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  1. I have to quote @bebebisous33 post when she answered my question about when will SG and OS kiss for real. Dear, your prediction was right! It's happened on ep 12. Watching kdrama for years just made us able to read the plot. (^^)
  2. The preview for next episode just burning me out. Just share the most anticipating part for ep 10 . Make it a little bit slower to give me longer visual. I need to change my glasses.
  3. that gif is Representing me 100% . Especially when I'm imagining the kiss happen after they've missing each other so bad.
  4. Gomawo @bebebisous33 for responding so fast. I hope it will be in ep 9 , in the ending later continue on ep 10 in the opening . They need to resolve their feeling quickly. After that they need to face the obstacles from Mom and GrandPa together. Also along the struggling on gaining Approval from them, OS and SK need to heal each other painful trauma, by accepting their past.
  5. One thing for sure. I'm waiting for the 3rd kiss, but this time the kiss happen with both consent and fully conscious . No matter who will initiate first. I hope I don't have to wait too long. @triplem , in your opinion –when will it be?
  6. Ohohoho, extremely agree with you. He needs to learn how to fighting for something precious for him. Wether it's love relationship or family bonds, all need real Effort to build and keep it going strong.
  7. From next week preview, everything seems progressing very fast. He just told her he needs her by his side. It's a confession for me. Suddenly, we will see tears next week. They need more lovey dovey before that. Will OS find out the truth about SK's Grandpa as the one who's behind the accident which made her lost her mom? We're surely need @stroppyse help to translate the preview (^^) @triplem :*
  8. I heard someone said about secretary in the preview. Does she become his secretary??? Since she's wearing office suit there.
  9. I'm agree with you @bebebisous33. Especially about why he rejected OS coldly. He just had depressing situation before meeting her. And she suddenly came with the similar subject as his grandpa; which is about "relationship". So, I understand, his answer came out from his own situation. And "having crush" is something new and strange feeling for him. All this time the people whose "torturing" him with double value — grandpa and mom, somehow always stay beside him. It's a "Love–Hate" relationship. No one really "disappeared" from his life, since they have blood relationship called "family". It will never the same for OS, he will soon learned about "loosing" in real —for the 2nd time, after his beloved Nanny. I miss you @triplem
  10. Still busy as a bee. So, yesterday I've done marathon all 6 eps until 1 am this morning. I'm ready for next ep now. Phew... Reporting my existence to @bebebisous33. Even I've done watching the eps, I'm not reading any posts in this forum yet, I'm sure there were a lot of analysis already. I can't read any pages before this, mianhe chingudeul. So I don't know who's been here. Just saying hello to you all.
  11. And if I think about it, the ending of Terius is better than ManxMan. The OTP finally meet each other again in the end. Not only a blinking spot in the GPS map. I still love Terius tho, also my sons. That after we watched last episode, they asked me when will Terius ep 1 will be playing again? @stroppyse thank you for the translation, it helps me to understand more than just relying on the sub only.
  12. My friend said, if there's a season 2, the title will be Terius Beside Me
  13. One good thing about Terius. This is the only kdrama that I can watch together with my sons without being cautious. And we're enjoying it a lot. PG rated but suitable for age 9+.