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  1. Hi guys!Sorry I've been offline for about a week but I've posted the links to watch the episodes at the bottom of the very first post.It's been relatively smooth and happy for the first 8 episodes,hasn't it?Well...a story doesn't only have happy moments throughout.Get ready for a roller coaster ride!
  2. And here's a teaser for the upcoming episodes this week! Credit to PrimaDrama+ for uploading this on Youtube Translations:
  3. Sorry I didn't update right after the episodes aired...was a bit busy this week Here's episode 3... ...and episode 4
  4. I watched episode 1 yesterday and was immediately hooked!Couldn't resist watching 1 more episode even though it was way past my bedtime So today I watched another 4 episodes before going off to class.OMG I love the plot so far!So many questions!And the mystery intensifies every episode! My favourite character has got to be Xiaoyue (did I spell it right?). She's absolutely brilliant cos' she's great at reading people.She's not always 100% perfect (wrong first impression of the 'devil'/'landlord') but she got most of it right.Plus, she's a sincerely great friend who looks out for our female lead! I also love the OST!My favourite one is the intro song by Shi Shi, 'He isn't Worth it' @bebebisous33 was right.I was pleasantly surprised while watching episode 4.I didn't expect him to show that much affection for Xinyu so early and realise he feels something for her 1 episode later.I like this flow...not draggy and there is something in every episode that makes stick to your couch and watch everything without skipping any details. Oh my...I'm rambling on and on.Alright that's all I want to say for now.I'm off to watch at least another 2 episodesSee ya!
  5. Here's episode 2
  6. The novel is loved by many so I'm following this drama in hopes that the novel will be well portrayed onscreenSo far okay...can't wait to see Qisya handle Hafiey.It'll surely be chaoticDid you read the novel? I hope this thread gets a lot of attention.Since there is no thread on malay dramas,I created this thread to share with others so that people know what malay dramas are like.I'm not Malaysian but I'm a Malay so I felt this kind of responsibility to share with the world a bit about our culture and beliefs through creating a thread about this drama.
  7. Here are the links for the first episode I watched it and it has English subtitles so for those who don't understand the language spoken,don't worry!
  8. Hi! @bebebisous33 recommended this to me (Thank you!) I haven't started yet because I'm busy today.But I will start watching tomorrow.Am I too late?How many episodes has it been so far?
  9. Here's some BTS photos/videos from Mawar Rashid's IG. You can follow her at @mawarashid for more BTS pics of this drama or her other upcoming works!
  10. This is my first time creating a topic and I think this is the only topic on a Malay drama in this forum so far. So if there is anything wrong (e.g wrong or incomplete info) please DM me so that I can change it Feel free to post anything but keep in mind the Soompi rules. No expletives or demeaning posts. If you want to post more than 3 videos/photos, please use the hidden content box (just click the eye icon and the hidden content box will appear).
  11. Details Title: Suamiku Paling Sweet Genre: Drama, Romance Episodes: 28 Broadcast channel: TV3 Broadcast period: 13 February 2017- 30 March 2017 Timeslot: 7p.m-8p.m on Monday-Thursday(Slot Akasia) Director: Zul Huzaimy Script writer: Mufid Suhaimi Produced by: Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd Replaces: Biar Aku Jadi Penunggu Main Cast Mawar Rashid as Qisya Iris Syafiq Kyle as Izz Haikal Nik Adam Mika as Hafiey Fazren Rafi as Qairul Aedy Ashraf as Hakimi Natasya Mayhan as Maya Synopsis 'Suamiku Paling Sweet' is adapted from a novel and it begins with Qisya being forced by her mother to work as a temporary caretaker of Hafiey for only 2 months. However, an unexpected circumstance forces Qisya to suddenly take on the responsibility of being a wife to Izz and a mother to Hafiey at a young age of 22. Qisya has so much hatred and anger as she is unable to accept her situation- a complete opposite reaction to Izz who remains calm and accepts his current reality. Day by day, his patient, kind, caring and romantic nature wins over Qisya's heart. Her love and affection for him grows even more after Izz reveals to her the secrets he has been keeping since that fateful incident. Previews (translations of each video are in the respective spoilers below them) (credit to Zul Alam for the previews) Links to watch the drama is in spoiler below:
  12. Omg...it's been two weeks since I logged onto to Soompi. It's my way of preparing myself for the official end of Goblin. But my efforts were useless. I teared up while watching some parts of the special episodes and felt really empty after watching the last special episode....looks like I still can't get over Goblin I'm sure some of you have already left this thread. It's a bit too late to say this since everyone isn't here but I'll say it anyways. Thank you to all who have been in this thread. Your posts have been so interesting to read and many have inspired all to think about different angles or learn something new everyday by sharing your insights and knowledge. 'Watching' Goblin with all of you has been such a joy and I would always anticipate live recaps on Fridays and Saturdays. I really hope to meet all, if not most, of you again in other threads. Are some of you still going to linger in this thread? I know I will. I still have many more posts to read Once again, thank you and I will miss you all BTW, is there any awards show for TvN? Then we can see all of them again
  13. Omg the fact that those last scenes were filmed in Canada means that KES had the ending in mind since the very beginning...right?Gonna come back later to post my full thoughts...