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  1. Wow.. Yup I am preparing myself. Due to suddenly my hand phone have to send in for repair. I lost the chapter where I was reading sadly I am confuse and lost in the chapters as I can't remember which chapter I last read on Saturday. And today I was in a mess looking for the chapters. Lost and suddenly I only read the exciting part Shen and Zhao XXX. That's why I wasn't prepared and here I see someone here "Aurorail" telling me to prepare myself!!! THANK YOU it's really a surprising moments.. I will update here often please read my previous posts. Now I am lost in chapters due to my handphone suddenly on Saturday spoil and I send in for repair. Everyone don't panic. Let me try to recall. The incident is Zhao during the mountain both of them did something while Zhao was drunk. And today I jump chapters due to I forget where I stop on last Saturday the reading, today I jump and I see another episode where Zhao was drunk and Shen did kiss and that to Zhao and its where I have to stop reading due to today schedule very busy. Until here for today, see when I free I will update here again and hopefully I get the chapters where I stop reading last Saturday or else you all have to wait for me to read...
  2. Oh everyone thinking Shen is uke.... But somehow Shen is Ghost Slayer which is Powerful thus overpowered Zhao.... I find it very interesting thus I will see which chapter Zhao surrender and Shen accept Zhao....
  3. Valerie86 I replied to your DM. . Oh yeah shocking to know that Shen Wei overpowered Zhao but that is truly The Ghost Slayer powerful!!!! (I wonder which chapter Zhao will submit and which chapter Shen will accept Zhao.
  4. This is to "Xienrue: since you read the novel already, do you mind if I ask a question? What is Zhao Yun Lan reaction after he knows that the man he chases around is Ghost slayer which in essence is not human? Does he contemplate his intention to Shen Wei or just go on without any care about that?" (I tell you in Chapter 44 ,45, 46 after Zhao knows about Shen he shock and dare not do anymore tricks on Shen Wei. Zhao Honour Ghost Slayer as he adores Ghost Slayer thus dare not do anymore tricks on Shen Wei) I will continue reading the novel if anyone wants to ask questions post here. I will keep the questions on memo when I get to read the part where you all ask then I will reply here. Thank you for your patience everyone!!!
  5. I will tell you now I read the novel chapter 45 which the English stops translation. I will go back to the Chinese which has 314 Chapters. Now I tally the chapter its at Chapter 117, this is where Zhao found out it is Ghost Slayer is Shen Wei. And before that they both had kisses and it was during Shen was drunk and then this story in Chapter 45 leaves a hang-ten cause it was so exciting after Zhao knows that and he turn his wooing Shen into something serious and Honoring the Ghost Slayer which he dare not do those tricks again to Shen Wei. This makes me laugh because all those things they did together in chapter 45 English novel Shen Wei ask Zhao did he do anything inappropriate?? That's hang there no more English translation, leaves me no choice but to continue searching in Chinese 314 Chapters where to tally to get the Chapter 45 there I am I found it is in Chapter 117. Let me read first then I shall get back to you.. (Shen is the Top and Zhao Bottom as you read chapter 44, 45 you will see Shen force Zhao on the bed faced down.... and this is done while Shen Wei is drunk still have alot of energy think about it if Shen Wei is not drunk how much energy will he have??? To get Top is easy for Shen....
  6. Valerie86 currently I am at Chapter 34 of the novel surprisingly the novel has slot of action on the supernatural and Zhao wooing Shen. Zhao uses many tricks to courtship Shen I laugh and then my the main handphone unable to login here the page is blank and Soompi put this page no longer exist I was shock. This page now I sending is my second handphone. The storyline in the novel must read Guo is also very funny in the novel. I will have to continue reading before I can answer the question ask at page 32 Soompi.
  7. Wah..... That's very serious how come touch hand?? "That's harassment". Despite that Long Ge still worry about the safety of everyone he is kind and loving. This type of people shouldn't be treated in this manner.
  8. Hi everybody this is the words of thanks from both Long Ge and Bai Yu to Guardian Fans: (They are very touch and happy about Guardian Fans!! Specially Long Ge) [Kindly copy the url and paste on the search engine] {I realized the video didn't appear here.} https://youtu.be/WCuVPUbmYpQ Zhu Yi long previous works. Zhu Yi long commercial: Other Fans made video:
  9. Oh Valerie86 I am still read Chapter 4 going to Chapter 5. It seems like in novel my mind can activate how they really would be like. Even for Guo the cat he is cute in novel....
  10. Anyone knows anything about the magician (Hu Xiao Ling as Zhao Zhen) because he is very beautiful and handsome... I wonder what other drama he act???
  11. Valerie86 Toast to you!!! Finally someone agrees with me!! Yup this would be the best for now, as 3 to 5 years time travel is exactly like the Guardian drama they travel by time and even in space!!! Thus there is hope.
  12. Wow I only hear 5 mins I am impress you found this video!! Thanks I will continue listening when I am free later.
  13. Siobhanne and dzareth, It is true now they can demand for higher salary. But if it is not for "Guardian" do you think they can get this popularity?? Since they try many dramas and Long Ge takes 10 years only until Guardian he has this opportunity to shine thus I personally thinks they will make an exceptional if to do a special episode even not highly paid don't forget other dramas/movie they can get alot more yes again Fans demand would make support them for more and doing a special episode for Fans they both will be happy to do so because without Fans they do any show/drama/movie also no one knows about them. (I still thinks the Special Episodes is based on Fans demand! This is what makes them popular!!)
  14. Dzareth I mention we Fans are willing to wait, if you says future but you also must think both their age is not far apart only 2 years different and I think if we Fans wait I am willing to wait for 3 to 5 years if more then that the Fans might be hungry till dead... The thing is now this Drama is "Hot" on fire that's how both of them got Popular and how did Long Ge got Firs place!! This is something if Producer, scriptwriter, author create opportunity of being more famous and win more Fans and the thing they produce have performance gain why not??? (being hidden gem is to shine correct??) "I mean in their acting" this Guardian may not be perfect Bai Yu mentioned it in the interview. I think to have happy ending will have more impact on the further improvement. Not that about other things.
  15. I see. Oh... Maybe they film it but hidden from us... If Fans demand maybe the Special Episodes will come out. Remember I say that if Fans demand the producer, scriptwriter, even Author have to continue. Because the "Uncontrolled Love" they film the Happy Ending after the Filming ended Fans were angry because the poor Xiao Nian died in car accident thus the Author, Producer, scriptwriter they re-write for a happy ending. This is after High Popular demand. Thus like I say we Fans can wait for Long Ge and Bai Yu to film for Happy Ending. (Anyone with me????)
  16. Valerie86 do you think we will have 3 "Special Episodes"??? (Anyone here can explain???)
  17. Valerie86 Can you explain this:"Every micro-universe restarts at 20:35pm, which is the ending time when you watch 3 episodes on the renewing dates of the drama. The story starts on the Day of Duan Wu Festival, which is the date when the drama first aired." (Is there 3 Episodes after death when aired???) I am literally confusing as the Original Author says this!
  18. I am reading again and again your wording maybe I am having Flu and Cough the words at first confuse me I read it again. I want to ask you you mention the ZYL and SW are real in the drama means they died as real?? Cause drama both dead thus this makes me shocking and I fell Sick.... But ZYL doesn't recognize SW in the drama. And his memory eased but how come something is just off tune.... I can't explain what's off tune but let me think.... (Shen Wei powers are also not mention much in the drama!) God and Ghost!
  19. When I read the word everything else is fake my handphone almost drop!! (what you mean the drama not real?? Time Zone???? (what Official certification of our 2 main leads??) Valerie86 and BreezeC do you have any idea what's going on here now I am confused.. Aurorail please explain your above comments!!!
  20. Wow... I read this from the website you gave:"The writer also suggested that the drama is “garbage” because the micro-universes are “failed useless experimental left-overs”. Every micro-universe restarts at 20:35pm, which is the ending time when you watch 3 episodes on the renewing dates of the drama. The story starts on the Day of Duan Wu Festival, which is the date when the drama first aired." (So this explains the drama time-line" thank you moon-flower this is interesting. (I will continue to read Chapter 4 onwards for Novel Valerie86 wait for my good news of explaining... Sneeze...... Okay I will rest now..... Coughs.......
  21. Valerie86 thank you. Anyone here have Epilogue 1,2 & 3??? I read something about after the drama and Zhao and Shen Wei didn't die, Shen Wei was hospitalize for 1 week and Zhao accompanied him but after Shen Wei recover Zhao left Shen Wei. Then Zhao went to work again, Shen Wei go to Special Investigation Division and see him but ZYL says he pretend not knowing Shen Wei and say if you have a problem go to your own neighborhood police we don't do report for you. And chase Shen Wei away because Shen Wei betray Zhao. (Note that this I read it somewhere but is this the Epilogue 1 & 2 if so may I know where is Epilogue 3???) {If the above is not Epilogue 1 & 2 please anyone knows where is Epilogues 1,2,3 & 4????
  22. Shen Wei went to be in the Uni is a cover that's why he was afraid of being exposed and his real identity of Black Cloak and he also afraid if being known how is Zhao going to feel/accept or remember him thus this becomes true as Zhao found out who he really is and they went through all the things before they died in the drama. If you see Zhao after he realize Shen Wei died he think back the days they were together and he was extremely in pain and decided to sacrifice himself as a burning lamp in the fire. It is so painful to watch until I fall sick down with Flu and Cough.....
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