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  1. For all the things that happen to our otp from the beggining until now there only one thing that Kim yoo Jung gave to park bo gum not a material things but her full TRUST from the beggining of litm until baeksang her 100%trust is always on pbg. Park bo gum is already a winner bcoz he won kyj trust if theres a secret to maintain whatever relationship they have either its a friendship or bf/gf relationship the trust to each other once the trust be broken this is the ending of a good relationship.
  2. But why???? Another oppa dosaeng team up his older by 9 yrs to our Kim Jung.
  3. There a possible leading man according to the article in soompi rookie actor Kim Jung hyun of rebel hong gil dong is eyeing to be the male lead of school of 2017 and he considering positively.
  4. You what know not only in the drama they are meant to be? From so many thing they are in common I think in their school life are also in common both of them are in acting major.kyj are in acting department in her school while pbg are film and music major in his university.they are both active and deligent in their school despite of their busy sched they attend attend school in regular basis they are both in their senior year in school high school & college it mean they are both graduating this school year wow what a coincident they are both participating in their school play after kyj participation last month in graduation play.now its pbg time he also participate in musical play hair spray as part of graduation class in his university.wow what a world they have common in everything.they are really meant to be.
  5. Oops times up now the votings are over find out whose the winner on may 3,2017
  6. Come on guys we need your help to vote for her she ahead only 2%to PSH as of 2:10 am .I think the do a mass voting as early 1 am.
  7. Come on guys as of 2:10 am kyjs only ahead iof 2% to psh time is running pls focused in kyj pls vote vote
  8. @mujay i don't know exactly what is the role of that man his name is han jung soon maybe this is from the first ep bcoz yj played the young character of moon geun young.
  9. @mujaythat drama is from painter in the wind.
  10. Guys pls don't allow her biggest competitor to increase another 5% pls just focused to yj only
  11. Guys mass voting pls for kim yoo jung as this morning her competitor increase by 5% don't allow Kim yoo Jung is only the winner.hehehe
  12. Really why didn't invite pbg only yj any jy but I hope they agree to appear in wgm I'm so excited to see yj again on television
  13. @vava123 like I said maybe its true or just delulu mind and. There many article about boyoo discuss in their group chat.
  14. @joyoflife77 wow I love your analysis and thank you for the. info its been a month agoo when I visit my Facebook I love to collect photos,info etc about boyoo couple.when I open my acc there a certain girl invite me in their chat group about boyoo couple out of my curiosity I join their group their a lot info about boyoo their a certain topic it very interesting for me the info said that pbg have similarity to lmh93 they have a crush on kyj for several years according to them there an issue in 2013 that pbg already admiring kyj since tmets bcoz shes too young that time he keep it to herself and his very glad when they announced that she will be the female lead i don't know if is true or just a delulu mind true or not atleast .we know what is the true feelings of pbg.don't be mad.
  15. Like they said Lee min ho they talking is the one who played young prince yang myun of the moon embracing the sun maybe pbg is looks younger than him bcoz pbg is babyface correction not 8 days but 12 days pbg older than him.