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  1. This scene was filmed two years ago today (time flies!). HJ said in an interview once that she swiped this picture off the wall at the end to keep as a souvenir. And this clip. I've seen it several times, and I've always loved the way they just hold on to each other the whole time. But I never really listened to what they were saying. No way, I think she is really calling him Kang Chul oppa right at the beginning!
  2. Jong Suk weibo post today, May 20 (5.20). The numbers sound like "I love you" in Chinese, so it's like confession day, or a kind of Valentine's Day.
  3. Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    This pretty much sums up my feelings about Spring Waltz, too. The visuals were SO beautiful that I was ready to pack my bags and leave for Korea yesterday when I saw it, lol. And I loved HJ's acting in it. I felt that all of the actresses (her aunts were Kim Hae Sook and Kim Mi Kyung!) were stronger than the male actors. And yes, the love story was set up well in the beginning, but then (to me, in my subjective viewer opinion, others may feel differently), it didn't really develop later on. I've now seen at least 3/4 of all her works if not more. But some things are hard to find (Nonstop 5, for example, or Like Land and Sky). The short film View of Mount Myohyang is also one that I have found absolutely nowhere. But in the meantime, I still have Iljimae to finish, so there's that...
  4. Regarding the news about the Netflix drama, there was some large degree of confusion yesterday, but apparently their agencies (and also Netflix) all denied that anything was confirmed. They are still considering. The confusing issue is that both articles for and against were posted on Naver. However, the source of the first one is, according to longtime JS fans, erm, someone who doesn't like him very much. But the ultimate word so far is that no, nothing has yet been confirmed. I think KJW is also still considering that saeguk with SJK. I don't know if she can do both, or if they conflict, but that would be one influencing factor. Another one might possibly be JS's schedule. (Does he have time for another drama before he goes off to ms? There is no word on when that would be. I guess he is probably still working on his masters degree, but they take only around two years in Korea. So... the question nobody has answered is how all of those timelines work out.) Or maybe it will all work out perfectly, but they just want to finalize the details before anyone jumps the gun and announces. Who knows. But I'm sure we will hear from official sources soon. (The source of the above article translated by JShine, by the way, is Osen, a major Korean news agency.) Dong Yi is very loooong but good. I don't know how many of you have a children's book series called Nancy Drew in your country? I doubt it was translated, but maybe you read it in English class? It's about this teenage girl who solves mysteries. Well, Dong Yi was like Joseon Nancy Drew, always snooping into things, searching for clues, and figuring out the answer to solve crimes. And I think anyone who works with teenagers should almost be REQUIRED to watch School 2013. I think I have never worried so much about a fictional character as Go Nam Soon (JS's character). I wanted to reach through the screen, grab the teachers by the neck, and yell at them to HELP THIS KID. Because he's bleeding to death emotionally right in front of them... (I am so GLAD JS's real life is much happier than that kid's!) As to shipping, I'm still here. I still haven't seen either of them so luminously happy with anyone else. Aside from that admittedly subjective opinion, I feel like there are concrete clues here and there as well... and their own posts are directly part of that. The Saturday posts, the 2:39 am sakura posts, the eyeball posts... Actually, I suspect she is still doing lettering for that cafe as well. And with all of that on one side, and their behavior towards other costars since then on the other...it looks like they have drawn a line between their personal and professional lives. My interpretation, as someone viewing from the outside anyway, is that they want to do a good job professionally, but not leave any room for misinterpretation regarding their real life relationships. I realize some people may disagree, and that's fine, we're all entitled to our own opinions. But for me, when I examine all of the available evidence, that is the only conclusion I can come up with that makes sense. So...Jongjoo fighting!
  5. Thanks, @Riman Rakshit. Yes, it certainly seems the case here. I mean, both statements cannot be true, they are direct opposites of each other. It's kind of rude to make up whole stories out of nothing! No wonder he gets frustrated sometimes at crazy media stories. He says he wants to be known as a straightforward person who is what he says he is, so I'm sure it aggravates him. Hopefully they will simply announce it on the agency sites and/or his IG if he in reality accepts the role. That would clear all confusion.
  6. Well, now I see two different articles, BOTH on Naver, BOTH claiming to cite their agencies, BOTH from today, and within a half hour of each other. One (citing their agencies) says yes, the other (citing their agencies) says nope, nothing is confirmed, they're still considering. (This is the more recent one, by the way.) I think it sounds maybe hopeful, but I'm not going to get too excited yet, at least not until they get their story straight, lol.
  7. I mean that on this page alone, we have multiple articles cited, some of which say that Jong Suk and Kim Ji Won have definitely confirmed for the Netflix drama See You Again. And then we have others (in this case, more than one Korean source) saying no, their agencies denied that, they are still considering, and there is no script reading on the 19th. I tend to believe Naver over Allkpop, but still, all of these have been passed around today. I *think* that the true article is the one that says they are not yet confirmed. It's a little confusing, though.
  8. So, which is it? Who is more current, allkpop, or xports.com? I keep seeing each story popping up all day. I'd be happy to watch it if it's going to happen, but I think someone needs to get the story straight, cause us fans are getting confused.
  9. It looks like the poetry collection (which is full of poems about flowers) exploded all over the yard of 89M, lol.
  10. Apparently both YNK and also Kim Ji Won's agency have said that no, neither one of them are confirmed for this drama. Yes, JS is still reviewing and considering. But neither one is confirmed. Likewise, Netflix also came out and said that nothing is confirmed about a script reading on May 19. (It is hard to do that if you don't have a cast yet, I assume...) See below: LeeJongSuk and KimJiWon both sides confirmed "See You Again" appeared *NO*❌❌.LeeJongSuk and KimJiWon refuted the allegation that they would appear in the drama "See You Again".On May 15, an official of YNK Entertainment said, "LeeJongSuk is still considering appearing in the role of "See You Again" and said the company has not yet confirmed its participation in the script reading scheduled for May 19. " .." KimJiWon has not decided whether to take part in the role of "See You Again" an official from her agency, King Kong by Starship, also said.A Netflix source also said, " There is nothing set on reading from the script. " ..Meanwhile, "See You Again" is a healing romance written by KimEunJi, the author of " Oh My Venus" and a drama directed by OhKiHwan, the director of the film "The GIft" and "The Fashion King".Cr.Naver and English Translate by Naver This info/translation shared by IG user rcnwann Original source for this news is here: http://m.xportsnews.com/jenter/?ac=article_view&entry_id=974992&_REFERER=https%3A%2F%2Fsearch.naver.com%2Fsearch.naver%3F%26where%3Dnews%26query%3D%EC%9D%B4%EC%A2%85%EC%84%9D%26sm%3Dtab_pge%26sort%3D1%26photo%3D0%26field%3D0%26reporter_article%3D%26pd%3D0%26ds%3D%26de%3D%26docid%3D%26nso%3Dso%3Add%2Cp%3Aall%2Ca%3Aall%26mynews%3D0%26start%3D1%26refresh_start%3D0 So, it's not saying they've turned it down, but hold off on any congratulatory news yet. It might not go through yet...
  11. Lol, yes, we learned all about reading things in context from Kang Chul...
  12. Interesting. On DC Inside they are listing movies slated to release in upcoming months, and they have Inrang listed (as a tentative plan) for July. I hope the editing process is going well. http://image.dcinside.com/viewimagePop.php?id=26b9c7&no=24b0d769e1d32ca73cef85fa11d02831dc7f5dc338ba31e98e3bde94c406fdae2a27eb8bd6e9b8e5950dd8b783476c4ca2dd39518fc929f16ec8120c53a3f09581389b&f_no=0490f719b5866ef32095e692 (Arg. The image is not posting. Try this link? http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=kdw&no=183653 )
  13. I assume this is an actual, real time picture of her? She has the bangs like in the BH boss photo. I like the bangs and freckles. Actually, the whole picture is so quirky and WEIRD, I love it. Um, wow, though. Lol. The responses to her post... Whoa. A LOT of people ship them. !! Hope it makes her smile (and doesn't freak her out?) JS's post today looks like more of the mini drama. Caption is something like, Who took my mission/motivation/purpose? (I have no idea what he means by that.) I wonder how much longer he'll be filming this--it seems to be on a relaxed schedule, but if it's low budget, it can't go on too much longer, right? I wonder when it will air.
  14. @ibru Oh, good. I think it was on naver, but I do remember that it had a LOT of really nice quality pictures from the sum37 photoshoot.
  15. @ibru I think it was one of the many, MANY that su:m37 released in a naver article not too long ago. (As nice quality photos, not just screen caps.)