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  1. She got more besties... She always keeps in contact with girl friend from her drama, but somewhat rare to keep in contact with male? Find this from IG, first time i see it Cute Baek Soo Ji, why i miss this character lately?
  2. Latest update of Mesense @supergal99 oh yeah, i love to see in that outfit, looks so pretty. The style that can't find in her drama, she always uses simple ones. @angel2013 yeay, long straight hair with bangs she like yellow lately.
  3. @angel2013 bun hairstyle again?...hmmm... i hope she use other styles beside it. True, it makes she look younger but i miss her long hair @Pointree Wow, so beautiful... she has good 'aura' as a star. Wonder why producers didn't use her back then. @supergal99 wkwkwkwk... don't stop to make funny gifts, if there's a contest i'm pretty sure you will be the winner. The sequel from it
  4. @kismet0914 @supergal99 Go promotion through Running Man, please... it's quite effect to internationally. If i'm not wrong, this year they haven't a big project yet, please make it to "Temperature of Love".
  5. Hope SBS pay attention more this time. They didn't give promotion enough to RDTK before, but more concerned to another drama that they count as big project that time. The fact, RDTK became more hit and gain big succes without much promotions. But i hope they give concern to "Temperature of Love" now, consider there'a a lot big and hot stars involved. I'm curious when we will get the BTS of first script reading, even didn't see much news about it. I remember there's only one article released. Is it the mysterious concept so make viewers get more curious of the drama?
  6. Latest update from Carlynbag
  7.'s her... I just talked about her appearance @angel2013 yes, she looks like Baek Soo Ji or i can say she like skinny Baek Soo Ji.
  8. Long hair, intellectual and confident, can i hope like this newest pic?
  9. @Pointree @angel2013 what i'm curious is about her appearance as Lee Hyun Soo how does she look like? I hope she keep her long hair just like in her latest CF.
  10. Hi, i see familiar faces here from RDTK forum. Nice to see you again Bring back memory from RDTK, will they make a short parody from RDTK?
  11. @angel2013 Another wonderful FMV from HeavenlyPeach. I already love the characters from 1st videos, hope they won't be much different from it. And the second video, it's one of fav BGM from Bad Guy, brings back memories from the drama whenever i hear it. It was an unforgettable melo drama that i ever watched. The sad story esp in ending.... I don't mind if they will make a melo as Bad Guy is...kkk I hope the story just focus to this three, even will be a triangle romance.
  12. So, it's a mello? They changed the genre or theme of this drama, i hope it has been considered well and doesn't effect to the plot of story. In her previous dramas, she always fails with her first choice man, end with second choice man. In KDSBH she failed to get married with the village guy but with prince, in TTM she failed to marry with Park Dal Hyang, in LE2 she breaked up with Sang Woo, her first choice man to married. As we know she failed to marry in AOHY, and in RDTK she already proposed by Dr. Moon but car accident happened. What happen next? I'm depending on writer and PD nim, please make a good plot and story focus to this two and KJW
  13. @angel2013 i just finished visiting my family then continuing get reunion with my old friends. I'll be back soon to my city this week, sure won't skip her comeback. It will be interesting if he can make a cameo while bring his character, consider it is a reunion of RDTK cast on SBS as well. Hope writer doing well this time, don't know abt PD, is he good one?
  14. Annyeong...... Sorry for being MIA for 'awhile'. Actually i'm still on my long trip... It's hard to me to log in by phone, but sometimes i still read all of your posts here. I just can't pass this moment, and what i can say...i'm sooo excited...yeay...In Beom and Seo Jung sunbae have a reunion. Can i hope YYS make a cameo as Dong Joo? And not forget to mention Kim Jae Wook...he is my favourite since 'Bad Guy' with Kim Nam Gil. Hope he will confirm it soon....
  15. @supergal99 It's good to see your funny editing in the morning I met him coincidentally in my dream, he turned toward me so i saw his smiley face. I'm not fan of him before, but now i want to see more his works. Yes, poor thing he get that disease, hope he will get better soon, and get the chance to pair with Hyun Jin Pics of cute Solnan get my attention