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  1. Philippines fans spotted 4 billboards of PSH for Bench, and they are huge. I can't wait to see these HQ pictures PS: @alcides14ahjumma Thank you.
  2. Hello everyone, it's been awhile I haven't been here, I was so busy. Hope everyone is well. Don't be sad chingu. It's a fierce competition when it comes to these awards and the rating is also the main factor. Some of amazing actresses/ actors like Kim Ha Neul, Kim Hye Soo, Kim Tae Ri, Jo Jong Suk, Han Seok Kyu, Ha Jung Woo,Yoo Hae Jin, Kwak Do Won, Lee Byung Hun,... didn't win either but they all showed up except Han Seok Kyu, he is busy filming his movie rn. As many already said, it is an honor just to be nominated. So cheer up. She'll get her chance to shine. Well-said. This is what I love about SH, she isn't afraid to take on the challenge. You said it!!!
  3. I'm so glad that ppl like the song #Wish. Yes, it is a sad song but SH's acting is on point and JJI's voice is very nice. I also like the editing part. Google Translate: # Jung Jun Il # 3 regular # 3 # more beautiful Not this, but ... We see reactions that are as exciting as we are. I have tears. This day is coming. Thank you very much! # Genie # Naver # Olle # Bucks # 1! # Melon # Mnet fourth place !!! # Glory to Park Shin-hye!
  4. Sorry for late response I was very busy lately. I bet she loves to come and visit her fans in different countries. I remember she said about having fan meeting this Spring, let's wait and see for more updates. I saw a tweet about a variety show "Yoon Restaurant" starting next week 3/17. Now SH seems free, do you think that Na PD will invite SH as a guest on his new show again? She does have experience about running a family restaurant. Or maybe she doesn't want to join bc she has been working nonstop since Doctors, and restaurant show is a hard work, it won't be like 3 Meals a day.
  5. This Mamonde shoot is love. She looks so lovely in this video promotion. I saw some of screen cap. said "... seeing everyone in Singapore soon" but the video stopped short. Does it mean she'll have promo in Singapore soon??? Pls go. I just want to see her beautiful face. I miss her. I look forward to 3/14 - The Swarovski White Day event and Jung Joon Il's MV
  6. Finally we get a news about her. Our babe will appear in a MV of Jong Joo Il. I didn't know much about Korean artists so I googled him. Turn out, he is quite popular. So excited. The search is already trending....
  7. New picture of our babe for #Molsion. She is incredibly gorgeous. I'm ded.
  8. OUR BABE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE THIS PHOTO SHOOT. HAHAHA. Adorable ShineHye Credit: @ice_macchiato
  9. 2017 Forbes Korea Top 20 Power Celebrity Ranking