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  1. Aside from being an actress and a queen, she is also an angel.
  2. Our queen looking so effortlessly chic
  3. Update from our birthday Oppa!
  4. I'm sorry but I don't have any idea hehe I just posted that here right away the moment I saw the picture in Twitter. I just miss them so much...
  5. One of my most favorite pictures of our Hyo Joo! She looks so regal and expensive. Very pretty!
  6. You know what's ironic? It's the fact that you think that this thread is 'delusional' and yet you keep on wasting your time visiting and posting stuff here. But still, thank you very much for spending your time lurking in threads like these! We are so flattered for having you as our guest. Thank you also for making this thread active, couldn't have done that without your opinions.
  7. New (?) photo of our queen while filming In Rang. Finally a picture of her!
  8. I miss seeing these 2 in one frame...
  9. Update from the VIP himself...