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  1. Woah! Though we come in 2nd place, we wouldn't be there without our diligent W team and the supporters, thank U everyone!!
  2. Q18. What ending do you predicted? HJ: I didn't have a actual predicted ending. But I feel no matter how it lays down, Kang Chul and Yeon Joo will be a sad ending. Whether Chul go reality world to live, or Yeon Joo go to webtoon world to live, are all unnatural endings. During filming, I keep guessing what ending will be like? Really keep thinking about this. Q19. In the drama, there are alot of agonizing scenes if we consider as ending. How do you want to end your own life in the actual world? HJ: Just want to live my life as a normal person without feeling ashamed of and peacefully awaiting and welcome my ending to my life. (smile) Q20. How about as a actress? HJ: From my debut as a actress, I have been working hard to excel as an outstanding actress, and hope to get praises that well exceed my capability. So, I feel that I will need to work even harder. But recently I didn't give myself too much stress, I have been thinking more to enjoy my work. Therefore if there is changes in Han Hyo Joo as a person, the acting skills will definitely change too. Q21. You were saying that you are working with Kim Eui Sung on a movie, this movie is "Golden Slumber" right? HJ: Yes, it is based on the Japanese novel of the same name written by Kotaro Isaka. The scenes in the movie are mostly similar as compared to the novel. There is alot of Korean context infused into drama script. I feel that it will not become a movie that is on different impression as compared to the novel.It is talking about an ordinary taxi driver who is framed for an assassination and is forced to run for his life when fabricated evidence begins to mount against him. Kang Dong Won is the lead actor of the movie, while I starred in a role who is the protagonist's college friend - an radio announcer. Q22. About your daily life? HJ: I have not decided on any other work yet. But I feel this is the time where I am welcoming changes that are taking its time slowly. It can be about work, or personal affairs. I am very excited and look forward to how I will change from now on. Viewers can come together to see how actress Han Hyo Joo changes. Please support me.
  3. @apoo and @frozentundra according to the chinese text, the words are quite broken ..maybe can rephrase as if are just friends, i guess the younger one will not be able to do that(aegyo). As for the movie it is really spelling out the word "Message"...maybe is implying "Message from the King" since it is a 2016 film and produced by USA.
  4. Q13. Hyo Joo seems like a scene atmosphere creator HJ: I am that kind of person will make myself hyper in emotions rather than feeling gloomy. Using gloomy feelings and channeling into high spirits (smile). But I am usually well behaved, will just lie down there. Q14. You even dance on the set. HJ: I am not skilled in dancing but I liked to move my body around. Exercise etc. Not those exercise and training in the gym, but doing yoga and dancing. I will continue to dance regardless of how many years (with firm tone), though I don't dance well. Exercise is done to regulate my body balance. Q15. There are alot of intense scenes in W, which scene you are most shocked on? HJ: Looking from the visual impression, it will be the scene where Kang Chul travel to the reality world for the first time. I watched this scene with the staff while having meal. When Kang Chul appeared in the reality world, everyone clapped and cheered happily (smile). And I have deep impression on the scene where the killer snatched Sung Moo's face. It is really a shocking scene, very scary. I feel this drama will make the viewers have a surprised feel whenever they watched at the relaxed portion, is a drama that make people to look out for any hints. Because this is a unpredictable drama, therefore I will always enjoy the moment whenever I at the relaxed portion. Q16. Fans found the scene where Yeon Joo and Kang Chul wearing the pink sweater tees riding the bicycle together to be most likable scene. HJ: This is only the imagination that's why it only appeared a short while. Yeon Joo and Kang Chul are very cute. It only appeared a short while in the drama. If we have the chance next time, I am thinking should I do with Jong Suk together wearing pink sports attire and film a whole episode. (smile) Q17. How do you find the ending? HJ: I feel that it has considered the best ending for everyone. It is not "So they lived happily ever after" kind of ordinary conclusion, but rather to end as a "How they will live their life from now on?" kind of ending. The subject matter is fantasy but the ending is quite practical, which I feel good about it.
  5. Q7. The kiss scenes between Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk in W have become a hot topic. The famous catchphrase " 1 episode 1 kiss" has been created too. HJ: There is really alot of kiss scenes. The most memorable kiss is the sudden kiss scene in the beginning of the drama. I slapped Jong Suk and kissed him after it. When I was reading the drama script on this scene, I was quite surprised and amused. There is no bad intention, just thinking "Will there be more of such interesting scenes" keep me look forward to it. This kiss scene has a deciding factor on me accepting the role for this drama. The sudden tear kiss scene in the later episode is also quite similar to the sudden kiss scene in the beginning but it has a different atmosphere, that's why I have a deep impression on it. Q8. There is also a scene where you kissed Kang Chul in order to help him. HJ: Yes, this is a scene where I will need to travel back to the reality world to get medicine to treat Kang Chul so I kissed him. At that time, Yeon Joo's tear will have to drop on Kang Chul's cheek. This is quite tough and a painful scene but the whole studio seems like watching Olympics competition (smile). When the director show us the OK sign, everyone clapped and cheered happily. Q9. The most well received kiss by the viewers is the handcuff kiss. HJ: (smile shyly) I was asked to do it. (smile) The kiss scene in the original drama script is just an ordinary kiss. But on the film set, the director asked me to try it, so I was being handcuffed and put my hands behind Jong Suk's neck. During the filming, we were thinking that "after this scene being broadcasted, viewers will call this the handcuff kiss" and it really come true... (smile) To be frank, I did object to this proactive action, but the director is quite earnest so I just do it. Q10. How 's the feeling like working with Lee Jong Suk? HJ: We worked off quite well, really very happy working together. Jong Suk is my first co-lead who is younger than me, those I worked before are older than me. The only time is Lee Seung Gi who I worked with in "Brilliant Legacy" (2009, SBS) is same age as me. Because Jong Suk is younger than me, so I am quite happy. There is alot of aegyo like a brother (smile). Because I am older, so I have received alot of aegyo. If just friends, I guess the younger ones will not be able to do that (aegyo). He give off the feeling that will make people feel comfortable.That's why would not feel any shyness or reserved about it. Q11. First impression towards Jong Suk? HJ: Before meeting him, I feel that he has a teenager look. But actually he is more mature that I expected. Sometimes I am surprised when I saw him displayed a very serious expression on his face. Q12. What is the feeling working with Kim Eui Sung and Lee Si Eon? HJ: I am now working with Kim Eui Sung senpai-nim on a movie. From the first meeting on W, I found him to be an interesting person. Though he is around my father's age, but he is just like a friend. Speaking from my character, I don't like to talk to others about my personal affairs, but with Kim Eui Sung senpai-nim, I always have this feeling of "Hey, how come I have said all these out?" , this situation have occurred many times (smile). Just like talking with close friends, it just come out naturally without any hiding. Si-Eon is a very nice person, he is just like his character - Soo Bong. But he is a conscientious man as compared to Soo Bong in reality.
  6. Japanese Interview Vol 79. Chinese Text cr: svenja from 百度韩孝周吧 Eng Sub: Seeing Han Hyo Joo walking into the studio with expression like a mischievous kid, reminds me of Oh Yeon Joo from W (2016 MBC). Her cute words and body language reveal her calm and confident side of her, this make me feel as if I am talking to Oh Yeon Joo in the drama now. I told her I could see the similarities between Oh Yeon Joo and her. After hearing it, Han Hyo Joo smiled and showed to me the alphabet W with her hands. Because she found the no connection sudden kiss in the drama to be interesting and decided to act in the drama. I also heard from her some stories about the drama that she loved - W. Q1. You seems to accept easily the setting that you are able to go back and fro between the 2 worlds - Webtoon & Reality? HJ: Accept it without any question asked (smiled) It is a genre that I haven't see it before. When I was reading the drama script on the 1st and 2nd episode, I have the strong urge to see the story after it but knew that there is no way. Therefore I feel is a long wait for the drama scripts. While selecting for a work, the most important that I look out is the message that it bring across. W has a very strong and clear message and it has that fresh feel. That's why I accept to star in this drama without any dilemma. Q2. Is there any thing to look out for in the acting skills? HJ: Oh Yeon Joo is a character that connects the reality and webtoon worlds. Therefore in order to maintain the reliability setting of traveling back and fro the 2 worlds, I paid as much attention to display acting skills that reflect the reality world. Moreover, if Oh Yeon Joo do not have a bright and curious personality, there is no credibility towards the setting of traveling back and fro between worlds. I have discussed this topic with the writer - Song Jae Jung. That's why after the discussion I decided to portray a brighter Yeon Joo. Q3. Yeon Joo and Ms Hyo Joo are very similar. HJ: Yeon Joo's character is more of a character whose actions speak faster than words. I am not like this all the time, so it is hard to say we are similar. But one thing that I can be clear about is Yeon Joo has a brighter and cheerful personality. By playing this character, I can become similar to it. Thanks to Yeon Joo, I have a pleasant time filming W. Q4. Usually are you a action speaker or a rational person? HJ: Though I often have this implusive notion, but I am typically a rational person (smile). Q5. If you can enter the webtoon world just like your character in the drama, where will you go? HJ: "Anne of Green Gables" is a good idea, "The Little Mermaid" is also good. I would like to enter "Beauty and the Beast" to take a look. I liked the old Disney animation, is like rekindle the feelings that I had since childhood. As compared to the recent works, I found I am more connected to the older works. As for Japanese anime, I like works from Miyazaki Hayao. I have a deep impression on "Spirited Away" (2001, Japan), seems like I am always attracted to the classics (smile). Q6. Have you try to write any story or any fascinated works that you come across? HJ: Being an actress often able to experience different walks of life, therefore there is nothing in particular to write about. However, I am quite fascinated on "Goblin" (2016, TVN) which Gong Yoo has starred in recently. As for movies, "Message" (2016, USA) and "Your Name" (2016, Japan) are very interesting. As compared to the usual Japanese animation, "Your Name" is more expressive in emotions and have a vibrant feel, is a good work.
  7. V.I.P Movie website is out! Movie Info, Trailer, Character Posters, etc are there
  8. Yes agreed with chingus @skittles87 and @maryofbethanymeanwhile we can't avoid the fact that actors will accept new projects and move on as this is their profession. As fans who will support them no matter what they do, we should be rational about it and look at them with another perpective as for fans who still not ready to see him in new drama with another actress, I think will be better not to see it else negative feelings arise and wars will start. Let's be peaceful about it and support our couple P.S love this 4 pc suit ... it just bring his slim figure out
  9. haha really look like brother and sister here