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  1. Very tragic and sad news concerning Song Sun Mi's husband: https://www.soompi.com/2017/08/21/actress-song-sun-mis-husband-confirmed-murdered/ https://www.soompi.com/2017/08/21/song-sun-mis-agency-release-statement-actresss-condition-following-husbands-murder/ @euraka You are most welcome. Edited post to include latest information on the murder of Song Sun Mi's husband: https://www.soompi.com/2017/08/22/police-reveal-information-murder-suspect-song-sun-mis-husband/ https://www.soompi.com/2017/08/22/song-sun-mis-agency-clarifies-facts-husbands-murder/ In my opinion, Song Sun Mi's imminent tasks are (1) to come to terms with her beloved husband's very sudden passing and (2) to handle his funeral arrangements before deciding on the filming schedule of her current drama. It's heart wrenching such a tragedy has to happen. Their daughter is only 2 y.o. The actress needs to stay strong for her daughter. I hope her fans and the public will respect her wish and refrain from making speculations surrounding her husband's murder and allow her and her family to grieve in private.
  2. I might be wrong, but I think Mr. Kang is the bespectacled man who stole/took YS's suitcase (after she fell asleep) supposedly containing all the wealth of the Kim's family.
  3. So Jung Se Young is responsible for causing the deaths of two young boys, SI's step-brother and now her son. I certainly hope she doesn't get away with it this time and there are eye witnesses to hold her accountable for indirectly causing JH's untimely death.
  4. @evie7 Park Hae Jin, along with Yeon Jeong Hun, appeared in episode 33 of "Let's Eat Dinner Together" .
  5. @Ldy Gmerm DC has always disliked SI intensely and probably still harbors a grudge against her thinking she was the one responsible for his only son's death. DC looked disgusted at SI when he saw her with her son and found out she wasn't married. His attitude quickly changed when he found out how wealthy SW was in love with SI and had wanted to marry her despite SI being a single mother. In today's episode, SW asked TS about SI's mother and I am glad TS told him SI's biological mother had passed away. Despite knowing the truth about SI's birth mom, it looks like SW has decided he no longer wants to pursue a marriage or relationship with SI and told DC of his intentions in the preview. The greedy DC stubbornly tries to make a marriage between SW and SI happen and his persistence and insistence seem to have driven YS away.
  6. Park Seo Joon is ambidextrous. In episodes 6 and 7 of "She was Pretty", Park Seo Joon was seen using his left hand to sketch, draw and eat. @stroppyse @xxPeepsxx @alleram95 @V Thank you so much for the translations. m(_ _)m I can't wait for the next episode! I think it will take our OTP another 2-3 episodes before we hear a confession.
  7. Like many posters here, I thought the ending was rather weak and disappointing. Our OTP should have been awarded more air time in the last episode of "Golden Pouch". We are only shown how they were reunited, with an image of Dr. Han being captured in SH's camera much like the first time they met in episode one when SH was also holding her camera. Credit: MBC The only redemption for me in the final episode was Madam Eun finally addresses Dr. Han as "Joon Sang" in the scene where Dr. Han chatted with Madam Eun in her room after NS's funeral. Poor JR. He has lost two wives who were BFF. SN is now the woman in the (Yoon's) household to take care of Madam Eun's well being (probably apart from the housekeeper). She is seriously dating Ji Sang and she visits Madam Eun often to talk with her and keep her company. Madam Eun seems to adore her and told her she watched TV and listened to music (songs) when SN asked her what she had been up to. JR thanked SN profusely for keeping his mom happy and said she would ask for her when she is not around. If I'm not wrong, SW seems to have ventured into food business, as in running his own restaurant. Thank you so much for the recaps @Ldy Gmerm. And @jayakris for providing us posters here with the translations. Both your efforts are very much appreciated. Thank You!! m(_ _)m And to all the posters who have contributed and made this forum and thread alive and engaging, and @0ly40 “감사합니다. [gam-sa-hap-ni-da]” !
  8. Trying hard to catch up on missed episodes... Wow. That scene of NS being hit with that rumored truck of doom was graphic and unforgettable although I was one of the many to have predicted how NS would be taken down as an atonement of her sins. It should have come with a warning like "Viewer discretion is advised". Have to agree with posters here about how cool and beautiful NS's gray heels were. NS is easily the best dressed in this drama. MH could have taken some useful tips from her former MIL when she could. MH needs to learn and understand "Less is more". But I guess MH wouldn't be too bothered with fashion for a long time as she goes on a trial after her interrogation and waits to get sentenced for her part in the insider trading of company shares. Two things I wished NS would have done before her accident. I wish she could have visited the late JJ at the temple behind the Yoon's to offer her apology. NS has a habit of talking to the late JJ in the trio's photograph but has never visited her BFF at the altar to come face-to-face with her misdeeds and admit her role and offer her apologies. I agree with posters here that NS was an opportunist who simply went with the flow when Madam Eun's misconception of the boy holding the incense pouch at the bench was her missing grandson whom she has never met. A small part of me had hoped to see a small hug between NS and the faker before she staggered off to be met with her fate. The faker has stood up for her and saw her as his mother figure despite all her nastiness and cold treatment of him. He has always called her his 'eomeoni'. It's true the faker has monopolized Madam Eun's love, care and attention. NS knew what the faker had done for her but she has never told him she appreciated his efforts to support her although he was wrong to take all the responsibilities and tried to make her an innocent victim in the whole ordeal of switching the two boys 30 years ago. Poor Dr. Han. It will be too traumatic for him to perform either surgeries. Be it the one to remove NS's heart or the operation to replace SH's heart. These are two women related and to have to witness the two women in the same OR and perform a life-saving procedure on SH or see how NS's chest is cut open to remove her heart is simply too cruel and unbearable. I hope the pool of doctors at the hospital are skillful and proficient enough to do a good job without the presence of Dr. Han. I agree that it would be better for Dr. Han to relieve himself from where he is right now and come back after a time jump. He will not be able to endure the emotions and complications surrounding all the sudden events that happened consecutively in such a short span of time. Sadly what Dr. Han told SH on that bench outside the hospital was true; that all the lies and deceits would not have been revealed had he chosen not to return to SK to locate his parents. In my opinion, SH is still torn by her feelings when it comes to NS. On one hand, she hates NS for abandoning her. She despises her for what she has done to Dr. Han. On the other hand, she also told Dr. Han she is sorry to feel sad and has tears in her eyes whenever she sees NS. Imagine how painful and difficult it would be for SH when she finds out later it is NS's heart that is keeping her alive... What a sad drama this is. @nrlfan4ever LOL. I too need to remind myself we are not watching a medical drama. SH's condition deteriorated rapidly due to a viral infection. Why isn't SH placed in an aseptic room? How come her visitors are allowed to interact and touch her freely without the need to sanitize themselves before entering her hospital room and are not required to at least wear a mask? Why is SH allowed to remove the magic IV drip and move around when her condition probably calls for compulsory bed rest and her heart beat and other vitals need to be monitored?
  9. It looks like NS from the clothes and the back of the 'victim' to me...
  10. Thank you so much for the schedule. m(_ _)m According the Korean Wikipedia, "Golden Pouch" will end on June 2, 2017. https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/황금주머니 And the new daily drama to follow after "Golden Pouch" will start on June 5, 2017. https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/별별_며느리 Let's keep our fingers crossed the writer will be able to wrap up the loose ends in this drama with the 2-episode extension and give the viewers a fairly satisfactory ending. On a different note, the title of episode 120 is "Get out of my life". Is that what SH will be telling NS after being told with a twist by MH what NS had unscrupulously done to successfully social climb, live in riches and experience the high life? Or could it be Ji Sang telling NS to get out of his life after the way she treated SH, Dr. Han and SW? I wish SH's critical condition can be treated with an emergency surgery without the need for a heart transplant. It is my earnest wish to see the three Wisteria sisters (NS, MH and Madam Sa) end up locked up and sharing a common jail cell. Those three harpies will have a lot to bicker and talk about during their hopefully very long stay in their cell. # Does Mr. Kim want to consider a career in dumpling making? He could be MK's assistant since DN will be on maternity leave after her baby is born.
  11. My sentiments exactly...it's so sad and I am disappointed at the writer for putting in a last-minute twist to the story at almost the end of the drama. It could be the writer's intention and way to redeem SW's character but the viewers' memory is not short. We are reminded of the nasty things (even at the expense of his own father) he has done on his own will and at the prompting of MH, to try to stop Dr. Han from getting back with his real family. Due to the broadcast of an U20 soccer match between England and South Korea, there will be no episode today. The posters here are right to suggest that SW should take care of Madam Eun who seems to only remember him. If he still has that studio apartment of his, he should take her there to nurse her and make amends for the misdeeds and wrongdoings he has committed. It is almost unbearable to watch her adore and worry mostly only about him when the real YJS has returned. With her dementia worsening so rapidly, he would not be awarded the time and love KSW has stolen from him in the last 30 years. Very sad and depressing. I agree with @Ldy Gmerm, SW should have returned the incense pouch before he took his leave. It's not his and it belonged to JJ. What's he going to do with it? The rightful owner now is Dr. Han not him. SH rang Dr. Han and thanked him for not rejecting her call after she heard her doctor's prognosis of her heart condition. She was alone, very afraid and she needed reassurance and comfort and was at a loss after hearing the gloomy news of her heart problem by her doctor. She had hoped a prescription of a course of medication would alleviate her medical woes. SH has not been honest with her family (SN and DN) about the status of her health. It's very heart wrenching to see her struggle with it all on her own. She lied to SN it's her cold that won't go away when asked if she had visited the hospital and what her doctor's prognosis was. SN didn't buy what SH was selling though. Then she met DN in the Geum's front yard. SH was bidding her farewells to her siblings in case she has to 'leave'. Very emotional to see her want to tag along with DN on a trip to her OB/GYN because she wanted to see a sonogram of her 조카 (joh-kah). SH even offered to treat DN and her unborn nephew to an expensive meal because she is a 'rich' girl. It's probably from her savings for her wedding with Dr. Han that didn't happen. SH had offered CJ to pay for the clothes she had picked up during her shopping spree at a department store too when she found out CJ was going to return them. Mr. Kim will not be able to get away from Dr. Han. He was caught by him and subsequently put behind bars for his part in acting according to Madam Sa's order to falsely accuse the Geum's of using contaminated ingredients in their dumplings in order to put them out of business. On a lighter note, I am not a fan of MK's new hairstyle. MK who has lived most of his life with two narcissists, turned out to be the most normal person in the Bae's household, all thanks to DN and the Geum's. Yes he is going to lose two family members overnight and see them being held accountable for the crimes they have committed. As for NS, this is the same woman who has chosen to abandon her own daughter not once but twice. Why should SH feel any affiliation to a woman like that? Now that she hears about her switching the younger boys to live a luxurious life, she has no reservation to want to try to like or accept her as her mom. She was simply a woman who has given birth to her and left her at the doorstep of an orphanage. NS is more like an egg donor than a mom to SH. Even if NS had managed to raise enough money in time to go back to the orphanage and try to pay for SH's surgery and treatment, I doubt she would want to bring her to the Yoon's and explain how and why SH is with her. SH would be deemed a liability and an excess baggage to her new cushy life. I wish Ji Sang would disown NS for the nasty, unethical and inhumane things she has done all her life to sustain her comfortable lifestyle and to maintain/keep up her clean and nice image in front of Ji Sang. I am just glad he found out about NS being behind the switch and abandoning her own child and her half-sister, SH. Someone should have told him beforehand as he is an adult now and has to learn how to handle the reality and cruelties in RL.
  12. NS needs to look into a mirror and see for herself how ugly she is. She is just reaping what's she has sowed. Not surprised NS only come clean and admitted to papa Geum she switched the two boys and took JJ's place when he asked her about the switcheroo. Too bad her lies and half-truths made papa Geum and JR skeptical and not wanting to believe her and her words without thinking if she was lying or hiding something again. So now we know that she has made up that part about her modeling career too since she went to JJ for comfort right after abandoning her own baby. NS still wants and had wanted to be looked after by papa Geum and the late JJ when she gets/got into trouble. A dead person can't speak for herself but now papa Geum has decided to sever his ties with his younger 'sister' who has sinned, deceived, hurt and harmed so many people in her life because of her own greed and in search of a better life. I think NS's karma will be ending up as either an anonymous heart donor to SH or SH will not be told it's NS's heart that has replaced hers when her condition deteriorates to the point where a new heart is necessary and vital for her survival. JR was right and his decision to give NS a taste of her own medicine by sending Ji Sang abroad and keeping them apart was brilliant. That thought itself alone kills her since she holds him dear and most important to her heart. Madam Sa and MH are only good at blackmailing people with their disadvantages or weaknesses. Both hardly ever worked and held a decent job all their lives. Both are obsessed and have no problem putting the blame of their own 'misfortunes' on others. JR knows that the blackmailing and ridiculous demands made by the kkangpae mama for a company or a restaurant business will not stop her from resorting to threatening him again when things don't go well for her or the business that could be given to her. Thanks to NS who got MH her job and made her and her family become in-laws with the Yoon's, JR has become the latest target of the Bae women's extortion. Thank God for the return of Mr. Kim! I have been praying and longing for him to be released the day he was put unfairly behind bars for crimes his ungrateful employer has committed. It's finally fun to watch and it's payback time for the Bae women who have not treated him well. They do not deserve his sympathy or forgiveness too. He worked tediously and tolled in the heat and cold but was only paid peanuts. He was known to be smart, efficient, good-natured and a filial son who jumped at the opportunity when offered by his stingy ex-boss to pick up some herbal health tonic goods for his parents whom he was not allowed to visit during the important holidays like Chuseok and Lunar New Year. He was just unfortunate to have landed himself a job as the sidekick of Madam Sa. But we know Mr. Kim was actually the man and the brain behind who oversaw the day-to-day operations of her business. @jayakris I agree with @Ldy Gmerm that the money Mr. Kim supposedly laundered is kept hidden in a safe place. The police will normally keep a tab on criminals who are suspected to have links to money laundering for a period of time. Mr. Kim has to be cautious and smart enough not to flash and dig out his stash so soon after his release from jail. And as to why he was eating fish cake at a roadside stand? The man could be freshly out of prison and he might have craved for some comfort food. And sometimes the best food are found in a humble stall by the road or a small eatery. Funny why he hasn't returned to his hometown but has decided to appear in Madam Sa's neighborhood or was at it a stall in the vicinity of PJ Group? Mr. Kim has returned with a vengeance and an agenda to get back at the people who have distrusted his loyalty. JR and Dr. Han have Mr. Kim to thank and just like @jayakris has said in his post, JR might not have to fall prey to Madam Sa's blackmail and extortion. Let Mr. Kim handle the two harpies. MH will break apart and really grow crazy when she finds out her mom is the one behind her miserable life by plowing Dr. Han down and hurting his hand so badly in her hit-and-run accident. @jayakris although Madam Sa's hit-and-run was not purely intentional and happened likely because she didn't keep her eyes on the road, she is still liable to be charged for running away from the scene and not offering assistance to the victim as a result of her accident. Well, knowing the Bae women, the kkangpae illegal money lender will put the blame on Dr. Han for insisting to marry MH even without her blessings and approval. Madam Sa will probably say the accident occurred when she was looking for the directions to the church where the ceremony was supposed to take place. JR described the young faker as a 'nice boy' so he is just being that to NS and MH. I like how he calmly explained to Cray Cray he didn't marry her just because she blackmailed him but he said MH was just like him. Under Cray Cray's 'normal' circumstances, she would have reacted hysterically and kicked up a ruckus but she was calm, more composed and seemed to understand (but not accept) what the faker was telling her. It was her visit to her mom's that made Madam Sa come up with a plan to ask JR blatantly for a company. On a different note, Dr. Han was very gracious to have asked the faker to go into the Yoon's to see Madam Eun for the sake of his Halmoni's health and welfare and he also could see the faker was genuinely concerned and worried about her. He didn't stop or get in the way unlike the faker who before spilling the beans, was trying hard to hide, block and stall Dr. Han's reunion and reconciliation with his blood family. I too see that the faker could be asked or permitted to stay by Madam Eun's side to help nurse her, cook for her and to help slow down the progress of her Alzheimer's disease.
  13. Credit: MBC Is the drama being extended because some of the focus will be shifted to Madam Eun now since she seemed to have lost (some/part of) her memory after overhearing MH telling JR about the switch of the two boys? Kind of lame and irresponsible of the writer in my opinion. Credit: MBC The faker is going to ask for a divorce and end it with MH. Good! Is Madam Sa blatantly asking JR for money and company in his office? Oh my.... JR should instead ask Madam Sa to repay him the amount he paid out to her creditors.
  14. Considering the significance, sobriety and gravity of yesterday's turn of events, I tried very hard to refrain from talking about MH's hideous shower curtain dress. Thanks to @watchumlots, I really had a good laugh and a great start to my day. MH is probably the new housekeeper since the help has not been sighted ever since MH forced her way into the Yoon's by doing what she excels in, blackmailing. @Ldy Gmerm Your brilliant suggestion of a muzzle and a straight jacket for Cray Cray cracked me up. In case the Yoon's aren't able to get those on time, they could perhaps use some of the loose scraps, excessive material and flaps hanging from the black and red attire she wore when she announced to everyone in the household about the switcheroo and SH being an abandoned child of NS. I would imagine how dry cleaning MH's wardrobe could be such a chore for the dry cleaner. She probably could just run her green shower curtain dress under the shower for a quick rinse and wear it as an apron dress. MH has never been serious about her job at PJ Group. In the beginning, she was slacking but pretended to work to please the Yoon's especially JR. Now she isn't even bothered to act interested in the job she got through NS's connection. She was reporting for work later and currently she is almost invisible and absent from the office, preferring to invest her time in scheming and plotting how to get hold of more money to obtain more illegal shares. What a shameless leech of a woman. She is the scum of the earth and a benefit scrounger. More noticeably, her motor mouth has turned into a killer/poisonous mouth. It was MH who caused Madam Eun's unplanned and sudden collapse from the shock of discovering the fake and real grandson. MH's same killer/poisonous mouth will likely cause SH to go down too judging from the preview. MH waits for her prey and will seize the opportunity to appear before SH to terrorize her after DN departs from the scene. DN and SH could have been visiting a hospital to run a checkup on SH's recurring chest pains. DN was probably there to make sure SH gets her worrying condition verified and treated. MH's twisted mind has singled out SH mainly as the root of all her woes. Dr. Han comes in a close second. She is now the ticking dynamite waiting to blow up and make those she thinks are responsible for her failure to land herself more wealth, status and power pay big time. She managed to bring NS down and after what the faker did for her and told her why he did it, NS looked resigned to accepting her fate. She reprimanded the inconsiderate and selfish MH for causing the elderly Matriarch to become unconscious. Let's hope that nobody dies from shock in the process. Back to the main drama. The faker has turned into a heroic lone ranger who is adamant to make up for his grave mistake of deceiving the Yoon's by leaving the Yoon's household. He had planned to take his absence permanently by announcing to Madam Eun he is going on a trip. He thanked JR for the 30 years he had raised him with love and all the monetary and materialistic benefits. I have to wonder why the faker wanted to pay MH alimony if she follows him and leave the household without kicking up a ruckus. As I have mentioned before, there is no need for him to pay MH a single cent in the case of a divorce. The faker or the Yoon's could counter-sue her for damages to their reputation and compensation arising from her blackmail to coerce the faker into a marriage. @Ldy Gmerm I can also see a time jump and the faker returning to be accepted and embraced once again by the Yoon's. Maybe there will be no official adoption but their relationships can be mended since he was the only one to come clean with the truth behind the identity switch of the two boys. His confession was very late, but better owning up and coming clean than never. NS is a lost cause because time and again, she stuck to and defended her lies in order to stay in the household and more importantly near Ji Sang. I also thought MH was way out of line when she spoke in that tone and behaved irrationally in front of JR while trying to relate NS's main involvement in deceiving them. JR seems very agitated and warned her sternly to watch her mouth since she had no reservations making those accusations of her MIL, JR's wife and Ji Sang's mom. MH has no class and decorum. Both money and an expensive education cannot buy her those attributes. JR has reserved his punishment and opinion of NS since he has to be careful not to alarm his sickly mother and cause her to collapse from shock. She will be dealt with after Madam Eun's medical emergency because her health scarce can stand between life and death. With MH's bust-up with JR and the Yoon's, I don't foresee how the delusional woman can continue to remain in the household. That means she will likely have to move back and live with her mom in the small and humble apartment MK rented. There is only a single room in the apartment there so DN and MK will have to relocate and live with the Geum's. We will see more confrontations between NS and JR, papa Geum and NS, NS and Ji Sang in the remaining episodes. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope to see the faker reunited with his biological terminally ill dad too. I am still wishful either KPD or Mr. Kim has incriminating evidence that will put the self-aggrandizing Madam Sa on trial for her part in Dr. Han's hit-and-run.