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  1. [Drama 2017] Whisper 귓속말

    OMG, this scene with Kang Jung Il breaking down. The feels, the feels. This show is so good. I feel kind of sorry for Kang Jung Il. He tried so hard to be the good guy, but it looks like his hand has been forced...
  2. [Drama 2017] Whisper 귓속말

    That shot of Choi Il Hwan staring up at the ceiling was genius. Acting genius, directing genius, cinematography genius. The expression in a man's eyes after he has killed his life long enemy. In two seconds they showed why this show is a cut above the rest. Awesome, just awesome.
  3. [Drama 2017] Whisper 귓속말

    All I can say is, what a fancy richard simmons washing machine!! There were a few too many obvious product placements in today's episode. All capitalizing on its popularity, obviously...
  4. Omo omo omo!!! I loved this drama! I didn't have time to participate in the forum last year but I watched it religiously and recommended it to everyone! It was my feel-good drama of 2016, and perked me up whenever I was feeling down! Just seeing them onscreen together makes me grin!
  5. [Drama 2017] Whisper 귓속말

    The previews say nothing new I guess they don't want to let anything slip. Two questions on my mind, can anyone help? 1)I thought they fired Jo Yeon Hwa at the end of episode 5 or 6. How did she join Taebak again? The next scene was of her putting the Fixed Income book on Soo Yeon's shelf and there was no explanation of what happened. 2) I read on Drama Bean's review that Kang Yu Taek's company was involved in the Kwangju uprising. Really? Don't remember this being mentioned.
  6. [Drama 2017] Whisper 귓속말

    Oh and can I just add. My favourite line from Ep 8, the one that really did it for me, was Shin Chang Ho talking about independence fighters-- "the ones who fight for independence often don't live to see the day arrive" and his wife tells him that looking after yourself and family is more important, just look at all the powerful people around them To me this is a fundamental question for (Korean) society: do they want to build a society based on principals and ideals, or do they want to build it based on family ties and connections, the building blocks of so called Confucian society? sorry for the multiple posts, this episode really set me thinking and I can't stop!
  7. [Drama 2017] Whisper 귓속말

    Has it really been four years? Gosh where did all that time go, feels like it was just yesterday In between I watched...Liar's Game, that god awful period drama with Moon Geun Young, Angel Eyes, On the Way to the Airport...my, feels like I've grown old watching this fine wine ripen. He's not the best actor nor my favourite, and seems to be cast too often as the soft, gentle nice guy...so I'm glad he's found this role as Lee Dong Joon--the good guy who has to pick himself up after the fall, someone more conflicted and complex and not just one dimensional.
  8. [Drama 2017] Whisper 귓속말

    No, he's just been dropped. Apparently they're not satisfied with his performance. Fans saying he was miscasted, or wrong for the role. That's what it says...
  9. [Drama 2017] Whisper 귓속말

    I saw your earlier comments and I'm with you on the inconsistencies and plot loopholes. But I thought Ep 7-8 were a big improvement. I picked that out too, how could he have found that file so fast? And is internet security so bad at top law firms? But I was willing to suspend my disbelief as I got the point, that neither Choi nor LDJ are squeaky clean and as long as they can get you, they won't give up. as for YJ's motive, to me I see it a bit as a battle between good and evil. If you agree to compromise now, even if you get the outcome you want, there will always be other cases, perhaps even worse situations with worse outcomes, if you let them go just this once for the sake of your own interests. Basically if you don't take them down this time, evil and the whole corrupted order will continue to exist and thrive. That's how I saw it.
  10. [Drama 2017] Whisper 귓속말

    OMG OMG OMG episode 8 was killer...and ladies and gentlemen: We are back on track!! Gosh the show meandered a bit too much last few episodes, but episode 7 was great and episode 8 was stunning. Best episode so far. The lovers betrayal--I said before that Kwon Yool and Park Se Young surprised me with how good they are, gosh, I think PSY just delivered an award worthy performance. I could hear her heart breaking as she recorded the video, no, as she saw him in their usual rendezvous room plotting to frame her. Every little scene and detail was so well executed and boy, the imagery of the fish's last gasp for life. Superb writing, and the acting from every single actor has been stellar. Its 2am here but I logged on just to post this comment because I was so excited. I'm loving this show again!
  11. [Drama 2017] Whisper 귓속말

    Just me but does anyone else find that Lee Bo Young reminds you of Kim Ha Neul (OTWTTA) ??? They just have the same "look" (maybe the same plastic surgeon haha). The weak helpless damsel in distress look on the outside but silently strong inside.
  12. [Drama 2017] Whisper 귓속말

    My, I needed to catch my breath! Haven't caught up on all the posts but here are some thoughts. I generally like the show but am having a bit of trouble getting into it... (1) Destroying evidence. In this day and age, surely everyone makes copies. Sorry, but I can't suspend disbelief here. (2) Choppy. I'm starting to lose the plot line. After a while I lost track of what Choi Il Hwan and his best frenemy were after. So CIH wants to destroy his frenemy, but his daughter is preventing him? So what is the reason he would marry his daughter off to DJ? What is DJ's value to him? Also I don't see why DJ would need SYJ anymore unless a) his conscience finds him and b ) he falls in love with her. I'm guessing this is the direction the plot is taking. (3) Didn't get the scene about the contract from 30 years back between Choi Il Hwan and Kang Senior and relevance to the plot... (4) Can someone with better knowledge of Korean history explain why "my son is marrying my servant's daughter" is a slur within contemporary Seoul circles? I would think Soo Yeon is still pretty eligible in modern day Seoul context (5) I'm actually really digging Kang Joon Il and Soo Yeon. I started watching this as a Lee Sang Yoon fan, but I gotta say Kwon Yool, to my surprise ... is pretty hot too! @MiAmour Thanks for sharing! Those dimples haven't seen them at all this show!
  13. [Drama 2017] Whisper 귓속말

    Wait did I miss something? CSY is Kang Joon IL's lover?? @bedifferent Gosh I can't stand it it's only Thursday still another 3-4 days to Monday! That's what I hate most about following uncompleted shows. nice to see a few fellow LSY fans here. Shoutout to @sin hoonsim and @dhakra. Haven't found anything nice to watch since OTWTTA!
  14. [Drama 2017] Whisper 귓속말

    Hello! So glad to have found a new drama addiction, although the sound effects so far are a tad melodramatic. But what a great cast! Even the old guys are great. Kim Kap Su, Kim Chang Wan. It’s been a while since I found a drama that scratched my drama itch. Lee Sang Yoon is gorgeous as usual, this role reminds me a little of his character in Liar's Game. Lee Bo Young surprised me, her acting has really come a long way and she seems to be maturing well with this drama.
  15. Here's the next instalment... ----- “Coffee or tea?” The stewardess asked. “Tea please. For both of us.” She flushed as she caught the smile in Do Woo’s eyes. Us. It felt so strange saying it out loud, but it also gave her a little thrill. She liked that feeling, even though it felt weird. It felt … naughty. Even though there was no reason to feel that way anymore. “Here you go. It’s hot, be careful.” The stewardess smiled as she handed them their cups. Did she recognize her? It was crazy to think so, but Soo Ah always recognized a fellow stewardess when she saw one. There was an unspoken empathy between them. They were more polite, more grateful. She felt Do Woo rest his hand on her arm. He gave her a questioning glance. “Someone you know?” he asked. She shook her head. They were on a domestic flight. The chances were remote. Whether out of consideration for her or not, they had avoided flying on the same airline where she worked. Still, it was shocking how small the inflight circles were and how fast news traveled. She was going to tell Mijin and Hyojun once she got to Tasmania, she really was. They had left in such a hurry there wasn’t time to inform anyone. But someone must have seen them at Incheon. No sooner had she arrived in Sydney when she found her inbox full of messages from Mijin. “Choi Soo Ah. I’m not watering your plants.” “Choi Soo Ah. I’m not going to forgive you. How can you go on a holiday without telling your best friend?” “Just kidding. Have fun okay? Just think about yourself for once.” “Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks.” “Hey, isn’t Hyo Eun in Auckland? You should visit her.” There was a point in time when she never wanted to see Mijin again, but there was no one else like Mijin. Everything was so much clearer once Jin Seok was out of the picture. She felt a pang of guilt. Hyo Eun. She thought about her constantly; it was what kept her from going to Do Woo for so long. Did she know what had happened? How was she going to explain it to her? She hadn’t mentioned the divorce yet, but she had a feeling she knew. Hyo Eun didn’t ask her for any explanation, didn’t ask why she chose to stay in Seoul, didn’t ask her to visit Auckland. She had thought over and over again about what she would say, practised it in front of the mirror even. But Hyo Eun never asked. “Tasman Sea.” Do Woo was reading out the islands on the inflight map. “Auckland’s right there.” She froze. “Shall we go and visit Hyo Eun after this?” he asked.