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  1. Thanks for sharing this. They did show bts clips and she was in them, but I didn't understand enough to know what people may have said in person about her. *falls over laughing* Riiiiiight. We totally believe that. Lolol. (It may be from the Harper's interview. I don't speak a word of Chinese, but I pointed my phone at the article and I think there is some question about that in there. Um, but we all know how well google translate can handle Chinese...)
  2. Well, I certainly hope you are right. Because she has great talent, and it would be nice to get to see it!
  3. Well, maybe acting can be part of a practicuum or something. WYWS took I think 5 months to film? And that was only 16 episodes. And W took five as well, I think. (I think May-Sept) Jade Lovers was only three, but I suspect that had to do with visa issues (a 3 month work visa is normal in many countries for a specific situation like that.) But surely when you are getting a degree in film studies, part of that is hands on experience??
  4. Mmm...I am not sure about that. We have talked about her having 57 minutes of screen time, but after watching the stuff today, I think that maybe that is not right. (Please don't quote me--I only know a little Korean.) But it seemed to me that her job description is the "57 Minute Traffic Report" announcer. Which is quite a different thing. Yes her name is listed as the last large print name on the poster. Yes, as far as I can tell, she has the largest female role. However, it looks like it's mostly a guy-centric film about these friends. Yes, she is in it (she was in the bts clips they showed today), but actually she herself said she only had a supporting role in this one.
  5. Thanks for the clarification on the articles/interviews, @masagumi. And yes, she has sort of disappeared off the face of the earth.
  6. What did they say about the poetry book in High Cut? And yes, the GS presscon was today. HJ was not there. (Well, she was on the poster on the back wall. And she was in a clip that was shown that was hard to see as it was dark and angled funny.)
  7. Maybe they'll ask him about his poetry book...it's kinda on one theme, lol. So strange, he looks a lot younger on next month's Instyle cover than he does in those pictures and clips from a year ago. Then again, I guess he has that same hair color, but the YG Stage pictures from the other day look very mature. Well, it's part of the job, I guess--to be able to have a variety of different looks for different characters. That video of JS and HJ sneaking glances at each other is too cute.
  8. @Riman Rakshit Thanks. Everything does seem up in the air still as far as future plans. Well, I hope he gets a good one next, whatever it is. I get it that he is probably trying to finish that degree ASAP. (But if he's in school, wouldn't it be hard to film something at the same time?? I know Koreans don't really sleep, lol...but still.) Maybe as far as military, there are also certain days where they bring in new soldiers, too. (I know it works that way in other countries. And I think a lot of people last year started in August.) Well, I guess we'll know when he says something definite, and not before.
  9. Is there someone here who reads Korean? Does it really say that he's studying his next work? Wonder what that means. Either 1) he has signed on to a new project and it just hasn't been announced yet, or 2) he hasn't signed on to anything but is reading and considering future projects. Every time he has been asked recently what he would like to do next, he says something different. (In his FM in December, he said a movie. In a recent interview, he said a rom com drama.) Also, when he got his military extension it sounded like they were JUST giving him enough time to do promo, but now...it seems like there is no rush? Just curious...
  10. Thanks for the translation, @shishi101 Wow. Those poems are uh, not exactly subtle, are they? He's definitely got something on his mind there... @missyouso One more for you--when they were going to film the teary motel kissing scene. She was messing around with his clothes (it's where she's supposed to treat the bullet wound on his stomach), and he kept batting her hand away. She was also teasing him then. I want to say it was something like, why are you so red? Let's act! Lol. Poor JS. And yes, the tumbler poem 100% sounds like her talking to him, not the other way around.
  11. A couple more pictures of our girl for Golden Slumber: And then there's this old video that is just kinda adorable:
  12. @missyouso Here you are, enjoy! Seriously, I'm sure the dancing bears are just a coincidence--but a really cute one. The feet are the same--and the colors, too. Also. Dear Powers That Be: Please, someone convince them to do another photoshoot together again someday! I know, photoshoots are mostly individual. But let's talk about Art for a moment. You like Art, right? And this is definitely Art:
  13. I agree, I think he looks older with black hair. Then again, it also depends on staging. I thought the High Cut pictures made him look really young, but he has the same hair color in the ones YG Stage just put out today, and he looks quite mature in those. So...part of it is maybe just his ability to portray a wide variety of ages. I think it's quite possible.
  14. Maybe her character is too minor?? She's a supporting character, one of several who help the main character escape. Still, if she's truly not going, I'll miss her.
  15. @May Low That is so much better of a translation of the poem about the gift! @kembie and I tried to use some online translation, and we were good up until the end, when we started getting things like "snorty nose sounds." "Humming a song with a twang" is a MUCH more logical translation, lol!