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  1. This is very true. Reminds me of this after Kwang Hee slapped his back while he's eating. Every one has their own 'pissed point'. Hwarang? I was active in Hwarang until the drama ended and SWDBS started. There are a few haters but most of us were singing praise for he played SMJ role really well.
  2. Maybe I had not browse through enough PHS's picture with fans, but this is the closest a fan taken picture I have seen of him. It looks like couple photo. Bintang effect, brought up the extra closeness?
  3. @Era Ferawati Thanks for the picture. I just woke up and this thread is full of PHS's Bali airport and Incheon airport images. I laughed at the 'love shape' censoring out the bystanders' face
  4. Warning : you can get dizzy from watching.
  5. 민혁과 국두. 민국이. 혁두. 민두. 혁국? 국민. 국혁. 두민. 두혁. 암튼 그렇습니다. "Min Hyuk and Guk Doo. Min Guk-i, Hyuk Doo. Min Doo. Hyuk Guk? Guk Min. Gook Hyuk. Doo Min. Doo Hyuk. Anyway, this is it."
  6. Hehe.. Honnkyshim is saying about the hot weather. They really chose one of the hottest month for Bali.
  7. I thought I am done choosing, my favourite is his AMH hairstyle. But after watching this video, my vote is back to this bed head, with nice touch of highlights. Every strands were details.
  8. Poor guy, he basically went Bali to sleep 2 nights. Why do I get the feeling that his passport picture will be exposed?
  9. Yup, it's a skincare. It's also my first time knowing the brand.
  10. I should re-phrase : not dropping hint (sorry, when I look back, I had used the wrong/harsher word), but the way he expresses his likes for the female leads. @Amanda_HS has given an example : Lim Ji Yeon. Also in Happy Together, he mentioned that he felt left out when Nam Ji Hyun came to the studio with another male lead.
  11. @parmma The third picture.. They are dining at Jimbaran, candlelight seafood by the sea .. I wonder who is there. Sorry but I wouldn't count on that, cause PHS had expressed liking his female leads, but nothing actually happened.
  12. Agree. I think the PHS's hyung managers are well trained from ZE:A's days, plus this is not the first time they arrive in Bali. Previously PHS and Dong Jun had photoshoot event in Bali. Yah, the bigger hyung is their manager since ZE:A's training days. I still remember when he punished all ZE:A members after he found a pack of cigarette. He has a bouncer feel on him. Understandable because the CEO of Star Empire (I read somewhere) is rumoured to be an ex-triad member. The another hyung is cuter and friendlier, more like PHS's PA.
  13. Awww... the sexy deep AMH's voice. "French Cafe".
  14. Looks like a wedding was being setup in the background. Day 1 seems to be just chilling out in the hotel. I feel you... it's an empty hollow lonely Friday. No more TGIF.
  15. Wowo... I get dizzy from looking at the video while it keeps replay. Nice of them to update in their IGs. No fans following them anymore, I think. IGs are now quiet except their crew's update.