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  1. Go Yeong Bae "Fifth Anniversary, Is It Possible to Make a Collaborate with Seo Hyun Jin?" Q. If you have a musician who wants to collaborate with you in the future. A. I'm not in any genre. I like hip-hop and I love ballads too. Like Toy, I also want to collaborate with other musicians in my songs. Personally, i like singer Baek A Yeon and actor Seo Hyun-jin very much. I am a fan of Seo Hyun-jin since i saw drama 'Another Oh Hae Young'. She was originally tried to be a singer and she sings very well. I like song 'What's Love' which she sang among 'Another Oh Hae Young' OST. (Laugh) On Internet radio with Kwon Jung Yeol, I only play BGM of 'Oh Hae Young' again until Seo Hyun Jin hears. haha. The song 'I see you' among our songs is also inspired by 'Oh Hae Young'. 'I really want to watch the movie' it is also the lyrics that reminded me of the real lyric poetry of 'Oh Hae Young', 'i really bored'. It was said, but it seems to be burdensome if collaboration actually takes place. Could it be possible? I think it would be nice if I could just meet Ms. Seo Hyun Jin (laugh). Article: entertain.naver
  2. I'm also not fan of noona-dongsaeng romance if the age gap too far, i can tolerate if max different 5 years. Except of noona-dongsaeng loveline in "I Can Hear Your Voice" and Kim Soo Hyun...yes from me... @hyunjingogogo i like his chemistry as noona-dongsaeng loveline in "Producer". I'm fan of his acting, he is a funny and easy going person. Sadly, 'Real' is his last project before join to military. So it sound impossible that he'll take a drama project now. @jenn96 A lot of us want Gong Yoo as well, but as you said it's impossible he become a dongsaengLOL Song Joong Ki has a baby-face that i think he can play as dongsaeng, it's been awhile after he played DOTS. Park Seo Joon, i love his acting esp in "She Was Pretty", in there he played his character beautifully, he's also good at play as dongsaeng in his another drama. But as we know, he is in project now. If it's not noona-dongseng, Jo Jeong Suk also fit for this role, he even has experience play as chef. Oh, I just can't stop imagine who's the actor will compatible it, thinking of if only Hyun Jin accept this project.
  3. @justright @uknowahah HJM already accepted the role. Daesang? I have positive think that she will get it soon, either this year or next year. @jenn96 No... no idol... If talk abt young idol-actor, i only believe on acting like Jun Ho 2pm, or Doo Joon was great on Let's Eat.
  4. Seo Hyun-jin up for new drama from Doctors writer, Temperature of Love by tipsymocha Seo Hyun-jin (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim) in another rom-com?! Man, if they manage it, I’m definitely tuning in. The writer behind Doctors and High Society, Ha Myung-hee, is preparing a drama adaptation to her novel Nice Soup Does Not Answer the Phone titled Temperature of Love, and an offer is out to Seo Hyun-jin to headline the show. Temperature of Love is described as a romantic comedy for the Internet generation: Our heroine, Jae-in, is an aspiring drama screenwriter who one day strikes up an online rapport with a stranger with the handle Nice Soup, who dreams of becoming a French cuisine chef someday. Their relationship, and the stories of the people around them, will be the main focus of the show, which sounds breezy and slice-of-life. I can imagine the tone to be similar to this writer’s last drama, Doctors, except this time there will less doctoring for our main characters to do, thankfully. I enjoyed that show, and it was an easy watch, but I was constantly wondering how these surgeons had all this time to run around and romance each other. Seo Hyun-jin isn’t confirmed yet, but I’m just really happy to see her even consider a drama role, because she’s one of those actresses with such a lovely, natural screen presence. I love her in romantic comedy and I think she’d do a great job as a writer hopeful who bonds with someone she’s never met in person. It sounds like whoever will play the heroine will have to carry the emotional center of the show, and I have no doubt Seo Hyun-jin could do it beautifully. Temperature of Love is planning to air sometime later this year, and there’s a good chance SBS will schedule this show in after My Sassy Girl and Falsify end their runs in its Monday-Tuesday slot. Source: dramabeans There's a lot good respond of this casting news. A lot of support and anticipations for her come back. See many good comments on dramabeans. @justright i heard the old rumor about casting for Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum before. So it will be noona-dongsaeng loveline
  5. Review of this project: Doctors writer returns with new drama Temperature of Love by tineybeanie The writer of last year’s hit summer drama Doctors, Ha Myung-hee, is rewriting her novel Nice Soup Does Not Answer the Phone into a drama titled Temperature of Love. The source material depicts the complicated love lives of today’s young people who battle with loneliness and other emotional scars, but writer Ha has revealed her intentions to put a brighter rom-com spin on the drama adaptation. The setup reminds me of This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair because it all starts with an Internet forum. A soon-to-be-married individual joins an online cooking forum, and on the first night, enjoys an interesting conversation that lasts throughout the night. So enthralled with this new experience, that person gets another friend to join as well, and they both get to know a man who goes by the handle “Nice Soup.” The original book explores how relationships develop in this Internet era where misunderstandings and prejudice abound because of screen-only-based communication. Writer Ha was awarded the 2016 Grand Award for producing meaningful content by Korea’s Cultural Tourism Department. From what I’ve seen of her projects (aside from Doctors, she’s also written High Society, A Warm Word, and Can We Get Married?), I usually really enjoy the setups that often make a point of taking an ordinary situation and looking at it from a refreshingly different angle. And I always check out her projects because I appreciate that her casts tend to include underrated talents (Lee Sang-woo, Jung So-min, Han Groo) who shine among the big-name stars and make me look forward to more from them. Since casting and a drama script for Temperature of Love have yet to be finalized, it probably won’t be broadcast until this fall. www.dramabeans
  6. I read on another article that the genre is romantic comedy. But, the writer's style isn't my favorite. Her works before are 'Doctors', 'High Society', i has watched 2 drama of hers. It's only good in beginning, but middle and ending of storyline just follow.... like a weekend drama . Well, it's only my opinion... maybe it will different this time... trust Seo Hyun Jin's choice
  7. Seo Hyun-jin side "Hae Myung-hee writer" Temperature of love ", an appearance review work" Actor Seo Hyun Jin is examining the appearance of the drama 'The Temperature of Love'. Seo Hyun-jin, Jump Entertainment agency official, said on June 15, "Seo Hyun-jin received a suggestion of the temperature of love for the drama" on the 15th. 'The Temperature of Love' is a drama depicting acharacter named Jane, a drama writer who begins with online chatting, and a man who has a nickname of 'Good Soup' who dreams of a French chef. Hae Myung-hee writes "A Warm Word," "High Society," and "Doctors", and writes her novel, "Good Soup Does not Answer the Phone." This drama is likely to be organized into SBS upcoming drama, the next work after the sequel drama 'My Sassy Girl' which is currently on air. article: star.hankookilbo
  8. OMO OMO... finally there's an article about her casting film "The Temperature of Love". Wait a minutes... i will try to translate it...
  9. @Pointree oh, so it's kind of counseling school? Why does she come to there? I hope she isn't in any troubles. She looks spend time to hang out with her friends recently, she enjoyed herself. Maybe came to school of life to learn to manage herself better.
  10. Seo Hyun Jin spotted again with Ha Si Eun (Heeran), also Yoon Na Moo. Looks like they just watched a theater (?) "After performance. A cup of watermelon juice" @justright they just didn't announce the casting offer, they will announce it after the actor considered it or on negotiation step. I heard news of some actors, she/he ever got the role that became hit, but it never publicated before.
  11. Kyaa... finally we can see our pretty Hyunjinnie on new video CF. Marie ClariexEstee Launder has released new video CF of Seo Hyun Jin. Cr:Marie Clarie Korea
  12. @hyunjingogogo Kim Ji Suk also get an offer as a main lead in a drama. But, he hasn't comfirmed yet. I think Hyun Jin has done it already? Her latest appearance on fansign and tvN Lifeacademy her front teeth was neat, it was far different when she attended Baeksang, although only took a few days. So, i thought it wasn't 'long-time' braces as usual? I'm not sure
  13. @hyunjingogogo It's glad to read long post since this thread keep silent these days. Seems we have same taste, maybe bec of that we became fan of Seo Hyun Jin? i love all her dramas, good script, storyline, acting, chemistry, directing, all contents of her drama amaze me. Maybe Let's Eat storyline not as good as others but certainly the concept about foods and eat, combination of culinary and drama, enough good for me plus sweet chemistry between three main leads. As you said that she has good eyes to choose good script/drama, i believe her choice ...."Writer-nim please give her many good sricpt @angel2013 I always have thought if she gathered with her staff, that she was planning or doing a project @Pointree OMG, this virus really dangerous, it is spreading anywhere even has attacked a company. I heard attacker will asked the owner to pay amount of money to restore their datas. I hope it doesn't hamper work their artist. Backup your datas, my friend has attacked by this virus.
  14. Seo Hyun Jin spotted, with Yang Dong Gun (Heo Seung Po in The Three Musketeers) i like his funny character in TTM. Wonder what was she doing there? "Ms. Hyun-jin who has met in a long time while visiting the short filming director by Goo Hye Sun. Yang Dong Geun sunbaenim~i gave a picture with Ha Jun~our baby who received a lots of joy today!! #10 month baby # short film # certifying shot." @justright glad to know oversea's actress admires her, hope she more recognize internationally. Ah, It will be good if Jump consider to hold a fanmeet... @supergal99 thanks for so cute... her wink I only rewatch SHJ's drama after finished KDSBH. I watched KDSBH without any skip, only 1 or 2 scenes...enjoy the whole of drama, acting from pro actors just wow... the story line is different from mostly saeguk, for sure the chemistry... Seo Hyun Jin-Jo Hyun Jae i can't pick who her best parter among her dramas, they all have different charm. Now i don't mind if she pick saeguk for her next project