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  1. I thought the cinematography was excellent, and the script writing was, too. I liked most of the music, but the song in the last episode (Falling in Love) was a bit jarring to me with the English. I really liked the song from the first episode that was repeated a lot, though. And also using the actual Hymn of Death as a lot of background music. I thought all of the actors did a fine job, but I was especially impressed with Jongsuk. I thought he did a great job showing the pain and quiet despair of a man who could not even own his own life. The scene where he confronted his father--yeah. Actually, she is the one who first suggested it. (Around 18 minutes to the end of the last episode.) I guess the Japanese writer he was reading when they first met killed himself, and she said that she could understand, and wanted to end things herself, only then she would miss WJ too much. And he said well, not so much, because basically he wanted to do the same thing. So I think it was her leading him into it (although admittedly it didn't take much; the depression was bleeding from his eyes more and more in every scene.) Some mentioned they wanted a more passionate love thread here, but I think there were two considerations: one is that this is a show about adultery and suicide, but it's being aired on SBS? Um...gotta go easy on those themes on public tv... But I think the other thing is that their plotline was only one part of a larger story, ie that here was a man living under incredible oppression. Like one Naver article I read said: "Woo Jin loves literature, his country, and Sim Deok. And he can't have any of them." I mean, his father was trying to even control the thoughts inside his mind. There's a very large theme of personal free agency versus fate (or the fate inflicted by a controlling parent, anyway). JS does well with this kind of theme, it was pretty major in W as well. He's good at showing the conflict of someone who desperately wants to choose his own path, yet has enough righteous sense in him to realize that he has certain responsibilities, too. Man, what a despair-filled ending, though...
  2. This is a really interesting thought. Maybe like in W, where there was the dual role of cartoonist Oh Seung Moo and No Face, there will be a dual role of real life Hee Joo and more devious game Emma? And I agree with the other comment, too, that it was nice of her brother to recognize her guitar playing and stick that in there.
  3. So far my guess is that programmer brother has been sucked into the game. So my possible theory on CHS is that somehow the real version and the game version have been swapped? But no...that doesn't make sense, because when JW tried to touch him, he was all buzzy like a game character, not real. (Then again...people in W were able to die and come back, so...) Well, I don't know. I guess I have to keep watching. Ep 4 was a bit scary, though, with this creepy CHS appearing all over. Was so happy to see Kim Eui Sung again. Annyeong, Appa! Don't lose your face this time! Fight back if the writer wants to do that to you, lol. I don't know if he'll be a good guy or a bad guy in this, but I'm intrigued that he seems close to both JW and CHS. (Is he CHA's dad?) He also seems to be way more clued in to the whole game system than anyone else, which is curious. I love the setting and the atmosphere. Oh, I'm also very impressed at all the Koreans' Spanish speaking abilities. Nice accents, and you feel like they actually know what they are saying. (As opposed to blindly reciting memorized lines, which is often what I feel when "English" actors show up in Kdramas.) I'm not feeling the romance yet (sorry, don't throw things), mostly because JW strikes me as a controlling jerk and I can't see any reason for them to like each other yet outside of a transactional nature. But this is a kdrama, so reformation of jerks is something I can hopefully look forward to. But otherwise, the acting is nice, and the story is compelling on a puzzle level. Song Jae Jung has earned her 계속 ("to be continued") ending every time (as she should!). Looking forward to the next installment.
  4. You should really read this article. Especially when you consider how critical critics and knetz can be, this is praise that holds nothing back. Here's a summary of the key points: I love it that he got to read Kim Woo Jin's poetry. He must have loved that. And my gosh, yes, his voice acting is wonderful!
  5. Yeah, they focused on this in particular. There's something up with the guy on the train. I don't know what, but I don't believe he was a random person. I knew after watching this writer's last drama in real time that it would be hard to do it again, but lol, here I am anyway...
  6. Well, that was a very sad ending to a very sad little drama. I don't actually like sad endings, or tragedies (I want to see people overcome weaknesses instead of falling to them, and I don't like adultery and suicide, I'll say that straight out). But I think the value in tragic stories, after thinking about it for some time, is that it helps you be more compassionate to people who are making poor choices. Because you can see all of the factors that go into it. The situations where they feel trapped, and the words and actions other people take which negatively influence them. It makes me want to be more gentle with other people. Even though my Korean knowledge is not perfect and I could only partly understand the non-subbed drama, I felt so bad for poor Woo Jin, who was controlled by his non-understanding father and also by a controlling government. My gosh, Jongsuk can act! I know that of course he is famous for um, being the higop king, etc. But you know, he also has a history of playing characters who struggle with father figures who let him down. The uncle in IHYV...the older brother in Pinocchio...the awful parents in No Breathing...his artist creator in W...now his father in HoD who doesn't approve of the writing thing... That one line in his conversation with his father really hit hard: 저 사람합니아, 아버지!/ I am a PERSON, Father! -- was just ripped right out of his heart. I feel like he gives voice to a lot of people who just want to be seen as their own person, who want their actual abilities noticed and respected, and who want a good relationship with a parent figure but don't currently have one, because that person is blind to who they really are. Considering the subject matter, I feel that the pd handled it quite sensitively for a public tv audience, too. Well done, everyone who worked on that drama. And to Jong Suk ssi, who wants to become an "irreplaceable actor"--you're already there.
  7. My guess is that the virtual world overrides reality somehow, and becomes a real danger. Also that the brother disappeared into the game somehow. Well, I don't know what will happen. W is my forever favorite drama (@wenchanteur, I like your picture ), and I have trust in SJJ that she will deliver a twisty, interesting plot that will make me THINK as a viewer. And feel, too! I think some people will end up loving it to pieces (like with W), and some will scratch their heads and just be confused (also, like with W). But I do like it that SJJ will just go there with the plot. Some writers will hold back, thinking to build tension that way, but she just goes there. And then--disaster happens! And things escalate. And that's fun for the viewers. (Although not necessarily for the characters, er, sorry, characters...)
  8. So many things lately, reminding me of them. Song Jae Jung (writer-nim of W) had her new drama, Memories of Alhambra, start airing today. It's good so far. (I haven't seen Appa yet, but apparently he's in this one, too.) Jongsuk has his mini drama airing right now, which of course makes me think of Hyo Joo, not only because it's HIM, but also because she was in a tragic movie with a very similar setting (Love, Lies). A remake of one of her films (Beauty Inside) recently finished airing as a drama. I love to see all of these things happening, but it really makes me miss Hyo Joo (when will she have a new project?) and just Jongjoo together, a LOT. I wish it was easy to forget them. But I never saw anyone who looked sweeter and realer than them, not before and not since.
  9. Just finished watching it, and when the other Song Jae Jung fan in my house comes home, I'm watching it again. It's awesome so far! While I love fantasy, I'm not normally into stories about computer games, but there are some real life tensions that look very promising. (At the end, I was like, Shin Hye: just HIT him with that mop! HARD.) Can't wait to see how it all unfolds. (The opener, though... You have messy black hair, and glasses. You are on a train in Europe, and it suddenly goes black and stormy. Rain and fog cloud the window.... You're a wizard, Jung Se Joo! Beware of Dementors! Lol.)
  10. That dark red dress looks so pretty on Shin Hye. Looking forward to seeing Song Jae Jung's new drama!
  11. An amazing animation by leeleecalli: There's even the plaid jacket + leopard patterned sweater! ㅋㅋㅋ
  12. frozentundra

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    I think part of the point of Sim Deok's character is that she is SUPPOSED to stand out and be different. And this: Netizens are ALWAYS harder on actresses. Good looking male actors are forgiven everything, while actresses are criticized more harshly. It's not fair, but it happens. I don't know if it's because there are more female viewers or what (being harsher on their own, while admiring oppa on screen?) And yes, the more famous a person is, the more people will forget they are human, and the more they will criticize. SHS is doing great. Let the crabby, miserable people be crabby, and everyone else can just enjoy the performance.
  13. I really liked the OST and even if you don't understand a word, JS just has a great voice, you know? Like what all the knetz said, great voice, great acting. If anyone here knows anyone in SBS, though, the misprint in the title in English is driving me nuts, lol. (THE Hymn of Death, not HE Hymn of Death). It makes it difficult to look it up in English because of that.
  14. frozentundra

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Ah, thanks. Her acting is really good. (I am one of those LJS fans, although I really loved SHS in 30 But 17.) The whole thing is very haunting and atmospheric.
  15. Wow. The bits I caught were so atmospheric. I have REALLY missed seeing JS on screen. He is such an excellent actor. I love that so much of his work is coming out right now. And I don't even want to think of that whole ms thing afterwards...