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  1. I see some fans making it a big deal... when in fact I see nothing wrong about it. The stylists are just maybe trolling. Some fans are just overreacting I guess..
  2. All the teasings they are doing I can't stop laughing what a troll couple
  3. I just want to say my thoughts are so FSGAHAHSJAJA right now yep this is how I can only describe it. I have never experienced this kind of thing with my past ships. LMAO. PSJ is a huge as* (literally speaking he really has a great one lol) troll and we love it.
  4. The devil in WWWSK is telling me they are doing something... fun right now. Pls go away help mi
  5. This is gonna be my last comment about this but using the word boycott man it's such a strong word... We should really think before posting things. That's all peace out!
  6. I know many of you are missing them so hard but can we please refrain from creating unnecessary comments. Stop the negative vibes.
  7. Whaaaat Do you really have to think that they are not close? All of them enjoyed the filming. Again, stop creating unnecessary dramas. It's just that they know something we know nothing about. Just enjoy okay.
  8. Now I highly believe that they already planned everything. They are more than prepared
  9. I think it's highly possible that PMY went on ninja mode lol My faves do that despite their fame they werent spotted. There are ways if thats the case. Haha
  10. There are currently only 27 people in the gc. I actually havent replied to all who pmed bc they are quite a number and I dont have enough time to reply. And Idk who is who and how to filter everyone so for now I'm not accepting everyone yet to easily filter people. So far we're doing good with 27 people and our priority is to protect PPC too. Ofc this thread should still go on
  11. As much as I want to see them together on screen again, I don't really think that WWWSK S02 is necessary... The show really ended fine so I don't think there's more to add.
  12. I can't believed knetz even noticed that small detail omg I didnt even... PPC shippers are really great investigators