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  1. Hello it’s been...only a year? Feels like eternity. Over in a flash yes, but if I think of who I was this time last year... there’s Me Before Ahjussi...and Me After Ahjussi Does anyone else feel that way? That’s how much it touched me. As a writer, a storyteller, Park Hae Young, Kim Won Seok and team showed me the level I should aspire towards, and the extent a story can move our hearts. It changed the way I built the bones of a story, and how I wrote about love. How I perceived love. That love is as simple as... walking, and eating, walking and talking, eating and talking, then walking some more -feeling inspired to finish a certain fan fic story- Also, at this point last year I could barely speak Korean, but thanks to hours and hours spent translating Korean interviews, essays and articles on My Ahjussi I improved rapidly...and a year later I can understand 80-90% of most dramas...I think it would be very different for me to watch My Ahjussi again @widala thanks for keeping the My Ahjussi love going on Instagram @chickfactor any recommendation from you is worth checking out, I will watch! @sadiesmith you said you would still be here holding the fort and you are! all the rest of you, thanks for the lovely memories!
  2. That wasn’t my point. I was asking why he always plays these roles. It’s a common trope in Korean rom-coms yes, but plenty of other leading male roles that are very different.
  3. Just popping in here to say what, Kim Jae Wook in the lead??? I’m definitely watching this! It only took what, ten years? Oh wait, Coffee Prince was twelve years ago. Did he not want the lead or was his management just doing a bad job? Can’t even begin to count the number of times I had second lead syndrome because of him... and, why is he always the prickly, arrogant character?? Surely he can stretch himself more?
  4. Finished. That was truly satisfying and heartwarming. I was a little worried what they would show here since the climax unraveled in episode 19, but, this was good too. This show isn’t a whodunnit and the characters have been remarkably consistent from start to finish - consistently human and imperfect - so I don’t know why people were expecting a twist. The murder mystery was basically all wrapped up by episode 18. This episode was Kwak Mi Hyang confronting herself in Kim Joo Young. Seeing what she could have become if she continued down that path, and firmly rejecting it. Her character has “turned” round the bend completely. @chickfactor good to see you here. Would love to hear your thoughts when you’re done. Would have loved to write more but I’ve been so tied up with work and family and writing obligations. Sky Castle was memorable for me because it made me think about myself as a mother at every turn. The most heartwrenching part for me was how Kay has internalized her reaction to her mother crying - it’s an emotional trigger that catalyze her worst fear: losing her mother’s love. I had a difficult day at work today. And when I came home, the kids just wouldn’t listen to what I said. I knew I sounded irritable and annoyed, but I couldn’t help it. And I remembered how my mom used to lose her temper and I hated myself for being that way. Moms get tired. Moms get frustrated. But you know what? Kids are incredibly attuned to their mother’s emotions too. They probably sensed my negative vibes. This show reminded me that more than anything, kids crave their mother’s love and acceptance. At least for now (until the teenage years haha), I am their world. I can’t forget the look on my son’s face as I flared up. And instantly Kay’s face came to mind .... tonight I sleep, tomorrow I try to be a better mom. Goodnight all. It’s been a great ride.
  5. I hate to make the comparison, but does anyone else see the similarities? James’s new hero Maxim inherits his family’s noble title after a tragedy. “It’s a role he’s not prepared for and one that he struggles to face,” said Arrow. “But his biggest challenge is fighting his desire for an unexpected, enigmatic young woman who’s recently arrived in England, possessing little more than a dangerous and troublesome past. Reticent, beautiful, and musically gifted, she’s an alluring mystery, and Maxim’s longing for her deepens into a passion that he’s never experienced and dares not name.” https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/jan/24/el-james-returns-with-passionate-new-romance-the-mister
  6. Sky castle craze is everywhere! My friends in Korea sent me these two hilarious videos:
  7. We’re heading into the final stretch now...and everything is starting to unravel. I actually found episodes 17 and 18 a little slow. Yesterday was Yeh Suh’s awakening, today it’s Kang Joon Sang... But I like how his story, and his relationship with his mother unraveled. Sometime back I read a study of university students in Singapore (where I’m from) and students expressed sadness that “my parents only like the child who gets good grades, they don’t love me for who I am.” And for Kang Joon Sang to say That broke me. That was just heartbreaking. The writer’s message to all the helicopter parents out there is clear—do we want our kids to say this to us in the future? As Kang Joon Sang said to his mom in ep 17: “I’m almost 50, and I don’t even know how to live my life because of you.” P.S. in answer to my question last night, how many of you would be willing to sacrifice your child’s future? I saw some Korean forum articles about this. And the sad thing is, most people said they would choose to do exactly what Kwak Mi Hyang is doing - to protect their child’s future.
  8. Just finished 17 and wow! This show continues to surprise. Just a few initial thoughts: - the central character arc driving this show is Kwak Min Hyang (pronounced kwang, so it doesn’t really rhyme with Quack, hehe) - and the central question here is: Can she find her conscience and redeem herself? - it turns out, Yeh Suh might be the first to break. Yeh Suh, the one she trained to live without empathy or compassion for others, is starting to realize she’s lived her entire life wrong. - From Day 1 she is a woman without scruples, manipulative and willing to put up with anything for her daughter’s success. - But one by one, over and over again, her beliefs are challenged. By the death of her friend, the return of Soo Im her friend from childhood, her admission to the public about her past - But then the choice becomes sacrificing her daughter’s future (everything she has worked for the past eighteen years) or living with her guilty conscience for the rest of her life. Or as the preview says, her life or her daughter’s life. What will she choose? What a question!!!! Would you sacrifice your child’s future if that meant doing the right thing? Or would you knowingly do something bad/wrong just to protect your child? One minor quibble. I know Yeh Suh is moved by her love for Woo Joo, but I thought the transition from her hopelessly infatuated with Coach Kim Joo Young, to suspecting her was a bit abrupt. It would have been nice to show more of her loss of innocence. Fascinating character, especially when paralleled against her mom!
  9. I think the dashboard cam is from the killer’s car. And they doctored the video, editing out the killer and jumping straight to the moment where Woo Joo with his bright red sweater leaned out of the balcony. Now my question is, how did the killer slip in and out unnoticed?
  10. Just finished 14...and I am surprised at the direction the show has taken!
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHA I agree!! Episode 12 was...daebak. This show pulls no punches. My heart was in my throat. Not makjang at all. Yeh Suh Omma is having her awakening, now that her daughter is for the first time pulling away from her - that's what parenting a teenager is like, isn't it? Even at 20 episodes, it isn't dragging anything out. I'm guessing the scenes they added were Kang Joo Sang's hospital cronyism and the doctors' antics. Oh Nara is a star and I'm so glad she's being given the chance to shine. I think besides Woo Joo's mom she's the mom most honest with her feelings. And her son's line killed me. I have a feeling there's more to Kim Joo Young...so my hubby was right about her faking her connection to Yeon Du...but...how is she getting her whole troupe of trainers to follow her? Just because she's paying them well? Intriguing and I sure hope the show doesn't make her out to be a one-dimensional villain. And I wonder if Yeh Suh or Woo Joo's mom will be the one to find out about Kay. Writers often insert themselves in the story somehow and I think that's Woo Joo's mom, the truth seeker - who isn't always the wisest and is sometimes even manipulated, but eventually breaks through to the truth. I'm glad all the moms, one by one, are having their own "awakening" to the consequences of their actions. It's gift to all of us is it makes us think and reflect on our own actions as parents/kids too. Can't wait for more!!
  12. I just watched Episode 11 and OMG! Kim Bora and Yeon Jung Ah were OUTSTANDING. Best new actress award right there to Kim Bora....great episode!
  13. I have a question!! so, I got my husband addicted on Sky Castle as well and we just finished 10 together. And we have completely different guesses about Kim Young Joo and Yeon Doo’s connection. My guess: Yeon Doo is actually Kay, the secret daughter Coach is hiding in a “sky castle” Hubby: that’s not possible. Yeon Du has older siblings. And she’s dead. I think Coach is just making up the story about her link to her to fool Woo Joo’s mom. Also, what’s your guess on why Coach is pushing Hyena to the Kang family? Is she trying to concoct an explosion? Your guess???
  14. Ahhhh I can't believe I stayed up this late to catch up on all the episodes.....finally watched till ep 9 and I take back my words. This show has captured both my head and heart. Yeondu's story, and Woo Joo's mom's connection to her, that stole my heart. I can't believe how well this show has captured all the tiny psychological nuances, including how Kang Joon Sang and Han Seo Jin, the ones at the top of the pyramid, outwardly pretend to be the most humble, forgiving and generous people on earth, the ones who always have to say the right sounding things. And I love how the other two ladies Jin Jin and particularly Seung Hye seem to be finally growing a spine (ahem ahem!) to all the Sky Castle nonsense. Loving every minute! Resisting the urge to peek at ep 10...but I might just...! edit: So I’m in the middle of 10 now and it’s just struck me. The REAL Sky Castle isn’t Sky Castle. It’s the house where Coach has imprisoned her daughter Yeon Du. And Su Im’s real purpose in the story is to free her.
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