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  1. SEP 15, 2018 LEEJONGSUK FAN MEETING ‘CRANK UP’ IN BKK Credit: https://mobile.twitter.com/rcnwann
  2. LETS VOTE for LeeJongSuk at 2018 APAN Star Awards -Vote with STARPLE App till 2018.09.28 -You can upload this App in Google Play or APP Store! INFO: http://apanstarawards.com/ ********************************************************* ***2018 At the center of Korean Wave's peak #KDRAMA ***The main characters of the drama that gathered the most topics - LEE JONG SUK ***Male popularity award candidate - LEE JONG SUK ***The <Jade Lovers> of Anhui Satellite TV Broadcasting in China As the main character, Along with the spectacular popularity spectrum *** Drama "While You Wre Sleeping Presenting another transformation to give viewers excitement. We are earning a lot of love again with the blend of characters like gifts! #apanstarawards #Domestic largest drama award ceremony #Drama award ceremony #Drama #KoreanDrama #tvn Oct 13 aired #Kyung Hee University Peace Hall #kentertainment #drama #leejongsuk INFO : https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn-IeoVn1Rz/?taken-by=apanstarawards2018
  3. 10 Korean Actors And Their Most Iconic Roles They deserve all the awards! Ask your friend what she's watching right now and more likely than not, it's probably a Korean drama. K-dramas are giving Hollywood shows a run for their money because of its excellent plots and impressive cinematography. Admittedly, some K-dramas are inspired by existing TV series, movies, and even literature, but for some reason, Koreans find a way to make their adaptations seem fresh and in some cases, better. But one of the biggest reasons why everyone is watching K-dramas from every corner of the world right now is because there's no shortage of talent in South Korea's entertainment industry. Lee Jong Suk in Pinocchio Believe it or not, Lee Jong Suk and Gong Yoo actually started similarly in that they both trained their acting chops through the School series, a "star-maker" in the Korean entertainment industry. Jong Suk appeared in the reboot School 2013, where he played Go Nam Soon, who became fast friends with the new transferee Park Heung Soo (Kim Woo Bin). Jong Suk appeared on everyone's radar when he starred in I Can Hear Your Voice, where he played a man with telepathic abilities. His biggest role, however, has got to be as Ha Myeong/Dal Po, a vengeful news reporter in Pinocchio. As a child, Ha Myeong loses his father, a firefighter, through a tragic accident. His father is wrongfully accused of starting the fire and his family is destroyed by the media. Ha Myeong is adopted by a rural family after being saved by an elderly man; in his "new life," he is called Dal Po and he falls in love with the granddaughter of the man who saves him. The granddaughter is played by Park Shin Hye. They both eventually end up as reporters and struggle with the meaning of justice. Fun fact: The role of Ha Myeong/Dal Po was actually initially offered to Kim Woo Bin, but he had to turn it down due to conflicts in his schedule. His undeniable chemistry with Shin Hye led to five major acting awards including: Best Actor (Korea Drama Awards, 2015), Most Popular Actor (PaekSang Arts Awards, 2015), Best Couple Award, Ten Star Award and SBS Special Award (SBS Drama Awards, 2014), Most recently, Jong Suk worked with Suzy Baein the hit drama While You Were Sleeping. Credit: https://www.cosmo.ph/entertainment/korean-actors-iconic-roles-a704-a2520-20180917-lfrm2
  4. WHILE YOU WHERE SLEEPING FANART W - TWO WORLDS FANART Credit: https://www.instagram.com/addonarts/
  5. 2018.09.20 LeeJongSuk Instagram Update: 아 예뻐 https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn9Bs0eBmqq/?taken-by=jongsuk0206
  6. 2018.08.19 LEE JONG SUK FM CRANK UP IN OSAKA Credit: https://twitter.com/hyunsuk8889/status/1042757681440710656
  7. [Lee Jong Suk Quiz] Let's put your Lee Jong Suk feels to the test! How Well Do You Know Jong Suk? Answer this quiz to find out: http://bit.ly/LeeJongSukinMNLQuiz Via: Happee Hour
  8. PH Fans of Lee Jong Suk Receive Gift on His Birthday Shouldn’t the birthday celebrant be the one receiving gifts? Well, not in the case of well-loved actor Lee Jong Suk! Just on the same day of his birthday, PULP Live World announced that the official ticketing date for Crank Up 2018 LEE JONG SUK FANMEETING IN MANILA has been moved to October 14, 2018. This means PH fans can have more time for their #iponing. What a very good news, for most! Following the first release of the date of the ticket selling, which was originally scheduled on September 16, 2018, many fans have showed their interest on the said event. Undoubtedly, Filipino fans are excited to meet the lead actor of the popular Korean drama series, While You Were Sleeping. Fortuitously, Lee Jong Suk’s fanmeet is scheduled on the same month as concerts of iKon and WINNER, thus PH fans are so overwhelmed right now. But they ain’t complaining anyways! Ever heard of the quote, “But when you ask, you must believe and do not doubt”? PULP Live World heard you! You asked, you believed and you did not doubt, that is why they are giving the fans a chance to save more for one more month, because nothing worth having comes easy. What are you waiting for? Continue saving now to meet your beloved idol Lee Jong Suk! See you on ticket selling! For more updates, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram http://kdramabuzz.com/ph-fans-of-lee-jong-suk-receive-gift-on-his-birthday/
  9. 2018.09.01 LeeJongSuk FanMeeting in Seoul PIT-A-PAT Credit as tagged, Twitter
  10. CARTOON by ssong.0914 Lee Jong Suk for su:m37 Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn6S7gElvZv/?taken-by=ssong.0914
  11. “L” 代表 Listen “O” 代表 Obligate “V” 代表 Valued “E” 代表 Excuse Creedit: sukloz IG
  12. 2018.09.19 su:m37 updated fb cover photo with new Lee Jong Suk’s advertising image