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  1. @tulip06 @sk0317 I was thinking about watching ep 83 tonight but if even the Twins have turned nasty, I guess that I can wait until Sunday. What's up? I would think that the Twins would be overjoyed to have Sister Yoon in their household doing anything at all, regardless of her Rich Brat level housekeeping skills.
  2. synopsis, episode 82 Corporate Jerk insists on turning the Yoon Family Restaurant into a franchise operation. Father yoon reminds him that he is not only his son, but his employee. Corporate Jerk goes to his bedroom, where Rich Brat eggs him on. For good measure, she also tells him to oppose his brothers assignment to Yoonga Foods headquarters. The Aunt fails at being subtle when she asks Eun Soo's mother whether the Former Department Store Supervisor is available. Yes indeed, she replies. Club Jerk once again joins, and jokes with, Eun Soo's work group. Halmoni and her chauffeur talk. In his temporary detective capacity, he reports that Rich Brat's father frequents a certain dry cleaning shop. Halmoni goes for a walk. Two boys are playing catch and almost bean Halmoni. She stumbles but -- a small world -- Eun Soo's grandmother catches her fall. They snarl at each other and Eun Soo's grandmother moves on to join some women who are harvesting mugwort. Halmoni approaches them and joins in. Night. Mother Yoon and her daughters in law are cleaning up after dinner. Mother Yoon tells Rich Brat to take the garbage out since Eun Soo is doing the dishes. After Mother Yoon leaves, Rich Brat orders Eun Soo to take out the garbage. Father Yoon, who has been watching the two women silently, clears his throat and Rich Brat takes out the garbage. Or starts to. Rich Brat gets as far as the living room before dropping the bag of garbage on the floor. Eun Soo arrives to clean up the mess but Father Yoon orders Rich Brat to do it. Eun Soo joins Club Jerk in their bedroom. As they are starting to get their amor on, Sister Yoon barges in. Her face red, Sister Yoon retreats and the newlyweds continue where they left off. Eun Soo's brother, affecting some severe Rachel Maddow style eyeglasses, dines with his mother and grandmother. His grandmother encourages his mother to visit a hairdresser. The Real Estate Lady enters the dry cleaning shop and is shocked by Eun Soo's mother's new perm. The Real Estate Lady wants to talk about Eun Soo's mother's two suitors. Eun Soo's mother does not. Corporate Jerk sits in his office and remembers his argument with his father. Rich Brat brings in the paperwork for taking Yoonga Foods public. That was the other thing Father Yoon told him not to do. She tells him to Go Hard, since he's practically inherited the company alreadly. The Upstairs Tenant eats with the twins. He asks how they would like to have a mom like Sister Yoon. They wouldn't because they miss their real mom. Sister Yoon sits at her desk and makes a call. The Upstairs Tenant and Sister Yoon face each other across a table in the Aunt's cafe. he confesses that he would like to date her but cannot because he is the father of two kids. Then he leaves. The Aunt, who has overheard this exchange, leaves without answering. Eun Soo stops by the dry cleaning shop after work to visit her grandmother. They agree that it would be a good thing for Eun Soo's mother to remarry. Eun Soo runs into Rich Brat's father on the way out. Eun Soo's mother arrives and Eun Soo leaves. He wants to talk about their relationship and she reminds him that they don't have a relationship. Then Eun Soo's mother argues with Rich Brat's father and sends him away. Night. Rich Brat is cooking something. Mother Yoon walks into the kitchen, tastes, and makes a face. Eun Soo walks in. After Mother Yoon praises Eun Soo's cooking, Rich Brat throws her apron on the counter and storms out of the room. Father Yoon summons Mother Yoon, Corporate Jerk and Rich Brat to the living room. He scolds Rich Brat for disrespecting her mother in law. Rich Brat is like, You knew I was a spoiled brat. Cut me some slack. Rich Brat begins to cry. Her tears stop as soon as Corporate Jerk begins to defend her. Morning. Halmoni sits at her room and ponders the riddle of her son in law and the dry cleaning shop. She knows it can't be the woman who runs the dry cleaning shop, because he of course would never be attracted to a woman who runs a dry cleaning shop. Halmoni calls her son in law and asks him to come straight home after work. He tells her that he needs to go to the gym. Halmoni and her chauffeur sit in a car outside the dry cleaning shop. When her son in law arrives and enters the building, her suspicions are confirmed. When Rich Brat's father enters the dry cleaning shop, Halmoni surveils him and Eun Soo's from the hallway. He gives her some candy. She's like, Ugh! From the hallway, Halmoni's like, Ugh!
  3. SYNOPSIS, EPISODE 81 Rich Brat's mother has been dead for 20 years. When her father tells Rich Brat that he has finally found another woman he loves, she says that she "Feels sorry for mom." Night. Rich Brat returns to the Yoon residence. Eun Soo gives her a cheerful greeting. Rich Brat slumps past her without speaking. Rich Brat sits in her bedroom alone. She remembers her father's words. Corporate Jerk invites Rich Brat to share a bottle of wine and snacks with him. He tells her that he prepared the snacks. Club Jerk and Eun Soo talk in their bedroom. Turns out that Eun Soo gave Corporate Jerk the recipe for the snacks. He throws her on the bed and pitches woo. Rich Brat rails about the injustice of her father's love for a woman to Corporate Jerk. He is about to call BS when he recalls that Eun Soo told him to just listen and cut the mansplaining tonight. She asks, "Shouldn't a man have only one wife until he dies, even if she dies?" He looks sick but says "Yes." Then he gulps his wine. Sister Yoon meditates in her bedroom and reflects on the coincidence that the man and children she loves are both from the same household. Eun Soo walks into her office with Club Jerk. He has been detailed to Yoonga Foods to commercialize his low sodium recipe. Rich Brat encounters Eun Soo in the hallway and thanks her. Eun Soo is like, WTF? Then she hands Eun Soo the note she gave Corporate Jerk with the recipe and instructions on how to make nice to an angry wife. Corporate Jerk arrives at the Yoon Family Restaurant to sample his brothers new low sodium dish. Father Yoon suggests that it is time to give Club Jerk a job at Headquarters. Corporate Jerk's enthusiasm is restrained. Sitting with Eun Soo, Club Jerk is lovey dovey in front of her office mates and talks about making a baby. Rich Brat's father's nurse coaches Sister Yoon's assistant on the art of enticing women. Rich Brat's father listens with interest. Rich Brat's father enters the dry cleaning shop as Eun Soo's mother and grandmother are having tea. Eun Soo's mother tells him to leave, but her grandmother tells him to stay. He and the grandmother chat. Eun Soo's mother looks on in resentful silence. Sister Yoon, in her office, awaits the Upstairs Tenant/ They had scheduled another interview for the webtoon. But he sends Eun Soo's brother instead. Rich Brat and Halmoni get their nails painted. Halmoni tells her not to worry, she'll "deal with" her father's romance. The Upstairs Tenant, over dinner, tells the twins that he knows Sister Yoon because of the webtoon but they are "not that close." Dinner at the Yoons'. The Aunt opines that women who attended all girls schools are at a disadvantage in the marriage sweepstakes. Father Yoon almost breaks a tooth. It turns out to be a rhinestone that has fallen off of one of Rich Brat's fingernails. He orders her to keep her fingernails bare and ready for kitchen work. Like a proper daughter in law. Like Eun Soo. Eun Soo's grandmother and brother eat dinner alone. She asks how he would like to live with her, apart from his mother. Not much, re replies. Eun Soo's mother and the Real Estate Lady chat cheerfully in the shop. Then the Former Department Store Supervisor arrives. As though he had thrown a bucket of cold water into the shop, the Real Estate Lady flees and Eun Soo/s mother turns grim. He is heartbroken because she left in the middle of the musical. She says thanks for the interest. But no thanks. The Former Department Store Supervisor makes a final plea. Eun Soo's mother doesn/t know how to handle it. Then Rich Brat's father arrives and handles it. The Former Department Store Supervisor leaves. Then Eun Soo tells Rich Brat's father to leave. But he stays. Corporate Jerk joins his father in the living room. He proposes that they sell Yoon Family Restaurant franchises. Father Yoon is like, Do I look like Colonel Sanders? Father Yoon and his son Assume The Stance.
  4. SYNOPSIS, EPISODE 80 Eun Soo's grandmother arrives at the dry cleaning shop. She lurks in the hallway shen she sees her Doctor talking with her daughter in law. Eun Soo's mother refuses to tell Rich Brat's father why her ardor has suddenly cooled. She sends him away. Club Jerk wakes up and looks at his sleeping wife. His adultery fantasies are on full blast. Eun Soo's grandmother sits up in her bedroom and sadly considers her sleeping daughter in law. Morning. Eun Soo and her brother in law encounter each other in the hallway between their bedrooms. Rich Brat approaches them and complains that it took a long time to wash off whatever her husband wrote on her hand. Eun Soo is sad to learn that her advice has thus far driven Corporate Jerk further into the dog house. Eun Soo enters her bedroom and mutters something about Corporate Jerk's failure as a lover. Club jerk thinks she is talking about his supposed romantic rival. Eun Soo's mother drags herself into work. As she sits alone, she remembers Rich Brat's father's words. Eun Soo and Corporate Jerk are in his office. She suggests that he should try to plan an event for Rich Brat. The Upstairs Tenant works at his desk. He remembers Sister Yoon's profession of love. He thinks that he cannot enter a relationship with Sister Yoon because of his responsibilities to the twins. Then someone calls and asks for the phone number of the twins' mother, whom she met at the twins' schools. He is bewildered. He does not know that Sister Yoon has been posing as their mother. The Upstairs Tenant confronts the twins and scolds them for not telling him about the parent-teacher meeting. They tell him it was an event expecially for mothers and the other kids make fun of them when he comes instead. He says that he has to meet this woman who posed as their mother. He asks his daughter to schedule a meeting. Sister Yoon sits forlornly at her desk and remembers the baby pictures the Upstairs Tenant showed her. Then she receives a call from his daughter. Yes, she will meet her father that evening. Club Jerk pitches his father re: making his new healthy dish a Yoonga Food product. Eun Soo's grandmother arrives at her Doctor's office. They have a heart to heart about his relationship with Eun Soo's mother. He does not tell her about their recent difficulties. Eun Soo arrives at her mother's shop.to pick up some dry cleaning. She asks about her mother's Chingu and is told that they haven't seen each other lately. Then she leaves to take Corporate Jerk to a class. Club Jerk texts his wife. He notices that she has changed her profile picture and is suspicious. Apparently, he has placed a tracker on his cell phone because he knows where she is: a cafe. Club Jerk heads for the cafe to confront Eun Soo and the cad. From the street through the window, he can see her sitting at a table but a pillar blocks his view of the cad. When he finds out that the cad is his brother, he feels like an idiot. Eun Soo leads him away. Corporate Jerk attends a class. It seems to be on how to buy and give candy to women, or some such. Eun Soo and Club Jerk enter their bedroom and bicker. She explains everything. Turns out that it was a candy making class. She observes that he seems to have little faith in her and storms out of the room. The Upstairs Tenant arrives at the Aunt's cafe for his meat up with the volunteer "mother." He is surprised to find only Sister Yoon there. He sits at his own table awaiting the arrival of his "date." When the twins arrive, Sister Yoon is surprised to see them greet the Upstairs Tenant as their father. They move to a common table. The Aunt watches the goings on and is confused. Rich Brat's father arrives home. Halmoni asks whether he wants her to live alone since, after his conversation with Father Yoon, Rich Brat won't be moving in with her. He tells her that he will still be there to keep her company since he will not be accepting the job in the country. She wonders why he has decided to stay. Rich Brat arrives home and receives a call from Halmoni. Halmoni asks whether Rich Brat knows if her father is dating anyone. Rich Brat says, Don't be silly. Club Jerk has placed candy and a love note in the pocket of a coat in Eun Soo's closet. When he returns to their bedroom, he asks about the coat. Eun Soo tells him that it wasn't her coat. Rich Brat enters her bedroom and finds the errant coat on her bed, since it was hers. She finds the love note and is favorably impressed. Just then, her husband enters the room with wine. She rushes into his arms. She thanks him for the note. He starts to ask, What note?, but thinks better of it. Club Jerk pounds on the door. Corporate Jerk goes out into the hallway and stifles his brother before he can demand the return of his note. Eun Soo's mother hunts vainly for the picture of her late husband. Her mother in law enters and tells her that she has gotten rid of it because she should move on to Rich Brat's father. Rich Brat enters her father's office to ask what's up with him. He explains that he likes a woman. Rich Brat is like, Euw! Gross!!
  5. SYNOPSIS, EPISODE 79 Morning. Mother Yoon is in the kitchen making breakfast because both of her daughters in law are indisposed. She is not pleased. Eun Soo struggles for wakefulness. Her head hurts. Seeking a kiss, Club Jerk halts his wife's progress toward the bathroom, where she probably needs to upchuck. She throws him on the bed. Rich Brat awakens to a curt note from her husband. She cannot remember the night before. Breakfast at the Yoon residence. Mother Yoon has thrown out the hangover soup she was preparing and instead serves pizza and pasta. Everyone stares balefully at the greasy fare. Then Rich Brat enters the room on her way to work. She spots the pizza and grabs a piece as she leaves. Even Mother Yoon is shocked that anyone could stomach pizza for breakfast. The Manager offers to make Eun Soo coffee as the workgroup heads to a meeting. Eun Soo is uncomfortable, not to mention hungover. Eun Soo encounters Rich Brat on her way to the meeting. Rich Brat assumes The Stance. Rich Brat now remembers that she talked to Eun Soo the night before but can't remember what she said. Club Jerk texted Eun Soo as she was summoned to the meeting. He complains that she ignored his text. Suspicious, he volunteers to deliver an envelope to Yoonga Foods headquarters. Club Jerk joins Eun Soo and her work group and gives them cake. As Club Jerk leaves, Eun Soo walks him into the hall and reproaches him for visiting her at her workplace. He is beginning to feel unloved. Corporate Jerk runs into Eun Soo in the hallway and gives her a few shots of his arrogance. Eun Soo almost feels sorry for Rich Brat and offers to give him some remedial tutoring in human behavior. The Aunt is sitting in Rich Brat's fathers waiting room when she receives a call from the Real Estate Lady, who tells her that the Former Department Store Supervisor is definitely still available. She abandons her appointment with Rich Brat's father and runs out the door. Rich Brat's father sees Father Yoon, who is complaining about his back again. Before leaving, they discuss Rich Brat's request to move back home. Rich Brat's father says that won't be necessary since he will not be taking the job in the country and thus can keep Halmoni company. Corporate Jerk is about to accept an invitation to a business meeting when he remembers some of Eun Soo's coaching. He remembers that he needs to show his wife some attention and decline. Rich Brat leaves work to join her husband on the sidewalk. He hides from her and is playful. She wonders why he is acting weird. Then his antics cause her to slip and fall. She has a nosebleed. She storms off in anger. As Sister Yoon leaves work, she asks her assistant why the Upstairs Tenant hasn't come by all day. Sister Yoon has summoned the Upstairs Tenant to a cafe for an immediate Talk. She asks him if he really wants to set her up with a blind date. He says sure. Then she fixes him with a stare which strongly suggests that he has Said The Wrong Thing. She declares her love for him. He is hocked. She tries to close the deal and he runs off. She runs him down. He tells her that he doesn't deserve her. Also, that he has two children. He shows her a picture of the twins but she doesn't recognize them because they're baby pictures. He walks away while she stands, bewildered. Eun Soo coaches Corporate Jerk over the phone. But she terminates the call abruptly and hides the phone as Club Jerk enters the bedroom. He has concluded that there is another man in her life, but who? His suspicions are confirmed when she refuses to allow him to check her phone's call log. Rich Brat scores a small victory in her cold war with Eun Soo. Then Father Yoon summons her and hands her a major defeat. Halmoni is upset to learn that Father Yoon won't allow Rich Brat to move in with her. Then she is puzzled to learn that Father Yoon discussed the matter with her son in law. Rich Brat's father arrives and Halmoni says that she needs to have a word with her. He tells her that he needs to meet someone and leaves. Club Jerk imagines that Eun Soo was getting hot and heavy with a competitor when he interrupted her phone call. Just then Eun Soo enters the bedroom, climbs into bed, and pushes him away when he tries to get amorous. After Eun Soo falls asleep, Club Jerk tries to check her cell phone but it is password protected. Back in their bedroom, things are not going well for the other brother either. He tries to write something on his sleeping wife's hand with a magic marker but she awakens and is like, Really? He holds her hand and tries to be understanding but she wonders whether he is sick. Eun Soo's grandmother arrives at the dry cleaning shop. She lurks in the hallway when she sees her Doctor talking with her daughter in law.
  6. SYNOPSIS, EPISODE 78 Club Jerk and Eun Soo play Rock Paper Scissors in their bedroom. Eun Soo encounters Rich Brat on her way to the bathroom. Rich Brat is obviously fresh from the shower. Eun Soo observes that she always keeps her body clean but never keeps the bathroom clean. rich Brat is like: My body is my temple, my bathroom is not. Also, Eun Soo observes that although Rich Brat cooks dinner, she never washes the dinner dishes. rich Brat is like, So What? and disappears into her bedroom. In her bedroom, Rich Brat complains to Corporate Jerk about life in the Yoon residence and renews her pressure to move out. He rolls over and tries to sleep. She aggressively utilizes her noisy hair dryer. Morning. Eun Soo's mother mopes in her shop. She remembers how sad her mother in law was about the impending departure of her doctor, Rich Brat's father. She thinks that maybe she doesn't want to break things off with him after all. Eun Soo's mother rushes off. She hesitates before the door to Rich Brat's father's office and turns to leave, but her departure is interrupted by Sister Yoon. Rich Brat's father enters the hallway and he and Eun Soo's mother are awkward. Thinking that they don't know each other, Sister Yoon introduces them. Eun Soo's mother mutters something and runs off. Sister Yoon is bewildered. Rich Brat's father returns to his office. He remembers Eun Soo's mother's question: Can you cut ties to your daughter to be with me? He is puzzled. The Upstairs Tenant is on the phone. He learns that a big film company wants to buy the rights to his webtoon. he celebrates. Sister Yoon is on her way out of her office when the Upstairs Tenant enters and embraces her. He tells her his good news. Then she embraces him. The Upstairs Tenant offers to introduce Sister Yoon to a good man. She's like, You said you love me -- do you men just love as between briends? He equivocates and looks sly. Halmoni aigoos in her bed. She considers that she is becoming a lonely old lady. Rich Brat, she never calls, she never writes. And her son in law, who knows what's up with him? Halmoni calls Rich Brat. Rich Brat detects that her grandmother is sad. Rich Brat, who was at her desk at work, rushes into Halmoni's bedroom. Halmoni, pleased with the attention, complains about having a cold and delivers a series of fake coughs. Halmoni says it would be nice if Rich Brat lived with her. She is speaking to a receptive audience. Eun Soo's brother delvers an envelope to his sister's office but she is out. The formerly Clueless Coworker is happy to take the envelope. She thinks that maybe having Eun Soo around isn't so bad after all. The Assistant Manager, who has witnessed this exchange from around the corner, is like Oh Guano. When her coworker confirms that she is interested in her former boyfriend, she knows that things may get complicated. Eun Soo's mother is alone in her shop at the end of the day. Rich Brat's father enters. He asks why she came by his office if she wasn't there to see him. She's like, I dunno. He asks if the fact that their daughters are sisters in law has anything to do with her Change Of Heart. She denies it. She wishes him Godspeed out of town. He departs. Rich Brat's father hesitates in he hallway. Before he can leave the building, Eun Soo's grandmother arrives. She reiterates that she will miss him when he leaves for his new job. Then he makes good his getaway. After he has left, she reflects that his wife must be a lucky woman. Eun Soo's mother and grandmother are in the shop. The grandmother says that she saw her doctor in the hallway, did he stop by? No, her daughter in law says. Grandmother wonders: If he wasn't here for dry cleaning, why was he here? The Yoon family is having coffee in their living room. Rich Brat is blundering ahead with her case for moving in with her ailing granny. Corporate Jerk is irritated, they haven't finished discussing it between themselves. Rich Brat lies that Halmoni "passed out" because of her "cold." Corporate Jerk manages to look concerned but Father Yoon smells guano. Father Yoon asks when Rich Brat's father is moving out. Then he says that he will think about her request to move out. Club Jerk and Eun Soo are in their bedroom. He wants to Get Amorous. She plays clueless. He complains that she has grown cold. Club Jerk wanders into Sister Yoon's bedroom. She wonders whether she is in love. He wonders why she is acting weird. Rich Brat calls Halmoni and prematurely claims victory. Corporate Jerk enters and begins making his pitch: No way he wants to live with Halmoni. Club Jerk calls his brother, sister in law, and Eun Soo out to the common area for a game of Lie Detector. The Lie Detector detects dishonesty when Eun Soo swears that she would marry Club Jerk again in an afterlife. When Corporate Jerk is asked whether he regrets marrying Rich Brat, his answer is yes. When the Lie Detector indicates no dishonesty, Rich Brat huffs back into her bedroom. Corporate Jerk follows his wife into their bedroom. Bad Move: she complains that he should have lied. When she presses him to tell her whether he really regrets marrying her, she gets an answer she doesn't like. She screams that marrying him is the biggest regret of her life. Rich Brat storms into the hallway, where she discovers that Club Jerk and Eun Soo have been eavesdropping. Then she storms down the stairs. Eun Soo follows Rich Brat into the street and asks her whether she would like to grab a drink with her. In fact, Rich Brat would like to grab several drinks. In a bar, Rich Brat and Eun Soo bicker. Then they drink. Rich Brat claims that she needs extra drinks to handle the fact that she is at the bar with Eun Soo. Rich Brat fears that her loveless marriage may be punishment for a life ill lived, rather than her failure to check her husband's warranty before she purchased him. Rich Brat screams and carries on, but as in the typical K-Drama bar scene, none of the other patrons pay her any mind. Corporate Jerk and Club Jerk arrive at the bar to find their wives in varying states of snozzlement. As the brothers lead their drunken wives into the house, Rich Brat screams out and awakens Father nd Mother Yoon. They emerge from their bedroom to confront their sons and daughters in law. A scene ensues.
  7. I doubt that what happens in Korea or Great Britain differs much from what happens in the United States. If one is experiencing a crisis, the first thing that's necessary is to reduce or eliminate anxiety so one can formulate a path forward. I suspect that in each of these countries the socially constructed expectations of how men and women will react are the same: Men in the UK, Korea and US are more likely to head for the "pub" or bar and women in the same countries are more likely to find solace in a cup of tea. On the other hand, no one much cares if a man finds solace in tea in any of these countries but a woman who goes on a .bender is more likely to catch some grief. Alcohol is probably as much a part of American as Korean life, maybe more. Probably kamikaze drinking is more prevalent among the young in both countries. My guess is that among older adults, getting really blitzed on occasion may be more tolerated in Korea than the US, while drinking on a daily basis may be more tolerated in the US than Korea.
  8. That news hit the audience hard as well. Up until then, it seemed that they had a totally bloodless, cold and coerced marriage. No one would have blamed him if he had stowed away to China or wherever. The news of his wife's pregnancy changed the whole equation. A clever piece of writing in a series which otherwise seemed to be written with a sledgehammer.
  9. I have to reiterate my respect for Park Ha Na (Rich Brat) as an actress. She was absolutely chilling in the early episodes as a sociopathic high school student. Now that her character is mostly mischievous (even comical at times) and abashed ("Regrets, she has a few . . .") she is still equally convincing. I find the lighter touch of the more recent episodes, in which Eun Soo is on a more equal (if not superior) footing with Rich Brat, to be more pleasant and sustainable for the remaining 40 episodes or more. In contrast to The Unusual Family, in which all but the last three episodes or so featured a beat-down of the heroine..
  10. I think a lot of his apparent cluelessness is passive aggression (passive revenge) for the fact that Rich Brat coerced him into marriage with Granny's investment in Yoonga Foods. No question that in a non-coerced marriage he would owe his wife more consideration and attention.
  11. Standing up the Former Department Store Supervisor would have been cruel. I'm glad that Eun Soo's mother found a way to see both men.
  12. SYNOPSIS, EPISODE 77 Morning. Eun Soo busts Rich Brat for adding copious amounts of salt to the family breakfast and begins to scold her. Father Yoon walks in and, misinterpreting what is happening, scolds Eun Soo for disrespecting the #1 Daughter In Law. Rich Brat flounces into her bedroom with a smirk on her face. Then she snaps at her husband because he will be leaving on a business trip. They wonder aloud why they married each other. Eun Soo takes the spoiled food to the breakfast table and announces that Riich Brat helped pepare breakfast by "seasoning the food." Everyone tases and gags. Not! We aren't shown what happened: Eun Soo probably prepared the meal again from scratch. At Yoonga Foods, Rich Brat phones Halmoni and complains about her husband's indifference. Will Halmoni launch another tweet storm, or do we have Mutually Assured Deterrence? Halmoni asks Rich Brat whether she has spoken with her father lately. She complains that he is draging his feet on the job offer. Halmoni says that she thinks he is seeing someone lately. Rich Brat tells her not to be silly. Eun Soo's mother mopes in her shop and remembers her conversation with Rich Brat's father. Eun Soo calls to check on her health. She tells her mother that she is happy in her marriage but is sad that she doesn't also seem to be happy. The Upstairs Tenant bustles into Sister Yoon's reception area and talks with her assistant. He tells him he has brought her a ham sandwich since since she doesn't like chicken breast. Puzzled, the assistant asks how he knows this. The Upstairs Tenant tells him that at dinner the night before, she gave him all of her chicken breast. The assistant says that is weird since she really likes chicken breast. The Manager asks what the group would like to order in for lunch, with special attention to Eun Soo. As Eun Soo hesitates, the Formerly Clueless one says that she would like curry. Eun Soo curries favor with her irritable colleague by saying that she would also like curry. Curry it is. The Aunt paces the hallway, looking into the window of Eun Soo's mother's shop. The Aunt fumes: What does she have that I don't? Then she goes into the shop and Eun Soo's mother gives her her clothes, which she has cleaned for free. Then she offers to make another try on removing a spot, also for free. The Aunt has lost a target for her anger. Evening at the Yoon house. Rich Brat is in the kitchen preparing some kind of stew for dinner. It tastes bland. Then Eun Soo enters and Rich Brat tells her that she doesn't need any help. When Eun Soo leaves, Rich Brat adds MSG to the stew. But Eun Soo reenters the kitchen, catches her in the act, and grins. Mother Yoon walks in and Eun Soo doesn't tattle. But after Mother Yoon walks out, Eun Soo tells Rich Brat that Father Yoon and Club Jerk are sure to detect the MSG. At the restaurant, more customers are ordering Club Jerk's low sodium dish. Rich Brat's father's nurse looks in on him to tell him that she is leaving for the day. He's someplace off in the ozone and doesn't notice her. Eun Soo's mother returns home and mopes in her bedroom. She looks sadly at the ticket the Former Department Store Supervisor gave her. Eun Soo's mother tells her son and mother in law that she has a ticket to see a musical the next night with a friend but isn't sure that she wants to go. They tease her for being indecisive. Morning. Mother Yoon offers to get her husband a glass of water and he surprises her by fetching it himself. This change in her husband worries her. Then he tells her that the change was inspired by Eun Soo's remark and she's like, OMG. Corporate Jerk promises to take his wife on the overnight spa outing she requested. She is happy. At dinner, Mother Yoon complains that she is always tired. Eun Soo tells her that since tomorrow is her day off, she will sub for her at the restaurant. Then Corporate Jerk, feeling competitive, tells his parents that he has two spa tickets they can use while he and Rich Brat take their places at the restaurant. Rich Brat has a quiet melt-down. The Real Estate Lady rushes into Eun Soo's mother's shop and asks her whether he has decided whether she will see Rich Brat's father or the Former Department Store supervisor that evening. She says that she has not. Her friend tells her to follow her heart, not her head. The Yoon brothers and thei spouses work at the restaurant. Rich Brat complains that she is tired. Eun Soo rubs it in. The Former Department Store Supervisor calls Eun Soo's mother. Have you forgotten our date? Rich Brat's father arrives at the restaurant. The Former Department Store Supervisor paces in frustration. Eun Soo's mother joins the Former Department Store Supervisor and apologizes for being late. Rich Brat's father realizes that he will be dining alone. By prior arrangement, Rich Brat's father goes to the stage to sing a love song. In mid-song, Eun Soo's mother arrives. She is touched. At the end of the day the Yoon brothers and Eun Soo clean the restaurant while Rich Brat sits and sulks. When Club Jerk and Eun Soo offer to finish the cleanup Rich Brat jumps up and starts for the door but Corporate Jerk insists on staying to help. Eun Soo's mother returns to her shop alone and sits in the darkness. Morning. Eun Soo's brother comes downstairs and complains of neck pain. His grandmother insists on taking him to her doctor. Rich Brat's father sits in his office. Eun Soo's grandmother and brother enter. Diagnosis: Just a cramp. Eun Soo's grandmother and Rich Brat's father talk after the examination. He tells her that he will be moving to a country hospital. Eun Soo's grandmother goes to the dry cleaning shop and complains that her favorite doctor will soon be gone. Eun Soo's mother, realizing who the doctor must be, drops the glass of cold water she was bringing to her mother in law. I'm glad that Eun Soo's mother found a way to see both men. Standing up the Former Department Store Supervisor would have been cruel.
  13. SYNOPSIS, EPISODE 76 Morning. Eun Soo awakens in her bed as her husband watches. Eun Soo is disturbed to discover that she has overslept. Club Jerk tells her that he has made breakfast, and admits to turning off her alarm since she seemed tired. Downstairs, Eun Soo confesses that her husband made breakfast while she slept in. Mother Yoon complains that the rice was too sogg, but is happy that Eun Soo did not lie to her. In their bedroom, the Aunt complains to Sister Yoon about her bad luck with men. Club Jerk overhears the Aunt ordering his wife to take some clothes to her mother's shop. He reprimands the Aunt, observing that the dry cleaners is right across the hall from her cafe. Eun Soo arrives at work. The formerly clueless office mate has decided to harrass her because the Chairman's daughter in law should not receive special treatment. The Manager has a severe attack of indigestion. Rich Brat and Corporate Jerk argue over her desire to spend a night away from his family over the weekend. She complains that even on their trip to Jeju Island, she had no respite from Eun Soo since he screwed up the hotel reservations. He shoots back that he only screwed them up because he was under so much pressure from Halmoni to take her on a trip. His inadvertant confession angers her. Rich Brat enters the break room and overhears Eun Soo telling Club Jerk that she needs to be home on time to help Rich Brat with the cooking. Rich Brat starts to complain that Eun Soo was "badmouthing" her cooking, but relents when she realizes that she can use the help. The Upstairs Tenant takes Sister Yoon to a restaurant for a meal. He thanks her for her help. Halmoni steams into Rich Brat's father's office and complains that he didn't tell her about the job offer. She pressures him to accept it. He tells her that he hasn't made up his mind. She wants him to accept the directorship because it will burnish the family's reputation. Club Jerk, at the Yoon restaurant, convinces a table full of diners to try his new low-sodium dish. The Real Estate Lady berates Eun Soo's mother for accepting a date with the Former Department Store Supervisor. Eun Soo's grandmother, arriving with food, pumps the Real Estate Lady for details re her daughter in laws love life while she is making a delivery. Halmoni ponders her son in laws change in behavior. She calls someone and gives him an assignment. Mother Yoon criticizes Rich Brat;s potato cutting skills. They bicker. Eun Soo arrives to help but Father Yoon orders her out of the kitchen. Rich Brat observes Father Yoon having a pleasant conversation with Eun Soo and is sad. The man Halmoni called turns out to be her chauffeur. He surveils Rich Brat's father as he leaves work. He tails him to a dry cleaning shop. Nothing to see here. While Rich Brat's father is being indecisive in the hallway, the Former Department Stoor Supervisor arrives and confidently enters the shop. Rich Brat's father slinks off. Club Jerk drops off the Aunt's clothes and takes Eun Soo's mother to dinner. The gumshoe delivers his findings to Halmoni. She is even more bewildered than she was before. When Rich Brat's father arrives home, she again pressures him to accept the job offer to bring honor to the family. Rich Brat watches Club Jerk giving Eun Soo a shoulder massage and angrily enters her bedroom. She wishes that she could make Corporate Jerk more like Club Jerk, and vice versa. Rich Brat's father texts Eun Soo's mother requesting a meetup. Before she can respond her mother in law enters and they have a heart to heart Talk. Eun Soo's mother is angry that her mother in law is on her "meet a nice man" kick again. Rich Brat's father approaches Eun Soo's mother on the sidewalk. They go to her shop for a Talk. He tells her about the job offer. She says congratulations. Then he invites her to dinner at the same time as her date with the Former Department Store Supervisor. He tells her that he knows why she accepted the date. He tells her to make a decision. Morning. Rich Brat enters the kitchen and, seeing the ingredients for breakfast arrayed on the counter, gives each of them an unhealthy shot of salt. Eun Soo walks in and, seeing her suspiciously close to the food, deduces what Rich Brat is up to. Then she tastes and knows, and discovers the salt shaker in Rich Brat's hand. As she begins to scold Rich Brat, Father Yoon walks in and tells her to treat Rich Brat with more respect. Rich Brat smirks.
  14. SYNOPSIS, EPISODE 75 The Yoon Family watches while Father Yoon scolds Rich Brat for pretending to have a broken arm to avoid helping with Mother Yoon's birthday dinner. Then they all pile on. Eun Soo again falsely says that Rich Brat "helped" her prepare the meal. Father Yoon assigns Rich Brat to do the dishes. Eun Soo's mother continues to sleep. Her son looks in on her and asks his grandmother what's up. She doesn't know. Club Jerk and Eun Soo repair to their bedroom, where he laughs and does a victory dance. She reproaches him. He finds out that she knew about Rich Brat's ruse all along and is frustrated. Eun Soo tries to help Rich Brat with the dishes but Rich Brat accuses her of "stabbing her in the back." Club Jerk receives a call from Eun Soo's brother telling him that eun Soo's mother is sick. They leave for Eun Soo's mother's house. The Upstairs Tenant tries to work on a webtoon but nothing comes to mind. Then inspiration strikes. He calls Sister Yoon and asks her for help. She is happy to hear from him. She rushes off to meet him, first applying makeup since he told her she should do that more often. Rich Brat's father is sitting in his bedroom when he receives a call from a hospital in the countryside. They wonder if he would like to be their Director. He goes downstairs and encounters his mother in law, who kills his buzz. She gives him some new handkerchiefs and steams off. Halmoni enters her bedroom and receives a storm of texts from Corporate Jerk. Eun Soo and Club Jerk arrive and visit Eun Soo's mother, who is still in bed and inconsolable. Eun Soo feeds her mother. The Former Department Store Supervisor finds Eun Soo's mother's shop closed and goes to the Aunt's cafe to order an Americano. He is not greeted warmly. She snaps at him. He asks why since she is usually smiling. She snaps at him again. He spills hot coffee on his fingers as he turns to leave. The Upstairs Tenant and Sister Yoon are having a good time at a table in the Aunt's cafe. She rattles off some ideas for his webtoon. She recites the time that she encountered a man in the park whom she falsely accused of being a pervert. Then they both realize that he is that man. She is embarrassed and runs off. He runs after her. Corporate Jerk enters the kitchen where his wife is still doing the dishes. She snaps at him. Then Sister Yoon, Club Jerk and Eun Soo arrive home and Corporate Jerk snaps at Club Jerk. Corporate Jerk storms off. Club Jerk summons Eun Soo and Rich Brat. In the living room, he proposes that they split the chores. They agree to a division of the chores. Corporate Jerk and Rich Brat enter their bedroom. He says it's great that she only has to do half of the work. She says it isn't because if they were living by themselves, she could hire a maid. He says we only have a few months more time before the year is up. She says that isn't good enough. She asks him how he would like to live in the same house with Halmoni. Startled, he takes her point. Sister Yoon sits in her bedroom and happily recalls her encounter with the Upstairs Tenant. Club Jerk, in their bedroom, reproaches his wife for keeping her mother's illness and Rich Brat's malingering from him. She agrees: No more secrets. Halmoni is awakened. Her phone buzzes: More texts. Before she can bury the phone under a pillow, it buzzes again. In his bedroom, Rich Brat's father considers the country hospital's offer. Sister Yoon sleeps next to the Aunt. In her dream, the Upstairs Tenant boldly enters her office and kisses her. Amorous and still in deep sleep, she embraces her Aunt. Just as the Upstairs Tenant is about to return her latest kiss, the Aunt awakens with a start and storms out of the room. It is morning but Halmoni has gotten little sleep. She receives another barage of texts. She send Corporate Jerk a text: No need for further texts. On his end, Corporate Jerk pumps his fist. The Real Estate Lady bustles in but Eun Soo's mother pays her little mind. The Real Estate Lady's diagnosis: Love trouble. The Assistant Manager is tired of her co-worker being clueless re Eun Soo's real identity. A package needs to be taken to the Yoon family restaurant and the Assistant Manager makes sure that she delivers it. At the restaurant, she is shocked to discover Club Jerk's (and Eun Soo's) true positions in the pecking order. She races back to the office and lets her bosses in on the presumed secret. The Former Department Store Supervisor stops by and invites Eun Soo's mother to a musical. She is about to refuse when she sees Rich Brat's father standing in the doorway. Then she accepts. Rich Brat's father slinks off. Rich Brat's father eats dinner in his bedroom. He has a full bottle of wine to himself. He receives a text about the out of town job.
  15. SYNOPSIS, EPISODE 74 Rich Brat has removed her fake cast because it itches. She goes into the hallway on her way to the bathroom. Eun Soo also walks into the hallway, but Rich Brat retreats to her bedroom before Eun Soo can notice that she is not wearing her cast. Halmoni is up early. She is irritated by a serieso f texts from Corporate Jerk. Due to her "injury," Rich Brat prevails upon her husband to dry her hair. The Yoon family eats breakfast. Corporate Jerk feeds his wife. The Aunt complains that Eun Soo is "treating her differently." Small wonder. Sister Yoon shuts the Aunt down. Eun Soo arrives at her office. The colleague who doesn't know whose daughter in law she is reproaches her for being late. The Manager and Assistant Manager smirk and defend her. Before Eun Soo can begin work, she sees a note: The Assistant Manager has brought her coffee. Then she notices a bag under her desk containing ta snack the Manager has bought her. Eun Soo's grandmother brings her daughter in law breakfast in her shop. Her daughter in law is sullen and uncommunicative. Eun Spp encounters Rich Brat in the hallway and asks her to go grocery shopping with her after work. Rich Brat is like, Can't you see my cast? The Assistant Manager encounters the two bickering sisters in law and ponders which side to take. A mysterious "aunt" sends gifts of clothing to the twins. On the phone, she reminds the Upstairs Tenant that she has legal custody of the twins. He grimaces. At 6:00 P.M. Eun Soo announces that she is leaving. Her clueless office mate criticizes her. The Assistant Manager and Manager defend her. The clueless one is angry at both of her superiors. Rich Brat gets in her husband's car. Rather than call for a driver as her husband instructed her to do, she makes sure that the coast is clear and removes the cast. Rich Brat sits at a stoplight rocking out to K-Pop and waving her arms. Eun Soo crosses the street and, while in the crosswalk in front of Rich Brat, notices that she is not wearing her cast. Rich Brat dives below the dashboard and puts on the cast. Eun Soo watches her reproachfully. Eun Soo and Rich Brat arrives home. The Aunt criticizes Eun Soo for spending too much on groceries for Mother Yoon's birthday dinner. This time Mother Yoon defends her daughter in law. The Aunt needles Mother Yoon about her menopause symptoms. Mother Yoon replies that her day will come. Soon. Eun Soo calls Rich Brat to her bedroom for a Talk about her fake injury.. Eun Soo tells her that she will Let It Slide this time but the next time she won't, Eun Soo.s mother has retired to her bed early. Her mother in law brings her a drink. It's mushroom tea. Eun Soo's mother remembers the night Rich Brat's father gave her the tea. She turns her back on her mother in law and the tea. When Rich Brat's father arrives home his mother in law has just burnt her moth with hot tea. She reaches for a handkerchief to wipe her mouth. When he notices that it is the handkerchief Eun Soo's mother gave him, he grabs it out of her hand and snaps at her. He stomps off to his bedroom, stares at the handkerchief and is sad. When Corporate Jerk returns home, he is surprised to see Rich Brat and Eun Soo working together in the kitchen. he reproaches Eun Soo for making his wife work with her "broken arm." She accepts the rebuke while Corporate Jerk, in a huff, leads his wife away. Eun Soo's grandmother calls her and asks her to come by the house the next day. Eun Soo tells her that she can't because Mother Yoon's birthday is the next day. Her grandmother is sad. Eun Soo realizes that she has never cooked a meal for her own mother's birthday. While laying in bed, Halmoni is exasperated to receive several texts from her grandson in law. Eun Soo's grandmother awakens and discovers that her daughter in law is sick. The Yoon family chows down on the feast Eun Soo has prepared for Mother Yoon's birthday. Everyone congratulates Eun Soo. Eun Soo lies and says that Rich Brat helped her. For her birthday, Mother Yoon receives gifts of cash from Sister Yoon and Rich Brat and a kiss from Club Jerk. In her bedroom, Mother Yoon goes to the closet to retrieve her husband's jacket and is surprised to find a bouquet of flowers. Father Yoon is visibly pleased with himself. He tells her that she is still beautiful. Club Jerk goes upstairs to get Rich Brat to join the rest of the family. In her room, Rich Brat has her cast off and is twirling her arm. When Club Jerk announces himself, she hurriedly replaces the cast -- on the wrong arm. She enters the hallway to join Club Jerk but realizes her mistake and quickly retreats to her bedroom. While waiting for her Club Jerk scratches his head, having realized that something is amiss but not exactly what it is. Then he realize that the cast was on the wrong arm. Rich Brat joins the rest of the family downstairs. Club Jerk sits next to her on the sofa. He has a fake bug which a boy left in the restaurant. He puts the fake bug in Rich Brat's fake cast. Scared, she rips off the cast. Busted.