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  1. @0ly40Good morning! How are you? Hope all’s well. Thank you for posting this great video. I believe the drama just ended recently. Hopefully we in the US will be able to watch it soon. Please take care and thank you again for keeping us updated with all these different videos for Number Woman Gye Sook-Ja! Look forward to Jeon Hye Bin’s future dramas.
  2. @0ly40 Good morning! I was so elated when I saw a notification that you had posted something on the Number Woman Gye Sook-Ja forum. Thank you so much for the clips! Watched episode 1 and truly enjoyed it even without English subs. Hope some of the sites that I watch Kdramas will eventually have it with subs. It was great seeing Jeon Hye BIn on screen again after “Falsify.” The BTS scenes were also funny. Thanks again and have a great day!
  3. @orangeluv I, too, think it's DS's father that is the one helping HD with Miracle. Anxiously waiting for him to appear. Hope it's soon. Don't know which way the love relationship is going but want YJ, HD, and DS to remain good friends. Happy New Year to everyone!
  4. Happy New Year! @0ly40 Thank you for creating this topic for "Number Woman Gye Sook Ja." Anxiously waiting for its release. Happy that Jeon Hye Bin has the leading role.
  5. I haven't posted for a long time but after seeing the change in Hyun Do, I really want to support him in this drama. As he leaves his family to reflect on his life and what he wants to do in the future, I hope he comes back with a positive goal in mind and challenges Songin the honest way and not use evil tactics like them. I see such a potential in him and can't wait for him to do great things when he comes back!!