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  1. Hi Karina, did they edit the whole part where Kyo was mentioned? Or did they just edit his controversial words regarding the Korean actresses?
  2. Haha I stand corrected. Thanks chingu! The post even said it was taken last 03.20 They do have similar looking signatures haha!
  3. Is he wearing the IWC watch? Can't see a photo with a better view. Hehe SJK's picture taken today
  4. Kyo's IG update with Caption "Bestie's babies" (rough translation from IG). The pregnant friend from her fanmeeting has given birth Can't wait for the day when she'll be posting pics of her own babies with hashtag #songsongbabies
  5. Hi @coffeedizzy , i think this is the photo of the Dad squad. Lol. Not sure as well if this is a legit photo of them
  6. "and made me reassured by being TOGETHER.." awww this made my night!! Thank you @utkim for sharing and for all the seniors who translated the speech
  7. SJK with DOTS directors and writers at the Korean PD awards. Sad that our beauty is not there, but I hope they will celebrate with her after the ceremony ctto
  8. Thanks for your reply @hclover96 New photos of SJK at the Korean PD awards with the DOTS director Lee Eung Book
  9. Hi Chingus! Would you know if this is true? The post states that SSC will be appearing on the 30th of March in the SBS K-Star show. It's all over IG and twitter. Kinda confused about this statement "You guys can meet them for just one day" - does this mean, they will be physically present, together in the show?
  10. @hclover96 thank you for sharing the detailed explanation of the translation. Grateful for your effort and the other seniors who have been translating for us. @angieknows @thepixies @Amy Phan @thm55 @coffeedizzy @jl08 @kyooo929 Love love reading your posts. This thread has been a source of goodvibes to me, more than you know. Please keep em coming! thankful also to @mooischat0 for your contributions! Appreciate them as well @Karina Wong Kar Sinn and @gigivillaceran thank you for your love and passion for our OTP. You two are an encouragement. Edit: I want to tag a lot more! You know who you are. As a newbie, im thankful for you all for defending the SSC and turning this thread into a happy place once again
  11. SJK will attend the 29th Korean Producer's award on the 17th. No news about Beauty yet. Hoping!!!!
  12. Hi @snoopy18 , I want you to understand why the others are reacting negatively to your post. First, this is a shipper's thread and the unvoiced rules are 1.) Do not say negative things about the OTP and 2.) Do not say that people here are just being delusional about their beliefs If you stand by your observations, we respect that. But, there are other places where you can voice these observations. Like your other SNS accounts, your own soompi wall or better yet, write them in your journal at home.. joke! But please, do not take them here. Please understand that for some, this is a place where they get positive vibes from SSC and we don't want this to be a place of negativity and disbelief. Meanwhile, let's remember when SJK said that SHK comes to his mind the most during the SDA awards. This is when Shin Min Ah refused to mention her boo but SJK boldly mentioned SHK. My dear chingus, when in doubt, please remember these moments
  13. Hello there chingu! I've read a lot of translations from our reliable unnies and they all said that SHK did not really mention "Pororo" during the bts scene. Just want to clear out the confusion as SHK said something else and definitely not Pororo
  14. This is really interesting. Well, netizens have guessed that it was SHK, and I can't blame them. The use of the words "Goddess and divorced parents" could be really pertaining to her. However, I'm not sure if male fans/people really view her life as unfortunate? But it's exciting to hear blind items like this haha. Thank you chingus for sharing
  15. @kyonim Really thankful for your translations! Keep em coming