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  1. Eng sub ep 7 Still no eng sub for ep 8 Previews ep 9-12
  2. You're welcome. Glad to see another post in this thread Yeah, I also want to know more about the actors. Wish someone will give us their profile. I really hope that's true, but until now they just give us Twist eps and I heard nothing about BL ver I read comments that said this series will have season 2? Do you know something about it?
  3. The Twist End eps is funny, healing disappointment. I already posted it
  4. Yeah I have watched whole series without eng sub before. Just search it in youtube. I already posted all eng sub videos that I've found here I hope the bromance more visible like Men With Swords. We just got a little in this series
  5. They changed it to bromance because of the ban, but still worth to watch.
  6. Silly but strong and heavy plus like to eat so much. Me too and Binbin's stuff too Yup! That's the one I've been posted before
  7. @tudorrose You're full of love lol Oh look how happy and glad he is after she has been found and stand before him Yeah, she's different from usual actresses that pay to much attention to their image. She's genuine and cute. You should see her performance in Running Brother (Chinese ver of Running Man) you will like her more I've posted the link here before.
  8. I don't mind at all. Thank you If it will release in Taiwan the ban won't affect it right?