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  1. even after a year, your posts still sizzle. it's as hot today as it was yesterday. never fail to tickle my shipping heart celbrating wookie's one year enlistment with good news of his musical and hyuni's drama.
  2. I know, i know I'm late for the party, it's almost midnight but it's still July 5 here from where I am so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ORABEONI CHANGWOOKIE!! May you be blessed with everything that matters and may you find the one who you can be like a child (oopss.. you already found one like that right?) Thank you for the joy you have brought to us through your art. Keep doing it, keep smiling, be happy!! We will patiently wait until you're done with your MS, we are just here.
  3. Wook is probably telling himself... you're acting, you're acting don't get too carried away. He could only control so much though obviously. The left hand is dangerously placed, spicy, getting hot in a Monday morning. Miss you all chingus!!
  4. Is it make up or MAKE OUT LMAO!!! I guess they misread the script LOL big time! Those who saw the dcut would know what we mean here.
  5. HAPPY 1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO US NAMJI SHIPPERS!! Who would know that we will come to this? But we did... especially after the dcut where we now know MORE than what was shared by SBS bts. Special thanks to everyone who tirelessly shares their talents in making vids and gifs and POVs, etc that have put so much life and fuel to our ship. I remember this thread when it was 4 or 5 pages and I was asking myself how can others not see this incredible chemistry? But here we are now surpassing over 1500 pages at the time of supposed drought. Please don't forget to say special thanks to @stucked who created this NamJi haven for all of us so we can share our crazies and our love, sometimes even byeontae-ness And though there are some chingus who are a little absent lately, I'm still sending my thanks and love to them because of how they spiced up the thread especially in its early life like @Huntergal, @sharreb, @waveoflove @genxv, @taonaka (please add the others name as you please as your ahjumma here is a bit forgetful now). The thread has been truly a source of vitamin and smiles in my every day life because sometimes my reality sucks. Wherever and whatever happen to our OTP, I am happy that I have met you all and shared my thoughts with you (vice versa). That is my take away in shipping NamJi, this virtual friendship and support that we share together... cheers to more wonderful years and many more pages of NamJi love!! Sailing!!! P.S. It should have been drought season right now coz our OTP is busy with their personal commitments but NOPE we are more active than we ever have been, again special thanks to our captains via DVD.
  6. Been busy lately but got to say, court scene is really Namji for sure. I don't think NJW needed to lip bite BH when they are supposed to just be getting back together right? So I'd say Wook just got a little bit carried away, lost control of character
  7. I know Wook has always been good looking and his eyes could melt anyone but there's something in his aura in SP that looked different. Like his eyes sparkle, perhaps he's too inspired filming SP. And after a steamy kiss, his eyes look hungry which I did not see in any of his past drama. What's the difference except for Hyuni
  8. Shipping should be fun and should tickle your heart. But you can't achieve that if you dissect, or worse overanalyze every move your OTP makes. She deleted her posts... so what?? Or perhaps that's the way to fly under the radar because Wook is out and she's deleting any posts that were suspicious for us like Day 6 or i like you lyrics. Who knows?? I'm sure you don't know too so why overthink and bring your mood down? The problem with posts like that is sometimes it affects others too. You certainly have the right to your own opinion and observations but know that there will be some of us who can shake you up too. Just wait... Most likely she will start posting when he's back in the barracks. If you've been following them for a while, you most possibly get the pattern now. He's out, she's nowhere to be found or too quiet to notice. He's back in the barracks, she's posting non stop. So wait and see if she gives us some good gifts worthy of spazzing. Fighting chingu!!!
  9. First, I don't think he bombards his IG with his posts, most of the posts are from his friends. Regarding your concern.. who knows? you might be right but it is highly likely you are wrong too and that she's just really busy shooting. so i suggest that you don't dwell on it too much and enjoy the beautiful love story before you.
  10. Wookie's IG with raindrops are so much the same with Hyuni's... I have not lurked nor checked Wook's IG except for what you guys share here but please enlighten me. Does Wook have the habit of posting something like this? People's posts (even on their FBs) typically defines their likes, characters, events etc. So I don't know, does he usually post something like this or is he getting influenced by someone? oh well... it's the delulu in me i guess.
  11. I bet they did get a copy and what a timing if Wook is out for vacay. They could watch it together in a couch with popcorn or better yet... ice cream. They could also share a bitter tea on a rainy afternoon which they wouldn't mind coz they're so into each other, they would not care about how bitter the tea and how sloppy the weather is
  12. Chingu... how about Wook's expression when her face is so close to him? She's on top of him and he was definitely AFFECTED LOL... Anyway, don't forget that in one of the takes, he held her up and never let go of the hand (not the wrist which we usually see) even though it was his right to her left hand and there was a small sofa between them. Hyuni had to extend herself to avoid that but I think Wook was holding tight, she can't get away. I think it was when Wook became more aware of her. The rest of the BTS showed that Wook became more clingy, touchy and just circling around her like a bee to a flower
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