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  1. Yayyyy. Lots and lots of kisses. They are so sweet. I can imagine the peck, kiss, and everything from the drama is just like their real interaction in real life. Can't wait for chapter 21.
  2. Thanks @mandy_b for explaining the Timeline. Just like @justlove timeline, we agree that the time when YSH went to Japan to promote Ruler is the time when CSB went there. Our delulu mind sometimes work in mysterious way, isn't it? Currently there are no updates from CSB. I think she will post something neutral. Because of shippers might want reveal everything in an instant.
  3. Am I delulu or not, but those kisses were so real. Look at both of them smiling. Especially from the last episode. They seem to enjoyed the kiss.
  4. Huhuhu... So sad. 4 more to go. Anyway, I really want to know the staff point of view. Do they (staff) took pictures of them together? Because if they did, they would have proof ChaeYoo blossoming stories. From friends, to close friends while filming. And now, they are secretly dating. Delulu much? Hahaha...
  5. I have some thoughts, that maybe Dispatch is on team #chaeyoo hahaha.. I have this feeling that dispatch won't release dating news about them because Dispatch fond YSH. I mean, who doesn't right? Just like when dispatch don't release Song-Song Couple news when they caught going to US at the same time. Dispatch only release when the two were going to married. Well, I hope dispatch and any other gossips outlet gave them space, and let them enjoy their relationship.
  6. CSB once posted on her instagram that she and her 3 friends went glamping. She posted like 2 posts. 1. Post contains she and her friends in levitation pose. 2. Posts contain she and her friends walking in to the glamping site, and a photo that contains "moomins" characters on CSB car. After the glamping, one shipper revealed that one of the owner of glamping site (name: canuglamping) posted YSH signature on Canuglamping brochure. Later the owner revised his post, that YSH didn't go glamping. But he met YSH at the coffee shop. The glamping post then become viral, because we shipper thought that YSH go to that glamping site which CSB went before. But, apparently another shipper thought that ChaeYoo shippers are making rumors. It really was an exhausted week for ChaeYoo. About moomins characters. Well, in one of magazine interview in Sweden or Norway, YSH told that he and her mother love Moomins character. And when he went back to Korea, he brought that moomins character to her mom. We shipper didn't realize about moomins characters at first. But when one of @OMiHOmysterious friend revealed that CSB cars has TWO moomins character. We shipper then connecting the dots about YSH-Moomins-Glamping-Car-CSB. Because the timeline was so odd, even the moomins also odd and suspicious. I'm on mobile, so I couldn't paste some link of those found on one of shipper account. But you could search about it on the beginning of March. Cmiiw. I hope my answer does not makes you confuse even more. PBG = Park Bo Gum, her co-star in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Apparently she deleted his photo.
  7. And by guest, we mean CSB??? *our ship will going to explode with happiness if this happens. Too many strange things, too many coincidences, too many puzzles revealed, that makes YSH-CSB relationships become obvious. I'm kind of wondering, Do Dispatch or other Gossips Outlets followed the two love birds?
  8. Anyeong chingu. long time no see your post here. Because you are one of the first posters here in this thread (from the first page). Anyway, this progress we've made are not just made by us. We're only connecting the dots, or if i may say connecting the FACTS. kekekeke... Anyway, good to hear from you again.
  9. I love when the director caught them in the act. Makes me wonder, did the director really thought that CSB-YSH were dating? I'm kinda sad, because your fanfic is almost over. 5 more to go, right? This is the exact feeling when IANAR almost end.
  10. Welcome dear. We are never tired of long ramblings. We even accept delulu thoughts.
  11. Well, we are lucky we can't tag along CSB in this thread. Because, she might have felt we invading her privacy. But we're not, right? We're just connecting dots, clues, and everything HERE in this thread. Anyway, perhaps she is being bashed, or a little bit annoyed by some people who tag her in every instagram Post about IANAR, or YSH. My personal opinion, when it comes to shipping, do not tag the artist. They might have felt annoyed and disturb by it. Especially when the one who tagged (shipper) uncover some things she did not want to reveal.
  12. Yes, I agree. That was my thoughts exactly. I believe the kyoto post probably she accompany CSB while someone was busy with work. Hence, we only show CSB and her unnie manager.
  13. I think that managers are usually keep in contact with each other. No matter what agencies they're from. I'm guessing that the one who is from Loen entertainment is the d_d_u_n, and not the green jacket unnie. And the green jacket unnie is from Toin Entertainment.
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