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  1. [Drama 2017] My Secret Romance 애타는 로맨스

    I was being vocal not because i don't like her, i'm not really care if the actress or actor pretty or not, cute or not. i more care how their acting and play the character. And if promising actor/actress could play/work together with actor/actress who has a lots experience in this industry will be great to learn more from them and their acting skill will having a progress. That's all. Ofcourse he has to answered Song Ji Eun because he's work with her at this moment. because so many reason and It will be so awkward after the interview if he choosed Shin Hye Sun. specially for Song Ji Eun, they needs to build chemistry in the drama if one of them feeling down and unappreciated It will be ruined everything. This is just a logic thought.
  2. [Drama 2017] My Secret Romance 애타는 로맨스

    Hallo, I'm new here, i just reads some of comments i can say i'm SH fans after 5 children's drama. but, i know him years before I was accidently watched for 5 minutes a Kdrama my mom watched. I've been following SH for year on weibo because he's active there than other sns. I was excited when i know he has new drama project but i end up being vocal to complained to godin when they announced the main lead actress because after watched his former drama (5 childrens) i was hoping SH will be pair with another good actress not idol so his acting will be more and more better. I'm sorry if i say i'm not into idols in drama/movie except if they can proof it init. I still not watch MSR yet. but i will, because of SH but after it finnish airing. so i don't have to wait every week. I hope his acting a same as good as in 5 children. He's impressed me in that drama .
  3. Kim Go Eun 김고은

    @seasons32 congrattt!!! *throw confetti* i'm sure KGE's thread will be more fun now under your management . A love from meh for our lovely KGE
  4. Hallo, i'm new here but i'm LDW's long time fans. I watch all his projects but from all his dramas, my all the time fav drama is wild romance
  5. [Official] GOBLIN COUPLE | Kim Go Eun x Gong Yoo

    @ghosthunt wow! I'm sure none are noticed it, i could see people were focus on GY only in that gif thank you chingu!
  6. [Official] GOBLIN COUPLE | Kim Go Eun x Gong Yoo

    @Map Nichurt white car was goblin car they were just finish took a scene, GY's car was the black one.
  7. [Official] GOBLIN COUPLE | Kim Go Eun x Gong Yoo

    @sooyoungdaebak lol poor SungJae he's only gets a bread and without a girl. Meanie Samchoon!