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  1. The epitome of love! Unforgettable moments when they cannot take their hands off each other. Have a nice weekend, everyone! With or without confirmation yet, I hope that we would still support these two amazing people individually and as a couple. Fighting!
  2. @lee-chan I guess it was in MBC Section TV interview when LJS said that he finds HHJ way of talking charming. Please correct me if I'm wrong hehe
  3. @adawiyahsarkis30 I agree! It's been a year since our Queen graced her beauty and coolness on the show and yet they still remembered her. They really are fanboys of Hyo Joo I hope so too! I wish that HJ will guest on any of the variety shows there in Korea. I want to see again how our Queen shows her oppa-side.
  4. I love how the 1N2D members remember and admire our Hyo Joo
  5. Throwback on the day Dispatch collaged our couple's airport fashion and arrival from their memorable trip in Japan. So another couple has been confirmed (both are from YG...), and I couldn't be happier for them. But I know we will be the happiest if our most favorite couple will confirm too! Pardon me for being way too imaginative, can't help it hehe
  6. New (?) photo of our King. When I checked the IG owner's profile, it seems like she has a photo studio. Wonder what did LJS have there. Hmmm...
  7. Our captain was so fast in capturing this. please let's not repost this as to provide them the privacy they deserve hehe thank you very much, my friends!!
  8. Our Queen slaying Marie Claire magazine's cover