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  1. GY is 2 years older than KRW but still KRW is sunbae
  2. His CEO I believe hahahaha Like in Doctors wrap up party. He is treasure of HB now
  3. The girl's bf. She just did a comparison hahahaha
  4. She said her bf is cooler than KRW in her eyes hhahaha
  5. A long journey you know, unconsciously attract him. Maybe after the kiss, he felt the need to be closer to her. During the break, on the sofa, she was selfie alone, and he sat right beside her and leaned in *double click* then she happily uploaded it using collage, adding her red heart hahahaha
  6. How can we reach 761 pages without anything like that hahahaha we are amazing people hahahaha
  7. Lol only now I noticed she copied him hahahaha
  8. I shared same opinion with you. I feel she has become more quiet and she seemed not to enjoy the camera flash. She used to put up with it well in the past, eg: GB premiere.
  9. Yeah if he got rejected, he would become more and more gloomy hahahaha
  10. I think he didn't agree with HJH, so he brought him into the story instead haha Let me show everyone how a man should be, like me. So HJH is actually KRW
  11. Everyone knows she is a good cook ... If I say: No my gf is a good cook, everyone knows who she is 100%. If I say: She doesn't know how to cook, it's 100% wrong. So I better leave it to the future hahahaha
  12. But @maria1983 I am afraid someone will come by and drop a lecture hahahaha
  13. Lol you're gonna kidnap your neighbor cat? Haha haha hahaha dongsaeng for Harry? Hahahaha she called her as eomma today already hahahaha
  14. Thank you for the info, if he wears on both days he must really love that coat hahahaha so does PSH haha