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  1. Lol! Baby making?And I thought I was the only who's thoughts are in the gutter. The name Sunshine was coined by our male poster here @Dhakra who is having a big time crush on BM. BTW @Dhakra well done on that gif of oppa. We can be friends again --- i have yet to watch the subbed episodes but fr the recaps & everyone's comments, I'm surprised & pleased at EJ's decision. Who would have thought that a man like him who has always been so unwilling to bend the rules would commit the ultimate sacrifice & frame himself. Besides wanting to see Yoon receive his comeuppance , I also think he is motivated by his love for SJ. I'm nervous though like @chingu76, is the team , Leader specifically, showing his cards too early? I know DH will ultimately serve sometime in jail if he were to come clean with his identity etc, but I would like the team especially SJ to be able to "forgive" him especially with regards to his guilt over Yoona. It would be a terrible burden / baggage for him to carry all his life. He has suffered enough. kinda like their bromance
  2. @bebebisous33 Your latest explanation was an eye opener indeed. Now I know why they are after those organs ! I did not link what LYS injected in his hands & organ rejection. YSJ's acting is really good , you can see the nuances in all 3 roles he is playing.
  3. @USAFarmgirl So you're part Hawaiian! How awesome. Do you go back to Hawaii often? 732 @CatchMine_ID Great to see you here.
  4. Lol! ok you can have some fries then. What do you eat since you are vegetarian? btw since we are on the subject of rice, if you ever get a chance you should try this rice burger by Mos Burgers. Mos is from Japan but they have opened up in a few big cities in Asia - Singapore, HK , Bangkok etc. Anyway off to late... 726
  5. @blademan @secretlyforyou glad that we are on the same page, and I can safely say those of us here on this thread are thinking the same way too. As to some of the comments on DB , I'm not surprised that many do not grasp his character. I think many are so preconditioned by k-dramas to have certain expectations of how the male lead should be. In most dramas , even if male lead is a jerk with a heart of gold..the jerk part only lasts at the most one third of the entire drama..quite often they transform into saints after that. So a character like DoHan is rather unexpected. In fact I think this drama is quite rooted in reality in a sense that every character is flawed. These characters make mistakes that annoy the viewers but that's exactly what the writer is going for.
  6. Thanks so much @stroppyse ...arrgh I don't even know how Dh can face SJ with this , much less kiss! I'm just having irrational romantic ideas. But MBC is really taking a risk with having a male lead like this and I love it. I love that we still see his flaws even right pass two thirds of the drama. That's one of the main draws of this show for me.
  7. ahahahah...once a week is fine...but you know mums do know best rite? @packmule3 no rice does not expire , but you do need to check for rice weevils I know rite......never expect that I'd learn so much here. But @staygold is right...portion control is important. I go for the less starchy varieties (basmati, red or brown rice) 726 edit: I just read your latest post @Dhakra okay...I'm quite like that in real life..yeah i can't sit still and do nothing...
  8. I have been hoping for a long time...I tried so hard to suppress it but I sense that chemistry..i always say that love and hate are actually two sides of the same coin, lol! Have you seen my bridal style carrying gif ? (credit to @louisawatson for inspiring me with the name.) My imagination took off after this scene... Actually most of the time I do see @Dhakra's POV but I don't necessarily agree...where's the fun in that? Plus he is always so salty in his comments and gifs . I have never seen someone argue his point (even when it's flawed) the way he does. It's an art...cough...
  9. What the heck? I was going to help with some meals. (No way we're going to have McD's on a daily basis @kokodus, so unhealthy) ...oh're on your own now. ......I like my dishes well-salted anyway... I'm with @Lmangla and @staygold about having rice daily or's a staple for us here in South East Asia. @packmule3 This is why I love this thread, i just left it for a couple of hours and it explodes - here we are talking about living under the same roof (oh my @TRaNz you are on a roll, it's nice to see you say more , @USAFarmgirl, miracles do happen...) to rice washing . edit: new word I learned today - RICE RACIST! Btw don't throw the water that has been used to wash the rice , you can use it to water the plants etc (my grandma used to do it) here's a useful article: 722
  10. First of all @andy78 thanks so much...I had to work late and was so grateful to read your caps. @bedifferent This drama is seriously good. I never expected to see EJ joined the team this way. yay! Our faith in EJ has paid off. Love it! I agree with @bebebisous33 and way he would have known that evil boy was going to push her over. Maybe @stroppyse can shed some light here on what was being said... @sakura2016 everytime i see Soo Ae's daughter and that evil boy , i'm yelling in my head for her to run the other way..urghhh Ahh my little romantic ideas are popping up in my head again...ahahaha
  11. Omgeee no... how could he have possibly known? Is he just putting all the guilt on himself? I really don't want this. Aargh edit: @secretlyforyou sob...I think he has too, and that's where she'll shoot him as per teasers.. oh man , what's happening dear scriptwriter ...
  12. ahahah..i know...i answered you already...but i have no time to write a long one...I have a night class to teach in a bit...have a great day folks... 726
  13. Of course you will say are trying to defend your argument. At the end of the day, the reality is still the same for does not mean that you can't be working together without being open with each other. I won't argue further as I will stick to my POV as you will yours. My point was everyone made the decisions they did given the limited information they had , let's remember what I said in the first place. I think it was important for the team to finally meet their leader. edit: dear other not be alarmed by these friendly discussions... edit2 @bedifferent I tried my best to help but you can see @Dhakra can argue till the cows come home. You have to take over , lol!
  14. yeah, I answered you. I'm not easily intimidated by strong powerful words and all your fancy SLS gifs you know. I was going to leave the argument to bedifferent but since you had to quote me..oh well .... ahahaha...I'm not sure if I want them to kiss anymore, sigh, six more hours including this week...just don't want anyone to die especially my oppa...I will flip tables if he does... 724
  15. POV...what the heck..of course they need to know why he is doing this. They have all risked their lives many times now and prior to this they seem to be doing the work & putting their necks and not his in the line....and I think it's human to want to know . Can you possibly take orders from someone who has no face and name and only sends you this cryptic one line messages...It's easy for us as audience to see his good intentions but not from their POV. They do not know it's him who saved them, we do. I see you are proudly displaying all your SLS gifs. My reaction