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  1. Bae Suzy 배수지

    I think Suzy is going to do well in WYWS. I really liked the small peek I saw from the trailers, especially the humorous bits of her peeking in shock at the new neighbor; she seemed like a good fit to play that kind of role. Looking forward to it!
  2. I'm kinda amused that this is how Viki is promoting WYWS: Yes, yes, they've also posted all of the WYWS trailers. And the teaser poster. And I'm sure the other four days will have scenes from other dramas. But this isn't the first time they've used W to advertise WYWS, either. Even the next one they just posted is really Kang Chul (JS's cameo in Weightlifting Fairy, where he's the champion shooter at the athletics college...)
  3. [Drama 2017] Reunited Worlds 다시 만난 세계

    I don't think HS literally came back. I think she goes there to remember him, and perhaps senses his presence (like Cha Min Joon would dream about him)--like, he's there spiritually, but not physically. But they still feel close to him. I agree that CMJ's dad's turnaround was rather abrupt. But I was more invested in other parts of the story, so I didn't let it bother me. Ahn Jae Hyun did a really nice job with the second lead. He has a heartfelt, understated way of acting that I really like. His characters feel like complete people.
  4. Thanks for your thoughts, @chelsita and everyone else. I admit I felt rather sad when I encountered the complaints, because most JJ shippers I know, with the rare exception here and there, have consciously bent over backwards to respect the viewpoints of others. I get it also that not of all of her fans love all of her work equally, and that's fine, we're all humans with personal preferences, but W really did happen. She really did star in this drama with Jong Suk, the drama was well loved by many, and by everything she herself has said, she herself enjoyed it very much. And someday I feel that she will get married, whether to JS or someone else, and that choice is up to her and not her fans' preferences. I hope that all of her fans can accept that and support her instead of just writing it off. Anyway. As Dumbledore told Hagrid, if you are waiting for universal popularity before you come outside, you will be waiting in your hut for a long, long time. So just be sensitive and rational, and let other people also be responsible for their own reactions. Back to current matters, how many weeks is JS on this 3MAD? Is it just this week and next?
  5. Well, there were two complaints: 1) some people are unhappy about tags. If they look up HJ, they want to find pictures of her, not pictures of VIP. I agree that it's annoying to look up something about Inrang and find some other movie that has no common actors in it. So I can sorta see their point. 2) Some people don't want any comparisons made between how JS treats different costars. Um...I have a much harder time seeing that point. Well, they don't want shipping wars, and they are concerned because of the "recent unpleasantness" between a few shippers (even though most people DON'T want to fight, one loud voice will always have more sway than a hundred quiet ones, it seems). They feel it has brought negative backlash to HJ, and *I* feel that as a result, it has brought negative backlash to us from what should be fellow HJ fans. And they are afraid that the next battle will be a Jongjoo-Suzy one, and they really don't want Suzy's fandom coming down hard on HJ. So...I'm with them to that point. But right here, in this thread, we're comparing the interactions NOT because we think we're somehow better than Suzy (hello, she is taken already? there IS no real JS-Suzy ship to be had), but because we're trying to figure out if he's acting like a guy with a current girlfriend or not. Also, I think it's impossible for people NOT to notice the differences. Because every actress is a distinct person, and of course he will treat them all differently! His relationships with all of his past costars are different, because they are real people and not interchangeable fenceposts. There really is no way to please everybody, and if you try to live your life that way, you will go crazy. But I guess just be sensitive to how your interactions online might affect our favorite people in the end.
  6. Guys, not to take away from the fun of 3MAD, but I ran across some HJ fans online today who are kinda cranky about the shipping wars. They are worried about it bringing bad feelings towards HJ. It's bad enough to have different ships not get along, but we don't want other HJ fans mad at us, too. Especially since we ARE HJ fans. I realize most JJ shippers really, really, really do not want to be involved in any kind of shipping war. But just...when faced with a choice, take the higher road... Anyway, one thing they are worried about is a possible shipping war with Suzy, and the possibility of her fans coming after HJ. I don't think there's much chance of such a thing, because well, we like Suzy. She is attached, after all. But just be mindful, especially right now, to promote peace. Back to the topic(s) at hand...
  7. I thought they were talking about food that was there somewhere. I didn't realize he was asking her out to dinner. That explains why JS inserted himself between them, lol.
  8. This. I'm cool with the drama and really looking forward to it--every teaser I've seen has only made me more interested. But yes, seeing the presscon made me realize how much I miss seeing that great happiness that was HJ and JS together.
  9. I know it's not a big deal, JS wasn't even there when Lee Seo Jin mentioned HJ, but I guess I'm touched that they would bring her up. Because between JJ not crossing paths in public, and some fans not wanting his name mentioned on posts about her, and people who were so gung ho about her (by her name, not her character name) in the past now just as excited to promote the next ship (as if all girls were equally interchangeable)--sometimes it feels like she's being written out of history. She really existed. They really existed. I hope they still do, but if not--the past still happened, you know? So to hear someone who knows them actually admit that...is kind of nice.
  10. These pictures make me really miss them. *sniff* Also, these pictures made me really notice how at ease HJ always was in in public appearances with JS. (Well--she was nervous at the MBC awards, but gradually relaxed). I'm just thinking of a lot of times where she's had to go stand in front of a wall and have a ton of people stare at her, and how she has that I'm -getting-my-picture-taken look in them. And it looks fine if you don't know anything more about her! But she looks actively happy in all of the appearances with JS. Like she doesn't care how many people stare at her and take pictures. Jong Suk looks like he's being careful in all of the WYWS promo. Of course because of Suzy (+LMH). Without any other data it's hard to say what is coming from his part as well. Now I remember why Lee Seo Jin looks familiar. He's the guy who was talking to HJ at the MBC awards when they were all lining up for the group photo. And JS kept edging closer until finally he sort of inserted himself between them. There's a clip of it somewhere, but I don't remember where. Anyway, it looks like Lee Seo Jin did notice that JS was sorta warning people off of his territory, lol.
  11. @hacenthanonuevo Right? There's saying something as a compliment, and then there's...documented evidence, lol.
  12. I don't know what is in the guy's mind, honestly, but I think that when you are promoting a film/drama with a romantic element, then you are almost required to say nice things about your costar and promote the chemistry. Suzy IS really pretty, and I think he was just trying to say something complimentary. Whether or not JS and HJ still have something going on, nothing in what I've seen so far has shown that JS has any romantic interest in Suzy in real life. I hope the various timing of movie releases is more due to picking a good release time and less that they just aren't done. It's been a long time since we've seen HJ on screen... And yes, I wish she would do a drama so I could see more of her. But that's just me... @May Low I agree, he was staking his claim. (Any time you want to stake that claim any clearer, Sukkie, go right ahead...)
  13. Yes, I was very interested to watch the presscon (very late last night for me.) It looked like a group of school friends. I think they had a fun time making the drama. But I noticed a distinct lack of staring, lol. I mean, there's going to be kissing in this, etc., and it's probably going to be convincing, but outside of the fiction... everybody has their own life. (Including Suzy, who has been dating LMH for the past two years; of course she isn't just going to jump ship because she's acting with JS!) I think it's going to be a good drama. It had the chemistry of, these people all get along and they're going to work together to tell us a good story. But it also made me realize just how over the top the chemistry was in the W presscon. ETA: @May Low aww, really? They mentioned HJ?
  14. Thanks for sharing, @May Low! I could not find a single place where I could watch it online.
  15. [Drama 2017] Reunited Worlds 다시 만난 세계

    I just really loved this drama. Well done, everyone who worked on it! I cried buckets and I just loved how all of the bonds between all of the characters were so well done and so strong. Even though I was a ball of snot and tears by the end, I was still smiling inside. 칠 했어요! (Well done)