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    Dear @supergal99 you watch so many dramas! @abnoch Well done with the dramas. Will check out your new threads +2
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    The irony is that they are both played by the same actor. It's like he is competing with himself. 468
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    Catching up with Ten Miles. Poor Mo Yuan - he got Friend zoned or rather mentor zoned . Ouch ! 468
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    468 oh my I didn’t realise
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  7. I have not watched last night’s yet. But just reading what has been written here - TW can’t be the killer . Andaweeeee! I don’t believe whatever they throw at us. It’s possible that they may have been a scuffle btwn the two men where TW hits his head but maybe Kevin did die from the accident. ————— Ratings is up!
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    @staygold I cannot even remember what it’s like to type an 8 in front of my 3 digits ! @abnoch Wow you are watching many k dramas now! I even saw you post the ost for Just Between Lovers 484
  9. As well as Netflix Asia. ————- eps 2 recaps / spoilers ( it’s longer than I expected, ) So all is not well in the Oh household. OYS seems oblivious to it , not realising that wife, AJM has been contemplating divorce for a Long time . They have two typical teenage kids who don’t seem to pull their weight at home . It’s obvious that OYS loves his Wife but he’s also an absent father, often away & too preoccupied with solving crime , leaving AJM to manage things on the home front. She’s tired - her work is demanding and the kids are not quite behaving ( Daughter seems unmotivated to continue her studies or work). When she needs him the most ( both her parents are critically ill) he’s too busy solving a cold case away fr home. Interestingly it’s her Father in law that’s by her side each time; she tells the old man she’s only staying on in the marriage for him & her parents. But with them dying , she’s going ahead with the divorce. You can tell the old man is fond / supportive of the Daughter in law & perhaps is trying to make up for his son ‘s absence. Meanwhile OYS , at the end of eps one , is no longer with the academy as he has been reassigned to the field. In eps 2 we see him & his mentor travel out of town to catch the criminal of a cold case. AJM’s parents are in critical condition at the hospital. Her father in law is there with her. The kids are indifferent saying that this is not the first time they have been admitted. ( I can see why she’s exasperated & wants a divorce ) OYS & his mentor are out of town, and together with some other detectives catch the criminal . They are happy . On the way home , OYS grabs some can of beers. He gets back into the car ( his mentor was driving) & took some sips of beer. Mentor stops him , says they are technically still on duty . Makes him drink coffee instead. During the drive they see a man trying to commit suicide in the sea. They stop the car. Mentor says it’s too dangerous to jump in , they call rescue services. But OYS says it will be too late. He jumps in to save the man. However it took him a while to come out & his mentor fearing the worst jumps into the sea to look for him. OYS saves the man but sadly his mentor drowns. This scene was so tragic. Meanwhile AJM’s parents die as well (at the same time ) . Long story short, it’s the worst time for OYS with him attending both funerals (mentors & in laws). But the worst is not over. I think OYS solving the cold case must have been against his superior orders. Online news spins the story of a heroic Detective ( mentor ) drowning while saving a drunk colleague. Nothing mentioned of OYS saving the man attempting suicide or the fact that they solved a cold case. It’s extremely fishy here. OYS has quite the temper & boxes one of the chief police who came for the funeral. Now back to our leads - Jung O & Sang Soo continue their training in the field. They have to deal with a bunch of college students protesting at the university chancellor’s office. The students refused to budge & the riot police is called in to drag them out after many warnings. Both Jung O & Sang Soo feel conflicted as they understand the struggles that the students are facing , yet they have to drag them out. A lot of struggling & wrestling btwn the students & police.This was a very poignant moment in the episode for me. So the two finally finished their training & on the last night became friends & realised both had applied to the same patrol division along with Jung O’s Friend Hye Ri. They report to their division the next day. They were introduced to their sunbaes which includes Shin Dong Wook ‘s character - Choi Myung Ho. They start patrolling with the others. Most of their work involved handling drunks & the homeless. The drama really shows how unglamorous the job is - the three rookies were just cleaning up puke most of the time. Here I have got to back track a little to eps one about Myung Ho. I think he is one of the more senior officers in the division & reports to AJM before she got transferred to another department. So in the first episode, AJM discovers a video of another cop who was shown to have dumped a drunk man at the side of the road instead of helping him. It’s a negligence of duty & as his superior she was conflicted about reporting him. She felt that this was unlike him as he has always been a good cop who was a single Father. So after consulting OHY , she brought this up to the higher ups in the division. They had a meeting to discuss what to do . Most said they should not report & to protect our own. They say that drunkard was an ex congressman who had a vendetta against the cop. Even AJM agreed but she & the chief knows it’s not right . She turns to Myung Ho whom she says is young & wise, and ask him what they should do. he says give him some time to think. Later on he sends the video to the cop & ask the guy to turn himself into the internal affairs. So back to eps 2 On the day when the rookies report to work there was a scene in the locker room where another cop was angry with Myung Ho & they almost got in a fight. The episodes ends with the rookies having lunch at the cafeteria with the seniors. The chief asked how they found their first week. The 3 complained that they wanted to do real police work & solve cases instead of wiping puke. The others look at them in disbelief as if they had said something wrong . Next thing you know an announcement over the PA came on for a sexual assault case . The seniors rush oft & the chief said the rookies jinxed it. Coz every time someone complains, the station will end up with some really difficult case.
  10. Add and Subtract Game

    454 @Lmangla ! Working in the factory is no fun ! Then I won’t have shirtless scenes of oppa cooking .
  11. I’m screaming internally , was just wondering when he’d do a new drama. Finally ! and a sexy housekeeper too. Tell me who doesn’t need one especially if it’s his Royal hotness HSJ
  12. Add and Subtract Game

    @USAFarmgirl @stroppyse We have got to watch this together ! Oppa is going to be a housekeeper. He’d be the sexiest one alive. I can imagine the pics of him doing the dishes or mopping or preparing brekkie . 484
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    546 corrected
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    Shown in 2017 540