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  1. Thanks @meechuttso and @stroppyse Now, Jang Sora's present to her Oppa. Is it the lights or is it Ji An? Which was her real intention?
  2. New found high school romance going strong https://instagram.com/p/BckIh8vBOpi/ Looks like we will be seeing a lot more of Dokyung and Jian this weekend, yay!
  3. I was thinking about this again. I don't think Sora's mom or Chairman have tracked Ji An down yet or made the connection between her and Dokyung's defiance. Remember the earlier scandal about Dokyung and a Haesung employee? And her explanation in front of the directors. A simple web search would have revealed enough clues. That's how she found out. My guess. Also, my subs say the "escorting" was supposed to be Dokyung escorting Sora... On a separate note, I'm really liking some of the more subtle messaging in scenes like the chingu party at the end of the episode. The junk shop guy and the concert planner. How there are more ways to be happy than one, than as Ji Ho says, just going to university and getting a regular job. Ji An is awakening to that fact too. And that, perhaps, could open her heart to the change Dokyung is about to undergo.
  4. @meechuttso thanks!! A photo says a thousand words, seriously. I'm liking this version of Dokyung much better than the one in bow ties and too tight suits...
  5. I was wondering what that was all about! Missed that part. 고마워요! Now I'm wondering if Grandpa's "Dokyung has a girl" implies he knows already...
  6. Big question on my mind. How did Jang Sora find out about Jian? Who told her? Gijae? Or did she stalk Do Kyung? Because not many people know....
  7. Dokyung asked his best friend Ki Jae about whether he had chosen a distributor for his new facial recognition business. Could this be Dokyung's exit plan? Or back-up plan? Did anyone else catch that?
  8. Yes it's certainly coming. When he told his parents he doesn't want a loveless marriage (and also tells them he isn't seeing anyone else and there's nothing wrong with Sora, which leaves them totally befuddled), his parents (can't remember which one) ask him if he has the confidence to go against his grandfather's will. So, will he have the courage to give up everything he has for love?
  9. Ooh excited about tomorrow! Dokyung gets a demotion for refusing to marry Sora, Sora doesn't want to give up and asks Jian to make her a wedding gift with hers and Dokyung's initials...