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  1. Hmm...I dont know what exactly is going on (I need English sub) but maybe BG felt like he can't lie anymore or that he isnt really confident MK will awake very soon so it might not help if he choose to wait.Thats what I think as of now
  2. LOVE ALL THE OSTs! And this recent one is no exception The frustration and longing for 5 days is REAL & I am so GLAD and THANKFUL to have you pretty squad for support. Thank you for posting videos of fan-made, BTS and cute IG posts and artworks. Thanks to all of you, I don't feel so alone and suffer so much while waiting.Lots of love to all of you
  3. Hehe expected another cliffhanger Stay strong til next wed pretty squad!
  4. BTW, anyone took note of the MONAMI file being hacked into? I wonder how that will come into play in the future episodes...what's in that file? Anyone remembers?
  5. Haven't watched it but BIG THANK YOU to the recappers! I'm annoyed that, at this point, JA still lies about her name. I mean, isn't there enough lies already? And it's about time that he finds out. Of course he might faint or something but I think the lies have gone on long enough. With the lies revealed, MK has to find a way to cope with the truths. And I hope that no matter how much MK pushes them away, Santa Maria and JA still try to be by his side to remind him that not all lies have evil intentions and not all people are bad because they lie.
  6. Ahhh...okay Thank you for updating us on the poll so far Hmm... maybe. But if she's calling off the wedding in that scene, I wonder what trigered her to do it since she has never thought about calling off the wedding before. I was thinking that perhaps, they went shopping for rings. Then they might have a conversation or she suddenly realise the mistake that she is doing if she were to carry on with the wedding. Then afterwards, they decide to have lunch or drink at a cafe. That's when she told him that she didn't actually want to marry him. Maybe MK will also admit that he feels the same. And then they part amiably. Hehe did I think too far? It's my guess on what may happen.
  7. @Lmangla I'm in! I choose option #3! I've been trying to search for a video that's why I haven't posted my option yet. Here's a video to go with my option! BTW, are there any penalties or rewards?
  8. I was holding back tears but that very last scene just killed me WHY? Why do you do this to me?! Seeing YSH cry like that...I just can't. And then I did the mistake of listening to the latest OST after watching that scene. Now I'm crying as I'm typing this I haven't even watched it with english subs yet. I don't expect MG to connect the dots that AJI3 was JA the whole time tomorrow.But I hope he realises it soon.And when he does, I hope he keeps it to himself first.Maybe he'll get to know JA as JA herself and then he will compare his experience with 'AJI3' and the JA that he meets. Maybe that way, he'll know that his interaction with JA when she was AJI3 was sincere and true.The feelings he felt for 'AJI3' was true and that JA felt the same way too.
  9. (Ongoing Malay drama) Dia

    As of now, 31 episodes have been aired. So 29 more to go! Each episode is about 50 minutes long. If you'd like to take your time to watch,perhaps this week or the next will be a good time to start If you need links to watch,you can dm me
  10. Chae Soo Bin Gets Lost In Thought While Cleaning Up A Storm In “I Am Not A Robot” J. Lim January 2, 2018 Tweet Share202 Reddit Share Shares 202 “I Am Not a Robot” is a romantic comedy between a man who has never dated because of a “human allergy” and a woman pretending to be a robot. Chae Soo Bin plays Jo Ji Ah, a young and energetic entrepreneur who has to pretend to be a robot because the real robot Ah Ji 3 is not working properly. The new stills show Chae Soo Bin going between furiously cleaning the house and staring into space as her mind is muddled with various thoughts. The contrasting states reflect Jo Ji Ah’s struggles between maintaining the facade of being Ah Ji 3 and carrying out her tasks, and sorting through the emotions she feels as Jo Ji Ah. The “I Am Not a Robot” production staff stated, “Chae Soo Bin perfectly portrays Ji Ah with her lovely charms and energetic personality. With her characters becoming the mascot of the drama, Chae Soo Bin always has viewers smiling with her bright energy and emanating happiness, and we hope viewers will keep tuning in to see how the story plays out for her in the drama.” Credit: https://www.soompi.com/2018/01/02/chae-soo-bin-gets-lost-thought-cleaning-storm-not-robot/
  11. [Malaysian Drama 2017] Suamiku Paling Sweet (My Husband is the Sweetest)

    haha yeah Malay drama threads don't really get much attention here but I still want to try. Never know if someone starts reading and then decide to watch malay dramas. I went to your thread and it's still not updated. I was thinking you would update it soon. Is it really bad? I did watch the 1st episode but didn't continue because I didn't have time. Don't feel bad. It's hard finding a good one to watch. And it's not your fault if you decide to leave it halfway. That's how watching dramas go. I opened a new thread yesterday. Did you watch 'Dia'? I think the story is not new- love triangle, family issues etc. but since my mother is watching it, I thought I might as well start a thread on it. Aaahhh it's so hard to find a really good unique drama. Do you think there are more people interested in malay dramas than just us here? What dramas have you watched that you think are good? Any recommendations?
  12. @primemordent It's what everyone in pretty squad has to go through every week.
  13. (Ongoing Malay drama) Dia

    Hi everyone! I started this thread as I felt like introducing this drama to the forum members here Dia is aired in Malaysia but is a collaborative work between Malaysia and Indonesia. There are Indonesian crew and Malaysian crew but both work together to produce this drama. Cool, right? Besides that, I am pleasantly surprised to see Irwansyah acting in this drama. The last time I saw him was in a touching, heartbreaking movie about a love triangle when I was about 9 years old. I'm 20 now. Yes, it has been THAT long. So that's why I decided to watch this drama Plus, have you seen Sandrinna before? She's a 10 years old actress from Indonesia but she's an amazing actress and so cute! And of course, there's well known Malaysian actors and actresses too. If you haven't watched their dramas, you should google their names and maybe check out a few of the dramas they star in. Hopefully, that'll introduce you to more Malaysian & Indonesian dramas BUT the NO.1 factor that got me into this drama is... my mother She waits every evening for the episode to be uploaded and then forces me to watch them with her. I figured that I might as well start a thread on it Hope you'll join in on this thread and maybe start watching a few Malay dramas. Here are some videos they posted before the airing of this drama: [I'll post translations of video soon ]
  14. (Ongoing Malay drama) Dia

    Number of episodes: 60 First date of airing: 14 October 2017 Day/ Time of airing: Friday-Sunday, 9.00 p.m Channel: TV3 (Malaysia) Scriptwriters: Zarihah Hassan, Nasir Sulaiman, Azidah Jaafar, Azmy Ariff, Shuhadatul AinDirectors: Eoon Shuhaini (Indonesia), Omar Olly Alaydrus (Indonesia), Zamri Zakaria (Malaysia) Production: OrangeTree Production Sdn Bhd SYNOPSIS DIA (TV3) Adit (Irwansyah) was forced to marry Emelda (Izara Aishah) even though he loves Aira (Janna Nick). He eventually marries Emelda due to feeling indebted to Emelda's family for helping his family, especially his father years ago. The story follows the three main characters from the time they were in school to the time when they are working adults. Emelda and Aira are like sisters even though Aira's mother works as a helper for Emelda's family. The moment Adit entered the picture due to an exchange programme between Malaysian and Indonesian schools, the love triangle starts. Adit grew to love Aira and Aira felt the same for him. However, Emelda also grew to love Adit but Adit only sees her as a sister. Aira eventually had to sacrifice as Adit ended up marrying Emelda. Emelda only found out that both Aira and Adit love each other after their marriage. However, Emelda died after giving birth to Icha Aulia (Sandrinna Michelle Skornicki). Emelda's mother was so enraged that she did not want to accept Adit and Icha into her house. Nevertheless, Adit keeps on trying to let Icha come over to the house to spend time and know who her mother and her grandparents are. Since Adit often came back and even stayed in Malaysia over a period of time, fate brought him and Aira to meet again. However, by now, Aira already has Zaid (Adi Putra) as her boyfriend. Aira still loves Adit but whenever she meets him, she acts differently as she is still hurt by what he did. Who will Aira choose? How will Adit resolve the problems that come his way? MAIN CHARACTERS Irwansyah - Adit Janna Nick - Aira Izara Aishah - Emelda Adi Putra - Zaid Sandrinna Michelle Skornicki - Icha Kevin Andrean - Mika Juliana Moechtar - Zelma Aleza Shadan - Fatimah Zamarul Hisham - Hafiz Emma Maembong - Tina Farouk Hussain - Pak Hashim Fazlina Ahmad Daud - Mak Milah MAIN OST 1st TRAILER