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  1. @Pointree is Yeosu too far from set? Maybe to get nice baground?the yacht scene and bridge scene. I hope the director and writer aren't debating like in drama.
  2. @supergal99 good idea to clear throat by sing Btw how about your coffee? Don't say if you hve drank it while TOL didn't air tonight.
  3. We got info from korean. But still didn't get confirm from her.
  4. today's episode of TOL will be postpone until next week....andwaeee...
  5. @supergal99 @justright kdrama effect... caffeine doesn't really work for me. I will keep awake when don't feel sleepy and stay sleepy when drowsy. Lately i sleep at 12 am and get up at 5 am. Noooo.... It has confirmed???
  6. Talk about rating: I didn't really understand how it works, why the highest rating always be judged by particular scene? Doesn't it mean the viewers were watching one program from a channel, then switch to another channel when it comes an interesting scene? do they watch while chatting with another viewer to inform there's an interesting scene? I think it can be an accidental as well. Reason why rating was dropped beside the style not a trending in korean right now, it more popular to profession genre, action, and fantasy. I'm truly boring with that kind of drama... they just like remake a drama by change the actors, characters, and case of drama. Another reason i think some of viewers are KJW/Jung Woo supporters, they must be feel dissapointed when saw Jung Woo being that hurt while JS-HS in the happiest moment. The directing make it look so obvious when the one side happy and one side being hurt. I was bit suspicious why they made it so. I'm not too follow TOL's articles but i've read some, there's a lot comments on Jung Woo's side... even from latest poll, the best comment are for Jung Woo. Well... whatever what will be happen...let's just enjoy SHJ's drama Hyunjinies... i'm still enjoying TOL so much this far. I'm not realize that we already in middle episode...it will take a long way again for waiting SHJ back to screen. BTW, i'm waiting this song be released, i instantly loved it so much since first time heard it. @supergal99 isn't it too early to going sleep?kkk
  7. Out of topic... Was this already post before?....LOL Poor Mr. CEO....his breaking heart when saw they both... @supergal99 there's so many kiss scene in one episode? i only watched 2 of them.
  8. What happen tonight??? am i too late??? I didn't stream tonight, but just watched spoiler..... didn't expect it........!!! WHY SOOO HOT HERE....??? @ode2kdramas oh, i thought it was a cigarette before...thank's for clarification it not good for health and what a pity! because he's too cuteee for it... thanks the fact that he's not. I can say he's baby face since he's oppa for me...my colleagues as his age not that cute..kkk the result? Final result of poll, MR. CUTE won...!!!
  9. @lavender2love wow, i'm suprised to know YSJ actually a smoker when looked at his baby face and his personality as shy person. Jo Bo Ah got coffee truck today. My vote for KJW I've decided to vote KJW consider there's many vote for YSJ already.
  10. @angel2013 i've read some, but couldn't find that part. I only got SHJ's part which mentioned reason why she choose TOL as her project, etc in twitter soompi hyunjinies. Not that part like in video. Anyway, thank you for the info
  11. Wow...thanks @samaf it's good video... i thought no sub, it english sub actually. Almost of her co star accepted the project right after heard if Seo Hyun Jin in there...she's very popular among actors...kkk @angel2013 have you seen the video? there's cut of interview of Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Jae Wook, Yang Se Jong which has not been translated before. @justright that so i said she should make a cameo, not as main lead again...lol... LE not fit for her condition right now, although i miss Baek Soo Ji and Goo Dae Young collaboration.
  12. Hyun Soo looks like jogging and stop off Good Soup? @angel2013 owner ig said she didn't see Se Jong. @supergal99 @lavender2love I haven't vote yet. I only have my personal fb, still considering will use that one or not...and don't know who should i choose...???? @angel2013 kyaaaa.... sooo cute....!!! finally we can see bike scene again.
  13. Hi @hyunjingogogo it's been awhile! Nice to see you show up again we're on thread sooo excited while wait every week to see SHJ on screen. yesss...she's so gorgeous, no wonder 2 princes fight over her Me?i don't know how to explain i ship her with both, i'm team Chef in beginning. But when she with CEO, i also ship them, especially in crying scene on 14th episode. Yeah, hope the writer can handle it well... and better next episode. Let's also join to TOL drama thread if you can. @Pointree thank you so much for your help. We can't do it easily without you.