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  1. He looks like JY in this clip! I couldn't watch the livestream because currently at work, but I feel you guys! Man man Zhou won an award! So happy for zZ. Congratulations Zhoumeow, I hope no matter what you will always shine bright no matter where you go. But always be humble and we will always be there for you! Edit: suck on that trophy Poison baizhou fans! Especially that one award for Man Man zou
  2. Watching that JY clip of him looking at the phone case was cute. You can definitely tell he was smiling just by looking at his eyes. Then he did that stoic expression again after he noticed himself smiling. Ugh @crystalclear18, those poison fans are seriously hurting ZZ. Li Zhao is a friend of ZZ. I really want ZZ to say something about these poison fans and anyone who are bashing CPFs. Lol, these poison BZ fans (some of them not saying all) are really arrogant. If it weren't for CPF and Shangyin the boys wouldn't be as famous as they are now. The fact they even said something about his singing just tells you that the poison fans are not a fan of ZZ at all. Ugh these kinds of fans richard simmons me of so badly. Makes me want to wring their necks. Or at least shake some sense into them. ZZ's singing has improved actually. He's much more stable when he gets the high notes part. About ZZ's 2nd album, I'm definitely getting it. I didn't get to buy his first one since I was broke but since I've been working I saved up enough. >_< I can't wait what he has in store for us. Will it be full of sugars too?
  3. @psychology92 thanks! ZZ's comics and him finding that cat. Reminds me of JY's Stay With Me with a white cat! Edit: just watched this again. i noticed something, ZZ has said. He likes gold accessories. So obv he didn't buy that silver ring, otherwise he would buy a gold jewelry. (I think silver works with his skin tone more than gold, because gold clashes against his skin. But if he's the type to flaunt, he would swear it so.) and JY's still "single" because he had a pinky ring for an amount of time. (What happened to his thumb ring? Got lost again?) and the ring's design is Similar to ZZ's ring. I have a theory that instead they wear their own rings, the ones that supposedly JY made/designed, they switch Instead. The one with JY is ZZ's and ZZ vice versa. Kinda symbolic of what's mine is yours and yours is mine. I want to see them together again T_T
  4. Hey guys, long time I've signed in. Okay I've read and catch up. I haven't been up to voting for ZZ, there's no point anyway. It's rigged from the start. This has happened to a lot in China when it comes to awards and polls. Anyways, I doubt oppo would let ZZ win even though ZZ has lots of fans to vote and are dedicated. They probably know about JY and ZZ separation thing. @psychology92 I know this is late, but I seem to remember getting an update from JY but I couldn't find what it was. It was very quick. One more thing. I don't know what this is but it's about the Meteor Garden Casting. Also, yes it's THAT SONG during Shanghai. That song was one of the OST for Meteor Garden 2. And somebody wanted the Happy Camp vids with subs. I think it's this one. or this one.
  5. JingYu followed an Emoji account called LMAO in IG. That might be what I got an update from him in IG. was it ZZ? Or JY? Because the only one we know who has a collab with an emoji event was ZZ. The account is private tho. Funny thing is a band member I'm follow in IG follows this account too. Is this recent following or just now?
  6. @lovehaiyin Meteor garden is a live action remake of a manga/anime called Hana Yori Dango. There's Korean version Boys over Flower and original is Hana Yori Dango both dramas of Korea and Japan respectively. Not sure which remake of the Taiwanese version or the mainland one. I think they're remaking the Meteor Garden one. It's just a rumour and production phase. They're still doing a look test, media test and to see which actors has a massive fan base for the people they've pick and who will create more buzz. Thay Vogue video of JY. Well color me not surprise. I love it. And looks like ZZ's buying clothes for someone.
  7. @bearology maybe the producer met up with him in the lobby of his hotel? It's not farfetch. Considering that his picture is first in the lineup. I agree with you on ZZ passing this but if it helps him propel to stardom faster, he might take it. Or his managing company will. ZZ's a great actor. I think he will do well. As for the critics/watchers, some will be won over by him some won't.
  8. I tottally didn't see that. The picture was a little bit blurry. And I thought only ZZ was on this. I'm hoping either one of them gets to be on this remake. Junkai or Weilong has a better chance of getting the role than Zhouzhou. But I'd like to see ZZ get this role as a way for him to show that Addicted is not his only hit drama. I was told the director/producer has a track of getting dramas popular/mainstream hits. And ZZ is better fitted for Rui's role, imo. But I wanna see him portray the tsundere character again. Jun Matsumoto will always be the best for me, tho, next is Jerry Yan. I feel like the director knows this and they just put them there to create buzz. I think the director/producer wanted them since they both get a lot of buzz too. But maybe she could only get one of them. I can see ZZ and JY playing the roles they're given. JY more because he's been getting scandals about older women. hmm what if the scandals were all a ploy for the boys to get these roles? But if ever, I hope one of them at least get to be picked. Or even better (wishful thinking) both! About ZZ getting new material, I can see where your going from. If ZZ does get picked to be lead in this role, more comparison will come out, the Japanese version, Taiwanese version, Korean Version and the other Mainland version. And more people commenting on him means some of them will bash him and will not like the way he acted this and that. I totally get what u mean. If he gets picked, it's up to him if he takes it or not. This could also propel him further. And breaks into mainstream. I've got mixed feeling about him getting the role so, it's 50/50. Sorry for the long post. Oh btw, ZZ's riding a bike in his Weibo = JY riding the bike = Shangyin baby!
  9. Hey guys! I've heard rumors from another forum that Zhouzhou will be in a Meteor Garden Remake! Omg! If the cast is real this is gonna be huge! But then again there will be a big huge they will need to fill up because Taiwanese F4 was a HUGE success for every actors and actresses in that drama. Edit: aw JY is sick. hope you get well soon. Apparently somebody posted a rundown board in Weibo about the F4 cast and ZhouZhou is in it hoping he gets the second male lead role at least or the playful playboy role I can see him play that role. Cr: where it's due, not mine edit2: he's up for the main lead role based on the board, but I want him to play Rui/huazhilei, the guy who can play violin (switch it to piano or guitar) welcome umajeevan and new comers!
  10. Omg! Dayu! Wth?! He's prettier and much more beautiful than me!
  11. If those are the star invited for This Is Tiffany, as mentioned by @psychology92, then that's surely a star studded cast as of now. From LtoR: Mark Chao (famous for Yehua and Moyuan in Ten Miles of Peach Blossom/Eternal Love/Once Upon A Time; lotsa name for this. Warning don't watch the show if you don't like plagiarized content. But I gotta admit it was a good production that Yang Mi and her team did great,) not familiar with the second Pic, but I think that's NiNi, (if it's her, she acted with Tom Cruise's Flowers of War) third is Zhang Ziyi, you guys might know her (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Memoirs of Geisha; House Of Flying Daggers) and of course ZZ.
  12. Had to say something! These sweets! Taste so good! It's giving tooth decays. Lol. Happy 1600 page! They really make it easy for CPF fans! ,>_<, @bearology you would think your post would be little to comment but it ended up a lot! I love it and thank you! Hmmm, about JY's studio post, the one where he's sleeping. Yeah I doubt that's from a staff, it's too personal. Has to be a person he's comfortable with. The picture taking reminds me of JY's SK Fanmeet's next day pic. Oh, also I was in Weibo this morning and I found out that some CPF were posting about Marlboro and look at the JY sleeping pic. On the far bottom left corner, there seem to be a small white box. Some things it's a cig box of Marlboro. But not sure. At least JY and ZZ are on the same land now. Um guys. There's another of those flower voting thing for JY. Link if you have weibo or iQiyi, you can vote unli.