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  1. MWS? What's that mean? Oh they just start the filming?
  2. They replaced him because he's gay?! Aww... That's so disappointing, I thought with all bl series and movies they must be more tolerant there *sigh* Poor Bonne Thank you for new series information
  3. It seems there will be many third wheels in season 2
  4. This new one is Xian Xia right?
  5. Me too. I hope someday he'll get palace drama
  6. Right, he said he wants to try historical drama. I'm sure he'll look handsome like Meng Rui
  7. He's so loyal... I like it! KYAAAH!
  8. =======> ♦ Dilraba and Zhang Yun Long sing for their movie Mr. Pride and Miss Prejudice.
  9. I can't wait! =======> ♦ Who’s Not A Rebellious Youth (谁的青春不叛逆) wrapped up filming with Mao Xiao Tong and Alan Yu Meng Long. Congratulations! This also looks good =======> ♦ The Flame’s Daughter drops first stills of their main characters. Is this another revival route we’re going with Vic Zhou? Zhang Bin Bin is already sizzling by himself. Dude can crack chemistry with the table alone!