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  1. Defconn more popular with women than Donggu in Cuba. Hahaha at least for once! Love the editing. It was hilarious.
  2. Super fun episode! The last part on the Salsa Dance competition was hilarious The Cuba team was having the time of their lives, playing and enjoying every moment. I am curious with the association to Korean immigration which they will reveal more next week. The poor Kazakhstan team has to convince the crowd to take their autographs hahaha 2 days 1 night is always unpredictable in their story telling. I was also expecting a lot of fans but who knows it was just a handful Congrats on the high ratings, I hope it will continue or go even higher!
  3. Happy New Year to all Been some time since there is a new episode. The familiar feeling of seeing the members on screen and enjoying their reactions and conversations. Missed them alot! Nice gesture from 2 days 1 night to thank the grannies. Just seeing them on screen again is so touching. Members' airport fashion or lack of fashion was hilarious especially joon ho and jong min outfits and hair hahaha So looking forward to their overseas trip in the next episode. Can sense the members' excitement! The transition from thanking the grannies to the overseas trips was a bit abrupt and did not flow too well but it is still acceptable. Just thankful that the production team edit this episode for screening on the last day of 2017.
  4. I hope to see the 10th anniversary celebration episodes before the close of the year. Will be a pity if they miss this milestone. Hoping for dreams to come true
  5. New episode!!!! I cannot wait. Missed them so much. Past Mondays were miserable.
  6. Just managed to catch the special on Joo Hyuk as I was overseas. From the editing, you can feel the admiration, love and respect from the staff who came together and do this tribute for him. When the members cried I can really feel it. There is nothing much to say except tears. In his quiet ways, he is really a great guy loved by all. My respects to Joo Hyuk. Rest in peace and we will remember the member forever.
  7. OMG I cannot believe it Joo Hyuk rest in peace. You will be forever remembered. It is too shocking for me
  8. It is true for me too, it is already a habit to watch 2 days 1 night. Whether the episode is funny or not; I still watch and enjoyed it This is the only programme that even I know their staff and love it when they appear on screen The magic must be the chemistry between members and also with staff. Whether members or staff, over the years of watching, they have become part of my life. More good years ahead. Great episode this week! Happy 10th anniversary!
  9. This is good news! They have only 3 more months before the year ends to celebrate this significant milestone. So glad that KBS decides to go ahead and produce the anniversary special whoever is filming it. Otherwise, it will be a waste to miss this because of the strike.
  10. For the last 2 weeks, we had the subtitled unaired clips which I am thankful for. This week, we will have a new trip. Yeah! At least KBS is trying to keep the programme going on and feeding audience with some new content. Though I cannot comment much about korean politics and the expectations of the staff but I do kind of agree that if the tv station's shareholder is the government then very likely it will be influenced by the government. Hopefully, all will work out with them. We all need out weekly dose soon
  11. Jong Min on superman! strange that he will appear in this type of program. hmm.. babysitting Seung jae...that will not be easy as the boy is very intelligent and hyper active. I look forward
  12. I enjoyed the charade segment where they bring back friends and family of the 2 days 1 night! So happy that members connected with the pretty announcer, judo twin, the naturalist , Soo Chan!!! when he get older, i can envision Soo Chan joining in the programme Am impressed that Soo Chan get the answers correct Proud Taehyun. Joon Ho must be the most unlucky guy for this trip. He only had breakfast, no lunch for him despite using the golden ring and no dinner too Glad that ratings has gone up for this week.
  13. My personal assessment is that Donggu's bosses have no issues with him. Otherwise they won't have given him the newcomer variety award last year for 2 days 1 night. He was also the lead actor in KBS drama "The Best Hit" recently. Apparently, PD Hojin approached him. He is polite and hard working which fits the korean societal expectations. Donggu is not excessively over the top in reactions which some viewers expect but he has his own charms of winning hearts. Frankly, I am enjoying the stability of the programme now that both Donggu and PD Ilyong has settled down. It was extremely disturbing when they change PD and JJY left the programme for a while. My wish is less hate comments and more constructive feedback or just simply enjoy the show as it is.
  14. I must say JJY looks good in the video.. he should be the main actor Instead, the actors look like cheeky uncle and.cool nephew. I am beginning to enjoy the bickering between PD and Joon Ho. Loved it when PD was the special effects guy and sprayed water all over him Enoying the chemistry between members and staff. Donggu has to give hugs to promote the video Usually it is the actors that do this hahahha.. Agree that Defconn is great at interacting with crowds. He is a natural and enjoys it as well. I noticed that Soo Chan is mentioned in almost every episode by his father or the uncles. They all love him Actually I did not expect Team Donggu to win. From the concept discussion to the filming, Team Taehyun seemed to be more organised. He even used a selfie sticks to have better shots And ilyong looks so professional editing the video! The end results are that both videos are good but I do find Donggu team's video more appealing, funny and heart warming. The film critic compared it to Lala Land that got the whole team going in fits hahaha. I personally don't like secret filiming so I don't enjoy seeing food betrayal. But I was surprised by the twist when Joon Yong betrayed Joon Ho.. it was actually quite funny
  15. Hope they will invite former members or even Na PD (live or video ). Will be great to see them again