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  1. There is no need to sign up though... Perhapa you have the wrong link.. Neither of these links need to sign up. You just need to make sure they are mobile friendly as some links only for PC/Desktop streaming
  2. Look up...... On a side note, just saw the pics for tonight's ep. Seems like WD will be arrested and possibly sentenced to flogging and something will happen but WD will show off his archery skill.
  3. Finally got around to watching ep 5 with subs. Okay, so many swoon-worthy moments but there is one thing that is really bugging me: Has anyone noticed that DO never actually looked into Nam Ji Hyun's eyes? His gaze always landed on her forehead or eyebrows or something. I could be reading too much into this but now i cant even enjoy a scene properly. Anyway, back to ep 5, i wish we could've had WD apologizing to HS for insulting her about being a concubine. But then again, he did redeem himself by standing up for her during the birthday party, so all is good then. I guess eventually HS will also help with transcribing hence her dozing off and sleeping on WD's shoulder as she is writing as in the preview. I love Mr Dimple but the gisaeng as his potential love interest feels so weird. No intro on her character whatsoever and she just randomly shows up here and there. As for MY/SH aka HS's bro, i really dont feel like he can be redeemed now. I hoped the arrow maker couldve survived the fall but didnt, so that's another crime he committed. Unless they start giving him a back story, i dont buy it. Such a shame, he seemed like a wonderful big bro from HS's flashbacks. As for the kiss in preview, I feel like even if it happens, it wont happen in tonight's ep. After studying their clothes during the scene, i feel like this will be a real kiss scene, and Hs wont back out at the last minute: -WD and HS can be seen wearing the same hanboks during an upcoming scene where they have a meal with the villagers and WD will do that cute "hing!" thing and they all laugh. -They are also wearing the same hanboks in that scene where WD comforts an upset HS. HS tells him not to leave and to stay by her side and he promises to stay by her side forever. I am not sharing the scenes but if you guys can find it in the previews, you will notice it too. Also, i think prince seowon is really the baby daddy. He doesnt seem awful like his mom but he does seem to have a thing for the CPss. Given how much more of the story left to tell, i feel like the plot is moving slow. WD needs to gain his memory and go back to being the CP for the palace politics to start. But before that, his romance with HS needs to fully blossom too. Ok, enough from me. I really should stop analysing the previews so much when i have an exam tomorrow. Gah, i'm screwed.
  4. Watched the live stream so let me fill in for those who have been curious what happened: 1) Found the body of Doo Joon in CP's outfit. Kim Cha Eon managed to convince the entire palace that it is the dead body of the prince. Queen is happy as her son will ascend to become the new CP. But not sure what will happen to the CPss. Btw, she looked sad and there was a flashback to when Yool was a boy but already a CP. Seemed like maybe the CPss had a crush on him all along. 2) However, Kim knew that it wasnt the CP's body so he told MY to bring back the prince's head as it was now confirmed that the prince is alive. 3) Palace politics aside. Now to the OTP. HS, WD, the loan shark, and that funny guy, ajeon? Met with the magistrate to discuss WD's loans. Basically Hs is arguing that the loan shouldnt be valid or something since WD isnt right in the head. She even brought eyewitnesses like her best friend and her husband and the restaurant lady to testify. So they all did, like the lady said WD tried to pay his meal with a wink. And then HS's best friend called WD a very useless man. But WD got very upset and he said something, but basically HS became upset because they are not let off from the hook of paying the loan. 4) WD and HS got into an argument about how she called him stupid and useless but HS was at her limit. She finally slapped him and walked away. He was mad but it could be the wake up call he needed. 5) HS went to meet her brother at the bridge. Ran into mr dimple. Lotus scene and they got chased by some bad guys. Anyway HS left mr dimple a letter and as someone said, she is giving up on looking for her brother. HS walked back in tears. 6) WD began to worry about HS. Met with Goo Deol. Seemed like WD wanted to work so GD helped him since there was an event at the perverted old man's residence. WD and GD carried water? And he finally saw HS wiping the floor. He stopped in his tracks and began smiling at her sight aww . She didnt notice him. She saw a pair of siblings and they reminded her of her own brother. 7) Something happened at the event. A lady fell down carrying a tray of water. Old man was furious. HS came to her aid and pleaded for their understanding. But old man and his companions said something insulting? To HS and WD who was nearby looked upset too. Eventually HS agreed to compensate but not sure what the old man asked. HS looked upset and as she walked, WD grabbed her hand and told her not to take another step without his permission. wD and old man got into a verbal spat and finally his intelligence shined through. Everybody was impressed with WD. 8) Cut to WD holding HS's hand as they walked back. Not sure what she said but i heard the word jealous. Anyway, WD placed a hand on her cheek and caressed her lips before walking away. Seemed like they made up as WD also finally ate Hs's cooking that he called dog and pig's feed. 9) HS learned a way to make money using WD's newly discovered intelligence. As someone mentioned-writing manuscript. She even hugged him and said he is not a very useless man but a very cool man. She read aloud to him but i think the story got a bit lewd so she stopped. They both felt flustered. 10) They made money thanks to WD. On their way home, they ran into the loan shark so HS pulled his hand to hide. They stood face to face in a close space. hS looked out for the loan shark but WD only had his eyes on her. Ep ends. Preview: loan shark threatening WD with a knife. HS looks for WD HS passes MY in the market and gets a feeling. Turns around to see him. HS teaches WD how to make straw shoes. Her hands holding his. WD calls HS pretty WD gives HS a bouquet of flowers WD leans in for a kiss. PS: Dont think kiss will happen tomorrow. Drama has a penchant of giving advance episodes preview too Missed out opening scene, omg. Anyway, i will quickly add: 1) WD unconscious with old wound bleeding. Doctor came but i think they said medicine too expensive. hS took the task to gather the ingredients herself. Cut her cheek in the process. Dad left for something and he told her to take care of WD. hS cooked the meds and fed WD. Stayed up all night too. WD woke up and saw HS sleeping next to him. He fixed a loose strand of her hair and touched the cut on her cheek. She woke up. He later learned that one of the ingredients to her medicine was worms and almost barfed, lol..
  5. TheMsChelsea91

    [Drama 2018] Familiar Wife, 아는 와이프

    The live stream links were very unstable, had to refresh a lot and only got better like the last 15 mins. Ended with WJ and JH going on a movie date, where JH cried out loud like a baby to WJ's embarrassment . They then took a walk hand-in-hand at their university. They began imagining things in the future like going to their son's kindergarten graduation, their kids first boyfriend and girlfriend, and the inevitable horror of their son choosing his gf over WJ haha.. Then they hugged and i forgot their conversation. Series ended here Elsewhere, JH ended up getting promoted too and something good happened to him that they all celebrated later at SS-JE's restaurant. Oh, seems like my second favourite pair of Kim Hwan-HS also ended up together, though i only caught a glimpse of the scene of them smiling at each other. What else? Mom offered to babysit the kids so that WJ-JH can go on a date. They politely declined but she insisted. Sorry, this happened before the end scene.
  6. Havent watched ep 4 fully yet but would like to point out some things: 1) BIGGEST ANNOYANCE SO FAR: previews that do not reflect the next ep. I mean, the scenes from the previews clearly will not all happen in the next ep, or even its following ep, which drives me crazy from anticipation. They seriously make me question my judgment to follow a currently airing drama instead of waiting for the drama to finish its run first.. 2) Well-cast actors, even though at this point the star for me is NJH. I guess most would choose DO and i might be biased because im a NJH fan and she is the attraction for me to watch this drama, BUT, she is clearly the stronger actor. Not that DO is bad, he really is good considering his main career as an idol, but i think this has to do with the fact that DO's roles themselves are much more in tune with his real personality so i dont feel like it is a biggger challenge to play such roles. Having said that, i hope to see him play more versatile roles in his expanding and bright acting career. As LY/WD, he is doing very well because of his body language, and of course, the X factor for me, which is his deep voice. 3) The bodyguard/assassin/HS's brother. I believe he will be redeemed, but after seeing him kill that bow and arrow maker, who was completely innocent btw, and not part of the party he should hold revenge against, i am seriously disliking his character. It will take a serious plot twist to redeen his character later, if ever. 4) i like the second male lead. Though we have yet to see him a lot, but he is probably LY's only ally in the palace, except for his now-dead bodyguard/childhood bestie. He is wise, he is uncorrupted, and he is aware of his origins. I am looking forward to their bromance. And of course, his courting of HS. I want to see how LY/WD will react. 5) the CP. I still remember the character chart released earlier shows that her relationship with LY will be love-hate. I still feel like she is not as evil as he dad and sister, but perhaps her actions have been motivated by being abandoned and ignored by her husband. Feel bad for her a little bit. 6) the truth of WD. I am confused here because HS said to her father that WD is a made up character to get people off her back on marriage. But then, she seems genuinely curious about WD by asking questions to her father. So i guess even HS is unaware that WD is fictitious. And the culprit here is her father. That means both WD and HS will feel betrayed when the truth comes to light. P/S: just something on the BTS.. I feel like DO wasnt so awkward with NJH as their filming progressed. He helped her, gave that bro hug, and was even seen laughing on set. But that awkwardness in their interviews, hmmm... Could be just his personality
  7. Hi, long time silent lurker here. Actually, i tend to be a silent lurker everywhere else too. Anyway, came out of my silent lurking to give my 2 cents since i managed to catch the live stream from start to finish. So here goes: 1) So the bodyguard/bounty hunter IS HS's brother after all. Guess some of the theories here were proven. And he clearly remembered his sister as well. But why would he show up on the bridge on another day except the 15th as they promised. He probably isnt ready to meet her just yet. Perhaps he does have a conscience in the sense that he feels guilty about killing all those people at his master's orders. But then, if he really is that cold blooded and ruthless, why not seek revenge against premier kim himself, as premier kim killed his father? 2) Has it been made clear anywhere that he is also the CPss's baby daddy? 3) Is HS aware of WD's origin? The scene where her father is regretfully burying the clothes WD was discovered in appeared to be as if he is planning on keeping this secret himself for HS's sake. The secret here is WD is someone prominent from the palace as her father would clearly be able to tell that the clothes belong to a palace guard. This is also the reason why he tolerates more of WD's nonsense than HS could. Something like to reduce his guilt. 4) I like the fact that WD still had the freedom to decide to get married himself. For whatever reason, he clearly had some kind of conscience/pity to finally give in to the wedding. 5) clearly the best ep so far. I like that today didnt really focus too much on palace politics. Right now they need to really build up HS and WD's relationship before the big reveal. I prefer this drama move at a fast pace. 6) i thought feisty Hs would be able to protect them both from those two bandits. But how did HS-WD end up being tied together in that rug? Cant wait for subs.... Well, legally the marriage with HS isnt valid because it is him as WD and not as LY, his true self. But they did go through that ceremony and i guess he now has 2 wives. I think they can have 2 wives, not like the Chinese dramas where the second is a concubine. I might be wrong though