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  1. @filmstrip For you, chingu. Han Kyeol's rendition is soft and heartwarming. So Rim looks so happy. A lovely moment Our adorable couple "You keep run away so I have to be like this to be with you"
  2. Yes, thank you for the live recaps, chingus!
  3. Yaaay congrats Jin Young for winning best second lead syndrome!! Hope he will be lead in his upcoming dramas, already experienced strong second lead syndrome twice now thanks to this guy Glad this thread is alive again Is jiny__love your instagram chingu @lovehbhjw2013 ? I'll be following @grilledchicken love your username chingu, very yummy hehe @JinyoungFox happy to see you here again chingu Love you chingus! Jin Young fighting!
  4. cr: you_r_love IG cr: boyoo_couple IG Looks like uri Ponyo found her Sosuke cr: zakia_ss IG Can I say uri Bogummy really looks like Sosuke hehe cr: you_r_love IG Her caption for this pic is "my one and only blanket" Uri Yoojungie said she was impressed by Ponyo's determination to love only Sosuke Wishing the same for uri Boyoo, Boyoo fighting!!
  5. With an apple! Ringooo!!!
  6. I wish too, chingu, from the bottom of my heart Let's pray to all the stars in the sky that our BoYoo end up together cr: happyisthesloth IG
  7. @louise31 It says "Have a good dream" thanks google translate haha
  8. cr: as2ti88 IG Their cooking skills cr: welovebogummy IG Their beautiful smiles! Uri Yoojungie singing uri Bogummy's song 'My Person' is L O V E I remember while MDBC was airing, we wished for them to sing a duet together, still wishing! Beautiful edit by our chingu @torquoiselily cr: torquoiselily IG cr: justnofan IG "If you keep believing, the dream that you wish will come true"
  9. cr: you_r_mad insta cr: as2ti88 Insta We've been blessed with so much prettiness today! The internet is flooded with pics of uri Yoojungie lol Uri baby Yoojungie looks gorgeous, so good to see her smile again Hope our babies will have great fun at their fan meetings. To uri chingus @akikisetsu and @BoYooMom, have fun and take good care of uri Yoojungie chingus, how lucky you are!
  10. cr: boyoo_aholic Insta Remember at Style Icon Awards, uri Bogummy was waiting for uri Yoojungie who was preceding him for interview. caption: "Who is that girl?" response: "Bogummy, she is your one and only Yoojungie, Ra On who fills your world to the brim" cr: soompi cr: nuna_nana88 Insta
  11. cr: onlybogummy_ Insta ctto ctto ctto
  12. cr: https://www.dramafever.com/p/88316/kim-yoo-jung-1999-09-22-1049.html ctto cr: http://www.beautifulkoreanartists.com/2015/11/kim-yoo-jung-marie-claire-november-2015.html cr: you_r_love IG cr: https://www.dramafever.com/p/3660/kim-yoo-jung-1999-09-22-1049.html
  13. cr: chemistryfairycouple Insta Chingus, remember this moment at MAMA? Uri Bogummy smiled sweetly at uri Yoojungie before announcing the winner, GFRIEND cr to video owner: Bogummy VNFC YT
  14. Happy lunar new year! Wishing you a lucky year of the rooster!
  15. @superfangermany_stv his answer so the couple award is what he holds dear uri Bogummy is all cute and fluffy with his answers and demonstrations of love ctto