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  1. An excerpt from the video link @skittles87 posted above: Haa. She totally knows what she said.
  2. @ezze I found the central plot structure and also the tension in W much stronger. However, WYWS did a better job with the ending. (Can you imagine if those two writers ever team-wrote a drama, though? It would blow everything out of the water.) JS did a great job with the drama. And yeah, hope nobody blames him for any breakup--it's very, very clear from watching that while they did a great job acting, there is nothing from either him or S in their interaction that would suggest anything of the sort.
  3. Aw, thanks for sharing, @skittles87! I loved it. I love it that her favorite line is just him saying her (drama) name. And eep, look at her face when she talks about the head stroking. No hesitation with her answer there, either... (10:00) My impression from watching her face and hearing her voice as she talks about it all is that she loved W and she sure has a high opinion of JS.
  4. JS can hold his head high and be proud. He did a great job with the character he was given. You felt Jae Chan's various feelings and wanted to cheer him on. Laugh with him and also cry with him. At the same time, he was both kind but also very professional behind the scenes, with all the responsibility of someone with real life commitments. So, gentleman Sukkie, you and that "one woman you love" can be proud of and happy with the outcome.
  5. Aw, I cried buckets in the middle of the last episode. Loved the relationship between Jae Chan and Mr. Choi. Also between Jae Chan and Woo Tak. And Woo Tak and Hong Joo (maybe those two could get cast together sometime?). And Jae Chan and his brother. And his brother and friend. And the brother and pianist girlfriend. And Hong Joo and her mom. And Woo Tak and his sunbae. And Woo Tak and Robin, lol. Good job to all!
  6. Was just doing to post that, @shishi101. Nice finale to the series today. The plotline with Mr. Choi in particular...I haven't cried so much in this drama, until this episode. Ahhh...Jong Suk ssi, you are good at this... Um, with relation to this thread, I also notice the care to not leave any suggestion of other ships, even up until the very end... (see editing of last picture...) Good job not only on acting (in which his character had the right amount of chemistry with his character's love interest) but also on walking a thin tightrope in real life (in which he was always kind and professional outside of the script). Viewers may build whatever castles out of thin air that they want, but as for his actions--I think he pulled it off.
  7. *clap clap clap* Good job, Jong Suk! A good ending to the drama, including trademark heart jerking acting from JS.
  8. @hacenthanonuevo It's the 6th (Osaka) and 8th (Saitama) of December. "Frau International"--I guess that's who's organizing it? As a German speaker, that looks so funny to me. (Frau = woman in German) I guess it's appropriate because er...most fans are female??
  9. Lol, that's a good one, @shishi101. They do look a lot alike, especially in some of those pictures...
  10. Thanks for posting that, @ibru--I was just going to ask what that meant. Er...what does it mean? What is that word supposed to say (and in what language)? Her signature is her name in Roman letters, right? Hyo, with the "o" on the end turned into a 4-leaf clover? I agree that the handwriting looks similar; I just don't know what it is supposed to mean. My short-term shipper wish (that will never happen)--that our PD nim convinces the two of them to cameo in his upcoming drama I Am Not a Robot. (But strikes continue at MBC/they would probably never go for it/totally different genres anyway.) Ahh...but I could write any number of cameos for them. Really. I would FIND a way to make it fit into whatever drama it was. Last week of WYWS. Wonder what is up next for our JS? I'm seeing more articles that China may be softening their stance towards Hallyu, and maybe, just maybe, Jade Lovers will get aired someday in our lifetime. (If the networks are still on strike, I'm sure they would really love to make that happen...) I'm interested to see his project from just before W. I remember his costar commenting that he was just really quiet (duh, he doesn't speak Chinese! No wonder he was thrilled to work with someone closely with whom he had excellent communication...)
  11. @silentwind The only physical copy they published was distributed with the DVD if you did a preorder (sadly, I did not *cries*). I wish they did make one! I would love to own a copy. From a Chinese news story this week:
  12. This is kinda funny: And if you want to listen: So, do they know or not?
  13. @silentwind You said what basically everyone else feels. The happiness they exude when you see them together is palpable, and you can't help but hope things work out for them. I can't speak for the entire American continent, but where I live as well, there are only two reasons to kiss someone: that person is your child, or you mean it romantically. I can't imagine any scenario where someone would casually kiss another person on the shoulder unless they meant it in that way. And (to quote that lady in Monsters, Inc), I find their silence very revealing as well. But of course we know how harsh netizens can be, so we hope that they can figure out how to navigate that and also get what they want most. We don't want to pressure them! But I hope they can feel that many people love and support them both as individuals and together.