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  1. I Know u cant resist to kiss her. Old but .... just see it guys...
  2. That knitted clothes Uri Queen looks happy and glowing... shes so cute
  3. This scene Oh my shipper heart. Still cant believe what happen yesterday...
  4. I still cant get over it.... so whats JE initial means in his eyes??? Fans services?? He told us to see whats in his eyes and we found JE intial and the I U and a few photos of him and JE
  5. At least our shipper page is sailing chinggu @kilovekyoeven though our ship get crash. And i love reading all the comments about this news in this thread and finally this thread alive just like when SAF awards... Still waiting for fanfic to heal our shipper heart. Please make a new fanfic chinggu.
  6. Im in captain @akinahana89 count me... ill be in this ship until u said we should leave this ship... Somebody please make a fanfic to cure our shipper heart... i need to be dreaming that this news is just to safe another relationship that they been hiding. A shipper need to be delulu as always.
  7. Life is like a rollercoaster and this shipper is indeed a rollercoaster... Day after day, week after week, month after month all the crumbs we've got is pointed out that both of them having feeling towards each other. But now its seem likes our Ship has been shoot by big meteor and its totally drowned. Captain @akinahana89please... safe us... i still want to be in this ship and pray for the miracle that one day they can be together.
  8. I Feel that his gonna married that woman soon... He ever said he will annouce his relationship when his ready to married woman that his in love with. I Dont know why... i feel that woman not suit with him. I know shes sexy, pretty, energic and all the woman wants is on her. But ... i cant still get it. Ahhh.. maybe need a miracle that BBJX curse will works.. need 1 more year to prove it. Cecilia and nicky needs 2 year. Oh GOD please help my shipper heart..... Ahhhh i feel mix up right now. Jieun ahhh let me hugs you.... i hope u will give him a big regret to treat u like that...