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  1. bohmi

    ♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

    - Jurors - cr. as labeled - Bench Event (190216~190217) - more
  2. The famous line in the drama that we love (BEST 5) from Book DB "Letting a person come into your heart even if it's for a brief moment, I believe such a thing is meaningful." (Kim Jin Hyuk - Park Bo Gum) That words said by Kim Jin Hyuk to Sec. Jang in episode 4. Source : Book DB -------------------------------- Don't Hesitate - Yong Jun Hyung (Live) at his solo concert "GOODBYE 20's" cr. HL nunafans
  3. @Cheryl295, here are the links from @thepixies You could try Archive of Our Own - https://archiveofourown.org/tags/남자친구 | Encounter (TV 2018)/works And if you can read Chinese, there is someone who posts her fics on weibo - https://m.weibo.cn/u/1771960471?uid=1771960471&luicode=10000011&lfid=10080850167963e2ba0a8632b118e3890f4f74_-_feed --------------- cr. galpinote
  4. bohmi

    ♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

    Yes I did. Actually I knew it from instagram but thankfully it has returned to normal Bench. PHS's so handsome there Philippine's fans are so lucky. cto
  5. bohmi

    ♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

    Come back again here, just wanna say I can't wait to see Jurors, Park Hyung Sik + Moon So Ri = and so happy for his musical theatre (Elisabeth) runs smoothly thanks chingu for the update
  6. bohmi

    Song Hye Kyo 송혜교

    It's been one month since I came here chingu. Info from dc, SHK will be cover of ELLE for March issue
  7. @rosiepeonie188 They love Encounter as we are. You can read here, Sometimes they are so hilarious too. They even created a poll like this cr. dc The main core of "Encounter" now have a new project, left director Park Shin Woo and Song Hye Kyo. Good luck to all of them. I'm going to miss them all (especially JinSoo) @dukesa1122 Actually, I still lurk here. I still have some pages to read. I also enjoyed reading bebebisous33's analysis; twtwb's quotes plus images; news from gumtaek and the others; staring gifs and pictures from Jemrie, Buldok, MarJo_Lei, leedonghaek and the others; insights and thoughtful from the other chingu too thank you very much. Please keep it coming.
  8. DC Boyfriend sent these lovely gifts to director, writer, cast, staff, crew, etc. through production company. All cr. dc boyfriend
  9. Interview with writer Yoo Young-ah in the last year, before Encounter drama aired. (Please let me know chingu if this has been shared before) She talked about bible, life, as a writer, previous works, Encounter's main characters, etc. It took about 12 years to make her debut as a writer. ------------ A drama that I wrote about who a wonderful man is. Female character of Song Hye-kyo in the drama <Boyfriend> was the character I've been wanting to write for a long time. But the male character can't be completed. Then one day, our church preacher's appearance came to my eyes. Actually, there is not a lot of ministry expenses in the church. I'm busy and can't do any part-time jobs. It's too hard to work while studying. I also like to buy a one-plus-one suit. If you look at it and have nothing but ordinary person, I think the person with a straight value in his heart is probably the most wonderful man in the world. Jin-hyuk character which is so plain and doesn't have anything was born with a healthy and upright values. Jin-hyuk is a healthy young man who grew up with books, literature, and family love. I'm glad Park Bo-gum liked this character too. I hope this drama is a work that doesn't become hurt the actors. The viewers are so excited, I hope it'll be a drama that won't let you down. I get nervous about this but I'm just praying. ------------ She also mentioned Park Kyung-ri (a writer who is very respected). There are many characters in Land (novel by Park Kyung-ri and have been made into drama with the same title). Unlike the movie scenario, the characters in the first part of the drama must remain consistent until the 16th part. It's difficult. However when I see Park Kyung-ri's 'Land,' I am amazed how she can continue to carry those characters to the end consistently. "Let's live a better life. Let's look at each other more closely." I would like to write a work with this meaning. In the end, she said, I hope the drama that I'm preparing now (Encounter) will go well and even if it works, I hope I'll be good. Pride is more dangerous just because it slip in. Source : webzine
  10. Actress Kim Seo Hyung wants to try Cha Soo Hyun character. cr. ladysong14
  11. from this news, they will do it http://www.biztribune.co.kr/news/view.php?no=91419 (the last paragraph) 또한, `남자친구` 측은 종영 후 여운을 곱씹을 수 있는 대본집을 발간하기로 결정했으며 1~16회까지 집필한 유영아 작가의 대본을 2권 분량으로 발매해 드라마를 즐겨본 시청자들에게 선사할 계획이다. google translate : In addition, `boyfriend` decided to publish a script book that can chew up after the end, it plans to release the script of Yoo Young-ah, who wrote 1 ~ 16 episodes in two volumes, and present it to viewers who enjoyed the drama. ---------------- Sorry, I don't know dear
  12. SHK's still there. I think she just move from wrap up party (place) to cafe?? (the place that they're all watching final episode of Encounter together).