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  1. Not sure about your country or culture - but he's slow as molasses where I'm from.
  2. No - not in the entertainment industry at all. I'm a boring old tech guy. But I geek out over inconsistencies in shows/movies. Perhaps it's the quality assurance background I have? I, unsurprisingly, wholeheartedly agree with your assessment on Ae's hair, and that scene in the parking lot. Overall, Perth has got it going on, for me. He's got that next door boy vibe. Mean, on the other hand, could give me one glance and perhaps buy one drink and I'm taking him home for the night. I need a drink after the week(s) I've had. Chatting here and watching LBC has been a much-needed pressure release valve for me. There's a reason I found that YouTube video of the guy screaming for 10 hours. Just watching the episode raw - I give it 4 out of 5 hard-on's standing up. (The 5th isn't limp, either.) And picky?! Don't talk to my husband! LOL
  3. Can I just take a moment and make a critique/comment about something? The actors hair, and the show's continuity. It needs to get fixed. (Well, Cha-Am and Pond seem to have it down.) I mean, I laugh about it. But when you're in one scene, where Tin is moving in on Pete and Ae rushes in, then you cut to the next shot, where Ae pulls Pete away and brings him to the locker room -- the hair styling and length needs to be the same. I can't suspend belief. Did they walk through a time warp bubble?
  4. No, there was an infestation of bed bugs and they were checking each other out for bites.
  5. Ugh - @deltos just gave me a play by play just now... so I'm ded too. Ay ay ay...
  6. Here in the U.S. a butterfly kiss is when you're so close to your partner, when you blink your eyelashes flutter against their cheek.
  7. What's this in reference to?
  8. @deltos and I have chatted often about how these Thai networks would make bank if they had an inkling of how large their int'l audience is. I know they *think* they know... but I bet they'd underestimate it by an order of magnitude. Were we separated at birth? When I was chatting with @deltos on LINE last night, he alluded to the cut away possibly turning to Tum/Tar - and I was sad because that would mean I'd have to take points away from my love of this show. And I completely agree with you on where this show falls vis-a-vis the spectrum of how racy it is/can be. I think you nailed it positioning it where you did. I went back and watched the infamous episode 8 from Lovesick - to refresh my memory of what went down. And I literally laughed out loud at that "kiss" - and it reminded me of what I used to call these sorts of kisses: fish bumping lips. Don't get me wrong - I'm a Phun/Noh fan... but I can't express how much I felt when Ae/Pete kissed in the car. FINALLY a real kiss!!! TGIF ya'll!
  9. This is the first series I've made the effort to watch the unsubbed episodes - partly because I really like the show and have the interest. But also because it seems easier to find the episode before its been subbed. Anyway - I'm fine with the unsubbed holding me over until we have the translations. I was under the impression that the subbing was coming from the production team or channel that is airing the show - I'm kinda surprised that the "official" subs are from JayBL or similar person. Nothing bad about that, just seems surprising to me. (Then again, I haven't paid close attention to it, nor did I look into why they were delayed last week.)
  10. Just kills me that Pond forced Ae to say this out loud, in front of Pete and Chompoo... I bet Ae was in hysterics inside.
  11. The more I see Mean's photos out and about, the more I think "he'd be a great vampire." Hmm... there may be a short story here somewhere...
  12. My guess isn’t there: Newwie, of course.
  13. Oh my... when he bites that rose...
  14. Here - this should assist the coffee:
  15. LOL The “I” threw me...