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  1. Wow interesting! First it was the local fans going trip! Now international fans!
  2. Beginning Young Chul was slightly over the top but glad that the members and him bond throughout the day. Chi Yuel even complimented the members for being such nice people to Young Chul. This episode gave a glimpse of Korean lifestyle - festival season! enjoyable and lighthearted. Such a treat for participants of the walkathon to have the members perform.
  3. What a heartwarming episode Best moments for me was Joon Ho's reunion with his family. Mom's letter was so sincere. Though it was only for 1 day, it was worth it.. just for Joon Ho Week after week he worked tirelessly to create the laughter Poor PD has to sacrifice hahaha
  4. I feel bad that Jong Min and Jun ho tried so bad but cannot win Guess they are suffering from bad luck in this week's episode hahaha.. especially Jong Min magazine game - 9 times he lost!! Route 2 is more scenic. I was hoping to have more glorious food instead like the hangover soup episode
  5. The members are so smart to stage the photographs with snow Great minds think alike hahaha So glad they are back on air and the chemistry is great
  6. The meaningful part was understanding the immigration of Russian Koreans. The three ladies at the ending were so cute. Looking forward to next week where they will play games with the cast. The staff had to play pirates for the breakfast games hahaha.. really like the last part where they swam like dolphins Their trademark now? Hahaha Even PD was thrown into the sea... Overall the editing is still acceptable. It was not an easy decision; PD and editors did what they thought was the best under such situation. Fighting!
  7. I suppose you need to manage public sentiments in such crisis. If there is too much Yonghwa footage, it will not put him in a good light. Every of his actions on screen may be criticised. My take is better to keep a low profile until the situation calm down. On a personal level, I feel sorry for the timing of the incident. YH is a a popular K wave artist bringing kpop culture to Cuba. Now because of the saga, he has to lie low. Hope he ride through this well.
  8. Hmm... the timing is bad. I am also curious how the production team will handle this. Thankfully, Yonghwa come out to apologise quickly. Hope he will stay strong during this period. Wishing all the best for all parties and ratings will still remain good.
  9. Defconn more popular with women than Donggu in Cuba. Hahaha at least for once! Love the editing. It was hilarious.
  10. Super fun episode! The last part on the Salsa Dance competition was hilarious The Cuba team was having the time of their lives, playing and enjoying every moment. I am curious with the association to Korean immigration which they will reveal more next week. The poor Kazakhstan team has to convince the crowd to take their autographs hahaha 2 days 1 night is always unpredictable in their story telling. I was also expecting a lot of fans but who knows it was just a handful Congrats on the high ratings, I hope it will continue or go even higher!
  11. Happy New Year to all Been some time since there is a new episode. The familiar feeling of seeing the members on screen and enjoying their reactions and conversations. Missed them alot! Nice gesture from 2 days 1 night to thank the grannies. Just seeing them on screen again is so touching. Members' airport fashion or lack of fashion was hilarious especially joon ho and jong min outfits and hair hahaha So looking forward to their overseas trip in the next episode. Can sense the members' excitement! The transition from thanking the grannies to the overseas trips was a bit abrupt and did not flow too well but it is still acceptable. Just thankful that the production team edit this episode for screening on the last day of 2017.
  12. I hope to see the 10th anniversary celebration episodes before the close of the year. Will be a pity if they miss this milestone. Hoping for dreams to come true
  13. New episode!!!! I cannot wait. Missed them so much. Past Mondays were miserable.
  14. Just managed to catch the special on Joo Hyuk as I was overseas. From the editing, you can feel the admiration, love and respect from the staff who came together and do this tribute for him. When the members cried I can really feel it. There is nothing much to say except tears. In his quiet ways, he is really a great guy loved by all. My respects to Joo Hyuk. Rest in peace and we will remember the member forever.
  15. OMG I cannot believe it Joo Hyuk rest in peace. You will be forever remembered. It is too shocking for me