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  1. Yes, and the yellow sweater worn by DH, I remember Wookie has one also. I wish I could find that photo.
  2. Our precious Wookie is so cute in this pic. Sian fed him hot pepper in this episode of TROS.
  3. Nothing will escape our eyes, right.....love to see them wore red on different occasions. Btw @samzz, I watched the video again (although no Eng sub). The guessing game was a multiple choice type about Wookie's dramas. I think My Girl was among the selection - I heard Mogul; the fan selected the correct answer, and Wookie said "it's a popular remark of Daheyshi (26:32). The Eng sub was Dahey. I asked myself - is the fan a teenager and not familiar with Wookie's old dramas, that he gave her more info? @dolley will do the screencap for us
  4. Happy Wookie, happy fans. I was able to watch the Vlive last night (first part) and he was playing guessing game with a fan on the movies/drama that he made. There was an English sub and my eyes captured the line "that was Dahey's popular remark". I didn't hear the way he mentioned her name. However, it made my heart tump. Thank you Wookie for being happy - we love to see you smile and laugh.
  5. Yes, Wookie how about supporting the Good Witch by sending food truck...you were each other's best friend, right? And you told her "I will always give you my support". It could open doors for your third project with her.
  6. Yes, DH needs to re-establish her position in the Kent industry and should do it without further delay. I hope that the Good Witch is a good drama that would bring back her glory days.
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOOKIE! We wish you all the best in life. Stay healthy always. I think this birthday video was taken during the filming of Blade Man. @dolley, Lee Dongheys are really one in spirit....ha ha ha ha
  8. Good morning! I hope 2018 will be a good year for her in terms of her career. Btw, is she a contract star now of YG....just asking
  9. Throwback of Wookie's promise to Soyou during his fan meeting
  10. Let's continue to hope and dream of this.....
  11. I imagined Wookie looking at his own child with so much love...
  12. Nothing is impossible my dear . Is it the scene where Yoo Rin as a tour guide saw SGC first who was actually looking for her? And he was persistent in getting her back....yay!
  13. What a beautiful expression of love!!! No boundaries, no discrimination.....