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  1. After all this time, the 2 parties still support each other. So lovely! LET'S NOT REPOST THIS PLEASE! Thank you very much friends. Have a nice day!
  2. Minseon (from ALUU) is Hyo Joo's hairstylist while Seo Hee Young (from Jenny House) is her make-up artist.
  3. Our Hyo Joo is really the Queen of Visuals, she has no bad angles!
  4. it seems like W won an award. Yay congrats to the whole W team!!
  5. @frozentundra @gogogirl26 Ohh now I get it. Thank you for enlightening me, my friends!
  6. @gogogirl26 @polar15 Friends! May I just ask, what's that status/caption of LJS are tou talking about? I'm sorry, I 'm just curious hehe
  7. Oops I think they changed it, the tag is now on the dress. I wonder why they changed it. Hmmm...
  8. I don't know if I just overanalyze everything but as I was clicking the picture to see if NOYB tagged HHJ's glam squad, I found out that NOYB tagged their own profile on our Queen's hand and not on the dress she's wearing. So I checked their other posts of the different actors wearing their clothes only to find out that yes, the tagged their own profile on the picture, but they tagged it on their products and not on the actor wearing it. I was so hyped that I need to share it hehe
  9. Our Hyo Joo for Zishen looking so bubbly and gorgeous.
  10. Our Queen ranked 5th!!
  11. Yay new BTS photos of our queen!
  12. Someone updated her Weibo account...