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  1. Here is another MV of Yang Xiao & Ji Xiaofu if you interested : And another "senior couple" Zhang Cuishan & Yin Susu :
  2. A funny compilation (from recent episodes, so it may be a spoiler if you have just started to watch this drama) :
  3. For those who still can't move on from LoYX and want to fill the void, I would like to recommend 花间提壶方大厨 (English Title: Chef Fang). The main theme is around food and mystery. And the in-law family is so nice from the get go that initially I could not believe it happened in C-drama land . It has similar vibe with LoYX and it does not have too many episodes. It only has 36 episodes divided into 2 seasons with 18 episodes each season. Frankly, I don't know why they made it into 2 seasons when they actually could make 1 whole season with total 36 episodes. You definitely need to watch the first season because the first episode in second season is continuing directly from the last episode of first season. I would not share the synopsis though, you could read it in Soompi forums (link below): As I mentioned before, there are some similarities between Chef Fang and LoYX: - Arranged marriage? Checked - Female lead character is a genius in certain subject? Checked - One-woman man? Checked - And some others that I would not mention to avoid further spoiler ^^ Heck, even the most famous restaurant in Chef Fang world is called Yunxi Restaurant . However, unlike LoYX, it has a happy ending, so rest assured . Notes: even though it was a 2017 drama, the Eng sub is still an ongoing progress. I could not find the Eng sub anywhere except from the translator who are kind enough to provide the link in the forum.
  4. Dear @productiveprocrastinator, thank you so much for subbing this drama. I don't know why this drama has been under radar but I thought the story is nice, with an odd combination theme of foods and mysteries . And it is not so draggy so I will definitely watch it till the end.
  5. I think the translator is currently hectic with her real life, after her accident the last time she went on hiatus. So, let's just be patient, since the first readers have been enjoying the journey since around 2 years ago too . A bit off topic but if you're interested, maybe you could read Return of the Swallow (it is an ongoing translation and you can find it in the same sites as Poison Genius Consort). The story is good and for once it is not about transmigration or reincarnation. I also found a very likeable family (well, except a veeeeery few of family members and not so much of the main lead's mother in the beginning but she is growing better in the later parts).
  6. I really don't know what happened to me. Logically speaking, most people would like to watch the main leads and their interaction more, and I used to be like that too. However, this time, I keep anticipating Liu Shang appearance more, especially if he is in his disguise a.k.a when he is acted by Chen You Wei.
  7. For those who can't open weibo link, here is the youtube link for one of the OST:
  8. Bless whoever creates that video! I really love the song since forever and to hear it again accompanied with Eternal Love clips is actually quite nice. This song is nice too:
  9. Sharing another MV: #双世宠妃2# 插曲《双世恋人》 MV上线啦 https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/jHAxrRbJd?fid=1034:4301965753313710 Oh.. and I'm blushing watching this video https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/jHzX4VdNI?fid=1034:4301933444532206
  10. The video is actually provided by the drama official Weibo, so yeah, they could include all scenes even if the episodes have not released yet .
  11. Aside from her own personality, I think HYX learns a lot from LFY in terms of how she is dealing with people and that what makes them getting more alike. It also helps that LFY himself starts to let HYX develop her own thinking process. I like HYX more than any female characters in C-novel so far mainly because she knows how to place herself in almost all kind of situation. Especially if it is related to LFY. There are a lot of examples for this. As LFY's main and only wife, she can refrain herself from begging the enemy even if she wants to just because it will humiliate LFY. And also, in front of the enemy, she shows her trust in LFY 100% and if she has some questions, she will ask LFY when they are alone. One more thing that I like about the novel is the miscommunication and misunderstanding are never narrated in such a long-winded way that take a lot of chapters to finish it. Mostly, they just take a couple of chapters and then it is done.
  12. It would be better if you watched season 1 first, otherwise you might get confused with the story.
  13. I accidentally found this FMV of Lunzi based on Ghost Husband story (the second part of Mei Hua San Nong trilogy if I remember correctly). I remember crying too much watching that drama back then even when I was just a little child not more than 10 years old (blame my mother ). The drama had a somewhat happy ending but not for the FMV. You have been warned .
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