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    (Ongoing Malay drama) Dia

    Number of episodes: 60 First date of airing: 14 October 2017 Day/ Time of airing: Friday-Sunday, 9.00 p.m Channel: TV3 (Malaysia) Scriptwriters: Zarihah Hassan, Nasir Sulaiman, Azidah Jaafar, Azmy Ariff, Shuhadatul AinDirectors: Eoon Shuhaini (Indonesia), Omar Olly Alaydrus (Indonesia), Zamri Zakaria (Malaysia) Production: OrangeTree Production Sdn Bhd SYNOPSIS DIA (TV3) Adit (Irwansyah) was forced to marry Emelda (Izara Aishah) even though he loves Aira (Janna Nick). He eventually marries Emelda due to feeling indebted to Emelda's family for helping his family, especially his father years ago. The story follows the three main characters from the time they were in school to the time when they are working adults. Emelda and Aira are like sisters even though Aira's mother works as a helper for Emelda's family. The moment Adit entered the picture due to an exchange programme between Malaysian and Indonesian schools, the love triangle starts. Adit grew to love Aira and Aira felt the same for him. However, Emelda also grew to love Adit but Adit only sees her as a sister. Aira eventually had to sacrifice as Adit ended up marrying Emelda. Emelda only found out that both Aira and Adit love each other after their marriage. However, Emelda died after giving birth to Icha Aulia (Sandrinna Michelle Skornicki). Emelda's mother was so enraged that she did not want to accept Adit and Icha into her house. Nevertheless, Adit keeps on trying to let Icha come over to the house to spend time and know who her mother and her grandparents are. Since Adit often came back and even stayed in Malaysia over a period of time, fate brought him and Aira to meet again. However, by now, Aira already has Zaid (Adi Putra) as her boyfriend. Aira still loves Adit but whenever she meets him, she acts differently as she is still hurt by what he did. Who will Aira choose? How will Adit resolve the problems that come his way? MAIN CHARACTERS Irwansyah - Adit Janna Nick - Aira Izara Aishah - Emelda Adi Putra - Zaid Sandrinna Michelle Skornicki - Icha Kevin Andrean - Mika Juliana Moechtar - Zelma Aleza Shadan - Fatimah Zamarul Hisham - Hafiz Emma Maembong - Tina Farouk Hussain - Pak Hashim Fazlina Ahmad Daud - Mak Milah MAIN OST 1st TRAILER