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  1. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    @crystalclear18 I like the songs so far, too. I can't pick fav songs now because it'll change later on. But for now it's a between us, too. I want another physical album, but a digital one I'll take it too. I'm so proud of ZZ, since his English has gotten better. Compare to IRYE, he's improved a lot. His bday is coming, wonder what he has in store for fans too? Maybe he'll give us candies later? @ghettomilkshake I easily found ZZ in most of the pics. I've not seen some of these so thanks!
  2. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    Ha! I was right! Now let's see what other post will the two give again tomorrow. Hmm. I woke so early because I have to get to work the full day. And what do you know Jing Yu posted something in IG. And ZZ posted something too. He actually makes that awful haircut look good. @bearology There, there. Soompi you bad! If it helps Bearo, when that BZ fan commented about being CP, she got reject af! Hahaha . One of @clediver post has one BZ fans asking if there was going to be girls in one of his MV! He didn't say anything! I'm guessing it's going to be much like that ambiguous MV Leave Me Alone.
  3. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    I've got a YuZhou theory. So ZZ's birthday is coming soon, and it's highly likely he'll spend it overseas. What if one of these two disappear (or both) during their off days (before or after) and one of them post another cryptic message in IG. I'm just clocking this in now. We both now these two ships YuZhou/ZhouYu. So I'm prepared for the sweets they're going to give us.
  4. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    Watching that teaser for The Time (2nd quarter of ZZ's album?) when he was holding that can... reminds me of how JY opened a can for him. Despite going out of his way to provided the drink by opening it while ZZ could have opened it himself. And him staring at the can longingly... Ah!!!