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  1. I don't think I will update my Instagram with this drama clips. Too much hotness and sexiness. OCN is... Understandable. I will follow this drama tho. But won't share it. Lol. I can watch raw clips on my naver tv. But I think it will be impossible for us watching live streaming. Because it's exclusive on dramafever.. @supergal99 those clips.... I lost my breath for awhile Sunghoon has committed a crime by presenting his abs on first episode.
  2. *Cough cough. Omo! We bumped here too. Annyeong @triplem & @supergal99.
  3. Now I now why I can relate with MinMin.... Because I have 4 Princes (a hubby and 3 boys). We need extra patience... *Sigh
  4. @nonski thank you for your last shout out. I will miss all of you here. How to write all the names here? I'm not using my computer, can't copy all the name. Tonight is a wonderful night. PD just gave us plenty of skinship and kisses, only none of kiss was deep and intense enough . But I'm fine. I'm OK. Saw 2 picts of Hyungsik put his hand on BoYoung's shoulder, OK fine. And then saw they're hugging after the episode ended, OK I feel a little cold and warm. I think I need to pay my sleepless nights. It just me who need sleep, not really my heart who silently praying for something else. Aigoo what did I just wrote? Don't mind me. Me just sleepy . Can't mention everyone. Mianhe and thank you for the good times. @febz also thank you for the mention. *Waving to everyone*
  5. Big hug to you @xscalsve and @Desvlo. Smooch smooch. . @parmma thank you for the stills update. Gosh.... i need to move out some files to my OTG. My phone loaded.
  6. @Ainee Etp lol. What a scary accident if that really happen. Can I share it to my IG??? @stroppyse thank you again and again for the translation. You're my source in learning more about Korean culture. Today and tomorrow will be a busy day. Busy preparing my heart..... @briseis I've been following you since MLFTS. And I have to agree.... This couple even captured my heart since their magazine Photoshoot. I hope they will have another project together in the future. @xscalsve are you sure that you're actually "working" now? Because I CAN'T. I've been trying to concentrate since yesterday and my work progress just snailing speed. @nonski @Earth2KatyD @Desvlo @hmseen @BloodOrange @ferily I made a lot of new friends too. Thank you for noticing me This is not farewell. Let's meet up again in another drama.
  7. Geez @__jesse you've help me to understand more. Thank you for your post. I know it, Ah In never took any easy roles. Plus, thanks to your post I learned another fact about the first hangul Typewriter was made in Chicago. I can feel that I will gain more mysteries ahead... I should prepare my note book.
  8. I love you. Saranghanda \(^0^)/. @penelop3 yay girl yay. But I feel guilty if I'm imagining something like Secret Love Affair snippet to happen.
  9. I think so too. It's like mirroring MinHyuk, when he couldn't sleep and came to her house just to confess. And there you go inside my mind a pervy scenarios. But I'm hesitating to share it here....
  10. Hello fellow Scorpy . Wow, your first post on Soompi is in this thread. Welcome to Soompi. And @kookiecake, I quoted the part of your post, because that's exactly what I've been trying to explain to @hennybird about the "gestures" in my previous post. Now you word it clearly. Since my brother also a Scorpio, so I feel very familiar to that signs. *Wink
  11. Hahaha, even I love Ahn MinHyuk way on expressing his love to Bongsoon, I'm not sure if I will be ready when my sons in the future do the same things to the girl they love. But I do have special crush on monolids. Lol... For me monolid eyes are sexy. I forgot who's mentioned me about "gestures" from HS that I did too when I'm attracted to my exBF. Honestly I cannot put it in words, may be it's me. Since English not my main language. But I just can "understand" on how he looked at her in some off cam moments, or how he reacted on her actions to him...
  12. Hello @stroppyse, surprised that you're here too. Thank you for the explanation about that 'soar throat' sounds. Now I understand why in drama I heard people speaking with that tone. It's emphasizing the meaning. @blueroses your in laws are Korean? I dunno why but I feel kinda envy. Lol... (If only I can rewind my time hahaha...) Poke @hmseen. Aigooo, you're here too. @Earth2KatyD yeah... Me also noticed that. Well, they might need to keep in save zone since it's a public area. Even with that small interactions, we saw from fantaken some picts just fluttering.
  13. Got a link of an IG from DC. So, I checked it out and repost it with caption, "still fliming"? And surprisingly, the IG owner answer my caption on comment section said "Yes". Wow, what a schedule.
  14. Annyeong scorpy girl. Do u agree about we're being passionate in love? We just can't hide it, rite?
  15. Hi @estherlim, your post definitely what I thought about these couple. Even I love watching their interactions, and feel the sparkling attraction between them. Still, I can't deny the fact about that acting method. Me also waiting for the vacation to Bali and event in Singapore. I hope they will have sometime alone , so both of them can get to know each other more. Especially in Singapore, since the crews won't joining. . At least they can have bfast or dinner privately *cough And about that AB blood. And BoYoung has type O. What a coincidence, well... I'm not saying that the fact me is an O and my hubby is an AB, can be a comparison. But, more or less the facts about AB person can be both expressive and forward and at the same time introvert and reserved. Also AB blood group people are very sensitive people. That's actually described my hubby personality ^_^. But I think we have to consider their zodiac too. I dunno what BoYoung zodiac is. But me and HyungSik share the same bday. Scorpy is a passionate person and kinda possessive, and if we're in love with someone we're tend to be loyal. Geeeez so weird talking about my self. Lol. But, more or less....I can understand HyungSik's gestures... Because I did "those" too.... When I first attracted to my ex-BF. whose now called hubby.