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  1. I'm loving ZZ's hoarse singing voice here. Yes at him singing Light! Go ZZ. Amaze them with your cute but handsome and cool performance. And it looks like JY is there to support you too! Full ZZ of Light and Fun
  2. ZZ looking shuai! He's totally channeling JY but still acting cute. His suit reminds me or when JY was doing that Variety show with red straps on around his shoulder. Omg! ZZ congrats!
  3. I think you need to make an account first. Then look for the request button. If you can't find it, google is your best bet. Lol. Holy mofo! He got legs for days!!!
  4. Was that the one he was puckering up too? Yeah it's gone. And whole bunch of other pics too. Stop turning into JY and deleting your IG pics! You already have less pics there. T_T. Good thing he's so sweet to fans. He's actually giving sweets. He posted a pic of TMNT. Edit: I will be waiting for the spam!!!
  5. Oh! Oops my bad. about the the subbing, it's probably the cut one if they're going to get the license. But the fans will end up subbing for the uncut ones.
  6. @glee77 Viki has to get the license so they can sub it or you can ask dramafever too. So the date is final then? Is this for real? Next month on the 4th?!
  7. @psychology92 hey, welcome to the fam. Yes, yes it did sound like it. But it could be many things too. (But my god that sounded like sucking the life of someone) Funny thing is After the noise, both felt like they just gave up afterwards, JY slumped down and ZZ lay there unmoving. And then both tried to detract from it afterwards. About that F4 song sang by Shangyin's F4. I can't stop watching YZ. Their smile's so bright at that point. JY's surprised look then happiness was the best thing. Next best thing is ZZ comforting JY. @jingyuzhou that could also be it. Lol, JY couldn't resist the magnetic pull of Zhoumeow. Imagine resisting yourself to someone like ZZ who is constantly sleeping with you every night and day, and seeing him everyday. Who wouldn't cave in? @bearology Lol, I'll stop. Hoping you do another wardrobe of love later on. About jY's new drama, based on Avirtualvoyage site, JY is confirmed as the second male lead for the drama Love The Whole World. But he's not in the promo video they made. They haven't started filming yet, so it could still change. And if it's in the US, omg I hope NYC is one of them!
  8. @jingyuzhou right? Lol, ZZ's so sexy and cute at the same time. I don't know how he does this, but damnit I can see why jy and everyone else have a hard time not falling in love with him. @abhishikta I think (not really sure but basing this on context) in Chinese slang, taolu means like a move or action planned to have meaning or has secret meaning or something like that. Like what JY and ZZ are doing now. Giving secret messages somehow. If anyone wanna say something about taolu feel free and correct me or have your input in this topic. @crystalclear18 you're right about the songs. Those two aren't the same. They sound similar but the musical notes just like what ZZ's studio and you said are totally different. Haters and Antis are drawing straws and reaching for this one. I don't know why they even bother. About the jewelry and accessories, maybe ZZ didn't want to use or bring any because they might get lost or dropped along the way. And they would hinder when doing a marathon/run. I see that most runners usually don't wear anything on them except clothes (obviously on the clothes part >_<!! lol ) Or it's just the stylist didn't want to put anything on him yet. But if you need some sugar here. Ey! @bearology ZZ wearing those splatter pants again. Ah! Looks just like JY's pants too, from the time he arrived in BJ China from his Korean Fanmeet. Also JY's scarf is red and navy much like the colors of ZZ's jacket. And wearing boots.
  9. I'm loving everyone's theory. The code has been broken. Lol. Those BTS pics, wonder if lihao's taking them pictures for someone. And I wonder if it's his phone or ZZ's. Lots of wondering but watching him walk down that boardwalk, I heard Journey of Flower's theme song Fire of the Heart. The song reminds me of Guhai's love for Bailuoyin. Recommend it to anyone willing to listen. @jingyuzhou kinda weird me out at that part bcuz ZZ is pole dancing next to a kid. I was a little bit cringing. Although it reminded of JY dancing behind ZZ (as usual when it comes to ZZ and JY's work despite Shangyin finished already) @abhishikta ZZ's starting to go taolu on us! Just like JY. Can people in China post in IG? Or is it blocked there?
  10. I like Abbie's YZ theory. My take on ZZ's new IG DP. I just think he finds it funny and cute. Plus the double entendre in this picture. Knowing ZZ is an otaku, he would know an omurice is. (Fried rice covered by omlette, a bit sweeter and bigger than your usual fried rice omelette.) Now Pikachu is cosplayingnas an omurice and the ketchup goes well with the dish. But here electric mouse is eating the ketchup instead. To tie in this with YZ or JY. Remember JY making fried rice or omelette during his Bday concert? (Forgot what it was he made, but it had egg in it and I think chicken too.) anyways, he gave some to lucky fans. Lol, IDK. That's my take on ZZ's new profile pic. @abhishikta you mentioned virility. I was just thinking that. Plus pikachu is a male.
  11. Yes he does! I want justice for ZZ of this song. Get him to sing it live. I'd be dl that song and make it my lullaby when I go to sleep if ever he sings it live. At least we got to hear Moonlight again. And live too. Thanks for the link for the whole show. Fave part of the show was him dancing with the Aunties. Lol, have no idea what they're saying but it must have been nerve wracking. Thos stick figures are adorable! Even if they're just sticks and shapes, knowing who they are modeled after is cute. ZZ IG updates! Wow, he's been updating in IG. Edit: Happy White Day Marh 14 is a celebration for everyone! Edit2: because this just popped up in my head. Is this a gift just for fans or for someone to. Because ZZ could have just said This is a gift for everyone or my fans butt he said FOR YOU. But Who is a mystery. (Nah, not really. )
  12. Ah YZ updates! So it was a girl. (Abbie, crystal, naira, jingyuzhou, bearo, not sure who said it but one u is right.) Oh well, she's pretty (lowkey thinks he's styled like ZZ, shirts tucked in his pants, ZZ usual style when wearing dress shirts for the most,) but could they have style her better though? Her hair looks like a wig and with two different hair colour tones. But I gotta say the ad looks great. Can't wait for JY to be finished with his filming for the movie. I wanna see BTs of his rumoured drama. So psych. ZZ looking good in the DVD docu. He's such a great friend and caring too. After his next album, which is probably summer or fall, then his drama? I wanna see ZZ act too. Not sure if this was posted, but here it is. ZZ can't lipsync for his life at all. I don't know why they bother making him. He sounds great live. Not sure if he sang a his own version or lip syncing over Jay Chou's song.
  13. Many things to say, but all I can think of all this, is slander. Because of ZZ's new DVD coming out in a few days. I've noticed that whenever there's something big coming out with ZZ or JY there's always scandalous "news" or rumours coming out. Ugh this industry is toxic but I hope ZZ and JY comes out stronger more than ever and gain more fans. That way we can squish all the little critters trying to put or pull down YZ. Let's just support ZZ and JY and ignore those silly and stupid rumours. On to ZZ's prerelease DVD cuts, @bearology who was that person at the last pic, after swiping so many times of Sleeping kitty!? Pls tell me I'm just seeing things and it's not JY! Omg! If it is, these two are getting bolder, ah! Also the voice of that clip sounded like JY too. Or I s this one of those mirroring thing that @Naira Jeanne posted of a video? Btw, naira thanks for that vid. Very interesting and eye opening. Love it. (But upon going through comments I guess it's just LiHao then, but it looked a bit like JY with that haircut and all. Does Lihao have a gf/bf? If I were the lover I'd be questing my bf why he has many pics of a sleeping man in his phone! Cuz that's too many sleeping pictures of ZZ, unless he's sending those pics to someone. :p) My YZ senses is tingling again went to Weibo for some clip digging and found ZZ using JY's slogan. Hmmm, boys share things as usual. Also ZZ trying to eat the mic. Ummm, yeah. (Screenshot by because I wasn't lazy today. FW pic was from yesterday.) Lol. Now, FengWen is doing something or maybe about to, but I don't know what it is. But here's a screenshot from someone in Weibo. Could have done it myself but was too lazy. Pardon me -___-!!! ChengWen's heart! Both looks so cute. I wish YZ could be like this.
  14. @bearology I figure that much. I was thinking ZZ was using JY's hat at that time? Question is why? Much like now, ZZ has been using baseball caps ever since these two met. ZZ didn't use to wear those kinds of hats. Usually a beanie (amiright? If wrong do pls correct me. lol, anyone do. ) congrats to ZZ on getting Excellent Graduates. Also, isn't that the pictures used for Shangyin or am I just mixing this up with the photoshopped pics of him and Johnny? lol I've seen so many good Manila I don't know which one is real and fake anymore. (Delulu or not!) JY be like when posting Then bam: JY's letter! I wonder what he has in store for us. Is he telling us all what happened during March 14? Like how he had confess to certain someone? JY, your such a romantic person. All your post has hidden meanings that your fans want to take a crack at. Including me. (I'm a sucker for these kinds of things) As for that puzzle of which is which, I'll take a guess and say first one is ZZ and second is JY. Just because the first one has a thicker brows beneath the hair. And ZZ has some good thick brows while JY isn't as thick and they're somewhat slanted upwards.