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  1. OMG I forgot about Matsujun!!! I loved him in Gokusen and Hana Yori Dango. But where the hck is he now? I don't see him anywhere anymore. As for 1 Litre of Tears, the title seems so awful... Is it lighter than the title sounds? Because if not, I don't want to watch movies just to be depressed. lol If by YamaKen you mean Yamazaki Kento, I actually thought he was too pretty to be playing Shin (Li Xin) in Kingdom but the trailers sold me. Especially on the behind the scenes. I love how he didn't act like the pretty boy. What a delightful thing to do. This guy is as interesting in real life. And that is just so funny! lol! I don't really have a problem with raunchy. I do watch GoT. Her expressions are actually awesome at every scene. While I was trying to make a music vid of tRoP, I switched to female vocals from the original male vocals because I got drawn to Ni Ni's expressions. I love her expression the most when Ning Yi was trying to kill Ning Chuan and she stood in his way. There were many complicated feelings compounded into that subtle expression. You can see how much she cares about him. Ni Ni was really so good. I really feel bad about the Minhai arc. Because there was so much potential there. And since this was the last we will ever see the couple happily bound together, they should have made it more epic. This was the perfect opportunity to have Zhiwei do more and be almost an equal to Ning Yi, and make us admire them together more, thus we will fall down into greater despair on wards. lol But the misunderstanding just made me so frustrated. Yes, yes, I know they have changed because the circumstances surrounding them... but I hated the change...
  2. Balzac just looks so old though, I was doubting whether to watch it. But I guess I should. The only reason why I wish Chen Kun was younger is so I could enjoy more of his films as a lot of them are just old. I only watched his newer ones. He also wasn't as great an actor as he is now, although that is just basing on the trailers, which might not be an accurate way to gauge his talents. But seeing him now, it just feels so different. And he wasn't as attractive either. At least not to me. I think he has grown so much more refined and I like it. I am looking forward to the Weary Poet definitely.
  3. Dang I need a delete button... this is what happens when you post at forums during work hours
  4. Yes, I saw that interview he had with GQ (see this is obsession because I don't usually know this stuff) that he and his son enjoy watching Naruto together. Dang, I really need to get over this. lol Unfortunately I haven't seen any of those movies. I do watch jdrama more than any other asian dramas. And I actually finish them because they are usually short. But I have never seen those ones you mentioned. Maybe because I usually watch the ones adapted from graphic novels.
  5. There is no problem, no one is saying your views are wrong. We are merely expressing our opinions as well. tRoP is definitely not perfect. I think a lot will agree that it has editing problems from the Minhai arc and on wards. And I am still not convinced they could not make the ending better, tragic or not. In fact I complain about it so much everywhere. lol. We just have different opinions about the acting which is fine. Different things appeal to different people.
  6. Oh well my bad. I am not actually updated when it comes to actors or any celebrities. I only saw it from somewhere on my feed but it could be completely not up to date. I am so sorry. So she is actually single right now? That must be why she was being so free. How nice. As for Nishikido Ryo, I have no idea who he is and I find Chen Kun much more handsome actually. But since I have no background on him, I find it hard to see him as attractive. But then I don't know much of Japanese celebrities except for Kento Yamazaki who is going to star in the movie Kingdom next year and Takeroh Satoh who played Kenshin in Rurouni Kenshin. In the music industry, I only know Taka who sings for One OK Rock. And that is the extent of my celebrity knowledge of Japan. I don't even know much about Hollywood actors so I think I can be forgiven. lol Anyway, as for Chen Kun's looks... I have a hard time finding anyone handsome or beautiful without seeing any talent or virtue behind them. It's more like I can't see people until I actually look at them. And I don't usually look until they interest me. So Chen Kun was not really attractive to me until I recognized him. Now I see him as swoon-worthy. Now that I think about it... I think Ning Yi might have my disease in worse form, which is why he was not attracted to any girl. He could only see Zhiwei as she was the only one who impressed him. Makes sense now.
  7. Yes please! I hope they can collaborate again in the future. I don't usually ship actors together because a movie is just a movie... but they are really so cute. I even watched them in Happy Camp where I didn't understand anything. I just enjoyed seeing them lean to each other and whispering. And I really love how Ni Ni isn't the reserved girly type in real life. She has no qualms at touching Chen Kun and offering her hand out to him when she was singing. She is more forward than him in real life same as in the show. Too bad I hear she is dating some other actor... This is exactly how I felt and exactly what I told my sister when we were gushing over the show! The one thing I usually dislike about Asian dramas is how concerned the actors usually are at looking cute. When they are angry, sad, happy... it seems they have mastered the art of looking beautiful at anything except for being real! Now I don't have a problem with beauty because I do like my characters to look cool and pretty, but sometimes I feel that the actors find it more important than expressing real feelings and that just sucks. But Chen Kun and NiNi are really good at just expressing themselves on screen without having you to think that they are trying to make the camera take the best angle for them to look pretty. When Zhiwei cried and Ning Yi called her hideous back when he first saved her, she really did look awful. As for Chen Kun, I really can feel that his performance is more important to him than looking pretty at the camera. There are a lot of times that his face distorts into something awful. But I love it. Yes. I don't think anyone was left behind in the acting department. Everyone carried their weight in the show. What I saw was complete balance in acting, although there are just more interesting characters and less interesting characters, but such is true with life.
  8. Yes, they struggled so much and yet they still lost each other. So sad. But yes, the BTS are so funny. Chen Kun and Ni Ni's interactions off screen are so funny too because they are so playful. I feel like being playful off screen really makes the chemistry on screen sizzle. When the actors are reserved and shy off screen the chemistry becomes kinda lacking.
  9. No, Prince Heliang did not sacrifice himself for Zhiwei. He got overpowered by his jealousy and listened to Zhang Sunhong (the 4th Da Cheng Prince). He pretended to aim an arrow at Zhiwei so Ning Yi would shoot him and Zhiwei would hate Ning Yi. He of course intended to survive Ning Yi's arrow. And yes, the bald guy is the 4th Prince of Da Cheng and is Zhiwei's brother. Zhiwei is actually not more important that him. But they also wanted to use her as she is in a position of power and is close to Ning Yi. However, the ultimate goal is the revival of the Da Cheng Empire, so wether it was Zhiwei or Sunhong, it doesn't really matter. And Sunhong never worked for Ning Qi. He only pretended to be working for him but the reality was he was using Ning Qi so that the princes would kill each other and he can destroy the Tiansheng Empire. It's the same person. You think you can cheat heaven like that? lol
  10. I wouldn't say love. But I think he desired her. I am not quite sure of the implications of marrying a Tiansheng princess who is already married to the King of Jinshi, so it might not be the best political move, especially for someone aiming to be King. I didn't really see his marriage to Zhiwei as anything that would help his plans. I can only see it that he desired her. I mean lying to her and saying they were married might have been a maneuver but marrying her for real was something else. Guess Zhiwei's affections for Ning Yi that she declared incorrectly to Jin Siyu affected him. He wanted that strong love directed at himself.
  11. I wish a happy ending for them too. But Zhiwei vowed her soul to eternal damnation if she married Ning Yi in this lifetime. So maybe another lifetime?
  12. Welcome to the club of craziness. I too am trying to watch something else but I still can't. I am glad you didn't give up on it then. I rarely like a drama that I have bad first impressions on so I didn't think you'd change your mind. But I am glad you gave the drama a chance.
  13. Thanks! And this is the first time I have recognized Chen Kun. (I did see Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, though I didn't really know who he was or bothered checking.) And I never felt like he overpowered anyone. His acting was obviously different to others at times but it just kinda made sense to me. Like for example when he was being dramatic about being humiliated (during the poison-Zhanbi thing) and when he was complaining to the Emperor vehemently and implying Ning Sheng's involvement. The expression in Ning Sheng's face was like "Sht this drama queen." Everyone's reaction gives credence to the character he is portraying. Anyway, I tried meshing some clips together and placed some music on it. But for some reason, the quality isn't as great after upload... but I still wanna share...
  14. Actually, I always just took it that he was overacting on purpose. That Ning Yi himself (the character not the actor) was just acting overly dramatic. He basically pushed the limits to where people know he is lying and yet can't help but let him get away with it. It is very fun to watch. However, his character itself is also extremely emotional. He is not the boring cool-stoic-type. So sometimes people have to guess if he is being dramatic on purpose or just really being extremely emotional. It makes him so intriguing. As for Zhanbi... Do you still remember what episode it was? I remember seeing it but for the life of me I can't remember where it was...
  15. Wow! I am actually excited for this! Trailer looks really good. I hope it gives the animation justice. And I hope we get to see in game characters more. This guy actually looks great as a game character.