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  1. @jimb @tulip06 NR was doing some cooking and household chores in the beginning when she and her family moved into ES's second floor apartment. In episode 12 (starts at 26:08) you can see NR preparing a quick meal for WR. In episode 14, NR held a pair of dirty socks in front of her dad and told him not to leave his socks turned inside out (starts at 28:34). Her dad once commented she makes him feel like he is living with a MIL instead of a daughter. I guess for NR and WR in particular, no woman, however smart, attractive, kind and friendly, can "replace" or "beat" his birth mom although he has not seen her in ages or has never seen her before. Even though the twins like and are really fond of SM, they have qualms about having her as their step-mom and coming into their household. Perhaps they need to meet their biological mom at least once and hear directly from her that she has no intention of coming back for them or to live with them if she is still alive. There is no "closure" for them as they have never been informed of their mom's whereabouts and if she is coming back for them. They will only be able to move on (stop hoping their mom might return) and try to accept a new partner for their dad. There was a time ES started appearing and dropping in the twins' home more regularly (after ES shared with the webtoon artist she had been falsely accused before and about Soo Ho's "cheating" incident). NR told ES to "conduct herself" since the twins are at a sensitive age. ES took NR's hint and stopped visiting them so often. @tulip06 Seeing the pile of unwashed dishes and a messy home, SM must have felt compelled as an adult to do something for the twins. Although she rarely lifts a finger at home, she wanted to help the man she loves knowing now he is struggling as a single dad at work and at home. I think the webtoon artist is going to start allocating his kids with some household chores and duties and make them tidy up after themselves after witnessing NR's treatment of SM.
  2. @Ldy Gmerm I wish Dr. Han would stop using his phone when he steps out of a place/building. He very nearly got hit the first time SH pulled him away from the speeding car in the hospital's basement car park too. That time he was trying to get hold of the ex-convict who claimed to be his father by redialing the number left on his phone. Is the ex-convict some kind of bad omen for Dr. Han? Dr. Han was plowed down by Madam Sa's car after he left MH at the altar/church to meet the ex-convict at Victoria Hotel and was holding on and checking his phone before his life changing accident. I laughed so hard at the reactions of the Geum's and Dr. Han when papa G was hitting MK non-stop with the stainless tray. Dr. Han got a taste of it when papa G attacked him and knocked him unconscious after mistaking him for a thief at the Geum's front yard. I found myself shaking my head watching MH's scenes with fake JS too. She relentlessly continues to try to intimidate fake JS into marrying her by inviting two unexpected "guests" to join her for dinner with the faker. She sure knows how to put the faker in a tight spot. Like you, I wish someone would just let SH know NS is her birth mom and get over with the matter. She is bound to find out the truth sooner or later. Better if she hears it from a reliable source than from MH. I am so glad JR visited Dr. Han at his new office and caught him ending his call to the local newspaper company where he placed an advertisement to look for his father after arriving from the U.S. In episode 82, Dr. Han mentioned he lost his family in Namwon taking JR by surprise. JR didn't explain himself when Dr. Han asked him if he knows of someone else who has lived in Namwon. JR just replied, "Well, never mind." Dr. Han might be able to make a connection later when he recognizes JJ in the trio group photo, hears her name mentioned and is told or found out that JJ was married to JR. Both MH and NS are high maintenance and materialistic. Both are willing to lie, demean another person, scheme and plot in order to sustain or continue to live in luxuries. Madam Sa looks worried when MH told her Dr. Han's memory has returned. She longer has Mr. Kim by her side to help her carry out dirty and evil plans to disrupt and destroy the Geum's or Dr. Han. She will have to hatch a plot and execute it all by herself in order to prevent her crime from being exposed. @ira2a According to the MBC website, episode 83 will be aired on March 27.
  3. @Ldy Gmerm Credit: MBC It's a scene from episode 1 (starts at 0:52).
  4. I am inclined to think Rich Brat was accusing ES for telling their FIL she was her homeroom teacher 8 years ago. Rich Brat told ES, "Are you out of your mind?" in disbelief. The former classmates of Rich Brat who turned up dining at the doenjiang jjigae restaurant made the situation awkward for ES not to acknowledge them in front of the Chairman. I don't think the Chairman knows more details apart from ES's former students ate at his restaurant. Rich Brat is phobic and doesn't want the Yoon's to find out her past and her rift with ES. Nobody in the Yoon's knows why ES resigned from her lucrative and dream job 8 years ago. SM probably had an orientation/a taste of what it is like to be the twins' future mom and their dad's wife. The webtoon artist seems to have overheard NR telling SM she should have separated and sorted out the laundry before washing them. She will probably get an earful from daddy for the way she treated a "guest" in their home.
  5. @Ldy Gmerm My apologies m(_ _)m. I became distracted trying to multitask; watching a live telecast of a soccer match and reading this forum at the same time. Imagine the Yoon's will be a laughing stock if word gets out they have been taking care of a fake son/GS for more than 30 years. I agree that the Yoon's should be held equally responsible for their shabby way of handling the acceptance and recognition of a heir apparent. I would be doubly cautious if some stranger shows up at my doorstep with a kid in tow and tells me he is the missing son/grandson of my family whom I have never met or knew existed. As I have said before, a DNA test should be run on the kid even if the Yoon's were presented with a copy of the result of a DNA test supposedly of the kid related to the Yoon's. JR, who is running such a large corporation and Channel P, should have known better than to put his trust on any Tom, Jerry or Harry brought before him by a woman claiming to know JJ and saved his son's life. Stories like these need to be checked carefully and verified thoroughly before accepting and recognizing the said son. I wonder who will be responsible and around to wipe Madam Eun, JR and Ji Sang's hands when they collapsed from shock. Will Dr. Han be called to the scene to set up the magic drips and SH allocated with the task of nursing and cleaning the three Yoon's? I too do not fault fake JS for latching on and falling for SH. It's his way and methods that I don't agree with. MH is a nutcase and greedy. I'm on the same page as you because I don't find her seductive too. If I were fake JS, I think I would have headbutted the malicious MH when she stood so dangerously close to fake JS's face before he told her off and left in disgust. Also, if I were a man, no amount of alcohol or drugs could get me in bed with cray cray. MH has an over inflated ego and probably thinks she is so irresistibly desirable and classy to men. I hope fake JS would just consult papa G or Dr. Han and let SH know who her birth mom is. No man should be extorted in this manner and blackmailed into a marriage. It looks like Dr. Han's (dissociative not infantile) memory has returned. I wonder if SH accompanied Dr. Han to the doctor's to confirm his recovery as she was seen reassuring him, "Yes, nothing bad will happen from now on." in the preview. Contrary to SH's belief, more hidden truths, ugly or painful will be revealed after Dr. Han's recovery. I think his infantile memory will also make a welcome return as he starts to dig into his past. Dr. Han might have approached MH or met her by chance before he questioned her to check out her side of the story about their past without revealing to her he has recovered his memory. SH and Dr. Han were seen holding hands in front of the Geum's. It won't be long before papa G, CJ or SN finds out about them and their budding, under one roof's romance. Papa G was in tears after Dr. Han delivered the good news that his memory has come back. He would be astonished at first to hear about him dating SH but his astonishment will turn to joy when he finds out he has gained an admirable son-in-law. Like you and @Iclarakl, I can't wait to see these two tie the knots before the truth becomes exposed too!
  6. @Ldy Gmerm I am inclined to think that Madam Eun, JR and Ji Sang would still accept fake JS eventually after his veil is unmasked. I do agree with you that he should muster enough courage to come forward and explain his role in NS's plot before the Yoon's hear about it later in a more dramatic and under unfavorable circumstances. Having said that, we would still witness a scene of Madam Eun passing out from shock and JR feeling very very angry and stupid having been duped by the woman who shares the same bed with him for the past 29 years. Ji Sang will be horrified to find out the mother he adores is a woman who is two-faced. He will not be able to forgive her for abandoning the other woman (SH) he adores and for making use of a fake sibling he has known all his life to help her get to where she is standing today. Fake JS has after all not attempted to rob the Yoon's of their wealth and fortune. He was living in seclusion under the orders of NS to stay away from the PJ throne. He doesn't have friends or someone whom he can confide to. He can't even tell or share with Ji Sang his real feelings although they have lived like real brothers all their lives. Fake JS is so used to hiding and concealing his troubles and feelings he would not approach anyone for help even though he is now a subject of MH's blackmail and torment. So I hope those around him are sensitive enough to pick up the subtle SOS from his demeanor and offer him a helping hand to deal with the devious MH. It's amazing how SH, Dr. Han and fake JS's lives seem to be intertwined with one another. NS will cause SH to have a heartache when she realizes her birth mom has a hand in taking away Dr. Han's mom place in the Yoon's. Fake JS has been recruited by NS as an imposter to take over and live Dr. Han's life in the Yoon's. The bad turn of events in Dr. Han's life began when he agreed to marry MH and had to meet, be belittled, verbally and physically abused by Madam Sa after she found out he is an orphan. Madam Sa's plowing into Dr. Han was an accidental one because she had failed to keep her eyes on the road. She should not have run away and kept the accident hidden after witnessing her own daughter's white wedding gown covered in Dr. Han's blood at the hospital. She is a terrible human being and needs to be punished and held accountable for her hideous crime. Goody! In the preview, Dr. Han visited papa G at his store to give him the good news that his memory has returned! I can't wait for payback time for MH, her mom and subsequently NS. In one of the excerpts, a very agitated JR was seen grilling faker JS for the real reason behind his sudden change in decision to cancel his wedding. He refused to budge and kept apologizing, making JR uncontrollably mad because it was a wedding the faker has been pushing so hard for despite Madam Eun and parental objections. Madam Eun stormed inside JR's study and took fake JS out to talk with him and Ji Sang in her own room. He kept insisting it's his mistake and refused to share any information on why he had broken off his engagement with SH. Madam Eun felt bad and asked him if he is doing this because she was initially against his choice of a wife to which he denied. MH has turned seductress and was telling the faker how his position as the son and heir apparent to the PJ Group is useful to her. She has proposed they get married to the disgust of fake JS when they met up in the tea room. With the return of Dr. Han's memory, I hope to see him deal with his "opponents" or those who have wronged and harmed him and take them down one by one.
  7. Fake JS told NS when he was drunk he always felt that he was being monitored; the minute he stepped into the Yoon's household as a six year old. The exact word he used was 감시중, as in he is under NS's surveillance 24/7. That was why NS was constantly by his side to ensure he has no slip ups and doesn't say or do the wrong things. As a stepmother, NS has every reason to be "mean" to her stepson. NS never fails to make use of this and acted like a bad and evil stepmother in storybooks, just like Ji Sang said of her treatment of fake JS after he resigned from Three Eyes. Ji Sang has always told his mom it is she who needs to lighten up and take things easy in the family. Your scenario of fake JS telling NS the conniving MH knows about SH being her daughter and wanting the two greedy women to fight it out is an interesting one. I also want an assertive and upright Dr. Han (especially) as SH is a little too meek and feeble in this drama, to combine efforts with fake JS to take NS and MH down. They should pretend to play along with her blackmail scheme and I can't wait to see how she would fall into the pit she has dug with embarrassment and shame. Two heads are better than one. In the preview, fake JS appeared distant and cold and walked past SH without any emotions. These two men need to show and teach MH a lesson in life. She should not walk way scot-free for her vicious plan to blackmail a man into succumbing to her greed and hunger for the high life. NS and MH are similar in that both are hungry for the better and more luxurious life; they stop at no means to achieve what they deem as attractive "baits" and will climb every hill to attain wealth and success. MH will have no reservation to ditch her mom and pathetic in her eyes brother. At least it seems MK is trying to repay in installments, what Dr. Han has forked out from his personal savings to pay Mr. Choi's family. Madam Sa is still waging her evil tongue and blames the Geum's and Dr. Han for her current predicament. NS on the other hand, treats her two own children differently, as observed by @Iclarakl. NS made her stance clear before finding out SH is the abandoned baby papa G has picked up and raised as his own daughter, that Ji Sang means everything to her. Seeing her photo with Ji Sang (after the faker found out about SH) put her back to reality and she appeared determined to want to continue with her life of fabricated lies and charade. She is mostly protecting Ji Sang as noted by fake JS that she has deliberately omitted the presence of Ji Sang at the family meeting, fearing a possibility of a bust up revealing the truth behind fake JS's identity and NS's manipulative hand in their roles in the Yoon's. Baby ultrasound pictures carry the mother's name and the baby's expected date of delivery from my part of the world. I wonder if it's different in SK. The Geum's may accept and then rejoice in a new addition and birth in their family after the pregnancy of DN becomes clear. I am not so sure about the Bae's being happy at the baby news apart from the father of DN's child. MK will be shocked to find out his mom has always been protecting herself and her very own secret after she is found guilty of mowing down Dr. Han. He has the misconception the ill fate of his family started because of his medical malpractice. I hope he learns to be more truthful and will stand up to his own family when his mom is charged with the hit-and-run. MK will also be disgusted at his only sister's attempt to threaten a man into a marriage of convenience in order to sustain her desire to live a wealthy and opulent life.
  8. Unlike DN, my hormones are not acting up but I actually had tears in my eyes watching fake JS turned his back against NS to walk up the flight of stairs to return to his room. Fake JS's back looked so small and melancholic as he ascended the steps on the staircase... I had wished NS would just shut up for once. She should know the poor boy she handpicked to play imposter saved her fanny and helped covered up her lies for the time being. It was a dreadful, difficult and painful decision on the faker's part after the delusional, greedy and crazy MH confronted him. I applaud him for doing the right thing and I sincerely want him to find someone nice and who can reciprocate his feelings, embrace his past and accept him as who he is. Someone who is accommodating and will help him mend his broken and tattered heart. NS has mind-controlled the faker. Fake JS felt suffocated, stifled and trapped in a bubble throughout his childhood and most half of his adult life because NS put him there in order to attain her goals. What was the nutcase MH doing at the hotel where the family meeting was held? It was not a working day but why of all places was that vile woman in the same vicinity as the Geum's and Yoon's? I don't want the faker to be a victim of MH's blackmail. I wish Dr. Han would pick up the signals and signs the faker is being held "hostage" by MH and help him deal with the hideous MH. For a start, Dr. Han must let the faker know MH's family has been declared bankrupt. He should then realize why the manipulative MH is trying to blackmail him into a marriage of convenience. I would love to see the two men join hands to get back at that sneaky little piece of work. She thinks she has the upper hand and is planning to score big to try and land herself into a life of unlimited luxuries by marrying the son of a rich man from a prominent family. Instead of Ji Sang, I hope fake JS will end up with SN. She is bratty but realistic. She is not totally clueless and is quick to pick up on what's going on around her. As many posters here have said, the Geum's are accommodating people with a big heart. I think they wouldn't mind fake JS running their dumpling store for them. He has already shown excellent culinary skills and will make a fine dumpling master in no time. MK can undergo training at the dumpling store and the Geum's can look forward to setting up another branch of their handmade dumpling store.
  9. Credit: MBC SH rang fake JS to return the necklace she received from him. He commented she hasn't even worn it once. # Sorry moderators. It looks like I posted the same clip soon after @cheekychipmunk_stv. m(_ _)m
  10. @NewKDramaAddict @Ldy Gmerm I agree that it wouldn't take very long for the smart, sneaky and snakey MH to figure out who the real JS is. I also see a possible meeting of Dr. Han with Kang Shin Woo's father soon. KSW's father will talk about the burn scar on his son's right arm and Dr. Han will make the connection to the faker then. So MH hasn't shown up threatening the faker yet although we saw a glimpse of the two in episode 79's preview. She might appear in front of the faker after the family meeting. NS looks defeated in the preview as the faker showed up and confronted her at one point. NS was caught off guard and hadn't expected the faker to show up. She has too much to lose if she chooses to expose the faker's real identity in front of the two families. I am inclined to think Dr. Han rang DN to ask her the whereabouts of SH or the family. We saw his car in front of the hotel of the scheduled family meeting. Dr. Han grabbed the faker's collar and warned him against meeting SH's family and marrying SH. SH was seen arriving at the hotel before Dr. Han ran toward her. The kiss Dr. Han planted on SH's lips could just change the course of things to come for him and SH. I'm so glad DN had that "talk" with SH before the family meeting. The two sisters are really close and DN's questioning SH's love for Dr. Han had her thinking and hesitating her decision to marry the faker. But SH made a trip to see the ginko tree having heard from Dr. Han that was the spot he started developing feelings for her. She was there to sort out her feelings for Dr. Han before attending the family meeting. I wouldn't mind the scenario of SH ditching the faker at the altar in a dramatic and drastic twist for SH to turn down the faker although MH might step in before this happens. His reaction to her blackmail will determine the turn of events. SH should have been more cautious and kept her phone locked. @Ldy Gmerm Mk is also a doctor but fails to pick up the signs and symptoms a pregnant DN is showing. He now has too much on his plate to handle and tackle another problem in his life. I bet MH still keeps her car in order to keep up her appearance despite her family's bankruptcy. The Chairman Yoon seems very pleased and impressed with Dr. Han and his contributions to the PJ foundation. I foresee Dr. Han continuing his present job and honoring his commitment to bettering the lives of patients in his plan even after the faker's mask has been unveiled. Madam Eun and JR don't have to worry too much about the future of the PJ Group. Ji Sang and SH's competency and experience at Three Eyes should put them in contention as suitable candidates to help JR run the station.
  11. @Ldy Gmerm I wouldn't want to date a guy who decides and plans everything without me or consulting me. Even if he says to trust him and just follow him. The faker already knows the man SH loves is Dr. Han and he is trying his best to get SH to be and stay with him despite knowing SH is not marrying him for love in case their marriage is approved by both their families. The faker shows hostility and acrimony toward Dr. Han. You have also cited some unknown animosity between the two men. The cold stares and standoffs in recent episodes are showing them in this light. I agree with you that MH is adamant to sustain and live a luxurious lifestyle like the one before her mom's bankruptcy. In the preview, MH assured her mom and told her to wait as she will get them out of this slump. She is going to blackmail the faker and I would love to see your scenario for MH and the faker to play out. Marrying the fake heir without a clue and thinking she has done herself and her family good by becoming the faker's wife would be the ultimate payback to hit MH's pride and intelligence. I would love to see MH's face and hear her screech and scream after the truth behind the faker's real identity becomes exposed. If I were the Yoon's, I would be extra careful and be sure to run another test on the child NS brought forward and claimed to be the real JS even if she turned up with a DNA test to prove his paternity. The DNA analysis result could have been falsified using another person's DNA. Your scenario of Madam Eun needing a blood transfusion and Dr. Han turning out to be her appropriate blood donor along with JR would be interesting. The Yoon's would then start questioning the faker's paternity and rake his and NS's past which will eventually make them realized how they have been easily fooled by NS and the faker's fabricated lies. Got to love how Mr. Kim played Madam Sa out and told her to be careful if she is thinking of seeking revenge. It was disgusting watching how Madam Sa and MH treated their housekeeper and Mr. Kim. Madam Sa is only getting a small fraction of her long awaited and well deserved karma. I can't wait to see her suffer more and receive her adequate punishment soon. It looks like Madam Sa didn't manage to savage her golden frog after all.
  12. So glad it was only a scenario that played out in NS's mind. So the faker spoke with SH before coming to a decision that he can't live without her. He asked SH if she has seen her birth mom's photo and why she hasn't asked papa G anything concerning her biological mom. Although SH misses her birth mom, she is resigned to her fate and told the faker she is happy now and living with the Geums. SH questioned the faker why does he take a sudden interest in her birth mom and if he has a special reason for meeting her to talk about her. The faker told her he was just being curious. But after his meeting with SH, the faker went home to talk to Madam Eun and JR. He told them he tried but it's impossible to give up on the woman he loves. Madam Eun told him to leave her room and tried to get JR to approve SH and the faker, reminding him of her objection against JJ and JR that brought unhappiness and misfortune to JJ and the family I think. NS overheard their conversation with the faker and confronted him in his room. The faker told NS since he is not Yoon Joon Sang and the son of JR, why can't he marry NS's daughter? He also added he has asked SH and SH has no feelings and concern for her real mom. The faker then pleaded with NS and told her he has obeyed her orders and played the imposter all these times so why can't she give in to his request to have SH this time. He told her he can't make do/live without her. NS was truly agitated and told him "Fine!" before conjuring up a plan in the kitchen over red wine. The next morning, NS tried to persuade JR to go along with Madam Eun's proposal to comply with the faker's wish. He looked unhappy and told her he needs to consider this marriage carefully before he joined the rest of his family for breakfast. Ji Sang tried to persuade Madam Eun to accept SH and gave her his assurance she is a good person. He was trying to get Madam Eun's approval but JR told him to stay out of this matter. Then out of the blue, NS who was the first one to strongly object and was so bent on not having a faker and SH union took Madam Eun, JR, Ji Sang and even the faker by surprise when she suggested the faker should arrange for a family meeting with the Geum's. Is NS planning on having SH as her DIL to keep her by her side? Yes it was stupid of NS and papa G to meet and discuss the SH and faker's issues in a public area. It does look like MH has taken over Mr. Kim's duties to tail and tape NS's conversation with papa G. I agree with you that MH is now aware that NS is SH's birth mom and she probably thinks papa G is SH's father. I can't wait for the subs too! I love how Dr. Han simply ignores the faker these days when he sees him at work. Dr. Han told SH in his car provided by the company, he will not give up on (pursuing) her. In the preview, SH looked disturbed and uncertain when the faker told her about arranging a family meeting. SH asked the faker what does he mean by that, to which the faker asked if she doesn't want/has qualms about marrying him.
  13. In episode 80's preview, ES's GM visited Dr. Kim at his clinic and asked him if YM is the woman he is seeing/dating. Dr. Kim is under the impression that YM rejected him because their daughters married into the same household and are relatives. YM is still unable to bring herself to tell Dr. Kim she cannot forget and accept what Rich Brat had done to ES in the past. It looks like ES is helping Corporate Wimpy Jerk to loosen up and is coaching him on how to woo Rich Brat. She was seen giving him a catalog from a company specializing in organizing events for special occasions. Soo Ho's suspicions that ES might be having an affair were unfounded as he finds out who ES has been meeting and talking to.
  14. I can't wait for episode 78! I want to see how Madam Sa goes into a shock after seeing all her money taken and gone for good! MK would probably hook her up on a magic drip. He might need one himself when he finds out about DN's pregnancy. I wonder if MH will take her job at Channel P more seriously from now on as the Baes are now declared bankrupt! I also have to wonder if MH gets to keep her job at the station should JR hear about the interesting turn of events in the Bae's household. MH will be sure to utilize what she has gathered on NS and use it to blackmail her. In the preview, MK is seen supporting his mom when they went to visit Mr. Kim in his jail. Madam Sa wanted to take Dr. Han out along with the Geum's because she thinks the Geums's have cheated her playing pretend parents to Dr. Han during the family meeting. Madam Sa is certainly shooting herself in the foot. She was so foolish to deny and put all the blame on Mr. Kim, who has served her loyally and well during his tenure with his ex-employer. Mr. Kim doesn't deserve to go down alone. He needs to teach Madam Sa a lesson in loyalty and trust and money isn't the answer to everything in life. Karma, part one is going to blow Madam Sa off and shake her up a little. I can't wait for karma part two to happen when her hit-and-run takes center stage. MH will be left speechless after she realizes why her mom has been so adamant to harm and get rid of Dr. Han in the first place. I am on the same page as @Ldy Gmerm. Both Dr. Han and the faker want SH to stay by their sides. Unlike the faker, Dr. Han is willing to give up living with his first "real" family to pursue his love SH. He is certainly a man of concrete actions after much consideration. I can certainly foresee the parts in bold in @Ldy Gmerm's post to happen. Madam Eun has softened her stance and wavered a little after talking to SH who came to apologize to her for not letting her know beforehand that she has a different birth mother. Also Madam Eun was affected by how badly the faker is responding to their objection to his marriage. JR reminded his mom they should take a stand and not bend after seeing her mellowing and giving in to the faker's wish to tie the knot with SH. The faker is crossing the line by taking SH to see and bond with NS. The faker's act is going to infuriate Papa G and Dr. Han when they find out about it. And I hope they find out soon.
  15. @Ldy Gmerm I am totally in agreement with your assessment of the faker that he has over stepped his boundaries when he set up a way for NS to bond with her daughter. NS looked really happy in the preview but this meeting and subsequent ones with SH are going to bring about NS's downfall since her lies and secrets will be exposed. The sudden change in her attitude toward SH, her softening approach when dealing with the faker are all red flags and signs the Yoon's have already picked up. Papa G and Dr. Han will be infuriated when they find out what the faker has been doing behind their backs. In the preview, the faker even suggested to JR to have him sent overseas along with SH. It looks like Dr. Han has been given a car for his more prominent role in the PJ foundation. He might be allocated with a place to live too should he put in a request to JR. I hope Mr. Kim will help the police implicate Madam Sa for her dealings in her shady businesses. After all, he is the only one who has all the dirt on that evil woman. Going bankrupt alone is insufficient to pay for all her crimes and sins. She needs to be jailed and put behind bars for a long long time. Mr. Kim at least isn't rotten to the core, so to speak. He apologized to MK when he had to subdue him at the orders of Madam Sa to bring him home after he ran away and stayed out right after he committed the malpractice. Mr. Kim respects the Geums and once remarked how he would only eat dumplings made by papa G (from now on) because he is so ethical and morally right to insist on changing his vegetable supplier after he found out the supplier has been sending him contaminated goods. Too bad he landed himself a job as an employee of the unscrupulous and despicable Madam Sa. I hope he gets some kind of a plea bargain by assisting the police to implicate his former employer who abandoned and put all the blame for the crimes she has instructed him to commit on him.