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  1. I have a feeling the notes is there to mislead us. As for the missing body, he could be transported back to 2017, hence no body is found in 1994. As for his illness, could it be emotional illness, from depression or missing WS? JH will still exists in 2017, cause history was changed and GJ could have dated and married BH. JH becomes GJ's son. My theory is flawed, but this is what I hope for. The only way every one can have a happy ending.
  2. My theory is irrelevant now, since the note was translated, as HJ has some sort of illness (not sure if it's emotional or physical one).
  3. Thanks for translating it. This is totally unexpected!! I only hope when he 'dies' in 1994, he will be transported back to 2017.
  4. The preview, could YJ had accidentally caused HJ's death? HJ probably asleep with his car air-con on, but leaves his car door open. But after YJ stole his notes, he heedlessly close the door, causes carbon monoxide poisoning. Thinking back, 1990s was the time when there are many cases people accidentally died from sleeping in their car, either by accident or suicide. Just like the time HJ (in 2017) was found in his car in the park (passersby thought he had committed suicide but he was actually sleeping).
  5. Digress a little, which drama that had the female lead swallowed the ring, and she ended up has to poop to take it out? I couldn't remember.
  6. I have a seminar tomorrow but I don't think I will have the mood for it. HJ is sad, Grandpa is tragedy .. Please give me a good ending tomorrow, as I seriously need it.
  7. Preview : There are scenes from both 1993-94 and 2017. 1994 YJ has found HJ unconscious/asleep in his car, steals his music notes and left. JH and MC debuted in tacky pink suits (1990s style) but seem confident. WS is depressed at losing HJ.
  8. Epilogue : Grandpa is snoozing at a table at police station. GJ rushes in and rants at him. He takes off the plastic from Grandpa’s leg and pained at seeing his bleeding foot. He gives his shoes to grandpa. Before they leave, the police asks for his cap back, as grandpa is wearing his police cap. GJ holds his hand and they left the station.
  9. HJ is back to the loft (outside) and looks through the photos he took with the gang. It’s 1.19am and he waits. Suddenly the heavy rain stops, and he takes up his bag and the slide board. One last look at the thundering sky, he walks to the staircase. Later it shows the slide board reaching the ground floor, without HJ.
  10. In the street, MC wonders why they have to leave so soon. JH is not very happy, cause he had seen HJ there. GJ fetches Grandpa in his van, and cries while he drives. Grandpa apologize and GJ is sad that grandpa keeps his illness secret from them. It’s raining, and WS JH are sleeping. She places a sticker (their photo sticker) on his arm then goes to sleep. When she falls asleep, HJ prepares to leave. He pulls a blanket on her and kisses her forehead. (this episode is seriously tears-inducing)
  11. Grandpa sneeks into a police station to ask for help, but have difficult expressing his words, keeps saying the word “Ji bul”. HJ is staring at WS studying, who is a little uncomfortable. Someone press the doorbell and when they heard JH’s voice, they scrambles. HJ hides in the closet. JH and MC enters the apartment. MC asks for some drinks and WS nervously gets for him. MC thinks WS stole his shirt, and demands to check her closet. HJ pulls the door from inside so MC can’t open it. JH helps and opens part of it. HJ hides under a blanket but I think JH notices, but says nothing. JH suggests to MC that they should leave and left.
  12. Grandpa still wanders the street and imagines seeing his daughter on a bench. He sits down to talk to her, who apologizes to him with tears in her eyes. Grandpa apologizes too for his stubbornness. Her daughter comforts him and grandpa tells her, she’s his biggest pride. He talks about Malsook and weeps sadly. The daughter says he is her best hit too. Sadly, grandpa is back to reality and the imaginary daughter disappeared. He sobs uncontrollably. (Me too )
  13. Finally seated down, HJ mumbles something but brushes it off, when WS asks more. At night, GJ starts to worry and makes call to find Grandpa. He looks through grandpa’s old letters and found HJ’s letter. Inside the envelope is a short note and something that looks like a bond cheque? (I think HJ sents Grandpa a bond cheque to apologize in 1994) GJ calculates the current share price for the bond and it’s 13billion??