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  1. I'm so glad that ppl like the song #Wish. Yes, it is a sad song but SH's acting is on point and JJI's voice is very nice. I also like the editing part. Google Translate: # Jung Jun Il # 3 regular # 3 # more beautiful Not this, but ... We see reactions that are as exciting as we are. I have tears. This day is coming. Thank you very much! # Genie # Naver # Olle # Bucks # 1! # Melon # Mnet fourth place !!! # Glory to Park Shin-hye!
  2. Sorry for late response I was very busy lately. I bet she loves to come and visit her fans in different countries. I remember she said about having fan meeting this Spring, let's wait and see for more updates. I saw a tweet about a variety show "Yoon Restaurant" starting next week 3/17. Now SH seems free, do you think that Na PD will invite SH as a guest on his new show again? She does have experience about running a family restaurant. Or maybe she doesn't want to join bc she has been working nonstop since Doctors, and restaurant show is a hard work, it won't be like 3 Meals a day.
  3. This Mamonde shoot is love. She looks so lovely in this video promotion. I saw some of screen cap. said "... seeing everyone in Singapore soon" but the video stopped short. Does it mean she'll have promo in Singapore soon??? Pls go. I just want to see her beautiful face. I miss her. I look forward to 3/14 - The Swarovski White Day event and Jung Joon Il's MV
  4. Finally we get a news about her. Our babe will appear in a MV of Jong Joo Il. I didn't know much about Korean artists so I googled him. Turn out, he is quite popular. So excited. The search is already trending....
  5. New picture of our babe for #Molsion. She is incredibly gorgeous. I'm ded.
  6. OUR BABE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE THIS PHOTO SHOOT. HAHAHA. Adorable ShineHye Credit: @ice_macchiato
  7. 2017 Forbes Korea Top 20 Power Celebrity Ranking