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  1. Annyeongasseyo to all JiJi lovers! It is the time of the year again that reminds us to be thankful each day, each moment, for all the graces we receive. To love and be loved, to cherish and be cherished, to be content and share that contentment with all that we hold dear to ourselves... may that be our celebration, our song, our joy. I join in the multitude of prayers for JiJi- for their health and happiness, strength and smiles, love and friendship. May each day bring Wookie & Hyunnie fulfillment, wisdom, lessons and laughter that they hold close in a way only they can. May the hearts they have touched and inspired across the globe stay constant in their hopes and dreams. May Christmas last forever...
  2. Heartiest congratulations to Ji Chang Wook on his 10th year in the industry!!! Everything about the image is raw- the set, the story, the scene about to play out, the make-up. Especially the make-up. A decade ago, Wook stood bathed in the afternoon sun and dared to play a card. He didn't think much about being an actor. It seemed like a cool thing to do and he liked doing it. There were apprehensions and fears, debts and doubts and dreams, so much to do, so much to be... But this look, this one look in his eyes, hasn't changed a bit over time- cagey yet warm, impish glints lending spark to deep pools of brown. There aren't many words to describe it, but over the past year, I saw it several times as I got to learn about all that he was, is and wishes to be. The heart, mind, soul, tears, smiles, struggles, reflections, sweat, prayers, fights, reconciliations, pains, joys and toils- everything that went into making 'the Ji Chang Wook' a face of Hallyu and, just as importantly, a beloved son, a dependable friend and a kind man remembered by all who come to know him. It has been a long way to this day, and yet not too long, for unto Wook, life is a constant present that unfolds with a peerless charm he is endlessly discovering. May it remain so, for he truly deserves it. Thank you Wookie for all the inspiration and joys. Let life conspire the choicest blessings and contentment for you and all that you love. May you ever grow and dream and live to the very best as you always have. Chukahamnida!
  3. How do I love thee, I couldn't finish counting the ways.... I love thee for all thou were, all thou art and all thou aspire to be, I love thee for the blessings and graces thou hast brought to me. Heavens grant that all thine desires and dreams shall be formed, In God's true time, for as long as thou shalt long. My prayer is my love shalt ever remain with thee, Remain thus, as thou art, for there is no charm found greater, no love more yearned, no beauty far radiant, than that which springs from thy heart. Seungil chuka hamnida, Ji Hyunnie. Saranghae.
  4. Civilizations rose and fell, wars were won and lost, great men and women have been born and have died, and Corporal Ji Chang Wook has successfully navigated a year of an important milestone in the life of a Korean man. He's going ahead with his military service with the same panache and peerless enthusiasm with which he approaches and embraces the other aspects of his life. And he is blessed indeed to be granted an opportunity that unifies his manifest talents with his duties as a son of the nation. Best wishes to him and the rest of the production team for the resounding success of 'Shinheung Military Academy' musical. As for us cruising the sea, life is chuggin' along mighty fine. We are blessed ourselves to be having so much downtime to soak in each detail and savor things at ease. Not to mention, JiJi tidbits and updates popping up every once in a while when worst-case scenarios were being played out this time last year. None of us were sure of what was to be, what awaited ahead, what could unfold. I myself didn't know parasocial separation anxiety could get so real as the moment I saw Wook with a 'Why so serious?' across his fabled broad frame, grinning and waving his goodbyes, helped even less by seeing Hyunnie's update the same day. A year later, we have many more reasons to keep the faith, many more reasons to celebrate these beautiful souls who found each other. We sail on, full of hope and love, full of promises of the good things yet to come. Are we asking too much of destiny? Of right timing? No... not when even the disarmingly pragmatic Wook doesn't miss the symbolism one bit. Today he is the same he was exactly a year ago. Quite literally. (Credit to respective owners for the re-posted images) For those interested in viewing the musical presscon, here you go:
  5. Hello everyone! This day last year, I was busy rationalizing a lot of things. 1st Presscon: Wook's record-length drippy stares, mimicking, saying he waited 8 years to meet Hyunnie, she was so sexy she made him burst out laughing. 2nd Presscon: Saying Hyunnie was bearing with all his antics, he was like a kid around her, their chemistry was good. SP 'BBTS': Berserk Behind The Scenes. 'Nuff said. Post SP Interviews: I am waitin' for the denial to drop in 3....2....1......... Wah, nothing? C'mon Wook, do it just like you did the previous times. Say 'Oppa-dongsaeng'! Say 'Just doing my job'! Say 'Was my acting so good everyone thinks we are dating?' Saying something to discourage the tidal wave of speculations, dammit! Jiscovery: Showing fans the worst put-together OST MV of all time (3 spliced scenes and one of them was a minute-long no-cut kiss scene). And until the end of last year explicitly stating he wasn't dating at the moment, had no plans to do so this close to enlistment. Then going ahead during the concert and answering question about a hypothetical girlfriend in a very non-hypothetical manner. The words he used could even find their way into some Mills & Boon number. He went from this in Nov 2016... (Credit to source https://www.hancinema.net/the-k2-ji-chang-wook-turning-thirty-this-year-becoming-a-man-101027.html) - The year's almost over. Do you think you've stood by your resolutions? Ji Chang-wook: I don't feel anything special with the end of the year coming up. It's been a busy year so I wish my New Year's is a quiet one. I'll be joining the military next year and I think I'll come out younger. I wouldn't want to see someone right now too because she'll be all alone when I leave. About joining the army, I'm worried and anxious at the same time. - So romance would have to wait till your done with the military? Ji Chang-wook: I've never really had long lasting relationships. It's not easy balancing work and romance at the same time. I'm lonely and it's sad that I don't have anyone next to me. It's even sadder to say my 20s went by without anyone special. I think romance would be different in my 30s. ...to this in July 2017 (Credit to vid owner and IG uploader) Goodbye Proposal Vlive: SP tops best 3. Variants of Ji-Hyun, Ji-Yoon & Ji-Eun, get 'Hwaiting', 'Wait for me', 'Saranghe' and such from Mr.Oppa who manages to catch those names from the million comments flooding into his chatbox. This is not even counting every minuscule detail that has been theorized, analyzed and expounded on in the previous 1590 pages. These are only some of the main ship alerts that I had been trying to present to my own brain in a sane, non-lethal manner. I was already being tossed about in the turbulence SongSong ship was dealing with at the time and was in no way whatsoever ready to voluntarily put my heart into another blender. And the stakes were so much higher with JiJi. No way, no way, no way.... And then this happens. (Credit to IG uploader) I vividly remember returning home that evening and opening this thread to screams, squeals, incoherent ramblings and people tearing up. Pandemonium had erupted and how! One look at this vid and despite my sense of self-preservation, despite my cautious approaches all along, despite everything, I was boarding this ship with or without my will. I have this MBC interview and Park Seul Gi to thank for that final push else I may never have waited for the Holy Grail that was yet to come. His expression, tone and words convinced me enough to shell as much money as it took to get my hands on the DCut. It's been months and I have still to recover from its effects. On second thoughts, knowing JiJi's charms, I may never will, but ah, it's still a pleasurable way to die... Down the memory lane, these were my thoughts circa July 23rd 2017. Hereby reposting my take on MBC IV So here's wishing myself happy anniversary for that leap of faith! It has been the best and I believe it will only keep getting better. All thanks to JiJi and to the wonderful family here. I am so happy I met you...
  6. Seungil chuka hamnida uri captain!!! Warm and happy returns of the day to Ji Chang Wook! May all that he aspires to be, all the endeavors that he strives for, all the dreams he wishes to fulfill and all the prayers in his heart come true in good time. May he remain strong in mind, body and soul to do even more incredible things in future. May his home be warm, smiles be wide and love be sublime. May he always be surrounded by his loved ones, creating beautiful memories through a lifetime. May he live long to see his children's children and his descendants be as countless as the stars (Despite the world population, we need more of Wook's gene-pool). May he always glow bright and spread the warmth and light to all who look upon him for inspiration. Biking and creak-dancing his way through this journey, I pray he stays just the way he is, except for the bachelor status.
  7. Seungil chukka hamnida JiJi thread!!! This time last year, we were beginning to live the magic and the charm has only gotten stronger with each passing day. Still here, still happy, still hoping that love will find a way. Fondly remembering and deeply missing @stucked. I am starting to believe that nothing is absolutely coincidental in JiJi's loveland, for our founder was a harbinger to what this thread was gonna do to all of us here. Things could hardly get any cheesier than me playing Lionel's 'Stuck on you'... I spent the day combing through my archives, feeling just a tad bit nostalgic about last June and reliving many gems collected over time. Like: This scintillating edit that looks as real as real can get. I still recall the jolt I got the first time I laid eyes on what seemed like a dream come true. It might as well have been taken from JiJi's wedding album, but since it's not, here's praying they'll have one down the years... some fine day. This is a fine ship, a warm home and a place full of memories, delight and love. I pray it keeps sailing that way.
  8. Happy birthday Suspicious Partner! And glad returns to the JiJi family! Best voyages are seldom planned and here we are a year later, still as crazy, still as sweet, still as dreamy as our couple. What a journey it’s been so far! The globe has united as one to cheer for this wonderful gem of a drama and the phenomenal couple it birthed. Deservedly so, if the inescapable addiction, loopiness and sheer joy we’re drenched in are any indication. The family here is as makjang as Noh’s Law Firm and we’re loving every bit of it. I wish the best to all for their health and prosperity… and that we may stay as one to witness the day when our ship hopefully lands sight of an adorned harbour filled with well-wishers and a captain all set to pronounce ‘Husband & Wife’. My heartfelt prayers for our beloved couple… that as their charming tale unfolds, may all their dreams come true. A huge kamsamnida to uri @masthu for this banner that’s as marvelous as herself. Few things in the world are perfect and this is one of them.
  9. A blessed Easter to all. May peace, health, prosperity and success find a new beginning in our homes, hearts and minds... as on our ship. God's grace and blessings be with all my fellow voyagers. Aaaaaaaaand the final countdown for the DCut begins. 10 days to go until the official shipment commences... I. AM. SO. EXCITED. THAT. IT. DOESN'T. EVEN. SHOW. ON. MY. FACE. AS. EXCITEMENT. ANYMORE.
  10. With all the piratey hanky-panky underway, thought I’d do my bit to spread some cheer around the JiJi deck. By the way, yes, I do lurk in what can be loosely termed as ‘enemy waters’, because the sheer entertainment value of their musings is not to be underestimated. My vote goes to just letting them be, because I wanna see the creative ideas they’ll come up with to explain away the pay-per-view bombs we’re gonna get in the D-Cut. I mean, it is such a fine study of ‘Emotional Unraveling and Rational Thought Process Disintegration’. I already have enough material for a thesis, but hey, more of it is always welcome. Anyways, some happy news for the fans and shippers who like moi: 1) Can’t read Hangul and decided to sign up at SP DVD Daum café. 2) Used up all the luck for this year by randomly jabbing various links and, by some freakish occurrence, got promoted as an associate member without knowing how. 3) Combed through various notices and pulled out hair because, quite fairly, those in charge were too busy with the production to make time for English translations. 4) Flared up at the mention of ‘Right Click’. 5) Felt like all the good news was right before their eyes and still a cosmos apart for all the sense it made. Well, Goddess Ji Hyun’s stalwart fans are goddesses themselves. @dirtybtpretty on twitter graciously translated the DVD disc contents for us almost immediately after I made the request, despite her having just returned home from a trip and having myriad things to take care of. Nomu nomu kamsamnida to that wonder woman!!! DISCS 1-10 would be the episodes. Including deleted scenes and English subtitles. This is what we’re looking forward to in the extras and special features (No subtitles): DISC 11 Commentary highlights- 138 min Nam Ji Hyun’s interview- 29 min PD Park Seon Ho’s interview- 25 min DISC 12 Director’s deleted scenes commentary- 50 min NG 1- 54 min Behind the scenes 1- 54 min Script reading- 20 min Famous lines from SP’s legendary scenes- 14 min DISC 13 NG 2- 48 min Behind the scenes 2- 69 min Teaser practice- 10 min Teaser filming- 30 min Poster filming- 15 min Choi Tae Joon’s interview- 13 min Jang Hyeok Jin’s interview- 9 min DISC 14 Behind the scenes 3- 51 min Behind the scenes 4- 55 min Camera Director Lee Gil Bok’s interview- 20 min Dong Ha’s interview- 20 min Nara’s interview- 19 min Behind story of SP’s casting- 10 min Suspicious partner’s title- 31 seconds. DISC 15 (Couple disc 1 Pre-order bonus) Couple making 1- 51 min Couple making 2- 58 min Couple making 3- 59 min Kiss scene cuts- 27 min DISC 16 (Couple disc 2 Pre-order bonus) Couple making 4- 56 min Couple making 5- 61 min Couple making 6- 57 min Couple NG- 10 min I knew that DVD was gonna be the death of me. Due credit to the production team because we are getting a lot- a whole lot more that I admittedly expected. According to my calculations, we are getting nearly 18 hours’ worth of visual indulgences. And about 6 hours of it is exclusively made of JiJi prime shipping material. God save our souls. A nuclear fallout might seem tamer in comparison.