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  1. Credit to the owner @as2ti88 ig
  2. Credit to owner. Coincidence since birth......hmm
  3. @liemkopi the title of drama is formidable rival.
  4. 300 days of dating with someone in the past 5000th days since she debuting as an actress 5332 days her friendship with Lee young too Delulu mode I'm just curios how many days her friendship with park bo gum or maybe start with romance with park bo gum .lol. I'm amazed with her how she treasure every day of her life.
  5. https://pic.twitter.com/BRGC7yzMgt Who knows maybe one day our Kim yoo Jung is not just an actress but also a director my delulu mind who knows she work again with pbg he is the actor and she is the director.lol.
  6. Im a little bit confused why kyj agency is very generous today they posted a lot pic of her in their official sns acc are they start courting kyj to re- signed to their agency now kyj contract are nearly expiry why now not in the past while kyj are down? Now they do anything not loose kyj as their talent.now they realised even in the times of trial or problem she prove she can stand on her own and shine even brighter and they don't wanna loose a precious gem like her. Sorry ha if felt like this today.
  7. By popular demand The ultimate royal comeback and the ultimate royal couple are back in pH TV love in the moonlight royal rewind starting July 17 replacing legend of the blue sea 5:00 pm PST.
  8. By popular the demand korean drama love in the moonlight are back the royal comback in pH .TV starting July 17 replacing legend of the blue sea.
  9. Theres an article in soompi according to blosom ent.pbg is in talk with a new fantasy romance drama written by hong sister and he considering positively.
  10. Hi there its already July is there any update regarding to expiration of her contract to her agency if ever if is true?is she renew or she leave her agency for good?we cannot see her live in any talk show,variety show for a long time,she rejected 2 dramas?why?
  11. Newest ad campaign for fila feat Kim yoo Jung.
  12. Kim yoo Jung IG update Wooh what ofsexy song icant imagine Kim yoo Jung listen this kind of song delulumind she really like a sexy jazz music now a days. And the place delulumind again a romantic date with someone ehemm in the rooftop with this kind of music
  13. Kim yoo Jung IG update I guess she didn't sleep well last night just because She ate too much meat with her sister? Or maybe there something in her mind who or what?
  14. Wow she gorgeous and sexy I'm excited for more photo for these pictorial.more pls.
  15. https://www.instagram.com/p/BVOth7xgBUI