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  1. @Alice Mendoza Yup it’s one of the oldest k drama tropes , apart from those love triangles- which thankfully in this drama we had none . ( Though poor CEO’s fanboy heart will be broken ) I was hoping that this drama could be a little angst free but tonight was terribly sad . Nevertheless the positive thing is that this writer made Jin Shim a beautiful strong character. She’s gone through so much before meeting JR , and right when she was getting her life back together, she’s given another blow - having her heart crushed by the very first person she has fallen in love with . But yet , she is still strong & resilient. She does not give up on him & she comforts him even when he tries to distance himself from her . JR must make up for this ( I’m sure he would ) & treat her like gold when they reconcile
  2. @Ameera Ali @Lawyerh I knew @cenching was powerful but I bow down to her for getting our @sushilicious to come here . Sushi gal , I know fluffy is usually not your thing but we r over the moon to see you here . ok poor mama’s boy ...I think he’s really smitten with Dan. he felt the jolt of electricity when she she accidentally ( or maybe not so accidentally ) touch his hand . @stroppyse if you don’t mind what was said here ? I’m dying to know the contents of the contract Thanks @turtlegirl @jeonghyang for the recaps . At least the ukelele ship gives us some comic relief. Thanks @stroppyse @alleram95 For the translations.
  3. lol , and I thought in Goblin it was so tragic because fate does not allow them to be together....but here they are both humans! In some ways I felt that JR took away Jin Shim’s agency in deciding if they could continue the relationship or not . It’s noble idiocy however you look at it . You go Jin Shim girl! Break down his defences , He’s a hedgehog & he’s being all prickly now but Only a heart of stone can ignore this
  4. Lol!! This is another Funny one , CEO was so excited thinking she was going to hug him as well ..
  5. Yes . Viu is based in Asia ..so subbed episodes will only be available the next day after it airs in SK. That has always been my experience being a Viu subscriber.
  6. Aishhh ..for a drama that’s not likely to have a love line , and one lead has sworn to celibacy , they even have a couple photo shoot , normally reserved for dramas with romance . Maybe the biggest twist is Father Kim going back to being an agent .
  7. Found some old vids...this one with his family This was during his army days? Think he was DJ-ing on the radio? Great for ogling
  8. @Sarang21 I died laughing . In moments when he was somewhere btwn Life & death , his most precious memories involved choosing a sandwich at Subway . Someone help me Welcome @noella faida!! What are you watching and who are some of your favourite oppas?
  9. If you don’t want to pay , it’s usually like that . I also use giphy.com. An alternative is to use imgflip - the free one , quality is so so. If you pay for the pro package, might be better . Maybe you can try tweeking your gifs using https://ezgif.com/ you can resize , slo mo , sharpen etc . Sometimes the video quality is important. Another free one you can try is https://www.kapwing.com/ @Super Gal99 miss you on the threads . R u watching any dramas ? 952
  10. Oh I watched the subbed eps & he really solved all the questions even though it took him more time than the rest , impressive considering maths based questions are not his forte . And they really tortured him when he was given penalty - lol!! Kyung was the happiest to see him & was super cute to see Tyler who was usually quite reserved , feel all emotional to see JS solve the questions. Having him back is really nice - for some reason he always lights up the room cause he is expressive & is funny . The rest are smarter but it’s not as fun to watch . Handsome is back They really love to tease him about his rapper days this was from ep 155
  11. I must also be blurr, did not realise that Tumblr was full of porn! I hv an account & use It to host my images . But realise imgur was better ..& switched @sushilicious oh are you looking forward to our pretty priest ? Let me hard sell SiWon’s new drama 1st April Synopsis cr MDL. Comedy , crime , romance 956
  12. Oh is it good ? Ok maybe I’ll check it out . For a Long time there was no proper subs , so I forgot about it . Let me see if Viu has . 958
  13. Yes it is....even tho the romance was trasch imo. the abs and the naked fight scene was all worth it . This drama was also memorable because apart from the things that I mentioned...in one scene they sneaked in a subway ppl while the lead guy was fighting for his life in surgery. Love the creative subway ppl . Which episode was it? I also gave up on K2 coz the story was really one kind . But @stroppyse , JCW was amazingly hot . I will definitely have an oppa spotlight / appreciation for him . Right now on the list : 1. Bosco Wong ( HK actor ) 2. Ji Chang Wook 3. Gong Yoo 4. Kim Jae Wook
  14. Yes , both are good too. Worth watching . In particular I thought that Save Me was very unique for dealing with a subject that has never been dealt before - cults . Season 2 is confirmed. Different storyline & cast . Looking forward to Kill Me this weekend @Lawyerh I never got round to Voice 2. I read the thread but the feeling I got was that it wasn’t as good .but I Guess local audiences like it such that Voice 3 is up next 962
  15. @ixxdhx81 thanks for all the lovely updates . One more week . We allow some exceptions for consecutive posting -if after one hour no one else has posted , you can go ahead - live caps - press conference day .
  16. Hehe sushi ..more messy bangs here . But what’s with the eyes ? Hmm you’re right the centre parting is not doing him any favours I change the title of this thread a bit
  17. @kokodus Yes to season 2 of Coffee Friends. The entire crew was awesome . Even the guests . My bae in that show remains YYS - he’s just so talented . There’s nothing he can’t do. Every time he felt stressed , he tried to keep it cool . I felt stressed for him . I hope he comes back with a drama soon where he’s the ML who gets the girl .I could not watch Mr Sunshine ..sorry male lead was really not my cup of tea I’m tempted to watch light in my eyes . Read good stuff about it . See if I hv time 952
  18. I would like to watch his latest movie though . My colleague has watched with Chinese subs & said it’s good . I’m looking for Eng Subs this is one has some nicer hairstyles
  19. Nope. I hv only watched him in Live Up to Your Name .
  20. @sushilicious I shall hv a Kim Jae Wook appreciation day for our pervy club when his new drama begins . @cenching I hv seen all 3 - Signal , Voice , Tunnel. I agree with @Dhakra that Signal is probably the best in that lot - simply because of its story telling & strong cast . But like @Lmangla @kokodus Tunnel had that emotional factor for me , possibly because Choi Jin Hyuk is one of my favourites . Also it started with him & his gf’s love story . I can see why he would not have that fatherly feel as he wasn’t one when he went through the tunnel . Voice is good but I don’t rank it as high. But very unique premise with female lead’s hearing gift . If were to rate one the best for me in that genre , it would be Life on Mars , and Bad Guys . Check it out 948
  21. @Sarang21 Actually I could not see the moustache. I was more concern with the French kissing . They did go All out . I love this drama so much . Personally I’m not into facial hair @sushilicious it me or I think he looks even better in the fiery priest now . It’s like he looks younger ...or maybe it really his hairstyle & his cheeks look a bit filled up He looks nice like that too
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