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  1. Anyone can translate it? All I know is HJ asking MR if she still likes KS and at the end where MR tells SA that "I need to speak to KS too" (I think SA trying to chase her away by saying she has something private to say to KS). Is SA spreading around that she and KS are an item? I really dislike JiHyo's face in there, cause she's always the one who starts with Awww SA and KS looks like couple.
  2. is the latest episode postpone or cancelled? I can't seem to find the subbed. I had watched Sinhwa Part 2 last week.
  3. SA is saying she likes KS and ask if MR likes him too. Then keep taunting that MR is popular anyway and has guys liking her. MR finally confront her "You dislike me, from the start. Didn't you?" SA finally shows her true color to MR. Mi Rae ah... shows her your shiny spine!!! I am waiting for EP10 subbed.. so disappointed to find it's not up yet in the morning.
  4. What is SA trying to accomplish by telling MR that she like KS? Territory marking? .
  5. Wow SA just surprised me with another super low.... Going after her senior after knowing Kim Tae Hee is starting off with him?? She's a real psychopath. I hope Eun will tear off her mask one day, but I guess Eun is too kind for that.
  6. I really hope so.. because I think she's taking another approach to him. KS is certainly in love with MR only, but MR not explaining to him her relationship with Ks's mother will certainly drive a wedge between them. And I wouldn't be surprise SA will swoop in, and MR will be hurt. Of course I think KS's heart has only MR, but him being in friendship with SA will flatter SA to think she had won. SA won't miss the chance to gloat. In the preview, KS apologize to SA. Then the next scene she approaches him with an innocent face and for the first time, he didn't seem that annoyed with her. BUT NOW... OFF TO WATCH THE SUBBED OF EP 6... HOPE I AM 200% WRONG.. Turns out the preview is for Ep 7.
  7. I don't have a good feeling about KS apologizing to SA.... What hand is she playing?
  8. From Episode 5, KS looking at TA as if, "Invite me, why aren't you inviting me." look is pricelessss. Can SA stop acting like a jilted hurt lover?? Ish!!!
  9. SA is digging deeper. It's one thing to crave for attention but it's another thing to build her confidence by trampling on others. That's too low. I am very disturbed by the guys' comments about girls. An average size girl being labelled as if she's hugely overweight, a woman who wears no makeup and prefer pants is labelled as tomboy and the girls made to wear demeaning clothes just to attract customers. It's awful but very true in school and campus life... Oooo I can't wait for tonight as I am hoping SA to be KO-ed by KS's rejection again!!
  10. I just discover this drama, I thought I'm over campus drama but I'm not! I like the issue that this drama touches: Seniority and bullying at campus, serious lack of confidence when growing up being labelled as ugly, and insecurities even when someone is at the top of her look (Soo Ah). And funny thing is university students are just full-blown hormonal humans who are looking for love/mates , this is so true... I hope Mi Rae won't butt into SK and his mum's business or SK will feel so betrayed.
  11. I haven't log in for a long time here but can't help but rant: WTH is the cliff hanger at the end? I need that droopy-eye bad guy to be behind bars! He killed 2 more person (drivers in the accident) to get himself freed. And korean drama needs to stop having a female lead character that is too cheerful about privacy stomping. The lead male and female do not always need to become a couple. They can be friend who respect each other's privacy. Overall, this drama is considered the best one I watched for this year (so far). The first case was really unexpected and twisted. But because this is 16 episodes they kind of rushed with the Wuseong Serial Killer case. I thought it would be a very suspenseful investigation. Is the rating for this drama considered good? I know we shouldn't judge a drama by rating, but if the rating is no good, chances is we won't get Season 2. I would hate the cliff hanger to hang there forever. No he didn't. His father tells him to "go to die" means on papers, he has to die. So they fake his death to avoid capture. Chances are he will have to stay dead, until his father manages to buy all the prosecutor, judges etc to ensure he won't be convicted. Then they will Tada... he's still alive and found not guilty.
  12. Ha! That's what I thought so. So YW continue laying out his reasoning like a real lawyer quite aggressively because he's still in mock trial mode, but stop when his brain clicked on 'rabbit'? He realized that Jina had misunderstood. I hope YW draws a line with SH, because she's behaving a little too close to him. I could have like SH better, if she was written as to have get on her life, fixed her heartbreak and bumped into YW again later. Not someone who's so broken, clingy and asking for sympathy.
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