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  1. triplem

    Add and Subtract Game

    what kind of job is this ? On weekdays I sleep just before midnight, get up 6ish ... I think I don’t hv enough sleep 162
  2. triplem

    Add and Subtract Game

    @staygold I’m also still watching DJG is watching . I’m not even sure why .A no plot drama that’s just so cute though . It really just revolves around the love triangle btwn the brothers ...they really stretched that one . i Guess she’d end up with team manager Han right ? I was so exasperated with him that I figured she should just go with the bro though I was on team older brother from the beginning. For all Gong Yoo fans
  3. triplem

    Add and Subtract Game

    This will upset their fans ...so here goes 206
  4. triplem

    Add and Subtract Game

    Yes he is the main lead . The story is unique. Who’s this ? 200
  5. I don’t think there’ll be such a big time jump. Those kids look at least 9 or 10. Could be more people moving back to the island ..or tourists? Edit - did some stalking of the ig handle & one of the kids seem to be the IG owner’s kid. And it seems the house they use belongs to her ( if the IG translation is to be believed)
  6. Hahaha ..I can already smell the shipping on this thread ... oh well they do have good chemistry even BTS. If anything, you can tell they enjoyed working together. KJS is a sweetie . This isn’t the first time he’s done that. Seeing this makes me realise how far we’ve come , how Long we’ve been hanging out here & we only hv two more weeks left he’s also very appreciative of the crew buying them all sneakers because he knows they had to walk a lot given the infrastructure on the island . Welcome to this thread & Soompi @kscherz! Glad you delurked . Don’t be a stranger & post more .
  7. triplem

    Add and Subtract Game

    I’ll check them out Get well soon @lynne22. I’m also looking forward to the new Spider-Man 186
  8. triplem

    Add and Subtract Game

    Earlier actress you posted , I hv seen her in While You Were Sleeping . I know she was in Suits . Why ? Is she in a new drama ? JJH - saw him in both Along the with the Gods movies . The second was even better - I was moved watching their back story 184
  9. Exactly. KS , I have to admit , has caused me much frustration in the previous episodes . I need her to be more proactive ! I should think she should be all over him by now . I guess , once on the island , she’ll realise her folly of asking him to take if slow ..... was watching the raw just now ..did feel a little bad for MD especially when he was fearing the worst . To be honest the last 5mins of the show saved the episode for me .
  10. Squeeeee more BTS even from eps 10 Just watch this cut first ...there’s going to be a deep kiss !!! @stroppyse If time permits , could you translate or give us a jisc of the bedscene cut in the Twitter handle ? Thanks loads
  11. I think WB has no choice but to keep up the pretense with SJ. Remember he needed to find a way to gain her trust to get more information about the imperial family. While SJ is not malicious etc, she's spoilt and part of the crazy imperial family. She is self serving as well , and if she does not get her way or finds out that she has been used...let's just say hell has no fury like a woman scorned. It will be interesting how long WB can keep this up...
  12. Which eps was this ? If I can find the vid , gif making is not a problem . @joonminfan
  13. triplem

    Add and Subtract Game

    What is that ? For CNY , I’ll change my hair colour . Go for more copper tone 172
  14. triplem

    Add and Subtract Game

    So true ..with ML, easy , just call them oppa . Unfortunately @sushilicious FL can make or break a drama for me . No matter how much I like an actor , I will drop a drama once the FL annoys me . I hv a blacklist of actresses that I avoid at all cost 170
  15. triplem

    Add and Subtract Game