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  1. [Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부

    Thus the series endsBut it's not over cos' I'll be back after watching the subs tomorrow.See y'all soon and I want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to the thread especially during live recaps and all your theories Will miss watching and discussing BOTWG with you guys.See you tomorrow!
  2. [Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부

    SA in red dress with white flower.She throws it into the water and then dives in.At least…she imagined that.MR and BY meet her and talk to her.MR mentioned something which makes SA shocked.She leaves.BY winks at SA before leaving.He kind of hugged MR as they walk away. SA’s assistant says something which makes her shocked.A girl comes in.SA and her greet each other.SA talking on the phone along the street that is now lighted.She sees HB waiting for her at the lamppost.She hangs up.She slowly approaches him.Both are smiling.They talk.She then smiles and hugs him.They then held hands and talked as they walked back to the house.The words on SA’s house in chalk kind of disappeared.They enter.They words in chalk turns into a wooden sign at SA’s gate-a sign that they will permanently be together.
  3. [Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부

    The high priest tells Hooye something.Hooye answers and then walks away.The high priest calls HB.HB then tells SA something.He kisses her on her forehead.HB walks over to high priest and they disappear.Hooye looks at his hotel and then he smiles.Granddaughter and secretary meet up and talk.
  4. [Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부

    HB holds SA hand and says something.MR looks confused but the high priest looks happy.The high priest says something to HB before he disappears.JD says something and the seal glows.he tells SA something.SA says something as the rest look at her.She then faces HB and tears up as she says her wish(?)HB also tears up.He then smiles MR looks annoyed and leaves,followed by BY who was smiling.JD said something before disappearing.SA and HB hug each other in tears of joy and HB says he loves her.The high priest meets Hooye and talks to him.
  5. [Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부

    HB and SA at a tree.Frame of her family at the tree.I guess it’s in honour of her father.HB hugs her as she talks.She tells him something as the 3 gods and Namsuri come to meet them.JD holds up a seal/badge?SA holds out her hand and receives the seal.She says her wish and JD says something.An old man comes and talks to them.He holds out a plastic with water and goldfish and he wears the same ring as the taxi driver and the box collector.OOOOOHHHH he’s the high priest all along.He explains something which makes HB realise something.
  6. [Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부

    SA sees her father at the bottom in a water bubble.Something glowed in her father’s pocket.She swims down and tries to bring him with her.3 of them swim to the surface.
  7. [Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부

    He tells her something and she keeps shouting no and cries.He hugs her and she tries to push him away.He says something but she keeps shaking her head.The 3 gods come and shouts at HB.MR tries to go to him but JD holds her back.She cries on BY’s shoulder instead.HB keeps asking her to go.SA jumps into the lake.HB follows after her.
  8. [Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부

    I think he says that he plans to stay so everyone is shocked.Everyone tries to dissuade him.SA comes up and heard.She asks what do they mean.HB goes to her and she cries.He hugs her as she cries.The 3 gods at MR’s house thinking what to do.BY meets SA and talks to her.SA sees the drawing of her and HB.HB goes downstairs and looks at the same drawing.He then talks to her.She tears up but he holds her hand to reassure her.They go to the lake and there,SA apologises to her father.Namsuri comes back to an empty house.SA and HB talk.He holds her hand and he tears up.He says he loves her and kisses her.
  9. [Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부

    HB hugs her and comforts her as she cries and shouts.JD,Namsuri,BY and MR meet up and they talk.HB looks at SA as she sleeps.HB then sits on his chair as he thinks about what SA said.He sits as he watches SA sleep the whole night.Namsuri comes in the next morning.He goes upstairs and meets the other gods.They talk.
  10. [Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부

    Flashback to when SA jumped off the bridge.Her father saw her and ran after her.He dived in to save her. He pushed her up but he sank.He watched her swim to save herself as he sank.His handphone slipped out of his pocket and landed on the ground.Soon after,his body sank to the bottom too.HB and SA at the lake.SA breaks down.
  11. [Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부

    HB came back home and SA asked about him.He stays silent so she asks what’s wrong.She then hugs him as he tears up.He mentions her father saying he found him.He answers her and she starts to tear up.He explains further and she cries.
  12. [Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부

    HB tells her something but SA looks upbeat.He looks at her before he leaves.Hooye thinking of what SA said in his office.He remembers what JD said as he holds his phone.He calls SA. JD and HB stand before the lake where he once stayed in the inflatable castle.He remembers his conversation with SA.HB dives into the lake. SA meets Hooye and he explains to her about when he wandered after coming to the human world.He came across a car.SA’s father got out of the car and asked if he was okay.He took off his jacket and covered him.He basically saved him.
  13. [Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부

    JD and Hooye seem to be talking about something very important.JD then went to see HB and SA to tell them something. SA looked shocked.HB pulled JD away to his room and they talk.SA wondering about what JD said as she held on to Yong Yong doll.She looked at the frame of her and her father.JD continue to talk to HB and explain to him. Sighs…if only I understand…seems to be a very important conversation that reveals something. Hungry god meet with Hooye again. He tells him something.HY flashback to when JD visited him. JD at the bridge where SA once jumped off.He calls HB.He says something which makes HB look broken hearted.SA writing something in a book and talking to the doll.HB enters and looks at her. Approaches her as she self-talks.
  14. [Drama 2017] Bride of the Water God, 하백의 신부

    Habaek smiled as he saw So Ah after she ate.He then took a tissue and wiped her mouth for her.So Ah called his name.He looked up.She said something as he listened.They then played the scissors-paper-stone game with the owners of the eating place. The man talked with Habaek as So Ah went somewhere else with his wife.The guy mentioned ‘bride’.Habaek then asked and then turned around. So Ah came out dressed as a bride.Habaek stood up and looked at her lovingly.She asked if she was pretty and called his name.Habaek who was too stunned just said ‘oh’ as his reply.So Ah said something that made Habaek stare at her lovingly as they sat.The guy called out to Habaek and he snapped out of it and faced the front.The guy’s wife gave a bouquet to So Ah and again he stared lovingly at her.