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  1. I do believe Yul is undercover. Every 'solution' he comes up with for TQs problems don't actually fix the problem, just hide it a bit longer. I think he's collecting evidence and if he fixes the issues then the chairman and his team can't be punished for it. I do think he's enjoying the power he's been given in TQ but he is reluctant to cross the line too much, although he does do that at times. Sometimes you have to do bad things for the greater good. I think that's why he's not really doing much about Sung Ryong. The running of TQ would be easier if SR was out the way but his antics are bringing more and more of TQs crimes out - things that SY might not have known if SR wasn't kicking up a fuss. I guess we'll find out in the next episode whether he is or not, since his grey haired friend told him already that there's probably someone undercover in the company and, now he's found the wire tap, he knows that it's Ga Eun. But whether SY is or isn't undercover, I just want that chairman to get the punishment he deserves. I miss Ha Kyung's scenes at the batting station.
  2. I'm still 100% convinced that Seo Yul is a good guy. I'm just waiting for the scene when everyone realises it, and then the After Romeo OST will start playing and Ha Kyung will be looking at him romantically. I can see it so perfectly in my head Although, that may just be the 2PM fan in me being blind to Seo Yul's evil ways
  3. I don't know if it was a mistranslation or not but did the grey haired guy who picked Seo Yul up from the hospital call him prosecutor? The Viki translations said so but I'm not too sure. Is he confirmed as being undercover?
  4. If LJS had said yes to that question at his FM and then HHJ went to Tokyo, Dispatch would be on the first plane out to Japan
  5. Someone's translated the full Naver article about it on reddit which pretty much says he's in the clear, I don't know if everyone has seen it. It's frustrating being an international fan sometimes, only parts of news are translated and the follow up isn't. People seem to have already decided to view him as some creepy sex pest based on a few article titles. We need to wait until the police make their judgement before we start jumping to conclusion. https://www.reddit.com/r/kpop/comments/54gks6/jung_junyoung_8_things_explained_and_2_things/d81mmms
  6. When the police pulled Yeon Joo's dad out of his apartment they said his name was Han Sang Hoon and he knew Kang Chul's dad. So I don't think the killer is YJ's dad but has just taken his look, that's why he's lost his face in the real world. They've given the killer an identity and a back story but he's a character that they don't have control of. Or at least that's what I think, most of my theories for this show have been wrong so far Oh, and hi, I've been lurking this thread for a while and finally decided to make an account