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  1. Same with me. But failed many times. My mind keeps wandering around. Under this spoiler only one of my wild imagination.
  2. Done ep 5 and 6 with sub and I feel giddy. I'm not a deep observant but I do smell upcoming kiss. This time will be from SoAh to HaBaek. I'm quite sure it will be SoAh who initiated their next kiss. Why? The scene when they're having noodle after HaBaek failed to caught that Greedy God. SoAh found out HaBaek should kiss the greedy god back in order to reversed the "curse". So he won't feel edacious (thanks to @nonski for this new word) anymore. And SoAh teased him by puckering her lips. Showed him how to kiss. While me giddy thinking about when SoAh realized that logic about returning back the "power" back. Means, in order to give HaBaek his power back, SoAh should kiss HaBaek. Lol. Don't mind me. It just my delulu thought. Because I know the fact HaBaek has already lost his power before the kiss on ep 1 happened. It just, when SoAh genuinely believe HaBaek is a god and willing to kiss him to give him back his power, means SoAh trust him. And as long as I know, whenever SoAh believed on HaBaek, he will get his power back. All this time, the trust just appeared when she truly need help from him. In a dangerous situation. I wonder what situation will be when SoAh decided to kiss HaBaek.
  3. For me, this drama is heart fluttering. I just love every subtle feelings delivered. Every touch, hug and the more intimate our OTP has becoming. Will continue to watch with this atmosphere I have here. And so in love with your analysis here @bebebisous33
  4. Ikr. Kdrama road is truck racing arena. Trucks allowed to run high speed on every type of the road, avenue or even street. Geez.... I think Shin family ancestor has made an agreement with HaBaek's mom(?) But their descendants broke the promise. That's why HaBaek said once he knew a "Shin" who's just like ShinJaya. Need @stroppyseto join here.
  5. So agree with you. Btw, I have an understanding after watching ep 4 in 2 languages. Shared this with @bebebisous33 @nonski and @athena22 in Line group. Will copy paste it here. That "thank you" from SoAh after HaBaek gave her the car key, was her sincere one. She never sincerely "Thanks" to any help. But that nite, she did. That's the 2nd time. First time was after being chased by the pig and HaBaek hugged her inside the car trunk. And I think also happen for HaBaek. His "mianhe" at the end of ep 4 was his first sincere apologies. Both realized. SoAh: She needs help sometime. And HaBaek did help her when she needs it the most. HaBaek: even he's a God, but after 2 person (1 human soah and 1 goddess Moora) refused to admit him as a God because he has no power, his logic must have shaken. All this time he thought he's an absolute God and will be the King of all God. That knowledge just granted to him from the start. Made him less sympathy to any other Gods and humans. And he never saw himself as someone lower than others. He's on the top of the pyramid. And for me he's not intruding her dream. She's telling him her dream and he's blended in the dream by the talk only (for me, the visual only visualization of what they're talking about). He's listening to her dream and then said sorry for her.... because he wanna (and supposed to be) granted her the dream as the God, but he can't. Because he has lost the power to do that. And for the first time, he admitted his disability as a God. And said Sorry to her.
  6. I thought so. Since the patient also refused SoAh CPR mentioned his lips belongs to TF1004 only. So, he's stolen HB special powers and very happy after that. Because it means HB lost his power. Wow. This is also make sense to me. So after he passes his characteristics, he felt happy because HB will have his "bad character" too. If this is true, I will be very happy if HB and SA communicate a LOT by kissing
  7. As always, you're clearly explained every subtle gestures sign in words perfectly. I did feel the same but can't put it in words. Both now in the same path of "learning their surrounding" with their eyes open. As I learned, eyes are the windows of our soul. All this time both never tried to look outside their windows. That's made them "self centered". While HaBaek always put himself as the center of the universe, SoAh always saw herself as the miserable person who's always tangled with "psychotic" people (and animals). I think this drama is about the "discoveries" of themselves. And later the discovery of love @triplem about Guns n Roses BGM, they didn't actually use the exact notes, they're just using the main cord, but if you're listening it with your eyes closed (so your ears won't fooled by your visions ), it sounds like 'Knockin in heaven doors' song. It's approximately on 29:40 min. Started when SoAh walked back home after she's back from Police station. And @amisyka77, thank you for your explanation, made me understand more the concept of this drama. This drama wrote by Misaeng drama writernim. I believe it will be a good one. And I'm waiting for Kang HaNeul cameo appearance. If only Im SiWan not yet enlisted to military, I think he will he one of the cameo too.
  8. This is also what I've understand. So it's the journey while collecting the stones what's matter. Obtaining the stones only the reason to start the journey.
  9. I have a thought that pig was NamSuri undercover . In order to make SoAh closer to HaBaek. *Shippermind But I agree about SoAh might acquired some of HaBaek's abilities. Can hear people's mind. Can hear plants talking. About the kiss, do u remembered when that Psycho man who can see HaBaek has god aura and jumped to the river? I think some humans has the ability to see the unseen after they have interaction with gods. When SoAh wanna give him CPR, he's suddenly wake up and said his lips only for TF10004 (the god whose he believes been giving him order to send message to Obama). I assumed he's been kissed by TF10004. After that he can understand "strange language" and can see what others can't see. Looks like it happen to SoAh too. So agree. I thought the same. I think in 2018 SoAh jumped into the river to meet HaBaek. As his bride. She might died on human's world but then live in Habaek's world. I wonder why the image of SoAh cellphone (in the river) from 14years ago recalled by her? Something in there?
  10. I sensed bitterness too on the jumping to the water scene. Twice already, the past and the future. Like you, I was in Moon Lovers too, and the ending made me fall sick. I will just prepare my heart. Enjoying the moments while it last. It's a fantasy drama anyway. Btw, did anyone noticed the BGM they used on ep 1? First night sleeping on the riverside. It's Guns 'n Roses song, "Knocking on heaven door". If no one mentioned it before, now I feel very ancient here .
  11. Agree with this @bebebisous33. The kiss in the other hand gave SoAh the ability to hear others thoughts, even hearing the dry plant which asked her water. While HaBaek still loosing his God's ability, SoAh gaining some. I wonder if later on that situation will make HaBaek lower himself little by little and won't be an arrogant God anymore. I'm not yet reading the manhwa, and I love the drama after watched the 2 eps back to back.
  12. Your eyes didn't lie. They saw the reality. Yes, he wear no shirt under that costume. We've been served by Habaek's abs since the poster Photoshoot . And me still wake up while I've told @athena22 that I was going to sleep more than an hour ago.
  13. The preview mostly seen on trailers. But still curious with everything they said. Would you also help us here @stroppyse? To translate the preview. I'll be very grateful if you do.
  14. I'm subscribed here. Thanks @athena22 for the link. @Chellsee annyeong.
  15. What a great show. The first time for me to feel very happy when the drama ended. Happy because I have no questions about the ending. No sadness, not confused, no anger. And I can see all the characters continue their life. And I'm enjoying this thread very much. Even the pages not even hits 200 pages, but enjoyable to read again. I will say goodbye to ManxMan. Thank you for all the chingu here. Saranghae... @nonski let's keep this sisterhood forever. @40somethingahjumma & @bebebisous33 thank you for the insightful posts. I'm enjoying your posts a lot. @Dhakra oooops sorry I mention you again, bro. I know you're already roger and out of the thread. Hope to bumped into u again. @stroppyse thank you for always gave me deeper understanding of subtle gestures and the word play. I will always bothering you whenever I get curious with the translation of a certain scene. and also @Lady_Fay thank you for your translation, I've stolen some of them for my IG post. Gomawo. @shunnie for a very speedy updates. Let's meet again on other thread. @Nymeria and @athena22 for the live recap and screencaps. Big help for me who often missed the livestream. Aigoooo, and my sister in crime @triplem. Don't go away from me. We'll have many missions in the near future. Perhaps another abduction of an oppa for having ramyeon and (eep)sool *evilgrin. @MiAmour for fashion updates. I've enjoyed it. And some name that I can remember, thank you for liking my often shallow posts @booo28 , @yskj, @heartforkdrama, @bobo11 If I missed any names, I'm sorry. Bye for now. Edit: Omo! How can I forget you @Kasmic??? Mianhe, while I'm often quoting you on my IG.