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  1. @Can Dy That's why I found it so nice the other day when an article came out from a Korean source, mentioning Hyo Joo: " Hyo Joo is voted 4th when the Big 5 distribution companies (CJ, Lotte, MegaboxPlus M, NEW & Showbox) were asked who they think has the "ticket power" to attract moviegoers" (The others were Son Ye Jin, Kim Hye Soo, Jeon Ji Hyun, and Jeon Do Yeon.) The article said: "4th place is Han Hyo Joo. Investors agreed that she is able to capture the trust of viewers in her acting even though there are differences in the age group and interests (of the viewers). One said:" When Hyo Joo is offered the female lead, there will not be any objections because she has a very stable and perfect career. Her looks, acting and affinity are all above average." After the nasty netizen reactions to her a few years ago, it has got to feel sweet to get this kind of response in her own country. Sure, there will always be internet bullies and people who cannot simply be nice to other people. But it looks like the rational public is coming back around to our girl. As to military, I agree that it would probably be good to go when you still have things coming out, and so your face lingers on the screen after you and people don't forget about you. But I can see why he'd want to take a break before leaping into the military, too. And yeah, if HJ's dad's an air force officer, no way is he going to take them seriously unless Sukkie's done his military. I do hope they say something soon! But at the same time, if they wanted to be ninja about it...well, we already know her capabilities, and if he's not allowed to make public appearances while serving military time, wow, they could have all the privacy they wanted to. I try really hard to be rational and not over-interpret, but then I run across another video of them interacting, and I can't look away, because the only way I can explain that kind of behavior is to say that they have a unique and close bond, and both like and love each other. I don't believe in love at first sight per se, but sometimes when you meet someone you already have a lot in common with, it's like the electrical system is already set up, and all you have to do is flip to switch to connect the circuit. That's what it looks like to me when I see them. Just ran across clips of them at the Master's premiere from last fall again, and ohhhh, I hope Hyo Joo can go to the VIP one!
  2. Well, I hope they come out with some further clarification. That, or certain northern leaders wake up suddenly with peace in their hearts, and politicians everywhere decide to convert missiles into farming equipment. Please, before this goes into effect! Because I also read the article about them cracking down on extreme postponement by celebrities.
  3. Can they have visitors? That would be better than my first impression, which was not having much contact with people from home at all. I am not done watching his past work (mostly movies; I've seen most of the dramas), so I will have to drag that out. As long as he can still have occasional visitors and keep contact with the people he wants to, then it would not be too bad. (For him and HJ--obviously we fans will miss out on his work, but we can survive.)
  4. Yes, what @apoo said. So it sounds like they get called up, but are not given an exact date, and have some room to make adjustments? And I guess they first probably have to have a physical exam to take care of anything that might need to be addressed before going in. Whatever he does, I hope he can find the best thing arrangement for himself and HJ.
  5. I read that Kang Ha Neul received his enlistment papers, and he was born in January 1990. So, even younger than Sukkie. So, how exactly does military enlistment work in Korea? Do they send you papers requiring your presence, and then you work it out with them on which date in their time frame you actually enter service? I imagine you first have to have some kind of physical to determine your eligibility. Anyone know?
  6. The Daum article cited an unnamed media source that claimed he had an enlistment warrant. But as they did not name their source, it's hard to say how credible it is.
  7. Right--that's the part I don't understand. Is his agency saying that he has in fact NOT received any such notice? Or that he has, but that the date has not been decided?
  8. It's true that he has been working nonstop without a break for a year and a half (Jade Lover to W to VIP to WYWS). What I can't tell from the way it's worded is if it is a fact that he's gotten called up, or if someone is just making guesses that that's why he turned down Witch. I admit, though, that I have been wondering if that was a possibility, as he said he had nothing lined up yet after WYWS.
  9. So I don't understand from this: has he or hasn't he received his enlistment notice? It's a fact that he isn't going to be in Witch, and his agency says he is needing a rest after a lot of straight work. Is it a fact also that he got his notice? Or is that just some media source making guesses?
  10. Ohh. Is this an accurate news source? It says he has a military notice. I was wondering, since he had no plans after this.
  11. Looks like VIP has a release date--24 August. (According to a link from JShine that @ibru posted over on JS's thread.) So--the premiere would be the day before, then?
  12. @ibru Saddest comic page ever! Even in a drawing, it makes me remember what a terribly sad (but well done) scene that was. *sniff*
  13. I have never seen that video before. It is BEAUTIFUL. Totally agree--it's a perfect slideshow to play at a wedding.
  14. It makes me so happy to see this! Very proud of our girl. Very glad to see her hard work pay off and to see the public react to her so warmly.
  15. I cannot say how glad it makes me to see so much love shown to Hyo Joo. Proud of our girl. @maryofbethany We are a team, and we can do this. (However, it is after midnight where I live, so I will take another look tomorrow! But we can break it up so it isn't an overload on anybody. Words, I can do...)