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  1. It’s good fun to see both JS and HJ posting in IG today I’m starting to believe that them posting on the same day is not a conincidence at all!
  2. Welcome @anin05 I am quite new here too. Joined a few months ago but still can’t and will probably not get over jongjoo couple! I was also part of the SongSong ship and there are undeniable similarities between the two couples Hoping for the best for Jongjoo also! While waiting for THE news, let’s keep this awesome ship cruising! Happy you have joined us here
  3. HHJ is in a good mood and has been posting away so glad to see her in my timeline! Wonder where she could be at this time? Edit: i just noticed that JS has posted too! Just about the same time as she did! OMG are they together now? Haha my shipper heart!
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