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  1. thank you everyone its been fun to be in this Hwayukiss oops Hwayugi Tribe after calming my self i can see the ending is realistic and sweet, the focus is about sincere love, the fact that OG give one of his red eyes is like his last effort to keep SM, he make a promise to find her, and yes he rushes his journey to the after world to find her, and for every good deed always a good gift also, Soburi give SM the one day to see OG, is not about to take off GGG but for one final proper goodbye, the fact that OG truly loves her is her gift for being a good samjang, and destiny is only something that we can try to change but there are also certain things that already been written by the higher power, the story line is somehow stick to this i guess, well its nice the story didn't pull us to see the vision of reincarnated JSM , they both fully aware that she could transformed to be anything when she comes back, the red eye will sure find its wa, and so i put it in my fav scenes list in this drama beside the Versace on the Floor night off course one thing is for sure after this drama the word "activate" will never be the same anymore... LOL For me Hwayugi is indeed one lovely tragic fairy tale of now days, have a great day everyone... Gosh i still miss lee seung gi lucky there is still Master of the House
  3. i can take sad ending but i kinda hard to deal with OPEN ENDING... please...writers, either give JSM back to SOG like you give back mi ho to Cha Dae wong years a go in my GF is gumiho, or.... make it a painful yet lovely good bye.... don't let us wondering after the pain in ep.19...pretty please
  4. AHak! i think OG will try to do hard bargain or trick with skyland, the moment JSM remember his name, thats it ! his promises with JSM will activated, whe she call him he will go to her in skyland, and maybe he will said i already made this promise to this human to protect her FOREVER and come when ever she call my name, and he will used GGG as an excuse that he bond to her because of it and skyland have to be responsible for it by letting him stay with JSM forever, and POOF... they both back to earth..... and... OG suddenly say "JSM did something for you, if you see it you will love it, what is it ? OG take off the GGG and said.. you are very pretty and i love you so much... deep long kiss .... baby vision ... the end... ( my version of happy ending in monkey kind of way )..... ps. i love and hate ep.19 at the same time
  5. like the granny shopkeeper said OG already defeat GGG it can also mean that he can fully control his feelings to JSM and admitted he really love her, when he took it off and said to him self that SM is even prettier , and he said to MW also that if he win the battle he will took it off and say all his feeling to SM, so one beside OG can take off the GGG. The JSM he wants is the JSM who loves him and always call his name when ever she need him. i guess he has no desire to get back to skyland, all he wants just his JSM. will skyland give his JSM back to him? if in the end the are kissing in the tower it means skyland give him back his JSM somehow, couse he only respon to "active" mode when he face the real JSM. maybe in the end OG will be free from skyland punishment because of his sincere love for JSM. ohh pleasee make it memorable and heartwarming ending
  6. indeed !! like a roller coaster ride maybe when OG realize there is no more SM he use his power to erase his memory of JSM , GGG did not disappeared maybe it symbolized that the Love still there to fight for OMG ... the ending of ep.20 must be equal to the first 7 minutes of ep.19, or lot more happier after the last push and pull .
  7. ...... whoot????? is the tower going to be the ending in eps 20? after the bloody tears of today eps? heeeellll noo wayyy need to be more than just hugging to wrap it, andweeiiiiiiand not so in the mood for reincarnation plot.... or having a memory lost...
  8. well at least the stabbing is not done by OG to SM ...... *running sobbing in the corner of my room* i hope OG have enough power to heal SM like he always did to all her wound.
  9. i just want to Focus on "Happily Spend the night together" and oh please MW, PK, General Winter what the use of their super power?!? help the monkey pleaseee...... P.S and seems like i already repeating the last part of eps 18 as many as OG say i Love you to SM LOL
  10. maybe they take a walk together remembering how their love started, revisiting all the street/place that meaningful for them, having an ordinary date is always SM favorite, who knows after the date a private small wedding take place lets just forget about the sleeping dragon hahahah.... OR maybe SM is imagining OG is there with him... ( OG is somewhere finding his way back from the other side, just like in my GF is a gumiho ) the moment he manage to got back the baby born... gaaah...seriously going mental LOL
  11. maybe granny shopkeeper is Goddess of Love or Cupid her job is to make those two fall in love and become one, she used GGG as an arrow of love, the moment SM kissed OG inside of the Painting, love strikes they both fall in Love. OG did ask granny right? Who are you? she just smile....well heaven is the best matchmaker right ? OMG ... Saturday is still six blocks away
  12. oh yeaah Oh Gong will be super strong to slays the dragon even maybe he didn't realize his new power yet, the shopkeeper granny say samjang will loose something precious in order to do her job, what is the most precious thing for a virgin? Virginity.The day she throw a buckets of I Love you tantrum at Oh Gong, she "lost it" in that epic closing bed scenes and gosh that OST part 9, why it sounds like... i'm missing you...i'm loving you.. and transform to be i'm kissing you...i'm kissing you... i'm kissing you.. in my ears...LOL sounds like i'm going mental hereee...
  13. after endlessly repeating the last scene of eps. 18 i think i overthinking about everything, well everything is just as simple as OG taking off the GGG and put it on back ...LOL next week lest slay the dragon in an epic battle and rising cute demigod monkey baby together ps.this drama holds the guinness world record of kissing and bed scenes in the history of KDrama Series moreee.... LOL
  14. OMG TVN pleaseeee why stop uploading the next part am i the only one who keep refreshing TVN on youtube .... SIGH