would pick it up? Is there anywhere else to watch this? I just can't believe they would shut an entire site down like that. Why buy them out if they don't want to keep them?
  10. DF is now showing the black screen of death. There was seriously NO warning at all. I'm really irked because I want to watch shows legally so I can support the actors and directors and writers. But DF has had exclusive rights in my location for several beloved shows from the past (Goblin, anyone?) as well as several excellent current ones, most especially Terius. When I looked on Viki (I have the regular membership, not Kocowo), it said that Terius was not available for my region. Usually when Kocowo has it, it will tell you they have it but you have to pay extra. But this time...nothing. I saw Viki and DF as complementary sites that each provided their own special coverage and flavor. I'm feeling very disenchanted with WB right now!!
  11. I hope it does well, too. They are already fully staffed (at least one person followed him over from YNK to work at his agency), and have signed their first client. The guy's an actor, but he has a business head, too. He's had a couple of clothing lines and his cafe finished its first year in the black (NOT normal for a startup company). I think it will do well.
  12. No one got dropped by the agency. Contracts with agencies aren't indefinite. They are for a specific period of time (such as three years). When the contract ends, the actor can decide whether to re-sign for another term, or go elsewhere. Jongsuk did three years with YG and then decided he wanted to open his own agency. He made a short-term agreement to partnership with YNK (using them as a mentor, I assume) while he got his own agency up and running. Now it is running independently, and meanwhile his short term contract with YNK is over. There is nothing weird about it at all (except for maybe the way tabloids are trying to report it?). He went from being an actor wholly dependent on an agency, to being an actor who owns an agency. Other agencies are actor-owned as well. (BH Entertainment, for one example). Opening his own agency and signing clients should actually be a yay, Jongsuk! moment, not the whisper-whisper-something's-wrong rumor these tabloids are trying to invent.
  13. Allkpop is a tabloid that exists to sensationalize and spread unsubstantiated rumors. I like the Korean language, but I hate language barriers. Because if you have only limited sources for news in English, a tabloid could spin any story they want to, and non-Korean speakers wouldn't have a clue if it was true or false. I'm sure that these sorts of things are nothing new when you are a well known figure, but it's still aggravating.
  14. These articles make it all sound like he can't decide on an agency. From what I understood, when he left YG he started A-Man, forming a partnership with YNK while he got things running. Now that A-Man has gone live (which is old news by now--they have even taken on their first client and the staff already went on a trip to Jejudo together, etc. etc.), he doesn't need the training wheels anymore, so he is fully independent from YNK. If I'm not understanding right, please enlighten me. These articles make it sound like he is indecisive. But if I understand it right, then the articles are missing the point. He has his own agency. Therefore, he doesn't need to be linked to another one.