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  1. https://illuminationideas.com/what-is-a-friendship-lamp The idea of the lamps isn't new.~Sigh~ If only they made them heart shapes...then IANAR will be scrambling for them Btw,if there are any updates,please post them here.E.g dvds,osts,award ceremonies,interviews etc.
  2. In 2015.I've always seen the one where they were on stage and she was wearing the white dress.Never seen these before.
  3. To anyone who needs cheering up,here's ChaeYoo with aegyo!Have a nice day chingus!
  4. Yoo Seung Ho showers ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo with compliments about his visuals By beansss 1 day ago 11,986 6,413 9 2 6118 SHARES Facebook Twitter Google+ Actor Yoo Seung Ho sat down for an interview in light of finishing up his latest drama, MBC's 'I'm Not A Robot'. The interviewer mentioned that ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo had previously coined Yoo Seung Ho as the most suave person the idol has ever met. Yoo Seung Ho responded, "This is the first time I'm hearing that he said that. I met him during a CF filming. The filming was in broad daylight under the hot sun, so my face got baked and my hair was a mess. But in front of me, there was a very tall and very handsome, white person. He had the visuals fit for a romance manhwa. This person was Cha Eun Woo. Every time I saw him after that filming, it was nice to see him. The real person who got a shock from seeing the other's visuals was me. [Cha Eun Woo] really is the face genius." When asked if he wanted to appear on variety shows, Yoo Seung Ho answered, "I have no confidence in varieties. The person Yoo Seung Ho is not a very funny person. I do need something to break me into that world, but I'm still not quite ready for variety shows for the moment." Source: https://www.allkpop.com/article/2018/02/yoo-seung-ho-showers-astros-cha-eun-woo-with-compliments-about-his-visuals Omg YSH, YOU'RE the one with the visuals and handsome face...even CSB said so
  5. Chingus! Does this mean there'll be a DVD soon? I also heard that the OST album is out.
  6. I searched for the photos.Here they are:
  7. What do you notice? Me: BOOKS,BOOKS & more BOOKS! And a picture of a CAT in the 3rd one but I don't think it's hers.
  8. Visuals are soo strong! Okay,Let's see who has eagle eyesUsing this gif from @irma1129 's post or Any other gifs/videos of this kiss (But you must post it along with your answer), answer this question: Who's tongue was it in this gif? Calling all Byuntaes!You'll love this question
  9. @irma1129 Why didn't I realise this earlier?Isn't this another french kiss?Because I see a tongue thereAnd again the sucking of the bottom lip
  10. Chingus,I saw this while I was scrolling on IG and squealed!I will never get enough of thisI still react the same way I did when I first saw the scene! @cceessyy I agree with you on that. I understand that some of us may want to compare his interactions with past co-stars to confirm what all of us suspect his true feelings for CSB is. However,I feel that we should refrain from mentioning what other shipper groups or fans of co-stars say about uri couple.They have their own opinions and we have ours.If bashers bash us or CSB,we should encourage each other and send more supoort for CSB instead of talking bad about the bashers.We're all mature and I'm so proud of us for being so but this is just a reminder to avoid any misunderstanding or conflict in the future Bold Squad!Let's spread good vibes! @OMihO Omg Unnie!! Where did get this info from?It's so detailed!Thanks for sharing theseIt seems that YSH have done most (and possibly all) the steps!
  11. YAY! Welcome Chingu! Some of us didn't know CSB before this and now all of us are fans/ becoming fans too! "Just a thought, I read that CSB accepted the cast for IANAR first before YSH. So that means YSH could have known who is going to be partnering him when he was being approached right. So is there a tiny mini chance that part of the reason he accepted the cast for IANAR is due to our dear CSB? Haha...just a wishful thought." I'm sure all of us have such thoughts too! Having met in 2015 means that YSH knows who CSB is. That would mean that CSB being cast in this would have been a factor (How big of a factor is what we do not know) for him in deciding whether to take up this project.
  12. Btw Bold Squad, we're on Hot topics and Popular now. So, keep those comments coming! Any new updates so far? @happy2018 for now, let's wait for translation from @visualeye 's friend. I believe she'll be the most credible source
  13. YES!This is every Bold Squad member's wish! Plus, we can observe them together and look for more hints @OMihO Thank you for the original interview!With so many weird translations going round, we need to look back at the original source. Now to get a translator... @visualeye please get your friend to translate.Tell her that the whole 60+ (?) members of Bold Squad will be very grateful
  14. I got these from @yooseungho_world on IG: More in spoiler:
  15. @luv_into @JiraM Where/How can we get the OST album?