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  1. LEE DONGHEY SHIP will continue to sail no matter what. The shippers are stubborn, we don't give up easily. Aja, aja hwaiting!!!
  2. Maybe DHshi is also waiting for this kind of role. Why not collaborate for a 3rd project? Lee Donghey fighting!!!!
  3. Good morning everyone! No matter what the antis say, Lee Donghey make us very happy! If they feel bored (bec their thread is boring), they come to this thread and try to shake us. No one can stop this thread from shipping our BEAUTIFUL LEE DONGHEY COUPLE. Aja, aja!!!
  4. We love you Wookie for who you are.....the more you share your feelings with your fans, the more we get to know you better and love you more. Most importantly, I think learning to love and accept oneself is the key to living peacefully and contentedly - something that money can't buy. I hope that one day, DH will come to this realization and start to connect to her fans and appreciate them.
  5. If KBS and MBC are still on strike, there's SBS and tVn. I wonder if she has any offer from these two companies. Remember, SBS produced My Girl. I'm hoping for the best in her career. Hope springs eternal. Happy Saturday chingus!
  6. For me, LEE DONGHEY couple remain as the most beautiful, unbeatable couple in K-ent. I sorely miss them. Hoping and praying for a 3rd project. LeeDonghey fighting!
  7. Young LEE DONGHEY, don't they look great together?
  8. Thank you @samzz, @bogs_0712 and @dolley for sharing the great news about our LEE DONGHEY. As the old saying goes, "never give up HOPE". Have a great day everyone!
  9. If these hackers will continue to disturb and do damage in the IG world, reminder that KARMA is just around the corner.
  10. Good morning! Happy Thursday chingus! I love how DHshi looked at Wookie in this picture.
  11. It's a beautiful day! Happy Wednesday everyone!
  12. Daheyshi, it would be great if you would guest in Wookie's Vlive radio program, for old times' sake. Calling the attention of Wookie's management team, please invite Daheyshi next month. No script needed, they are very good at ad libs
  13. I miss them so much. My favorite scene in My Girl
  14. Without a word but his eyes said it all. Good morning chingus! Keep that love and fire burning for our beautiful couple.
  15. Yes, Wookie has now established himself as MC and DJ; one good thing is we get to see/hear him every month. However, I would love to see him do a drama again because he is such a good actor. Hoping to see him and DH in a reunion project (I can dream, can't I)