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  1. I forgot when it'll be out Maybe I'll try it tomorrow right now I can't use the laptop
  2. You're right! Can't believe I miss that We can see Shaoye again! Hope Xiao Nian will there too But I'm sure he just appear as cameo so we'll just get a really short scene anyway I'm still grateful for that Btw MR's new series should be release soon right? July or August maybe? It's in Japanese right? Or there's english ver? Well, you should learn more about bl
  3. The article said the release will be in July or August but not stating the year. Will it be this year or next year?
  4. Yup! From Leofish, same as UL! The trailer have been post here before and they also have Wudong look alike (I've also posted it too)
  6. Me too! Hope it'll release fast! I always see Sheng Yi Lun lack of expressions, so glad his acting keep getting better Agree with you, Ma Si Chun really good actress