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  1. Yes! She's a really good actress. I have only seen her in Bubblegum. She played a very sweet and comparatively gentle person there, very different vibes from Ma Yi Deum. I was quite surprised at the fact that Yjw's mum is somehow connected to Jo Gab Soo. You maybe right about her helping him to put KYS in a mental institution. But what do you think this scene was about? The young jW was asking the cop (who is now Jo's right hand man ) to look for a woman What I liked about the progress of the OTP (less anyone is wondering if this drama has romance , yes it does. The genre is legal & romance and this light coloured poster says it all) is that he can see through her whether she is bluffing or not. Like here he knew she was just pretending to be humiliated.. And then after the court session, although she denied that she truly understood how the victims felt - that it was just a show cause people don't change , he knew she was just being defensive as well. Loved how he smiled there.
  2. Exactly ! I like that he seems like a normal guy. He is compassionate & kind, but he does not pretend to be a saint. He was annoyed with her at times, it was obvious but he also understood her. He didn't offer her a ride home bcoz she was so "salty" before that but yet he was thoughtful enough to offer his place knowing she will be afraid. @finebyme Talking bout FallinG for Innocence, it will be so cool to have Jo Kyung Po cameo. They are such good friends in real life .
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    @stroppyse For us ... several photos in this post - fan service in 4th photo ! +2 sawri what is the number ?
  4. Woot!!! Another 3% rise in ratings . Awesome. Ever since Tunnel , I have been crushing hard on YHM ..His IG update.
  5. Hi @hibiscus23! Have been busy not just with my dramas but in RL too. What are you watching now? I came over after seeing the good news that they can start shooting PHJ's drama in nov. Thankfully that is sorTed. Is it still a SBS drama though ?
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    Wishing our friends here @kokodus @staygold @Lmangla Not sure if you celebrate. But Have a good one if you do . Apologies if I miss out anyone. 568
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    She's not an easy character to like . But keep watching. She's in for some life lessons herself +2
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    omo @Dhakra KSJ is looking hot...apparently she's suppose to play someone who is schizo right? Glad to see that OCN has picked this up. Melo holic is a web drama, so it's awesome to have a cable channel show it. Now the real test of your fandom will be that you will continue to watch even if the story sucks....ahahahah BY THE WAY...i wholeheartedly recommend Witch's Court. Really good ...female lead is one of a kind, not someone you'll normally see in Kdrama. Quite the anti-heroine. @onlysb1 Lee Je Hoon!! Love that man. . He has been nominated for an award for his role in the the Anarchist from Colony. http://www.ibtimes.sg/revealed-nominees-54th-annual-daejong-film-awards-17263 +2
  9. @andy78 Thanks loads for caps Anyway commenting here sans the subs: Gosh I loved what i read and the cuts i saw on YT. YD is amazingly brave and that whole court room scene where they were playing the video of her in the shower was so hard for her. I could feel her pain. This OTP makes a really good team. I think tonight JW saw a different side to her after the court case. This is a look of admiration for the courage she showed Oh I also loved this scene where he catches her at the locker room taking out the hidden tablet. ahaha..he was good at avoiding her kicks . I think he is the only person who is going to be able to deal with her. And finally the last scene that tugged at my heart. On a lighter note..i so love JW's pad...especially compared to the pigsty that she lives in , lol!
  10. I agree with you. Even though her actions sometimes does not sit well with me but I can totally see why she has to take a route that seem harsh and heartless. The outcome of losing in such cases will actually be worse as the perpetrators go free. Maybe what bugs me more is that she's not doing this to put the perpetrators behind bars, but she's been doing this just to win and advance her career. So I am looking forward to see how that changes.
  11. You are spot on. There were moments when I felt a little uncomfortable with her actions and her train of thought. For instance her retort here to her superior. (I love her superior by the way. I wish there were more like Prosecutor Min. It's true that many would prefer to close the glamourous cases, but Min actually started this whole department. ) But like you said she's a product of her environment and experiences. Seeing her earnestly and tirelessly looking for her mum, made me realise that her drive for success is because she somewhat subconsciously thinks that mum left because of their hardship. She's wanting to win all the time because she thinks if she succeeds, mum will return. I felt very sorry for her seeing her weep alone at home. Because all her life it has been a lonely journey. Nobody (with the exception of her friend) thinks that something bad has befallen mum. So she's built up a wall with barb wires. She's thorny and tough. I like that she's come to meet JW who is a complete opposite of her. I appreciate that JW is no pushover even though he's got a lot of compassion. Well let's see if she will take up his offer for 'cohabitation" as per preview, lol! He will help her heal her broken heart. But I do feel sorry that he got kicked today and look at his exasperated face I like both the cases that they are working on ( the sex vids as well as the awful father getting his son to take upskirt vids. Hope he loses custody of his son) . Extremely relevant in the time we live in since both are issues regarding the invasion of privacy. Like Min says you murder a person's character which is just as bad as physical harm or assault. It will be interesting to see if Ma will start having a bit more empathy now that the tables are turned and she's a victim too.
  12. The cat reminds me of @Dhakra...hahahaha...I'll need some time to catch up. I have seen some cuts. But like i told @Lmangla I am on drama overload. But will check it out this weekend.
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    How? the world's Favourite Colour Deep teal http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/art/news/the-worlds-favourite-colour-survey-revealed-a7816416.html?amp 532
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    why? 526
  15. Happy 100 pages or shall I say 104 pages!!! woot woot...I was reading this last night and fell asleep and wake up to so many posts!!