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  1. @tibba it’s him! @joonminfan can translate ? Thanks dear . This is going to be awesome!!!
  2. I got inspired by your name : D
  3. Lol ok so from what I see - the club is like a mini forum . Then I had to create a topic - which is like sections in the forum . And within that topic , I create a thread
  4. Ok I hv to create topic . Hang on . 886
  5. There was also a setting for “ Public “ allowing for lurkers But I can’t change it on my phone now. Later I’ll test it 888
  6. R u sure ? Even with my Chan? As Long as you have a sense humour , appreciate eye candy , and just wanna have fun ...you can be a member .... 888 Bingo ...we can expand to kiss , hugs ...PG rated bed scenes. I think there’s a function that allows that . Ok let me test
  7. Of course . Open to all ..no need to be ahjumma. Just pervy .. 888
  8. Not sure . Still in testing stage . But I guess it allows you to recruit peeps with common interests 888
  9. Come join my club...ahahaahahahah https://forums.soompi.com/en/clubs/ 888
  10. 888 if I get this number again, I should by lottery
  11. I chose giddy ...jkkkkkkk..but I can’t see the effect ... 888
  12. I prefer to be a woman ..we’re a lot more resilient. Plus we hv nicer clothes @cenching will be happy to read your thoughts on Tunnel. It ranks in my TOP ten favourites . 862
  13. It’s a comedy alright but it tackles very serious problems & has many heartwarming moments . Nevertheless sense of humour will be much needed ....
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