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  1. RECAP, EPISODE 99 Officer Moo and her Daughter arrive home. Her Daughter shows Officer Moo's Mother the gumball machine ring :Mr. Tall" bought for her. Officer Moo's Mother scolds her Brother and Sister In Law for their Public Display of Affection, where "all of the neighbors could see." Did I mention that it was public? In his bedroom, Drunken Chaebol sis in his expensive massage chair and looks rueful and unfulfilled. Drunken Chaebol's Sister has a fever. Officer Moo's Brother a[[lies some cold towels to her forehead. Officer Moo's Mother complains about Officer Cha leaving the Substation without eating the lunch she brought. Her Mother learns about Officer Cha's impending transfer to headquarters. Officer Moo opines that a woman needs to shed tears over a man like a fish needs to shed tears over a bicycle. Or something like that. When Officer Cha's Sister and Husband arrive home, Officer Cha is speaking with the Caretaker in the Courtyard. When the Sister overhears her Brother calling the Caretaker "Mother," she is disturbed. In their bedroom, the Sister complains, "What if my real Mother overheard that> Her husband reminds her that the Caretaker has been more of a real mother to the Stepmother, who split after giving birth to him. The Sister is concerned that the Steomother may soon go Abroad and never Return. Her Husband doesn't much share this concern. In his bedroom, Officer Cha looks at a mugshot of the Suspected Murderer. He remembers his confrontation with Officer Moo after the Suspected Murderer overpowered her and ran away. His Korean Hard Guy pose seems to be cracking. Officer Moo's Brother and the Caretaker's son work in their office. They start to leave for lunch when both of their Mothers walk in. The two Sons leave for lunch and the two Mothers sit down for a Talk. The Caretaker thinks it would be great if Officers Cha and Moo reunited. Officer Moo's Mother is like, Let's talk about something else. They argue over whether Officer Cha is a fake Korean Hard Guy or a real Korean Hard Guy. At the Chicken Restaurant, the Caretaker and Officer Cha's Sister talk. The Caretaker tells her that her son could learn cooking from Drunken Chaebol's Sister. Officer Cha's Sister, as is her wont, asks "How much would that cost," and is shocked to learn that there would be no cost. As the Caretaker is leaving the Chicken Restaurant, her Husband enters to speak with his Daughter. Before the Caretaker leaves, Officer Cha's Sister apologizes for her past resemblance to a richardsimmons-hole. Officer Cha's Sister tells her Father about how thugs usted up her restaurant on Drunken Chaebol's orders. She is afraid that the Stepmother may be harmed before she can leave Korea. At the Substation, the Chief is posting another comment on Officer Moo's Mother's website. Someone calls the Substation and Officer Moo answers. The Someone has information on a Murder Case. Officer Moo makes an appointment to meet Someone the next day. Officers Cha, Moo and the Guy From Headquarters huddle in the conference room. Officer Moo is told that someone has arrived to see her. When Officer Moo walks into the reception area, she is not thrilled to see Drunken Chaebo talking with the Chief. Officer Moo frosts Drunken Chaebol's eyeballs and he leaves. She and Officer Cha exchange a Look. Officer cha receives a breathy-voiced phone call from the Stepmother. In a Cafe, Drunken Chaebol lists all of his attractive qualities. The list is not a long one. Officer Moo is like, 'Tis a pity you're a hoodlum. She tells him that her Daughter wants him to be her Father but She has no interest in being his wife. Moreover, since we are In Laws Confucius says we can't marry regardless. Officer Moo leaves the cafe. (By the way, where on earth do the producers find Drunken Chaebol's 1950's Times Sqaure Pimp-style attire? Is that shirt a lame joke, or what?) In the private room of an elegant restaurant, the Stepmother warns Officer Cha to beware of Thug Sr.. He's like, Thanks but you're his Moll and had no problem when he was breaking other people's legs. Don't contact me ever again. He leaves the room, Korean Hard Guy style. Officer Cha's Father exits his house and enters the courtyard, where Halmoni is stewing because Officer Cha has yet to return home. He's like Don't fret, boychik done made 21 a while ago. She expresses some remorse about breaking up her Grandson's relationship with Officer Moo before re-entering the house. Officer Cha returns home and encounters his Father in the courtyard. His father is still stunned by Halmoni's change of heart. He tells his Son that he iw worried that Thug Sr. may harm him or the Stepmother. In his office, Thug Sr. receives a phone call. It's the Murder Suspect. He tells Thug Sr. that he is on his way to talk with Officer Moo, since Thug Sr. has been avoiding him. He reminds Thug Sr. that his Son killed Officer Moo's husband while driving drunk. Thug Sr. shouts and grinds his teeth. Officer Moo sits in a cafe waiting for the Murder Suspect. At other tables, Officer Cha and his Headquarters Accomplice sit and attempt to look random. After two fruitless hours, they give up and leave. Thug Sr. arrives at his Daughter's office and drills her a few New Ones for not telling him about Drunken Chaebol's crush on Officer Moo. When she tells him that Officer Moo loves someone else, he seems even angrier that someone would think that she is too good for his son, even though approximately 98% of the women on earth are too good for his son.. When Thug Sr. learns that it is Officer Cha whose romantic dust his Son is eating, he curses and storms out of the room. Thug Sr. storms into his house and confronts the Stepmother. He has figured out that she was attemting to stick his Son with the Single Mom in hopes of finding a more sutable catch for her own son, Officer Cha. She's like, Not that ther's anything wrong with that. They grasp the Bull by Its Tail and face the end of their relationship. they bicker. He tells her that she can't leave until he kicks her out of the house. She's like, Cash me outside. the Stepmother leaves the room and Thug Sr. pouts aggressively. Drunken Chaebol and the Flunky, two richardsimmons-holes with broken hearts, throw back shots in a bar. Drunken Chaebol is like, She'll love me someday. Or else. Drunken Chaebol stumbles into the Substation and is assisted into the break room where he can wait for Officer Moo. the Officers on duty are like, WTF? Who should be sitting in the break room drinking a cup of coffee when Drunken Chaebol stumbles in but --drum roll-- Officer Cha. Drunken Chaebol demands that Officer Cha stop junk-blocking him. Officer Cha reminds Drunken Chaebol that he is a criminal and a coward. They face off across the break room table
  2. RECAP, EPISODE 98 Officer Cha's Headquarters Colleague calls Officer Moo and asks her to replace him on a stakeout with Officer Cha, since he has to take his child to the hospital. As Officer Moo approaches Officer Cha's car, the Murder Suspect stalks her and grabs her from behind. She turns around and faces him. Ha! It is in fact Officer Cha. She explains why she is there. In a private room in the hotel, Thug Sr. and several other pigs in suits are well into their cups. thug Sr. receives a cellphone call and leaves the room to take it. A voice tells him that he will not be joining the group because "The police are on my tail." In their surveillance car, Officers Cha and Moo watch Thug Sr. and his fellow porkers leave the hotel. They argue about whether she should have joined the stakeout that night, even though his Partner requested that she substitute for him. He drives off and leaves her standing on the street alone, Korean Hard Guy Style. Thug Sr. enters his living room, calls Grim Reaper Hwang, and complains that the police interfered with his [lanned meeting with the Murder Suspect. Hwang tells him best not to have such meetings during the near future, since Officer Cha is on his trail. Officer Moo returns home. Her Brother tells her that Drunken Chaebol wants to marry her. She makes it clear that the desire is not mutual. Officer Cha sits in his bedroom and sighs. Officer Moo sits in her bedroom and recalls her encounter with Officer Cha. Morning. Officer Moo's Mother is working on lunches for the Substation, which she will deliver later in the morning. Officer Cha's family eats breakfast. His Sister gets some Hangover Soup from the Caretaker and considerable grief from Halmoni. Officer Cha's Father tells Halmoni that the Caretaker will not be cooking lunch today because he and she are having lunch with her Son. This is news to the Caretaker but her husband's assertiveness makes her happy. At the Substation the Chief is embarrassed when, while doing Old Man Stretching exercises, Officer Moo's Mother arrives with the Substation's lunch boxes. At least his Old man Back Scratcher is nowhere in evidence. He gushes over her. Everyone goes up to the break room for lunch, except for Officer Cha. Officer Cha receives a call from his Father. Officeer Moo's Mother watches the Officers eat. The Chief continues to gush over her. The Stepmother makes an unannounced visit to the Chicken restaurant to speak with her Daughter. The Stepmother shocks her by telling her tat she is "Going abroad for a while." Officer Cha, his father, the Caretaker and her Son enjoy lunch in a restaurant. Back at the Substation, Officer Moo and her Mother clean up after lunch. Officer Moo's Mother is angry because she thinks Officer Cha didn't join them for lunch because he was angry with her. After Lunch, the Caretaker's Son returns to his Office with his Mother and Stepfather. Officer Cha's father meets Officer Moo's Brother for the first time. He is beginning to have second thoughts about opposing his Son's relationship with Officer Moo. Drunken Chaebol enters his Father's office and invites him to lunch but encounters hostility. Thug Sr. receives a phone call and orders his son to leave. But after his Son leaves, he doesn't pick up. In a hotel room, the Suspected Murderer looks at his cellphone and curses. While Drunken Chaebol and the Flunky are talking in his Office, he receives a call. It is from Officer Moo's Daughter. Disgusting. The Headquarters Colleague arrives at the Substation to consult with Officer Cha. Officer Cha reproaches him for involving Officer Moo in the Stakeout. At the Substation, Officer Moo receives a call from her Daughter's teacher. She learns that her Daughter is out of class eating ice cream with Drunken Chaebol and seems to realize that Things Have Gone Too Far. In the locker room at the end of the day, the Female Colleague claims to Officer Moo that her meeting with Officer Cha the night before went better than it actually did. On her cellphone, the Stepmother is offering to sell one of her assets for Bottom Daughter. When she hears Thug Sr. enter the house, she rings off. In their bedroom, Thug Sr. wolfs down some heart pills. He receives another call which he doesn't answer. When he asks the Stepmother if she conveyed his warning to Officer Cha, she tells him that her natural Son refuses to speak with her. Then they bicker about Drunken Chaebol's crush on Officer Moo. Night fell long ago but Officer Moo's Daughter has yet to return home. Officer Moo receives a call and joins Drunken Chaebol and her daughter in a cafe. Drunken Chaebol gives Officer Moo's Daughter a box of toy rings. Then he gives Officer Moo a small box containing an engagement ring. Officer Moo tells Drunken Chaebol that she is not allowed to accept gifts from members of the public. Into his place he has been put. Officer Moo departs with her Daughter. Drunken Chaebol stands alone and looks exasperated.
  3. RECAP, EPISODE 97 The tall Man is lurking on a park bench as Officer Moo's Mother and daughter walk by. When the Daughter, who clearly Doesn't Know any better, sees Drunken chaebol, she runs to join him. They embrace. Yuck. Rather than kicking Drunken Chaebol's richardsimmons, Officer Moo's Mother looks on wistfully. She notes that he "looks down," and commiserates -- raher than noting that it's high time life handed him a few lemons. At long last, Drunken chaebol Gets Going, but not before he and the child engage in additional yuckiness. When Drunken Chaebol enters his office, the Flunky tells him that Thug Sr. has been looking for him. Drunken Chaebol sits down in Thug Sr.'s office and they have a Man-To-Man. When Thug Sr. invokes his potential death, Drunken Chaebol talks about how disgusted he was when his Father linked up with the Stepmother after his mother died. Quid Pro Quo: I put up with the Stepmother, your turn to put up with Officer Moo. Thug Sr. tells his son that he will Cut Him Off Without A Penny unless he relents. Drunken Chaebol tells him, So Be It, and leaves the room. Thug Sr. emits an evil chuckle. When the Flunky enters Thug Sr.'s office for some remedial richardsimmons-kissing, Thug Sr. tells him to fetch him his limo: He needs to visit the hospital. Officer Cha and the Chief discuss the fact that the Suspected Murderer is the man who went to prison for killing Officer Moo's Husband in a drunk driving accident. Officer Cha's Headquarters colleague is waiting for him in the conference room. Officer Moo slips in and pumps him for information on the Murder Suspect. We learn that Officer Cha was disciplined for investigating the Murder Suspect too aggressively in a drug case. Officer Moo leaves. Officer Cha and the Headquarters Colleague agree that the best way to catch up with the Suspected Murderer is to keep an eye on Thug Sr.. Drunken Chaebol's Sister and her Husband discuss her Brother's crush on his Sister. Later, Officer Moo's Brother and his Business Partner are working in their office when Drunken Chaebol appears. the Business partner Gets Going. They discuss his Crazy Love for Officer Moo. Officer Moo's Brother is lke,Where did you misplace your brain? At the Substation, the Female Colleague tells Officer Cha that she would like to discuss something with him that evening. Officer Cha tells her that he has to wash his hair tonight. And any other night she might propose. In the locker room, the Female Colleague reiterates to Officer Moo that she has her sights set on Officer Cha. Actually, Officer Cha and the Female Colleague do meet in a cafe after work. She shamelessly Declares Her Heart. He shuts her down, Korean Hard Guy Style. When the Stepmother enters their bedroom, Thug Sr. starts ranting about his son and Officer moo. When he finds out that she knew that his Son was hurt while rescuing Officer Moo;s Daughter, he explodes. He accuses her of trying to sabotage him and his family. They bicker about what he terms their "long twisted relationship." Officer Cha's Sister and Brother In Law argue over their Son's interest in learning to cook. She's like, But what if he decides later that he wants to be a nuclear scientist? Officer cha's Nephew returns home and encounters the Caretaker. He happily tells her about his meeting with her Son. Officer Cha's Sister arrives. Several sheets to the wind, she has drunk her share of beer and, apparently someone else's share as well. She talks with the Caretaker. We learn that the Caretaker grew up in a wealthy family. Officer Cha's Father arrives home and catches Halmoni eavesdropping on the Caretaker and his daughter. He joins her. Officer Cha's Sister talks about how her natural mother, the Stepmother, grew up in a poor family, how the Caretaker torpedoed her marriage to her father, and how the saintly Stepmother now wants to Make Amends. Halmoni and Officer Cha's father enter the room. Halmoni sends her Son and the Caretaker away so that she can give her Granddaughter some Individual Attention. Halmoni gives Officer Cha's Sister a tongue lashing and she breaks down weeping. Officer cha's father and the Caretaker talk in their bedroom. He comforts her. and promises to Do Better Officer Moo reproaches her Mother for being a Mean Mother In Law. Officer Moo's Brother tells his Wife about Drunken Chaebol's surprise visit and his unwelcome declaration of love for his Sister. She has a premonition that Nothing Good is about to happen. Officer Moo and her Mother continue bickering about her Mother's inadequacies as a Mother In Law. The Flunky enters Drunken Chaebol's Office and tells him that the Stepmother has taken the bait of whatever trap they have set for her. In the darkness, Thug Sr. leaves his house and enters his chauffeured limousine. Officer Cha, who has been laying in wait, follows Thug Sr.'s car at a discrete distance. Thug Sr. enters a hotel. Officer Cha waits for him to return to his car. Officer Cha's Headquarters Colleague calls Officer Moo and asks her to replace him on a stakeout with Officer Cha, since he has to take his child to the hospital. As Officer Moo approaches Officer Cha's car, the Murder Suspect stalks her and grabs her from behind.
  4. RECAP, EPISODE 96 Officer Moo catches up with the Murder suspect and Kung Foos him into submission. Then she looks into his eyes and encounters the eyes of the Drunk Driver who killed her Husband. While she is trying to find his soul, he knocks her down and Gets Going. When Officer Cha catches up with Officer Moo, she tells him that she has just encountered the drunk driver who killed her Husband. Officers Cha and Moo have dinner at a cafe. Too bad Officer Moo can't drink. they both tell each other that their respective presences at thug Central is none of the other's business. Officer Cha can't care about her late Husband's Drunk Driving Murder because he is on a Different Case. As Officer Moo approaches her house in the darkness, Drunken Chaebol runs to greet her. He tries a Korean Caveman and she brushes past him. He apologizes for his father and she doesn't want to hear it. Officer Moo returns home. Her Mother, Brother and Sister In Law ask What's the problem? Nothing, she explains. Officer Moo's Brother and Sister In Law enter their bedroom. They are excited because his Mother has bought them a new bed. In her bedroom, Officer Moo remembers the Face Of Her Husband's Killer. In Halmoni's bedroom, the Caretaker explains to the Old Bat how the debt her husband paid off came to be. Wrong answer. Halmoni kicks the Caretaker out of her bedroom. Officer Cha's Father follows the caretaker into their bedroom and acts like a richardsimmons-hole. He leaves. She weeps. Officer Cha's Sister enters her Brother's bedroom and thanks him for paying her stupidity tax. She tells him that their natural Mother will soon end her Life Of Sin so It's All Good. Officer Cha disagrees. They bicker. Thug Sr. is recovering from Whatever in his bed. He tells the Flunky to fetch him his son. The Flunky tells him that seeing his Son now would Not Be good For His Heart. The Flunky leaves Thug Sr.'s bedroom and encounters the Stepmother. He updates her on the days events. She sends him away. The Doctor has left some kind of drip for Thug Sr.'s heart but he removes the IV-Tube. The Stepmother enters his bedroom and remonstrates with him, to no avail. He sputters as she attempts to persuade him to approve of his Son's pursuit of the lowly police officer. He is unaware that her goal is to keep her own natural son from falling for the same lowly police officer. Thug Sr. receives a call on his cellphone and orders the Stepmother out of the room. Murder Suspect calling! He tells thug Sr. that he wants a meet-up to discuss old times. And how memories can be forgotten for a price. Officer Moo's Mother, who can't sleep, wanders into her living room and encounters her Daughter, who also can't sleep. They remember the Drunk Driver who killed Officer Moo's Husband and agree that he was a Beast. We learn that he somehow got off with only a three year jail sentence. In his bedroom, Officer cha studies photographs of the Suspected Murderer. When his Father enters the room, we learn that the Suspected Murderer was also a suspect in a drug case that the Department's top Brass covered up. He tells his Father that the Suspected Murderer was seen approaching Thug Sr.'s house, so like a fly buzzing around guano, there is probably a connection. Morning. Officers Cha and Moo have an uncomfortable encounter in a Substation hallway. When Officers Cha and Moo enter the Squad Room, they encounter the Female Colleague and her partner, who are bickering up a storm. The Chief instructs his officers to do follow-ups on domestic violence cases. Officer Cha's Sister enters the Chicken Restaurant, sees her Son talking with her Husband, and tries to make nice to the son by asking him to invite his friend for dinner. Her Son is like, Don't you remember you treated him like ordure the last time he was here? Then he Gets Going. After she insults her husband, he removes his apron, throw it to the floor, and Gets Going too. Officer Cha's Nephew arrives at the Caretaker's Son's office for some video gaming. The Nephew is given a cookie, which he enjoys. The Nephew is intrigued to learn that it was baked by the wife of the Caretaker's Son's Business Partner. The Flunky enters Drunken Chaebol's office and they scheme briefly against the Stepmother. Drunken Chaebol's Sister visits him to give him some advice on his love life vs. Their Father. She warns him that his romantic pursuit is a fool's errand, since Officer Moo really is in love with Officer Cha. He vows to "Make Her Mine," regardless. Officer Cha and his Headquarters Accomplice discuss the Murder Case in the substation's conference room. the Accomplice learns that the Murder Suspect is also the drunk driver who killed Officer Moo's Husband. Officer Cha makes him promise that he will resist any attempt by Officer Moo to involve herself in their case. The Chief is leaving more favorable comments on Officer Moo's Mother's Lunch Box website, including some under assumed names. Officer Moo confronts Officer cha in the break room. He tells her to stay out of the Case. Officer Moo's Mother and her Chingu chuckle over the comments on her Lunch box Website. The Chingu still thinks that the principal commenter is pursuing more than Lunch. The Stepmother sits in the living room wringing her hands. When Thug Sr. steams out of their bedroom, she asks him where he is going. He tells her to mind her own business. After Thug Sr. leaves, she phones her business associate. When she learns that her big Wire transfer is still in limbo, she becomes angry and desperate. Thug Sr. sits down for dinner with the Suspected Murderer in the private room of an expensive restaurant. When the Suspected Murderer treats him with disrespect, Thug Sr. begins to boil over but the Suspected Murderer's reminder that he went to jail in the Drunk Driving Case instead of Drunken Chaebol forces Thug Sr. to cool it. We learn that the night of the collision, Drunken chaebol was so out of it that he still doesn't know that he was in a collision. The Suspected Murderer makes it clear that if Thug Sr. wants his son to remain in blissful ignorance, it's going to cost him. The tall Man is lurking on a park bench as Officer Moo's Mother and daughter walk by. When the Daughter, who clearly Doesn't Know any better, sees Drunken Chaebol, she runs to join him. They embrace. Yuck.
  5. RECAP, EPISODE 95 The Flunky enters Thug Sr.'s office. Thug Sr. pumps the Flunky hard about Drunken Chaebol's feelings for Officer Moo. When the Flunky (to his credit, only after Thug Sr. gives his gonads a twist) reluctantly tells the old gangster that his son wants to marry Officer Moo, Thug Sr. falls back into his chair like a sack of fertilizer. Thug Sr. begins Huffing and Puffing, Cursing, and orders the Flunky to leave his office. Thug Sr. stumbles into his house and demands that the Stepmother join him in their bedroom. Thug Sr. learns that the Stepmother knew about his Son's infatuation with Officer Moo. When Thug Sr. hears his son entering their house, he storms out of their bedroom. Drunken Chaebol enters his bedroom and with a giant Guano Consuming Grin, settles back into his Masssage Chair. The Grinning Man has not yet heard the bad news. His Father storms in and rips the headphones off his son's head. Thug Sr. tells his son, "Unless you want me to die, don't waste your time on useless things." When he storms out of the room, it is still unclear what those "useless things" are. The Caretaker calls her Son and tells him not to worry, issues have been resolved. Officer Cha returns home. The Caretaker fixes him dinner. They have a Heart To Hear Talk. After Dinner, she serves him coffee and they have another Heart to Heart Talk, this time about his breakup with Officer Moo. He ends this conversation by spewing Korean Hard Guy. Officer Cha and the Brother In Law sit in the courtyard. The Brother In Law says he plans to indenture himself to Uber or some such. We learn that Rage Machine once dated a medical student, and that the Brother In Law beat him to a pulp. Brother In Law learns that Officer Cha has broken up with Officer Moo. Officer Moo and Drunken Chaebols Sister have a late night chat. They also discuss her breakup. Officer Moo is like, "Too many fish in the sea." "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." And etc.. Morning. Officer Moo's family has breakfast. her Mother is irritated to learn that her Son and Daughter in Law will be gone for two days. The Caretaker's Son pours hot water on a bowl of ramen for his boss. The Female Colleague encounters Officer Moo in the locker room. She wants to Confess Her Heart to Officer Cha. Officer Moo tells her to Go For It. At the Substation, the Female Colleague suggests that they change partners. Officers Cha and Moo are fine with that but her current partner, who has a crush on her, erupts. Ha! The Stepmother and the sister are facing off again. The Sister no longer cares about her natural mother's sinful ways, since the Stepmother is promising that she will soon be free of Thug Sr. and they will cross over together into the Financial Promised Land. Jeez, this is disgusting. The Sister makes the Stepmother cry by bringing holiday side dishes, which were actually cooked by the Caretaker. The Sister returns to the Chicken restaurant and whines to her Husband that she didn't have the nerve to ask the Stepmother for money. Just then, her father enters, places a money envelope on the table, and tells her that it is from her brother. The Sister weeps (crocodile?) tears. The Female Colleague encounters Officer Cha in the break room and Confesses Her Heart, but Officer Cha stomps on it. Officer Cha's Headquarters Accomplice meets with him and tells him that the suspected killer has been spotted. Thug Sr. calls Officer Moo and Summons Her Into His Presence. Officer Moo enters Thug Sr.'s office. His soul is marinating in urine and vinegar. He accuses her of trying to seduce his Son. When she denies any interest, he seems almost offended. Drunken Chaebol is trying unsuccessfully to call Officer Moo. The Flunky enters his office and, perhaps hoping that father and son will kill each other off, informs him that Officer Moo is in Thug Sr.'s office. Drunken Chaebol Gets Going. Drunken Chaebol enters his father's office as he is verbally abusing Officer Moo. He tells his Father that he is in love with Officer Moo, but she has no interest in him. Thug Sr., insulted all over again, feigns a heart attack and Drunken Chaebol calls his doctor. Officer Cha leaves Thug Central but outside, notices Officer Cha and his Headquarters Accomplice in an unmarked car on a Stakeout. The Murder suspect approaches Thug Central and the two Stakeouters, plus Officer Moo, pursue him. When he thinks he has eluded Officer Cha, Officer Moo catches up with him and brings the Bruce Lee Hammer of Justice down on his head. She looks into the Murder Suspect's eyes and Deja Vu's. He takes advantage and Gets Going. When Officer Cha catches up with Officer Moo, she tells him that she has just encountered the drunk driver who killed her Husband.
  6. TO ALL: -- In a well-run U.S. Police Department (and, to be sure, many are not) Both Officers cha and Moo would have felt required to report their familial connections to the Thug Sr. Crime Organization. - - I'm back to thinking that the Female Colleague is basically a fine, if not perfect, Human Being. Sure she acted out when she was first disappointed to learn that Officer Cha loved Officer Moo. That makes her a Human Being. But she relented throughout their relationship (significantly not accepting Officer Cha's ister's offers to help sabotage their relationship) and,, even when it was clearly ended, asked Officer Moo if she would be OK with her pursuing Officer Cha. @finebyme : -- "Acting like a police officer" should hopefully include the ability to address an incident without force if no force is required, no? Isn't that your expectation when you are detained or pulled over by a police officer? -- I think that "legacy" decisions are human nature for anything that is desirable. The world over. In the United states, it is well known that "legacy" hires, selections or admissions occur for anything that is desirable: from admissions to craft union apprenticeship programs to admissions to Harvard University, to hiring. My particular interest is cultural and political journalism and the obvious nepotism in these U.S. industries is laughable. It may be that Koreans are more virtuous and restrained in this regard but I am skeptical.T @carlemyers Actually, I'd be delighted if an Officer as decent and competent as Officer Moo was patrolling my neighborhood. [Note" I mean no offense to the Buena Park, CA Police Department, which is fine (and, in fact, would be delighted to hire a Korean American like Officer Moo); but as for the Police department in my former city of residence for 40 years, Washington, DC: I would have preferred Officer Moo to most personnel,, up to and including the Chief of Police who recently resigned. So MPD, you are entitled to feel offended, since that was my intent] @carlemyers With respect, you are quibbling. If a man or woman can, under color of law, throw me to the ground, put me in handcuffs, and force me into involuntary incarceration, as we have seen Officers Cha and Moo do many times, he or she is by definition a Police Officer and not a Community Relations Whatever,, I assume that Korea is like the U.S.: A Detective is a senior investigative police officer but a Routine Patrol Officer can still introduce some hell into your life if he or she so chooses. In the United states, Patrol Officers are encouraged to relate to the community but no one mistakes them for Social Workers. Least of all the Patrol Officers themselves.,
  7. RECAP, EPISODE 94 Later, Officer Moo encounters Officer Cha in the break room and complains bitterly about being excluded. They face off. she accuses him of excluding her. He doesn't deny it. As Officer Cha storms out of the room, the Female Colleague enters. She notices his state of P.O.tivity. She adds two and two and her math is adequate to the task. Later, as Officer Moo has changed into Civies in the locker room, the Female colleague enters. She's like, If you don't want that last hamburger, can I have it? Officer Moo's Brother and Sister In Law bill and coo in their bedroom. She tells him that she wants at least three children. He's like, Let's get started right now. Officer Moo's Brother joins his mother, who is working on her Laptop. Jeez, it looks like the only Laptop size available for sale in Korea is Humungous. The Substation Chief has left an anonymous post on her Lunch for Delivery websiie raving about her food. He is so excited about her cooking that she is a little excited about him. Officer Moo's Brother tells his Mother that he plans to visit the Thug family during the holidays. She's like, are you insane? Officer Moo pokes her head in, and after she pulls her head out, they discuss her breakup with Officer Cha. In the bathroom, Officer Moo furiously spritzes her face as she remembers her encounter with Officer Cha. before she can get a proper Weep on, her Mother sticks her head in and summons her for a Talk. Officer Moo pulls herself together and enters her Mother's bedroom. Her Mother is like, It's common for couples to break up. Eaxy come, Easy go! Go Forth! Don't look back. And anyway, I told you to break up with him! Officer Moo is like, Thanks Mom! In Halmoni's bedroom, she, her Son and the Caretaker sit Indian Style while she spews forth. Like usual, Halmoni is PO'd but doesn't know Jack about what is going on. Hey, Halmoni, let's do the math: Your Son had a retirement fund of $40,000: -- His Beloved had a debt of E40,000. -- -- Your Son paid off the debt and now the $40,000 is gone. -- His daughter angered her chicken restaurant's landlord by bragging that her Big bucks natural mother was going to set her up in a Luxe restaurant, . When the Stepmother couldn't put any money where her mouth was and Officer Cha's Sister's Chicken Restaurant wasn't going anywhere, the angry landlord raised the yearly rent by $36,000. As her hapless Husband correctly observed, the $36K was basically a fee for stupidly running her mouth. Plus the Sister wanted $4K from her Father so her Son could join the Rich {arent's tutoring Group, which he didn't want to join to begin with and when he was forced to attend, got him beaten up besides. -- -- Had your Son still had the $40K when your Franddaughter requested it, your granddaughter would have flushed it down the toilet and it would still be gone. -- Looks like it was a good thing your Son spent his money to bail out his Wife before your Granddaughter could get her hands on it. As they leave her room, Halmoni gives her son and daughter In law her Acid Indigestion Look. Officer Cha returns home as his Father and the Caretaker emerge from the Throne room. He tells the Caretake that he likes her Son, his Stepbrother. He tells his father that he wants a Word with him. Officer Cha gives his Father a money envelope, in hopes that it will at least temporarily slake his Sister's Money Thirst. The money was his savings for his now foregone marriage. Officer Cha's Father enters their bedroom and tells the Caretaker not to worry, since his Son has now given him enough money to enable his Daughter to pay her Landlord's Running Your Mouth Fee. Morning. At Thug Manse, the doorbell chimes sound. The Stepmother checks the CCTV, sees Drunken Chaebol's sister and her Husband, and silently begs the Gods for mercy. Drunken Chaebol physically restrains his father from leaving the room. Drunken Chaebol's Sister and her Husband enter the living room dressed in Traditional Korean Garb. Unfortunately, Thug Sr. storms out of the house before he can have a heart attack. The stepmother invites them to stay for lunch. The three of them, plus drunken Chaebol, have a civilized meal. The Nephew sits down for a meal at the Chicken Restaurant but storms out when his mother arrives. His Father follows him into the street and tells him that if he wants to become a Chef, he'll help him. The Husband returns to the restaurant and he and Officer Cha's Sister have a Tender Moment. Officer Cha's co-conspirator from Headquarters arrives to meet Officer Cha, but he is out. While he waits in the conference room for Officer Cha, Officer Moo brings him coffee. She pumps him for information but as he begins to gush, Officer Cha arrives and pitches a Mother of a Dog. Officer Moo's Brother is working at his desk when Thug Sr. swaggers in. He gives the elderly gangster a proper Korean greeting but Thug Sr. is like, Don't you "Father" me. Then he settles his over-ample behind into a chair and begins offering Career and Financial Inducements for him to divorce his Daughter. When this doesn't work and he physically threatens Officer Moo's Brother, the Business Partner enters and overhears him. Thug Sr. stomps out of the workspace. Drunken Chaebol's Sister receives a text from Thug Sr. demanding that she meet him in front of Officer Moo's house at 8:00 PM. Officer Moo's Mother and her Chingu talk guano. the Mother shows her Chingu some ardent comments regarding her lunches posted by a fan on her website. The chingu immediately deduces that the fan is smitten with more than lunch. The Flunky enters Drunken Chaebol's office. Drunken Chaebol remarks that the flunky has begun Showing Signs of Wealth. The flunky chokes back some stomach acid. When the Flunky hears that Drunken Chaebol's Sister and Brother In Law visited thug Manse without apparent incident, he looks nervous. Maybe he shouldn't have spent the dowry before it was deposited in his bank account. Drunken Chaebol arrives at the gym as Officer Moo beats the guano out of a punching bag. He tapes his hands, dons his gloves, and they spar a bit. For a while they are evenly matched but, when Officer Moo remembers something Officer Cha told her, she gives Drunken Chaebol a real smackeroo. When the Substation Chief asks Officer Cha why he is freezing Officer Moo out of the murder investigation, Officer Cha tells him that he is attempting to shield her from danger. the Chief Aigoos over Officer Cha's romantic ineptitude. Drunken Chaebol walks Officer Moo home. As she tells him that he Doesn't Make Her Heart Flutter, Thug Sr. pulls up in his limo and seeing them together turns his heart into a jackhammer. Thug Sr., who has come to spirit way his daughter, now finds buzzing about what he regards as a most improbable honeypot. Thug Sr. is like (Can I get a witness?!), It's Hard Out Here for A Loan Shark! Watching his Son and Officer Moo, Thug Sr.'s face turns tomato red and his mouth gapes.
  8. RECAP, EPISODE 93 Officer Moo, her daughter and Mother cavort in their living room. She asks her daughter to go into her bedroom and retrieve her phone. As Officer Moo's daughter reaches the phone, Drunken Chaebol calls. The Daughter is overdue for the Good Call, Bad Call lecture as well. She tells him that she and her mother are going to the grocery store. Uh oh. At the grocery store, Officer Moo tells her Daughter to put the hotdogs back on the shelf but a Hot og comes along and throws them back in the cart. Guess Who . . . Officer Moo's Daughter hugs the Lecherous gangster. Drunken Chaebol, Officer Moo and Daughter have lunch in a cafe. To her credit, Officer Moo begins to look seasick. Drunken chaebol acts like the Daughter's Creepy Uncle, which he, inf act, is. Thug Sr. and Grim reaper Hwang are having lunch. turns out that thug Sr. needs to shake down his HR Department: His Murderous henchman, currently being pursued by Officer Cha, was formerly a Drug Dealer, previously pursued by Officer Cha. When thug Sr. screws up his face and denies an knowledge of the Henchman, Grim reaper hwang smirks and tells him that he'd better find the Henchman before Officer cha does or "He'll bring us both down." thug sr. grimaces and looks like he needs to let off some steam, but can't. Officer Cha's father relays, to Officer Cha, the Stepmother's warning about Thug Sr. and Grim Reaper Hwang. Officer Cha spews heedless righteousness, Murder Will Out! In their bedroom, Drunken Chaebol's Sister to her Husband is like, You are meat, My father is the grinder, Let's not this year. Nevertheless, He Persisted in his plan to visit the In Laws over the holidays. Officer Moo's Brother wanders out of his bedroom and encounters Her. they talk about her breakup with Officer Cha. Officers Cha and Moo are on foot patrol on a narrow street. Officer Moo observes a door suspiciously ajar and opens it. Officer cha tosses her to the side before a Perpetrator can come barreling out. He does a Bruce Lee and the Perpetrator subsides. Officer Cha lectures Officer Moo, as we have come to expect. At the Substation, the Officers chow down on Officer Moo's Mother's homemade food. Officer Cha says that he has to leave early, and Gets Going. The Caretaker's son arrives at their house and is greeted warmly by his mother, Step Father, and Halmoni. At the Chicken restaurant, a flood of orders is coming in but the Brother In Law tells his Wife it's time to close down and go home to meet the Caretaker's Son. The Brother In Law sends his wife Home Alone. Probably not a great idea. The Caretaker's Son encounters the sullen Nephew. they bond and the nephew becomes less sullen when the Caretaker's son demonstrates his video gaming skills. the Caretaker and her son talk alone. She is experiencing some marier's regret. She perks up when her son tells her that it was her Husband who discharged her debt to Officer Moo's Mother. Unfortunately, Officer Cha's Sister overhears him and bursts in. She's like, I needed that money! Halmoni comes out of her bedroom and the Sister enlists her in an Old=Young biddy alliance. The Sister's Position is: Why did you spend all of your savings on your wife? Now you can't spend all of your savings on me? Officer Cha's shameless Sister will suck any available teat until it is bone dry. The Caretaker's son leaves the house. Officer Cha follows him and apologizes. Officer Cha's Sister Mother Dogs at him. Halmoni Mother Dogs at Officer Cha's Father and the Caretaker. The Brother In Law arrives home and is dismayed to discover that his wife has swiveled things up again. Officer Moo's Brother talks with his business Partner in his bedroom. His business Partner tells him how his loose lips sunk a ship. Or maybe exposed a pre-existing fissure in a household. When Officer Moo joins them, the Business Partner tells her how nice Officer Cha was to him. she is speechless. In their bedroom, Officer Cha's Father and the Caretaker share a Tender Moment. Officer Moo's Brother phones Officer Cha. They meet in a tent dive for drinks. Officer Cha gives him the "I'm not good enough for your sister" guano but Brother ain't buying. Officer Cha politely excuses himself and departs. In his office, Thug Sr. mentally reviews his various troubles and is Beside himself. In their bedroom, the Stepmother is on the phone. She learns that a wire transfer has Hit A Snag. Before she can discuss it further, Thug Sr. enters and she hangs up. He orders her to tell her natural born sone to stop doggin' his criminal heels. then he storms out. Officer Cha's co-conspirator from headquarters arrives and briefs Officer Cha in the conference room. Officer Moo inelegantly sticks her head into the room and asks what "secrets" they are discussing. Officer Cha is like Telephone. Telegraph. Tell A Woman. If I tell you, it wouldn't be a secret, would it? She closes the door and Gets Going. Later, Officer Moo encounters Officer Cha in the break room and complains bitterly about being excluded. They face off.
  9. I am a Gringo. My wife is Korean. "Kaput" is one of the few German words I know and it seemed apropos, so I threw it in for grins.
  10. RECAP, EPISODE 92 At the gym, Officers Cha and Moo engage in Martial arts. Officer Cha throws her like a rag doll, mercilessly pounding her to the mat several times. Korean Hard Guy Style, he reiterates that It's Over. A misbegotten hymn to misbegotten romance swells in the background. When Officer Moo returns home, her daughter is playing with the bloated Teddy Bear Drunken Chaebol bought for her. Officer Moo's Brother has created a website for his Mother's Lunch Box business. Officer Moo's Mother gripes, to Officer Moo, that her Daughter In Law uses too much sesame oil in cooking, probably because she grew up in a rich family and doesn't know any better. Officer Moo walks into the kitchen when her Brother and drunken Chaebol's Sister are having a Romantic Interlude and is wistful. Officer Cha's Sister waylays the Caretaker and pressures her to "chip in" for the purchase of the family's holiday victuals. The Caretaker informs her that Halmoni has already put her in charge of the family's finances, which shuts the sister down. When Officer Cha returns home, he finds his father waiting for him in the courtyard. His Father asks if he has been drinking and Officer Cha confesses that he has had a taste. Or two. His father starts to make a Pronouncement about Officer Cha's relationship with Officer Moo. Officer Cha informs him that the relationship is Kaput, so he can save his breath. When Officer Cha's Father asks the reason for the breakup, his Son at first tells him to MYOB. Then he tells him that the principal reason for the breakup is that he is ashamed of his family'misbehavior toward Officer Moo. He repeats that no one in the family should speak to him of marriage Ever Again. Officer Cha's Father joins the Caretaker in their bedroom. He is frustrated. He had intended to tell Officer Cha that he would "consider" his marriage to Officer Moo. But his son rendered his grand gesture Null and Void by telling him that he had already broken up wth her. Drunken Chaebol pours the Flunky a large slug of wine. Suddenly they are Great Pals again. The Flunky doesn't know whether he should laugh or check his back in the mirror. Drunken Chaebol surprises the Flunky by telling him that he plans to pursue Officer Moo despite the fact that his sister has married her Brother. Drunken Chaebol says something about love. The Flunky, in full Vino Veritas mode, tells him that he is mistaking love for frustration and competitiveness. Drunken Chaebol does not deny it. On his way out of the house, the Flunky encounters Thug Sr. They discuss the fact that the Police are investigating one of Thug Sr.'s Henchpersons for murder. . The Flunky further brighten's his Boss's day by informing him that the investigation is being conducted by Officer Cha. The Stepmother's sleep is troubled. She awakens and notes that Thug Sr.'s half of the bed is empty. The Stepmother puts her ear to the door and overhears Thug Sr. speaking with Grim reaper Hwang. Thug Sr. requests a meet-up to discuss Offier Cha. Will they be discussing a promotion for her natural son? She thinks not. At the Substation, Officer Moo has brought lunches for her colleagues. The Chief gallantly offers to personally pick up future lunches from her Mother. Officer Moo has brought Officer Cha a special lunch but he is churlish. At his esk, the Chief adds an over the top favorable review to Officer Moo's Mother's website. In the conference room, Officer Cha discusses the hunt for Thug Sr.'s murderous Henchperson with a colleague. At the Chicken Restaurant, Officer Cha's sister and her husband are alarmed to discover that their building has been sold to a new landlord. Officer Cha's Sister bursts in on her Father while he is having lunch with the Caretaker. She asks to speak with him privately. She tries to put the arm on him for rent money but he has no money to loan/give her. Just as his daughter leaves, the Stepmother calls and requests a meeting. While Officer Cha's Father and the caretaker are talking with Halmoni, Officer Cha's Sister stomps out of the house and slams the door. In a Cafe, the Stepmother tells her former husband about Thug Sr.'s conversation with Grim Reaper Hwang. He says he will give their Son a Heads Up. She tells him that she is preparing to leave Thug Sr. Halmoni has invited the Caretaker's Son to visit the next day. The Caretaker persuades him to accept the invitation. He gives her the Bonus Money he received the day before. they are joined by Officer Moo's Brother and his Wife. When the Caretaker casually refers to Officer Cha's breakup with Officer Moo, she is surprised to discover that it is News to Them. At the Substation, an Officer brings a feuding couple into the reception area. Turns out that the Man is a Cad who has milked the woman for money, and likely Benefits, and now has "moved on." Officer Moo thinks that regardless of what the Law allows, the Cad deserves a whack or three from the woman anyhow. Later, Officers Cha and Moo quarrel over how Officer Moo handled the situation. The police have visited Thug Central looking for the Murderous Henchperson. Drunken Chaebol, unfamiliar with said henchperson, enters his father's office and is like, who he? His Father explodes and tells him not to concern himself. Then Drunken Chaebol launches his father into Full Lunar Orbit with the news that his Sister and her Husband plan to drop by the Manse for a holiday visit. Drunken Chaebol visits his Sister and suggests that she delay any holiday visits to her Father for a decade or so. When he goes on about his love for Officer Moo and her daughter, his Sister displays appropriate skepticism. When she mentions that Officers Cha and Moo have broken up, Drunken Chaebol looks like a hound dog that has just caught scent of a rabbit. As Officer Moo is leaving the Substation, Drunken Chaebol calls and requests a meeting. Officer Cha returns home and finds his Nephew sitting in the courtyard. He tells Officer Cha to convey his thanks to Officer Moo for saving him from the wealthy bullies. This takes the wind out of his sails. At the outdoor cafe, it's Soju for Drunken Chaebol and bottled soda for Officer Moo. He preens and crows and she is not happy to learn that he knows about her breakup with Officer Cha. When he begins to rub it in she brings him up short by telling him that the breakup is nothing compared to her husband's death. He learns that her husband died in an auto accident. Drunken Chaebol walks Officer Moo home. When she turns to enter her house, he grabs her, Korean Caveman Style, and pulls her to his barren, bony bosom. She weeps.
  11. RECAP, EPISODE 91 Thug Sr. sits at his desk. He huffs and puffs as he makes his way through an investigative report on Officer Moo and her family. He curses when he notes the name of her late husband, mumbling something about an "accident." Thug Sr. arrives home. He is greeted by his son and the stepmother but his feet scuff the carpet like a bull before he proceeds wordlessly to the dining room and pours himself a Big Drink. Which he drinks. And then pours himself another large drink. Which he also drinks. Then he stomps out of the dining room into his bedroom. The Stepmother follows Thug Sr. into their bedroom. She tells him about her discussion with Officer Moo's Mother and her offer to finance a separate abode for his Daughter and Officer Moo's Brother. This further enrages him. Looks like he has something in mind for Officer Moo's Brother and it isn't a long and happy life with his daughter. When Officer Cha returns home, Halmoni summons him into her Presence. Halmoni tells Officer Cha that if he plans to keep drinking and coming home late, he should move out. He tells her that he was planning to do that anyway. Then she Mother Dogs about how he is marrying That Woman. He tells her that they have broken up. And furthermore, never to mention marriage to him again. He struggles to his feet and leaves her bedroom. Officer Cha goes to his bedroom. He takes the box containing the engagement ring he bought foor Officer Moo out of a bureau drawer, looks at it, and slams it back into the drawer. Officer Moo sits in her bedroom and weeps. Morning. Officer Moo and her Sister In Law scuffle in the kitchen over who will prepare breakfast. Officer Moo encourages her to move out. Drunken Chaebol's Sister looks distressed. At breakfast, Officer Moo Doubles Down, telling her Brother to move out. At the Substation, Officer Moo vigorously polishes the countertops and windows. Her Chief and fellow officers wonder why she is acting weird. When Officer Cha comes through the Substation's glass door, he almost gets a blast of Windex in his face. When Officer Cha stomps off without speaking, his Chief and fellow officers wonder why he is acting weird. Later at a staff meeting, Officer Cha acts like a richardsimmons-hole. Officer Cha meets with his Chief and tells him that he has broken up with Officer Moo. We learn that Officer Cha is being transferred out of the Substation in a month. The Flunky enters Thug Sr.'s office and is reproached for meeting his son and the Stepmother without informing him. He's like, You think I'm a setting Sun? I plan to rise every morning for the foreseeable future. When he begins to rant about how he will brek up hid daughter's marriage, even the Flunky is taken aback. Officer Moo's Brother and his Mother meet for coffee and argue over her demand that he move out. The Stepmother and Drunken Chaebol's Sister have coffee. She discovers that the Stepmother is the source of all of the "Move Out" agitation and is not pleased. The Stepmother warns her to beware of her Father. When Officer Moo and her daughter are at the hospital for the removal of her Daughter's stitches, she is nonplussed to find Drunken Chaebol waiting for them. He does a Daddy imitation with the Daughter, which is disgusting. She is still overdue for that Good Kiss, Bad Kiss lecture. Drunken Chaebol follows Officer Moo and her daughter to a playground. He and Officer Moo sit on a bench and talk. Officer Moo's Mother arrives and a Cold front settles in. When Officer Moo returns to the Substation, she enters the break room, where Officer Cha is inf full pout. He's like, We go on patrol in 10 minutes! Officer Cha's Father enters the living room and asks the Caretaker if she is still angry with him. She's like, You have to ask? then Halmoni brightens the mood by ordering them into her bedroom. Halmoni tells the Caretaker that since her granddaughter is moving out, she's now the manager of the house. Actually, this does seem to brighten the Caretaker's mood. Officer Cha's Sister and her Husband discuss their financial difficulties. She tells him that her natural mother has promised to stop Living In Sin soon. Officer Cha's Sister rushes into the kitchen and starts sucking up o the Caretaker. When she learns that the Caretaker was already planning on doing all of the holiday cooking, she subsides. The Sister bags again that her natural mother has promised to stop Living In Sin. Officer Moo's Brother gives his Business Partner an envelope containing his Bonus. Officer Moo's Brother has coffee with his wife and is surprised to learn that now she also wants to Move Out. Only on my own financial steam, he insists. At the Substation, via idle gossip, Officer Moo learns for the first time that Officer Cha is being transferred. At the gym, Officers Cha and Moo engage in Martial arts. Officer Cha pounds her to the mat several times, showing no mercy. Korean Hard Guy Style, he reiterates that It's Over.
  12. Jeez, where is "Political Correctness" when we need it? Perhaps the regular author is on vacation for Korean Thanksgiving and the current scripts are being written by someone who was run out of the industry for male chauvinism and can now only find gig-work. I'm a man, but it makes no sense to me that a woman who: -- First encountered Drunken Chaebol after he drunkenly disrupted a flight into Seoul; -- Next encountered Drunken Chaebol in a case where he was not guilty of rape but supremely guilty of being a richardsimmons-Hole in the first Degree; -- Next encountered Drunken Chaebol while he was assaulting her own brother; -- And knows first hand from her Mother that Drunken Chaebol's family members are swine -- And finally is a Police Officer of some integrity who knows that Drunken Chaebol exudes a Felony Stink would in real life have anything to do with Drunken Chaebol. Again, as a Man, it pains me to say it, but in light of all of the above considerations, a more realistic script would substitute a Korean Mafia Princess with a Capital S-Line for Drunken Chaebol and a more plausible male Police Officer as likely to be ruled by the "small head' as the "big head." for Robocop Cha. Then, this recent plot change would make sense. Haven't we all witnessed something similar in "real life?"
  13. RECAP, EPISODE 90 Officer Moo intercepts Officer Officer Cha as he arrives to join the welcome home party for Officer Moo's Daughter. She explains that Drunken Chaebol has invited himself to the party. Officer Cha "Gets It" and Gets Going. Drunken Chaebol has stepped out of the house, and observes this scene with satisfaction. After the party, Officer Moo's brother enters the house while Officer Moo is cleaning the floor. He remarks on her Daughter's familiarity with Drunken Chaebol and asks if he should be "worried." She assures him that "I's not like that." Officer Moo's Brother enters their bedroom and gives his Wife a backrub. She says that she is glad that Drunken Chaebol visited her in her new home. Officer Moo brings a snack and a bottle of Soju to her Mother in her bedroom. Her Mother is unhappy that Druken chaebol attempted to Bribe/Intimidate the family by bringing a lot of extremely expensive food to the party. When Officer Moo enters her sleeping Daughter's bedroom, she is disturbed to see her Daughter clasping the grossly-oversized Teddy Bear Drunken Chaebol purchased for her. She calls Officer Cha but he watches her call go to Voice Mail. In his bedroom, Drunken Caebol remembers watching Officer Cha walk away from Officer Moo. Morning. Officers Cha and Moo encounter each other in a hallway in the Substation. He acknowledges her coldly and continues on his way. The Chief addresses his Officers, re the increased Holiday season workload. Then he tells Officer Cha that Grim Reaper Hwang has requested his presence at Headquarters. Officer Cha's Father enters the Courtyard and encounters Halmoni. she buts him on Blast for seeing his ex-wife without telling his current wife. +1, Halmoni. Officer Cha's father calls his wife into his bedroom and complains that she complained to Halmoni about his visits with the Stepmother. She shuts him down. Hard. he has no words because he knows he has done wrong. Officer Cha's Sister and her Husband are working in their restaurant. He tells his wife that he got a glimmer of response from their son the day before. Then he tells her that he thinks her brother is about to marry Officer Moo and her eyeballs rake the ceiling. Officer Cha's Sister is summoned to another Kaffee Klatch with the Stepmother. Officer Cha's Sister and her natural mother sit at a cafe table. the sister is Mother of a Doggy to her natural mother. The Stepmother claims it was her idea not to register the marriage because her first Husband so broke her heart. Fetch me some Air Freshener, please. Then the Stepmother promises to ditch her Sugar Daddy and Live Virtuously For Ever After. The Sister greets this promise coldly. Then they discuss Officer Cha's potential marriage to Officer Moo, and they are united in their disapproval. Officer Cha waits for grim reaper Hwang in a conference room at Headquarters but is joined by Drunken Chaebol instead. Drunken Chaebol tells him to ignore the Stink wafting from his father and Himself or else -- he will expose Oficer Cha's blood relationship to his Father's Moll. Officer Cha reminds Drunken Chaebol that he is a chip off the Old Cowchip shose family trade is brutalizing the weak and intones, Bring It On! Officer Moo's Mother is waxing the floor when she receives an Unwelcome Phone Call. Officer Moo's Mother joins the Stepmother at a cafe table. The Stepmother wants to twaddle but Officer Moo's Mother demands that the Stepmother lift the Bull's tail and show her the point of the meeting without further delay. The Stepmother goes on about how Officer Moo's Mother should treat her Stepmother well. Blood begins to flow to Officer Moo's Mother's face and steam begins escaping from her ears. Turns out that the Stepmother wants to set her Stepdaughter and Officer Moo's Son in an apartment that is likely as big as officer Moo's Mother's whole house. Officer Moo's Mother's Mouth says "I'll think about it" but her eyes say "Fornicate you." Then the Stepmother brings up Drunken Chaebol's lust for Officer Moo and Officer Moo's Mother brightens: His lust will never be requited, because my daughter loves another police officer. The Stepmother looks chagrined but there is nothing she can say. Back at the Headquarters conference room, Grim Reaoer Hwang finally joins Officer Cha. Hwang repeats the threat that Officer Cha's Mother's Loose Ways will be exposed if he continues to pursue the Thug family. At their workspace, Drunken Chaebol's Sister is trying to set up her Husband's Business Partner with one of her students but he is resisting. But she gets angry when her husband seconds her observation that the Student has an attractive face and S-Line. Ain't that just like a woman? When her Son and Daughter In Law arrive home, Officer Moo's Mother summons them to her bedroom for a Talk. She demands that they Move Out. Her Son leaves the bedroom angrily and his Wife follows. Once again, Officer Moo enters her Daughter's bedroom and regards her sleeping with the Gross Teddy Drunken Chaebol bought her. She remembers that Officer Cha wants to tell her Mother about their marriage plans. The Chief and an Officer are discussion the evident tension between Officers Cha and Moo when Officer Cha enters the break room. Re his latest meeting with Grim Reaper Hwang, his Chief cautions him to wake up and smell the Stink, but Officer Cha insists that he will do his duty regardless. The Flunky gives Thug Sr. a readout on Officer Moo's family. When Thug Sr. leans the name of Officer Moo's late Husband, it's as though some guano he thought he had buried is hurtling back to him with the speed of a meteorite. When Drunken Chaebol arrives home and enters his bedroom, he recalls Officer Cha's inventory of the various reasons he is a piece of guano. In his bedroom, Officer Cha looks at the engagement ring he had planned to give Officer Moo, then redeposits it in a drawer. Then he receives a phone call from Officer Moo and talks briefly with her. Officer Cha meets Officer Moo on the sidewalk outside her home. He's like, I quit this relationship. She's like, You can't quit this relationship because I've already quit it. They walk off in separate directions to the accompaniment of sad romantic music.