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  1. I agree, and hint at that in my fanfic - how JY has helped ZZ out with that. @bearology - I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your posts. I haven't watch the video you shared yet, but I saw it pop up in my YouTube feed. I feel silly saying this, but I can't go through that emotional up and down just yet. This whole thing with the Addicted show and YuZhou is a first for me, and it's been a crazy experience - one I'm still processing and figuring out. I find myself wanting to see the two of them together so badly - in a perfect world, they would be held up as an example of what true love is. Anyway, time marches on...
  2. Sure! Right after the collapse of Communist China, the restore to order, and for the economy to pick back up to support filming it. By then, JY and ZZ might still be young enough to have Season 2 be about their reunion in their 50's.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm back from my travels and was wondering if someone could link me the URL for the new forum? Thanks!
  4. Happy New Year, all. I'm still on vacation in Thailand, so unable to follow updates as much. Last night was crazy fun, riding a tuk tuk around Bangkok until 3am, celebrating the new year with the crowds.
  5. For the schoolbook, Bai Luo Yin was taken aback when he flipped through it because, filling each page were the following three words: BAI LUO YIN As Gu Hai was practicing his writing...
  6. Okay - status update: The re-encoding with Xvid still had issues. I re-encoded using HandBrake, and that finished and is good. I'm uploading now. Thank you for everyone's patience! I'll let @delightful post the link when it's ready.
  7. I'm re-downloading the original video and re-encoding. Not sure why the audio is off by about 2 seconds... *sigh*
  8. Encoding done! (~50 mins) and uploading now (~30 mins).
  9. Encoding process started!
  10. I think the download is messed up, so it wouldn't help to re-download. Can you skew the subs in timing slightly?
  11. Yep - skipped for me too.