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  1. @apoo Like what our friend, @frozentundra, said, I believe someone sent flowers to HHJ and I hope it's from him...
  2. It seems like our Hyo Joo received flowers today. Hmmm...
  3. Someone is obviously happy! I wonder why? Is it because August 10 is near? Hmmm... pardon my over-analytic mind
  4. Someone's happy, wonder what's the reason...
  5. According to the internet, it's like a ritual done to prevent misfortune and bring good luck.
  6. @apoo Oh yeah, my bad! I also believe their shooting will start on the 17th. Thank you for the clarification!
  7. New photo of our Hyo Joo (though a little bright). Test shoot for In Rang.
  8. Oh I'm sorry for posting misleading articles! Hehe thank you very much @primrose210 for correcting and clarifying this matter.
  9. @frozentundra I thought so too! VIP shooting started earlier than GS and yet both of the movies will be in theaters this month. I believe there will be a VIP premiere for GS since it has the same production company with the movie 'Master', and the latter had their VIP premiere wherein our couple had moments...
  10. - D E L E T E D - Though I still hope that LJS will come to the VIP premiere of the Golden Slumber...
  11. @primrose210 AS IN REALLY?!!?! ISN'T THAT AMAZING?!! Thank you very much for making my heart so happy! now I think the people behind that poster meant to lowkey tease our Jong Suk hahahaha of all the movies with unique posters out there, why would they choose to borrow The Beauty Inside's idea knowing that HHJ was the female lead?!!?!