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  1. Nam Soo says to Hee somewhere in the middle of the episode. “You know what it’s like for lovers to face obstacles....why are you trying to become an obstacle yourself?” Couldn’t help chuckling! And also a meta reference to all the obstacles writers like to throw in the way of star crossed lovers. Why are you trying to become an obstacle? Hehe
  2. Ahaha I had a good laugh there. I saw PSH's head lolling to the side when she first went in for it. For me, best K drama kiss ever is still Jeon Do Yeon and Yoon Gye Sang in The Good Wife. Now that was a real kiss... As I suspected, this was a nice happy family Sunday sort of episode, plenty to keep everyone happy and interested in the show. Plenty of DK-JA TLC. Jae Sung finds his freedom (yay) and the villain gets his comeuppance, even the evil sister and brother in law get sent to Europe. And DK sticks his middle finger at Haraboji. He's going his own way! Oh, and that scene of JS and Hyuk peeking at Ji An and Do Kyung was hilarious! welcome back @stroppyse! enjoy the vacation
  3. Basically like My daughter Seo Young you just need to watch the first twenty episodes and the last ten you still watch the middle twenty anyway but then you’re not quite sure why
  4. Ah now that everything is chugging along at full speed I’m much more excited about the show! Gosh can’t believe we had twenty plus episodes of angst.. Chinese/Korean new year is coming so my guess is they’re moving into upbeat mode?
  5. Wha....what just happened? I guess no one saw that coming My theory is Jae sung told Myung Hee, accept Ji An or lose Do Kyung forever. You need your son to retain Hae Sung. My guess.
  6. Yes, obviously it has to come from herself and be for herself. The ability to change tells us a lot about the character, so is not changing. To me story is driven by its characters' internal changes. And Ji Soo not changing (internally) tells me a lot about her as well, and her role in the story (i.e. to continue to be taken care of rather than taking care of herself). Don't get me started on baking. I could talk about it all day...LOL. Korean baking or Asian style bread involves using tangzhong or a roux like starter made of flour and water and a lot of sugar, which creates fluffy white sweet breads. But the true holy grail of baking or what they call artisan bread is using levain, a live culture that bakers use as a leavening agent. Levain or starter is dependent on the bacteria where its grown so that's why bread in different regions and countries tastes different. And you can add different things to create different types of levain. It's easy to learn how to make Asian style bread, which is all I've seen Ji Soo make so far. Asian style bread is like elementary school, while artisan bread has junior high, high school, university and even graduate school levels. So it's like Ji Soo has chosen to stay in elementary school. I mean, if that's all she wants to bake her whole life that's fine, but it just tells me a lot about her baking ambitions -shrug- (and yes I know I'm being a bread snob )
  7. Yes but objectively speaking, if Ji Soo's dream is baking, why would she turn down the chance to go to one of the baking capitals of the world and learn from the masters? It's not like it's goodbye forever. Unless her dream (and priority) really isn't baking...of course this could just be me since I love baking and the chance to study the art of patisserie in France would be a dream come true...but I think the same would be true for anyone else who loves baking. That's why I think the drama added all these other elements, that she was threatened, that grandpa looks down on her, etc etc to make us sympathise with her not going. Because having Ji An and the rest go in and "save" her makes her seem like the helpless character again, just when she was looking like she had found her own two feet. Joining the Choi family helped her recognise what she wanted, which is life as Seo Ji Soo. But in a way that's still running away from reality because her reality is she has to make some kind of compromise with being a Haesung group daughter (fact) and Ji Soo's carefree life (want). And I thought going away to upgrade herself, learn to be more independent, and then coming back to start her own bakery, etc would have been a good compromise. Just my personal opinion, of course. I mean I went back and skimmed through earlier episodes and the other characters have changed quite significantly. Do Kyung from cold hearted arrogant richard simmons to someone more empathetic and humble, Ji An who came to learn how to accept her family and be less hard on herself...Ji Soo's character growth kind of flatlined for me.
  8. Am I the only one who didn't quite like the turn of events wrt Ji Soo? The show so far has been all about characters finding their own way in life, their own path, and imho Ji Soo going to France and having time apart would have helped her finally become more independent and make her own decisions, not to mention take her baking skills to the next level. And now she goes right back to the same situation? Guess that's why they had to put in the thread about her mom threatening Hyuk and Ji An's families' livelihoods. But in Ji Soo's case I really thought the move to France was a good thing. Really liked the rest of the story. It's moving along a lot faster now that the side plots are getting resolved. Loved the scene of DK looking at his empty cup. I might steal that for my own stories Oh, and NMH having an affair? That just seems out of character. She doesn't seem like someone who would do things out of passion...unless she really did, and that's been haunting her the past 30 years and that's why she's become so cool and dispassionate.
  9. Just finished first two episodes and feeling like I desperately need a dose of happy. That was so, so heavy. Loved everything so far, the writing, the gorgeous cinematography (read that it’s the same director as OTWTTA which was visually stunning), the subtlety and finesse in which they deal with something so repulsive, and yes, I’m worried for the child actress too! Good god. I need to go hug my kids tighter after this. BTW, S Korea seems to have pretty crappy child protection laws. The police can’t step in and parents views matter more than teachers? I understand in the UK social services have much stronger authority to intervene. Anyone more in the know?
  10. The preview is mostly about Ji Soo making the decision to move on and go abroad. She tells Hyuk he was right and they shouldn’t have let things get deeper. He looks like he regrets it. Haraboji bursts into the office asking why the xxx are Ji An and Do Kyung loving together and Myung Hee feigns ignorance. Do Kyung takes out his frustration with Haraboji (self explanatory) Baker tells someone, probably Hyuk, that it’s Ji Soo’s last day for real. He goes and meets her. Ji Soo says her silent goodbye to Ji An telling her to live well So Hyun tells Ji Ho didn’t you know your sister was leaving?
  11. Is that the scene where Dokyung was talking to Gijae at the bar? I was so chuffed to hear the song. It's by one of my favourite bands Belle and Sebastian, "Little Lou Ugly Jack Prophet John". I wonder if they have to pay rights for background music...
  12. Ahhhh....that was much better. We finally got to what we call "the turn" in scriptwriting, the point of no return, when characters make the self discovery they need to make that big internal change. Given that it's Episode 40 already that's a bit late!! Dokyung finally realizes that he's been selfishly trying to fit Ji An into his life when he's never really understood her in the first place and what she really needs, and that's not him Ji Soo's been running around with blinders for most of the show, saying "I only want to see what I want to see" but she's finally taken them off and realized even if she doesn't want to face reality, the people around her all see it. So in one shot our two childish characters have been forced to grow up. It's good, it means we can now have some real development and move on with the story! Re: my daughter Seo Young, what I liked about that show is that not all couples end up together. I hate K dramas where everyone must be paired off with someone. The dilemma was similar then for the couples, can they overcome the wealth and social status gap. Not every couple can, in fact most can't. Most "accept reality". I'm guessing it will be the same for this show.