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  1. In this interview, I remembered DH said she will give free hug if the rating is high and Wookie said he will give her free hug. I couldn't find the English subtitle. He really did in some of their bts. I wish to see their fun, hear their laughter again.
  2. If Wookie is in this pic, we are sure that her legs will be covered.....ha ha ha ha
  3. C = for Cha Jae Wan or Cherry?
  4. During the good old times of Wookie and Dahey, we saw them laugh a lot, smile a lot; eyes sparkled, etc. But those were gone esp. Wookie. Rarely do we see him smile when caught by camera. We saw him smile or laugh during FMs only and during Vlive but his eyes...expressed his loneliness. Even if he denied their past relationship and people call us delusional, their action showed us the opposite. I miss our beautiful couple! Now that he "was seen with an idol", we saw the same loneliness, serious look. Real happiness shows in one's face bec it comes from the heart on or off cam.
  5. I find this quote appropriate also to the current situation.....lol What older men and younger women have in common is they are both suffering from different insecurities. She is looking for someone to make her feel safe, and he is looking for someone who doesn't answer back and is a trophy.
  6. Wookie's eyes showed that he didn't have a good sleep since the news broke. He managed to smile but we all know that eyes are the window to a person's soul. I wish you good luck Wookie.
  7. Good morning! @samzz I love all those throwback pics of our Lee DongHey couple, most esp the gif where we see very clearly how Wookie cares for Dahey. I love this part of the Elle interview - He stated, “I didn’t consider how important this profession was. So if I could go back in time, I would tell myself to put more effort in and work hard. If I had worked harder then, I think I would be stronger internally now.” From immaturity to maturity, acceptance of his mistakes in the past; that is why we are seeing a changed man, for the better. I wish the significant other would see the importance of her profession, the importance of ALL her fans, now that she has been given the opportunity to do a leading role. Lee DongHey fighting!! Have a great day everyone!
  8. Bec the great twin is too kind and couldn't say no
  9. @samzz may be writernim visited this thread while developing the script. I don't know if this kind of scenario was seen in other k-dramas but he surely hit the relevant subject..
  10. I think DH knows this GW drama may make or break her career in K-ent. She loves to act but she lost so many opportunities as she focuses on her love life. Once she gets married, she will have a very limited opportunity to act again in a leading role. Sad to say her name is no longer bankable in the K-ent industry. I wish her good luck though.
  11. It should be around 2016, remember the photo where he looked unhappy after the time bomb had exploded. Since then, we saw his lonely eyes in his pictorials. It is just soo sad that his feelings have become dull. His choice of songs.....well, we know (as long-time Lee Donghey fans) what he meant.
  12. Waaaaaaa so many memories - look at the happy and playful couple
  13. Speaking of HK memories, I listened to this OST for the first time. It was not as popular as the other songs but I like the lyrics and the lead singer's voice.
  14. From 2016 to 2018 Wookie has been blessed with CFs and good projects. Way to go Wookie! You make us proud. @dolley, his followers now in IG is 3.2M.
  15. Wookie is sooooooo handsome in these pics. I thank God for blessing him with sooooo many CFs. More money coming in the bank....lol