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  1. I'm so sad KHN will have to go for his enlistment..would that mean my hope for 2nd season dashed for another 2 years?noooo.. Anyway,congrats for getting through the 1st round. @summer2017 n @meahri_1..You're truly jjang! 2nd round sounds pretty hard. The eclipses I know who's good with essay (I named them the Moon Lovers Specialists) were @40somethingahjumma and @kdramawriter..they'll be a big help with the project. But I don't if they're still active in this thread. Oh well, I wish you good luck for the next round stargazers..I'll definitely vote for you guys. Fighting!
  2. It's 2,5,7,9 for me.. I'm so happy to see a lot of old timers came back in this thread again. I hope we win again this time. Can't forget the euphoria when our couple won the best couple. Aargh..I still can't move on even though I've tried watching other drama. Still wishing for season 2 or a movie spin off..hehe