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  1. Look what we have here... isn't it nice?!
  2. I love how harmonious and consistent these 2 are!
  3. Cannot wait for our friends to share their wonderful experience at HHJ's fan meeting! @ibru It's good to have you back, my friend! We missed seeing your posts. I think they were the ones who sent a congratulatory video message ro our lady. Correct me if I'm wrong hehe
  4. HHJ being her usual adorable and bubbly self
  5. Our lady never out of the list. So excited for our friends going later hehe enjoy, you guys!
  6. Our Queen has gained another admirer! She keeps on gaining and gaining a lot of admirers, so LJS, you better watch out! Haha I'm so excited and jealous to those who'll attend HHJ's fan meeting. How I wish I live in South Korea! But nevertheless, I know that our amazing friends here will definitely share their experiences to us. I hope you guys enjoy the fan meeting!
  7. No wonder LJS finds her charming, she really has a unique style of talking.
  8. I know the "W" sign was for W Korea magazibe but when HHJ did that, all the memories of W Two Worlds flashbacked like a storm.
  9. Our Queen present at Louis Vuitton event. Gorgeous as ever!
  10. Have a pleasant day, my friends!