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  1. OMG, yes! not that it directly relates to HJ, but can you allow me to think that way? Hehe I mean, the 89 sign is written like a four leaf clover as well. And whose trademark is the four leaf clover eh? Haha ahh my shipper heart!
  2. JS: “... but i enjoyed working in W, it was very significant to me” This line right here made my shipper heart happy! Ahh! It was my first time hearing him say anything about W in any of his latest interviews. Thank you @ibru for sharing the video and to @silentwind and @frozentundra for translating and informing that captions are available! Haha I relied on your translations first!
  3. Haha ok, so JS posted a photo in IG. Hey, Sukkie! You look good as well! both HJ and JS are looking good! Both happy and inspired eh?
  4. IG post from HHJ fighting unnie! i hope JS would watch and support you even if it's done in secret!
  5. @shishi101 i love how Appa is staring at HJ on your second clip. He looks like a real father delighted and proud of his daughter. W feels!!
  6. I agree!! HHJ looks so gorg and FRESH
  7. Hi Chingus! not sure what the captions meant but cafe 89 mansion posted the picture below. Seems like the flowers were given by someone to Lee Jong Suk (as posted by flower.please)
  8. JS is part of the 4 Kings from SK and don't you think, he deserves a beautiful queen as well? I think no one can beat HHJ if we talk about having great visuals to match up with JS! Just want to share this photo of HJ from Baeksang 2016. Isn't she gorgeous? I think she looks exceptional with her bangs on credits to the creator of fan edit above. Hoping to see jongjoo this year attending the same awards show. It will be a delight to see them in one event
  9. @yani uli that's one of my fav moments of jongjoo! I mean, how on earth can a dongsaeng do that to a noona, right? I have a little brother and it will be soo weird if he kissed my shoulder with heart eyes haha! I hope someone could do a slowmo and lip reading of their convo
  10. @mariecurie ahh! Their visuals are just a perfect match. Height, skin, body frame and smile! They are flawless!
  11. It is very unusual for the likes of JS to suddenly butt in and invite himself in a conversation out of the blue. Even LSJ found it weird, as his actions during the show is very different from what he has seen in the awards. Only one reason how a guy can act that way, right? *Wink wink* Guys by nature are territorial and competitive! JS responded by his instincts for sure! Haha His actions spelt "You don't get to invite my girl without me. Not gonna happen!" And yes, we are indeed not imagining things @frozentundra i have seen the BTS on the "baegopa-me", where JS also asked HJ to sit on his lap! Aahhh, one of the sweetest! Thanks for sharing that JS used this term when in fact JS teased HJ that time with "what language is that?". Sukkie yah, why are you using the term now? Do you often hear it, hence mimicked it? Hahah Dear frozie, you're good at making my heart jump! Thank you for your detailed views,analysis and updates. You're a star! I think the question to ask is not if they were real (because no doubt! Bts alone shows that! And I'm gonna fight whoever contradicts this. Haha joke! I'm not a war freak) BUT more of verifying if they are still together now. Recent activities shout YES! The writing on the cafe wall plus HJ's recent posts about W! Yiieh! Things are looking bright!
  12. Thanks dear!! will search about 3 meals a day video of him. EDIT: Omo @frozentundra !!! Thank you for the above. I almost screamed! (I'm still in the office btw. Hahaha) Come to think of it, LSJ makes a valid point! JS doesn't seem shy (well when it comes to HJ!). I mean, he is a certified NAMJA when HJ is involved. Haha and gosh! That was lowkey marking his territory right there and is fierce enough to speak like that to a senior male. Sorry for my unending questions haha. Will ask less and search more moving forward. Thank you chingus! I love this thread so much <3
  13. Aww chingu, can you share more about this? Any link I can watch? thank you sooo much!