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  1. Q: The movie "Golden Slumber" filming is still going on right? A: As compared, my role has lesser scenes, Kang Dong Won sunbaenim is still seriously filming in progress (smile). Q: "Golden Slumber" is the same name with a song from Beatles right? Knowing that you are a music fan, is there any song that you want to listen now? A: Oasis - Whatever. It just come to my mind suddenly. Q: Why you want to hear this song suddenly? Is it that you want to care less of things around you and live freely? A: I feel that in order to continue pursuing my actress career, it is unable to attain complete freedom. But I am trying even harder than before to gain more freedom.I have been thinking lately is a pity to let precious time pass to care about the comments and words that come from the surroundings. Q: Yes, in 30s you will become more freely. Are you looking forward to your 30s? A: I am afraid and yet looking forward to it at the same time. I have passed my first year in my 30s and I really feel that time passes very fast. Now is already April this year, how can time passes by in a blink of eye? That's why I feel so pity for it.
  2. Q: In today interview, I can feel that you are a person who can easily catch on key points, I believe you have an opposite side too? A: I will feel uneasy for things that can waver easily. Going forward, I would like to tread this path smoothly, however if there is any events happen that can waver me, I will feel uneasy. Though this sounds abit side track, actress also have long periods of resting, if there are no works produced is as equivalent to an unemployed vagrant (smile). During this period I can finally take a good rest, doing nothing but I am a person who must find something to do. Even is a schedule of Mon, Wed and Fri exercise, Tues and Thurs to go for my english classes and a good facial after it or even practicing yoga etc. If I do not use such method to plan my schedule, I wil feel uneasy. I will feel anxious if I spend the whole day lazy around doing nothing. Though at times I do feel that I want to relax, but my character do not allow me to do so. Q: 4 years ago in the interview done for "Masquerade", you have said before at the moment then your inner self is still in the chaos stage, after this stage you will become more happy, so how happy you are now? A: There are good and bad times (smile), I am always in the path of finding happiness. There is always a small happiness in my daily life. I also feel delighted filming this pictorial today, receiving bouquet of flowers. The filming crew who has participated in today filming have treated me well, and seems like having a beautiful product out from this makes me happy too. I am now having a happy life due to these little happiness. There are alot of things to let go, in order to become more happy, but to set down such determination, sometimes make me ponder do I need to do this? A bit depressing right? (smile) Happiness seems like abit luxury, if I can measure happiness, I would be content just to extend it for another 1-2%.
  3. There are few more qns in this interview...i will translate tml
  4. Q: Then is there any character that you like to act or ambition on certain award that you wish to get? A: I pretty like this actress - Amy Adams recently, and wishes to become an actress like her. Amy Adams has different appearances in her works and audience seems to always having trouble identify her out. As a character, she is just totally different person. She always give a feeling that after finish watching the movie during the credit roll, and saw her name there and realised "Ah, this person is actually that person", "This person is that person?". She interprets different roles but during interviews or award ceremonies she is still so beautiful. She has acted in various and wide genres - thriller, romance, comedy and even acted as female lead role in the Disney Live-action film - Enchanted. I want to become an versatile actress who can act in any characters well regardless of the themes, main or supporting roles. This achievement is important than getting awards. As compared to having thoughts " This work definitely will work great", I would rather become an important element in a good work. This is really my dream. Q: Talking about Amy Adams, if she really work in the korean movies industry think it will be tough for her to interpret different and various feminine roles. Seems like the reason behind that you take up the movie "Cold Eyes" is because is very hard to find a charismatic female character that lead the movie plot and the role - Ha Yoon Joo is one of such roles right? A: In the Korean movie industry, it is not an easy feat to develop the movie plot around a female character. The reason why we film a feminine movie in a cautious manner, is because it is difficult to find sponsorship and the outcome doesn't often deliver into good reviews or results, it will not be easy to encounter another chance to challenge another similar role. If there is any careless moments, it might result in losing out other opportunities as well. Therefore there is a need to approach it seriously. This is why I feel that way for "Love, Lies", this work comes with alot of heavy sense of duty and load from the planning stage. I have this thought that if this movie will to succeed, maybe the big environment will get better. Under such mindset to receive the results, I felt abit tired and upset.
  5. Q: If there is a chance to encounter another movie like "Love, Lies", will you want to challenge it again? A: As at now it is tough and I am afraid, I will not dare to say challenge on the spot. Is not plainly about to accept and take responsible of the aftermath from the challenge, maybe is about needing more time? Maybe this is as compared to any other times, is a moment that need to wait for the resonate among the public toward gender issues. Like acting in works that speaks alot of power such as "The Intern" sounds good to me. To think how to use popularization to do projects that can create resonate among the public, and from there how to go beyond it. Hope there is more of such movie works around. Q: Looking through your filmography, is there any areas that you feel proud or pity at? A: Till now, I liked all the works that I have have acted in. I don't feel pity at any of my works and nor I want to erase any 1 of them. This speaks the same for those works that I have tried my very best to participate in. Because to erase any one of the works, there will not be the current me here, I would like to praise all of them. Q: Everyone has their black history. A: Of course there are inadequate and embarrassed times, but if I do not have such times, Han Hyo Joo will not be a complete puzzle. But I am not confident of every matter, just abit sympathy on myself. I feel myself quite pitiful at times (smile), that is why I need to praise myself once a while because the person who know me the best is myself.
  6. hi everyone think i will make some rough translations on the Marie Clarie QnA session: Q: 1 year ago in some interview, you have mentioned that you just want to cut some burden and live a easier life, how is it now? Have you been following through your decision since then? A: I think I have been following it closely on my boundaries. I have set great determination to organise my home. Since then, if there is any new stuff at home, I will keep it in a precious manner. I have moved from a big house to a smaller one. In my bigger house, since there is alot of space and I wish to occupy those empty spaces, I have keep putting things in. This hectic lifestyle has been going like this for 10 years, and alot of stuff have been sitting there untouched in these spaces over these years. Suddenly I just have this thought "I can't keep on living like this". That's why I have thought of moving to a smaller house. Q: Normally people will move to a bigger, spacious house, you are doing the opposite of others! A: As I am staying in a smaller house, everything will have go through me to organise it, the urge to be in charge is getting stronger. In the corners of my house, there is alot of luggages, but there is alot of the items inside them I am clueless about. I have this question come to my mind, "Why there is so many items in the house that I have no idea where it come from?". That's why I have this unsure feeling towards these unfamiliar items. As a owner, the very basic knowledge is to know what items is in my house and that means I need to have the determination of wiping dust off from the window by myself. Q: Does organizing heavy burden got to do with organizing your thoughts too? A: I feel that whenever I clean and organise the house, my mind and body get cleanse as well. At least this does helps me in this manner, but is hard to recommend to everyone. I didn't want to force everyone to have a simpler lifestyle like me because this is not like fashion trend. This doesn't mean is worth to follow, but is to find a lifestyle that suits the person will be the best. Q: In an normal average person life , a job profession - actor who accepts stuff from anyone, does it make it easier to get used to? A: Looking back during my 20s, I do not have a clear view on managing my life outside work. In the past there is alot of things I want to learn, so I have try my best to attempt, to have it and also to experience through. But this has changed over the recent years, I have a clearer view on how to live my life. Working is very tough, so I will want to be the center of my lifestyle during times outside work. I also feel that is important not to waver easily because of an action or words by someone else. Q: Heard that as age grows, and as power grows stronger at the same time, one stubbornness or belief will always grow naturally, with half of it is destined from the start. A: I am not a stubborn person, instead I am a person who is easy to compromise (smile). If due to what i did that will cause inconvenience to others, I will feel inconvenience too. Therefore I always use gentle methods to let matters just go through. I hardly have any times that I am persistent, but I do have times that I need to have my perseverance thoughts and understand there are times I need to express my thoughts clearly. Now I in my 30s, I thinking whether am I too pliable towards work and life etc? Though I said this, I do not wish to become an inflexible person, this is not what I like. Q: Looking back your 20s there is alot of works! A: Every year there is one work , and every character has its own unique characteristic. If just looking on the career perspective , I really live my 20s just like how 20s should live. I have tried those that I want to attempt, I am ambitious toward my career too, if I have encountered any interesting script, I will want to try it no matter what. Because of my strong curiosity, I am enjoying while facing new challenges. As compared those I have tried before, I am more attracted to those things that I have never tried before. Is quite a dangerous thought right? (smile) I always conceited and said there is alot of challenges. But this thought has changed abit now, as compared to facing new challenges, I want to be a person who want to perfect the areas that I am good at.
  7. the Hyo Team: his facial expression doesn't change over the years haha