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  1. I was pleasantly surprised to have Taehyun and the Cha siblings doing the commentary. It was a genius idea to have them promote the wildlife conservation message. Thumbs up to the production team for such a lovely and cute ending to that trip. Would be nice to have them come back again, even small segments will be good enough for me. The baseball games are fun but it would be better if the team members are spilt and paired with the boys. I think the chemistry would be different and you can see the interactions between members and the kids. Competition between kids and adults does not resonate with me even though the kids are a strong team. Many good moments during the match e.g. Jong Min seeking revenge on PD. They are now my favourite pair Joon Ho and Donggu were impressive with their indiviudal game segments - continuation of their last week victory hahaha.. I loved the members teasing Defconn with the announcer hahaha Members were very quick to pick up that he is aware that she went to Japan.. love the editing team for showing their reactions Overall, it was an enjoyable episode just a bit disappointed with the ratings
  2. Junho and Donggu are the best comedy couple in this episode. When Donggu fumbles, Junho becomes the ace. Have not seen this side of Junho before. Both of them just created new characters or personas for the show The editing was great depicting their reactions hahaha.. JJY is genius at games always. Smart boy Defconn did very well, he single handed carried the first half of the episode with the Def Bear Movie. He was also game enough to perform for the members when requested haha. Wished they teased him less on his lack of girlfriend, can see that he is uncomfortable. He is such a character that faithfully plays his part in the program and sometimes audience may not really notice that.
  3. Yes she is a familiar writer. Seen her in previous episodes with Ho Jin PD directing. Great to have her back! Yeah!!
  4. I wonder how big is the security team? Judging from the crowd response from the clips above, they need a full team to protect the members and cameraman while filmimg. No wonder they mentioned 100 over staff go with them each time for outdoor filming. Massive logistics excercise
  5. Netizens can be critical and demanding, hope Joon Ho can ride through this. Remember the member.
  6. The national forest was beautiful, I enjoyed the historical monuments and spring scenery sights for this episode. The king of head butting was hilarious. His look, outfit, name and actions were funny. Defconn is pretty strong to be able to beat him hahaha. Ill Yong being tricked by the members was cute they forgotten his rank, made him carry the present and called him IlI Yong ssi. They lived that there was no tomorrow. JJY is forever the lucky boy of 2 days 1 night. Glad to see that he is back to his usual self after the break away. The team combination was slightly different for this week as compared to the hangover soup episode. Good to change around to see the dynamics. Personally I prefer the hangover soup combination. Taehyun, Defconn, Donggu and Joo PD team has good chemistry and i enjoyed watching all their boopers hahaha.. Of course Jong Min, Joon Ho and JJY together is always full of YAPs and laughter Somehow the slow pace of this episode makes me appreciate the beautiful scenery. Anyway, the purpose of the programme is supposed to introduce the different sights of Korea
  7. Wow great episode! I enjoyed watching the staff more than members hahaha They staff did very well especially Gyu Hwan (Alpha O) and Joo PD. So hilarious. Must say Joo PD is rather good at games. The island is so beautiful, Canola flowers everywhere.
  8. I miss Joo Hyuk too! Hope he will come back for a few more appearances in 2017 and perhaps even have a cameo in the upcoming drama with Hojin, Taehyun and Donggu. This programme is really special.. other than 'remember the member'.. it should also be 'once a member; forever a member'
  9. It reminded me that you are never too old to pursue your dreams. These grannies are an inspiration; you only have one life; live it to the fullest The surprised looks on the members' faces when PD mentioned that they have gifts for the grannies hahaha they been tricked again by the staff Poor Taehyun, he really loved the mat It does not surprise me to see the members waiting in line for their food (see post above) and getting along with staff. Glad that they are humble and the team have good relationships.
  10. Really look forward to these joint collaborations between members - Tae Hyun, Dongu and PD Hojin; Jong Min and JJY etc.
  11. When Defconn pants drop.. it was simply hilarious.. Mokpo team kept to theme - they eat throughout, played the missions with all their heart. If they are camels they could have store enough food for the next episode. The amount of glorious food they consume is alot For Seoul team you enjoy watching them fooling around. They filmed and interviewed the staff eating, Joon Ho making fun of his slave and they did so well for the closing segment when they were left behind by themselves. So much in one episode! Simply delicious - the food, the friendship between cast and staff, the jokes and laughter
  12. Simply adore both teams equally. No bias. I enjoyed watching both teams interactions and dynamics. With the Mokpo / deserted island team, it was heart warming to see them searching for the best hangover soup, earnestly introducing the food and interacting with the locals. Defconn was so friendly when he greeted everyone on the streets. I hope to see more of Joo PD next week. To me he is part of this team hahaha. The Seoul team is always entertaining with Joon Ho around. They will surprise you and make you laugh. Love it when they challenged Ilyong PD to throw them whatever penalty he has. So brave hahahaha.. Must say I was amazed by the long distance bus that read out the seat number. Thumbs up!
  13. Dreams do come true. Today Tae Hyun, tomorrow we may receive news that the rest of the members will cameo in the drama by PD Hojin. Let keep hoping
  14. All three songs has catchy lines that I can remember. It sticks on you The ending with footages of seasons 1,2,3, was most touching. They showed past and present members; and even friends that contributed to the programme This is what 2 days 1 night is about friends and family going on trips and enjoying each other and having fun. I look forward to the 10th anniversary celebrations
  15. Team Defconn, Taehyun and Donggu = team octopus club (I think) when they were in the deserted island. Will Joo PD be there too? They were hilarious in that episode. Hahahaha.. Looking forward to this coming episode