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  1. Press con Photo op. In the 53s , they ask him how a TOP star would pose , lmao , he did a cleopatra pose Director & main cast greeting Full version
  2. Hi @turtle0217 . Good to see you here. With Terius ending this week , sniff , this will make me feel better . The videos coming in are so good . Laughing dying ! I wish this was twice a week now ... Lol! They use his surf board to dry the fish . He’s really having to adjust in this island that time has forgotten But the island folks are so sweet ! The ahjummas find him hot lololol. The fresh seafood looks yums
  3. Yesss highlight vid is superb. KJS abs is yummy . Who walks around like that ? But I love OTP chemie - at the end when he just leaned over at her , I squealed . And Sang Yeob is such a cute pirate . Lmao. Think I’ll enjoy this drama Press con photos !!!!! They look great Lol he’s a joker More to come ...
  4. I’m spamming for sure . Why am I so excited? I want something fun. The goats are going to be the star of this show. More BTS. Too cute More stills Getting ready for press con. Rice wreath support for KJS ( a lot more on this IG account) For JSM
  5. In spite of the criticisms the ratings went back up by 1% , which is a lot And it ranks no one for Content power index last week , surpassing even non-drama programmes I’m still behind on this drama . Hope to catch up soon.
  6. triplem

    Add and Subtract Game

    306 @mouse007 Hang in there. First time in day care , so they tend to fall sick at first . They’ll build immunity over time . Make sure you take care of you too
  7. @gladys57 I think I hv serious oppa crush on Kim Ji Suk after 20th Century Boy & Girl ( very sweet slice of life - the OTP romance was really good. Simple story that focused on friendship & family .) And I really fell hard for KJS’s character there. I love that he’s such an earnest actor , and his variety programs/ appearances show him to be such a warm person with a great sense of humour. He is a chemistry station. So Glad he’s getting first lead roles now . Even in this old kbs special , he had such great connection to Jung So Min So I’m looking forward to his chemie with our gal here. It will be so awesome if HSJ does a cameo —-/—- tvn updates. Lol this guy was in Go Back Couple . I think if I’m not mistaken he’s rival to Yoo Baek Lol! Their matching IG update
  8. @Tasia I hope that the cause of SY’s break down isn’t literally to do with YR. it will be too cruel. But let’s enjoy this hot moment.... lol! He shows her how it’s done
  9. Oh noooo , for the first time I’m actually nervous for SY . His condition is pretty serious They had a karaoke session & his nose was bleeding again. This drama just won’t give us one episode without the angst His facial expression worries me here, & ahjussi sees them hug
  10. triplem

    Add and Subtract Game

    True. We can’t prevent things from happening but it helps to think optimistically & to Keep going 422
  11. triplem

    Add and Subtract Game

    430 @angelangie Just read your story . Sending some hugs. @Sejabin While I cannot imagine what it’s like to be in your shoes , know that I keep you & your people in my thoughts & prayers .
  12. Kim Ji suk is so sweet , giving gifts to the crew . Each one gets a pair of Adidas sneakers Omo..this is raising my expectations of all kinds of fan service Even though he’s gonna be a jerk , I can’t help but laugh . His expression is priceless
  13. Don’t worry @ktcjdrama..i see this drama as one that is healing . I believe things will work out..... This one is definitely healing my eyes : haha i wonder what she was thinking Another kiss !!!