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  1. triplem

    Add and Subtract Game

  2. This is the IG of his new agency Photo shoot for advertorial
  3. Viu will be subbing , so at least there’s no guessing game to whether we will get subs or not
  4. Welcome @alekaonu! Posted by ODH Food truck support for JKH and ODH from Lee Sunbin who was JKH's co-star in Missing Nine Written preview ( with the help of google translate) http://program.tving.com/ocn/lifeonmars/7/Board/List The truth is finally revealed. Na Young is kidnapped by the real murderer. And her life is in danger. Tae Joo and the rest continue to look for her and make efforts to rescue her. The brutal serial killings of 1988 are headed for the end...
  5. triplem

    Jung Kyung Ho 정경호

    More food truck support for him...I hope he eats enough and stays healthy... From his Missing Nine co star
  6. TJ & DC go to a residential area . They start looking . Déjà vu. Feels exactly like how it was the night he got shot in 2018 eps ends preview - they can’t find her . TJ goes & talk to little KMS . There’s a scene of NY being tied up , little KMS painting her nails . Then the cop strangling her noooooo let nothing happen to Na Young please !!!!
  7. The cop is the one who shot the dad & carried Little Tae Joo . They go to the department where he is based. He’s not there , they go to his house ..his parents are there . They call him out . But another guy came out . Don’t tell me the guy was using fake identity? They put out a Wanted notice with the cop’s face. DC & TJ look over his personal file . NS comes with another gal cop who had some info , they call for NY . She’s not in .suddenly TJ thinks of something NY told him earlier , he looks at the time, omg I think NY could be in danger. The trio run to the car & speed off to the police library. Omg commotion , a group of people stand around. NY handbag on the floor but she’s missing , TJ picks up her notebook & reads it. DC tells NS to look around . Then Dc checks the aisle , finds a handkerchief. TJ smells it - chloroform. The cop kidnaped her I think. Her shoe is there. TJ thinks of his ex & sees that this scenario is similar to when she was kidnaped in 2018
  8. Suddenly as they were following YG he disappeared into an alley , DC tries to radio him but no response. They look for him, find him beaten up & blood all over. YG tells them the guy beat him with a bat , it was the cop. YG was able to stab him. I think YG should have been able to see his face but right now he’s unconscious at the hospital. They have the bat the guy used to beat him NS crying worried about YG. YG starts mumbling , he’s awake . nS is relieved . Dc wanted to give him a hug , ask TJ to do the same. Too awkward ...hilarious DC & TJ back in the station. They ask all the cops to strip . Interview them. Trying to see who is the traitor. They start screaming at one of the cops . But they got the wrong person. Hmm I think they are asking about the culprit . He’s not there . TJ finds a file of him. Omo! TJ knows which cop it is ! NS calls them
  9. I missed most of the live . ( so this caps for the last half hour) But I’m at the part where Yong Gi feels he’s being wronged . Big chaos at the station with him shouting & arguing with DC .TJ & the rest are all there including KMS hyung , he takes a recording with him & goes off the trio- DC , TJ & NS follow him in a car . He’s all drunk. Flashback to the night before where TJ & Dc confronted him in the bar, he boxed TJ but TJ calmed him down & gave him a tape . They are going to get him to trap the real killer . So the chaos at the station was on purpose
  10. triplem

    True or False.

    False - not right now, though I do walk/slow jog most days of the week.. The next person is not sure what else to watch...nothing seems appealing....
  11. This is my concern.... while we are all in agreement that he's in a comatose state in 2018, how do we reconcile that with 1988? If DC , NY and gang are nothing more than part of his imagination, gahhhhhh...there goes my romance and bromance. I am not sure if they will be able to wrap up KMS's character arc tonight, but I think there is a possibility by tomorrow...I googled translated the written preview from OCN and from what I gather - the death of the suspect while in custody caused a lot of problems , and created distrusts among the detectives ( it mentions three detectives. I am guessing must be Tae Joo , DC and Yong Gi. ) They struggled to find out who the real perpetrator is at first but somehow discover the "outline" of the criminal - which I am assuming it means they finally have some idea who it is. Then the translation says - "the case is rather for the worst " which I am assuming it means things take a turn for the worst , i.e. something bad happens to Yong Gi .. @katakwasabi Lol! The folks at OCN do have a sense of humour. I wish they'd give us some more stills for tonight Food truck support for JKH...ahahaha I love the standing banner ..the one where DC stuffed some preserved food in his mouth Posted by GAS's agency Stills for tonight
  12. triplem

    Add and Subtract Game

    I watched the movie Be With You ( So Ji Sub & Son Ye jin. Beautiful love story . Cried a river . @USAFarmgirl have you watched this? 850
  13. triplem

    Add and Subtract Game

    @LSGLMH_88 Oh Gosh . I’m so sorry. Sending prayers. Be strong though it’s tough . 846
  14. Yes same here. But then again her fear could be related to a sexual abuse of some kind . BTS