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  1. Stunningly beautiful Yoojungie at MAMA Hong Kong source: https://www.dispatch.co.kr/1013389
  2. this is Yoojungie at the airport Incheon heading to HongKong for MAMA
  3. Here is a song that reminds me of MDBC and our Boyoo... remember this line from the drama? “Whether you see it from the palace or from a farm, the moon is simply the moon. I may be the Crown Prince but it doesn’t matter who you are. Whenever it is and wherever we are, it’s fine as long as our heart are the same. Just like that moon”. cr: lcc0728 'Shine on shine on harvest moon' shoutout to our music lover @WingMi18
  4. Happy birthday to our lovely girl Yoojungie! Here's to many more blessings to come... cr: news_korea hope she receives a gift from this 'big bro' of hers our Bogummy here... is as lovely as usual cr: bogummy_cool Long time no see, hope you are all doing well Stay healthy my chingus!
  5. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    so sorry @lavender2love must have been very scary to receive so many notifications in such short time. I didn't realise you would but since you have many posts here that's logical, should've have thought about it. Sorry I will be more careful yes I feel energised from the trip, thought I came back as calmer version of myself though Agreed a thousand times. I've always been attracted to historical dramas, maybe because of the beautiful scenery, colorful costumes and their simple lifestyles (no cars, no big buildings) but nowadays I just can't stand makjang anymore. Can't take the cruelty and the violence in some scenes. It's too heartbreaking to get attached to the characters and to see them suffer from the beginning til the end. Plus I have realised that some of the events depicted in dramas, when they happen in real life, are really terrifying and no fun at all. So now I'm very careful at picking dramas, am constantly dropping the ones that are too tragic and have crazy neurotic characters, I prefer male leads that are not too possessive and all a**ole - like. Need more bright and cute dramas with intelligent characters we can learn from, and well MSG fits in this description! Will check out Temperature of Love if I have enough time next month, love cuisine and love eating soup!
  6. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    @lavenderlove hi chingu, how are you? I've been away for awhile, went camping in a place without wifi had My sassy girl's OSTs with me though, was listening to them while admiring the sunset or under the stars at night, it gives a wonderful feeling I see @gerrytan8063 is still teaching us lots of interesting facts Been missing this thread and you guys thank you for still feeding this thread with your posts, good vibes and warmth @BaiZiHua great list of great moments love your favorite moments crying for happy reasons is a good sign right? I also love the mother daughter reunion scene Family love in dramas is always so touching
  7. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    @packmule3 thank you for your beautiful gifs that give life to this thread and thank you for your commentaries on the final bridge scene, I LOVED them @gerrytan8063 you may be too humble to accept the real life 'Sabu' (master) title, and say that you are just a typical ahjussi, but still you're very impressive. Big thank you for your posts. I learn a lot. The gat making process is wonderful, so much patience and dedication in the craftman's work. @staygold @lavender2love @packmule3 Using Gyun Woo as the interpreter for the Qing Prince was cruel. Poor Gyun Sabu tried to remain composed and to do his job professionnally but he was fighting his feelings. In prince Dalhan's presence, I felt the 'second lead syndrome' for Gyun Woo..... Looking at Gyun Sabu's sad face, I was hurting for him at every sentence he had to translate The moment he realised the prince was carrying away 'his lady'
  8. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    This is one of my favorite moments too, I love moments that end up in a hug Our Gyun Sabu and Princess' hugs are always so beautiful, warm and endearing. This moment became a cover photo for 'Because I love you' by Gummy It’s you, it’s you, it’s always you My love, I only want you When I see you, my heart knows first It’s you, who I’ve been waiting for a long time Because I Love You Because I Love You Even if all my dreams disappear I don’t care Because I Love You Always I Love You It’s always you, it’s you in the end 1, 2, 3, I hold in my breath And try to endure a day or two But you keep calling out to me So I can’t stop my heart from going to you Because I Love You Because I Love You Even if all my dreams disappear I don’t care Because I Love You Always I Love You It’s always you, it’s you in the end I thought time had stopped But the moment I saw you, it unfroze My heart beat again Because I Love You Because I Love You Even if you forget me I will hold you Because I Love You Always I Love You It’s always you I've been looking up the lyrics for this song. They fit Gyun Woo's and Hye Myung's feelings well. 'Because I love you, even if all my dreams disappear I don't care' describes how our Gyun Sabu is not afraid of giving up his ambitions to be with Hye Myung. 'Because I love you, always I love you, it's always you, it's you in the end' expresses how his only concern is the happiness of our Princess, like in the scene above, beautifully commented by @lavender2love and @packmule3 'Because I Love You Because I Love You Even if you forget me I will hold you' their HUGS 'When I see you, my heart knows first It’s you, who I’ve been waiting for a long time' This reminds me of their first bridge scene. They were meeting again after 10 years, without recognizing each other, but the heart knew (lol sounds cheesy). When they were kids, Hye Myung was waiting for Gyun Woo when he got lost in the forest and fell unconscious. So she has waited for a long time, and now they're in each other's lifes again. 'I thought time had stopped But the moment I saw you, it unfroze My heart beat again' The last bridge scene. Hye Myung is running to find Gyun Sabu. When the camera pans out and Gyun Sabu finally reappears in the frame, it's like time unfroze..... and we could sigh in relief that she found him.
  9. cr: you_r_love Yoojungie cr: boyoo_couple Bogummy
  10. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    Different cultures, different beads lol at the headgears in Merchant Gaekju No you ain't @packmule3 Gyun Woo here voices the importance of the Princess in his life to his family. the declaration sounds ... manly? you know, the man that is not afraid of responsibility, commitment and so on...
  11. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    @staygold yes the change in music in the proposal scene hahaha... lemme rewatch... ...so the serious music is the soft piano instrumental of the first OST sung by The One then come the lyrics 'Because you are the one who made me laugh Only one of my life Because you are the reason' ...and then Hye Myung goes 'Mianhe...mianhe Gyun Sabuu' and we've got the GOOONG and all kinds of funny sound effects @lavender2love you're right, probably our Princess was just learning more about the special herbs in Qing, which shouldn't have lasted for too long, otherwise our Gyun Sabu would have accompanied her to Qing to eat dumplings and both would've gained a lot of weight lol @packmule3 here is the youtube video for the bridge scene chingu Thank you for your description of the tree scene, I'm in awe at your writing 'GW looked up to the night skies, and the camera pans out showing us our couple at peace in their temporary shelter. Her sleeping head nestled on his shoulder and he sat, solid and dependable, like the tree.' Love your words. The tree as a symbol for the solidity of their love. Their love is deeply rooted like the tree, storms can destroy the branches but the roots remain. Gyun Sabu and Hye Myung find peace and strength in each other. 'She couldn't fight it off' Agreed. Later on when they are facing bigger problems, like Gyun Woo's involvement in the queen's dethronement, Hye Myung says she hates him but still can't live without/can't be happy without her Gyun Sabu (see the bridge scene ) from 'What will I do with this girl?' ...to 'What will I do without this girl?' lol yes he's a keeper definitely @gerrytan8063 thank you for teaching us about the gats and beads/gatkkeun you truly are a person of knowledge, are you like a real-life Gyun Sabu?
  12. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    @packmule3 your gifs are so beautiful wonderful description of your favourite scene, the body language that tells everything the colorful lantern festival was so mesmerizing, cinematography was amazing Hye Myung's beautiful glowing face that you described @packmule3 .... more beautiful than the lanterns in the sky! @lavender2love hahaha.. hearing beads music chingu! I also wonder, why such long beads? and I was wondering about their see-through hats too lol these hats don't look like they could protect our Gyun Sabu from the rain... @flutterby06 kudos to officer Kang for playing cupid to reunite our couple also that moment in the final episode when officer Kang got approached was pure gold Still listening to this ost on repeat... Gummy's voice is so beautiful, I can't move on
  13. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    @packmule3 still waiting for your commentary on the 'bridge scene' chingu! The bridge metaphor is a beautiful finding of yours I really loved Hye Myung's ambition to become a physician. The proposal scene made me laugh a lot...I loled at poor Gyun Woo.. first thing I thought was 'medicine studies are very long studies' well I don't know how long medical studies were in Joseon ...but nowadays he would have to wait several years for our Princess to complete her studies hahaha bless this patient man! Really love the good vibes of this drama, Hye Myung Gyun Woo and cute lil prince Wonja are giving me sunshine!
  14. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    aaaaaaw.....thank you so much for the warm HM and GW hugs @lavender2love you're so lovely! (said with Gyun Sabu's voice ) for real, you're a sweetheart btw, Gyun Sabu's PERSIMMON LOOK made me laugh, thank you for that too!! Here is Gyun Sabu offering you some flowers for your kindness, there are some for @packmule3 too, thanks you for your efforts in live recaps and we know your love for everything pink @gerrytan8063 chingu your profile pic is amazing, love that caricature! how lucky you are to have been able to travel to such beautiful place, this bridge holds so much meaning for our drama's story It is the same as the bridge where they met in the first episode right? cr: sbs.co.kr
  15. [Drama 2017] My Sassy Girl 엽기적인 그녀

    'I Believe' by Joo Won with lyrics This song makes me cry Then, thinking about our Princess and our Gyun Sabu's beautiful story, I want to cry even more... Still collecting my thoughts and feelings on last night's episode........I will be back commenting Love you my sassypants