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  1. Welcome . It was good A good proper kiss .Can’t wait to see with subs again ——////—— preview
  2. Our girl feeling down , goes to the cafe where mS took her earlier . Angst !!! She starts crying . Wah even the ost & the rainy weather is all matching her emotions. Aigoo so sweet, someone put headphones on her . It’s her hit song. She turns around , he’s smiling at her . -ends-
  3. MS actually got some good tips on how to handle the vain Ha Im from GB bestie. GB is recovered. She looks at the news of herself , sees MS appearing in Ha Im show. She decided to take the bus home , text CEO jang . MS managed to fully insult Ha Im. Show ended , she was so pissed Off . But MS so happy as it was trending The ex manager realises who MS is from 3 years ago
  4. Meanwhile MS Is watching the show live & he gets bits of memory of her asking for help when he saved her from the pool 3 years ago. He quickly leaves his house poor gal she’s out of the water but in a bad state . MS arrives somewhere & as he walk he bumps into the bad ex manager. He recognises him as the one who slapped GB. MS is actually appearing at some show as guest in Im Ha’s talk show ? Lol! They play some cheesy song. He acts along , give her a hug, hello chingu . As she talks about herself , he starts laughing. Talks about how cute & chubby she was younger . Lol! He’s getting back at her . He gives all sorts of answer that she doesn’t like .
  5. Omo! The ex manager actually set this up. It’s an audition/live show that involved the swimming pool & our girl as you know is afraid of water. Guess CEO jang didn’t realise . But our gal just plucked up courage and continued. It’s some sort of variety show . The actress who shouted at her earlier is the main star . Omg not sure what kind of crazy show this is but our gal got ejected from her seat & into the pool.
  6. Things are looking up for our girl . At a meeting with CEO jang, she got some job offer. So happy . Next day they drove to the job. Seems like an audition ( edit: was a variety show )Bestie accompanies her. Another actress says some malicious thing to her .she has stomach ache . Runs off to toilet . Bumps into Ha Im manager? Or was is it MS Secretary He gave her something for her tummy .
  7. OTP meet. She gives him his jacket . She wanted to run off . He grabbed her hand & takes her for coffee . Haha she thanks him for saving her , then he cheekily ask her what about the kiss . lmao ! Don’t fully understand the conversation but he has his cheeky smile & she is opening up to him . Two fans come up to her , I think public opinion seem to be changing. After they leave , MS talks about how this spot is for her to think about him? He then cheekily ask her for her autograph, she wrote something on the table & left .
  8. kJ runs over to see MS with photo of Ha Im. At first MS thought it’s about GB, but it was to show MS the photo. I think Ha Im first love is KJ , not MS. ( need subs here ) Scene of CEO jang bumping into GB ex manager. The latter was meeting another guy & GB was brought up. Errr they are up to no good . the aunties have lunch , I think not happy with MS
  9. GB at her friend’s shop steam ironing his jacket ( he had put it on her the night before) . The girls talk about the kiss meanwhile KJ was shown an old pic of Im Ha . She was rather chubby as a child . GB sitting at a park practising her lines. She’s saying some love lines & ahh she gets this imagination of MS in some scenic park. She looks at the his jacket. She text him - is he free to meet ? MS is with his staff , that imagination is actually Ms at the Healing Village , he’s checking its progress. He gets her text . He replies , think he sets up to meet ? She smiles continue to practice her lines . MS still at the Healing Village going through some details with the staff .
  10. Next morning he woke up smiling. He can remember the night before . Also scene of him dropping her home . Our gal at home , smiling , can’t believe the kiss . Questioning herself here MS so happy , smiling all the time even his secretary found it weird. KJ & Ha Im was finally found in the cellar by their respective mangers. Both spent the night there. Then scene of her telling her agents / reporters she’s going to be on Brain Q show
  11. Live caps for eps 6 she drank it, but she looked at mr pin stripes said something feisty . She threw the glass of water at him,Pinstripes was going to slap her. MS stepped up & stopped him , told him off ( I Guess there goes the donation) and he grabbed her and gave her the kiss of her life
  12. Lol!! I think the father's bodyguard is at the top of the list. On the subbed site I was using , someone posted this subbed one. I am slightly confused, the present Queen has two sons right? There was a younger boy that presented the bows and arrows to him. So far in eps 2 , i have yet to see Kim Suji , the Crown Princess' brother. Also noticed no mentioned of Hongshim's real bro whom she is waiting for. @stroppyse What does an overseer of ancestral hills do? I thought Mr Dimples was a government official who investigates crime? I was going to say a cop, but they didn't have cops those days, did they? (pic credit to owner) Anyway completed eps 2. I love how even with his amnesia and disheveled look, Lee Yool still had that regal way of carrying himself. Kudos to DO , think he's doing great in this role.
  13. yay @Jillia @stroppyse looking forward to sharing the thread. I am watching eps 2 , and oh woah, I did not see that plot twist coming so fast...so Crown Princess had gotten herself preggers. I was actually wondering why she told her father she had not much time left. (urgghh @staygold implanted this terrible thought in my head about who the baby daddy could be ...major plot twist....what if the baby had dimples ) And I have to say that our Crown Prince is pretty shrewd. I like how he is just as conniving and sharp as the antagonists in the drama. He will make a great ruler one day. I am also glad that Mr Dimples ( let him not turn bad please) is an intelligent man who may play a role in over throwing the present regime, and is not just here to complicate the love lines. I definitely felt some sparks there under the bridge. While I am Team Dimples, I am sure the OTP will be the OTP . It would be nice to see the Crown Prince work with Mr Dimples rather than fight over love , lol!
  14. triplem

    Add and Subtract Game

    Well not exactly. Actually the logic behind that rule is that we want to make the post worth reading for the other members and to avoid posting just for topic bumping . It’s more so for the k drama threads that it is enforced. 774
  15. Aigooo ...alas there was none last night. But he rocks this suit! I can think of many things he should be brooding over PD nim if you need a reason for shower scenes ...ahahaha.... And this scene right when he leaned over with his broad shoulders , piercing gaze and deep voice....I'm like grab his face and kiss him woman. Same. I put myself in GB's shoes and I would have been mad. @booha While I do understand why he may have to withhold some information from her , especially because he is struggling so much himself , how can he expect her to date him when all she is aware of is he stood her up 3 years ago? As the audience we are privy to his condition but she isn't so it won't make any sense to her. Can't blame her for being so bewildered. The angst is real !!! GB's situation seems to get more pitiful each time but you know what I like about her - she's resilient and she stands up for herself anyway. For 10 b won , i'd take the drink. After all like CEO Jang says ( I like him, good guy) , lets not take the easy way out. Win them over with your persistence. But you know what's wonderful about Go Ma Sung...he won't let her go down alone....SPOILER for tonight By the way , more than the Aunt , the doctor is giving me the bad vibes.