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  1. It was a trap! She’s setting a trap for JY alright, just not sure about the specifics...
  2. Off topic but thanks did not know! I fell in love with Kim Tae-Ri after Little Forest and I just watched 1987 and she’s fantastic! Can’t wait. I’m much more into an LSG/IU romance than LBH/KTR tho, but I’ll hold my judgement. IU’s character in this show is beyond her years - and it makes me wonder if her cutesy image was just for the fans all these years, I did read that she had a tough upbringing.
  3. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    I watched episodes 1-4 and loved it. But I found it very heavy going, not the sort of show you can marathon. Especially because I have a young daughter. I’m glad to hear it was consistent throughout, I plan to pick it up again soon. I’m currently following My Ahjussi, also heavy/mature adult drama stuff. I can’t do more than one heavy drama at a time, my heart can’t take it. When I need some fluff I watch Pretty Noona clips. I read on Drama Beans someone saying this show is more accessible than his previous work...Pretty Noona is sweet and all but....I think I prefer his previous work anyone else have similar thoughts? @africandramalover?
  4. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    I did go back and do exactly that. but if they exposed TW so early, then we wouldn’t have spent so many hours and posts guessing and guessing.... the guessing is supposed to be part of the fun, right? I suppose if it did that, then it would have been more of a melo-tragedy and less of a suspense/thriller!
  5. Thank you dear. There are so many deeply profound lines. Even my hubby was moved. In episode 7: Yoora: "I'm so happy because you're such a failure".....she repeats it so many times and we laugh and don't understand, then she says "I'm so happy because you're such a failure...and yet you're so happy....I didn't realise it was possible to be happy even if you've failed." And then we cry, it's so sad but at the same time so beautiful. And of course, Ji An's line. "When I'm running, I disappear." Losing yourself. That's considered the highest state of nirvana, or meditation ( @zenya22 believe you were the one who made the analogy). How can we escape ourselves, our tortured selves with our wretched lives?To forget about ourselves, our worries, and just be in the state of doing or being. Watching Bong Ae watch the moon, listening to Dear Moon, I too lose myself.
  6. Ah this song is finally out. Love this song so much. Glad we can finally listen to all of it. It's so melancholic! But beautiful. -sigh-
  7. Can I just say something? Still watching episode 8, but just wanted to pop in and share this. The first eight minutes of episode 8 are the best 8 minutes of K Drama I've ever watched! Every minute, every word was so powerful, they didn't waste a moment. It's like what @timidjock0819 said, the criticism must be forcing the writer and PD to come up with the most creative, original ways of falling in love. I felt like I was reading "Structural Engineer's Guide to Zen and the Way of Life." It was unexpectedly and yet deeply powerful. After all, isn't life a struggle between internal and external forces? In Dong Hoon's words, it's not heaven but hell. The struggle inside ourselves, about who we really are. And then expectations of who we are and are supposed to be. The family and friends that make our internal pillars in life -- or destroy them. The monk's choice to let go of struggle. To know what it's like to have nothing. To want nothing. Because when you want things, you have to keep trying to prove yourself to others. It's exhausting. And even if you get what you want, if the things that made you you start to crumble, it's impossible to withstand it. Like a house collapsing on the inside. The restaurant with the cracks, that's Dong Hoon right there. <dramatic pause for a moment to let that sink in> I loved the little jokes - like Dong Hoon correcting Jian's arithmetic "It's 30,000, not 3,000" HAHA I feel like I could watch this scene a thousand times. The long take of them walking in the dark, ramshackle alley, interrupted only by the backdrop of the city's silent lights listening in. Ending with Jian's "Fighting." Telling him even if you feel like your internal pillars are crumbling -- there's someone out there still rooting for you. Dong Hoon's stunned expression. That Ji An understands what he's going through. That maybe he's not as alone as he thought. My only worry - when he finds out that she was wiretapping him and trying to take him down....which Ji An will he believe in?
  8. Think you got it mixed up. It’s Yoon Hee, Dong Hoon’s wife who’s been giving her money. After that joke about monks I’m wondering if the guy Jung Hee likes is the monk...???
  9. She said she likes him! She likes him! She likes him! Not to Dong Hoon but the loan shark but still! She said she likes him!
  10. 그냥 편하게 요. It just makes me feel relaxed and comforted
  11. Yes!!! That last scene is daebak!! Ji An is walking briskly to the pub. But when she hears him ask “Did she come?” she stops momentarily. Then, “that pretty girl”—-she breaks into an all out run. Just catching him before he leaves. oh my heart! and the side glances they keep throwing each other! She’s definitely fallen for him...
  12. Watching episode 7 now. Just to share an observation. The first meal they share in this episode, when he buys food for Halmoni. They meet at the station platform and end up sitting together, like there is a wordless pact between them. A careful seat left between them. Dong Hoon asks about her parents. They’re dead. He asks why she doesn’t get help for her grandmother. The government will take care of her. And she looks shocked. ”Did no one ever teach you this?” Their conversation in the train is muted, careful, in jeondaemal, two co-workers who just happened to be on the same train. But at the station exit they drop the formalities and become old pals. ”Go on,” Dong Hoon says. ”Will you. Buy me food.” Hopeful, but tentative. ”Come.” One simple word. So so simple conversation but so moving! This writer and director team is daebak! On another note I never knew it was so comforting to watch two people eat. I had to describe this show to my Korean tutor the other day. She asked me if they were lovers. ”No. They just eat together. And drink. Oh — and they don’t talk.” ”They don’t talk??” ”Very little. But it’s really interesting!” What is this show doing to me!
  13. My Korean tutor (we usually have similar tastes) recommended this show and I was like wha...?! but I popped in here just to take a look anyway. Solid acting, script and PD? That’s what I need! I’m going to give it a shot!
  14. Omo i did NOT notice this at first!! Yes I kept laughing and for a moment even wondered if this was pollen ie spring is also hay fever season right now This show is an absolute work of art.