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  1. Wow... guys check this out... And then magnolia hair clip and magnolia hair pin And this one MLSHR related.. thank you for all the shipper who recognized this crumbs.. you guys amazing...
  2. Uhmm so jieun song its so MOON song hanna ssi??? The letter and hairpin umm
  3. He likes one of his fans IG I Love the Caption. I think its what he want to say to his love. Hehehe delulu to the max
  4. 54 and 64 .... its all about 4 Maybe 4 Its mean so much for this couple.
  5. Their couple things Airport outfit = black white Video message = pink Fan Meeting and Concert = black white red blue yellow. If they cant show their love thru words in public they show it with their CC favorite colour thru their outfit. What a smart move...
  6. Someone still cant move on from Goryeo Era Tiger Couple... aummmmmmm
  7. I Just realize from the vlive video that jieun eyes always on joongi ... she cant controll it ... hahaha jieun a... saranghae ... Can't wait for her comeback... waiting patiently for the crumbs or the cake that both will throw it. Miss them so badly.
  8. i just hear that park min young says she's a rabbit??? in preview part 2. somebody please translate it.
  9. prepare ur heart shipper... the candy voice is so crunchy...
  10. he's online... he just follow soniing few mins ago.. jieun a... where r u princess?? totally 61 following still need few to match with jieun.