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  1. "갓준기 위엄" 이준기 亞투어 팬미팅 또다시 매진 "Lee Joon Gi's 'Thank You Again' encore set a record of selling all seats even though the venue is twice the size compared to last year's December performance." Naver I don't see any specific time mentioned though. It might actually be just seconds.
  2. It should be in Lotte Myeongdong. All the other embossed hands are there. (LJS, EXO, etc) I can't guarantee it because his hand obviously wasn't there in December, it was just added recently. The other Star Avenue is in Olympic Park but it's more of an interactive place, so I don't think it's there. Don't take my word for it tho.
  3. 4,300 SEATS SOLD OUT IN 3 MINUTES! CONGRATS OPPA! *still contentious since once of my friends said they tried logging in at precisely 8 pm kst and there were like 7 seats left* *jg blackhole said they were gone in seconds. I hope she got some seats!*
  4. You mean it's already sold out?
  6. Errr... Doesn't happen to me. I could still see his activities even it was 3 hours ago. Maybe your ig isn't updated? By the way, sometimes I don't want to visit the #ScarletHeartRyeo hashtag because there are just some ridiculously stupid anti-So sentiments looool. I try to steer clear from stress. also... 14 HOURS 'TIL TICKET SELLING! MAKE SURE YA'LL HAVE REGISTERED ON INTERPARK! DON'T FORGET TO CHECK YOUR INTERNET CONNECTIONS! GOOD LUCK!
  7. @glassnokamen On ig there's a heart section. In there, there's two tabs "following" and "you"; go to "following". But anyway, I got that update from a Hajunse on Twitter lol.
  8. He also went on a liking spree around 3 hours ago. Liking former co-stars' pics JCW and Kim So Yeon (same agency too).
  9. Hi bes! I'm glad to see fellow Filipinos here. Anyway, our couple seems to be updating consecutively.
  10. Is he trying to kill us????? Now that he knows the collage function of IG, can he do an ig story next time??? Pretty please? @violina Hey cool! that's my collage lol
  11. Now that you mention it, there is a hint of reluctance in her writing voice. Is she saying, "Maybe that's why his fans love him? But I can't objectively actually see why?" or??? Well, to be fair to the writer, I as a Joon Gi fan will straight away put him on the top spot. Then, I'll have a hard time too coming up with reasons for the other actors because they're all just 'meh' to me. Anyway, let's not talk about other actors in this thread. They're irrelevant here and wholly irrelevant in our brains and hearts LOL.
  12. Seems like it was written by a LMH fan I, for one, wouldn't go as far as writing absurd top 10 lists or whatever but hey it's fun to read haha. It was a successful operation and I've self-proclaimed myself as a legend ever since
  13. 10 most handsome and total package male actors of South Korea 4. Lee Joon Gi... is TALENT! He can sing, dance, and act exceptionally. This might the reason why his fans are so obsessed with him. When he does something, he gives his 100% and I can see it through his eyes. source *** *SCOFFS* WHO SAYS I'M OBSESSED WITH HIM? HE'S JUST MY WALLPAPER, I CHECK OUT NEWS ABOUT HIM EVERYDAY, HIS IG IS ON MY NOTIFICATIONS, AND I SPENT HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS TO SEE HIM AND BUY HIS ITEMS AND EVEN GO AS FAR AS RETRACING HIS FILMING PLACES OBVIOUSLY JOON GI FANS ARE JUST.... PASSIONATE, OKAY?