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  1. @bearology I managed to have put WoL in another site. Link Go underneath Xu weiZhou badge theirs a spoiler there. Click it and you will see the bookmarked WoL links in numbers. Not sure if this is what you're talking about or the new ones. Lol, take your time. Oh and ZZ's bruise. That one is huge. Btw is ZZ performing for Sakura or just another member of Audience?
  2. Ok? I do know that, I was just joking. Plus when I said American Music, I'm talking about the actual hip hop rap culture, not pop rap. I should have meant that. And dude nice of you to insult me. Thanks, I appreciate the love.
  3. Okay guys. Looks like ZZ isn't even performing. Oh well I'm going to go to sleep now. Gotta help my brother prepare for his school tomorrow. At least ZZ got invited. Congrats again.
  4. I think he knows how the western musics are. He probably uses proxy to watch some US Mvs lol. But for real, he probably does. To answer your questions yes. And some songs from famous or top songs from all genres. Edit: debut was Camilla Cabello from 5Th Harmony now four of them. Her song was Crying in the Club. And now Notorious BIG's (famous dead rapper) son CJ is also debuting this year. Mostly the show is like introducing new artists and giving awards to top artists
  5. Julia Michaels or I think that's how they said her name just finished. She's a singer song writer who wrote many hit songs for singers. Or that's hownInheard thenpresenter said. I'm hoping they flash ZZ's face at the screen. Even for just a second. Edit: Miley Cyrus is next. Also, I don't even really watch BBMAs, I'm just watching to see if I could get a glimpse of ZZ and maybe BTS but that's it. Lol
  6. So I'm getting that he's just their as an audience. The BBMA is like 3hours. So will their be non US performers, like zZ and Jane zhang, his studio said he's performing light. So it means he's also performing? Edit: btw, opening performances is from Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. (Not liking it.) waiting for ZZ to perform is like an agony.
  7. I'll watch the BBMA tonight, so I could update with you guys. But I'll leave out the western artist and focus on ZZ, Jane Zhang and other prominent Asian artist. If they're going to mention some. Idk how it'll go tonight, so we'll just go with the flow. @crystalclear18 I didn't mean for this to go heavy also, but I've been fascinated and been wanting to there, even learning their culture so as not to feel out of place and respect it. Ah, those earrings, makes me wanna buy them. If only I have money for that, oh well. It looks cute, too. Zz's new hairstyle, his studio Wb updated on him.
  8. what's the use of having two phones when you have a manager and assistant doing the business side? We know ZZ has two phones too. Remember when he took out a phone and then suddenly a ringtone came on and it wasn't the phone he was holding/using. So guesses guys? and found that IG post thing about the Big Fish Begonia.
  9. @crystalclear18 I already know what you just told about China. China may be progressing forward in a warped speed, but the people's mentality like Japan or any other Asian countries are still prejudice against LGBTQ. But yes the more younger generation there is the more the society changes because once the old is gone it will be replaced by the new generations. Mill start with Japan first since I know this topic more than China. Really long read in both spoilers and videos too. China @bearology the woman is Jane Zhang. Famous and recognized singer in China and outside. She met Oprah and was in Voice of China. She got into Billboard because of her song got ranked high in iTunes and billboard. Let's hope ZZ gets to do his networking and do some collaborations with her in the near future. Jane Zhang has a large fan base. Edit: completely forgot because of the long post I did. Happy birthdays to @ryokise and joycemay. Bearo reminded me of his post below.