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  1. Can you explainthis to me? Which part is byuntae? Me really jinjaa dunno @triplem. Just PM me for explanation please. *Curious
  2. Yeah,... Have to remember that. The crews were around them. Can't be delusional @nonski that pan and zoom out and all those tools really disturbing indeed. We need to see the kiss peacefully
  3. Yes you can. Damn! That kiss kinda deep here. I'm mad at the video editor who didn't allowed us to see this angle closure fixed for 3 seconds to see SeolWoo lips moving.
  4. No matter how hard I try to watch other drama, my heart keeps beating faster for ManxMan. *LoveConfession Drop by just to say that.
  5. Yes, I hope somehow he can be released soon. Missed his interactions with SeolWoo. And more, I'm worried his wife will start to find him, since he's been lost for sometime. *Wifepointofview ^_^. Btw are you the same Kasmic on IG?
  6. If David Copperfield can do it. Why not SeolWoo and KiChul? . It's a secret among world class magician.
  7. It's because Whisper is nearly ended. Tonight will be the last ep. Tonight will be the last ep. Usually if a good rating drama nearly ended, the new drama has lower rating. Let's see next week.
  8. I assumed they're cutting down electricity and turned off the heater. VIP needs to cut down his spending due to the uncertainty refund of his $ 5.000.000
  9. Saving the picts for my IG. What a pretty man. Thank you @shunnie for sharing these pictures
  10. Already attracted to left-handed people and if he/she is an ambidextrous, then I will love him/her more
  11. Just remembered Park Haejin vlive commentary, he said he will have one scene that he has to cry, a really big cry. I wonder what sadness we will see later? Remembered back then on Tomorrow With You drama, I have to paused watching 2 last episodes and wait until it's done. Because the most desperate moments of separation and lost happened on ep 15 and half of ep 16. I hope it won't happen here.....
  12. Aaaah that's make sense. Now everything made sense to me. Robert Yoon died as a way to reborn as someone else. KiChul blew him self up also a way to get new identity. Then, we saw on preview DoHa will be shot by a gun, her DoHa's identity will be dead and she'll reborn as someone else. So, it will make her officially a spy agent. How romantic, spy couple.
  13. Agree with you @triplem When a man open him self that much and let us "intruding" his personal space, it means he's surrendered to you . In other words, he loves you.
  14. Aigoooo chingu-ya, you're so greedy. I (wanna) believe that they'll have another (lip moving) kiss later.