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  1. Anyone know how long they expect to be filming this? I know that it's preproduced and not coming out until fall, so they have time and don't have to put everyone on IV drips so they can work 24/7. It feels like they barely got started, but it's been since the beginning of March? and it's nearly May, so...halfway??
  2. For actors, Lee Jong Suk. I can't think of any other actor better at pulling you behind the eyes of a character, and then ripping your heart apart. Plus, he is genius for picking good projects. I like how he is humble about his accomplishments and is always trying to do better and to challenge himself. If he's in it, it's pretty much an automatic yes from me. For actresses, Han Hyo Joo. She's incredibly versatile, with the ability to play extremely distinct characters and make them feel like real people. I love some of her characters and I think I would be intimidated by some of them if I met them in real life. But even if she is playing a role I wouldn't normally care for, she has a way of making me understand the character more, and sympathize with them. It has a good effect on me in real life, to cut people slack and try to empathize more. Plus, she is remarkably ego-free and genuine as a person.
  3. 1. W 2. I Hear Your Voice/Pinocchio (cheating, I know, to list two by the same writer/actor) 3. Brilliant Legacy 4. Goblin 5. Healer Honorable mention: Master's Sun
  4. @adawiyahsarkis30 I hope not! Even if we have to eat ramen for a month and get extra jobs passing out flyers downtown, lol. HJ and JS as kids are so stinkin' cute.
  5. @lee-chan, I cracked and ordered from yesasia. I saw all of the different versions (with different prices), but since I do understand a little Korean but zero Chinese or Japanese, those versions aren't going to help me any. It was useful that the site was in English (I looked at yes24 too, but it was fairly difficult to navigate, plus they were also out of stock). Anyway, it seems that yesasia is overpriced, true, but they also are well equipped to handle international shoppers. I knew I should have just ordered from Gmarket from the start, but I was hoping to pick up a little extra work first to justify it. Ah, well. (But today I woke up to an extra job opportunity, so yay!) Anyway, it just shipped, so hopefully it comes soon. Meanwhile, my family is going to flip when they realize how much this cost... *frozentundra turns off all dramas for the time being and works like a madwoman* Aww, that picture of JS as a little kid. Adorable. And now I have GOT to work to cover this. And field questions about W--heheh, I have successfully gotten a colleague of mine hooked. She's watched the first three episodes and has realized she can't do anything else until she's done.
  6. Me, too. (Dramas are much easier to view where I live. Although--I was walking through the store last week and saw the DVD of Train to Busan for sale! My eyes almost fell out. Gong Yoo! Kim Eui Sung! In Walmart! I wanted to start hand-selling it to people, but it would have looked a little strange...)
  7. @apoo It was mentioned in this article: But as far as I know, he hasn't confirmed. HJ was also recently offered a role in a movie: She hasn't confirmed yet, either.
  8. Well...I can see why he (or anybody) would like Park Hyo Shin. He has an amazing voice. I don't know how closely related it is to HJ...although it's not the first time he and HJ have mentioned liking the same songs (Twice comes to mind). I wouldn't stake a shipperhood on it...but it's better to like the same music than NOT like the same, right? If he says he has no plans for after his current drama is done, does that mean he isn't going to take that movie offer? Or was the question about what fun thing he might do to celebrate it being finished, before going on to something else? As to traveling, doesn't he always say he just wants to stay home and sleep? That's a new answer...
  9. YES24 does list it for the same price as Gmarket. And it says they'll ship internationally, too. However, I cannot find the button for "Buy," even when I run it through google translate (it doesn't translate graphics). Help? The page is here: ETA: Nevermind. It looks like it is also out of stock. I just want to say that I believe in copyright a LOT. (I work in publishing. So yes, I do believe in it.) And I believe in artists being paid for their work, because if they weren't, they could not take the time necessary to fully hone their craft and bring us the excellence that we want. Still, this is by FAR the most I have ever considered shelling out. So I sure hope it is good...and I hope that it opens up many more opportunities for ALL of the artists involved in this to create many more wonderful dramas for us. I still think that Korea does not fully grasp the popularity of their entertainment abroad. Yes, I know that China is a big market, and the ban is directly impacting them. But there are still opportunities as a whole that the industry is overlooking. Often OSTs will be on sale for a very limited time, and then the international licenses expire and even though people outside Korea WANT TO PAY MONEY TO ARTISTS, there is no way to do so. Every day, it seems, my 12YO daughter comes home from school (in a place where most kids are of Norwegian/Native American/Somali ethnicity) to say that she's found ANOTHER friend who loves Kpop. And that doesn't even begin to cover the worldwide kdrama fan club. Maybe it's not big enough to run on international networks, but I hope that eventually it becomes easier at least for individuals outside Korea to buy drama-related things.
  10. Yeah, I don't have a blu-ray player, either. Let us know what you hear from them.
  11. @yy95 Noooo, don't tell me that!! I have been getting things in line to order from them. Will MBC make more or will they be done when they're all gone?
  12. @darcydevenus You must have done the special preorder? I think that if you order the DVD director's cut now, it does not come with a comic book (alas--I would buy even that alone!). But @Jean-luc Martin you still can buy at least the director's cut, which does have some special add-ons (photo book, postcards, etc.), plus of course cut scenes, etc. It is pricey (especially if you have international postage), and I am busily trying to find a way to fund it. It sounds like it's worth it, though!
  13. Sometimes I think it's coincidence, but sometimes I think not. (It's possible for them to know what day the Sooryehan commercial would come out, and to dress to match. But who knows if that actually happened, or if it was coincidence today?) I rather think the birthday-fanmeet match in pink one day apart was NOT coincidence... (These pictures just make me think of that, because after a long string of extremely solemn-faced IG posts and other pictures, it's nice to see JS relaxed and happy as he interacts with fans, rather like at that Thailand fanmeet, where he just looked incredibly content in his life.)
  14. I SO love that they are smiling (it seems it's been a while since we've seen him look cheery, and I love how relaxed and happy he looks talking to the people at the event). She looks happy, too. How nice that they happen to wear the same color, so that when people post pictures of both of them, they match.
  15. @4everdelight8d Thank you for checking! @yy95 I think that computers give you something like five tries to go back and forth between regions before they freeze on one region. (I live in the US now but used to live in Germany, and we had this issue.) However, there is a free open source program called VLC Player (see that you can install on your laptop that will play any region no matter what. Actually, that is the only way we play DVDs these days. So I think the technology is less of a problem in this case. @May Low Is the defect just garbled sound, or does it freeze the whole disk?