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  1. The cat man is adorable n he needs his cleaning fairies in his home asap!! Fur flying everywhere!!!
  2. What I would do for a visual of yks cleaning up baby poop with special CSI style cotton buds/wipes/masks and goggles... Any one really good with edits?
  3. We should have had an extra ep...thanks for the fan fic @rameennoodles Am still lurking and started to watch some of yks's dramas...he is really quite good in Pinocchio...even though he was a supporting character... Think we are all lost deep in the OTP feels...they were so adorable together
  4. Have actually started rewatching the series....this is absolutely bizarre....cos having real sepanx/withdrawal.... It was such a light wacky comedy in the 1st few episodes...really cute and lovely! I hope all the actors get due recognition ....pity about the melodrama in the latter eps...really changed the tone of the drama...but that is their standard formula.... Still enjoying the IG updates... think there are a few addicts like me who are finding it hard to say goodbye Hope to see them all in new projects soon!
  5. And they are both good kissers... Emotion of scene conveyed-check Looking hungry for each other- check Beautifully shot-check Audience smiling like idiots- check Thank you for the gifs/fast mos/slow mos!
  6. There was a soompi article about post drama thoughts but i think it may be because the ratings were not high...
  7. Being a crazy shipper ahjumma..most drama couples do not put up couple pics so that it doesn't fuel speculation for crazy shippers like me.. Not in the last few couples I've followed at least....so I don't often see pics of the OTP together at the wrap up or in social media except the purely promo stuff
  8. The k drama industry can be cruel/ageist/lookist etc....but they have also a great number of character actors as well as flower boys/man so can see YKS straddling both... given how good an actor he is ... am sure he won’t be looking for too many fluff projects either...though I love him in this fluffy comedic role....think he will probably excel in any roles he picks up...but acceptance may be better for him in heroic/ serious roles. enjoyed doubtful victory as well..both emotional and some comedic scenes with some degree of romance simmering underneath.... he also has a good rep in the industry...so I hope the Pds will continue to look and fight for him to take on lead roles.... Was in another forum where the lead male was also someone who was previously relegated to 2nd lead/ silly Friend roles but he shone in the thriller genre... hope that hakjin, the chap that plays Donghyun also gets bigger roles in the future....he’s got the cool calm man thing going for him.
  9. Definitely insightful...can see why there might have been an uproar over the casting now... and also amazing how Kim Yoo jung navigates it...given that she is Super young and yet a sunbae in the acting field....Super warm n friendly person that she is which means that when she playfully kicked yks in a bts....am not even sure how many social lines she crossed...but in a good way since he took it really well am still trying to understand....am a banana...Asian but largely grew up in an English speaking and westernised environ...so its really interesting so a big thank you for all the translations and insights!!! i enjoy reading all these posts
  10. Thanks! The k drama industry does have some interesting cultural differences that I sometimes struggle to comprehend. It's interesting to me how they address and treat their audience/fans... The language variation with senior/junior...friends....lovers... Mind boggling...in a good way!
  11. Still keeping up with IG posts in case jtbc uploads another bunch of bts scenes.. Yes find it really hard to let go..think only 3 dramas have tugged at me like this. Litm/7dq and now this one. Am starting to rewatch and really appreciated the comic timing of these 2 and loved the webtoon-y feel in the earlier episodes. It was silly, fun and some of the scenes were "laugh out loud and choke on ypur coffee" hilarious... The cast did well...still love the skincrawling cringe scene by the 3 fairies.... The elevator scene... The CEO weakly spritzing OS in the hospital too.
  12. Have started to rewatch the series...just up to ep 4.... and there is a whole lot of cute there.... Hope to see them in other projects soon after they've taken a rest. Don't know what yks means by regrets in the soompi article...i thought he was the perfect choice for this character... And they made us love them as a couple
  13. @faithinme lara i don’t think they were acting in that scenesjr has jumped on yks so much in the bts that they wanted to immortalise it in the drama.... and i think thanks to him we got the ep 13 kiss...
  14. I think that was one of the strengths of this romcom....it was fluffy and yet there was a depth to the emotions... I know some of you can’t forgive the grandpa but that scene when he apologised....started crying buckets. they did throw every Kdrama trope in the mix but some were turned nicely on its head... a lead who loved in a straightforward way and went about his way fixing things in the background....i just love him using cleaning as a way of professing his love... a second lead that turned into a fairy godmother of sorts.... am grateful when there is a lively forum and contributions from fellow fans who are fluent in the Korean language, it allows me to understand and appreciate certain nuances in the conversations which are sometimes lost in the subbed episodes. not to mention...up to the minute posts of the uploads,IG posts and insights! so a big thank you to all the peeps in the forum Came on board as a kyj fan....and was totally wowed by yks...who was previously known to me only as the cats daddy in 3mad. he injects so much warmth in his character....so yes for me...I was happy with the grandpa redemption arc will look out for his projects in the future....
  15. Just watched the subbed ep...so yes there were a few points which I wish was handled better... But see they tried to tie up all the loose ends.... though it seems that his mom didn't seem to visit him once in the 2 years...was he living in a remote mountain....since she seemed surprised to touch his hand after 2 years... And I think we could have done with an extra ep of OTP togetherness! But we got our happy ending and it was good that she ran to him.
  16. Anyone here can write fabrics???? I'm. Camping. At. IG .......for the lovely edits....if we love them so much... can you imagine their own separation anxiety?? I wish yks had an easier ride during this...he was amazing in this role...totally fallen for him as the lead....it must have been tough as I gather there were some antifans...and I worried when I noticed that in that short span of time , his weight yoyo-ed....I hope that he knows that he played his role well and he really suited her and his frame was immaterial and even an asset....I love warm bearhugs... Kyj was great as usual...my fave young actress.... I didn't like how some of her role was scripted but I loved the look in her eyes during the romantic scenes. The rest of the cast...simply daebak!!! Will likely camp here n ig n loop some eps...til withdrawal settles
  17. Yep...will await the subbed eps...the uploads bugged me a bit...but info may be incomplete.... loved the meta reference to the webtoon sinc sk was supposed to come back like the drunk man....am sure it wasn’t easy finding someone as tall as him....it wasn’t janghoon in a cameo I hope... thought they might have the bribe the kid to get intel from os...but it doesn’t seem so... seems a lot of wasted time but they have to acknowledge the rest of the cast which is good and bad...since it cut down on the OTP screen time and really made it difficult for them to get going on making babies
  18. Oh wait.... they are holding hands again..... The bts is likely out to prevent us from rioting over the lack of babies....
  19. I like the fact that they brought the cleaning fairies back... which was his 1st love anyway... I'm not sure about the direction they took for oh sol's character...but I'll try not to judge until I watched the subbed ep. Since I'm. Only watching snippets on IG.
  20. I'm. not sure I like the tone of this.... she didn't go to him of her own accord??.. He has to wait for her???? Does she not love him enough....I hope the subbed eps tomorrow will tell a different story...I need OS to fight for their love as well.... Is there time for babies?
  21. Yep....solkyul couple have upped the adorable stakes...... Can't wait...hope jtbc uploads....can't live watch but will catch up on this thread as soon as I can.... Then back to ep 13 and bts on loop until withdrawal symptoms subside
  22. Oh..he returns it to her before he leaves for the states...given his hairdo/clothes/airport.... Ok....all of us are suffering from separation anxiety.... It's too soon...we need at least 2 or 3 more eps of cute love.... .
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