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  1. I think MH didn't kiss Bong Soon because he's sensing Bong Soon's hesitation too (she clutches her fingers), afraid that she's giving in because he saved her. It's a respect he is giving her, especially he hasn't officially confess to her. The scene when they stare at each other before they sleep, like there's no distance between them is as good as a kiss. A confirmation of affection to each other. Hee Ji getting on my nerve again this time. The moment she knows GD has another woman in his mind, she sets out to find Bong Ki, and 'declare' herself as a victim. Seems to me like an attempt to guilt trip Bong Ki to accept her. Tsk tsk tsk tsk.. I thought she's a better person when she broke up with GD, knowing she don't love him, but going after Bong Ki immediately is so
  2. Guk Doo should quit his police job. He has no instinct nor intelligence.. going to lion lair with no backup and so careless. And walking with back facing the suspect holding a crowbar.. even normal person wont be doing that. Still so slow in connecting dotes.
  3. Totally unable to load this thread, so i give up live recap. Sorry.
  4. +1 from me. It's not easy for Bong Soon to accept herself, moving from 10 years crush to MH. She could be in self denial state, especially her belief that when one love, they don't change easily (as per her conversation with Gyeongshim). Not forgetting the scene when MH looks sad in the hospital?
  5. Thanks for asking the same question I have been wondering. Been curious to know what agency he's going to sign with. Both Siwan and Kwanghee have sign up with new agencies. Since Star Empire keep addressing that PHS has not sign with any new agency because he's still filming drama. I was thinking what drama is that, cause I've always thought it's pre-produced. Ahh.. so it's SWDBS all along. I bet product placement will increase, since the drama is so popular now.
  6. I thought SWDBS has already finished filming? Star Empire trying hard to grasp onto their last card, since they have lost Siwan and Kwanghee. Star Empire Addresses Reports Of Park Hyung Sik Moving To New Agency JiwonYu March 22, 2017 Tweet530 Share4K Pin2 Share9 SHARES5K New reports claim that Park Hyung Sik has decided on his new agency. According to industry sources on March 22, Park Hyung Sik confirmed his decision to join UAA (United Artists Agency) after his previous contract with Star Empire expired. However, a source from UAA said, “We have had meetings but the matter has not been confirmed yet.” Furthermore, a source from Star Empire said, “He has had meetings with UAA but Park Hyung Sik’s next step has not been confirmed. He is currently working with a busy schedule due to drama filming. He will make a decision after filming for the drama ends.” Park Hyung Sik debuted in 2010 as a member of Z:EA and simultaneously started off his acting career as well, appearing in “Nine,” “Heirs,” “High Society,” “Hwarang,” and now the highly popular drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.” Meanwhile, other stars housed under UAA is Song Hye Kyo, Yoo Ah In, and more.
  7. This is so so.. true. Korean fans get so much huggings from their favourites while international fans can only drool at the computer screen.
  8. Thanks, chingu. Happy to know you like it. Yah.. SMJ will always be one of my favourite drama character. Now it's like exactly one month since we said goodbye to SMJ. I miss this character so much especially seeing his pic with Pa Oh.
  9. My favourite is "omma belongs to who?" And his mum will soften and aegyo "chang soo go".
  10. Omoooo is he saying he will meet have a signing/meeting event at April 22nd???
  11. You need cold ice water. You have been diagnosed with "Everyday-Is-Friday-Concussion". At least my place is Thursday now. Ermmm 1.30 am... I should sleep now.
  12. Finally..... Finished making my second video of King JinHeung. Going to move on to next project - Ahn Min Hyuk. Hope next time I can do special effects.
  13. Hi all,... finally overcome my procrastination and finished a second video on Sam Maek Jong, since write-nim didn't give him justice. Just going to pretend the riding horse scene is they are going to Baekja to kick the crown prince's richard simmons. Hope next time I can make special effects into it.