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  1. @triplem aigooo chingu. Look how our soul found each other. ^__^. Me also been waiting for this, just finally drop a post after the cute ep0 clips. I never paid attention on the broadcast time slot until u mentioned it will be on weekend too. How can I managed my self to follow this? *Nervous
  2. kkkkkk. This is so 19+ dialogues. Thanks chingu ^^;; And the scoring SoJoon 1, Marin 0. Should it be 1:1 since both smiling after? ^^;;
  3. Love Park Bo Young on OMG. Love Park Hyung Sik on WHWMF. Love JiSoo on MLSHR. Saw @briseis posts here. So, I'M IN! ^^. Annyeong.
  4. The bold black sentence, Whoah! I fall for SoJoon more and more again. That words on how he turned all the negativeness from MaRin's parents story, into more positive way. He's a person full of love. The red bold sentence, Ei~~~~ I was waiting you to translate the cheesy crazy words that made SoJoon stop peeling the apple, giggling, and winking and lip biting and asked her "let's go in (to the room)". Giddy me hahaha So sad I can't watch ep 6 tomorrow. I have to go to an event this weekend. Not sure I can check any updates, since I will be in a place where the internet very limited. (T___T)
  5. In real life, keeping secrets from your wife/husband (for me) is quite OK. Sometimes we need "our own space" BUT in SoJoon case, it's quite difficult for me to agree or not, keeping an important secret like that. Especially if the secret is about "your wife future". She is (read: Wife) not an object. I.M.O he should try telling her, because I believe Marin will accept it (may be not right away). For a person like Marin, even if the "love and care and attention" given to her is not purely sincere, she will try to understand. That's why, even she hates her "annoying friend", she still meet her. From the preview I can see SoJoon keeps coming back and forth to the future checking his existence to MaRin's life. He see MaRin still alive in the future, but without him around. IF his reason marrying Marin ONLY to save her life, without love, why should he be worried? BUT HE IS WORRIED. He looks sad. He wondered why he's not beside her in the future. For me it means one thing, HE LOVES HER. He just doesn't realized it yet. And NO man will stand up for you right away, when he sees you in danger IF he doesn't love you. And HE LOVES AHJUSSI too. Romance and bromance both so strong here.
  6. Looks like SoJoon said about the ramyeon still in research or something, while Marin has wrote a blog about it. I think MaRin just accepted herself wrong for the ramyeon. While cleaning the room, Marin saw a shopping bag with clothes inside and she dunno when Sojoon boight it. Marin feel so confused. Because she still dunno anything about SoJoon. Looks like SoJoon also very close with that childhood girlfriend. I think she's suspicious with Marin. Because SoJoon married her so suddenly.
  7. MaRin got a lot of questions from her "jealoused friend". But she looks a little down since, she dunno anything about her husband. Even his clothes size. Poor Marin :(. And when she tried to call him, he's unreachable since he's in the future time now, doing shopping some clothes and magz. Her friend asked, does her husband keeping secrets from her? She said, he's not, just she didn't have a chance to know her husband deeper since they're married so soon without knowing each other first.
  8. I'm not shipping. Just found sarament official IG update YooSoJoon photo, and I put them together. That's all. Aren't they looked very cute??
  9. @trisail me been waiting for the stills update from you. Thank you dear, will go to my IG updating. I will steal some of the picts from you ^3^
  10. @carolinedl whoah you're so tall! Your boyfriend has to be Kim WooBin or Lee Dongwook or GongYoo or Kim Young Kwang or Lee SooHyuk. See you in a few hours dear. Have a good sleep. @Reyko I think that kiss in the living room is the adlib. MinAh seems like unaware with JeHoon move. He's indeed made PD works become easier.
  11. @Reyko it's already fatal for me. Thank you for the eng sub bts @sakura2016. Going to download them all now. @makeuptemple I feel weary to join in. Should I or shouldn't I...
  12. Aigoo please keep feeding me those sweet scenes. I'm hungry for their cuteness. Thank you @Reyko
  13. Now I have to rewatch ep. 2 again. Or 3? That Ahjussi must be somewhere around them that day. Lol, agree agree. And also, after his confession of being single for the last 6 years (never dating for 6 years!!! Can you imagine that?!), This dating scene like a rain shower in the middle of Sahara desert
  14. @supergal99 aigoo that "You did overdo it last night" gif. This drama give us pervyness in a cute visual. And here we are trapped inside a mud pit of 'byeontaeness'. I hope we won't get deadnotes from the mods. Please be kind to us