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  1. Hmm... This is a bit worrying. Because my ovaries feel fine. No tickles, no burning sensation. When I first saw DW in this NQ's garment, the silhouette looked okay, but when I see the face I got disconnected. I do agree that he looks a little too thin. CFY's physique was more believable as a martial arts practitioner. And his large hands was a rarity in C-ent environment hehe... All the best DW. I do have prejudice against you, but I'm watching the show for NQ
  2. i really love the jacket that he is wearing at the airport. i wonder which label does it came from
  3. Careful @Snow Guardian, u have a huge x on your back now lol. How old is DW anyway? He should at least be older than CFY, right? Whenever i see CFY in his normal everyday look, it really surprises me.
  4. Hu Ge does seem strangely appealing, non? Choosing the actor to play FZ is like choosing someone to play Dumbledore. A character that is like a sage, a little arrogant and sometimes have that devilish twinkle in his eyes. I think Hu Ge has that in him, except that he is too young... Alex Fong.... he wasn't even a top tier tvb actor in his heydays. I personally think as an actor he is flat. He has the same emotion when happy, sad, angry etc.
  5. We didn't get charcoal black SS, so we definitely won't get tall, voluptuous SS . What I'm more concerned of is Through bits and pieces of the bts so far, DW kind of have a similar silhouette as CFY. But I suppose we will no longer see the rawness that CFY had. I assummed DW is more accomplished in a sense that he has a longer resume than CFY? Still hoping for another FZ instead of the rumored Alex Fong. Although it is wishful thinking, I kind of want to see Hu Ge as FZ hahahaaaa...
  6. I wish they have a better look for the poster. That is such a weird look... is he angry? Protective? Sad? I don't feel anything.
  7. I have to say, it has been a very long time since I've read discussions that is very engrossed in the story, that there is almost no gushings over the actors that play the characters. This is intriguing. Keep it going, people. I've just started watching this series (now entering the divorce episode). Still many hours before I can catch up to the discussion!
  8. The drama (EN) brought me to the book. While i know that Mao Ni has another novel adaptation Fighter of Destiny (?), i haven't watched that because Luhan or any flower boys don't appeal to my taste. I might check out the book once translation of EN novel is completed. Well, not quite true. I did watch mybe 2 episodes of FoD? But the initial impression that i have is like I'm watching 10 miles peach. The costumes were very pretty pastels and clean, quite unlike costumes in EN that looks more rough and deconstructed (at lease for the those frim the lower level of society). FoD is also very bright, if i remember correctly and lacks the many outdoor scenes we enjoyed EN. But i could be wrong since i only watched a couple of episodes awhile ago. So, i can't really offer you recommendations of MN's other works.
  9. Coward! Lol The changes made to the live adaptation kind of gave that vibe, don't they? Should this guess be true, i wonder if it is a creative change or a political one (due to higher up interferences etc). I really want to hear Mao Ni's thoughts as SS is kind of his favourite character. Overall, EN is not a bad series. Despite the declining quality of martial arts scenes and special effects, the production team performed quite admirably with creative fighting scenes that one only see in big budget movies. But, while it was an awesome adaptation up until the wilderness episodes, from then on it became a mess. Character development is basically disregarded in favour of puppy love. SS became a whiny, lovesick adolescent and NQ became someone who raised his hands in a bad way. For all the disfunctional personality that novel NQ had, he is not the kind who hits people unless in fights or life/death matters. And novel SS is not whiny or one who smiles too much that it feels creepy.
  10. Maybe he didn't want to continue because he too was dissapointed with NQ-SS arch? And maybe he too was not fond of the overly done scene between NQ-MSS? Hahaha... That's my wishful thinking... But if what attracted CFY was novel NQ, i would understand if he doesn't want to continue to S2. The drama did butcher the integrity, essence, uniquness and consistency of NQ. We were left off with a fun alternative, sure, but man it could have been one of the greatest characters on tv ever... If you watch the trailer (refer pg 1) almost every important character had a clip of their pov except SS. What's with that? It is as if SS isn't a lead character. A pity to SYR... I'm going to watch S2 and will continue to nitpick if they fail to deliver. But I'm guessing 1. S2 will be darker with toned down comedic scenes 2. S2 is not going to be as gory as the novel 3. Misunderstandings occur btwn NQ-SS, myb due to MSS 4. NQ will not end up with SS - either she dies or go to Xiling. I genuinely hope i'm wrong. Especially regarding no 4
  11. As far as looks go, i wonder if they will be increasing NQ's coldness/ ruthlessness? Bcoz that facial expression is kind of cold. S1 is quite lighthearted as there are many comedic moments. I still don't like the rumoured new FZ tho.
  12. I don't think he can do FZ's many, many, MANY eating secenes.... If i ended up not watching S2, he would be one of the reasons. I wish they can hire the actor playing YS and make him up to be more FZ-like...
  13. Apart from the funny jumps all around, i think the final duel was okay. It didn't surpass ep 6 pavilion fight, and either they ran out of money for the finale or ran out of time for post production. I hope they will release an improved director's cut. HJ was brilliant and liked that they humanised him a bit. I agree that NQ and XH aren't much different afterall. In the novel i felt like XH was a victim of circumstances. If only WGM hadn't told him about the child of yama.... It is to be expected that they had to tone down the truth/brutality of what happened at the general's mansion almost 20 years ago. Probably in order to comply with China censorship. I supposed S2 may be milder than the book version too. Anyhow, will wait for subs, and let hear everyone's view before we disperse to another drama...
  14. While HJ doesn't make much appearance in dramas, I think he is one of the actors that has the capacity to deliver very well in all of his appearance. Considering how huge the ensemble in EN is, his character is probably the one that is most flawless in terms of character delivery, they way his character is written and appearance. I mean, CFY did reasonably fair but he still has a lot of room for improvement. SYR fared better, but her character suffered a bit due to the screenplay. Leon Lai isn't really Tony Leung. My favourite actors in EN is Hu Jun, the guy who played YS and the guy who played CPP. Going into S2, I generally hope that all of the casts can remain - except for LQ's bro who I think is a miscast.
  15. I'm not fond of the NQ-YHY potential romance vibe. Even if it were one sided. What is wrong with having a powerful female character who is NOT into the male lead for a change. The novel description of their entanglements are actually quite good IMO. From there, I have the impression that YHY is someone who is really confident of her skills and appearance and not afraid to use them to her advantage. There is one future scene in the novel involving SS-NQ-YHY, that would never make it to the live adaptation (hehe...) that worked really well because they don't have romantic feelings for each other. The injection of romantic feelings will only add misunderstanding, jealousy, complications, blah blah that affects the already brilliant chemistry established in the novel. The way I understand it (from the novel) what NQ-YHY have is mutual respect and admiration. It is said that they are similar characters with similar drive. Indirectly, they motivate each other to advance in cultivation as they need to ensure that they will not be defeated by the other. And when when they had to fight eachother later because whatever reason, it is done fair and square without unnecessary reluctance beside the regret of losing a worthy opponent. I suppose I'm already satisfied with the novel's take on romance. As for the drama, they failed to bring NQ-SS bond on screen. And the way it is being portrayed now (post-MSS) is lacking in many ways. If I didn't read the novel, I would think SS broke up NQ-MSS. Scenes after NQ-SS reconciliation gave the impression SS is taking advantage of MSS's disappearance to get even closer to NQ. The sequence of the scenes are also unimpressive. It would make more sense to have the NQ-SS on the hill scene before the boat scene, and to have NQ initiate the peck. At least I would believe (even if a teeny weeny bit) that NQ feels the same way. Right now, NQ is like settling with what he has. Please... please let tonight's fight be epic!!!!!!
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