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  1. I know right? I care more for San's butler and Court Lady Jo than Bi Yeon. She keeps messing up.
  2. Can I say the farewell scene, Rin looks like can't wait to leave? Heheh
  3. Coincidentally both lonely kings are brothers of ZE:A. Poor Jin Heung Poor Won...
  4. I've been absent from recapping for 3 weeks now. Should thank cherrycokez.
  5. So, the king's outburst in last episode, was actually grieving for the Queen, not Boo Young right?
  6. I would love to think, maybe he didn't spend that much time at Yuan as Goryeo people believe. He could have appear at RinSan doorstep every now and then. I know I could be dreaming.
  7. A political measure. But this has denied my satisfaction of seeing Minister Song in ultimate distress. So far.. I am only satisfied with how Boo Young ended.
  8. Just an act. To appease the Yuan convoy and let Rin live anonymously with San. But what the heck!!!! Won keep the snake Minister Song by his side? I was so hoping Won will send him and Jeon to Yuan as tribute. I don't know but San seemed still very weak from the poison and has the look like she won't live long.
  9. What happened to Soompi layout?? I was just missing for 2 weeks. It is now sooo white that I am like typing in Microsoft Words.
  10. Look on the bright side, the drama might not make Won as dark as in the novel (although I still want him to kill Boo Young and exile Minister Song to a circus). From what I see in this episode, he cares for both Rin and San genuinely, he earned credit for me to believe in him. Thank you @maryofbethany, for the explanation. Ah.. no wonder I could not recall seeing the scene.
  11. Ooohhhhh??? Why I don't remember seeing this scene?
  12. I hope it's just that we are jumping to conclusion... Maybe everything is not as dark as we see it. May I know if the current Won, who is governing the country on behalf of the King now, is considered as King's first abdication? Then Song In bites him back until later Won succeed in the power play again. That will be King's second abdication?
  13. I was thinking the same at first, but if that's the case, Dan will be happier that Rin and San found each other, or at least not that stunned. OR... like you said, the proposal of marriage between San and Rin. But maybe Minister Eun added on that the queen has the intention to replace Dan with San as Crown Princess, that's why Dan is stunned and sad, like a ball that was passed around.
  14. Will anyone explain what did Minister Eun and Wang discussed about, that made Dan so stunned? He's really good in this episode. Begging San to save Rin, then runs to his mother to beg more. Even though it will mean letting Jeon free. Yes! I would love to see it! I hope they will make it into a glorious scene.
  15. I don't know, but after watching the ending of this episode, I really pity Won. He did everything to help his friend, even pleas to the woman he loves, to give up on revenge. In the end? He and his mother were to be framed for killing San's father. I hope, Rin will believe in him, just as he believe in Rin. Although next episode, it will become clear to Won that Rin likes San. Angst angst angst... This episode is a roller coaster for me. San has to let Jeon go, to save Rin and Minister Wang. I was really hoping that Jeon will be punished for his crime. When is Boo Young going to die? She's so evil.