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  1. Woah...your analysis is great but my head is spinning right now I would like ask something though.What is the 'illness' that cannot be cured referring to?So Ah falling in love?Because if it is,then wouldn't that be a problem? If there is a cure: Advantages- May stop situations from becoming more complicated by stopping So Ah from falling in love with Habaek. Disadvantages- It may be another tragic love story where So Ah will live her normal human life as Habaek suffers pining and being broken hearted for eternity. Because,correct me if I'm wrong,it's not mentioned that there is a cure if Habaek falls in love. And maybe he said "Don't fall for me because there is no cure" because of his experience with Nak-Bin? For those who read the manga,did Nak-Bin fall in love with Habaek too?Because if she did then that's why Habaek warned So Ah not to fall in love with him.
  2. @ChunSungIm I love all the OSTs! So far,the one you posted is the most upbeat song as compared to the rest @Visually-wandering Habaek not only learns from books.He learns from watching dramas too.Remember the scene where he came very close to her and deduced that the signs she showed was because of a man (heavy breathing,blushing etc.)That was hilarious!I think he learn the move from a drama and will practise it on So Ah next week.Can't wait! I don't know what Habaek saw in the last scene.Maybe he saw something only he can see because he is the next emperor?Anyways,there's a suspicious looking guy in black during that time. @supergal99 managed to find a pic of that scene so you can refer to her recent post if you don't get what I mean. Is he the reason why Habaek was alarmed? Is he a mere passerby, a spy or minor god? Then again,some of you mentioned that maybe Habaek saw the coordinates when So Ah looked at vanuatu on the map.That's possible because I think her suddenly taking out the map in her pen at that moment was quite random.
  3. You welcome! *Hugs & Kisses to everyone* And thanks to everyone who has helped to contribute in any way to this thread so far Can't wait for subs to come out tomorrow! ~Okay back to my assignments now~
  4. I don't think JD got killed by HY. I think the blood on the stone is from HY when he got kicked out (?) of the realm and appeared in humans' world. Like I said, 'I think'. Cos' we still need eng subs to confirm or correct what we know about the episode as of now. I love how Habaek and So Ah's relationship is so natural. They are gradually opening up to each other and understnding each other as they put aside their selfish needs. All I hope is that there is no tragic ending.*prays hard*It'll break everyone's hearts if this is like a romeo and juliet story.
  5. They talk and Habaek points to the sky. He happens to create insects which glows in blue. So Ah smiles and Habaek looks at her lovingly. They return home. So Ah enters home and is about to enter her room when she looks over at the wooden door. She goes over, knock it and sits down. Habaek on the other side stops and listens when she starts talking from the other side of the door. They greet each other goodnight(?). She enters her room and looks at the deal papers then sighs. Next morning, Namsuri is walking and stares at his hand. So Ah catches up with him and they start talking. She asks something about Habaek and she seems surprised. Namsuri denies and leaves in a hurry. Looks like he leaked a certain information. So Ah looks at the papers again in her office. She tells her assistant something before leaving the office. She goes to Hooye's hotel and meets him at his office. I think she's trying to take back the land or something. So Ah leaves the office. Habaek calls her. After a few words he hang up. Above her, Hooye observes her. So Ah helps people as she waits for someone. Someone is spying on her from behind a tree. She looks at vanuatu on her map again. Habaek gets off a taxi but quickly runs to her when he notices something. She is confused. ~Episode ends~ Preview: SQUEALS!!!More Habaek and So Ah moments as they get closer in proximity! But this doesn't come without some sad melodrama moments between the two. I saw a scene where Biryum punches Hooye. He deserves it. He is planning something and by the looks of it, he may hurt So Ah. Next week gets more exciting!
  6. Habaek is angry. Hooye shouts back. Until Moora pulls him backwards with her power. The blind girl comes out and asks Hooye something. Moora and Habaek leave. Moora warns him before leaving. Habaek looks over at the place and leaves. So Ah's assistant pokes his head in and tells her something. She answers and looks defeated. At home, she tries to cook. She obviously fails at it as her pan drops to the floor. She's stressed out and cries. Calling out her mom's name. She flashback to when she visited her mom's grave when she died. At the present, she's cries as she's in a fetal position. Habaek comes in and looks at the place. He approaches her and asks her what's wrong. She answers. He feels for her. Both visit her mom's grave at night. She greets her mom as Habaek gives her some space to do so. He listens to her as she talks to her mom. She sits down and pats the space beside her to invite Habaek to sit. She talks about her parents and Habaek listens to her.
  7. Habaek says something as he holds his hand over his heart. Meanwhile, Hooye is at a distance, looking at So Ah. He flashback to them talking at the forest about 'regretting opening up/ relying on someone that she shouldn't have'. Next morning, as So Ah leaves the house, Habaek looks at her from the rooftop. There's a voiceover as he looks at a butterfly. He then calls her and says 1 sentence before hanging up. She wonders about his words. Rich granddaughter shows her grandpa something but he seems disgusted and complains. She says something to him and comes up with a plan. Hooye's assistant comes over to tell him something but obviously his miind isn't present at the moment. Granddaughter shouts at him and grabs his arm but he pulls it away. She seems shocked and Hooye apologises. Then he leaves. She goes to talk to his assistant instead. She keeps bugging him but he ignores her. He tells her something which makes her surprised. He leaves her there in shock. So Ah looks at the deal papers and turns them over when her assistant comes. He notices 2 tickets and tries to see it but So Ah stops him. Assistant barges in when she's blushing. She tries to leave but faces Hooye who came to meet her. They discuss something. Hooye looks like he trying to hide anger and try to keep smiling. He explains his childhood(?) He seems angry but still tries to smile. Cut to a boy who come out of the gate from So Ah's land. His lips bleeding. The blood dripped on a rock. The boy runs away. He runs into a forest and saw lights which he ran towards. So Ah continues to listen. Hooye thinking inhis head but snaps out of it when So Ah asks him to continue. He said there's a happy ending as he ends his story. Both walk out of the clinic as So Ah tells him something. Hooye thanks her and leave. So Ah stops him by telling him something. He looks tensed as he hears his words. His smile is gone as he is deeply affected by her words. He bows and leaves. So Ah flashback to what he said and shakes her head. One of the minor gods saw Hooye with So Ah and then calls Biryum. Biryum with Moora in his car as he takes the call. Biryum drives off. Hooye seems stressed and jittery. He answers a call. His assistant tells him something. Biryum and Moora observes Hooye as he gets out of his car after parking it. Biryum uses his powers to 'drive' a car to hit Hooye. Hooye notices. Moora tells him to stop. Hooye looks at the car. Moora uses her power to swerve thcar so that it doesn't hit Hooye. Hooye looks over at Biryum with anger as Biryum smirks and leaves after Moora. Moora scolds Biryum and then calls Habaek to warn him. Habaek makes call. So Ah at her office thinking about something. Her friend comes over. So Ah tells her something as they are at a cafe. Seems like her friend kind of stalked Namsuri at the river. She held out her hand to shake Namsuri's hand. He shakes it but she doesn't let go. Habaek enters a compound. Hooye's place. He faces Hooye who was waiting for him. Something beneath Hooye's collar lights up. Obviously a tense atmosphere. Habaek tears that part of his shirt to reveal something shining.
  8. Habaek tells Biryum something and Biryum looks tensed. They get out of his car. Biryum stops them by telling Habaek something related to So Ah. He smirks and drives off. They look on as Habaek is thinking of something. So Ah looking at the deal papers while thinking about what Habaek said. Suddenly lightning strikes. Lol...it's habaek's doing as he snaps his fingers. Moora tells him to stop but he continues after thinking about Habaek's words. Hooye looks at the lightning and seems to have made up a plan. Habaek waiting for So Ah at her clinic. Her assistant complains to him but Habaek stops him by telling him something like he's warning him. Assistant still continues his rant though and Habaek seems irritated. So Ah appears and Habaek looks at her. She hides the documents behind her. In her office, the assistant serve them drinks. So Ah turns the cup for hmi so that he doesn't drink the chipped part. At night, they talk as they walk back . So Ah seems shocked at something he said. She tries to explain and Habaek listens. She apologises to him for something and he seems surprised. She walks on, looks behind and smiles. Lol....amusement park scene! Habaek screams at everything...from roller coasters to hanuted house. So Ah tries to shut his mouth and covers her ears. They rest at a bench. Habaek looks at her lovingly and says she's cute(?). He gets up and both of them walk as they talk again. He flashes back to when she wish to see her dad again. They talk more as she internally chides. As Habaek says something, she seems surprised.
  9. Start! Scene of a dark cave. Someone picks up a leaf. It's a young child who eats the leaf. Habaek and the high priest were discussing something as Habaek holds a scroll. They are at his home in the water kingdom. The high priest is telling something. They transport to somewhere else and end up meeting Moora and Biryum. The high priest tells them about development of man. He says something and transports somewhere else. The other 3 follow him. The high priest continues to explain something to them. The 3 gods seem surprised and doubtful though. Biryum and Moora leaves. High pries tells Habaek something and leaves. The 3 gods meet up again to discuss what High priest told them. What the high priest told them is related to Habaek. Cut to scene where Habaek questions the high priest and they discuss something. Habaek seems angered. High priest continues to explain. Cut to ending scene in last episode.I think Hooye denies Habaek but Habaek hold out the rock with blood on it. So Ah tries to pull Habaek away but Habaek questions Hooye further. Moora steps in to stop Habaek. Hooye seems flustered and leaves in a hurry. Hooye walks into his office slowly. Looks at his name plate. He has blank expression on his face. He looks over at his photographs and plaques on his table. He flashback to Habaek's words and So Ah's words in the forest. He starts to sweat. He remembers Moora and Biryum. He thinks of So Ah. With vengeful look on his face, he thinks of So Ah's name. So Ah thinks of what happened in her car while the 3 gods and Namsuri meet up and discuss. Moora seem to be warning Habaek. Habaek looks determined. Biryum drives Habaek and Namsuri and tells them something.
  10. (If Hooye really is a fire god...) I looked up on google and found that fire generally represent both positive and negative traits.Active,Passionate,Authoritative,Enlightened,Brings Warmth but can also bring about Destruction.These are just a few that I've found which seems to fit Hooye.You can google more to find other traits. I didn't find one that says fire represents being short tempered although we often associate the two.In fact,one site mentions that fire is a Celtic representive of the concept of unification of polarities/striking a calm balance between two opposities withing human awareness. (http://www.whats-your-sign.com/fire-symbols-and-meanings.html ) Therefore,my theory would be that if Hooye is a fire god,it doesn't mean he's hot tempered.He's merely been planning his moves and waiting patiently for the day that he will get what he wants. Water,on the other hand, represents purity,high adaptability,transformation,blessing,subconcious and flow of life. Anyone with relation to this symbol often have great power but also great obstacles to overcome. One also has layers to his character,wisdom and can 'naturally see what others tend to overlook completely'.Thus,their unexpected and startling observations makes some uncomfortable. (https://www.buildingbeautifulsouls.com/symbols-meanings/five-elements-symbolic-meaning/element-water/ ) These few traits sounds a lot like Habaek too.
  11. Omg 100 pages already! Happy 100 pages to us! Btw,I wonder if he is a god of agriculture or god of fire...or maybe he's both?Wow that'd be too much...
  12. It's like a back hugging triangle! HY back hugs SA, SA back hugs HB, HB back hugs... ...HY? (Hehehe)
  13. @vangsweetie637 @kaoriharang I think the land she sold off is where the gate for the gods is, not the place she's living in with Habaek and Namsuri. That's really serious. By selling of that land, there will be serious consequences for the gods, especially Habaek who is supposed to come back to be the emperor of all realms. I think that's why So Ah was telling herself that selling off the land is okay despite Habaek telling her not to. She failed though because she couldn't even sleep all night thinking about the issue. I hope eng subs come out fast so that I can understand the conversations they had in this episode and can clear some assumptions that I'm having. They finally talked more about Joo Dong. I really wonder where he went. Did he go to another realm? Is his blood on the stone that Habaek found? Or is it even blood in the first place? That blind girl Hooye was helping...is she the same blind girl in the very beginning of episode 1? Who is she and what role is she playing in this whole plot? The caterpillar and the grass around it burned on its own. It's obviously Hooye's doing. But who is Hooye? What kind of god is he? Obviously, he cares about nature and humans. But he seems to have a sinister side to him? If he is also a god, no matter minor or a major one, surely he knows who Biryum, Moora and Habaek is. Surely he knows the value and meaning of the land that So Ah sold. What is his intention? Why does he want to obtain all those? Is because of greed? Habaek seems to know him. What is his past and his relationships with them like? That rich granddaughter...has more to this story than we initally thought. In the preview, you can see that Hooye was hugging her, something that he would never do. Then why was he doing that? How important is or will the granddaughter be in this whole plot? So many questions...some will be answered when the subtitles are ready. But some we'll get to know in the future episodes
  14. She seems shocked and realises something. She then leaves and returns to her room. She's thinking about something as she talks to herself. She wakes up with eyebags under her eyes as she kepp thinking about what Habaek said. She hangs the sheets as she looks over at him. Namsuri told her something and she seems shocked. Habaek closes his book and told Namsuri to come along. They leave. She talks to herself. Obviously the guilt is really hitting her hard. Moora and Biryum meet at her house. He told her something and she's surprised. An old man comes out from his car and calls out to a rich old lady . Another man comes along and joins in the conversation. A young guy comes over, followed by the hungry minor god. They talk about Habaek as they are having a meal. Suddenly, Biryum enters and all these minor gods leave in fear. He stops the hungry god though. Moora enters next and he screams in fear. Moora question him about Habaek and she gets angry. Biryum is laughing at the side. Biryum puts him in the back seat as he seems to have passed out. Before Biryum and Moora enter the car, he tells he rsomething which makes her angry. She drives away, leaving Biryum behind. Habaek and Namsuri having a meal. Habaek's phone rings. Moora is calling him. She awakes the minor god. He wakes up and the first person he sees is Habaek. Habaek asks him about the rock they found. Moora gets fed up. The minor god tells them something. They realise something. Seems important. Habaek looks damn serious. Moora, Habaek and Namsuri discuss. Hooye suddenly appears and Habaek stares at him. Moora introduces him. He refuses to shake his hand. He then leaves. Suddenly So Ah appears. All three also notice her. Hooye calls out to her and they talk. Habaek so angry here. He gets up and walks over to them. So Ah tries to get Hooye to leave with her. But Habaek whispers something to Hooye and he looks at him in shock. So Ah is in shock too. Moora walks over.Episode ends~ From preview (it was too fast), I understand that the love triangle will be oh so obvious tomorrow as both Habaek and Hooye spend more time with So Ah. Looks like Habaek and So Ah will go to an amusement park. OMG that will be so fun to watch! Knew it! Hooye isn't human! He must be a god because Habaek seem surprised at his powers.