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  1. @0ly40 Good morning! I was so elated when I saw a notification that you had posted something on the Number Woman Gye Sook-Ja forum. Thank you so much for the clips! Watched episode 1 and truly enjoyed it even without English subs. Hope some of the sites that I watch Kdramas will eventually have it with subs. It was great seeing Jeon Hye BIn on screen again after “Falsify.” The BTS scenes were also funny. Thanks again and have a great day!
  2. @orangeluv I, too, think it's DS's father that is the one helping HD with Miracle. Anxiously waiting for him to appear. Hope it's soon. Don't know which way the love relationship is going but want YJ, HD, and DS to remain good friends. Happy New Year to everyone!
  3. Happy New Year! @0ly40 Thank you for creating this topic for "Number Woman Gye Sook Ja." Anxiously waiting for its release. Happy that Jeon Hye Bin has the leading role.
  4. I haven't posted for a long time but after seeing the change in Hyun Do, I really want to support him in this drama. As he leaves his family to reflect on his life and what he wants to do in the future, I hope he comes back with a positive goal in mind and challenges Songin the honest way and not use evil tactics like them. I see such a potential in him and can't wait for him to do great things when he comes back!!
  5. Happy that more people will start watching "Bad thief, good thief". @lmhpsh I am enjoying the drama after watching 5 episodes. The first 4 episodes and most of episode 5 deals with the lives of the lead actors/actresses and their families when they were children. We see the adult characters of Dol Mok, Joon Hee, So Joo and Hwa Young at the end of episode 5. The child actors,actresses do a great job in their scenes. Child actor, Nam Da Reum is outstanding as Min Jae/Joo Hee, especially in episode 5. Would like to see more of him going forward and it will probably be in flash backs. The prequel can be lengthy some times but I actually liked this one, especially the story line of DM and JH. Impressed with the adult Dol Mok(Ji Hyun Woo) and Joo Hee(Kim Ji Hoon). Even though they appear at the end of episode 5, their scenes were great and look forward to watching the thief (DM) and prosecutor (JH) in their respective roles! @0ly40 Thanks for the preview and clips! Shed many tears while watching episode 5. Very sad and emotional. Will wait for subs before watching episode 6. This looks like an interesting and enjoyable drama. I want to know more about the "national treasure" that was hidden by General Baek Sun of the "Heroic Corps".
  6. In episode 3, PS and DM are reunited with HK and MJ. HK tries her best to treat DM with love and kindness but he's also the reason why she and PS argue a lot because of PS's secret re DM. MJ has bonded with DM and is very protective of him in episode 3. PS still unable to find a decent job and hasn't been paid by his current employer so HK has the burden of providing the financial support of the family at the present time. I truly feel for Park HK, who works extra hard to put food on the table and pay for MJ's education. It's interesting how the children are connected to each other by the events that have occurred in their lives. Hwa Young, the daughter of Prosecutor Yoon and granddaughter of Chairman Hong is introduced in this episode and also her rich, spoiled cousin, Yoon Ho. When the children go on a treasure hunt, Soo Joo, Hwa Young and Yoon get hurt and Dol Mok tries his best to rescue them on his own. Min Jae arrives in time to help him and they both succeed in rescuing the three of them. While at the hospital, It seems that DM is recognized by the thug that works for Chairman Hong. In the mean time, PS because he needs money, joins the loan sharks and agrees to work as a blacksmith for Chairman Yoon's illegal gold operation. The work site gets raided by Detective Kang and his partner but PS escapes with the gold before they can apprehend him. The gold is the evidence that Detective Kang needs to help Prosecutor Yoon to arrest Chairman Hong and send him to prison. In episode 4, PS hides the gold he stole and DM finds it under the tree where PS buried it. PS tells DM he stole the gold from the criminals and will use it to help the poor. DM promises to keep it a secret but tells MJ when the two thugs and Detective Kang come looking for PS. This happens when they are getting ready to move to Seoul. In order to get HK to agree to move, PS tells her the truth about DM. The reason he gives so much love and attention to DM is that, his parents died so HK and MJ could live. He turned his friend KCG in to Chairman Hong because he threatened to kill HK and MJ if he didn't. PS feels responsible for their deaths so he's now doing whatever he can to raise DM and give him a family. But before they can move, PS is caught by Detective Kang and deceived when he brings the gold to the police station. Instead of letting him go, PS goes to jail admitting to the crime because Detective Kang threatens to expose the identity of DM and turn him over to Chairman Hong. So we find PS going to prison again to protect someone he loves. This last incident has increased the resentment that MJ has for PS because of his lies and stealing again. DM defends PS and tells MJ and HK that he stole from the bad to give the gold to the poor good people. HK believes PS but MJ still resents his father for stealing. I believe that MJ is told that PS went to prison to protect DM and this causes MJ to now resent DM. I don't think he knows the secret of DM's identity yet. In the preview for episode 5, we see MJ leaving home as an adult and this is probably when he changes his to Han Joon Hee. It is sad to see the resentment that MJ has for PS, but I guess this is part of the storyline needed for the drama. A son that had been tormented because his father is a thief and ex con, and not able to receive the love and attention from him because the attention and love is now shown to DM, whose parents have died, so MJ and HK could live. This trauma in his life leads him to become a Prosecutor who wants to bring the criminals to justice. Hopefully MJ/JH will be reunited with PS, HK and DM before the drama ends. I know that DM loves JH even though he resents DM. DM has always been a loving child. He loves PS and HK and JH for the love and care they have shown him and for giving him a family after he lost his parents. Looks like we will be introduced to the adult actors in episode 5!