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  1. @ghosthunt wow! I'm sure none are noticed it, i could see people were focus on GY only in that gif thank you chingu!
  2. @Map Nichurt white car was goblin car they were just finish took a scene, GY's car was the black one.
  3. @sooyoungdaebak lol poor SungJae he's only gets a bread and without a girl. Meanie Samchoon!
  4. @JaneyBae that fast! thank you bebzz you're our best CSI agent ahhh ep.12 yup, no wonder ....they've been real close already . Did they realized people was starring at them lol i guess they didnt think of that
  5. @JaneyBae waaaa! so cutee! good eyes janeyy i thought was only waving are they already that close? Oh on which episode is this bts? And if you look at the shadows under the car, GY still not go inside the car until she's turn around and walks Edit: @violetpetal @grgg you are welcome chingu @starryknights i guess the other couple was eats at different place or they didnt have a scene that day. and That two man probably PDnim and cameraman or PDnim assitant
  6. @sooyoungdaebak hahaha! And look at DW reaction after GY said "Taken" priceless seems he's the one who got excited lol
  7. @JaneyBaethat's a good ideaaaa!! i was thinking sinca that day, who can make MV with that song!
  8. @sooyoungdaebak awwww this is cuteee *hearteu* about those nominates category, their kiss is the most daebakk i ever saw on K-drama but how comes not included in nominate..
  9. @madmonika woaaahhhhh! Daebakkkk! Whocares about grammar we are not grammar police! i Love your mini Cerpen? I mean story Ps: sorry for delete some part of your comment, mods warning me a lots for quotes pictures
  10. @sooyoungdaebak lol i still laugh reads that "one shot scores three" oh! i've been waiting that " 3 house" proof since yesterdayy or a day before yesterday. as someone promised to reveal it on ig *waiting.... waiting... waiting...* @seasons32 "misleading innocent" LOL she/he got that tittle through some kinda pageant