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  1. From my point of view they look alike, but I'm very bad physiognomist, I'm not sure.
  2. Thank you. I thought that hsvespa and ysvespa were the same person, I had not noticed the difference in the name.
  3. totally agree. Although I would have loved to see another kiss, she could not teach him, he should teach her.
  4. nice try. In fact, i'm from Mexico yess. Hola.
  5. I'm looking for pictures of him at the airport to compare the suitcases, but I only find the ones from the trip to California and that backpack is very small. Does anyone have photos of the trip to Taiwan?
  6. I'm looking for veins at his hands
  7. We finally know what the scene is where it is distressed: the proposal. 0:59 seg
  8. I'm a little lost, who is MIR?