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  1. there are many missing days anyway
  2. last week jiesuu went to gangneung beach, some shippers of lee jonghyun attacked her and she needed to check in the location bc they thought she went to cebu with him. so after that vespa unfollowed her.
  3. sth like a promise ring? bc she wore that ring beside him for the first time and for the only public appearance of them together.
  4. april 25 but KRW wasn't in that team as I saw the pics.
  5. I don't know. It sounds sad but not many can recognize him tho they may feel his face familiar. Shin sungrok was followed by paparazzi but he wasn't due to the city difference.
  6. i thik the pic at golf course can be old but the one in the coffee shop in Hanoi is new. the golf course is in Hue, a city in the Middle of Vietnam while Hanoi is the capital. bc i saw two people met him on April 28th night. by the way, Shin sungrok is in Ho Chi Minh city in the south of Vietnam too. maybe a company trip for prisoners? They said he is f*cking handsome manly and gentle and shining
  7. I saw his hand and arm landed first and at the place where her head landed haha
  8. Seem that he put his hand under her head?
  9. He follows another sexy girl ...
  10. GY is 2 years older than KRW but still KRW is sunbae
  11. His CEO I believe hahahaha Like in Doctors wrap up party. He is treasure of HB now
  12. The girl's bf. She just did a comparison hahahaha
  13. She said her bf is cooler than KRW in her eyes hhahaha