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  1. meifang89

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    http://weibo-go.blogspot.com/2019/01/top-20-pairs-of-eyes-most-popular-with.html?m=1 http://imgbox.com/ey82FgXS http://imgbox.com/bsFiaIRj http://imgbox.com/ZF0sP3f7 http://imgbox.com/NrIlYzNH http://imgbox.com/pRrQSUAG http://imgbox.com/WnNodjk2 Long ng Ge has the most beautiful eyes of all (๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥
  2. meifang89

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! (*˘︶˘人)♡*。+
  3. meifang89

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    http://www.dramapanda.com/2018/12/c-drama-ratings-and-celeb-rankings-week_31.html?m=1 Surprised Minglan still hasn't got into 10 top dramas. But Long Ge still listed in 10 top celebrities
  4. meifang89

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    Actually he has another drama as 2nd lead https://mydramalist.com/21028-the-rhapsody-of-a-summer-dream I feel sad already
  5. meifang89

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    I still contemplating watch Ming Lan or not. After saw Long Ge tears and predictable tragic future as 2nd male lead I feel it will crush me bad. I just hope Qi Heng won't end up with annoying villain girl
  6. @biskotmeri well, usually romance is my favorite genre but for Long Ge it's an exception. Not interested in previous Lost Tomb series but for this one I'm sure I'll enjoy it thoroughly because of Long Ge
  7. Hahaha agree with you (^o^) More time to ogling at Long Ge I just hope no romance for Long Ge or at least minimum, I still have a hard time to digest he doing lovey-dovey things with woman. No problem if he does that with Bai Yu though (¯∇¯٥)
  8. 72?! I don't think previous Lost Tomb dramas had that many episodes. Aw still long time... *sigh* (´._.`)
  9. meifang89

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    @gg9whitediamond wow now I really feel like officially xiaolongbao I don't think I able to watch Ming Lan. Long Ge looks so broken there...
  10. meifang89

    HIStory Series (My Hero, 離我遠一點, 著魔)

    Still no release date?
  11. meifang89

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    Hi new member here! I hope you guys don't mind me join Thank you so much for all Long Ge posts I don't know if someone has posted this before...