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  1. I'm so sad KHN will have to go for his enlistment..would that mean my hope for 2nd season dashed for another 2 years?noooo.. Anyway,congrats for getting through the 1st round. @summer2017 n @meahri_1..You're truly jjang! 2nd round sounds pretty hard. The eclipses I know who's good with essay (I named them the Moon Lovers Specialists) were @40somethingahjumma and @kdramawriter..they'll be a big help with the project. But I don't if they're still active in this thread. Oh well, I wish you good luck for the next round stargazers..I'll definitely vote for you guys. Fighting!
  2. It's 2,5,7,9 for me.. I'm so happy to see a lot of old timers came back in this thread again. I hope we win again this time. Can't forget the euphoria when our couple won the best couple. Aargh..I still can't move on even though I've tried watching other drama. Still wishing for season 2 or a movie spin off..hehe
  3. Glad to know I'm not the only one who's unable to move on. I've tried to watch Goblin, W, Missing 9, Hwarang but still..they felt too "easy" for me. They don't have the depth of this drama. Even when the drama has ended months ago we still have a lot of things to discuss about it. It is very rare to find a drama like this one. It made me join a forum, watch the bts, browsing YT for any FMV based on the drama, read the fanfics, watch award ceremony (LIVE!), browse instagram,tumbler,twitter for scraps of news about the casts. Never ever in my life I got so attached to a drama. Help me!!! And now that each of my wishes were granted (the SBS couple award, LJK n LJE attented each other's FM) I become greedy.. I make another wish.. please let LJK (or casts of MLSHR) work together in one of LJE's MV when she make a new album..pleeeeease..
  4. Congratulations to all of us!! All our efforts are paid off..my life can go on now..I think PS. Sorry mods, I can't delete the pics in the quote..I'm using mobile..
  5. @antoniaclamens you just wrote down my experience with that site too..I've been their followers since 2010 but somehow the atmosphere changed lately..it became more hostile for me.so yes..I'm only reading their headlines now or recap on certain drama..but I don't care about their opinion anymore.to think that they WERE so good before.. Anyway,still waiting for SBS announcement on their award night..please,please..let all MLSHR cast attend the award night..especially our SoSoo couple..pleaaaaase..
  6. I squeal every time you put an update of your story.thank you And now that I'm watching Gong Yoo in the Goblin,the drama universe just collide in my head because of your ff. Kim Shin n Wang So came from Goryeo time met in modern time and it's the fight between the Goblin n the wolf for the hand of the maiden. oh no..am I going to wait for LJG/WS to appear in the Goblin every time I watch the drama?
  7. Any news whether whether LJG n IU will attend the award ceremony?I really want to see them walk the red carpet together.. Yep,I'm that desperate to see WS n HS together in modern world
  8. *slow clap* I love the slow build in your story.it makes me crave for more.I wonder how you did the research..the story is full of details..bravo!