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  1. To add on, international fans managed to trick PD to drink salted coke Twice!!! They are best
  2. Just finished watching the Global Viewers episode. Absolutely enjoyed it! The international fans are fantastic! they loved the show, know the games and some even speak the language so well. All of them are also entertaining. Excitied about the next episode!
  3. Wow interesting! First it was the local fans going trip! Now international fans!
  4. Beginning Young Chul was slightly over the top but glad that the members and him bond throughout the day. Chi Yuel even complimented the members for being such nice people to Young Chul. This episode gave a glimpse of Korean lifestyle - festival season! enjoyable and lighthearted. Such a treat for participants of the walkathon to have the members perform.
  5. What a heartwarming episode Best moments for me was Joon Ho's reunion with his family. Mom's letter was so sincere. Though it was only for 1 day, it was worth it.. just for Joon Ho Week after week he worked tirelessly to create the laughter Poor PD has to sacrifice hahaha
  6. I feel bad that Jong Min and Jun ho tried so bad but cannot win Guess they are suffering from bad luck in this week's episode hahaha.. especially Jong Min magazine game - 9 times he lost!! Route 2 is more scenic. I was hoping to have more glorious food instead like the hangover soup episode