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  1. [Drama 2017] My Father is Strange 아버지가 이상해

    @stroppyseOopps sorry.. Here is a link.. Will post more if i see it. Cant seem to find the whole video though hmm
  2. [Drama 2017] My Father is Strange 아버지가 이상해

    @stroppyse, can you translate the clips @xianyi8 shared.. Noticed that parts have been shared on IG. Probably the last BTS/interview? Hmm... Anyway, i would like to write my own thoughts on the final too. But having withdrawal symptoms now. Will do so once i can gather my thoughts. For now im just liking posts here and there
  3. [Drama 2017] My Father is Strange 아버지가 이상해

    - HY gets a call and it sounds serious. They stop celebrating. HY tells them she has the best wedding gift. and it seems they are clearing Dad's name. they all cry. RY is worried over her mascara. HY tells them not to cry and they all celebrate. They gather for a wedding photo. - JH holds a press conference.Jerk reporter is there ugh! he answers some questions from the reporter. He finally tells them he is getting married. Director Kang and Taeboo are stunned. I think JH tells them he will marry his ex-manager. - Meanwhile, HY has a new job and gets tasked to address a mom and his high school son. the boy seems snobbish but HY shows her own fierce side. The boy looks intimidated. - The entire family walk with mom and dad as mom and dad get into a truck to go somewhere. Dad is driving. Dad seems nervous about driving so mom gets nervous too. AS they drive away, the series ends... I'm having a mixed of emotions now.. I dont want this to end..
  4. [Drama 2017] My Father is Strange 아버지가 이상해

    - It's the wedding day and the boys walk from one side and the girls from another. CS is here too. They meet in the center and they couple up together as they walk into the hall. Grandma says she is nervous. - YJ reminds the girls how they purposely dressed up to overshadow her on her own wedding. The girls smile guiltily while JY grabs Jh by the collar haha. - Fil and Mil arrive. - JH is the emcee and announces the entry of bride and groom. Mom and Dad walk on the aisle hand-in-hand. mom looks pretty in her wedding gown and dad looks handsome as ever. - It's just the family and as mom and dad bow to the audience, their new wedding pic is displayed in the background. They bow to each other and Dad gives his speech. Dad's speech caused the girls to say he is manly and cool. Dad tells mom how thankful he is that she married him. He tells her he loves her. Awww... - It's mom's turn now. She basically says the same thing too, like thanking him for the kids and all. MIL is the one in tears. haha. - after the wedding, RY and Cs ake mom and dad's hand to invite them to their seats. and the couples began dancing together. So this is what Lee mi do and min jin woong were rehearsing to in her IG post haha, Then all the couples all come together to dance. JW and HY couple are bad a s s as ever. They later pull mom and dad's hands to have them join. Bruno mars marry you music as BGM. they all ask mom and dad to kiss and they do. MIL wants to kiss FIL too. They end up falling on the floor haha
  5. [Drama 2017] My Father is Strange 아버지가 이상해

    - JH goes to the kitchen to drink water to calm his nerves. Dad comes in and they talk about how they can be real father-son now. They hug. Point to note, JH calls Mom and dad Abeonim and Omonim now. - JW and HY go out for a dinner date. They talk about ending their marriage internship.HY takes out new wedding rings to propose to him to marry her. Turns out JW bought new rings for them too. So they end up putting on two sets of wedding rings haha. - The boys, and dad and min ha walk on the street with shades on in the preview. They go somewhere. - meanwhile, the girls, including grandma and mom are doing Yoga with RY as instructor.Grandma and mom struggle. RY helps mom and she is in pain. - the boys come out (i think JH treated them to a haircut) and they all drink the banana milk. JH mentions MY and JY is all about how if he mistreats her he's dead haha.
  6. [Drama 2017] My Father is Strange 아버지가 이상해

    Hey guys, Sorry I'm so late.. I had to be somewhere and had no access to watch the drama.. I must have missed a good 15 mins.. Anyway, short recap which I could squeeze to watch - Dad got his new ID, he took truck license - MY got another job as a manager? But she and JH are in a disagreement about it because JH wants her to become his manager instead (I'm just guessing on this one). MY puts on her aegyo act to get him to agree.. - HY andJW review their marriage intern board - MIL and FIL go for shopping together. She wants a gift from him which is a family portrait. all four of them take a pic, MIL and FIL lock hands together in the pic - Uncle and aunt open their own restaurant - Chairman calls RY and CS to his office. He tells CS not to resign. He finally approves of RY and even calls her Ra Young-ie. RY calls him father. Chairman tells him to learn from RY about work and they discuss about her job now. They're all so happy and even Chairman is smiling. Outside of his office, Ry and CS kiss - RY tells the family what happened with her job. JW and HY are there too. MY gets a text from JH, asking to meet her on the rooftop. He is dressed in a suit. She first talk about the stars in the sky. Things are pretty quiet. He tells her he has something to tell her. he gives her a roll of paper with a ring. I don't know what's the content of the letter but it's clear that he wants to marry her. - He tells her that they haven't dated long but he is sure of his feelings. And she used to be his manager so she should already know the kind of person he is. She seems hesitant though? But in the end, he asks her will you marry me and she says yes! AWWW... He pulls her face in for a kiss but the siblings all pour on the rooftop after the door opens. I think they heard what happened or caught the almost kiss so they smile sheepishly and excuse themselves out. HY says she will stay but JW pulls her hand out haha. JH says he will tell her parents about his intention to marry her and proceeds to leave but she pulls his hand. - Standing tiptoe, she kisses him. and it's my fave kiss of them yet.. - Downstairs, JH sits in front of the entire family and tells mom and dad that he wants to marry MY. Mom and Dad seem surprised. And MY asks mom and dad to approve too. Mom and Dad finally approve and mom is even in tears.
  7. [Drama 2017] My Father is Strange 아버지가 이상해

    @Ayame Omg thanks so much for sharing.... @camichi Raw posted already in previous page. Check it out Yes, cant believe im saying this but yes... Jh and MY will be getting married. Not sure if the wedding will be shown since we know the wedding is for mom and dad. Regardless, while waiting for @stroppyse to translate, basically i think they should all get married together. Dad will get a new ID as lee yun seok. Hy will propose to jw to marry her again since their initial marriage is supposed to be "fraudulent". Chairman asks HY if she is considering marriage since last time, she told him she isnt ready to settle down yet. And of course, Jh And My. Im surprised they mention so much abt JH and MY getting married in the preview, but i wont complain @minu8, i recommend ojakgyo family, starring ryu su young, who plays JW here. That drama got me opening my eyes to weekend family dramas. Then there is my daughter so yeong, and what happens to my family. Also, the predecessor drama of FIS, gentlemen of wolgysu tailor shop is great too. From my list, my absolute fave is what happens to my family, i still re watch it sometimes until today. And i would put FIS on the same level as Wolgyesu, thanks to the turnaround towards the end. Wolgyesu is really nice and the main couple lee dong gun and jo yoon hee end up getting married in real life after the drama and they're expecting a baby soon...
  8. [Drama 2017] My Father is Strange 아버지가 이상해

    JH goes to the coffee shop disguised with a face mask and shades. He orders everything on the menu. Two school girls ask him if he is a celebrity. He says no. The girl ask him if he is Lee Joon haha. JH goes back to his mom with all those drinks. He hugs her after hearing what happened with the meeting with MY's parents. I think his mom tells him not to be too happy and that she wont just accept if they want to marry or something. JH goes to visit the Lees with the drinks he bought. He runs into JW who also has food with him in the street. JW calls him by his name and JH immediately goes into the respectful brother in law role by caling him hyungnim. JW makes JH carry the food haha. The kids gather in the snack shop as it is the night before the retrial. HY mentions something abt their last names but i missed this part. They ask MY why she's still calling JH as Actor Ahn. JH says he wants her to call him oppa but MY refuses. RY tells him that when she first dated CS, he still called her Instructor Byun. JY also kept teasing JH by asserting his authority as the eldest bro. JH Is flustered but is very cute haha. - it is the morning of retrial. JH comes in all suited up. He asks where is everyone. JY makes him do his necktie. My is out to pick up the bus. Since all of them are going to the court, uncle and family included. HY looks noticeably nervous but JW tells her she can do it. - once they reach the court, reporters swarm them. Hy answers calmly. The trial starts. jH joins in. Hy makes her opening statement. They family is in tears. Ep ends. NO PREVIEW
  9. [Drama 2017] My Father is Strange 아버지가 이상해

    - FIL and MIL cancel the marriage graduation when fIL hesitates to give his terms of the marriage graduation. Basically he suggests it first and sort of admits his love for mIL. Hy and JW are stunned but happy. mIL says she has her own conditions first and FiL agrees. I think one of it includes treating her well like he does to Chico the dog. - The siblings and YJ help HY to prepare for retrial when they turn the snack shop into a make shift office or sort for HY to lay out her documents and materials. MY excuses herself. Ry asks if she wants to go out with Jh. My says no. My actually goes to the kitchen to talk to mom and dad. My tells them JH's mom is in Seoul and asks them to meet up with her. Mom and Dad agree. - mom and dad meet up With JH's mom at his place. They apologize. His mom is furious and tells them off for what they did. They look sad but his mom quickly mentions that since JH said already how happy he was living with them and how well they treated him, she will forgive them.
  10. [Drama 2017] My Father is Strange 아버지가 이상해

    JH and MY hold hands as they go to his car parked in the basement. MY feels bad about leaving but JH is still grinning like a fool. He opens the door for her and once in the car, he tells her to tell him again what she told his mom. She is embarrassed and says she cant say that to his face. He kisses her. She is shocked and looks around to make sure no one is there. He grabs her hand and i think is saying that he wants to announce their relationship to the public, like holding her hand and saying this is my girlfriend (awwww). They kiss and after the kiss, MY tells JH that she loves him and he tells her he loves her back. They kiss again (omg im squealing with excitement)
  11. [Drama 2017] My Father is Strange 아버지가 이상해

    Meanwhile, Jh has somewhere to go, so he will leave his mom home alone. He tells her to have a nice meal before going out. After he leaves, MY comes with platic bags of groceries, looking nervous. She presses the doorbell and is invited in by JH's mom. She confront MY that JH told her abt MY being LYS's daughter. She tells My if she has the conscience, shouldnt she break up with JH. MY tells her that she thought of that too initially. MY's explanation is really long but basically she says she understands how his mom is feeling and all that, but she also cant abandon her own family. She stands up and gets on her knees, she tells mom that she really loves JH very much. She repeats this again and asks for her blessings. then, out of nowhere, a grinning JH appears and MY looks shocked and embarrassed. JH asks my how can her first confession of her feelings for him be towards his mom and not him haha. JH is smiling like a fool and basically asks mom to give her blessings. jH is over the moon while his mom lools stunned. JH pulls MY's hand and tells mom they're going somewhere. mY refuses to go but quickly bids his mom goodbye as he pulls her hand with him
  12. [Drama 2017] My Father is Strange 아버지가 이상해

    Meanwhile, MiL and FIL are taking a walk with Chico. Mom has an umbrella open because of the hot weather. She even has a hand fan. fIL takes the hand fan and fans MIL. They come home with JW and HY. They ask if they have eaten breakfast. They had. HY brings up the issue of finalising the marriage graduation contract. MIL and FIL looked taken aback. JW serves them all juice as HY has her laptop open, discussing the terms of the contract. Neither of the parents look happy but i think each is just wanting the other to speak up about this first out of pride. HY can sense neither looks happpy and asks if they changed their minds? Mil and Fil both stubbornly deny. Thus begins the negotiation Uncle adn family plus grandma have pizza at the restaurant. Uncle suggests something. Grandma takes out her bank book and give it to uncle and aunt. Her savings for Min Ha. Uncle And Aunt thank grandma and min ha is happy Meanwhile, Ry watches her home shopping network stint and is happy at her performance. She gets a call from CS's twin telling her to go meet the Chairman together now. She calls CS and he comes there too. Chairman asks why cS is here. CS says he is RY's bf which infuriates Chairman. YH tells RY they want to hire her to be the spokesperson. Chairman gives her the contract. She requests for his promised apology. So he gives her an apple instead haha because apple and apology in korean sounds the same. But RY gladly accepts the apple and contract
  13. [Drama 2017] My Father is Strange 아버지가 이상해

    Ep 51: - MY and JH's mom meet. She asks who MY is. At the same time, JH comes home. Jh is stunned to find mom there and asks when did she arrive without calling first. His mom says just now. JH tells mom My is his gf and tells MY to greet his mom. After My does that, she grabs her bag and tells them she will leave. Jh texts MY to go home carefully. Once MY leaves, JH asks his mom why she is here. She heard what happenes and wants to meet with LYS. She seems furious abt what happened. JH tells mom he has something to tell her and this will shocked her. Mom is shocked. I think Jh told her abt MY being LYs's daughter. JH tells mom he was really happy living in that house. He tells her he really likes MY, no, he really loves MY. And i think he says something abt how he's never met a woman like her? Anyway, he asks mom to not be angry. Back at home, Dad comes home and the family greets him warmly. The family sits around the table together and discusses abt the retrial. Later mom brings in soju and snacks into the room to enjoy alone with Dad. Dad says he is fine because Mom and HY are by his side. Mom and Dad are thankful to have each other in their lives. They talk abt the retrial too. Mom offers her glass and calls Dad YS-ssi Meanwhile, MY cant sleep and checks her phone. jH sends her a text telling her not to worry abt his mother and he will call her tomorrow. In the morning, JW loads HY's luggage. She is finally moving back with her in-laws. Mom is there too. She seems sad that Hy is going. She hugs HY and thanks her for what she did. JW and HY leave.
  14. [Drama 2017] My Father is Strange 아버지가 이상해

    Watched the entertainment weekly clips. They all looked like such a close-knit family. I particularly like that the girls were fighting for Ahn Hyo seop as if he was the last piece of meat on the table. And min jin woong teased lee joon by acting like the drill instructor and made him dance and do push ups. Aww.. Lee joon is going to military very soon. How bittersweet.
  15. [Drama 2017] My Father is Strange 아버지가 이상해

    Thanks so much for the preview. Expected it would be late since they were still filming until yesterday? Obviously Jh's mom is opposing because Of MY's dad Thanks @stroppyse.. Missed your presence here last weekend. I really love it when MY says I really love Actor Ahn very much too.. i dont recall MY saying she loves him...