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    Add and Subtract Game

    When confused let’s follow @dotonly‘s last number ...new rule .. 436
  2. Oh I echo your sentiment. It’s been such a lovely ride & such a shame it’s only 11 episodes though they were longer than normal. And I would like if he said scrambled eggs one more time .. ....wild woof. .... For streaming ? Or subbed site ?
  3. Okay gals, two hours is really much needed ..a lot needs to be wrapped up !!! Their longest episode was episode 9 . 1.5 hours ..at least that Long please This twitter account has some high quality gifs
  4. Oh not sure bout the other sites/ forums but I’m quite sure from following the thread , there are quite a few of us here on Team Clown . I’m most definitely one of them . But either way YJG gets the girl please ! They do have undeniable chemistry. He’s really doing a fine job of displaying two very different characters. How am i able to dislike one character so much & love the other , when they both have the same face . It really shows what a good actor he is ! ————- Soompi Watch: Lee Se Young And Yeo Jin Goo Have Undeniable Chemistry In “The Crowned Clown” Making Video Jan 23, 2019 by sala12 “The Crowned Clown” has released a behind-the-scenes making video! tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “The Crowned Clown” is a historical drama about a king who finds himself surrounded by enemies who wish to overthrow him and a lookalike clown who takes his place. Yeo Jin Gooplays both the role of King Lee Heon and the clown Ha Seon while Lee Se Young plays Queen Yoo So Woon. The video starts off in a lively film set where the actors and staff are comfortably interacting with each other and sharing laughter. After watching the traditional entertainers perform, Yeo Jin Goo jokingly says, “They’re not as good as the Joseon Sonyeondan” (a play off of BTS’s Korean name Bangtan Sonyeondan), which is his nickname for the clown Ha Seon’s gang of friends. Yoon Jong Suk (playing Jang Moo Young) and Oh Ha Nee (playing Ae Young) also make an appearance, playfully saying that they unintentionally ended up wearing matching clothes, joining the King and Queen on a double date. The making video also shows scenes of Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Sang Kyung (playing Yi Kyu) rehearsing and hilariously ad libbing for Yeo Jin Goo’s cheating scene as Kim Sang Kyung keeps repeating, “How did you do this?” And in the rehearsal to practice for the kissing scene, Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Se Young show off their playful chemistry. Lee Se Young is surprised to discover the camera filming them practicing the kiss scene, as she says, “We were just deciding on the right angle.” The video ends with the staff bursting out laughing at Yeo Jin Goo’s fake hiccuping, showing off the great vibe on set.
  5. @joonminfan @autumnflowersIt’s quite normal for them to call each other in such a polite way even after they date / get married etc. I remember stroppyse explaning this to me before . Kind of a very old fashion way of calling each other like those old classic English movies where the wife will sometimes address her Husband by calling him “mr ...” & vice versa
  6. New teaser !!!! Lol at the last scene @stroppyse would be great if you can translate! Thanks loads .
  7. triplem

    guess the abs

    Is it hard ?? This guy is everywhere...he had a couple of highly rated dramas last year ...this was somewhat the role that got him noticed ...
  8. triplem

    guess the abs

    Oh i concur...or maybe some us wish our jobs were like this someone caption this This supporting actor above was in Misty ....this was one of the scenes...
  9. triplem

    Add and Subtract Game

  10. Gonna miss this drama credit https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/01/top-star-yoo-baek-ep-10-spoilers-kim-ji.html In DRAMA [Top Star Yoo Baek] Ep 10 spoilers, Kim Ji Suk x Jeon So Min & Lee Sang Yeob Posted on Monday, January 21, 2019 Article: Naver 'Top Star Yoo Baek' Lee Sang Yeob reaches out to Kim Ji Suk-Jeon So Min first 1. [+134,-2] I'm feeling a little empty. Yoo Baek ♡ Kkang Soon ♡ Ma Dol, how am I supposed to send them off? 2. [+122,-1] This is a drama that's so interesting that it gives me the urge to pull the people around me who hasn't watched it by their hair and force them to watch it. 3. [+83,-0] This is really interesting. 4. [+70,-0] Ma Dol is really... ㅜㅜ He's a real man. ㅜㅜ 5. [+64,-0] I think Ma Dol will get together with the doctor Nam Bo Ra. 6. [+51,-1] Kim Ji Suk, Jeon So Min, and Lee Sang Yeob are great here too, but the actors acting as villagers have great acting skills too. When I watched the 2nd episode, she seemed like Heo Jin-ssi, but isn't her acting too good? I thought they cast someone from that place. Ma Dol's mother is more amazing. Her acting was amazing when she searched for Ma Dol's father and cried when she thought he's dead. The Gun San-daek granny, and Kkang Soon's granny too, why are they all so good at acting...? If I didn't watch 'On the Way to Airport', I wouldn't be able to recognize her. Everyone's amazing. 7. [+24,-0] Really, I won't eat with people who doesn't know about Yoo Baek up till now. . 8. [+20,-0] The scene where Kkang Soon shouted that she was going crazy because she wants to kiss so much and Ma Dol's parents went, "shhhh~~~~" so that he can't hear her. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ That made me laugh for a long time. ㅋㅋㅋ Ah, seriously, I still find it a pity that they are airing at that timing. ㅠㅠ They could've received lots of love. 9. [+19,-0] Please, please.. ㅜㅜ Season 2. Article: Naver 'Top Star Yoo Baek' Kim Ji Suk ♥ Jeon So Min, end their 'some' relationship and begin dating (ft. I want you) 1. [+81,-0] I'm not sure how they are able to be so adorable and lovely. Next week's the last episode.. what should I do? ㅠ ㅠ 2. [+49,-0] Dating Eunuch -> Bad in dating, that was so funny. I want it... No, but it's after 12am and I laughed so hard. 3. [+41,-1] Kim Ji Suk isn't bad in dating [t/n: or a 'dating eunuch' :')] but he more charming than anyone when he falls in love with someone. He's a real dating pro.. He's such a great kisser.. 4. [+37,-1] Ma Dol ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ Find strength. 5. [+9,-0] Music is nice, the island is pretty, chemistry between Kim Ji Suk-ssi and Jeon So Min-ssi is good too, it's healing. I'd like season 2. 6. [+7,-0] This is a really good drama. Why is this so funny? They are going to air the previous episodes again, right? 7. [+7,-0] A healing drama. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 8. [+6,-0] I became Kim Ji Suk's fan this time! 9. [+5,-0] Kim Ji Suk's acting is really good. The ratings are a little low, but everyone is now seeing actor Kim Ji Suk in a new light! DRAMA
  11. but Oh Kang Soon said it is too small for her ....kkkkkk.... @mouse007 glad you popped by...don't worry I promise you it will be well compensated by eps 9... @joonminfan I had to magnify it 500%...it is her ahjumma suit....strange...
  12. Where do you think this is heading? As you know I don't watch Sagueks ( this is one of those rare exceptions) , so I don't know what to expect. I can take it even if is it's painful --------------- I know I should wait for subs...but in the preview she clearly saw YH right...but so in the bed scene does she think it's HS or she is well aware it's YH? What do you all think?
  13. Same here....Ha Seon!!!!! ...and looks like YH is back to his vengeful self...urggh and the bed scene...urghhhhhhhh @lightbringer06 heartbreak ahead...
  14. ohhhhh tonight will be epic.... DH peeks into the house and sees...YH!!!! Our queen in love The way they walk towards each other....can you sense that longing...my heart. But oh my god...YH is back ..and that ain't no dream ( YJG really slayed this scene..so good!)
  15. @tibba the pic of her in his bed was a super old one long before eps 5 was shown. I believe that the tux scene will be towards the end, followed by the proposal ...it is to bring the drama full circle given YB had such a scandalous opening scene with his shirtless tux suit...