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  1. @dolley, this is the pic that you mentioned - similar to the staring game
  2. @giegie thank you for sharing with us your experience during Wookie's FM. You are very lucky to have seen him in person. We are hoping for a 3rd project in the near future for Wookie and Dahey. Everyone's missing them and would like to watch their explosive chemistry and acting again. I remember Wookie was the one who asked Dahey to accept the role of Ah Mo Ne in HK; I hope he can do it again.
  3. We wish you well Daheyshi and hope you will recover soon from whatever pain is causing you. Be back in the limelight; appreciate ALL your fans because they help you make a successful career. Happy Monday morning chingus!
  4. Wookie rehearsing. I wonder what's the seating capacity of the venue.
  5. Happy Saturday chingus! our beautiful couple with their beautiful smile.
  6. We, your Lee Donghey fans are waiting for your comeback project Daheyshi. You are a very talented actress, aja aja fighting!
  7. One of the sweetest scenes in HK - happiness overload
  8. Green Rose, one of my favorite dramas of Dahey.
  9. Daheyshi, I hope you will be able to view this; something to make you smile.
  11. Chingus, I am very happy seeing the success of Wookie's fan meeting and the love he received from his fans. Wookie surely has loyal and very supportive fans in Indonesia. Last time, he said "let her go"; this time, "stay with me forever". In Bangkok, maybe the proposal scene in HK? Thank you @samzz and @dolley for your updates, love you chingus.
  12. Thank you @samzz for this info. Love your insights
  13. Wookie looked tired, he is not in his usual happy mood. Wookieshi, for whom is your message "Break what must be broken"?
  14. Their first kiss in HK "Now don't hold back, just let me know; could I be moving much too fast or way too slow 'Cause all of my life, I've waited for this day; to find that once in a lifetime, this is it, I'll never be the same"
  15. Throwback Thursday - I remember this song was included in the CD of Eric Benet, Wookie's birthday gift to Dahey. This song surely brought lots of memories of our beautiful couple. This song is dedicated to our LEE DONGHEY