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  1. Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    Hello,this not my first post here I keep changing my username & profile pic that's why I look new to you guys. Anyway, I hope jinroh will be a hit I really want hyojoo to have another break in her career.
  2. Hwagun (Da-in) stop begging for love to CP, LS(Yoo Tan) is there your soulmate, remember?
  3. @maryofbethanyIt's not about HG anymore.Sure I like her but in terms of quality acting she still needs a lot to learn to reach that standard.I don't need to talk about her all the time just because i like her,duh. What i also love are the villains because of their very good acting specially DM.I definitely don't watch dramas because the cast are popular or my fave are in it.Story and acting quality are my basis.I remember a drama with more popular cast,SHR, did their popularity save the drama?No,because some of the cast acting are very poor. Oh, I am really an antagonist because you keep on pushing your attitudes.Am I supposed to be thankful? Ridiculous!
  4. Someone posted here to kill off the characters of the villains,really?That is the craziest idea I have ever heard.For sure some of them will die but not this early.Kill off villains for your otp?Funny!The villains characters are more fun & captivating to watch because of their good acting than your biased maybe even the reason of the ratings not increasing because viewers think the character is useless.
  5. Am I in a shippers thread? or an actress thread maybe?I can't tell. How I wish YSH doesn't have a love interest in this drama.Maybe less noise and more comfortable for others to read.
  6. Of course you're one of the cool people around.Me also only here for yoo & the drama the ship is only a bonus. I like Hwa gun's character that's why I like to ship her with yoo I can see their chemistry. I know my ship isn't sailing it's already a shipwrecked from the start anyway.I am just loving whenever they have this few moments.
  7. Me too @cheekychipmunk_stv that's why I never ship them.And also her acting is off in this drama.I know many will disagree but that's the truth.Some people when they like/idolizes someone all they can see is good and will not listen worse start bashing True ,I like her in School 2015 & LFG. @Bambiina yeah you obviously strike me there.
  8. @Bambiina I guess you're one of them since you are CP GE shipper. I can only count a few in here who are just cool the rest are hype/exaggerated.
  9. @Bambiina Are you serious?,you're educating me about forums?Really? Who are you? .HG's character is outstanding! I am one of the few who like her.And I don't ship CP & GE! Does that make me your enemy?
  10. Well, @rhaps this is the only thread I read with so many whines regarding main couple screen time.It's irritating & such childish acts. If I remember a mod interfered because of this behavior. And why do you suggest that I will post on other thread? I am YSH fan so I should be here.
  11. Okay, the moment you've all been waiting for,CP & GE moment,how about that bed scene hug! What I don't understand in this thread is that there is always complaining, always want CP & GE moment like seriously? The screen time always on them,hello?,this is a political,historical,melodrama sageuk before romance so expect the hardships & pain also. Stop complaining!What good is the drama if there is no villain?
  12. Wow so much hate to HG! I mean hello it's just a drama and also GE is the lead female so why feel insecure, can't you wait for their moments cause for sure they will have that. This is not a shippers paradise so expect that not all users here are in favor of the main couple, there are also like me who love HG and CP. Let's just respect each others preferences.