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  1. Yes! I was smiling from ear to ear and nodding like crazy when I saw the “some” stage. More than friends but not yet dating at the time of that chat, yes. Hopefully it has progressed some more while they are finishing up the drama. Let’s see what we can find out during the end of drama get together for the cast. How I wish they will also have a cast & crew trip after the drama to celebrate its success. The more they are together, the more we can peek into their after drama interactions. After Goblin, all 4 of the main cast were not able to go to the trip since all were busy with CFs and what nots when the drama ended. I hope there will be a TYH cast/crew trip and that they will join to the trip.
  2. Its a ship alright. A Viking Ship, maybe? Welcome to all new members. Let’s all ship, spazz and delulu over our couple who are close friends. So close that they decided to send just 1 food truck to their former director. I think they will just be firm in saying that they are close friends and nothing else until they are outed and can not deny it anymore. I’ve had 2 ships that sailed (SongSong and SWAG/NamLee - they “broke up” but they were together at the time I was shipping them). There are similarities in the way the couples above behaved on the set with that of Wookie and InNa. The close friendship, very comfortable with each other, the guy teasing and making the girl laugh all the time, guy caring for the girl more than what I’ve seen with other drama pairing (it’s subtle but enough for a shipper to spot a difference). But always saying they are just good friends and nothing more. I also have 1 ship that is in the middle of nowhere for now. I don’t consider it as sunken ship until one or both are married to someone else. Plus 2 more ships where there seems to be attraction but they are young actors and actresses so they won’t pursue a relationship right now. Wookie and InNa’s close friendship resembles more of the 2 ships that sailed than the 3 I’m waiting on. Well, 4 ships considering that I’m still waiting for SWAG/NamLee to get back together. So let’s hold on tight to those similarities and see if Wookie and InNa will pull a SongSong (deny, deny, deny but still go out together with group of friends, announce short engagement and get married in a few months). I must say that like SongSong, Pichi Couple is also popular in S. Korea after Goblin that they even had a CF together. So that’s a big plus. If they ever decide to announce their engagement, it will be welcomed and not frowned upon. And they’re both of marrying age for actors anyway. Someone mentioned that InNa and Wookie have common friends too. That is even better, if their close friendship become something else, their friends will be their wingman and be the group outing camouflage for our couple.
  3. I only know one couple who did that. SongSongCouple sent a food truck together to a former director and co-actor. So there you go! But then again, SongSongCouple is the first couple that I followed here in Soompi. Be still my shipper’s heart. I am cautiously optimistic about this ship. They still have to guest in each other’s fanmeets. They still have to arrive together on the red carpet in the year end awards show. They still have to be sighted by fans in other countries. They still have to deny the sightings. They still have to do this... and that... Aaaahhhhh. Who am I kidding? I’m shipping them with abandon. I’m so happy I could roll on my bed all day but I can’t. Reality awaits. Before I forget though, so the Ointment Couple had a lip balm kiss? They seem to be associated with petroleum jelly/Vaseline products? I’m sorry, now I’m thinking of other things with petroleum jelly.
  4. Oh me, oh my! I’m squealing here with delight! A couple food truck. I’m liking our odds on uri lovely Ointment couple. Let’s celebrate!
  5. CTTO. I can’t stop gushing over them. They look great by themselves but when they’re together, the effect is jaw dropping and exponential.
  6. @bidown or it could be someone who can look much younger than her age. But can match his wit and understand his humor enough to laugh at it every time. Appreciation can go a long way, it can change minds and melt hearts. InNa can give younger actresses and idols a run for their money. She can match or even outmatch them with her looks. She can disarm with her charm and captivate anyone with her bright personality. From the little I’ve seen so far, both her and Wookie seems straightforward in interviews and both know how to have fun in variety shows too. Their personalities seems like a good match. They’re both caring with people around them and not afraid to show it too. Thus, we can see that they also take care of each other. Sometimes a person may have their ideal type but it’s the one you didn’t see coming, the one that surprises you because they’ve been beside you all along, who usually captures your heart. Or should I say “Touch Your Heart”. During Goblin days, I had a feeling Wookie was drawn to InNa already. She was nice and caring to him back then but there’s an invisible barrier there for some reason. She “friendzoned” him during Goblin days. She’s more open in her gestures, smiles and glances at Wookie in Touch Your Heart’s BTS so my hopes are going up. Ah, I hope they realize they’re perfect together. I imagine there will be a “shooong” moment, when one realizes that the other person has slipped and slid their way into their heart (like Jin Shim’s drunken confession). I can’t remember who commented about the fanmeets. IU and Lee Joon Gi are good friends and even appeared together recently in a variety show. Even years after their drama ended. So I’m hoping that Wookie and InNa can really guest in each other fanmeets as “close friends”, for now.
  7. CTTO. That brief look from InNa to Wookie. Just one look and he understood. He gave her the other piece of the cookie instead of the first one he offered. My heart is about to burst open. I can not. This is like cotton candy kind of fluff.
  8. The translation is good on this portion of their pre-drama interview. You can see how comfortable they are with each other. I’m so glad they are doing this drama. CTTO.
  9. Aaawwww. @mimima and @bidownthanks. I’m glad you liked my post. I miss our Wink Couple. Wednesdays can’t come soon enough. I can’t believe we only have 3 more weeks of Touch Your Heart . Oooh, can we have a Season 2? PD-nim, please? I read the head canon post for TYH and that’s more than enough materials for a season 2. Yes, I’m such an addict for their amazing chemistry and *coughs* “close friendship” that I wish for that too. I have no regrets being greedy when it comes to uri Ointment Couple/Wink Couple
  10. Hello fellow LDW-YIN shippers. I love reading all the posts and learning more about them and their close friendship. I was waiting for a shipper’s thread here for them since Goblin days and I’m so glad we finally have one. Thanks @Yoo In Na for creating it. I like to call them the Wink couple since those winks in the drama are too cute not to be celebrated. I agree that they should date secretly and then just announce their engagement. Just claim they are friends if they are caught spending time together by fans and reporters alike. Please Dispatch, leave them alone. They have a strict timetable of 3 years for dating secretly, getting engaged and having a grand wedding. And then beautiful babies!!! Yes, I did. I went all the way to the finish line for these 2 “close friends”, hahahahaha. I’m already looking forward to the end of year awards night when our KDrama Ken and Barbie will arrive together and walk the red carpet together and sit together and take selfies together. Thank and praise each other profusely while receiving their Best Couple award together. Hey, that’s what friends do, right? They can even go out with other friends after the awards night to celebrate, yes? Yes, of course. Close friends do that, y’know. What else can they do? Be the special guest in each other’s fan meets. Close friends do that. Inna doesn’t need to go far for an example of a drama couple who did it successfully. It’s her BFF IU and Lee Joon Gi who did it when their Scarlet Heart RYEO drama garnered a lot of fans. Well, SongSong did it too with SHK guesting in SJK’s fan meet in China. Then SJK, together with Yoo Ah In, were guests in SHK fan meet. CFs too and photoshoots. These 2 have been blessed with unbelievably great looks that it would be a shame to not share it with us, their fans. If they haven’t made any steps towards taking their close friendship to the next level, I hope and wish Wookie will initiate it soon. He goes out of his way to make her laugh and be comfortable. I just love all their interactions. But gestures beyond friendship is needed to get to the next level. InNa I think will not be making the first step specially since she had a previous relationship with another co-star. She’ll be more cautious. C’mon Wookie. You can do this. You can also touch her heart and convince her it’s worth to take this friendship into something better and lovelier. I believe the seeds of kindness and friendship were sown during Goblin days. Taking steps slowly but for a long time has started back in Goblin and continues in Touch Your Heart. Take your cue from Kwon Jung Rok and make a simple and sincere declaration soon if it hasn’t happened yet. Fighting!
  11. Hello fellow TinCan Couple shippers. Thanks for creating this thread. I’m glad I found it. They are low key shippable. Still young and have bright future ahead of them. They’ll be focusing on their careers but I’m hoping they will keep in touch. I hope the cast and crew will have get togethers every now and then so we can see them together in the future. Found this on IG. CTTO. They’re sitting next to each other.
  12. This made me laugh so hard @OMiHO @joyorokobi Yup, ChaeYoo is real. Real “close friends” who go out and support their big bro Um Ki Joon. We’re convinced and that’s all that matters. This is a shippers’ forum anyway. Our ship is doing just fine. Let’s keep finding clues, support and enjoy our ChaeYoo couple. Everything else is but a distraction.
  13. I miss you too dear Omiho. I miss everyone in this forum. I miss coming here. Have been busy with family life. I’m so glad I peeked and saw the group photo late last night. Kamsa Hamnida to Um Ki Joon for posting it. Maybe ChaeYoo can have Pi and Sannip with them on their “get togethers” (code word for dating in public disguised as close friends) That photo made my Sunday.
  14. Whoa! I think I just died and went to ChaeYoo heaven. O...M...G!! They look so good together! They actually went together to see Um Ki Joon’s play. I still can’t believe my eyes. Lemme pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. Thanks to Pi and Sannip for being their wingman on their date :-). *sigh* I’m going to sleep with a smile on my face thanks to the group picture. Hello everyone and welcome to the new members. Haven’t been able to visit this group forum but I’m so glad I visited today.
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