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  1. [Drama 2017] The Package 더 패키지

    Annyeong. I love this drama a lot. Love the cinematography, love the story and it's indeed a A journey of meditation. And I love last night kiss. I edit it and merged their kiss last night. (^^). It feels .... French
  2. [Drama 2017] While You Were Sleeping 당신이 잠든 사이에

    Dear chingu, how are you? I've been absent posting here since my real life has taken me away. Thank you @bebebisous33 for keep me tagged, and allowed me to read all your posts. And also other @nonski and Maria. I wanna share info about DVD cut survey. I believe a lot of you has already knew the survey has started. But the survey form only available in Korean language. My friend in dcgall said, they need volunteer to help them translating the form and others. To help the info about this DVD cut can be see by many. For you who's fluent in Korean and can help translating to other language needed, please PM me. @stroppyse I know you can help. Also for chingu who can help translating into Japanese and Chinese language might can volunteer too.
  3. [Drama 2017] While You Were Sleeping 당신이 잠든 사이에

    Hard for me to login to forum. But I'm enjoying all your insight about this drama. Thank you for always allowing me reading your analysis @bebebisous33, by mentioned me. I've been reading your posts in my inbox notifications. Thank you for the shout out @Berou and @nonski . I remembered that @stroppyse was also tagged me. Gomawo. Also saw there's another translator here, hi @xxPeepsxx. I can't remember each name. I'm happy reading all of your posts and wanna let you know I wish I can login everyday to give hearts to everyone posts, but I can't. Mianhe. Waiting for the live recap. *Kiss
  4. [Drama 2017] While You Were Sleeping 당신이 잠든 사이에

    YB is getting my nerves. PHR writernim very good in portraying villain roles, YB character — just like JoongKuk in IHYV, very scary in term they're smart, looking flawless to the society, but very sadistic against our main cast. Two faces person that we're wholeheartedly hating them. BUT in the end, they had a strong reason to be like that. They're a victim of some injustice matters but they're choosing the wrong path as the solution.
  5. [Drama 2017] While You Were Sleeping 당신이 잠든 사이에

    Wow, @nona88 good observation. I was frightening about changing the fate but then it's not. It's a logical matters wrapped in fantasy looks. Now I can understand the drama more thanks to you. Writernim telling us a story about Life is about choices. In each Intersection of life, there'll be choices whether to go right, left or straight. And some path can meet the same crossroad again (unchanged fate) and some other path leading to different places. We'll meet people that can affected our life choices along the journey, we might go hand in hand with them or saying farewell—separated—and take our own path without them. I take a bow to the writernim. @bebebisous33 what do you think about this chingu? Btw, happy 100 pages. Wow, only first week and the pages speeding up quickly.
  6. [Drama 2017] While You Were Sleeping 당신이 잠든 사이에

    SBS posted the clips on naver tv too. http://m.tv.naver.com/sbs.WYWS And viki has exclusive contract with SBS. Btw, welcome back chingu. Just watched rerun on tv, I think what's connected JaeChan and HongJoo in the past was both of their daddies got killed by the Soldier who ran away. On the radio news said, the soldier shot a police man (I assumed that might JaeChan's daddy), before he got into the bus. So, both of them there for the funeral of their dads
  7. [Drama 2017] While You Were Sleeping 당신이 잠든 사이에

    @triplem yes that Lee YooBeom is a jerk with dirty mouth. SangYeob nailed this character that made me sincerely hate him. @bebebisous33 how I want to reply your post but your theory was something beyond my thoughts. But after tonight eps I get what you mean. And also noticed that, if each characters really are able to see premonition in their dream but no one ever saw their own death in their dream. HJ saw her mother death. JaeChan saw HJ death. And HWT even if he can see HJ mom will be in danger (by your theory), but still he can't see his own death (got hit by HJ car). @nonski for me, this drama just enchanted me in all matters. I might bias, tho (^^).
  8. [Drama 2017] While You Were Sleeping 당신이 잠든 사이에

    I hold my breath most of the time. From comedy switched to thriller in split seconds. Have to fully concentrate to understand even with sub. No differences between "now" and "then" scene. In TWY I remembered there's slightly different format in screen dimension between now, then and future. @triplem do you noticed some differences?
  9. [Drama 2017] While You Were Sleeping 당신이 잠든 사이에

    @kikair Mianhe, I'm watching on my cable tv. KSH father reported by the police has done Domestic violence to his wife. And KSH asked JaeChan brother not to tell anyone about what had happen that day. Begging him to keep silent. Dunno what's the secret behind all of that situation. Edit: so KSH daddy did something to his wife and YooBeom is his lawyer. Bad people meet bad people.
  10. [Drama 2017] While You Were Sleeping 당신이 잠든 사이에

    Yes. Definitely the same feeling. But this is both OTP have same ability. It's starting, I've been typing this since few minutes ago but not submitted it. Lol. Awed by the comedy part of Sukkie and Suzy (^^)
  11. [Drama 2017] While You Were Sleeping 당신이 잠든 사이에

    Lolz. Yes OneHD. You can help doing live recap tonight. For me, I can't split my concentration between typing recap and reading sub on TV (^^). Omo, I just saw @Chellsee too here. Annyeong!
  12. [Drama 2017] While You Were Sleeping 당신이 잠든 사이에

    Yes, your sister in crime is here. We meet again. And I'm lucky I can watch with sub exactly in the same time as Korea on my cable. Now, I'm off to sleep. See you in a few hours. (^^)
  13. [Drama 2017] While You Were Sleeping 당신이 잠든 사이에

    One thing for sure. YooBeom is a jerk. He put all the responsibility to JaeChan's, while he was the one who caused the motorcycle accident back then. And JaeChan saw in his dream how irresponsible YooBeom to HongJoo. That's why he tried his best to save HongJoo's life. This two can see the future thru their dreams. Somehow I feel like "The Matrix" kinda feeling.
  14. [Drama 2017] While You Were Sleeping 당신이 잠든 사이에

    YeoBum always telling everybody JaeChan past. He keeps making bad image for JaeChan. Geez.....and surprisingly Suzy (forgot her character name) is YeoBum girlfriend (after 2 blind dates).
  15. [Drama 2017] While You Were Sleeping 당신이 잠든 사이에

    Gomawo @nonski sista for the calling. I'll watching LIVE on my cable TV and already subbed. But I dunno if I can do live blogging. Depends on my internet.