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  1. Add and Subtract Game

    Yes . I hv started Secret Mother. I even wrote on the thread. But yet to watch last Saturday’s episode . Lawless lawyer has subs out. Just google & you will find . I have yet to watch About Time @bedifferent . I will check out later. Enjoy your trip . Give me a trip report . I want some recommendations for food & activity. How cute is this 820
  2. Waves to @zagigirl @UnniSarah . Great to see you guys here . I love what I have seen so far . Great acting & interesting story . @Lmangla Yes I agree stepmom was still part of their lives later on. Also the dad was said to be handsome ( kkk) & suave according to the Ahjummas at the restaurants, so she may have been blinded by his good looks How did you all think the OTP crossed path? He was in uniform & she is dressed up for a role
  3. Honestly by now , I don't really think it matters anymore who the lead is. It is what it is. I'm sorry for Team Min Ho. I know what it's like for not getting the ending or seeing the story as you may have envisioned. JDY is a talented actor, I have seen him in 3 dramas and I look forward to his continued growth in dramaland. Go watch "If We Are A Season" and "School 2017", if you have yet to check it out. In some ways it was irresponsible for the writer to say the things she did. It is actually a dis-service to both actors, that LJY's Dr Ye could not have gotten the girl without bashing the competition and that JDY's Min Ho was not good enough to convince the audience he could be the end game. If JDY is indeed the main lead, then I guess it must be a refreshing concept to see the 2nd lead get the girl, something which I remember some have wanted earlier on in the thread. What I do know is that k netz did really like Dr Ye's personality from the start. So I guess she went with that. Sample of knetz comments here: http://netizendrama.blogspot.my/2018/04/spoilers-poem-day-e04-05-rating.html http://netizendrama.blogspot.my/2018/05/spoilers-poem-day-e11-12-rating.html I think TVN's site here will give you some answers if you are still concern about the order of the leads http://program.tving.com/tvn/apoemaday/5/Contents/Html?h_seq=1 In spite of the "controversy" post drama, (honestly I think it's only international audiences who are hot & bothered) , I will remember this drama fondly. The poems interwoven through this drama for example were beautiful and fitted the stories of the characters. I wish the cast well and look forward to their other projects.
  4. Add and Subtract Game

    Lol! The irony is I actually use the name triple m because M is the first letter of my name , my hubs & my boy . Are you away for work? @bedifferent All set for your trip? nooooo @Jillia don’t go ....where is Team Sub ... @USAFarmgirl @Jloves @adriana902 ? 798
  5. I am currently catching up on the subbed episodes and I have to say LJG’s Bo Sang Pil has so much swag. I love how he is cheeky & confident , slightly arrogant without being obnoxious. It’s not easy to do that , so mad props to LJG for making a cocky person so likeable. I like our hot tempered Jae Yi. ( Seo Ye Ji has been on my list of to watch actresses ever since I saw her outstanding performance in Save Me) I love how she won’t back down even if it may seem naive. She’s a tough cookie unafraid to speak her mind & use her fist. . I knew there was something cheeky in the way he said that he doesn’t do background checks of those he is uninterested in. From what I read here their encounters were not chances left to fate as BSP has clearly done his homework & is here as Jae Yi’s protector . But honestly I think he’ll need some protecting himself given her temper. They really do make a great team & BSP is right here: @bebebisous33 Great analysis of CMS earlier . I relish the fact that the antagonist here is a strong female character. She practically runs Gi Sung ( is this a fictional town?) . I’m now at the part where Jae Yi still hero worships her. My heart might break for JY once she discovers this woman who has been a mentor & maternal figure is not the righteous judge that JY thinks she is.
  6. Character teasers for Lee joon Hyuk & the other supporting cast She’s is the fiancée to Nam Shin Think she’s the mum
  7. Add and Subtract Game

    The problem is it confuses new participants. I have been on this thread for over a year & not many stay on Long apart from peeps like kokodus , lmangla & the mods And we already have a few kind souls from team add going over to Team Sub . Actually teAm Sub has a lot of members. They just don’t come often enough . 758
  8. I was equally confused at that part . But it felt like he was taken away against his own will rather than intentionally abandoning her. Did his family quickly take him away when they got wind of her father’s arrest ? Regardless not to have found ways to send her a message makes him a douchebag
  9. Did someone say teleport and a sonogram ? Oh my this drama never fails to surprise me . But then again there was the talking horse & the “almost” one night stand , so I’ll throw all logic aside & just enjoy the ride . I love our gangster Ahjussi , i won’t lie . Call it the jang Hyuk effect perhaps. At this point in the supposed love triangle, he is the only one who has revealed his feelings & we know he is completely smitten . I know my heart will ache for him when he does not get the girl. The other two, despite me seeing some scenes hinting of them being the possible coupling , are still miles away from starting anything. He ( Chef) is obviously still hung up on his ex ( the ring on his finger , how he reacted when they came to his restaurant) and with recent news of him being the possible baby daddy ( assuming that pic is a sonogram) , we know his has yet to find closure for his broken heart. She on the other hand is still waiting for the missing Husband. However I am not opposed to Chef being the end game. For once in a love triangle rom com , I do think we have two really deserving candidates for our damsel in distress . I see a lot of good qualities in Chef which I like . He’s determined & hardworking. He maybe slightly arrogant but i think he can be because he was that good. He’s got principles - there should be no compromise in delivering quality. He was a loving & considerate partner. His “fault” ( so to speak ) was in loving the wrong person , & possibly in staying on in a dead relationship out of loyalty & filial piety for his mentor . So with regards to the show’s chaotic flow & editing , it really is perhaps like what @40somethingahjumma said in a previous post - that the characters here, leads & supporting , are going through a period of flux in their lives . Everyone is now at the bottom of the pit , everyone is starting again. So I’m hopeful that the story will take better shape as the Hungry Wok folks come together & rebuild their lives .
  10. Add and Subtract Game

    @bedifferent @Lmangla ...Life on Mars is going to be fun. I have been waiting for it . The 80s fashion is going to be awesome 754
  11. Add and Subtract Game

    @supergal99 Love the new stills of our hot cop . Must be the graduation ceremony. 746
  12. Add and Subtract Game

    Yay Ye line !! I could write a thesis on it Second male lead was accused of sexual harassment... Same here. I am a big Park Hae Jin fan 738
  13. Add and Subtract Game

    Lol! No . But I personally like to show reaction to people’s post if I can . I feel that forums like this require some sort of response or communication in order for members to keep coming back. At the end of the day we’re all here because of a sense of community . For example in drama threads it would be meaningless to write if there’s no discussion or response. Must as well write my own blog . That’s why I like it here. So what’s the next drama for you ? @bedifferent Thanks for the recommendation. Ok I will put it on my list. Nervous for About Time . I read they shot till eps 12 & now they hv to reshoot . Hope it won’t affect drama quality . 732
  14. I almost dropped this drama after a couple of episodes but Lee Joon Hyuk’s Dr Ye saved the day for me. If I wasn’t a fan of LJH before this , I am now. I really could not recognise him here as his character & even physical appearance compared to his role in Secret Forest was like day & night. So kudos to him for his versatility. Initially, I did have a slight disconnect with the other characters but over the course of the episodes they grew on me . And by the end of the drama it became a personal favourite. I hope you will enjoy the ride .