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  1. Hooray...!!!
  2. Daebak... Another fansign by Carlyn?? Carlyn, The New World Department Store Incheon Branch Office Held Seo Hyun Jin Fansign Event Brand design bag CARLYN will hold a fansign event for Seo Hyun Jin, who is working as muse. The fansign will be held at the 1st day next month in New World Departement Store Incheon on the first floor at 2 pm. Seo Hyun Jin's fansign company will distrubute the numbered tickets to 50 first-come first-served customers at 10 am on the same day at the Incheon store in the New World department store. In particular, the 10 people who have been drawn through Lucky Draw have a special opportunity to take a polaroid photo with Seo Hyun-jin. article:
  3. Heo Jeong Min mentioned Seo Hyun Jin in his appearance on SBS Power FM Radio, which article @samaf posted before.
  4. Seo Hyun Jin on THE STAR magazine I hope she did an interview of this call @jenn96 are you still here?
  5. Wonder what male fans gonna do with that Mesense and Carlyn product, it obvious only to get ticket for fansign They keep released other drama too, for promotion bluray maybe. If they release DVD director's cut, i'll be considering to order
  6. Omo... it already released?so excited thank you for posting ok, i'll @you whenever i post latest news
  7. SBS Catch released new video BTS compilation of RDTK, this is a long version Credit: SBS Catch
  8. Recent update Agatha Paris Korea
  9. Haha... she's so cute look like has been ignored initiative gave her hand before being asked.
  10. From all pics today I most like this one, her side view credit: Peachtree‏ @seolnan_501 (twitter)
  11. Yes, another waiting.... we still have another release CF, recent jeans, (estee launder didn't release video?) maybe another CF still in queue. Yes, what a greedy fans... ... me too...
  12. I think she has balance fans, fangirl and fanboy, it's good if an artist have both genre. From what i've heard which someone has told me, it's mean she not only be admired because look but talent. I like both of hers, talents and look, especially her smile that melted heart @saku08 maybe because it's still a trend now, i mean 'Pokemon Go' @angel2013 it's her drawing? looks exactly same with her hat Btw after this, how long we have to wait until her next public apperance??
  13. Yes it's resonable since it's for promotion program, the way she called them that cute, she looks doubted to call costumer even moderator laughed with her. @angel2013 she looks same like in poster... @d2wach i don't know why, but i keep smile whenever i looked at her wide smile in the photos. Maybe I've been infected by her smile?
  14. This is so funny, she called fans as "customer" then the moderator imitate her.."customer"...
  15. Newest update from Agatha Paris Korea