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  1. i see...lol...because the Rebel Thief male lead's character is called Hong Gil Dong 598
  2. Rebel thief? What eps are you? I am at eps 13... I am watching it for my oppa Kim Ji Suk, the king...ahahaha...but I also like the brother Gil Hyeon played by Sim Hee Seop... @Lawyerh...just realise he was in COALG Actually I am looking for this movie...know where I can get subs or even the raw ? One of those indie type movies it had good reviews at the film festival synopsis Happy birthday to your girl...very lucky she has a mum like you...how old is she? 598
  3. It's not the lady , I was watching the IG cuts and it is this guy they are trying to kill...now I am confused... In fact Kim had a premonition about it (or you could say God send him a message ) , which I suppose led him to save the guy I had to show you this I love these two...they are so sweet and you know what really annoyed me tonight...Bobby and his unending bullying of SS...I really wanted to cut off his hair and slap him myself. I hope by the end of this drama SS will have chance to give him a good smack Preview...Park is really sassy and fearless
  4. oh gosh....sushi gal....I think Kim Nam Gil loves it as much...he perfected the hair flipping hahaha...they are recreating the Mr Sunshine scene Thanks @ktcjdrama for the recaps...okay so the plot thickens with Kim's ex colleague being part of or joining the Savings Day gang. But why do they want to get rid of the Congressman?
  5. Yay welcome more pervy girlfriends .... @Jillia @lynne22 @kokodus @Sejabin @Alice Mendoza @evie7 @bairama Let me know if you have any oppas you want to spazz over...instead of a book club , we have an oppa club where every few days we highlight an oppa to feast our eyes on So far we have 1. The Fiery Priest a.k.a Kim Nam Gil...(I know this sounds terribly blasphemous to spazz over a servant of God ) 2. Hong Kong hottie - Bosco Wong ( yes it is not only K-actors, we can even do fruits - ahem pineapple heads- winks at kokodus) 3. Lee Dong Wook - who is currently trending on our Soompi thread Upcoming oppas ( based on special requests by fellow pervy gals) 1. Ji Chang Wook ( our boy is getting discharged soon) 2. Gong Yoo ( when will he come back to drama land ??)\ 3. Kim Jae wook ( good golly the man with the most chiselled cheek bones is finally leading in a rom-com ..miracles do happen) Tagging the rest of the gang : @Ameera Ali @avondale16 @sushilicious @Sarang21 @angelangie @mouse007 @ktcjdrama @stroppyse @noella faida @Berou @USAFarmgirl @Matilda_Anne @cenching @Lawyerh Please feel free to tag fellow Soompiers to join us - I can send them an invite
  6. @joonminfan it cost 50000 won which is pretty decent pricing when converted into my currency ( ringgit ) . I wonder how many tickets on sale ? I wonder who will be his guest ?? Hehe will be nice if Somin comes . Last year he had HSJ & Kyung .
  7. Ahem @cenching very nice close up one with all the lip biting action . PD needs to extend this scene into the next episode @ktcjdrama oh he so will interrupt the scenes to give “advice”. You know , I think CEO will find a way to come & visit too
  8. The chemistry is strong ..which gives me slight regret this isn’t that sort of drama that has romance . But to be honest , I was quite mad at Park last episode. She undid everything that Kim & gang had put in place . The only silver lining is that the lil girl will have funds for better medicine. I know that Park is not quite 100% on the side of her boss & she’s doing this to save herself from career death in that small town , but still where is her conscience? I wonder if it will make a difference if she finds out Hwang had killed Father Lee ? And honestly now , it’s quite hard for her to turn back unless she double crosses them . Talking about Hwang , he isn’t the most dangerous of the lot , it’s Park’s boss & his crazy ambition as well as ability to exploit his position that is most scary Happy for cast & crew
  9. Those who claim they are innocent are usually not ......what are you watching by the way ? @cenching it was a good kiss . I wish PD did not zoom out. I need to gif it in slo mo later 574
  10. Wahh champion ! No need next week ...by tomorrow @cenching our sugarlicious will be up to speed ! 570
  11. What eps are you now ? am waiting for Fiery Priest ! R u gonna live cap @ktcjdrama? So she dated him even though she knew he was seeing someone else? 568
  12. Sushilicious can change her name to sugarlicious!!! Do you have one to tell ? 562 TYH eps 14 was the best ..the reconciliation was moving & done nicely . Kiss was a bonus !
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