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  1. @nonski Thanks loads for the tag. I have been out of town & finally back. Will watch the 2 subbed episodes soon. I have been following the discussions here though. Since I have liked Cha from the beginning, I'm actually sad for her that right now her feelings are being manipulated. Although the kiss was not a sincere one in a sense that KSW is using it to save the situation, I think it will affect his conscience unlike the his previous jobs ( e.g. the one with the Hungarian girl). Will come back with more thoughts once I watch. Edit: maybe conscience is not the right word since it's not like KSW is doing anything wrong but it's gonna bug him. KSW could very well be an actor if he's not an agent since his job is pretty much like one anyway.
  2. Has been a busy week & I just managed to finished watching the latest subbed episode. I think I will have to pull back all the words I said about JiNa at the beginning. Then I did not want KT to end up with her. But slowly over the episodes , the scriptwriter has allowed us to see a different side to her & her character development is really good & believable. I cannot believe I am actually hoping for a happy ending for her & KT. I admired the way she stood & told the "world" by calling him oppa at the office. That's sincerity to me & her way of wooing KT back. My station in life is much closer to Cho's then Ho Won . So I really feel for her. It's such a stress to juggle career & family, and in her case even harder being a single mum. I don't blame her for taking up Seo's offer or doing what he has asked cause most of us would. If she does not he would just put her in cold storage. I really can't stand Seo. What the heck does he think he is doing? I really hope the chairman wakes up soon. This is the only way out this mess. As to the OTP , I think I have resigned to the fact that it will be a very very slow & steady romance. I know their interactions are sweet & this drama is very realistic but I will admit I'm one of those who want it faster. I am willing to sacrifice realism here However I know it will be quite out of character for Woo Jin. Maybe brave Ho Won can do something ... Down to the last 2 episodes. Wish they would extend a bit. I'm gonna miss my Ha Seok Jin fix . --- interview with HSJ about RO . Swipe to read more. There's English translation.
  3. Omo! Kiss ?? Wow , so fast. Not complaining. I am out of town & hv no chance to watch last night's eps . Very grateful for all the updates here. Any episode tonight ? Bts
  4. Hi @packmule! Happy to be able to read you here. Thanks for this. I was confused here! The second about BTM's dad , I was able to figure it out. I am out of town & my wifi connection is not the best. Will read your post in greater detail & ask more later. Really love what I'm reading . I'm learning a lot . Daebak !!
  5. Love them. I think this ship is sailing nicely along. Sunbae SY is my fave. She's responsible, caring , has great EQ. She quietly supports the OTP coz she knows how hard it is to be in love & be in this industry. With all the heat that Crude Play is going to get, SY will need her to keep him sane. Chingu , you used the right word here- stop indulging CY- that's exactly what SR needs to do. I know she's young & naive, and being as understanding as I am, she's not giving the right signals to CY. She could have pulled back that hand he put on her at the hospital. She would not be happy if the situation was reversed. I need her to grow up quickly thanks everyone for updates & previews. I think Yoo will try & make her move to close Sole music as an independent subsidiary & merge it with WHO. Can't wait to see what happens.
  6. Thanks for translation @stroppyse ----- If anyone had the most character development apart from my hawt boss and lead gal, it would be JiNa!!! Maybe Jerk park is getting some character development too? Since he's meeting up with previous director Han Woah!!! Our fearless Ho won-ni going against Director Shady? And did we just see a glimpse of admiration on WJ's face?
  7. Looks like we did not get our Disney ending. I'm really sad that KT didn't get it . edit: Oh. Woo Jin got a gift for HW... in the 2nd YT link posted by @Nodame above. Thanks chingu! Aww, HW's very cute bro is indeed the MVP here. Thanks to him our OTP gets to spend some time together.. Future brother-in-laws getting acquainted...
  8. @calbeeland many thanks for the live caps. Here's a BTS of scaredy cat Woo Jin...
  9. Oh you mean Jae Min? He sacked himself many episodes ago because Ji Na found out it was he who messed with the price list that KT and HW were working on. This is the preview if anyone could not see the earlier link. WJ is boss of the year. I mean I've worked for my boss for ages but he'd would never host my relatives if they need a place to stay.
  10. Mdm president, I know I've wished you on the other thread, but no harm sending you one more . Have a wonderful day!
  11. HAPPIEST of Birthdays to president of the PAC. This calls for a special celebration....
  12. ok you have my vote!!! Jaebal! This is so realistic that I'm dying..... Can combine your ideas with @mrdimples and we'd have 80% skinship and 20% office politics For my 1% chingus. Am half way watching and the part when WJ asked if HW would be ok to sleep there alone...and memories of Dada's flat broken in flooded me. Didn't Jae In make her stay with him then till her place was fixed up. I was hoping so hard he'd (WJ) offer to take her (HW) in for the my own RO script, i'll probably put that in.... Any preview out yet? They must be cutting very close with the live shooting...
  13. Chingu, thanks for this...omo the love triangle/ quadrangle kicks into high gear. Looks like OTP starts to realise their feelings for each other, am I right? And that kiss...oh let it not be interrupted or that it is in her imagination, jaebal!!!
  14. Lololo! I almost died laughing when I opened the spoiler. When I said he wasn't a virgin , it was not because of what happened at the club. ( He does not seem much like a playboy to me. He just wants to give off the vibes) It was during their one night stand that he looked experienced . If he really is , I'm surprised but it would be kind of sweet since they'd be each other's first