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  1. RECAP, EPISODE 20 Officers Cha and Moo finish lunch. She is delighted with the praise she has received from her partner. We learn that the no-longer wayward Mother is staying at a friend's house with her baby. Their Supervisor tells Officers Cha and Moo that they "make a perfect team." Officers Cha and Moo do some paperwork. Officer Cha's father chastises the Caretaker for her prolonged absence the day before. She tells him there was a long line at the restaurant where she went to buy food for Halmoni. Officer cha's brother in law enters his son's bedroom. His son has a new computer keyboard. His father berates him for busting his former keyboard. And for talking back to his mother. He reminds his son that his mother is on thyroid medication and thus easily upset. The boy leaves the room to apologize to his mother. In her bedroom, Officer Cha's mother has applied a sheet-mask to her face and is lamenting that she can't afford more expensive cosmetics due to the tuition for her son's Academy. Her son enters the room and apologizes for his behavior the previous day. He also brings her water for her medication. She is implacable. She relents somewhat and he leaves the room. But when he is gone she smiles. In his house, Drunken Chaebol grumbles about the fact that Officer Moo has a child and, hence, may even be married. His sister brings him some water and aks what's eating him. He tells her that life is disappointing him. Officer Moo's brother arrives home as his mother is preparing food. She tells him he needs to marry and have children. Officer Moo returns home and talks with her mother and brother. Morning. When Officer Moo enters the main room of the PD, it is empty. It turns out that all of her colleagues are in the adjacent room. They have bought baby things for the formerly wayward Mother. One of the officer's tries to pass off his child's cast-offs and is ridiculed by his fellow officers. Officer Cha's father brings Halmoni a wheel chair. He helps her sit down in it and wheels her out of the bedroom. Halmoni is happy to be in the living room so she can watch television. The Caretaker and Officer Cha's father encounter each other outside of the house. He asks why she left him several years ago without saying goodbye. Before she can answer, they are interrupted by the arrival of Officer Cha's nephew. Officer Moo's brother's partner enters with dinner. Officer Moo's brother is finishing up the advertising proposal and has no appetite. Besides, he has just eaten pizza. His partner and Drunken Chaebol's sister eat the food. Drunken Chaebol's sister and stepmother chat. They are interrupted by the arrival of Drunken Chaebol and his Flunky. Drunken Chaebol leaves the room briefly and his Stepmother and Flunky chat. She seems to be appraising the Flunky as a potential son in law. Officer Cha's father is leaving work when he is beckoned by drunken Chaebol's father, who is sitting in the back seat of his limousine. He directs him to join him. He clambers into the front seat with the driver. drunken Chaebol's father and Officer Cha's father are seated in a cafe. They drink soju. They eat soup. Drunken Chaebol's father exudes false heartiness. He blows hard about how life is good. When Officer Cha's father suggests that not everyone has it so good, Drunken Chaebol's father is stunned. As Officer Cha's father becomes increasingly uncomfortable, we learn that he used to be a police officer and left the Force before he was eligible to retire. Officer Cha has brought his fellow officers to his Sister's cafe for a meal. When her colleagues begin to enjoy a pitcher of beer, Officer Moo says that she is allergic to alcohol. Officer Moo jokingly refers to Officer Cha as "cold blooded," irritating his sister. On the other hand, Officer Cha's other female colleague fawns over him and his sister is favorably impressed with her. In his bedroom, drunken Chaebol and his Flunky drink wine and discuss his lack of success with Officer Moo. When Drunken Chaebol suggests that he might still be interested in Officer Moo despite the fct that she is a Cop and a mother besides, the Flunky suggests that he must be a Pervert. Drunken Chaebol's sister is working on recipes in her bedroom when her Stepmother enters. The Stepmother suggests that the Flunky might be "interested" in her. Drunken Chaebol's sister is not thrilled. Back at the restaurant, the female colleague is pressuring Officer Moo to down a glass of beer even though she is allergic. When it appears she is about to take the bait, Officer Cha seizes the glass and downs the beer before his colleague can take a proper sip. This does not please his other female colleague. His colleagues tell Officer Cha to make a wish. He tells his partner that he will reveal the wish to her later. Halmoni fills the Caretaker in re her son's unsuccessful first marriage. Officer Cha's sister fusses over him. She tells him he needs to marry. He tells her that since he has a sister, he does not need a wife. She suggests that he might fall in love with his patrol partner. It turns out that she thinks the other female officer, not Officer Moo, is his patrol partner. She opines that Officer Moo seems more like a man. In her kitchen, Officer Moo remembers her partner's promise to tell her his wish. Officer Cha sits on his bed and stares wistfully into the middle distance and remember's his partner's good spirits at dinner. He considers what his wish might be. There are six empty bottles of soju on the table. Drunken Chaebol's father appears to have consumed the lion's share. He berates Officer Cha's father for being a spoilsport. Officer Cha's father looks like he can't wait to leave. Drunken Chaebol's father orders Officer Cha's father to accompany him home, where he will introduce him to his "beautiful wife." Drunken Chaebol's father is passed out by the time they reach his house. Officer Cha's father and the chauffeur help Drunken Chaebol's father to the door of his house. As the episode ends, the three of them are standing outside the front door waiting for it to open.
  2. RECAP, EPISODE 19 The Wayward Mother is also Unrepentant. She says her parents abandoned her, it Runs In the Family. Officer Moo cuffs her. Officer Cha arrives in time to appreciate his partner's Punitive Zeal. As Officer Moo begins to read her her "Rights," the Perp begins to cry. Officer Cha arrives before his partner's will can falter. And completes reading the list of Rights, which in Korea is not lengthy. Officer Moo stands in the street and regains her composure. Officer Cha leads the Perp away. Officer Cha phones in an All Points Bulletin for the baby's father. Not! Officer Moo enters the PD's conference room to confront the Perp. The Perp is crying. The Perp tells her that she would like to see her baby before she is taken to the Lockup. Officer Moo joins her colleagues and asks her supervisor if she can allow the Wayward Mother to spend the night in the hospital before he newborn is taken to the Adoption Mart. Officer Cha breaks character and seconds his partner's request. The Supervisor phones The Lockup and is granted a one day delay re Delivery Of The Perp. Officer Moo agrees to maintain custody of the Perp overnight. At the hospital, the Perp views her baby for the first time. Officer Cha has accompanied his partner to assure that she is Relentless. The Perp stares at her baby and seems to be glimpsing the Error Of Her Ways. Officer Moo returns to her home with the baby and the Perp. Officer Moo's daughter opines that she would like another sibling. Officer Moo's mother, who would have to take care of him, utters an Aigoo! Officer Moo brings dinner to the Wayward Mother, who cries. Drunken Chaebol's Father, Mother and Sister seem to be returning to their home from an Evening Out. the Stepmother ohas had a few drinks. Or perhaps the business sized envelope in the last episode contained the belated Registration Of Her Marriage. It turns out that they were at the Opera and Drunken Chaebol's father snored through the performance. At least he turned his cell phone off so the other patrons would not be disturbed. Drunken Chaebol returns home. His sister jollies him upstairs before he can ruin his parents' mood. Drunken Chaebol's sister brings him a cup of coffee. She informs him that he doesn't understand women. He's like, Why do I need to? His sister asks, What kind of women do you date? He assures her that she Doesn't Want To Know. She presses on. Yes he has girlfriends. No, he has no friends who are also girls. Seeking advice re Officer Moo's brother, she asks about a "friend" who knows a man who merely wants to be her Chingu. Drunken Chaebol tries, but cannot wrap his mind around that notion. She tells him the man is really nice. He tells her,, Meaningfully, that Of Course He Is. He tells her that "her friend" should be cool and wait to see if her "chingu" shows signs of life. With her husband, Officer Cha's sister discusses her brother. She opines that he is cold and arrogant. Her husband suggests that, beneath his cold facade, her brother is a raging cauldron of empathy. All of this talk about Empathy has bade Officer Cha's sister amorous. Her husband says he Doesn't Want To Take Advantage of Her. Nevertheless, She Persisted . . . In his bedroom, Officer Cha remembers Officer Moo remonstrating with the Wayward Mother and is ashamed. Officer Moo and the Wayward Mother lie awake in her bedroom and have a Heart To Heart Talk. Morning. When her granddaughter enters the room, Halmoni gives her a nasty look. Officer Cha enters the room and speaks nicely to his grandmother, before exiting as soon as it is polite to do so. Leaving his sister alone again with Halmoni. At the PD, we learn that the Wheels Of Justice are once again grinding the Wayward Mother and her infant into something Exceedingly Fine. Officer Cha suggests that they lodge an Appeal on behalf of the mother and all of his colleagues agree. On the street Officer Moo observes Officer Cha allowing a driver to pull away from a no parking zone without a ticket. She wonders what has gotten into her partner. When he tells her that the Errant Parker was simply engaged in earning a living, she is stunned. In his office, Drunken Chaebol reviews his encounters with Officer Moo and is frustrated. He receives a call from Officer Moo. He ignores the call. She sends him a text message. For some reason, she wants a Meet Up. Officer Moo's brother and his partner work on their advertising campaign. They agree to seek the opinion of Drunken Chaebol's sister. Officer Moo's brother observes as Drunken Chaebol's sister makes chocolate cream pies. In his office, Drunken Chaebol berates his Flunky for an unsatisfactory report. He is interrupted by a call from Officer Moo and agrees to meet her later. Drunken Chaebol joins Officer Moo in a cafe. She tells him that even though he is a thug and a piece of guano, she shouldn't have looked down on him. He wants another martial arts match. She needs to return to work. Drunken Chaebol invites her to have a drink with him later. Officer Moo is like, Are you hitting on me? No, he claims. Then she informs him that she is the mother of a child. Now he, tell the truth and hope to die, is Definitely Not Hitting On Her. If he ever was before. Which he wasn't . . . Officer Cha's father enters Halmoni's bedroom. They converse. He learns that the Caretaker has vanished again and leaves the house to search for her. Officer Cha's mother brings dinner to her son. He is engrossed in a video game when he should be studying. Tiger Mother is not pleased and unplugs his computer, regaining his Full Attention. He breaks his comouter keyboard in half. They bicker. The Caretaker returns with dinner for Halmoni. Halmoni is like, What took you so long? Halmoni notes that her son is missing and opines that he must have left the house in search of the Caretaker. Officer Moo tells Officer Cha that she has decided to emulate his Fair and Balanced approach to police work. As a first step, she tells him, she has apologized to Drunken Chaebol. This is not what I meant at all, he thinks. Nevertheless he expresses his approval. She is shocked, since this is the first time Robocop has expressed any approval whatsoever. Then he tells her that she did a good job with the Wayward Mother too and she Has No Words.
  3. RECAP, EPISODE 18 Officers Cha and Moo search an Internet Access Joint. the Wayward Mother is not there. Officers Cha and Moo return to the PD. Officer Moo asks her partner to make another attempt to locate the Wayward Mother. This does not compite with Robocop. He is in Hard Guy mode. She asks him to show some empathy. Robocop does a Google for Empathy, with 0 results. Officer Moo attempts to leave the room. Officer Cha seizes her wrist, Korean Caveman Style. Does this PD have an HR? Does Gloria Allred speak Korean? Officer Cha's brother in law remonstrates with his wife re his quarrel with Halmoni. He is like, why did you poke the snake with a stick? Whatever he may want in the immediate future, She Has A Headache. Officer Cha's brother in law leaves his wife's bedroom and runs into the Caretaker. They are fellow Greivants. She asks about Officer Cha's missing mother. Is she dead? No, the brother in law replies, although perhaps that would be better for the family. He explains that [the Stepmother] divorced her husband and moved on to greener pastures. their conversation is interrupted by the entrance of Officer Cha's father. Officer Cha approaches the gate to his home. He is joined by his brother in law, who has just made a beer run to the corner store and is happy to have found some alcoholic companionship. They consume OB Beer (Product Placement Alert!) The Brother In Law tells Robocop to lighten up on his sister. The Nephew arrives home and the Brother In Law leaves the room with him. Officer Cha guzzles beer alone. he remembers Officer Cha's defense of the Wayward Mother. He assesses that he bay be a Heartless Beast. At home, Officer Moo discusses the Case of the Wayward Mother with her mother and brother. Officer Moo's brother injects an original thought: What about the baby's father? Indeed. His mother opines that he should have known that "Making Babies" sometimes results in "Making Babies." Officer Moo's mother discusses her job with her son. He talks about his new woman friend. She talks about her employer's daughter. Neither realizes that they are talking about the same person. Drunken Chaebol's father arrives home. He is as drunk as a skunk. Drunker, in point of fact. The Father does his King Lear immitation. His children help him into his bedroom, where he falls into his bed. As Drunken Chaebol Sr. sleeps, his wife notes that he has tried to call her 26 times. Morning. Drunken Chaebol's mother in law wanders the streets savoring her freedom. She encounters her stepdaughter. As luck would have it, they are in front of the stepdaughter's office. The stepdaughter invites her in for some lunch. As they enter, they pass Officer Moo's brother and his business partner. The doorbell rings and Drunken Chaebol's father enters his daughter's office and confronts his wife. She interrupts his bafflegab. She still wants him to register their marriage and will not take bafflegab for an answer. And if he gives him another bunch of flowers, she'll tell him just where to File It. Drunken Chaebol's father slides a business sized envelope toward his wife. She opens it. The two con-artists reconcile. Halmoni and the Caretaker chat amiably. The Caretaker takes a call from Officer Cha's sister, sho asks her to make rice for dinner since the restaurant is busy and she will not be home until late. Halmoni thinks that her granddaughter is avoiding her. The Caretaker works in the kitchen. As Officer Cha's father returns home, he and the Caretaker encounter each other in the living room. She asks him to sit down for dinner. He watches her cook and is uncomfortable. Then he tastes the food and smiles. Drunken Chaebol sits in his living room. His father, sister and stepmother enter. He needles his stepmother. In their bedroom, Drunken Chaebol's father asks his wife where she went. She trolls him. Back in the living room, Drunken Chaebol is the only person in the house who isn't happy. His sister assesses that his angst has less to do with their stepmother and more to do with a potential girlfriend. they debate the possibility of Romantic Love. Officer Moo interacts with her mother as she leaves the house to escort her daughter to school. Officer Moo recalls a tongue lashing she received while interviewing persons re the Wayward Mother. Drunken Chaebol sits at his desk, sighing in frustration. His Flunky enters. iThe Flunky suggests that they catch a drink after work. "Drinks will not solve my problem," so sayeth Drunken Chaebol. Drunken Chaebol calls Officer Moo and requests a meet-up. Officer Moo enters a cafe and joins Drunken Chaebol at a table. He asks, When Wallet Woman slapped me, did you think I was a womanizer who was getting what he deserved? All of the facts seemed to point in that direction, Officer Moo observes. He accuses her of failing to discern the Soul buried deep within his Privilege. Then he stands up and stomps off. Officer Moo wonders why the men she encounters are Martinets, or in the case of Drunken Chaebol, worse. At the PD, Officer Moo and her colleagues eat luncheon noodles. Her supervisor speculates on the whereabouts of the Wayward Mother. Officer Moo calls the hospital and is dismayed to learn that Wayward Mother's baby will be transferred to an orphanage the next day if her mother does not return. In their squad car, Officers Cha and Moo are on evening patrol. Officer Moo spots the Wayward Mother walking down a sidewalk and orders her partner to stop. Officer Moo follows Wayward Mother into an Internet Joint. Officer Moo asks How 'Ya Doin' but Wayward streaks out the door. Officer Moo corners her in an alley, and they argue about whether Wayward Mother will return to the hospital. When Wayward insists that she doesn't care about the baby, Officer Moo Cuffs Her. From the shadows, Officer Cha takes all of this in.
  4. RECAP, EPISODE 17 At the PD, Officers Moo and Cha argue bitterly about whether to file a formal report on the missing mother. She turns to leave. He grabs her and spins her around, Korean Caveman style. What a Prince. Officers Cha and Moo leave the PD at the end of the day in civilian clothes. Speaking of Princes, who should be waiting outside the station house but Drunken Chaebol. Drunken Chaebol summons Officer Moo to dinner. Officer Moo says no. Drunken Chaebol does not take No for an answer. Like tje Prince he is, Officer Cha stomps off. Officer Cha, like the Prince he is, drives off. Officer Moo dines in an expensive restaurant with Drunken Chaebol. A cocktail piano tinkles in the background. Officer Moo offers to pay half of the bill, then, upon viewing the total, tells Drunken Chaebol that she will pay him back later. Officer Moo reminds Drunken Chaebol that she saw him beat up his flunky and expresses her disapproval. Officer Moo also tsks tsks him for his interlude with Wallet Woman at the nightclub. As he explains that he was simply helping out a virtuous woman who was down on her luck, Wallet Woman enters the restaurant on the arm of another "Benefactor." Drunken Chaebol directs Officer Moo's attention elsewhere before she notices Wallet Woman. Officer Moo attempts to interview Drunken Chaebol about the assault and robbery he expereinced. He tells her that he does not want to file a written report. Officer Moo tells Drunken Chaebol that unless they have business to discuss, her presence in the restaurant with him is a violation of Korean law. She rises to leave. He agrees to talk business. She needs to use the rest room. Drunken Chaebol hovers outside the Lady's room. Wallet Woman approaches and is unhappy with the abrupt termination of their relationship. She slaps his face. Officer Moo observes the scene as she emerges from the restroom. Wallet Woman warns Officer Moo that Drunken Chaebol is Only Interested In One Thing. Also, he's a lousy tipper. Wallet Woman departs to rejoin her True Love of the evening. Officer Moo tells Drunken Chaebol that she will Get Going. In her bedroom, Chaebol's stepmother recalls the latest verbal abuse from her stepson. She calls her husband and tells him she is going on a "trip." She rings off before he can ascertain where she is going. Officer Moo's mother works in her kitchen. She receives a call from the Stepmother informing her that she will be gone for a few days. Officer Moo arrives home in time to hear the tail end of their conversation. This is her first inkling of her Mother's outside employment. Officer Moo bickers with her mother about her employment. Drunken Chaebol's father and sister discuss the Stepmother's absence. Drunken Chaebol arrives and bickers with his father. Drunken Chaebol enters his bedroom. He remembers a tongue lashing he received from Officer Moo. Officer Moo and her brother discuss their mother's employment. At the PD, the Supervisor tells his staff to be on the lookout for illegal outdoor advertising. Also, the missing mother is now a Law enforcement Matter. Officer Moo gives Officer Cha a You Beast! look and leaves the room. Officer Moo and her supervisor discuss the missing mother. Her takeaway is that if she sees the missing mother while on duty, she has to arrest her, but if she finds her while off duty she doesn't. She leaves before the Supervisor can tell her that was not what he meant. In an empty conference room Officer Cha is about to ask for help in locating the missing mother, but rings off when Officer Moo enters the room. Officer Moo begins to explain her encounter with Drunken Chaebol but Officer Cha Doesn't Want To Hear It. The Flunky enters Drunken Chaebol's father's office and informs him that he has transferred ownership of some property to his wife. Expecting accolades, he calls his wife but she is Unavailable. On the other end of the attempted call, Dthe Stepmother is relaxing in a garden. Her phone chimes. She notes the caller and turns her phone off. The Stepmother enters a taxi. Officer Cha's sister approaches and thinks she recognizzes the Stepmother. then she decides that she is mistaken. Just as Officer Cha's brother in law is about to order some sexy lingere for his wife from a TV shopping network, his wife appears. She tells him that she Thinks She Saw Her Mother. Halmoni, the Caretaker, and Officer Cha's sister chat amiably. Halmoni s making a rapid recovery. Halmoni scolds Officer Cha's sister for disrespecting her husband. they bicker. She accuses Halmoni of forcing her mother out of the house. Officer Cha's sister and father bicker. She tells him that Halmoni deserved every word she said to her. Officer Cha's father enters Halmoni's bedroom. She tells him her daughter deserved every word she said to her. Officer Cha enters his sister's marriage and chastises her for talking about their missing mother. She tells him their mother wasn't that bad. They argue bitterly. Officer Cha and his father guzzle OB Beer. (Product Placement Alert.) They discuss the absence of romantic interests in their lives. Alone, the Stepmother enjoys a bottle of wine in her hotel room. Drunken Chaebol's sister slices sushi. Officer Moo's brother and his partner sample it. She receives a call from her father. He orders her to try to get in touch with the Stepmother. Drunken Chaebol's sister returns home and introduces herself to Officer Moo's mother. It turns out that they have met before in a supermarket. Officer Moo's mother serves her lunch. In his office with the Flunky, Drunken Chaebol discusses his misadventure with Wallet Woman. At the PD, the officers are eating ice cream when Officer Cha enters the room. He receives a call on his phone and orders Officer Moo to Come With Him. They get into the squad car, he turns on the siren, and they are off.
  5. RECAP, EPISODE 16 At the PD, Officer Moo receives a call. She learns that the pregnant woman she and Officer Cha took to the hospital has abandoned her newborn baby. Officer Cha overhears and asks what is going on. Nothing, Officer Moo explains. Officer Moo pretends that the call was not a police matter. Officer Cha is suspicious. At the maternity ward, Officer Moo asks a nurse to let her know if the mother returns. Drunken Chaebol's stepmother is irritable and leaves thew room. His sister asks what the problem is. He opines that their stepmother has just returned from a wedding and is frustrated that neither of them are headed for The Altar. In their bedroom, Drunken Chaebol's father and stepmother bicker. In the living room, Drunken Chaebol, his father and sister discuss the wedding his parents have attended. Drunken Chaebol says something insulting about his stepmother as she enters the living room. His sister is aghast and his father is angry. Drunken Chaebol says that if he ever marries, he does not want his stepmother to sit "in his mother's seat" at the wedding. His father angrily ushers his wife out of the room. Drunken Chaebol orders his sister to bring him a glass of water. Disgusted, she tells him to fetch it himself. In their bedroom, Drunken Chaebol's father tells his wife that she should not have risen for his son's bait. he suggests that they drink a bottle of wine together and forget about it. She makes clear that she will not be bought off with a mere bottle of wine. Back in the living room, Drunken Chaebol is scolded by his sister. We learn that while in the 10th grade, he was arrested for something. Officer Moo's mother and brother greet her as she arrives home. they discuss the child abandonment case. Officer Moo wants to find her before she is arrested for abandoning her baby. The Caretaker attempts to appease Halmoni with dinner. Halmoni would rather sleep. Officer Cha ushers the Caretaker into the dining room, where the rest of the family is gathered for a dinner celebrating the Caretaker's return. They are eating fried chicken. Officer Cha's father takes a chicken wing, which apparently indicates a desire for a mate. The caretaker gets nervous and leaves the room. In the kitchen, Officer Cha is washing dishes. His sister walks in and tells him to stop, since Halmoni would be angry if she knew he was washing dishes. Out of the blue, he asks his sister if she went through a hard time when she gave birth. She's like, Of course I did! Officer Moo discovers that her daughter doesn't want to go to school because they are having a cooking exercise with Dads and she doesn't have a Dad. Officer Moo's brother enters and offers to go with his neice. She agrees. The supervisor assigns Officers Cha and Moo to the child abandonment case. Officer Moo insists that she doesn't need any help. Officer Cha looks suspicious. The supervisor opines that Korean sex education does not effectively convey the fact that sex has been known to result in child birth. Officer Moo walks into a vacant room and attempts to complete a call. When Officer Cha enters, she is startled. He asks what she is up to. Nothing, she explains. Drunken Chaebol's sister gets out of her car. When Officer Moo's brother approaches, she is more surprised than pleased. Back at their office, Officer Moo's brother and his partner discuss one of Drunken Chaebol's sister's advertising ideas. The Lunch Hour arrives. Drunken Chaebol's sister brings them lunch before they can order it. Officers Cha and Moo patrol in their squad car. She attempts to phone the wayward mother without attracting her partner's attention. He wants to go to the hospital to check on the mother. She tells him she can do that herself later. Officer Moo makes an excuse to leave her partner. Soon she is in the hospital viewing surveillance footage of the mother. Soon, Officer Cha is standing behind her, looking displeased. He's like, spare the rod and spoil the mother. "Must bust early, Orders from the DA . . ." He stares at the abandoned baby and self-righteousness rises like a mighty river. She attempts to dissuade him from immediately filing a child abandonment report. He stomps off. Officer Moo runs after Officer Cha. As she catches up with him, Drunken Chaebol appears in front of Officer Cha. Officer Cha avoids him and continues on his way. Officer Moo attempts to follow Officer Cha, but is detained by Drunken Chaebol. Drunken Chaebol asks why she hasn't returned his calls. She replies that she doesn't return calls from people she does not [want to] know. Offficer Moo finally breaks away from Drunken Chaebol and joins Officer Cha beside their squad car. He asks why she didn't inform him of the assault against Drunken Chaebol. Bafflegab results. He is angry that she does not keep him fully informed. Particularly re potential competitors such as Drunken Chaebol. Drunken Chaebol sits in his office. He wonders why his Nemesis, Officer Cha, was fated to be Officer Moo's partner. The Flunky is in the office and Drunken Chaebol suggests that they hit the gym. the flunky suggests that he hopes Officer Moo is at the gym. Officer Moo calls her mother and asks why she hasn't picked up her daughter. Officer Moo's mother can't properly explain because the fact that she is working at Drunken Chaebol's house is a secret. She can't leave for home because she neds to check out first with her boss. She can't do that because her boss is engaged in a loud argument with her husband in their bedroom. This time, only the Registration Of their Marriage will appease her. Instead he brought flowers. Bad move. Halmoni and the Caretaker chat and watch TV. The Caretaker exits Halmoni's bedroom and encounters Officer Cha's father. She quickly leaves the room. He follows her. they have some past history that she doesn't want his family to know about. Back at the PD, the Supervisor asks about the mother and baby. Robocop reports a case of Child Abandonment. Robocop and Officer Moo retire to another room and argue bitterly. Officer Moo turns to leave the room. Officer Cha grabs her by the shirt, Korean Caveman style. [She heads for HR. Not!]
  6. RECAP, EPISODE 15 Officer Cha's father and the Caretaker approach his house. She says she'd rather "Get Going." Suddenly, Officer Cha's sister approaches and shouts "Ajuma!" She and her husband greet the Caretaker and hustle her inside. Officer Cha's sister ushers the Caretaker into Halmoni's room. Halmoni gives the Caretaker some static but :She Persists." the Caretaker apologizes to Halmoni and states that she returned because she was worried about her. Officer Cha is asked, by his son in law, where he has been all night. Bafflegab ensues. The Shyster, obviously the worse for drink, is forcibly ushered into the PD. Officer Cha and a male colleague forcibly show him out of the room. In a conference room, Officer Moo and a female colleague attempt to comfort the Brat and his mother. Officer Moo recommends that the mother be immediately examined by a doctor. In another conference room, Officer Cha listens while the Shyster rants drunkenly. The Shyster claims to be concerned that if his wife divorces him, she will be unable to earn a living wage. Officer Cha suggests that if The Internet learns that he is a Wife And Child Beater, he will be unable to earn a living wage. Better to continue to earn big bucks and pay Alimony and Child Support, Officer Cha suggests. Morning. Officer Moo's brother awakens. He notices an empty bottle of wine on the table. Then he notices Drunken Chaebol's sister's head on the table. She i dead to the world. who? What? When? Where? He has only the vaguest notion. He drapes a sweater over the shoulders of his sleeping friend. He carries the wine glasses to the sink. He notices some food dishes and begins to clear them as well. As the morning light assaults her senses, the Drunken Chaebol's sister begins to stir. She opens her eyes tentatively. He notices him rinsing the dishes. She complains that the running water "made a lot of noise." Diagnosis: Hung Over. Drunken Chaebol's sister observes Officer Moo's brother at work at the kitchen sink and suspects that this is not his First Rodeo. She asks whether he is a nice guy or a playboy with rudimentary manners. His self-assessment: Nice guy. He also claims to be a "Feminist." She replies that since he is already "Woke," he can fix her a cup of coffee. Officers Cha and Moo are in the Grim Reaper's office for the conclusion of his case against Officer Moo. He is not happy. He tells her that she got away this time, but he is sure that he will see her again. In his professional Incapacity. As they prepare to leave, the Grim Reaper says that he wants to speak with Officer Cha alone. Officer Cha and the Grim Reaper face off. the Grim Reaper chastises him for, once again, "interfering in the affairs of others." the plot thickens: the Grim Reaper refers to a previous "Demotion" imposed on Officer Cha. Officer Cha tells him that if he is finished, he will "Get Going." But before he leaves, Officer Cha asks the Grim Reaper whether he enjoys being known as the "Grim Reaper." He does. Then Officer Cha suggests that he look more closely at the report. the Grim Reaper picks up the report and three photos of himself enjoying drinks with the Shyster fall to the table. Shot fired. Officer Cha takes his leave. As Officer Moo approaches her squad car, she remembers all of the painful incidents the false accusation caused. She notices Officer Cha behind her and fist pumps, Heiting! She skips off. In his office, the Drunken Chaebol sits at his desk while his Flunky awaits instructions. the Flunky receives a call on his cell phone and looks worried. When he rings off, he explains to his boss that he somehow embroiled himself in a controversy between a female police officer and an abusive Shyster and it did not end well. Drunken Chaebol tells him to have his contact on the police force call him. Officer Moo's brother and his partner bicker in their office. His partner knows that he "spent the night" with Drunken Chaebol's sister and is not pleased. Officer Moo's brother receives a call on his cell phone and departs. Officer Moo's brother meets Drunken Chaebol's sister. They drink coffee and Talk. She gives him another Brilliant Idea for his advertising campaign. He proposes that they be "Chingus." she pretends to consider the proposition before answering "Yes." At the PD, the Supervisor congratulates Officer Moo for cracking the Domestic Violence case. All of her fellow officers quickly affirm that they Knew She Was Right All Along. Officer Moo eats dinner with her family plus her brother's business partner. The Business Partner produces cans of OB Beer. (Are the writers receiving a Product Placement fee?) The Partner somehow convinces Officer Moo's mother that the beer is non-alcoholic. In a bar, the Grim Reaper drinks with the Flunky. the Grim Reaper complains that the last person the Flunky introduced him to (the Shyster) caused him a guano load of grief. the Flunky advises that his latest proposition is Sure-Fire. Drunken Chaebol arrives and joins them. The Grim Reaper complains about his problems with Officers Cha and Moo. The Drunken Chaebol Takes Note. In his bedroom, Officer Cha recalls some of the high points of his partnership with Officer Moo. Halmoni plays cards with the Caretaker. Officer Cha's sister and brother in law enter and they chat amiably.the Caretaker leaves the room. In the living room, the Caretaker encounters Officer Cha's father. They look at each other uncomfortably. Then Officer Cha's sister and brother in law emerge from Halmoni's bedroom and the Caretaker leaves the room. The sister and her husband think that "something must be going on" between her father and the Caretaker. Morning. The Drunken Chaebol finishes a breakfast Officer Moo's mother has prepared for him. He expresses his satisfaction. His stepmother enters and has some more potential marriage partners. He's like, Don't call me, I'll call you. I'll be "washing my hair" every night for the foreseeable future. Before he leaves the room, the Drunken Chaebol asks Officer Moo's mother if she has a daughter. Before she can answer, the Stepmother hustles her stepmother out of the room and tells Ajuma to "Be Careful." The Stepmother retires to her bedroom and speaks bitterly to her mirror. In his bedroom, Drunken Chaebol lounges and reviews the status of women in his Little Black Book. He notes that Officer Moo has not called him (He was expecting her to call?) He calls her, but Officer Moo does not pick up because she is out of her patrol car assisting a woman in distress. The woman in distress is in the process of giving birth. They rush her to the hospital. At the hospital, the woman gives birth and Officer Cha watches his partner as she enthuses over the newborn. He learns that she has a child of her own.
  7. RECAP, EPISODE 14 As the Caretaker sleeps in a sauna, Officer Cha's father stays a pervert's wandering hand. She awakens and saves the pervert from a final beat-down. She is filled with equal parts of gratitude and surprise. In stopping Officer Cha's father, the Caretaker realizes that she has embraced him. They both are abashed and she walks away. Back at the Cha household, Officer Cha's sister is waiting on Halmoni Hand And Foot but Halmoni cannot be appeased. Halmoni complains that her granddaughter's efforts pale in comparison to the Caretaker's, about which Halmoni previously complained. Halmoni is on her granddaughter's next to last nerve and closing in on her last. Halmoni is like, Why are you complaining: When I was your age I had to walk fourteen miles through the snow on my way to school each day. Officer Cha's brother in law enters Halmoni's bedroom and retrieves his wife before she says something she won't possibly regret. When they leave the room, his wife berates him, telling him that were he a competent husband, they could afford to live separately and taking care of Halmoni would not be an issue. Officers Cha and Moo, in a gym, engage in a martial arts competition. She throws him, to his surprise. When she extends a hand to help him up, he draws her toward him and stares soulfully into her eyes. She's like, What are you doing? The match is over. They stand. Officer Moo does a thing with her hair. Officer Cha is bewitched, Officer Cha returns home and remembers his humiliation. At home, Officer Moo discusses the Abusive Shyster with her mother and brother. Officeer Moo says that she can have the defamatory comments deleted from The Internet. In Korea, The Internet isn't forever? The Caretaker awakens in the Sauna. She joins Officer Cha's father, who is resting in another room. He notices her sitting a respectable distance away and contemplates his options. Morning. Officer Cha speaks with his sister as he heads out the door for work. their father has not returned home yet. Back at the Sauna, the Caretaker is preparing to depart. Officer Cha's father seizes her forearm, Korean Caveman Style, and informs her that she is coming with him. Officer Cha's father and the Caretaker eat breakfast in a cafe. At the PD, Officers Cha and Moo meet with their supervisor. He explains that the Shyster has been sued by his wife for brutality, so her misconduct case is moot. Another police officer enters and tells his supervisor about his altercation with the Shyster when he arrived at his home to remove his wife and son to a shelter. A shopkeeper offers some free snacks to Officers Cha and Moo. They insist on paying for them. Officers Cha and Moo consume their Entirely Proper snacks (sushi and instant ramen.) Officer Cha spits some food into Officer Moo's face and claims it was an accident. she complains that some of his spit-up landed in her noodles. He departs. The Drunken Chaebol, in his office, consults his flunky. they agree that Officer Moo's brother's advertising pitch is interesting. The Flunky warns him to neither dilly nor dally with the potential blind date his stepmother has rejected. Like most young men, he thinks his (step) mother's disapproval suggests that a Good Time is in the offing. Drunken Chaebol logs on The Internet and comes upon posts defaming Officer Moo as a "brutal" officer. He also discovers that while a teenager she was "in trouble with the law." He concludes that despite all initial appearances, she is a Kindred Spirit. Then he remembers her lecture about how people can change. Then he is even more convinced that she is a Kindred Spirit. Officer Moo's brother receives a positive response to his advertising pitch. Officer Moo's brother tells Drunken Chaebol's sister the good news. When he departs, she tells he heart to Be Still. As Drunken Chaebol's sister arrives home, her stepmother appears to be trying to arrange her marriage to a plastic surgeon. Horrified, she retreats to her bedroom. drunken Chaebol's stepmother enters her kitchen and puts the kibosh on the proposed arranged marriage before ringing off. she and Officer Moo's mother discuss the marital status of their offspring. Officer Moo's mother tells her that her son is unmarried. The two women discuss how Korea's poor economy has forced young people to postpone or forego marriage. Officer Moo's mother tells Drunken Chaebol's mother that she envies her. surprised, she asks why would you envy me? Officer Moo's mother states the obvious: there are no economic obstacles to marriage for her children. Drunken Chaebol's mother, wondering how to take this observation, leaves the room. In her bedroom, Drunken Chaebol's mother opens a bottle and takes a first full of Mother's Little Helpers. In her cafe, Officer Cha's sister rings off. She is still trying to find a care giver for Halmoni. Her husband enters and a loud argument ensues. He leaves the room and returns. He fills a water glass with soju. They wrestle over the glass. He releases the glass but raises the still half-filled bottle to his lips. But he relents before drinking from it. In a lounge, Officer Cha's father drink cocktails and catch up on their lives. She agrees to return to his house. Officer Cha talks with his supervisor, who has heard from the Grim Reaper that Officer Moo's disciplinary hearing has been cancelled. The supervisor has also concluded that Officer Moo's teenage run in with the law was also a frame-up. the supervisor concludes that since Officer Moo bore up under these false accusations without complaint, she will be a great "member of our team." Officer Cha rolls his eyes. Officer Cha enters the squad room, which is empty except for Officer Moo. He stares soulfully at her and makes her uncomfortable. Officer Moo goes to the break room. As she struggles to replace a large water bottle on the cooler, Officer Cha approaches from behind and assists her, embracing her in the process. At which point the supervisor enters and reproaches him. the Drunken Chaebol's stepmother talks on her cell phone while her husband listens. Drunken Chaebol is apparently a No-Show at yet another blind date she has arranged. As she rings off, Drunken Chaebol announces from downstairs that he is home. His father angrily leaves the room to confront his son. When they confront him, Drunken Chaebol strafes his parents with Bafflegab. When his stepmother leaves the room, he and his father bicker. Drunken Chaebol's father returns to his bedroom and unsuccessfully attempts to comfort his wife. She reminds him that he still hasn't registered their marriage and tells him to go to sleep. Officer Moo's brother and his business partner work on perfecting their advertising proposal. Drunken Chaebol's sister brings them coffee. Later that night, she fixes Officer Moo's brother a snack. Officers Cha and Moo are on a stakeout. By the end of the shift, Officer Moo has fallen asleep. Her head falls on Officer Cha's shoulder. He pushes her head away but when her head falls back on her shoulder, he allows it to remain. then she awakens and is all Wounded Propriety. Officers Cha and Moo receive a radio call re a crime in progress and speed off. Officer Cha's father and the Caretaker approach his house. The Caretaker is just about to say No Way and depart when they are joined by Officer Cha's long suffering sister and her husband.
  8. RECAP, EPISODE 13 Officer Moo and her mother ask Officer Moo's daughter why she fought at school. It turns out that her classmates were harrassing her about what The Internet was saying about Officer Moo, that she is a "Bully." Officr Moo comforts her daughter. but Officer Moo's mother, who has just learned about the accusation from her grandaughter, now also needs comforting. Officer Moo takes her daughter into their bedroom. Officer Moo's brother needs to dissuabe his mother from seeking out and kicking the richardsimmons of the person who called her daughter a bully. Officer Moo rejoins her brother and mother in their living room. She gives her mother a very Macro explanation of the situation. She tells her mother not to worry "Too Much." Officer Moo and her brother are like, Haiting! Their mother looks dubious. Officer Moo recalls her encounter with the Brat's abused mother and the bruises on her face, and their similarity to the bruises in the photos of the Brat on the Internet. In his bedroom, Officer Cha contemplates the shirt Officer Moo returned to him. Officer Cha's sister enters his bedroom. She asks her brother what transpired between Officer Moo and her son's friend, the Brat. He tells her that he will resolve the "misunderstanding" soon. His sister laments the "Controversy" on the internet. He tells her that The Truth will prevail over The Internet. She is not convinced. In his hospital bed, Drunken Chaebol is rocking out to K-Pop. But he is bored. Suddenly he is startled by the memory of Officer Moo's reproachful voice. He texts Officer Moo. Officer Moo is in bed with her daughter and has finally coaxed her daughter into sleep. Her phone chimes. She sees that she has a text from Drunken Chaebol. She is not in the mood. In his hospital bed, Drunken Chaebol notes that Officer Moo has not responded and concludes that she is endeavoring to "provoke his competitiveness." A man enters the PD, claiming he has been swindled. Officer Moo notes that he matches the photo of a Most Wanted Suspect. She consults Officer Cha. He is like, Bzzzt, Bzzzt, Must apprehend! They conult their supervisor, who confirms that the allegedly aggrieved one is in fact Their fugitive. Officer Cha makes the Collar. The Perp tries to Get Going but is Unavoidably Detained. The personnel of the PD laugh about how stupid The Perp was to come into the PD for advice. But the laugh is on them. But for Officer Moo, The Perp would have departed as casually as he entered. They give her a round of applause. Officer Moo approaches her daughter in a playground. Her daughter is sitting on a swing alone. Officer Moo pushes her daughter's swing into the air. This attracts her daughter's classmates, who want to join in the fun. Officer Moo begins to share snacks with the other children. Her daughter is like, Don't! They called you a bully! Officer Moo shows her badge to the children and asserts that police officers cannot be bullies. In the face of such incontrovertible logic, they subside. Plus, they want to eat the snacks. They promise that they will become "good friends" with Officer Moo's daughter if ony she will give them the snacks. The Drunken Chaebol has dressed himself. After consulting the Flunky, he leaves the hospital. Officr Moo's mother is making Kimchi. Drunken Chaebol's stepmother enters the kitchen and is offered a taste. She approves. Bombast is heard, and Drunken Chaebol's father joins the two women in the kitchen. He appreciates the kimchi. When he also seems to be appreciating Officer Moo's mother, his wife hustles him out of the room. Drunken Chaebol's father and stepmother discuss a real estate scam. Drunken Chaebol's stepmother reenters the kitchen. She learns that Officer Moo's mother is a grandmother and is reassured. Officer Cha's mother rejoins her husband in the restaurant after spending her day attending to Halmoni;s demands. He relays a report that the now former Caretaker has been spotted at a sauna. She runs off to confront her. Officer Cha tours the sauna and peers impolitely at each of the sleeping Ajumas. At last, she corners her prey. They retire to a cafe, where Officer Cha's sister asks the now former caretaker why she ran off. The now former Caretaker is not forthcoming. The now former caretaker begins to explain, but Officer Cha's sister pleads. Finally, the now former Caretaker gives up and runs out of the cafe. Officer Moo's brother and his partner discuss an advertising strategy for a festival. Drunken Chaebol is lamenting his recent bad luck when he hears a knock on his office door. Officer Moo's brother enters to pitch another advertising plan. Before he can say anything, Drunken Chaebol tells him to leave his report on his desk and, well, leave. Officer Moo's brother Gets Going. As Officer Moo's brother descends in one elevator, Drunken Chaebol's sister arrives in the other elevator with lunch for her brother. She spots an advertising proposal on her brother's desk. She recognizes it as the handiwork of her unacknowledged boyfriend, Officer Moo's brother. She gives her brother her uniased opinion: The proposal is "Amazing." A man hands an envelope to Officer Cha on the street. It contains damaging information re the Brat's father. Officer Cha returns to the PD and briefs his boos. The envelope contains proof that the Shyster has been abusing his wife and son. As they are talking, said Wife and Son burst into the PD. The Shyster's wife pleads with them to save her son, who has suffered fresh wounds. Officer Moo ushers the Shyster's wife into a conference room. It is clear that the wife has also suffered fresh wounds. the wife explains that she would have left the Shyster long ago but he threatened to retain custody of their son. Officer Cha opens the door to the conference room and sees Officer Moo comforting the Shyster's wife. He closes the door. Drunken Chaebol returns home. His father asks where he has been the last few nights. "Out," Drunken Chaebol explains. He also informs him that he will be going out on the Blind Date his mother thought better of finalizing. He is not one to pass up an opportunity to Dilly. And perhaps Dally as well. Officer Cha's sister tries, unsuccessfully, to appease Halmoni. Her father enters. When his daughter tells him that she couldn't persuade the Caretaker to return, he grimaces and leaves the house. Back at the Sauna, the former Caretaker is made uncomfortable by a man's unwanted attentions. It transpires that he is a Pervert ("Not that there is anything wrong with that.") Back at the PD, Officer Moo's colleagues are chastened by the sudden turn of events. Officer Moo attempts to leave the PD alone but is intercepted by Officer Cha. Back at the Sauna, the former Caretaker is sleeping. The Pervert surreptitiously positions himself beside her and moves his hand toward her nether parts. But Officer Cha's father arrives in the nick of time and Stays His Hand before he can Get His Perv On. And also beats the Pervert to a pulp, awakening the former Caretaker. He is about to beat the last ounce of guano out of the Pervert when the former Caretaker awakens and Stays His hand.
  9. RECAP, EPISODE 12 Drunken Chaebol stumbles down a street because he is, well, drunk. The footfalls behind him belong to a fellow member of the Strong-arm trades. His fellow tradesman strikes and Drunken Chaebol goes down. His fellow tradesman lis unable to collect his just reward because Officer Moo has arrived on the scene. Officer Moo scares the assailant thug away and attends to the victim thug. She attempts to revive Drunken Chaebol without success. She calls 911. Drunken Chaebol is wheeled into the emergency room. Officer Moo takes a seat in the hospital corridor. Officer Moo calls Drunken Chaebol's father. Drunken Chaebol's stepmother answers. Officer Moo fills her in. (Drunken Chaebol's stepmother = Officer Moo's mother's employer. Not Many Degrees of Separation in this drama.) Drunken Chaebol's stepmother attempts unsuccessfully to rouse her husband ("Yeobo! Yeobo!"). Drunken Chaebol's stepmother arrives in the hospital corridor. She phones Officer Moo, who is four feet away. The stepmother asks Who In Hades Are You? and Officer Moo introduces herself. Drunken Chaebol's stepmother thanks Officer Moo. Officer Moo "Gets Going." As Officer Moo departs, Drunken Chaebol's stepmother is visibly appreciative and impressed. Drunken Chaebol's stepmother enters his hospital room. he opens his eyes. He's like, Oh Guano! His first request is that she not tell his father about his drunken misadventure. Drunken Chaebol asks his stepmother how she knew he was here. She explains that Officer Moo notified her. He has a hazy memory, through his inebriation and pain, of Officer Moo's face. Her again! His stepmother Gets Going. Drunken Chaebol seems to have some awareness that he is a richardsimmons-hole. Officer Moo returns home and frolics with her family. The Caretaker emerges from Halmoni's bedroom at the same time as officer Cha's Father walks by. They pretend to be unaware of each other. The Caretaker enters Halmoni's bedroom. Halmoni is asleep. the Caretaker is angry that Officer Cha's father pretends not to recognize her. She considers abandoning the job. Officer Cha's brother in law enters and encounters Officer Cha's father. Officer Cha's father asks about the Caretaker's previous emplyment in his restaurant. "Nothing," Officer Cha's father explains, when asked why he cares. Morning. Halmoni and her son sit in her bedroom, unhappy. Officer Cha's sister and brother in law stand in the doorway. They are all indignant that the Caretaker has disappeared. Halmoni seizes on the absent Caretaker to demand that a family member remain home to wait on her hand, foot and whatever. Officer Cha's sister receives a text on her cell phone. Per the Caretaker, she is sorry for quitting but she had an "Unavoidable Reason." Officer Cha arrives and takes in the Unhappy Scene. Officer Cha tells his father not to worry "Too Much." His father, not reassured, leaves the room. Drunken Chaebol's father awakens, feeling like guano and searching for a reason why he is feeling like guano. His wife enters. He asks if their daughter returned home the previous night? Of course she did. His suspicions aroused, he asks, Did my son return home? No, she says. Aha! He knew it! His wife evades his uestions about Drunken Chaebol's whereabouts. He explains that he had a Bad Dream indicating that one of his children had been harmed. Drunken Chaebol's stepmother tells her husband that they should play golf to relieve his stress. He protests that golf costs too much. He suggests that instead they hold hands and walk in the "green grass" in their front yard. He wasn't kidding. She tells him to take a shower. Drunken Chaebol has regained consciousness. He has only a vague memory of a female police officer's case. He phones his Flunky and demands that he determine the officer's identiy. Officer Moo walks by. Drunken Chaebol sees her, recognizes her, rings off, and follows her. Then he runs to his room, gets in his bed, and lies there as though he isn't expecting anyone. Officer Moo knocks on his door and enters. He is all faux surprise. He is like, You saved my life. She is like, It's in my job description. She wants to know if he can describe his assailant. Of course he can't. He was drunk. Plus, because he was drunk, he got hit on the head. She is bewildered when it turns out that he probably won't report his robbery. Drunken Chaebol offers to compensate her. Officer Moo is like, If you pay taxes, you already have. (But is Drunken Chaebol the type to pay taxes?) then she says: Hey, maybe you could forget about the Wallet Incident with your Floozie of the Evening? If so, we're even. As they conclude their conversation, Cupid is considering Drawing His Bow but decides to await a later episode. Officer Ma departs, Drunken Chaebol enters his number in her cell phone "In case he can be of future assistance." Officer Moo arrives at the PD and reports the incident with Drunken Chaebol to her supervisor. She explains that "the victim" chooses not to report the incident at this time but may do so in the future. While drinking coffee in the break room, a colleague enters and suggests that Officer Moo give up patrol work and move to an administrative position. Can't fight City Hall, or the Grim Reaper, etc.. She tells him that she used to do desk work but got out of The Life. Does not want to Fall Back Into It. Drunken Chaebol's father alights from his limousine and enters his office building. Officer Cha's father approaches the office building and is welcomed back to his security job by a once and future colleague. Someone is sucking up to Drunken Chaebol's parents and sending them large amounts of food on a daily basis. The stepmother instructs officer Moo's mother to take care of it. Drunken Chaebol lazes in his hospital bed. His stepmother brings him a Lunch Box. Drunken Chaebol tells his stepmother that the blind date she was trying to arrange called him directly and suggested that they meet "without our parents." This is the broadcast employee whom the stepmother has concluded is a gold digger. Drunken Chaebol's stepmother leaves the hospital room with a full head of Steam. Officer Cha's brother in law slices garlic in his restaurant while complaining that his wife made him return the garlic processor to the Home Shopping Network. Officer Cha's mother leads her son into the restaurant by the ear. The son confesses that he has been habitually skipping classes. The son leaves the restaurant and Promises That He Will Never Skip Class Again. Drunken Chaebol's sister and Officer Moo's brother chat amiably. She chastises him for approaching a loan shark for a loan. Officers Moo and Cha eat lunch. He tells her that when she witnesses her first murder scene he will treat her to Cow Intestine Soup. (Cattle chitterlings. Yum!) When they get up from the table, Officer Cha walks out the door, leaving Officer Moo to pay the luncheon tab. Officers Moo and Cha discuss the false accusations re the Brat. He suddenly draws her toward him, as she just misses being hit by a passing motorcyclist. At a squad meeting, Officer Moo and her colleagues examine the photo of a credit card thief. The Brat's mother arrives at the family restaurant. Officer Cha, who is helping his sister out, emerges from the kitchen to meet her. She demands that Officer Moo be broughtto justice. He shocks her by informing her that he has interrogated her son and knows that her husband beats both her and her son. She has a bruise beneath one of her eyes that makeup only barely conceals. She tells him that she is prepared to Do The Right Thing, but demands to know whether he can protect her and her son if she does. His hesitation is palpable and she picks up on it immediately, but her son is missing and he promises to find him. He tells her not to worry Too Muh. She leaves the restaurant. Officer Moo's brother and his business partner are in their office. Officer Moo's brother is getting stuff done but his partner is Surfin' The Net. Then his partner comes across a picture of Officer Moo's protest in front of the PD and beckons his partner. Officer Moo is working in the kitchen. Her brother barges in and demands to know if what The Internet says is true. Because if you see something on The Internet you can take it to the bank, although that bank might be out of business the next day. She explains the situation. Officer Moo's mother leads her sullen daughter into the living room. Officer Moo's daughter has been in a fight with a classmate but won't explain why they were fighting. Turns out that they were fighting over something her classmate read on The Internet.
  10. RECAP, EPISODE 11 Officer Moo stands in front of the PD with a sign, "I Am Not An Abusive Police Officer." [NOTE: Similar to the heroine in predecessor drama, The Shining Eun Soo. Not to mention that we have a similar, false allegation involving a high school. Writers, step up your game!] Officer Cha drives up and views this scene with distaste. Officer Cha exits his vehicle. He confronts Officer Moo. She explains why she has no intention of stopping her protest. He asks, Who says that I want to stop you? But aren't there other considerations? She replies that the citizens who pay her deserve to know that she did not commit brutality. He relents and drives off. Officer Cha enters his boss's office. The Boss asks, Is she brave or ignorant? During their conversation, the Boss vigorously applies a wooden back-scratcher. Officer Cha suggests that Officer Moo had nothing to do with the Brat's bruises The boss is like, Wot? Officer Cha suggests that the Brat's father is the more likely culprit. The Boss tells Officer Cha to proceed, but Very Carefully. The Caretaker opens the door to the Loo. Officer Cha's father is On The Throne. He notices before she can close the door. It is her turn to be embarrassed. The Caretaker returns to Halmoni's bedroom. Halmoni seems to have No Worries, but notices that her Caretaker has Worries. What might they be? Halmoni asks. Nothing, the Caretaker explains. Per Halmoni, then bring me something to eat Right Away! And be quick about it! On her way out the door, she asks Halmoni's son's name. Drunken Chaebol and his father discuss advertising the sale of their shopping arcade. His father says, don't hire a firm that will charge too much money. His son responds that he has found a firm that will work for peanuts. Drunken Chaebol's father is like, what if you get schwoggled by this advertising firm? His Son responds, Why haven't you registered your marriage to my stepmother? His father sputters. Drunken Chaebol holds his hands to his ears and exits his father's office. Drunken Chaebol returns to his office and verbally abuses his Flunky. He receives a phone call and dismisses the Flunky. The phone call is likely from the Woman In Broadcasting his mother wanted to set him up with. He needs to wash his hair every night for the next month. He'll let her know when he is available. She rings off. Officer Moo ccontinues to stand in front of the PD with her sign as her colleagues enter the building. The Grim Reaper from Internal Affairs arrives and attempts to intimidate her. She stands her ground. The Grim Reaper stomps off. Officer Moo receives a call from a former teacher. Officer Moo's mother opens the refrigerator at Drunken Chaebol's house. It is stocked to overflowing. Officer Moo phones her mother, but can't connect because she is fielding a complaint from Drunken Chaebol's stepmother. Officer Moo's daughter has just completed a doctor's appointment. They depart. An Ajuma enters the hallway and Officer Moo asks, Aren't you Hyun Soo's [THE BRAT'S] mother? The woman dons sunglasses and quickens her pace out the door. Officer Moo's mother shops for produce at a grocery store for Drunken Chaebol's family. Whom should she encounter, but Drunken Chaebol's sister. Officer Moo's mother is about to buy one package of produce but Drunken Chaebol's sister needs the same produce for her business. She observes that there is a 2 for 1 deal and they could save money if they buy the bargain and split the cost. Officer Moo's mother is agreeable. When Drunken Chaebol's sister leaves the market, Officer Moo's mother muses that she would like to have a daughter in law like her. We, the Audience, know that this is highly likely. But we also know that, per the Conventions of K-Drama there will be much Storm and Stress before this worthy pairing of Rich and Poor can transpire. Will the Stepmother threaten to fire Officer Moo's mother in the process? Stay tuned. For some reason, the bills of the Moo family have been delivered to the mailbox of Drunken Chaebol's sister. Officer Moo's brother arrives as she is surveying the Moo family's many debts. He is like, God will provide. Officer Moo puts her sick daughter to bed. Officer Moo recalls her encounter with the Brat's mother. She recalls that The Brat's Mother had Bruises, just like her son. A coincidence? No way. Officer Moo leaves her daughter's bedroom and runs into her mother, who has just returned from work. Mother: What are you doing here? Daughter: Why didn't you answer your phone? It turns out that her mother is concealing the fact that she is working as a house keeper. They bicker. Officer Cha's sister arrives at their restaurant and discovers that her husband has spent a portion of their meager funds on a garlic shredder. A stroke of genius, in her view, the purchase was not. Officer Cha's father approaches the restaurant. He hears his daughter protest that they already have enough financial stress with Halmoni's bills, let alone her husband's Home Shopper's Network purchases. Officer Cha's father beats a strategic retreat. Per his wife's orders, Officer Cha's brother in law Returns the appliance To Sender. Officer Cha's father swallows his pride. He enters the office of Drunken Chaebol's Flunky and asks to be restored to his old security job. Officer Moo is in her Boss's office. He is vigorously applying the wooden back scratcher to his foot. He alleges that her crisis has given him athlete's foot. He tells her to Bend Over for the Powers That Be, whether it is fair or not. Officer Cha is working at his laptop when Officer Moo stops by. She tells him about the suspicious bruises on the Brat's mother. Officer Cha is not surprised. He has already asked an expert on domestic violence to evaluate the Brat's bruises. He tells her that Nevertheless, she must proceed carefully since the offender is a Shyster. Officer Cha's mother questions her son about the injuries to the Brat. He evades her questions and departs. The Caretaker is mortified. She and Halmoni's son have some unspecified Back Story. She considers abandoning the job but there, standing in the doorway, is Halmon's son, who now remembers her Very Well. He speaks. Before she can answer him Halmoni needs something Right Now! Flustered, the Caretaker has brought Halmoni hot water rather than cold water. Halmoni Makes A Fuss. Officer Cha enters and berates the caretaker. The Caretaker attempts to give Halmoni something to heal her mouth but Halmoni rejects it and her daughter further berates the Caretaker. Halmoni's son stands around looking uncomfortable. Then he feeds Halmoni some of the substance and, She feels better. The Caretaker hides out in the bathroom. At the PD, Officer Moo examines photos of the Brat's wounds posted on the Internet. Officer Moo's co-workers arrive at the PD and criticize her for not Going With The Flow. Officer Cha views this scene with disapproval. Officer Moo goes to the break room to make coffee for her no-account colleagues. She drops some coffee and creamer on the floor. Officer Cha begins to enter as she is cleaning up the mess, but then withdraw. The expression on his face softens. Officer Cha receives a call on his cell phone. He is on his way. Officer Cha is at his sister's restaurant. The Brat is sitting at a table with his nephew. Officer Cha examines the Brat's bruises. At first the Brat denies that the bruises were inflicted by his father. Officer Cha presses him: How can you stand by while your father is doing the same thing to your mother? Drunken Chaebol and his Flunky are in a bar getting drunk. Drunken Chaebol complains about his stepmother's attempts to Set Him Up. Re the latest Blind Date, even the Flunky is disgusted when the Drunken Chaebol indicates that he will dally with her for an evening and dismiss her in the morning. Drunken Chaebol stumbles down a street muttering about his stepmother. Whom should he encounter but Officer Moo, walking down the same street. She catches up to him as a mugger is administering some Karma upside Drunken Chaebol's head. She intervenes before the mugger can inflict additional Karma. She attempts to revive Drunken Chaebol but, looking pitiful, he declines to respond. Cupid draws his bow but, after evaluating the situation, replaces it.
  11. RECAP, EPISODE 10 Officer Moo informs the Drunken Chaebol that he is not beyond hope. He snorts. Officer Moo walks away. Her daughter calls. Officer Moo tells her she will be home soon. Officer Moo arrives home and is greeted by her daughter. Officer Moo's mother joins them. They talk. In her bedroom, Officer Moo checks her cell phone. The Internet is still condemning her. She hopes that her mother will not learn of the cyber lynch mob. Officer Moo crawls into bed with her mother. Her mother asks her what is worrying her. Nothing, Officer Moo explains. Then Officer Moo brings up the false high school assault charge. Her mother tells her not to worry since she is a Government Employee. No worries until retirement in 30 years. Officer Cha's family is at the breakfast table. Officer Cha's sister calls the Caretaker into the dining room and introduces her to her father. Her father stares at the table, since he already is, ahem, well acquainted with the caretaker. He apologizes. She accepts. Halmoni and the Caretaker eat breakfast. Drunken Chaebol remembers the beating he took from Officer Moo and is not happy. Drunken Chaebol's sister serves her father and stepmother breakfast. they bicker. It turns out that Drunken Chaebol's sister has a problem with her hand that multiple surgeries have been unable to correct. Drunken Chaebol's father looks like he detects an odor. It is his son, lurking outside the dinging room. Drunken Chaebol decides that the best option is to return to his bedroom. His father enters the bedroom and they bicker. Drunken Chaebol's father reminds him that he is behind in clearing out the tenants of their shopping arcade. Officers Cha and Moo learn that there is no CCTV at the location where the incident with the Brat occurred. They canvass the area for witnesses but can;t find any. Officer Moo's mother has served Drunken Chaebol a breakfast which he is enjoying. His stepmother enters and he criticizes her cooking. Stepmother is not pleased. Drunken Chaebol departs. The Stepmother reminds Officer Moo's mother that the family business does not bear scrutiny, hence don't repeat any of it. Officer Moo's mother has already figured that out. Drunken Chaebol's sister, in high heels, is foolishly working on a step ladder attempting to change a light bulb. He enters the room in time to prevent her from falling. (This segment is apparently designed to demonstrate Drunken Chaebol's "softer side." Ever noticed that when we're told about a man's "softer side," he is usually piece of, well, work?) The Stepmother interviews an eager Blind Date for Drunken Chaebol. Surprise, Surprise, she isn't concerned about anything that she's heard about Drunken Chaebol. And she's heard a lot. We learn that the potential "blind date," works in Broadcasting, further evidence that her ethics are beyond reproach.. Drunken Chaebol sits with his father in his office. The flunky Drunken Chaebol beat up the night before in the gym enters with an aluminum suitcase and deposits it on the coffee table. Drunken Chaebol clasps the suitcase to his sunken bosom without either of them examining its contents. His father reminds Drunken Chaebol that he is a wastrel and worthless, except as his gofer. His father's saying for the day: Trust money, not people. Drunken Chaebol's stepmother enters and he exits. As he leaves the room, we see that he has somehow managed to spend big bucks on a suit that looks like a pair of pajamas. The Stepmother speaks to her husband about her interview with the potential Blind Date. The Stepmother is no fool: What kind of woman wouldn't care about the rumors surrounding her stepson? Drunken Chaebol's father agrees that she will never do. Turns out that they are searching for a woman of "high character" who is also willing to marry their son. LOL. Drunken Chaebol returns to his own office and verbally abuses the flunky he beat up the night before. The Flunky protests that he is not his punching bag. Drunken Chaebol reminds him that he is. Officers Cha and Moo enter the PD. All of their colleagues are fielding telephone calls about Officer Moo's alleged brutality. Apparently The Internet has also flooded the Department's website with complains. To his credit, their supervisor reminds them that Officer Moo has done nothing wrong and they must "get through it." Officer Moo goes into a conference room and weeps. A fellow officer brings her a cup of coffee. They talk. She says she is looking for evidence of her innocence. He says that Money Talks and the higher ups have already gotten the message. Not for nothing is the "Grim Reaper" the Grim Reaper. Then he tells her to appeal to the higher ups with evidence of her innocence. Consistency is not his strong suit. Officer Cha's father nervously compliments the Caretaker on her work. The Caretaker nervously accepts the compliment. When he leaves the room, the Caretaker thinks that he may be a Man From Her Past. Officer Cha approaches the exit at the end of the day. She returns some clothes that she lent him. She explains that she scorched his shirt with an iron and hopes that her attempt to replace it is acceptable. She vows to prove her innocence. He departs. Officer Cha returns home. He logs onto The Internet and notes something uspicious about the pictures of the injuries Officer Moo purportedly inflicted on the Brat. He enters his nephew's bedroom and Confronts Him. Did the Brat have any bruises after his encounter with Officer Moo? No. The nephew intimates that the Brat's father may be abusive. Officer Moo watches her daughter sleep and stares at a photo of her dead husband. She asks for the strength to endure. Morning. Officer Moo stands in front of the PD holding a placard insisting that she is neither abusive nor used excessive force. The Supervisor calls Officer Cha. Officer Cha drives up to the PD, takes in the scene, and rolls his eyes.
  12. It looks like the writers are setting up a 3-way race for Officer Moo's affections. Most obvious are Officer Cha and the Drunken Chaebol. But note that the partner in Officer Moo's brother's advertising business has been casting some appreciative glances in her direction. Will Officer Moo her two tightly wound suitors in favor of her brother's more laid back partner? Stay tuned.
  13. RECAP, EPISODE 9 Officer Moo arrives at the PD. Based on something on The Internet, one of her colleagues asks if she was a "Juvenile Offender." Officer Moo logs on and discovers that someone has posted details from her supposedly confidential Permanent Record. Korea is not that different from the United States. Apparently, Officer Moo was charged with assault for an incident in her youth. Likely, the Grim Reaper has leaked this information. Interestingly, her fellow female officer is the least sympathetic. All of her colleagues are disgustingly sanctimonious. Her supervisor calls Officer Moo into his office. When she is behind a closed door, her fellow officers gossip and act like jerks. Officer Moo's fellow officers eagerly fill Officer Cha in when he arrives. he reproaches them for trafficking in information which has been illegally leaked. Officer Moo's boss asks her whether it is true that she was a juvenile offender. She admits that she was. As a 12th grader, she was accused of assault and suspended. The Boss tells her to leave but Officer Cha enters before she can depart. She continues out the door. Officer Cha faces off with The Boss. The Boss tells Officer Cha that the Grim Reaper called him about the juvenile offense and told him that he was the arresting officer. Officer Cha is like, Juvenile offense, so what? Officer Cha opines that the Grim Reaper is clearly in the process of framing Officer Moo. Per the Boss, Aigoo! My head hurts! Officer Cha's sister arrives home with the Woman Who Owes Officer Moo's Mother Money. The two women enter Halmoni's bedroom. Halmoni's mood is sour, as usual. The Debtor expresses sympathy and tells Halmoni how brave she is. halmoni begins to warm up. Yes, I'm like that. But the Debtor wants to chat and Halmoni doesn't. Officer Cha's sister takes her leave and heads for the restaurant. Halmoni starts to interrogate the Debtor. The Debtor says, take a bath first. Officer Cha's mother arrives at the restaurant. She informs him that Halmoni seems to be getting on well with her new caretaker. She leaves the restaurant to run an errand. Their son, who is cutting class again arrives at restaurant. For some reason (this is a restaurant!) they order food from a delivery service. The Drunken Chaebol's Stepmother talks on the phone with someone about investments. After she rings off, Officer Moo's mother begins vacuuming and makes a lot of noise. Drunken Chaebol's Stepmother touches her forehead in exasperation and goes off to confront the source of the noise. She directs that vacuuming occur only when she is not home. Halmoni has taken her first bath in days and is a much better mood. The Debtor applies lotion to her skin and Halmoni manages a smile. Officer Moo's brother "takes a meeting" with Drunken Chaebol and pitches his firm's advertising services. Drunken Chaebol requests a proposal for promoting a new shopping mall. Officer Moo walks down a corridor and overhears her colleagues gossiping about her juvenile offense. Officer Cha arrives and Officer Moo goes off to pick up some supplies. Officer Cha overhears the remainder of his colleagues conversation, enters, and busts their chops. Drunken Chaebol's father and stepmother discuss a real estate investment. His wife leaves to fetch dinner. He opens an envelope. It contains an indictment. He calls his attorney and yells at him. Turns out, Drunken Chaebol has been indicted. Drunken Chaebol, unfortunately, arrives home at just that moment. His father chastises him for violating the family motto: Don't Get Caught. Turns out that the indictment is for something that Drunken Chaebol did while (wait for it) drunk. Drunken Chaebol bickers with his father. He angrily shoves his stepmother to the floor. To his credit, his father clocks him a good one. Drunken Chaebol leaves the house without rendering the apology his father demands. Drunken Chaebol's sister works her magic in the kitchen. The doorbell rings. A tall young man (Who is this guy?) enters. He takes a seat at the table and she serves him some food. He remarks that no man ever dared to "make a move"on her because of her brother. Just then, Drunken Chaebol calls and rips him a couple of "new ones." At the end of the day, Halmoni is sleeping but the Debtor needs a bath. As she starts to disrobe, Officer Cha's father enters. She shrieks. Abashed, he leaves. Officer Cha's sister arrives and the Debtor is told that she needs to sleep in the same room as Halmoni. She is not happy. Officer Cha's sister talks with her father and asks whether anything is wrong. He says no. But he is, well, Excited. As a widower, he's entitled. Drunken Chaebol's sister arrives home and offers to cook her stepmother a meal. Her stepmother remarks on the difference between her two step children. lShe tells her stepmother that men take longer to mature, and her brother is taking longer than other men. Drunken Chaebol's sister retires to her bedroom. She recalls an encounter with Officer Moo's brother and is happy. She remembers that he is color blind. As Officer Moo's brother arrives home with his partner in tow, his mother is playing with Officer Moo's daughter. Officer Moo's mother tells them that she has made Mugwort stew. They are more appreciative than one would expect. It turns out that Officer Moo is working the night shift. In the gym, Officer Moo vigorously abuses a punching bad. She remembers her initial encounter with the Grim Reaper. It turns out that she was falsely accused of assaulting a politician's daughter. As is his wont, he was more eager to close the case and please the influential family than to do justice. The Rich Brat enters and falsely accuser. Case Closed! Sayeth the Grim Reaper. As she remembers, she assaults the bag with more vigor. Drunken Chaebol enters and confronts an underling who ratted him out to his Dad. The underling is dressed n fighting attire. Will Drunken Chaebol have a go? Yes. the underling submits to a beating. Officer Moo arrives and tells Drunken Chaebol to leave the underling alone. He's like, Who is going to make me? She climbs into the wring. She makes him. Then she knocks him to the floor. The underling attends to Drunken Chaebol's wounds. Officer Moo leaves the gym and, on the street, encounters a chastened version of Drunken Chaebol. Since this is not their first encounter, he accuses her of being interested in him. She's like, No way! You're a Thug. I'm a police officer. She tells him that there is still time for him to Turn His Life Around. He isn't interested.