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  2. *sigh* What makes them think they better than LGBT?! They don't have right to punish people just being different. They're the one who's the low life here. Sorry for my harsh words I know how the victim feels (eventough not that severe in my case),
  3. For fashion we have opposite tastes but for women rights and treatment we have same preference of period You're welcome, glad you like it. Right and he didn't want anyone to oppose/surpress his power, an empress can do much especially her family. What I know the first empress of China is Lv Zhi of Han Dynasty. Other dynasties or rulers before that didn't have empress title. That means Ying Zheng in this drama haven't become an emperor of China yet then. Young Ying Zheng here seems compassionate and full of love, the summary said he loves Sun Li's son like his own pretty different from usual history that stating Ying Zheng as someone egoistical (beside his briliant achievement) who did many cruel thing he didn't even care for his own son because he seeks immortality to become emperor forever. Not to mention wasting many lives and expenses to build the largest underground tomb in the world.
  4. XB must be nervous and need MR presence as a reassurance I joined Soompi because of them too *sigh* time goes so fast. We just can hope someday that many scenes will be release.
  5. Too big and heavy I prefer Joseon fashion though. Simple but elegant From what I've read in history Ying Zheng harem is not famous because people just saw his achievement in uniting China and he seems not an emperor who's thinking dwelling in harem is such important duties. He prefer power than beautiful women. Oh what a good news! I love The Legend of Zhen Huan's costumes especially the hairdresses, all of them are so beautiful Qing Dynasty is my most favourite New pictures of ZBB I hope you guys like it Found this too
  6. The anticipation got heighthen Dilraba's hairstyle in this gif kind of similiar like Korean saeguk drama Queen Seondeok or other in that era
  7. Ep 1 eng sub out real fast! Gosh Pik is so sweet! He acts as as a boyfriend already I'm happy Pik & Rome got a bigger portion in Puppy Honey 2
  8. I forgot that too. @fingersandpaws really dedicated and hard working, bring more happiness to our fandom
  9. You're right. We're lucky enough
  10. I feel nostalgic