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  1. kiyomice

    [Thai Drama 2018] The Gifted Series

    This drama is really so good, I might be addicted! I even made a fan video for it hehe XD I only wish there would be more than 13 episodes D:
  2. kiyomice

    [Thai Drama 2018] The Gifted Series

    Omg, can someone please tell me if they've found fan videos of this series?? I keep searching but have only found one. I need this. I need fan videos. This series is so f***ing good
  3. kiyomice

    [Thai Drama 2018] Friend Zone The Series

    "Friend Zone The Series" So basically it's a series about my life..
  4. kiyomice

    Teen Top **틴탑** [Official Thread]

    All these pictures make my computer almost crash XD. I feel like Teen Top is losing popularity, I really hope they can change things around soon >.<
  5. kiyomice

    Both x Newyear

    Just found this cute Thai couple who has their own YouTube channel. They are adorable! Does anyone else know them? Well, if you don't, I recommend checking them out. I guarantee they'll make your heart race :3
  6. kiyomice

    Top 5 Places You Want to Go?

    1. South Korea (of course). I've wanted to live in South Korea ever since I was about 14 years old. That hasn't changed. I love the culture. 2. Germany. I have a love for Germany that can't really be explained. It came out of nowhere. It would be nice if I could visit for at least a couple months. 3. Belgium. Again, I can't really explain it. I just...really want to go. 4. Thailand Mm yes, this is definitely brought on my my recent fascination with Thai dramas and Thai pop. 5. ??? every other country I can't choose anymore lol.
  7. kiyomice

    Introduce yourself!

    1. No thanks. 2. 21 3. USA. 4. N/A
  8. 4/10. This is extremely low. I believe I'm having a good day today because of my nice therapy session. I was taught some very revealing things and I'm glad to know them. I even had a good dream last night (usually I have nightmares or no dreams).
  9. I'm on the 7th episode of the second season. I literally came back to this website after two years jusT so I could see if ANYONE HERE CAN HELP ME PROCESS MY FEELINGS I SERIOUSLY CAN'T I DON'T WANT THIS TO END I'm having a heart attack and no. one. under. stands. I spend so many hours watching their interviews and watching fan videos and I just want this to never end. How the heck do I finish the rest of the episodes, when doing so will mean it's over?