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  1. Good morning! That international fan should have been thankful that she was selected to go on stage with Wookie not only once. Anyway, he cannot please everybody. Congratulations, Wookie for your successful FM in Asia.
  2. The handsome DJ Wookie.
  3. Good morning chingus!
  4. Hi elizabeth, This pic was from episode 25. We all miss our Lee Donghey couple.
  5. Handsome Wookie in a military uniform
  6. Being away for 3 years is not helping her. K-ent is now casting idols and younger actresses so it would be difficult for her to get roles that are appropriate for her. I hope she goes out of her way to get a project this year. Also, I hope that her true oppas are still there for her.
  7. That's how I felt too @samzz I hope that scene will become a reality someday when they meet again.
  8. Yes, we believe the happy ending will happen, that's why we are still here, waiting for it. We are not giving up the battle. Lee Donghey fighting!!!
  9. It's so sad to read news like this. I hope our fav actress is not giving up her career and considering retiring from the entertainment industry. I like this comment "no man is ever going to be worth giving up your career" unless she really wants to retire from her own free will. I hope our fav actress is not contemplating on this matter. .
  10. The beautiful Dahey (Yoo Rin) watching Wookie (SGC) while sleeping
  11. Well said @dolley. If a celebrity commits wrongdoing, it cannot be forgotten. It's easy to say sorry for the sake of publicity but it will not change the story.
  12. Because we know you are a true Donghey I will surely watch HK ep25 again. Thanks again and have a great day.
  13. @bogs_0712 me three, I want to see that before that pic was blurred when released then it was posted very clearly. May we see the vid of this sweet moment of our couple, @much if it is not too much to ask? If you are reading this thread @much, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making your fellow Lee Donghey shippers very happy.