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  1. Oh damn could I get my numbers wrong ...sawriii ... like that quote, how cute. Since we're on the subject of McDees ( again ! @bedifferent & @phikyl) i tried the kimchi burger ! So spicy , but my spice tolerance is not great to start with, & I was wondering which bit is considered Korean since I could not taste the kimchi. But the charcoal bun was nice & soft , lots of cheese too. I can't embed this on my phone but it's here on my tumblr @stroppyse I knew @Dhakra Would open the spoiler. It's KSJ. He can't resist. @USAFarmgirl I will watch school 2017! 782
  2. @abnoch You stay safe now & Come back here when you get signal Hehehe.,. I knew those pics will annoy you like hell ...Sweet dreams @Dhakra ..true that love can be illogical. ..... dhevil..that's a good one. 776
  3. He was indeed...if I remember correctly even on the SSAM thread , he was noticed. I love that at the end of the day he helped KYK's character. Actually I really liked SSAM except that the plot towards the end was not as strong. @stroppyse , there's no logic when it comes to the girls that @Dhakra loves. This is the man who can even judge a girl's character by her smile. By the way dhakra, KSJ was lucky that she got to kiss my oppa And had so much skinship with him... You had better get used to it. KSJ 's next drama is a rom/com as well & she's the lead. +2
  4. @Dhakra Save Me is good! but it is a dark drama, be prepared for anything. Did you see my hero second lead boy - Dong cheul?( That actor is a real breakout star in this drama, though I have seen him in Sweet Stranger & Me) But I'm nervous - I have a feeling something bad will happen to him. I have not caught up on eps 3&4 yet...eps 5&6 airs only this weekend . I'm hooked on My Sunshine, happily fangirling over @kokodus current bias. But I will catch up before the week is over. Yes I recognise that Mamamoo song! @phikyl I can see the Team Addition one. The signature with the quote , I can't see even on My pc. Not sure why. @CamelKnight maybe you can help me out here. 768
  5. Happy to hear about her progress @abnoch If she can watch k dramas again, she's recovering very well . Can she remember stuff? Is this your 1st time posted in such a far away place ? How Long will you be there? --- @onlysb1 You are right , he cannot be excused for his lack of empathy. I'm hoping for a good redemption arc. But really happy to have GKP being a first lead. ---- @kokodus Well done . You deserve all the love that Yichen can give. I'm at eps 27. Gosh he is such a sweet hubby ..totally fangirling with you now. By the way congrats on your successful "ship". Can you please explain to @Dhakra about this ? Lol, he seems confused. -/- @Lmangla No worries, I'll figure it out . But the drama sounds there a love line in the drama? 744
  6. @USAFarmgirl How do you keep up with so many dramas? @onlysb1 Great to hear from you. I like SDM. All 4 characters I love. Yeah including Chaebol jerk. It's the dimples. it's not rational of course. But I have never seen this actor before @Lmangla I can't see it even on pc... 746 woot @kokodus how's the exam?
  7. Hello!!! You have signal in the jungle ? Are you surviving ? How's work? Yes, she liked my one post but that's it. No response after that. Have you heard from her? 748
  8. @Lmangla it's some sort of medical drama right? @Dhakra Those slaps, some definitely on me many dramas tonight? I think after i finish the c drama, I will start School sis is so excited , I have to see it. @phikyl I love your fan level or is that called signature? I'm confused! How was Beauty Inside? 746
  9. Same , Lee jin Wook is hot!!! After that whole rape scandal , I've not heard much about him. Watched him in Goodbye Mr Black & the movie Time Renegades. Of course YYS at the end. Happy watching @phikyl! 744
  10. @bedifferent I love this movie. So touching . Watch it @phikyl so many actors I love appear in it. Is this @kokodus ship ? Breaking: Girl's Day's Hyeri And Actor Ryu Jun Yeol Confirmed To Be Dating @bedifferent yeah it is impossible to watch all the dramas. I'm good with fantasy & most genres. I avoid historical for k dramas but I do watch Hong kong ones. Actually I love the western ones like Downton Abbey! Maggie Smith had some of the best lines & quotes. Sounded like you had bun Cha ( my favourite , do include Vietnam if u do Asia for your next trip ) ...hmm @TRaNz Fragile ? Lol! I can do mild spicy. I have to, the Malaysian food incorporates Chili in a lot of cooking. 742
  11. @phikyl @TRaNz Talk of mcdees ( that's what we call it here) - I'm still trying to get hold of the Korean spicy burger that was just launched in my country. Also they just launched a peach pie. The burger - It's so popular that they ran out. But I'm not a fan of mcdees's not great here. Better ones are Carl's junior & kGB. Anyway it's lunch time..think I'll have noodles How Long are your shifts @phikyl? You're training coz you've been promoted right ? 728
  12. Sleep well @USAFarmgirl...don't worry , I'm sure @Dhakra understands that you meant well. He does need a gentle ( *cough* ) slap on his head /face from time to time. 722 so you're a night owl eh @phikyl?
  13. Think She's busy . She's in dental school & i think the semester is coming to an end , so maybe exams. I remember her saying she has a break in September I'm as usual getting distracted at work ... 724
  14. @kokodus are you busy in college? Come , I have to spazz about My Sunshine....eps 24 ... Then this But this part where they talk the whole favourite...a real break through in their relationship. 722
  15. @bedifferent @stroppyse cA - confidential assignment? Ok I will watch it. I'll check if I can find it on Netflix or my subbed sites. @CamelKnight Yes , that was the OST to Man to man. I recommend the drama if you have not seen it. Action romance with a touch of humour. Park Hae Jin is perfect in this role. @stroppyse , @phikyl & I were just talking about CITT and how upset we were With the how it went in the end. As much as I like the 2nd lead , SeO Kang joon, but my oppa PHJ was the 1st lead . The drama lead us to like him so much & they suddenly cut out his scenes in the last few episodes. Urggh. Even PHJ himself was surprised & I think upset in an interview I read. That is why his agency has decided to take on the movie to give an alternate ending. I think ever since the whole CITT debacle ,I think his agency Mountain Movement has decided to jointly produce all his work to retain some control. man2man was an example Haha, I was one of those who posted bout JCW leaving. He definitely did not enlist quietly, let's hope he comes back even hotter. The one who did enlist quietly was Lee Soo Hyuk. @bedifferent I read / saw on YT, that LSG's exercise regiment in the army is so hardcore that he's supoer toned & buffed He is actually with the special forces in the army. I can't wait to see him when he comes out in October. Take care @lynne22. @Lmangla Are you Still watching Live up to your name ? I saw that it connects past & present? How is it? 718