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  1. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    Yoohoo... As expected they released statement right in monday morning. I hope soop ent can treat her better, give her chance to collab with their own actor/actress, and give a better stylist @angel2013 ah, congratss... almost all of ur bias under same agency, aren't they? @aSHJfan nice to meet u... yes SHJ has many good underrated drama in the past, KDSBH is one my favourite. Yes, i heard that too...at first i didn't realize it him, but after mentioned HJW's brother...i remembered that he is SHJ's brother in KDSBH. I'm so sorry to hear that, i've been waiting his new project consider how wonderful his acting on KDSBH, such a pity.
  2. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    Hi...Long time no see... i've been busy on my daily life, sorry for showing up now I just browsed and found the info....it was clarified by Soop Ent that they have discussed with SHJ. I'll be so happy if she accept it... There's so many good actors in there...she'll get big chance to collab with one of them I'm sorry but i've missed latest info about BD project, what's the cotent of video? and it'll be uploaded on hyunjinnies channel?since she hasn't fix her new agency.
  3. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    Oh, is there the limit for posting?
  4. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    Her style quite same like in RDTK wrap up party
  5. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    @angel2013 Awww... it's been awhile since last time i watched by streaming. My internet network doesn't look good lately, it's feel more frustating when waiting the loading circle on my screen... I usually wait until the sub is out. Poke @justright FIGHTING...!!!
  6. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    Not a full theme, only one segment they used theme 'Temperature of Love' game, it's on episode 372. How they still filming when it's too close to the air time? I saw the preview there's a camping scene, they took too much time for outdoor shoot. @angel2013 they can be the guest when it finish the filming, it help to promote internationally. That's a relief, Soompi TOL have more open-minded peoples. At least there's still peoples defend her among who bash her. Sometimes i can't help it, they even said "better if Hyun Soo must be live alone along her life with regret than back to Jung Sun". Hmmm... I prefer won't read it again @supergal99so you're moving house? I think you don't need much hard work since you're a supergal...lol...just kidding
  7. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    Agree, the thing that disappointed me most. The story focus has changed, i know the originally novel looks like on JungSun's more as the title is "Good Soup" character mentioned. For drama version, i thought they will made the story focus on Hyun Soo's side before. From beginning drama how it told about her life, how she confused when met again with her first love in 1st scene. But the progress of story getting more inconsistent that how it changed JungSun's as story focus. They made JungSun looks like become one the victim. That's the main reason he got a lot of sympathy, while Hyun Soo blamed for everything. Like the line said "Love come from two side, if both side have same feeling then it's love". The main conflict of the story is how their feeling and timing is not match. When Hyun Soo's open her heart oterwise JungSun not ready to accept. It same the case when JungSun proposed Hyun Soo, how she lost her confidence to accept him. Should she accept him everytime he come? I don't like how peoples blames Hyun Soo excessively, like said "Hyun Soo doesn't deserve Jung Sun". Aigoo.... love deserve for everyone, even Hong Ah deserve love from Won Joon if they deal on same feeling. This is the second time Running Man promote "Temperature of Love". They made game based on TOL theme: Can they just invite the cast instead?
  8. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    Is change agency mean change manager and stylist as well?i don't know how it works Tbh I want she get new stylist.
  9. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    Seo Hyun Jin To Become A Free Agent Following “Degree Of Love” Actress Seo Hyun Jin will be parting ways with her current agency. On November 17, Jump Entertainment revealed, “Our contract with Seo Hyun Jin has expired,” and added, “Both sides have decided not to renew.” A source stated, “Jump [Entertainment] will manage Seo Hyun Jin until the end of her current drama, SBS’s ‘Degree of Love.'” “Degree of Love” will be ending on November 21. Seo Hyun Jin debuted in 2001 as a member of girl group M.I.L.K. before moving into the acting field. After gaining a large amount of attention for her acting in “Let’s Eat Season 2” in 2015, she went on to star in tvN’s “Another Oh Hae Young,” SBS’s “Romantic Doctor Kim,” and “Degree of Love,” and is considered a hit-making actress. Soompi
  10. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    Yeay... I think it's good news, i believe she will offered the exclusive contract from some of agency pretty soon. Hope it will be better esp on promotion, she need more promotion internationally. All this time she only did FM in Taiwan. I haven't watch TOL latest episode, looks it has so many cliche scenes... So HMH's style I will back later after watch it...
  11. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    @MizzParkSungAh translation from one of hyunjinies on twitter others part: She's so cute played riddles during shooting. Whenever i see her bts, peoples around her always laughs widely.
  12. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    kkk....yeoksi...support from her bestie is the best she sounded so spirited as ever. @angel2013 yes, Park Hee Von is the leader and rapper of MILK.
  13. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    Hi, how is it going Hyunjinies? I was busy to complete my target in the last two weeks, but still manage to follow the enthusiasm of TOL. Short of my impression: Not like most people, i wasn't too disappointed of latest episodes. Like i said before i'm still on both ship, maybe i sound too partial but i always on Hyun Soo's side, so i prefer who's better for her. But yeah, i feel sorry that the writer made Jung Sun look so pathetic and incapable. His character turn much different from beginning. I watch TOL just like... i feel hard begin to watch but after i start it, i want to watch more... I've read your last post about SHJ's birthday project, it's a brilliant idea...!!! maybe we're the first who make this kind of project?loved it. My vote to join...despite i don't know what i can show i live in old city that doesn't has many recommended place. Seem i'll recommend place in another city of my country.
  14. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    There's a lot eng hardsub on dramanice, or dramacool, youtube, etc. If you want find soft sub (only sub, separate from video) you can find on subscene.com. Link for subscene: subscene.com @jakey09 agree, she looks even prettier in her new drama she's in love with acting... makes her act so sincerely that we can enjoy while watch it. Hope she keep it up and get more project next time...not only one drama... @supergal99 SHJ: you're not Mo Tae Gu...come back...!!! @angel2013 i'm sad to hear that, hope you will get well soon. @justright i think they just enjoyed his acting as his fans. Although they're not in good situation on drama but they have so much fun while shooting, hope his fans can see it. SBS Catch
  15. @supergal99 LOL...they imitated Kyung i never expected if KJW is this humorous person...he looked so serious from bts of photoshoot before. Their interaction was so fun, he matches well with SHJ as cheerful character. It's refreshing awhile from their seriuos situation in drama. Full version from SBS Catch SBS Catch