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  1. Omo... who is the one sitting behind him and taking this video. So lucky.. I notice my current bae and ex-bae follow each other in IG, didn't know they're that close. Must be on fishing trip, cause Lee Jong Hyun is a fishing enthusiast. I wonder when will Jung Joon-young will join them, cause he's another fishing enthusiast and close friend of LJH. Is the guy sitting on PHS's left side - FNC's CEO, Han Seong Ho? Looks like him.
  2. Enjoy your holiday. He s now out from 'hibernation', just the right timing for u to bump into him.
  3. After watching subbed, I have to say this is the funniest and most jabbing nickname in Kdrama --> Miss Lack of Evidence. Mr Byun really cracks me up, whenever he's on the meeting table.
  4. LOL.. you made me laugh. Looking forward to see his 6 packs again. Even the lanky packs like 1N2D are fine too. (Do I need to censor the second pic?) Cr : Allkpop Cr : Pinterest Park Hyungsik ♥
  5. In his IG, he s working out in a gym? Does this means new project coming up? I remember someone posted he doesnt like gym workout, only does it and diet when preparing for new project.
  6. Could the CSI be a puppeteer of murders? I mean he might have offer his service to plan perfect murders for his clients, without them knowing his real identity. Mr A might have been one of his clients and he states his alibi, as instructed by CSI guy. No one will ever suspect a CSI guy is the mastermind of murder cases, cause he's irrelevant to the victims. Basically, he's Prof Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes.
  7. I hate the DA, but when he told the cake shop guy, he's buying birthday cake for his son, I was like... He seemed to be pretending that his son is still alive. When he turned around and saw BH, his hope was dashed and pulled back to reality. He's clinging to hating BH, cause it's the way he can live. But I still hate him.. bottom line. His son was precious to him but he forgot BH is someone's precious daughter too. As for Nara, how dare she comes back after so many years, and expects to claim back everything, as if nothing happened? Seriously, how thicked skin can she be? When she can't persuade JW, she starts pestering EH. The way she yells at EH for not answering her call, and her shock at EH's coldness... She's like a queen bee who thinks every man will kneel at her feet. Pfft!
  8. Haha.. his face as if he didn't see them right there, and continue to hose him down nonchalantly.
  9. Hwarang. You will see him when the Hwarang boys start gossiping. Another is Sirius, but he was killed in first 15 minutes, if I am not mistaken. You won't like him in these dramas, as a gossipy boy and a school bully. He seemed to have lose weight for this role, and looking better now. Poor guy, he's not even listed in the cast list. Isn't this role rather important? Even the stalker guy for one episode got listed.
  10. Why do I get the feeling that he had patch things up with Nara. He seems softened by Nara's sick look. I somehow think Nara is pretending to be sick, and manipulates him. He asked her not to like him either is 1. He still has feeling for Nara and thinks it's not fair to BH if he accepts her. 2. He was won over by Nara earlier, so BH's confession was too late? I don't think my heart will stand it if BH has to watch them dating in front of her.
  11. Epilogue : Back to the time Mama JW was shocked that Mama BH resigned without telling her. They bumped into each other at the staircase and Mama BH ran away as Mama JW angrily chased her while yelling.
  12. BH stares at JW's workdesk and his name sign. She now waits for him outside the gate. JW arrives and they stare at each other. BH runs over and hugs him, and confesses that she likes him. JW's face is too calm... OMO. He stops himself from touching her head, then tells her not to like him. BH looks sad. THE END. Why it jumps to CF and no preview?? Sorry for the grammar, I do not have the time to check before posting.
  13. (Is Nara pretending to be sick? She looks pretentious.) JW sends her till below her apartment. He turns to leave but she grabs his sleeve. She says something sadly. I think she says she wants to be by his side. JW looks thoughtful. BH paces up and down at home, waiting for JW.
  14. Nara walks to her car, looking very ill. BH and JW sees her and he runs over to Nara, asking if she's okay, then offers to drive (her car) her home. BH looks dejected. EH sees them and is affected too. He offers to drive BH home. BH arrives home and is unhappy to see that JW is not home yet. EH arrives at his home and has tears in his eyes.. WHAT??
  15. First round : Ji Hye debates with JW, and JW presents his case with confidence with the evidences. Ji Hye looks annoyed. Mr A smiles smugly. Nara stares at JW and he avoided her stares.