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  1. @mujay i don't know exactly what is the role of that man his name is han jung soon maybe this is from the first ep bcoz yj played the young character of moon geun young.
  2. @mujaythat drama is from painter in the wind.
  3. Guys pls don't allow her biggest competitor to increase another 5% pls just focused to yj only
  4. Guys mass voting pls for kim yoo jung as this morning her competitor increase by 5% don't allow Kim yoo Jung is only the winner.hehehe
  5. Really why didn't invite pbg only yj any jy but I hope they agree to appear in wgm I'm so excited to see yj again on television
  6. @vava123 like I said maybe its true or just delulu mind and. There many article about boyoo discuss in their group chat.
  7. @joyoflife77 wow I love your analysis and thank you for the. info its been a month agoo when I visit my Facebook I love to collect photos,info etc about boyoo couple.when I open my acc there a certain girl invite me in their chat group about boyoo couple out of my curiosity I join their group their a lot info about boyoo their a certain topic it very interesting for me the info said that pbg have similarity to lmh93 they have a crush on kyj for several years according to them there an issue in 2013 that pbg already admiring kyj since tmets bcoz shes too young that time he keep it to herself and his very glad when they announced that she will be the female lead i don't know if is true or just a delulu mind true or not atleast .we know what is the true feelings of pbg.don't be mad.
  8. Like they said Lee min ho they talking is the one who played young prince yang myun of the moon embracing the sun maybe pbg is looks younger than him bcoz pbg is babyface correction not 8 days but 12 days pbg older than him.
  9. He not older man actualy BG is older by 8 days to him.
  10. For those who fallow our princess who has an access to vote in baeksang arts award she need help .she successfully won being youngest awardee in excellence award in history of KBS drama award maybe in all Korean TV network and youngest nominated in top excellence in all TV network now her attempt to baeksang arts award being youngest popularity awardee is now in our hands please make it happen.vote her mqke a history once more.
  11. oh my g guys did you read the 3rd part of interview for fila our yj give a hint for her love life.she want to date someone but is not the right time so its mean she has special guy to her right now i think she really inlove now a days.whose the lucky guy?correct me if iam wrong if you read the article bcoz i dont know how post that article.
  12. No I'm just asking bec way back before during pjb guessting in radio star she admit she had a crush on her they also tease by one of the host of that show bec they spotted watching the concert together .please don't be mad I'm just asking. Is not my intention to bothering anyone.
  13. I had a question is it true that park jin bin is also there? are they dating again?I heard also somewhere that even he late he drop by to yj school to watch her in school play.we know they link before they also spotted watching shinwa s concert before and attending VIP premier of khs movie but they not allowed to kyj to enter bec she too young that time and al so spotted eating together way way back before im just curios I'm just asking I'm not shipping kyj to any esp park jin bin.
  14. So its mean no much older man can't be pair to kyj if ever no kyj/ksh team up ksh is 12yrs older than kyj is up her if she want to work in much older guy as long is has good script good casting whoever the leading men we know kyj has always a good chem with her leading man young or old. I think kyj is a type of actress not depend who is her co star but in script or story her wish is to work again with yjg the story maybe a script is on her hand but she decline it means the costar is not the problem.
  15. I heard Kim yoo Jung are returning to a new romantic comedy drama no title yet for sure new leading man but still I supporting her i hope its true .