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  1. Jong Min on superman! strange that he will appear in this type of program. hmm.. babysitting Seung jae...that will not be easy as the boy is very intelligent and hyper active. I look forward
  2. I enjoyed the charade segment where they bring back friends and family of the 2 days 1 night! So happy that members connected with the pretty announcer, judo twin, the naturalist , Soo Chan!!! when he get older, i can envision Soo Chan joining in the programme Am impressed that Soo Chan get the answers correct Proud Taehyun. Joon Ho must be the most unlucky guy for this trip. He only had breakfast, no lunch for him despite using the golden ring and no dinner too Glad that ratings has gone up for this week.
  3. My personal assessment is that Donggu's bosses have no issues with him. Otherwise they won't have given him the newcomer variety award last year for 2 days 1 night. He was also the lead actor in KBS drama "The Best Hit" recently. Apparently, PD Hojin approached him. He is polite and hard working which fits the korean societal expectations. Donggu is not excessively over the top in reactions which some viewers expect but he has his own charms of winning hearts. Frankly, I am enjoying the stability of the programme now that both Donggu and PD Ilyong has settled down. It was extremely disturbing when they change PD and JJY left the programme for a while. My wish is less hate comments and more constructive feedback or just simply enjoy the show as it is.
  4. I must say JJY looks good in the video.. he should be the main actor Instead, the actors look like cheeky uncle and.cool nephew. I am beginning to enjoy the bickering between PD and Joon Ho. Loved it when PD was the special effects guy and sprayed water all over him Enoying the chemistry between members and staff. Donggu has to give hugs to promote the video Usually it is the actors that do this hahahha.. Agree that Defconn is great at interacting with crowds. He is a natural and enjoys it as well. I noticed that Soo Chan is mentioned in almost every episode by his father or the uncles. They all love him Actually I did not expect Team Donggu to win. From the concept discussion to the filming, Team Taehyun seemed to be more organised. He even used a selfie sticks to have better shots And ilyong looks so professional editing the video! The end results are that both videos are good but I do find Donggu team's video more appealing, funny and heart warming. The film critic compared it to Lala Land that got the whole team going in fits hahaha. I personally don't like secret filiming so I don't enjoy seeing food betrayal. But I was surprised by the twist when Joon Yong betrayed Joon Ho.. it was actually quite funny
  5. Hope they will invite former members or even Na PD (live or video ). Will be great to see them again
  6. I rewatched the scene many times when Taehyun screamed after seeing the ghost outside Even PD was laughing so hard. Sorry to Taehyun and JJY for laughing at your fears but you both are so funny I wished Donggu succeed in hitting the ball But he failed again . Can see that he really felt so sorry for making his brothers suffer with him in the non aircon car hahaha.. not sure which is worse space suit in 40 degree heat or non aircon car All in all - watch what you say!!! haha
  7. Looks like Joon Ho's snoring is really killer. The agony on Taehyun's face is priceless suffering the heat and noise I feel his pain hahaha I enjoyed the two food globins, they complimented the members and was not overdoing it. The food guessing game become more fun because of them. I compliment Jong Min for his great and funny acting. He stole the show for this episode. Last week was slow but this week they picked up pace. It was an enjoyable episode. After seeing all the food, I need to satisfy the Ginseng Chicken craving now hahaha
  8. Yes the Dividiv game with alpha O was so funny as well. He has this look that you can't help laughing at. Though I feel sorry for the members not eating the good food but the Food Globins made eating so delicious and the amount of food they consumed so sinful hahaha
  9. Thanks for the videos. Brings back all the happy memories of 2 days 1 night season 3Especially enjoyed the first video on Jong Min punching the bear and subsequently all related videos about bears across different episodes hahaha must have taken alot effort to compile it. Thanks again! absolutely enjoyed it.
  10. Congrats 2 days 1 night on winning the award. King Sejong was indeed a legendary episode filmed under PD Illyong leadership.
  11. The naturalist stole the show, totally enjoyed his segment very much. It did crossed my mind that he deliberately performed badly at Joon Ho charade to get him to sleep outdoors simply hilarious that he did so well during Donggu's turn as compared to Joon Ho The chemistry between the 2 members and the naturalist is awesome. So heartwarming to see the members cooking for villagers and putting up a mini concert to entertain them. When the caption says "good looking chef from Italian restaurant" showing JJY and Taehyun and "army cook" showing Defconn, I died laughing. Good editing Hope to see more of such episodes. Don't need big stars to have good ratings just need unique characters like naturalist Great to see increased ratings this week.
  12. Donggu and staff team looked so happy! Great chemistry between them; unscripted and such a joy to watch them in this episode I look forward to their interactions with the naturalist next week. I am still amazed by the naturalist how did they find such a guy? Hahaha
  13. For a city person like me, I enjoyed 2 days 1 night country episodes very much. The old folks were really heart warming and to enter their world for that 1hour 30mins was enjoyable for me. I got to know how to do farming, repair clay walls and make tofu. Making tofu sure is a complicated process. And where did they find the naturalist? His dream is to live alone in the mountain hmmm... but he sure got a lot of grocery store food Taehyun hosts adores him a lot. He was served 5 snacks throughout. Lucky guy hahaha I picked up a life lesson from Yolo grandpa - If life deceives you, do not mourn. Believe a day of merriment will come.. Credit to Defconn, he was great with grandma, enjoyed his interactions with her and he did a great job to repair the clay wall. Loved his workmanship and work ethics as well. Full fledged city boy, JJY trying his best to communicate with grandma, doing farm work with her and getting her to sing was very heartwarming. Donggu again proved he is truly a geniune and nice person. I was impressed that he carried that 2 blocks of ice on his backpack in the summer heat and climbed the mountain (except for the time the staff carried it when they lost the game) Putting his marine fitness to good use, the appreciation from naturalist was worth the effort from Donggu and staff. Cannot imagine no ice for 20 years! It was beyond variety for this week episode. Beyond the laughters and jokes, you get the chance to see how people live and connect with them in their world. It was an enriching episode, good job 2 days 1 night!
  14. I noticed Joon Ho being more vocal recently, getting frustrated and challenging PD.. I think it is part of the character he plays in the programme. Otherwise, they would have edit it out. What we finally see on screen is the 'approved version' by the production team. I have no issue, sometimes it is funny to see him flustered but not too often. I still prefer his comedy personality. Looks like ratings is increasing! Congrats!
  15. Interesting concept involving fans in the filming of 2 days 1 night where fans went beyond just supporting from afar but being personally involved in the program. I am sure it won many fans' hearts including mine as well. I enjoyed the interactions between members and fans. Awkward in the beginning but subsequently everyone was bonding and having a great time. Speaking English must be the toughest for the members hahaha.. 100% to in the laughter I died laughing watching the members struggled to speak English. I kept hearing "wow" and more "wows" Taehyun's fan is such a wonderful person just like him. So impressed that Taehyun recognised her and remembered her name. She has been a super fan since the start of his career. Overall, I would say it was more a heart warming episode than funny except for the English segment