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  1. Slogan for support Seo Hyun Jin that be shared on twitter Source: O2_27_hyun_jin (twitter) Written in slogan "Never been shined for a moment Seo Hyun Jin i support a lot roads you walk" Fighting for fans sign, even can't join @Pointree i hope you can get good spot how about baeksang, are you considering to go? It's only a few days to Baeksang....miss the moment when streaming while waited for her on red carpet... hope can do it with you all Hyunjinies... see you...
  2. Emm... it's a ticket for the special musical "Rock Sitter" will be given to winners of an event on Daenggi Meori's IG. It's about musical and see the performances in the beautiful appearance of Seo Hyunjin on her beautiful pictorial of Daenggi Meori. It's not about she will make a perform on musical or come to watch it, but there's some of her beautiful pictorials that can be admired in the studio. *correct me if i get wrong @angel2013 Inside of Magazine Star has been shared several times on IG but only about product and pictorial, no interview or quote of her @saku08 Thanks again for the translation...!! Seems they just met in the interview after a while didn't meet each other Parody Another Miss Oh, looks like a variety show abt pretend to be an actor and play a famous scene from drama. This is make me recalling the emotional scene of Hae Young and Do Kyung, i impressed that they could suddenly changed the tension of situation.
  3. Do you want to see Seo Hyun Jin on barista uniform? Who the entertainers fit as barista? As a result of conduct an online survey by 845 members of KAI's Mango Six (CEO Kang Hoon) member club for 7 days from 15th to 21st, the share of actor who become the best performer as barista. Gong Yoo on 1st place with 28,17% (238 votes), Park Bo Gum with 25,21% (213 votes). Song Joong Ki ranked third with 11,01% (93 votes), followed by Jung Yoo Mi with 8,17 %, Seo Hyun Jin on 5th place with 6.04% (51 votes) and Yoo Jae Seok with 3.79% (32 votes) . In addition, Kang Dong Won, So Ji Sub, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Se Jung and others received votes. Article:
  4. @saku08 @angel2013 thank you for the translation Although she has done of this interview, it was only for japanese. Lucky that we have informan from japan.
  5. Wow, seems Daenggi Meori is promoting Seo Hyun Jin very well. source: pyosy1229_twitter @angel2013 yes, i just bought it for snack. Oh... i love sausage very much... Haha... pink ranger... it's my favorite character between them.
  6. Spicy chicken to spending the end of this weekend Credit Goobne Chicken, source: Everlasting_twitter
  7. More sausages? Credit Goobne Chicken, source: Everlasting_twitter Lucky that i'm holding some now
  8. @angel2013 Is it for another lucky draw? how lucky them... Credit: A@Z (youtube) can't see who exactly the person, looks like a fangirl's hand. Indeed this version hasn't posted here yet, i only watched by streaming on youtube.
  9. @angel2013 it may works only for walpaper, not sure for all theme. It actually the cut from a selfie session with a fans, they only made a unique pose. @supergal99 seems you have to post the whole of video so it doesn't make
  10. RDTK interview for Hallyu Pia April issue by Hyunjin Light. Now waiting for the trans Source: Hyunjinlight_weibo
  11. "Do you want something different from others?" Seo Hyunjin's styling of spring jewelery If the spring weather continues and you want differentiated styling from others, let's look at jewelery. Jewelery and accessories are a great way to create your own style by presenting colorful and differentiated images depending on the design. Here, I introduce the Spring Cody method of teaching you to save your own details through Seo Hyunjin's jewelery picture. Jewelery with various colored stones can melt your own taste and give you style points. We add earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to add a unique charm to a style that can be plain. If you want to calm the wrists, let's take a look at the watch. The combination of a metal band and a dial of sky blue color makes the watch look cool and casual. I also gave Scotty a point in the center. If you match white pants with striped shirt like Seo Hyunjin in pictorial here, perfect spring styling is completed. An official from the French jewelery brand Agata said, "A collection of forums using turquoise with a sense of coolness will be a point in spring coordination." "If you choose jewelry that matches your color and meaning, you can positively express your style". On the other hand, 'Agata Paris' presents hand cream to all customers who purchased the product from the 20th, and presents the loader hair string to customers who purchase 50,000 won or more. This is done until the product is depleted and no duplicate presentations are allowed. Article: The trans may bit messy, it was hard to translating bec i only used phone. The article wasn't directly talk abt SHJ but since anything that mentioned her name is very precious to cure longing toward her. @jenn96 yes right, they know to used the hit drama for more advantages don't know if it can work for me since i'm not using Samsung.
  12. Boricha couple on Samsung Theme Video full ver: Credit: SBS Catch
  13. In Baeksang later, i hope she will dress pretty like this black dress Source: SHJ_dcinside @angel2013 so, there's more interview of them?it almost end of April, why it hasn't release yet. @supergal99 yes, since we haven't get any update and news of her have to wait until upcoming event when thread will be filled by pics.
  14. Sweet memories of Let's Eat 2 This is cute, Doo Joon startled when saw the way Seo Hyun Jin held spoon to 'hit' him Sweet trio: Ooo... Warm family "Let's Eat 2" @angel2013 I hope RDTK to gain succes in Japan, so more fans can recognize this pearl
  15. Video of Daenggi Meori Home&Shopping launching: Link of video: Source: SHJ_dcinside