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  1. I do watch other dramas without him, but I have yet to find anyone who quite fills his shoes. No one else manages to pull me into the heart and mind of a character and make me feeeeeeel so much when I'm watching. His goal is to become and "irreplaceable actor," and as far as I'm concerned, he's done that. So balli, balli! Get the military stuff over with and come back quickly! We'll still be here, eagerly waiting for the next work.
  2. (Translation: After a long time I had lunch with Ddochi. It was expensive, and of course Ddochi paid.) *Ddochi is a nickname of Jong Suk because people think he looks like the cartoon duck Ddochi. Hence the duck motif in so many of his cafe designs.
  3. Aww...I always loved seeing these two get along behind the scenes. Hooray for Kang Chul and Appa!
  4. frozentundra

    Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    The animation and HJ's narration are a beautifully sad combination. I have kind of a busy next few days, but I plan to see it soon. Going from the hundreds of reviews/viewer responses I've scrolled through, though, I think it is partly due to preconceived prejudice against the main three actors. Once you get a few agitators loudly repeating the same things, they start to influence otherwise neutral people around them. These people freely admit they have not investigated the facts for themselves (ie they have not seen the movie), but they nevertheless jump on the bandwagon to give the movie 0-1 star ratings. It is typical mob action behavior that sadly occurs far too often online. For more legitimate, artistic reasons for dislike, one comment I have seen come up more than once is that right, it's maybe it hasn't settled firmly the kind of film it is. Yes, there is a lot of gunfire and action, but at the same time, there's still an art film feel that lingers with it. Like it doesn't know still if it is commercial or art. Which makes it feel slow to those expecting something different. (To me, from the clips I have seen, it looks like a really well done film, though. So I hope it finds its niche. Sad that it was released online after such a short time in the theaters, but perhaps it will reach more people in the end this way.)
  5. That's quite a power pose of her standing on the wall. And WOW, what a view! I am very interested in the drama, starting with the scenery.
  6. I find it so interesting to watch kdramas filmed abroad, I don't know why. I love Korea, but seeing another country through Korean eyes is fascinating to me. (Are You Human Too just did that with the Czech Republic.) But is any part of this drama taking place in Korea?? Spain...Hungary...Slovenia...it all sounds so very exotic. But yeah, if they are doing all this traveling around, I can see why it won't be released until November. (I really hope it does well--I would guess that makes this a much larger financial investment than some dramas, too.)
  7. frozentundra

    [Drama 2018] Are You Human Too?, 너도 인간이니

    The very, very last shot of NSIII's face. Aww. I'm glad they engineered him to be able to do that.
  8. Oh, thanks for the reminder about The Three Musketeers, @maris1! I haven't seen that, I shall have to rectify that immediately. Genre is definitely something that is subjective. Fantasy is sort of this writer's thing, but I felt she had heart in the ones I watched. QIHM took me a bit to get into--at first I didn't care for the female lead, but she totally grew on me. And I agree with wanting the female lead in general to have a personality of her own. I loved PSH in Pinocchio but there was another drama that I couldn't finish of hers because of how it was written. I sorta wanted to reach through the screen and shake the writers and say, USE HER! SHE CAN DO STUFF! Lol. (Maybe that eventually happened, but it took so long that I gave up...) I'm hoping for a good match here, though. W and Pinocchio are two of my all time favorite dramas, so I have hopes that this combination will work out well.
  9. Please participate if you possibly can! And spread the word!
  10. The deadline is the 10th for anyone who wants to participate. Yes, that is very soon, but even if you write a message like, Jong Suk fighting! I am sure it would be appreciated. To participate, post your message on IG with the hashtags listed. Then send it also to this person to collect, so she can put them all in a video that will be sent to him through official Japanese fan club. (This is what I understand--if it's not right, correct me.)
  11. I think the point where people run into problems is when they expect a certain very exact storyline or something, and it turns out to be something else. So as long as we keep an open mind, I think we're good. If you want an idea of what this writer can do, though, do check out her other dramas while you're waiting. Nine--more on the cerebral, problem solving side than strictly the emotional side. A very complicated time travel plot that spouts all kinds of new realities on top of each other. My one complaint (besides the open ending) is that the female characters don't ever cause things in the plot to happen--they are simply just affected. Queen Inhyun's Man--time travel with a super smart protagonist who might come from Joseon times but who adapts and turns things to his advantage in the present. Female lead is gutsy in this one (Yoo In Na, if you are wondering). W--Two Worlds--travel between alternate realities of "the real world" and a manhwa. It's like Plato and the cave, asking questions about what is real, etc. I felt like all of the characters were needed and balanced against each other. Again, I appreciated a smart hero who learns, and also a smart heroine who figured things out, too. Structurally I wish they had had more power in the final resolution, but the things I loved were SO overwhelming that I can overlook some of the weaknesses at the end. A nice genre blender, too (action, fantasy, romance, humor, even a little horror). So if you tell me there are alternate realities in this one, I feel quite confident that the writer can pull it off.
  12. frozentundra

    Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    Are they just mining through all her films to make into dramas? Lol. (Inrang...the drama. Trying to imagine...)
  13. @maris1 Her endings can be a little loose after a complicated plot (ahem, Nine), but if you want an interesting story where something actually HAPPENS, then she is a great pick for that. Of course all stories are subjective--one person will love to pieces a storyline that leaves another person cold. But I'm a little prejudiced in this case, cause when I saw her most recent drama, I felt like she'd snuck inside my brain, taken stock of everything I ever wanted in a drama, and mixed it all up into one storyline, just for me. I have another favorite drama writer who recently disappointed me, so I'm keeping an open mind and trying not to expect any one specific thing. But I'm still looking forward to it very much.