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  1. About this one, I do agree with your theory. But, since I live in a culture where we're commonly used the "double meaning" words/sentences in conveying our feeling, the way MinHyuk confessed to BongSoon is extremely-cheesy-tickly-romantic. If I am in BongSoon position, I think my face will burned red and I'll hardly breathe. I feel hurt here. *Then he put her hand to his chest. Means: You've made my heart beating faster, and I can't breathe properly, and you're away from me, this heart of mine missing you like crazy. I want you to feel it and know it (that's why he put her hand on his chest). Aigoo.... It's just another expression of I'm falling deeply in love with you.
  2. Just came back to web. I saw many BaekTak. I don't know if my understanding during this scene is the same with Korean viewers. But, I found the conversation full of teas and flirt. How should I put the words? LOL, English not my main language either. It's like 2 person who has crush to each other sending signal to one another. Like unconsciously sending "feeling interested with you". MH: Women drive me crazy. My eyes start to spin. --> double meanings. Literally women can make him crazy in sexual way or crazy in annoying way. His eyes start to spin, could be spin that made him had annoyed headache or "pheromone headache" *grin. BS: (long stares) - so much meaning behind it! ---> yep, BS caught the signal :p. She's fully understand those double meanings. And she gave him double meanings looks too. Could be "I know you're annoyed of women (because you're a gay)", or "I know you're trying to flirt me" --->delusional me LOL. MH: What does that look mean? (continue long stares)---> somehow feel challenged if his effort to make her curious succeeded. That stares also means, "I'm a normal man." Because I found him looked at her in such a "naughty" way. BS: This bathrobe really bothers me---> defense position. On a game, when you can't beat your enemy at least you can defense your self. By diverting the topic, comment on his bathrobe choice. As if it's too "pretty" that made him can't verified himself as "real man". That's why MinHyuk gave annoyed reaction after that. And they did it in such a flirty way. I feel giddy watching it. LOL! I'm admiring Oh Do Bbyong sunbaenim. The way he mixed English with Korean so cute. Do you noticed when he asked BongSoon to make a cup of coffee for him, he said "Hana spoon sugar" ----> 1 spoon sugar. Which literally means 1 spoon sugar but not mentioned what spoon size. LOL. I can related with this, because in my place many people mixed up language like that but it turned out the meaning is unclear.
  3. Well, since I have twins sons, they're both also just calling names to each other. But sometimes the one whose born first nagging his little brother, being bossy and ordered the second twins because he's born first. ^_^. The fact: he's older by 7 minutes only. Lol
  4. I'm reporting my LOST. LOL But strangely I didn't mind that they're not kissing now. Because everything just TOO SWEET. Too cute that I made eeeeek sounds while MinHyuk confessed his love. BUT I'm demanding their kisses for the rest of this episode. Btw, the almost kiss also beautiful.
  5. Yeah, since the genre kinda similar. Btw, I wonder if we were soulmate in the past? Too many coincidental similarities in taste
  6. Thank you chingu for your live recap these 2 days. Me actually still following this thread through my email. I'm happy with the ending. In order to save this couple, her daddy sacrificed himself. This kind of ending bring back my "W Two World" memory back. Thank you for the wonderful journey my friends. *Blowkiss
  7. After I watched ep 9 with sub, I have a feeling I will lost my bet tonight ^_^. The kiss possibly happen in the preview of ep 11... But not tonight.... T___T *cryingabucket I'm not crying for loosing and change profile with the BaekTak's face. I'm crying thinking about the waiting of our 1st kiss for another painful week....
  8. This is so true. And what make someone's heart fall for you is THIS. The feeling of acceptance, BongSoon finally realized that MinHyuk accepted her in any condition even in a moment she's feeling guilty. Because of her, he got hurt. But he didn't blamed her, and still calming her. How wonderful is that? Not because he is a man acted like that to a woman. Also happen vice versa. Because BongSoon also received love from her Mom this ep. How Mom's angry to the thug because of the accident. She did not blamed her for what happen (like usually). The feeling of acceptance from Mom too. This ep was so beautiful. Love is putting your life for your love one. What happen to MinHyuk is the opposite. But, that's actually also the lobe statement from him. Just the way he delivered it very different. Reminded me of the way GD loved BS all this time. By yelling and make them feel like a burden. @penelop3 even I feel like I will lost tonight, my deepest heart still eagerly wish they will have their first kiss tonight. From the Preview we saw MinHyuk came to BongSoon house said he has to tell her something. He must tell her now. Why I got a feeling that he will confess after that? (Even in my mind me also have some trolling moment which possibly happen since this is a total romcom ^_^). And after he confessed, BongSoon step forward to him and give him a peck. Aigooooo a total fangirl mode imagination. (Correction: fanahjumma ^_^)
  9. @bebebisous33 I've prepared my thug avatar, just in case I'm lost my bet tonight. Can you tagged me again what should I write on my avatar?
  10. @nonski me ready. Email notification from this thread set ON. I will follow your live recap from my inbox. My internet got tired today, after massive updates since morning ^_^. For all dear Chingus, I'm ready to change my profile pict with BaekTak pict if I loose.
  11. Want me to send the hardcopy to you? EDIT: OOPS MIANHE I'm late. *Grin. Gomawo @stroppyse for the translation. Let me post that into my IG caption. Please excuse me ^_^. @Era Ferawati i got caught by you. I posted that on DC late at night. I thought you won't see it. Not yet checking back there.
  12. OK! If I lost the bet, I will change my profile pict with their Zoom In kiss scene for a week. I will accept my lost with a happy heart. And if I win, I will also change my profile for a week with.... Their kiss scene. Lol. Loosing or winning I have nothing to loose.
  13. I was literally gulped my scream watching this video after downloading it. Too good to be true but just like you, I'm trying hard not to ship them for real (publicly... Means I would shipping them for my self
  14. I'm joining the bet ^_^. Logically: I think it will be on ep.10 (Saturday) after DBS confession to GookDu that she cares for MinHyuk more than just a CEO. She's quite straight forward for some idealistic matters. Like when she didn't hesitate to tell HeeJin not to easily liking someone else without thinking about hurting someone else. She should considerate other's feeling too. She said that right in front of BongKi and HeeJin, just like that. So, when GookDu ask her about why she kept her secret all this time from him? And why she looks so worried for her CEO? I think she won't hesitate to tell him the reason too. After that the kiss will happen in mutual feeling. Imagination: I was thinking the kiss will happen on ep.9. BongSoon drive MinHyuk home from hospital, and since he live alone, her Mom will pushed her to stay with MinHyuk. To take care of her future son in law . BongSoon will agree because she can't stand seeing person that she cares suffering (like GS after she got home from hospital, BS still taking care of her). And there you go, many chances for the kiss to happen while they're totally alone in MinHyuk dungeon. *Beeeeep. Won't make it so detail, to keep the minors save. Poke: @nonski @triplem @stroppyse @carolinedl @Earth2KatyD ... I'm sorry, I have a very short memory to remember all the nickname. I'm really sorry.