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  1. Ji Sang is a decent guy. He was rather uncomfortable seeing SN in that wedding dress with her cleavage showing. She did look stunning in it though. NS might design a wedding dress as a gift for her daughter since SH has reservations wearing something revealing or with an open front that will show her scar from her heart operation. I thought SH looked matronly in that wedding dress. NS was practically drooling over SH as a devoted mother doting on her beloved daughter. The pictures SN sent Dr. Han got him worrying from the way NS was adoring SH. Ji Sang noticed how his mother was admiring and watching SN from a distance. Dr. Han later cautioned NS to be more careful with her actions as it's telling how she observes and behaves warmly in front of SH. Ji Sang was a little surprised to see his mom with SH earlier and had questioned SH the reason she didn't pick up her phone was because she was meeting NS. MH used SH's birth secret to blackmail the faker into marrying her. Dr. Han keeps mum about it and has not used this secret to his advantage. NS will hopefully see what kind of a man Dr. Han is. He is a man of integrity and will not use a person's weakness to attack him or her or to use it to his merit unlike the faker or MH. I love how the Chairman told the faker not to take over the investigations to help locate Dr. Han's parents. JR told him it will be too traumatic for him who has lost his mother in a fire. The Chairman wants Mr. Choi to take over from here. The faker however insisted on assisting Dr. Han in search of his parents. Sadly, the faker is still trying to buy some time before he is exposed. The talk JR and Dr. Han had in the Chairman's office will help Dr. Han make the connection later. Dr. Han told JR he remembered a fire in his house in Namwon. JR told him the faker was in a fire too and it also happened in Namwon. Dr. Han then went on to ask JR why he was not living in Namwon with the faker. JR explained himself, he sounded apologetic and said the faker came to live with them after the fire took his son's mother's life. Dr. Han can more or less confirm he is the Chairman's son since the PI told him the boy who lived next door to the Kang's was YJS. He is going to have to hear the sad news and face the reality his beloved mom had perished in that fire after rescuing him before returning to the house. The preview shows Dr. Han standing outside the Yoon's. Is he going to visit Madam Eun to take a closer look at the incense pouch? Madam Sa is saying NS is acting odd/strange around SH in the preview. I agree with the posters here she is going to find out NS's secret soon.
  2. Good eye for details @nrlfan4ever! The pair of ankle boots were probably placed in her office and used as her indoor shoes. The future lady of PJ Group (in MH's delusional mind) probably thought a pair of heels with thick straps would look better on her when she is running after KPD in the hospital. LOL at the scene where MH told the faker to wear the necktie she picked out for him on the day of the second directors' board meeting. MH was practically begging the faker to listen to her just once. I was relieved the faker didn't heed her advice since MH has been making a handful of fashion faux pas recently. Cut to the scene where KPD was making the call to the faker from the payphone booth near PJ Group. Since the next scene involved KPD's interaction with Dr. Han, the writer made sure Dr. Han appeared in front of KPD after his call was completed. If it were a scene for MH, I have no doubt she would be able to pick up every word from the phone booth no matter where she might be standing since she has bionic ears. I wonder if Dr. Han's private eye would be able to gather some information on KPD's neighbor. He might be able to tell Dr. Han the "ahjumma" that perished in the fire grew up in an orphanage and her name was JJ. A possible scenario. Dr. Han causally mentions the name of KPD's neighbor and the name of the orphanage. Papa Geum looks startled after hearing JJ and the orphanage's names. He quickly goes to his room to retrieve the trio photo to show Dr. Han. Dr. Han instantly remembers his mother's face and calls out, "eomma" to the surprise of papa Geum. Papa Geum and Dr. Han weep together after realizing JJ was Dr. Han's mother and had died in that fire in Namwon. Some of Dr. Han's lost and forgotten childhood memories returned and he is able to recall most of the details surrounding the fire. He then confronts the faker as seen in the preview, trying to force the truth out of him. Notice how differently Dr. Han (as a doctor and a nice guy) and SH treated KPD. They continued to visit him and care for him despite knowing he is not Dr. Han's real dad. In order to protect the faker's secret and her own meal ticket, the selfish and inconsiderate viper told KPD she is OK with him leaving the hospital after his operation not so long ago. She is certainly aware that KPD was homeless before staying with the Geums and his admission to the hospital. The poor man with no relatives would have no place to go and no one to turn to. And he will also need close monitoring and subsequent follow up visits before being declared fit. Madam Sa has been getting her inside information on Dr. Han and the Geum's by sending DN to her mom's. MK should be giving the Geum's his side of the deal by telling them how it was odd his mom lamented not allowing MH to marry Dr. Han and saying "I did not know who was real" after MH visited them. These subtle hints are proof that MH and her mom have secrets they have been trying to hide. @shebagirl Thank you for highlighting SH's wedding dress in the preview. I had completely missed how unfitting the gown looked on her. Have to agree with you that either the writer or dresser loathes her to make her wear that suffocating gown. SH has a round face and her body would look more flattering in something like this: Her tiara was misplaced and a pity her hair was also not styled appropriately to wear a tiara. Instead of a tiara, SH could have worn her hair like this: Sorry to go OT. m(_ _)m @sava2sava Happy Birthday to you!! And may your special day be eventful and a memorable one!!
  3. Sorry to shorten your post @Ldy Gmerm. I am also very angry at KPD for two valid reasons. Firstly, like I have predicted too, he is keeping mum about the fact that the 'YJS' is really his son. And he has no intention of telling Dr. Han he is the real YJS. Since Dr. Han is excellent and successful as a DOCTOR, KPD thinks he could let his SW continue to play fake and live in a life filled with luxuries and success with his fake family. It's a life he could never provide his son with. He supports his son's lies out of guilt at the expense of Dr. Han who has been kind and cordial to him. When Dr. Han had the misconception KPD was his father, he wasn't ashamed of KPD's past and defended him when necessary unlike the faker. The faker is torn and hurt but he is still adamant not to confess his hidden identity and come clean. His own greed and interests come before his possible reconciliation with his own father. I think he wants to make peace with KPD but he seems to value his current lifestyle and has no intention to give it up. If he continues to stake a claim on a life and family that aren't his in the first place, he is going to look really bad once Dr. Han gathers enough clues and evidence to shut him down. The faker also faces the backlashes from the Yoon's and will not be forgiven for betraying and deceiving them. JR has always told the faker he has faith and trust in him that he will revert to his old self of being generous and kind. JR will be so disappointed and shocked when he finds out the faker delayed and denied him and his family a chance to reconcile with his real son by hiding, delaying and preventing Dr. Han from reuniting with his blood family. KPD had a hard time locating his real son and in spite of his grave illness, he still hung on to some hope to find him before his death. He knows and has experienced firsthand, the anxiety, frustration and loneliness that comes with the long wait without a warranty his lost loved one would be found. He is denying Dr. Han his chance to know his real family by protecting the faker which is the wrong and unethical way. Secondly, KPD is beginning to annoy me with his constant wailing and saying he is sorry and he should die especially when confronted. I hope he knows there is a long list of patients waiting for a compatible liver donor to appear. These patients were bumped off the priority list because of the sudden need for him to receive a liver transplant. How can he be so irresponsible by still continuing to say he should die or is not following doctor's order to stay in bed to regain his strength and health before he is officially declared fit enough to be discharged? I am glad Dr. Han referred KPD to another hospital, he told him he will not allow his patient to die. KPD is also at a risk of being taken out by MH (she might send her mom to do the dirty job again) if he continues his stay at Daehan Hospital and poses a risk to exposing the faker's secret. Dr. Han is conducting his own investigation. He has probably rung the same private detective to dig deeper for clues and information on KPD and KSW. He can't trust the faker and I was thrilled to see him tell the Chairman he was glad he is so considerate of him and accepted his help to find his parents, all done in front of the faker. I think Dr. Han should also ask the investigator to widen his search and find out more about the Kang's neighbor which should lead to clues on his mom and maybe her son. Funny how NS (unlike her) told JR that Dr. Han is an extraordinary man to give up his greed and hatred to perform surgery on KPD even after knowing he is not his real father. Dr. Han also could not attend the director's meeting as a result of the operation. Ji Sang thinks Dr. Han is an exceptional doctor. Dr. Han was simply doing his job by trying to save a man's life. He is professional and an impartial doctor who puts his job before his personal feelings. LOL at how the faker tried to dissuade JR from helping Dr. Han locate his real parents. He told JR he should not mix personal and business matters or show favoritism to a "stranger". JR conducted one background check on Dr. Han before his employment and the recent background check on KPD without the faker's knowledge. Nothing would be leaked if the checks are done discreetly. It was the faker who chose to diminish Dr. Han's chance of getting elected by announcing he has a "father" who is an ex-convict. MH is pure trash and a dirt bag. She continues to disgust the faker by demeaning and calling KPD a scumbag. MH will not be paid a large amount of alimony should she become divorced now. @angelwingssf has mentioned the Yoon's paying off Madam Sa's debt to her creditors and that her short marriage to the faker is one that is probably not consummated. MH telling the faker to stay put while she makes the rounds to visit KPD is also a foolish move on her part. Her constant presence around KPD has already caused Dr. Han to become very suspicious of her and her intention for marrying the faker. She thinks she is smart enough to get off with a fabricated lie or excuse when she is caught. Dr. Han needs to call Dr. Kim to verify his lunch appointment with MH on the day she appeared at the hospital. He also needs to talk and ask those around Dr. Kim if the two actually had lunch together or met on that day. @nrlfan4ever I think the branch is new because we see MK and the rest distributing flyers and were trying to promote the opening of the second dumpling store at a different location. Time is running out so SH and Dr. Han should go ahead and register their marriage first even before their wedding! The formalities can come later.
  4. JR has assured Dr. Han he will help him find his parents. The faker volunteered instead to help Dr. Han locate his parents. The faker was so rude he barged into JR's office without knocking after the viper told him Dr. Han was on his way to JR's office.
  5. I agree with your post @Ldy Gmerm. That house dress should not even be banished to the attic; it should be burned on a bonfire. The color tone and change in MH's clothes' preference are perhaps an expectation of things to come - viewers get to see more of her nastiness and ruthlessness. It looks like bell and trumpet sleeves are in this spring in SK. Did the sudden announcement of the doomed wedding of MH and the faker cause sales and performance to plummet in Westwood? NS was celebrating the opening of her second store when a reporter engaged by the deplorable MH, bombarded her with questions to address the rumor of an imminent wedding for the ill fated couple. On a different note, here's a clip I found on YouTube: Na Jong Chan somewhat reminds me of the Taiwan-based American singer and actor, Peter Ho. Did you watch it 'live'?
  6. Me too. I can understand the faker's sentiments when he told his father he won't forgive him. His father knows he doesn't deserve his son's forgiveness after all the atrocious abuses he threw at the poor boy when he was young. It was the advertisement in the papers KPD saw that made him decide to take a risk knowing he doesn't have very long on this earth. It was his only wish to say he is really sorry for unreasonable way he handled his own child while drunk. The faker is really hurt but torn. His emotions, feelings and mood swing like a pendulum when it comes to matters concerning his dad. He told the mean witch no matter what or how bad his father was, he is still his father. The faker just doesn't want his front exposed and is unconsciously siding with MH to continue to hide his imposter identity. But we can tell he is still concerned and worried about how KPD is doing after his reappearance. The faker needs a rude wake up call to put him back on track to being the nice guy in the beginning of this drama. He might donate part of his liver to KPD or like you say, make peace with his dying father before the poor man perishes. The faker doesn't want to acknowledge the fact that his father has come back a changed man. He stalks, watches KPD's footage and asks about his condition. His actions show his concern for his father although he doesn't want to admit it. The faker really needs to fess up if there is an iota of decency left in him. Otherwise, he should be held accountable (to a lesser degree) along with MH, NS and Madam Sa for their crimes. He already knows Dr. Han is the missing playmate from Namwon and is the son of the kind lady who took him in, fed and clothed him. She even gave up her own precious life while trying to protect and save him from the fire. JR was quick and wise to run a background check on KPD after the faker told everyone at the board meeting about KPD's not so glorious past. JR's concern was KPD's possible connection to a financial crime or the like. JR was "relieved" to know KPD was caught and served time for petty crimes. Considering someone as petite as MH, I find her really strong! She could push and break away from the two creditors and KPD without breaking a sweat. MH is simply blind like a bat because she fails to see and thinks her mother's profession was excusable as it brought them wealth. I can't wait for the witch to find out her mother was the one who plowed down her ex-fiance and discouraged her from pursuing the real heir apparent after he suffered from memory loss. The psycho MH would probably scream and hit the roof when her own gangster mama's list of misdeeds come to light. I'm glad I wasn't alone! I was hoping it's the actress's own wardrobe and if so she needs to engage the help of a stylist. I think MH looked better before marrying into the Yoon's. I get frumpy and dowdy, like the pinafore dress SH wore that made her looked like someone behind a checkout counter. But that dress MH was wearing was something quite unforgettable. I think Madam Sa looks well put together in general. On a different note, KBS might have their own sponsors when dressing and styling their cast. I notice the sweatshirt worn by the Byun Mi-Young character in "My Father is Strange" yesterday was similar to the one worn by the Oh Eun Soo character in "The Shining Eun Soo".
  7. I can't be 100% certain since the quality of the clip from the preview is not very clear. But judging from the length and shape of the sideburns, the man overlooking KPD in the O.R. should be Dr. Han. And I don't think the faker has offered part of his liver to be transplanted to KPD (yet). He would be shown lying on a bed next to his father if he had volunteered to be his donor. I am with @nrlfan4ever and think it is an emergency surgical procedure done to remove some cancer cells. The poor man probably suffered and passed out again after successive unannounced visits by the faker and the viper. I'm not sure if Dr. Han donated blood, and he is a cardiothoracic surgeon. It's annoying how the writer seems to want to portray Dr. Han as a doctor who is suffering from selective amnesia, coupled with a decline in his IQ. NS seems toothless and the writer has decided MH gets a shot and takes center stage, appearing out of nowhere and can be found almost everywhere. I thought it was really mean the faker told his father never to appear before him even after his death. This was the same man who collapsed right in front of him earlier in the day! Probably from the shock of hearing the faker tell him never to drop by his company again. The faker shown some concern when he dropped by at the hospital to ask SH about the condition of KPD. However, he was still more concerned to find out if KPD has said anything (the fact that he is the real KSW etc) unfavorable about him. SH didn't have to provide him with all the information he needs to hear, she only asked "Why are you asking?" but told him anyway about his need for surgery. SH is aware of how the faker diminished Dr. Han's credibility in front of the board of directors and saw how coldly he behaved with KPD when they met at the lobby. He is definitely not the same JS-sshi she knows in the beginning. MH is a nasty POW and she has the nerve to call KPD a lowlife. She is pure scum and has no decorum. The "lowlife" she called at least has a conscience and told the faker he should not live the life of the real YJS. He also told MH the witch that there are no secrets in this world. But the silly woman insisted he keeps his mouth shut and to pretend to live as Dr. Han's father knowing little a DNA test conducted by the hospital would bring her little scheme of switching the paternity test results to light. MH's attempt to put the final nail in the coffin is going to fail big time. And who is MH to go around demanding and commanding people around her what to do?! She needs to deal with her own messy life!! KPD is fully aware Dr. Han is the son of the kind 'ahjumma' who died in the fire. Let's hope he comes clean and tell Dr. Han exactly what he knows without mincing a word. The faker needs to confess now or else he is going to end up looking really bad now that another DNA test pointed out KPD and Dr. Han are not related. On a different note, what's with the hideous dress the viper was wearing? It looked like scraps taken from a tablecloth sewn together to make a dress. Also what's the hype with her coat dresses?
  8. It conveniently disappeared now that the ground work for the foundation has been laid. Unlike most k-dramas where an occupant's car is almost always parked in front of the car owner's house or shop, there is no sight of the company-provided car anywhere near the Geum's or papa Geum's shop. I find it amusing how piggybacking or driving a person in need of medical help (even when a pregnant woman is involved) is by far a better option than calling for an ambulance. Is the writer taking a dig at the slow and poor response from the medical institutions in SK? Or is this the norm in RL? It doesn't make much sense to me here. Fortunately, our faithful Dr. Han shouted at the immobilized faker to ring an ambulance when KPD suddenly lost consciousness and fainted at the parking lot. Thank you for your explanation on Dr. Han's situation and position as an adoptee. I love his reply too. The faker was obsessed with trying his best to prevent Dr. Han from taking the president post. It also reaffirms JR's appraisal of Dr. Han's excellent work ethnics. As much as I don't like NS, she is right on two occasions when she opinionated it was too soon to promote the faker to Chief Director. She was also right to say the president post in the medical foundation should be taken by a professional in that field, meaning Dr. Han rather than the faker. Got to love how NS call MH out when MH tried to defend and support the faker. MH commented how NS is biased and seems to want Dr. Han over his own "stepson" as the new president. NS is pretty certain there is more behind the faker's sudden interest in company affairs and quest for power. JR had wanted to give the faker more responsibilities after his broken engagement. The faker started slacking at work and JR told the faker he should learn not to run away each time something goes wrong. That was why JR thought putting some pressure and making the faker take up more work load will help him stay focused again. I'm curious too...Dr. Han was seen performing the operation so it couldn't be him. MH has no shame, no morals and no conscience. She will not stop at intimidating a sick man at his death bed because she is selfish and only wants to protect her lifeline and meal ticket. She would even go as far as killing KPD if she has to in order to keep the lie. MH thought she had hatched the perfect plan by swapping the paternity test results. She proceeded to visit KPD to warn him not to upset and expose her scheme. Little had she anticipated KPD would have needed an emergency surgery for his worsening condition and a compatibility test was conducted which ultimately exposed the faker's secrets.
  9. I am glad Ji Sang witnessed how stiff, lost and startled the faker was when he saw KPD collapsed in front of him. Apart from his fragile condition, KPD probably passed out from the shock of hearing the faker tell him never to come by the company again. The faker is torn and confused. He reacted angrily and couldn't believe what MH said when she told him not to worry about KPD as he is Dr. Han's "father", and not his dad (starts at 1:32). The faker hates what his birth father did to him when he was a child on one hand. On the other hand, he is concerned about him. He later went to the hospital and asked SH about KPD's condition and looked worried when SH told him he needed surgery. The faker is so used to NS mind controlling him. He was drifting away from his usual demeanor but drifted back (starts at 1:38) after MH dropped subliminal messages to put him back on track as Dr. Han's imposter. Credit: MBC Source: MBC Powerful scene filled with lots of emotions showing the faker confronting KPD.
  10. @Ldy Gmerm Dr. Han was saved, taken in, most probably baptized and renamed "Han Seok Hoon, Daniel" before his adoption and then subsequent move to the US. Do you know where are his adoptive parents and are they Korean-Americans? His adoptive parents could have chosen to rename him following the legalization of his adoption. It looks like they didn't. Dr. Han speaks Korean fluently and writes Hangul well. I find it puzzling Dr. Han hasn't mentioned his adoptive parents in his conversations with his "family" or people he meets in SK. Only recently, he opened up publicly for the first time in front of JR, the faker and the board of directors, on how he was looked down, bullied, and had to go on hunger pangs while growing up as an adoptee in the States. On a different topic, the faker who is portrayed as an excellent cook presumably with a heightened sense of taste, has no recollection of the dumplings he ate at papa Geum's. The faker only commented how good they were but they didn't trigger him to remember having tasted similar dumplings at JJ's. Back to the faker at the meeting to vote for a president for the medical foundation. I love and agree with @nrlfan4ever and your argument that the faker has no idea what a charity is. He was the one to put up the defensive explanation that you need an impartial businessman who should also be cold enough to make decisions. What exactly did he mean by that? Hypothetically, the medical foundation has to either pull a plug on a terminally ill patient over treatment to pay for another who is deemed more worth saving? Who is he, a non-professional in the medical field, to make such an important and ethical decision? If Dr. Han leaves the medical foundation he solely set up, I doubt the faker will be able to attract enough doctors to help him run the free clinic. What will he do then after acquiring a bigger plot of land to run free clinics with insufficient doctors or experienced doctors? As Dr. Han has clearly stated, the foundation doesn't need a bigger space as the free clinic he proposed is located away from the CBD areas but is still easily accessible. The free clinic is only a place to conduct a diagnostic interview with a potential patient. The potential patient will be referred to Daehan Hospital etc should he or she require further tests, examination or treatment. @nrlfan4ever KPD is used to walking as he had spent a period of time living on the rough. The pathetic state of his pair of shoes when he was found was telling. Most homeless people spend a large amount of their time on the move. So their shoes are the first thing that will wear out before their clothes. He might have woken up very early and skipped breakfast to walk all the way to the company, a day after his first chemo. I remember SH and Dr. Han were running to what appeared to be a subway station for her presentation for her second interview at PJ Channel. The faker then gave her a ride after witnessing how Dr. Han encouraged and gave her a pep talk before her big presentation. @Ldy Gmerm Madam Eun comforted the faker saying his present state reminded her of the day and time he first arrived at the Yoon's household. He looked afraid, anxious back then and Madam Eun had to hold him in her arms to help him fall asleep. Madam Eun was concerned about what is making him angry and concerned now. Well, the reappearance of his real father, the truth that the real JS is alive and kicking and is working with him in the same company, Halmoni. At least Madam Eun said " matter what happens, be generous." after concluding Dr. Han and the faker seem to be having a lot of conflicts at work lately. I wonder if the faker sleeps on the couch in that study every night now that he has stopped spending his nights at his studio apartment cum test kitchen. Madam Eun was probably tricked into believing things have finally started to go well with his marriage since she saw MH and the faker coming home together. The faker still has conflicting feelings toward KPD. He stepped in when he saw MH pushing him away while trying to break free from his arm hold. He could have thought he is the only one who is allowed to be mean and "rough" with KPD since he is his father and had tortured him when he was a kid. MH's attitude and treatment of KPD seems to tick him off in some way. Someone on another forum fears the faker might resort to suffocating KPD with a pillow or turning off a switch to an apparatus to kill him in today's episode. I think KPD would probably be wide awake when the faker attempts to do either and we viewers will be left hanging for more with another "to be continued" cliffhanger scene.
  11. I am not a violent person and I do not condone violence, but MH might have to report a case of DV if I were the faker! I wouldn't be able to take the viper breathing down my neck 24/7 both at work and at home!! Dr. Han should have known some of the viper's venom has rubbed off the faker after seeing the viper standing a close distance behind the faker after his poor attempt to sabotage Dr. Han's chances of getting elected as the medical foundation's new president. It's obvious how unbearably spiteful and picky the faker has become after his marriage to the viper. If the faker continues to be selfish and greedy, I am going to hope MH becomes pregnant with the faker's kid. This way, they will really be bound together forever through their child. After watching the English subbed version, I have been wondering what Dr. Han meant when he said "A liver transplant? I'll do it." Does Dr. Han mean (1) he will do the surgery, or (2) he will be a living-donor to KPD's liver transplant ( ? Did KPD reject Dr. Han's offer because he found out that he is not his real son? Or he thinks he doesn't deserve the liver from a complete stranger who treats and thinks of him as his biological father? Or could it be Dr. Han might find out they are not related after a series on tests conducted before the transplant will ultimately point to the paternity test result was switched or "falsified"? In the cliffhanger scene when Dr. Han caught and overheard KPD calling the faker "SW", he confronted both men to find out why. It's worrying because KPD gave the faker a devious side-eye before collapsing. The faker responded by turning to face his father when KPD waited for him and called him "SW". It's a confirmation to his father he is his son and he thinks he has his reasons to deny their relationship and for living his life as an imposter. One question about KPD going places on his own. Dr. Han has been purchasing new clothes and shoes for KPD. But we have not seen Dr. Han or SH giving him any money to spend. Where does KPD get the money to use the bus or train to get to PJ Group? KPD was seen fumbling through his pocket for money (more like small change) to buy chocolates (2 dollars and 20 cents) from a street vendor for his "son". On a different note, maybe it works and is normal in the writer's fantasy K-dramaland not to have your envelopes sealed, labelled, or even marked confidential. The staff at the SH Human Lab must very efficient, alert and intelligent because they never make a mistake of delivering the wrong paternity results to their different clients. They probably rely on their sixth sense to sort out the results and mail or send them to the appropriate clients even though the DNA test carries no names of the applicants and the envelopes containing the results are not labelled. I thought NS has stopped going to work after seeing her doing most of the cooking, hanging around the house and ringing papa Geum for a talk. Maybe terminating SN's contract hurt her company's sales and performance? SN makes a good reporter because she has a problem keeping secrets and can't tell a lie. BTW, NS isn't the only one who is home bound. Madam Sa is itching to get back to what she is good at doing; that is being a money lender. Is it bad of me to want her to steal the money DN and MK have set aside for their dumpling shop? Madam Sa has been bragging and has difficulty suppressing herself from doing what she does best. She steals the money from his son and new DIL and uses it as her seed money to try and rebuild her loan shark empire from her small basement apartment. I can't wait for her sneaky and anxious daughter to find out her new hobby when that happens. Also, when Madam Sa does restart her shady business, I hope the news snowballs and gets to the Yoon's and MH. MH will disown her own mother and will probably threaten to cut ties with her too.
  12. LOL. @nrlfan4ever mentioned the "uncanny" smile on KPD's face when he was watching the faker talking with JR while hiding behind a pillar. I think the writer is going to tip the plot accordingly. The smile on KPD's face could be purely relief to see his once abused son doing so well now as a chief director in a big organization. KPD had thought his lost son died in that fire and was surprised he survived and might even think he had been adopted by JR and his family after the fire. The other scenario could be KPD might feel the need to keep quiet about what he has just found out after overhearing the juicy titbits of information about the paternity test switch and the faker is the real KSW. KPD who failed to provide his son a good education, a decent life, and ill-treated him when he was young, might think it's "justifiable" to keep the faker in Dr. Han's place although he obviously knows the faker is living the life as an imposter. KPD might also have the delusion that since Dr. Han is successful as a DOCTOR (not living a life like KPD's), it wouldn't be such a "bad" thing to let the faker continue to act as his substitute. (edited post) KPD doesn't know it was NS who picked up his son "randomly" after the fire and planted him as the first GS of Madam Eun. KPD might feel compelled to think the faker should be allowed to continue living the luxurious life he seems to be enjoying because as his father, he can never provide him the chance to live successfully. Also, KPD might also think the imposter life is a way to compensate for the physical and mental abuses the faker suffered as a young kid. That could be why KPD apologized to Dr. Han by telling "I'm sorry. I'm very sorry." when Dr. Han told him MH will not be helping him and KPD is in no way a hindrance to his job. KPD who has led and lived a hard life, was always literally on the run. That could be why his instincts acted when he found out Dr. Han is a complete stranger to him. He looked really scared. Dr. Han must pick up the obvious like as to why KPD stopped addressing him as SW on the day of his first chemotherapy.
  13. @jayakris Thank you so much for your translations! You are being so modest and humble! I got so excited after seeing your handle here. I remember you did some of the preview translations on TUF forum. m(_ _)m Me too! I think Madam Eun was comforting her "first grandson", and she gave him her assurance and support to his decision at work. JR, on the other hand, seems supportive of Dr. Han and has asked Dr. Han's secretary to tell Dr. Han to see him in his office as soon as he comes in for work. JR is really mad at the faker for meeting a board director despite JR warning the faker not to use unethical methods to try and get elected for the president post. The faker doesn't have the right to override the Chairman's decision unless his arguments are sound and acceptable. The faker is deliberately delaying the project due to his pettiness and meddling out of jealousy and spite, which is absurd and ignorant. Do we now have a battle between mother (Madam Eun) and son (JR) over the fake and the real heir apparent? @jayakris It does make the faker look really ruthless as he returned to KPD's hospital ward to tell him to disappear. He knows KPD has liver cancer in its advanced stage and doesn't have long to live.
  14. This!! I think the writer is the clueless one here. Dr. Han's character has been stupified (although his eyes looked alert) after his accident and can't seem to put the pieces together! It's annoying to see this in the preview and the scene where MH conveniently switched the paternity results in a whiff. And we have 20 more episodes before this drama ends. Let's hope there is no extension!
  15. @Ldy Gmerm Credit: MBC I am going to give KPD the benefit of the doubt here, although I am repulsed by the way he treated Dr. Han. KPD did look overwhelmed and shocked by what he overheard and saw before Dr. Han found him. KPD asked Dr. Han about his memories again (starts at 1:37). Dr. Han asked, "The mother of my friend?" and he went on to talk about the song his mom sang when she was making and preparing the "mandos". Please enlighten us here @jayakris m(_ _)m. IIRC, you are well-versed in the Korean language. Credit: MBC NS found out JR had asked Mr. Choi to do a background check on KPD. JR questioned the faker on why he disapproved of the proposed site he had approved (starts at 1:12). I think JR also found out about the lunch the faker had with one of the board directors. He looked disdainfully at the faker before returning to his room. Madam Eun called out JR's name to stop him but he simply ignored her and turned his back at them. I notice NS is more "housebound" since she isn't even shown working at her office. Apart from telling MH to tell her mom not to come around the Yoon's to talk bad about Dr. Han and SH, NS seems relatively harmless and "toothless" these days. I would love to see a battle between NS and MH soon...