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  1. @meechuttso- I was willing you to cave in!! What a MAN is right, he’s positively irresistible! That knowing sly half smile just slays me! So happy you are enjoying this drama! Love your insights! Thrilled to see your Gifts (gifs) to us! Still barely clinging onto my one true love, OJD, but I am under DJ’s spell! SK and DJ- What a stunning couple, they are perfect together.
  2. Love this drama! Just finished the 2 episodes. So much fun! Casting is great. LMK is so handsome, looking so good in a suit and tie! SHJ beautiful in everything! Kudos to the stylists, they are making it work! Love our OTP chemistry! AJH looks good with a bit more weight too! Everyone in this series is doing fabulous work. Enjoying the ride! @Nanana85 Thanks for the preview!-Oh no! Isn’t it too early for the White Truck of Doom?
  3. @meechuttso you are so welcome!! I will see you in therapy!!! It is so great we seem to love the same dramas, and some-not so much!! (MGL) I always look for you, as a partner in crime!!, and your savvy comments!! ( I still haven’t recovered from KKW’s thighs!!)) But we will never waver in our admiration for SHS!! Not sure what her first role was, but from Oh My Ghostess till now- she has come so far and she is slaying!!
  4. Yes, you are right, and the beach scene there was WJ voice-over, then the jingle of the Rabbit/Moon charm I believe, then that smile for the person he was waiting for! I know we all want sweetness, but there is too much to be resolved. I am still really enjoying this drama, the acting is superb, at times a little slow, but I love looking at our OTP. They are just adorable. Looking forward to the remaining episodes, no matter how many there are!
  5. Have not seen today’s episode except for clips posted, and comments. It seems like a heartache. Thank you everyone for posting! Also, there is so much crying in the preview, especially Jennifer. Could she be related to SR’s friend who was killed in the accident? She was at the hospital, lost her husband? She knows the Doctor.............. She has shown so much kindness to SR, not sure where to go with this thought, any ideas?
  6. @ohoheli, Thank you so much for all of the hard work putting up the screen caps! I was able to follow the story so well!! You are the best!
  7. I agree!! I think Jennifer has some sort of connection with the Doctor friend, and others. After she injured her back in Karate class, she sent SR to clean his apartment, she knocked over a picture of the Dr and family. SR and the Doctor almost crossed paths there, and he had a flashback about SR and her mismatched shoes. Shouldn’t she have met him first? Chan’s Mother hadn’t met her before though. Maybe hired through an agency? The Doctor and TR do seem expendable now, but I’m sure they will add to the story in the second half. SR aunt, wasn’t she visibly upset at the hospital during the crash scenes and asked Uncle why he wasn’t there? It was a brief scene, but maybe he never returned from Japan or where ever he was, or the strain of it all caused them to separate. I would think that SR would start to look for her friends from school and the neighborhood. I think they addressed her friend who was killed in the crash. SR asked about her in the Nursing Home, and the nurse kept avoiding the issue, I think was supposed to tell her but never did tell her, but then SR planned her escape, and it wasn’t followed up by SR. Jennifer looks so lovingly at the “kids”, (adults) in the house at times, to me it is beautiful and also sort of heartbreaking. I think Jennifer holds the key to some of these stories. i agree there is plenty of time left for angst and pointlessness, hopefully it won’t ride off the rails for long. I am loving this sweet, innocent coming of age (finally at 30!) Drama.
  8. Aww, Thankyou! So happy you started this forum!! This Drama has been such a bright spot!! Sharing your love!
  9. Greetings everyone! I am coming out of my self imposed exile to join the comments here about this drama. I have always been a fan of SHS, so I could not stay away. Loving everyone’s posts and insights, you would all make great detectives!! Loving this drama! My thought is on WJ’s Thank You gift from SR that he was asking about. The box seemed small, so could it be possible there is some sort of keychain or something with a moon and a rabbit on it? Similar to the one that got stuck on him? Those memories are so important to SR, and maybe she will share that with WJ. Maybe that is how he will discover she is his secret crush. ,
  10. chardonnay

    [Drama 2018] About Time / 어바웃타임

    I am putting my money on all tropes, plus the addition of the time jump! It is About Time, after all!!! Good grief, I hope they use them all up quickly. 1step forward-3 steps back, but I really like it when the leads are together. They are sweet.
  11. chardonnay

    [Drama 2018] About Time / 어바웃타임

    Oh boy..... I hope the drama doesn’t go there. What about Mika’s dream of being a musical actress, and her promise to DS to stay by DH’s side? There is so much between Mika and DH that has to be said, the Ex, SB, love, time and much more, she does have so much to deal with now. I can understand her wanting to distance herself for a bit. We have to remember the fantasy element in this drama, hopefully there will be another floating flower petal, or visit or dream from her Grandmother so we can see a bright spot for her! She deserves that happiness.
  12. chardonnay

    [Drama 2018] About Time / 어바웃타임

    Oh my!! What a heartfelt, heartbreaking episode.....and i’m sobbing.
  13. chardonnay

    [Drama 2018] About Time / 어바웃타임

    Well, what a turn of events. The beginnings of that sweet romance seems to have taken a nose dive. UGH! I hope the angst will make MC stronger. In the beginning she had made friends with her time clock, DH involvement took that off course, as it would for anyone. MC will have to make decisions for herself, and fulfill her dreams. No one can do that for her. Tell DH how you honestly feel, and keep moving forward. That will be challenging, especially since her timer is on the move downward again. Beth is brutal. Except for the time clocks, where is the Fantasy? I am forever hopeful, so I am rooting for our OTP to side step this mess, but now there are a lot of players in the game. It’s early in the drama but I feel a bit spoiled about the start of the romance only to have it possibly tank for a bit! Oh well.............
  14. chardonnay

    [Drama 2018] About Time / 어바웃타임

    Yeah, you are right, but I thought in love there was another issue. His brother said DH hasn’t looked at anyone like he looks at MC for the past 5 years. I was thinking about his closed heart, his relationship with Beth, and his first love, a musical actress?
  15. chardonnay

    [Drama 2018] About Time / 어바웃타임

    My guess is that DH for whatever reasons, not yet explained, has been living a joyless life. Miserable deep in his soul. If you go back and watch kiss scene, there is a shooting star moment where it looks like his clock is exposed briefly on his neck, and then vanishes. Reminds me of True Loves KISS, and he is awakening his spirit. My vote is he was “dead” in spirit. PS, anyone see “Beth’s clock?