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  1. WOAH. thanks a lot! been lurking here and there because im curious what happened in novel. hahahhahh me too. cant sleep im going crazy waiting hope wednesday comes fast
  2. i saw someone posted it in twitter, idk korean language so i just post the link. for novel this is for webtoon
  3. idk how to link twitter post so i screenshot them hoping its ok sounds LDW to me hahahahah who wants the same number kekeke if i am not mistaken KJR being KJR who likes to take everything slowly because he is KJR. i hope they will follow the novel because its cute and fluffy and LDW and YIN can pull it off because they are cute and fluffy. i want fluff fluff pdnim
  4. they are so lovely tgt i think its much more appropriate to post these gifs in this thread since they are LDW and YIN not KJR and OJS.
  5. well fellas i think most of us agree that KJR only did it because of OJS’s sake. (i always think its harder to let go of someone you really holding dearly..)if some of you are still upset with KJR here’s LDW to brighten up your mood or you probably prefer this OJS be like its so funny i cant
  6. so chingus, after watching ep 12 with eng sub i kinda understand why KJR did that. i mean, ofc i wont get ever get angry with that cutie patotie of KJR. i mean how could i btw, while they were at KJR house playing that wood stick thingy idk what its called haha OJS picked “say a wish” but she said she couldn’t think anything at the moment so she asked KJR to grant her wish later they even did a pinky promise ah kyopta ayieeee. i wonder what will it be? kyaaaaa oh btw they wrapped up pretty fast that stalker thingy, i thought they would keep dragging him till last few episodes lmao our dan-choi couple never fail to make me laugh CEO kinda started to annoyed me but its ok, he is in his delulu fanboying stage. i hope it will pass. lmao just hoping they wont keep dragging this break up for long. my wangsun heart cant take it anymore. i mean they are perfect tgt. writernim please.
  7. me too me too. im so upset.. im at work and i feel upset.. i want go home now and cry in my bed. i hope they wont drag his broke up till last few ep imma gonna go to korea rn and slap the writernim. just kidding im a nice person i wont do that. btw, i hope when they get back tgt, we will have those passionate kiss sceneSSSSSS, cuddle cuddle, fluff fluff.. we need that pdnim!!!!!
  8. we got wangsun/ woosun 2.0 ., im so upset writernim.. why why why.. dont make it long separation tho writernim please or i will kill you (*sunny voice) but the stalker might get out or something tho idk what happened to him?
  9. but but but.... if they break up, writernim, it will contradict everything KJR and OJS that have said thooo. didnt KJR say that he will stay by her side and they will fight tgt (or something like that? lol i have a short memory im sorry lmao) and he knows OJS needs him. didnt she say to KJR that this time she think she can do everything now because KJR is by her side (or something like that i meant when they were in the park)? so i dont think they will. it will ruin everything writernim, thats out of KJR character.. especially now that LGJ is back. btw, cant wait to see bts of amusement park date im sure LDW enjoyed it more than KJR for sure hahahahah thanks for live recaps, translations and gifs chingus.
  10. giiiiirrrllll ive been noticing that too hahah i quit being pervert, my concept now is innocence and pureness but this couple making me go back to my old self what to do. hahaha if they do the passionate kiss scene (oh come on u two u! we are dying here!) we will be like having a fireworks show or something with all those sounds he makes whahahhahahahah btw i realized this morning we only have 6 episodes left huhuhuhu
  11. hello. ive just wanted to congratulate ldw, he always wanted to do back and forth during kiss scene since goblin days with yin but he couldnt hahahaha chukahae absolutely enjoying the drama, real life is too stressful sometimes, so i need my dose of fluff and touch your heart is giving me all the fluff in this world. i think, by the end of this drama i will have diabetes. i literally lol-ing every episode. its so funny. our CEO is the best. yoo inna is so lovely and lee dong wook is cool. going-in-mygirlfriend’s-house scene was so funny hahahaha specially when they were in her study room and she was like ‘this is where i spend my day most of the time’ but it was dusty. she was like, ‘someone might think i dont read thats why dust piled up’ and she goes, ‘i read a lot but i dont clean often’ ‘i clean a lot but i dont read’. hahahahahahahahahha!! it was so funny. for those who want to watch the episodes i watch them in this site, can i say it here tho? idk but here lol they are fast subbing new episodes. always thankful for all the live recaps and gifs. annyeong
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