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  1. Hugging Dahey during shooting was sooo comforting for sweeeeeett Thanks samzz for these bts.
  2. Good morning, off topic - I just read about Bada's wedding held on March 23. Dahey and Wookie were not mentioned as guests. Btw, is Shoo the one who was romantically linked to Wookie?
  3. Why were you in a hurry Wookie?
  4. Dahey naturally leaning toward Wookie Da Hae leans into him and he naturally brushes his hand while talking :x And I LOLed at this one because Ji Hye's face says it all about third-wheeling it. Thank you nancykimlee for sharing these photos earlier. And here's the comment of @maz that made me laughed out loud - THIS COUPLE SURELY DOES NOT KNOW WHAT WE CALL "PERSONAL SPACE" HAHAHHAHAHA KEEP IT UP OTP ..YOU SURE ARE MAKING MY LIFE SHORTER. THANKS A LOT. kekekeke
  5. Yes, you cannot simply fight with your heart memories linger on...
  6. Love this confession from a Donghey fan. Daheyshi, may you be encouraged to invest wisely in a movie debut or another drama if you happen to read this.
  7. This is cute! The one competing for Wookie's love and attention is getting much, much younger. Surely, Wookie finds her adorable.
  8. In my opinion, I find this scene very, very sweet. Like what one Donghey fan said in the comment section, I am always teary-eyed when I see this pic. WE MISS YOU & LOVE YOU OUR DONGHEY COUPLE!!!
  9. DH is financially capable to produce her own movie or drama. I hope if she's planning to do this in the very near future, she would get an A-list writer and director, offer that very popular and handsome actor with 1M followers in IG. With a good story and casts, she will get the ROI for her investment. I think it's about time she makes a wise and good investment since she's not getting any younger.