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  1. What will be really hilarious if the kiss is in eps 13. No one bet beyond eps 12. I have this feeling they will play out the love triangle a bit because the plot would be very watered down without it. They can't just depend on the killer angle alone. There will be many ugly avatars if that happens. I bet we'd be flipping tables.
  2. I think so. And I think that is wise. He is a very sensitive soul (AMH) , he would not want her to regret the kiss if deep down she still harboured some feelings for IGD. *cough* for selfish reasons she should be ready in eps 11 *cough*
  3. Hmmm just imagining him as a real hot general... I don't think WJ is related to the owner. The whole surname thing plays nicely into the confusion. What say you? Given that WJ is such a well-informed man, he would not have gone for an interview for the job without doing some research about the company and Hauline is a pretty big corporation. Then in the preview, he was wondering who HW was talking to when Doc came to the office. You are right about that. It would be highly unprofessional. So far doc feels a little sly / sneaky to me; he may come across sweet and perhaps cause some hearts to flutter with that swoop (must all k dramas have a clumsy female lead?), but I can't tell his true intentions. #biasHSJfangirl
  4. Okay darlings are you all ready to see if you are going to win or lose the bet? For selfish reasons, let it be eps 11, jaebal. Can't stand having an ugly avatar. But nevertheless, if it's going to start tonight, let's have one every episode, cool? So tonight we will see uri Bong Soon-ni rise to her potential... Then we will see how lucky she is to have two handsome namjas come "save" her... (oh damn, nothing better than to see two hotties running in slo mo!) And this of course...all your hearts fluttering yet?
  5. That is possible. Maybe that way SJ can bypass death. But the issue is what has happened to her in those 3years? Did she die in 2019? Lol! All down to the last episode. Thanks @alleram95
  6. Very nice post! Just reading this makes me swoon over HSJ or should I say SWJ. I want a bite of that sweet cream cake.
  7. So he is stuck much more into the future and tries to go back to 2019 (which is the present timeline)? @bonuibonui - looks like he has trouble right. He was running to the tunnel.
  8. Oh damn , see the preview. SJ is stuck in a different timeline. It looks like he has trouble time travelling? We need a bloody good ending. I'm going to flip tables if they don't live happily ever after, given all the grief they put us through.
  9. I'm not sure about whether SJ will now die on 25 Mar 2019. You see he is alive but it seems a different timeline, cause their house has an ahjumma @szne09, what do you think? Thanks @andy78 @supergal99
  10. Okay the good news is SJ is alive somewhere. But what timeline I don't know. And this drama is really going down to the wire as now 25 march 2019 is looming . Seems like everything SJ saw in the future in previous episodes comes true. I practically wept while live capping , just too heartbreaking seeing MR like that. No preview given. I need the subs NOW!!!
  11. Timejump to Feb 2019 , MR preparing for her photography exhibition. SY comes to visit with the Happiness project manager. SY & mr talk & laugh. As SY walks around we see many photos of SJ. Chingus I don't have a good feeling. There's a future scene in their house with someone else omo! SJ is in hospital- he is alive ! Not sure what time line . Damn - ends !!!
  12. MR back home looking at photos fr her phone. Mum calls . She goes to garden & gets the mail. She gets the letter that SJ sends to her when they were at the beach. My stream lag - she runs upstairs & check her pc . She writes an email & thinks back of all the happy times with SJ. She writes that she would wait no matter what. So many sweet scenes of their past. She says I love u. The mail is for SJ.
  13. DS meets MR mum at cafe & bring a gift for her. She pushes away the gift. Awkward!! Both talk , I hear MR being brought up. Tense convo though the background music is quite light. Like Old lovers arguing.
  14. MR goes to KD house. They talk. I got a feeling here is where she does her nobel idiocy & tell KD that if he ever meet SJ to tell him to leave her. MR blames herself for what happened to SJ. Kd tries to interrupt but she continues . She's crying so now we see the scene we have seen before where the past ( formerly the present SJ) SJ comes to meet KD as agreed on 3 Dec. KD tells MR left & he relays some message. We see again the scene where SJ follows mR who is walking around listless. SJ follows her to the hse. This is the exact scene we saw last time when SJ went into the future & waited outside the hse. MR gets a message fr KD ( looks like all we saw comes true. I'm so damn sad)
  15. Frenemy wakes up fr bad dream. She's still staying at SR's house. She wakes SR up by accident. Both sit down talking & hugging. Talking bout MR &SJ calls come in for frenemy fr MR. She didn't want to pick up at first , Guess she felt bad. The girls talk , mr ask about SJ (need subs ) sad scene of MR crying alone at home ( prepare tissue when u watch later )