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  1. LITM feature in a special report in news program #Bandila featuring park bo gum short video of his heartwarming acceptance speech during kbs drama how litm translate from korean to filipino language and preview of much awaited first kiss episode of boyoo couple or yeongon couple this Monday.#LITMhalik
  2. Don't forget once they share their bodyguard how come they not belong in to 1 agency but they have same bodyguard oh come on.
  3. I hope they beat the other Korean drama in rival network I know the how litm beat this drama in Korea last year now they face it again this time in pH TV I know that some of the cast of rival kdrama have a solid fanbase in our country.
  4. I think The Filipinos love them very much is very rare for a pH.TV to have that rating more than 10% in that timeslot esp for foreign drama or show the drama start very late usually its fallow by final program which is late night news which is good bcoz its means they are really interested to litm to spend a time for the show esp the young gen.
  5. When this article about pbg filming infinite challenge I remember the guesting of kyj in thàt show the kiyomi dance of kyj and cute loveteam of park myung soo&Kim yoo Jung esp the running in the rain infinite style they are so cute I hope they tease pbg to kyj now pbg meet PMS.
  6. Iheard she played another role today Mrs Putnam i hope she has a dialogue so she is a wife and a mother.
  7. I hope so but I'm not expecting too much bcoz she another performance for sure they started already if we base in kst.her lucky charm her mysterious ring.
  8. I am right she has another performance later?and then tommorow she played 2 different character she is really a versatile actress.
  9. IWow she really beautiful in her school play why she's always blooming with or without makeup?
  10. I don't understand whats the connection of Eric chou. flowers from Taiwan fans and kyj school play
  11. Good day to everyone for sure this day is a busy day for her for sure she already in her school for last min.preparation in school play for. Sure her family and friends are their to support her but I'm not sure if mdbc squad are there? I hope they support her like they did to CSB during her stage play last year full support.
  12. Good morning For sure is a busy day for Kim yoo Jung I think she already in the school right now for the preparation for school play I hope it become successful.
  13. I hope the mdbc squad support kyj for her upcoming school play even she not in a lead role actually its almost minor role I think she involved more on production.they prepared this for 3 month.
  14. I find this link in YouTube this the full version of short film room 731 staring Kim yoo jung her very first eng language film I'm sure if she very good in speaking English i like her eng.https://youtu.be/vheUnrbgMuY
  15. I find this youtube the full version of 1st eng language short film staring our very own kim yoo jung. https://youtu.be/vheUnrbgMuY