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  1. The writers' portrayal of Sister Yoon's relationship with the Upstairs Tenant is very interesting. Compare it with the pre-marital pregnancy in The Unusual Family. -- In The Unusual Family, the Aunt and the Policeman -- both of whom had obviously been around the block too many times to count -- were portrayed as having conceived in a hotel on a night when they were drunk -- so drunk that neither remembered having sex the next morning. -- In The Shining Eun Soo, two extremely bashful virgins who spent the night in a hotel largely because it was too late to go home (yeah, they'd been drinking, but were sober enough to remember everything the next day) nevertheless "did the deed and conceived. Basically, the two dramas ask us to believe, on the one hand, that a couple who would likely have "done the deed" while stone cold sober needed to be comatose drunk to "do it" while, on the other hand, a couple that likely needed to be comatose drunk to "do it" did so in more or less full awareness. Huh? Clearly we are in K-Drama Land, Toto. The interesting cultural note here is that throughout and in all phases of their relationship the female, Sister Yoon, is the initiator and the male, the Upstairs Tenant, is willing but needs to be prodded to get on board. While of course neither Korean nor (as yet) U.S. television would give us a full accounting of "The Night," the "Next Day" it was clearly the confident and in control Sister Yoon who prodded her feckless boyfriend to "get back with the program." My guess is that the Sister Yoons are few and far between in Korean Dramas (most female characters in dramas I've seen over the past two years, like Bit Na and Eun Soo, want a -- Big -- "ring on it" before, ahem.) On the other hand, Sister Yoons are more or less the norm in U.S. TV and movies. Am I right or wrong?
  2. SYNOPSIS, EPISODE 107 Rich Brat's father and Eun Soo's mother reunite. In their living room, Corporate Jerk pitches "modernization" of Yoonga Foods to his father again. His father doesn't want to hear it. Club Jerk joins them and says that opening a modern factory might not be such a bad idea. Father Yoon stands up and walks out. Rich Brat's father and Eun Soo's mother eat at an outdoor cafe. They aren't saying much. Suddenly a fellow diner blows his nose loudly several times and they both laugh and begin conversing. He vows everlasting love. She accepts. In their bedroom, Club Jerk and Eun Soo put bizarre looking cosmetic face masks on each other. For now, we are spared the sliced cucumber therapy. In their bedroom, the Aunt hectors Sister Yoon about visiting the loo so often. The Aunt thinks Sister Yoon might be . . . . ill with cystitis. Rich Brat's father and Eun Soo's mother drink coffee in her shop. Eun Soo's grandmother walks in on the lovebirds and is invited to join them for lunch. He calls her Mother. They have lunch. He learns that Eun Soo's mother also lives with her mother in law. Eun Soo's grandmother gives their union her blessing. She says sip the dating, go straight to marriage. Do not pass Go. Next step, Halmoni. The Upstairs Tenant enters Sister Yoon's office just as she notices that her feet are swollen. As he is giving her a foot massage, they are busted by his son, who has arrived to brag about his score on his latest math test. The Former Department Store Supervisor sits in the Aunt's cafe working a crossword puzzle. He is down to the last word and he is stumped. The answer is an obscure historical name and he is surprised that the Aunt knows it. He is impressed to learn that she is a history buff. He invites her to work the next puzzle with him. She is pleased to accept. It's closing time at Eun Soo's office and everyone notices that Formerly Clueless is dressed and made u for a Heavy Date. Rich Brat, without being asked, is helping Mother Yoon in the kitchen. Sister Yoon walks in and identifies everything on the menu by smell alone. Rich Brat remarks that usually only pregnant women have such a heightened sense of smell. Mother Yoon is like, Ha Ha Ha . . .Rich Brat thinks Sister Yoon could use a dating coach. Rich Brats father and Eun Soo's mother sit in her shop and discuss marriage. They decide to seek their childrens' approval. Morning. Rich Brat gives Eun Soo her breakfast order, to be served in her bedroom. Eun Soo tells her to stuff it. Eun Soo visits her mother and tells her that she is fine with her resumed relationship. When her mother raises the possibility of marriage Eun Soo has no words. Rich Brat and Corporate Jerk visit her father. When he tells them that he is dating Eun Soo's mother again Rich Brat says that she is happy for him but her face isn't totally on board. Later, alone, Rich Brat discovers a trove of memorabilia from her youth and is surprised that her father had tretained them. Her father walks in on her and tells her that he has something to tell her. As Club Jerk and Eun Soo walk down a street, they discuss her ambivalence re her mother's potential marriage. Her father tells her about his decision to marry and Rich Brat goes into Drama Queen mode. Freeze frame.
  3. Once the two grandmothers declare a truce I think that they will all live in the same house, perhaps with Eun Soo's brother and the Formerly Clueless Coworker.
  4. SYNOPSIS, EPISODE 106 Rich Brat protests to Eun Soo that if their parents marry, they will become step sisters. Eun Soo tries to convince her to look at the situation unselfishly. Sister Yoon comes upon Club Jerk while he is practicing his Bruce Lee moves on the Upstairs Tenant and tells him to cease and desist. They argue heatedly. The Upstairs Tenant has wisely managed to disappear. The Upstairs Tenant sits in front of his laptop, severely shaken. He recalls that Club Jerk kept trying to condemn him for something but Sister Yoon kept telling her brother to shut up, so he never found out why he had provoked Club Jerk's wrath. His daughter wanders in and wonders why he is acting strange. Morning. As the Yoon Family eats breakfast, Club Jerk keeps giving his sister the I Can't Believe You Did That Death Stare. The other family members comment on her ravenous appetite. Club Jerk makes a crack about her Eating For Two. The Aunt speculates that she might have a tapeworm. In his office, Rich Brat's father talks with another doctor interested in purchasing his practice. Tlhen he calls and invites his daughter to lunch. Rich Brat and her father eat lunch in a restaurant. He tells her about his plan to work in Africa. Rich Brat manages to suppress her enthusiasm. In her husband's office, Rich Brat complains about her father's plans. Corporate Jerk suggests that he enlist Eun Soo's mother's assistance in persuading her father to remain in Korea. Rich Brat manages to suppress her enthusiasm. The Manager loses a game and has to go out to purchase snacks for his work group. Eun Soo calls to tell Club Jerk that she is stopping to see her grandmother on her way home. She learns that her husband also has an errand to run. The Upstairs Tenant mopes in his apartment. The Twins arrive home. His daughter asks him whether Sister Yoon really has to leave. Then she asks him whether he will always be her father no matter what. He says he will and they hug. Sister Yoon works in her office. Her phone rings. She notes that she has ignored a series of messages from her brother. Eun Soo's mother is working in her shop when Rich Brat enters and bows. She manages to restrain her enthusiasm. Eun Soo arrives to see her mother and, from the hallway, is surprised to see that she is talking with Rich Brat. Eun Soo departs. Rich Brat apologizes to Eun Soo's mother for her behavior, beginning with their first encounter in the department store. Eun Soo's mother thanks her. Then Rich Brat tells her about her father's plan to practice in Africa. She also tells her that she doesn't believe that her father is "over her" and doesn't want to interfere with her father's happiness should they choose to reunite. On her way out, Rich Brat thanks her for helping her the night she found her sitting in the cold outside Halmoni's house. The Upstairs Tenant waylays Sister Yoon as she walks through a park. She begins to walk away. He confesses his love at great length. She returns. They embrace as romantic music swells in the background. They sit in a cafe. Sister Yoon shows the Upstairs Tenant the ultrasound picture. He notes that she is pregnant with twins. They reflect that two plus two equals four. Eun Soo chats with her grandmother. Her mother arrives. Eun Soo leaves her grandmother to speak alone with her mother. Her mother tells her about Rich Brat's apology. Eun Soo smells an ulterior motive: Do you think this apology materialized out of nowhere. Her mother responds, "Well, actually . . .". Eun Soo's grandmother eavesdrops as her daughter in law tells Eun Soo that Rich Brat's father is going to Africa. Rich Brat's father tells Halmoni he's going to Africa. Halmoni is like, What kind of grandfather goes to Africa when a grandchild is on the way? In their bedroom, Eun Soo's grandmother sleeps. Eun Soo's mother cries. Rich Brat's father enters the reception area and tells his nurse that he will be going to Africa. Eun Soo's grandmother hears him as she is waiting to see him. Eun Soo's grandmother sees Rich Brat's father for her appointment. He confirms that he is going to Africa. Eun Soo's grandmother returns to the dry cleaning shop and sees her daughter in law moping. She walks in and is like, Cut the guano already and go to him. Eun Soo's mother arrives at Rich Brat's father's office but he has already left. She catches up with him on the street. She asks him not to leave Korea. They embrace as romantic music swells in the background.
  5. SYNOPSIS, EPISODE 105 Morning. Members of the reunited Yoon family greet each other cheerfully as everyone heads out to work. As Rich Brat's father leaves the house, he encounters Halmoni. He is surprised to learn that she is going to volunteer at the Center. She says she figures "It's time to build up my Karma." At he Center, Halmoni and Eun Soo's grandmother snipe at each other cheerfully. Eun Soo's grandmother attempts to move a large box of fruit and injures herself. At the dry cleaning shop, Eun Soo's grandmother chats with the Aunt and the Real Estate Lady while making worry dols. She calls her mother in law and is surprised to discover that she is at Rich Brat's father's clinic. Rich Brat's father attends to Eun Soo's grandmother's injuries while Halmoni looks on. When it turns out that she is ok, the two old ladies resume fussing at each other. Halmoni leaves and Eun Soo's grandmother chats with Rich Brat's father until her daughter in law arrives. Rich Brat's father and Eun Soo's mother encounter each other awkwardly in the waiting room. Club Jerk arrives with coffee for Eun Soo's work group. When Eun Soo receives a phone call, she and Club Jerk leave the office. Eun Soo's mother and Rich Brat's father talk in a cafe. They confess that they've missed each other. When Rich Brat's father and Eun Soo's mother leave the cafe, they encounter Club Jerk and Eun Soo on the street. Rich Brat's father Gets Going. Eun Soo watches Rich Brat's departing father and wonders what's up. At their house, Eun Soo's mother tells her mother in law not to worry about becoming Rich Brat's father's patient again. Night. Eun Soo is making coffee in the kitchen when Mother Yoon enters. Mother Yoon starts to tell her that coffee is bad for a pregnant woman but stops herself. Instead, she tells her that she shouldn't drink coffee just before going to bed. When Mother Yoon asks her if anything strange is going on with her body, Eun Soo wonders if something strange is going on with her mother in law's head. In their bedroom, Eun Soo and Club Jerk talk and drink coffee. Eun Soo tells him that since seeing her mother and Rich Brat's father together, she is worried that "another storm" may be approaching. Eun Soo says that she will respect her mother's choice, whatever that might turn out to be. Club Jerk encounters his brother, who is heading out to meet Rich Brat's father for a drink. Beating around the bush, Club Jerk asks if he knew that his father in law was recently in a serious relationship with a woman. At first Corporate Jerk is like, No Way! Then he remembers his father in law and Eun Soo's mother talking at the gym and puts two and two together. At the bar, Corporate Jerk beats around the bush, asking his father in law if he has seen "that lady" recently. His father in law changes the subject. Then he tells Corporate Jerk that he is thinking about going abroad and asks him not to tell Rich Brat until he has made a final decision.. The Aunt gets up at night for a glass of water and hears a ghostly wail. It turns out to be her niece, who is crying and stuffing her face in the darkened kitchen. Sister Yoon tells the Aunt that she's been "dumped" by the upstairs tenant. Morning. In their bedroom, Corporate Jerk gets ready for work. She fiddles with his tie and, this time, he doesn't rip it off and toss it on the bed. As Corporate Jerk leaves his bedroom his brother asks him whether he learned anything about his father in law's potential love life. Corporate Jerk tells him that he learned nothing about any love interests but that he did learn his father in law is thinking about going abroad. Halmoni is disappointed to learn that Rich Brat is moving back in with the Yoons. Rich Brat goes to her room and packs her things. She notices her father's worry doll and throws it into her bag. Rich Brat meets her father for lunch. He notices the worry doll in her bag and asks if he can have it back. She tells him that it doesn't work but that she still wants to keep it. Mother Yoon and the Aunt enter a women's clothing store. It turns out to belong to the Former Department Store Supervisor. He and the Aunt greet each other warmly. Mother Yoon scolds the Aunt for chasing a married man and is surprised to learn that he is single. Rich Brat has agreed to test a new drink at the Aunt's cafe. When she arrives, she finds the cafe closed and calls the Aunt to tell her to hurry back. While waiting, she looks into the dry cleaning shop and notices several worry dolls on a table. She realizes that they are identical to the one in her bag. Club Jerk encounters his sister as she is arriving home from work. When she enters she immediately drops her handbag and runs to the bathroom to vomit. An ultrasound photo has dropped out of the bag and Club Jerk calculates two plus two. Club Jerk confronts his sister when she emerges from the bathroom. Then he rushes to beat the richard simmons out of the Upstairs Tenant. The Upstairs tenant is enjoying a peaceful night in his apartment. Until he receives a phone call from Club Jerk. Inviting him to step outside for A Talk. The Upstairs Tenant is like, To what do I owe this pleasure? Club Jerk manages to land a flying karate kick to the Upstairs Tenant's chest before Sister Yoon arrives and saves her clueless lover from a proper beating. Eun Soo comes downstairs and wonders where her husband went. Rich Brat lies awake in bed. She regards the worry doll ambivalently. Rich Brat wanders out of her room. Eun Soo encounters her and no, Rich Brat has not seen Club Jerk. Before Eun Soo can enter her bedroom Rich Brat pulls out the worry doll and asks whether her mother made it. Eun Soo senses the approach of a guano storm.
  6. @jechoi1 I suspect that neither Sister Yoon nor Rich Brat's father will ever leave Korea. In Sister Yoon's case, I suspect that the Twins will visit Sister Yoon and let slip the fact that their father was crying re her potential departure. She will recognize (again!) that he is not indifferent but rather awkward and shy. She will again take the initiative and the couple will reunite with the Twins' endorsement. I think the children will also be a deciding factor in Rich Brat's father's reunification with Eun Soo's mother. No way Rich Brat wants her father to leave Korea. She'd rather see him married to Eun Soo's mother. With Rich Brat no longer opposed, Eun Soo would no longer be opposed.
  7. In terms of keeping the story realistic, the writers messed up. One moment Halmoni is begging Eun Soo on her knees, then, when her wish is granted, she's back to being nasty? In real life, Halmoni would be worried that Eun Soo might change her mind.
  8. SYNOPSIS, EPISODE 104 The Yoon family, minus Corporate Jerk and Rich Brat, have coffee. The conversation meanders before settling on Sister Yoon and her marriage prospects. Mother Yoon vows to thoroughly research any of Sister Yoon's prospective suitors and rattles off a number of characteristics she would want him to have. Father Yoon says that all he cares about is that Sister Yoon's husband not be divorced and not have children. In her bedroom, Sister Yoon practices yoga while remembering her mother's criteria for her future husband. The Upstairs Tenant meets none of them. He also meets neither of Father Yoon's criteria. Sister Yoon accesses a website recruiting medical volunteers for service in Africa. The Aunt walks in, glances at the webpage, and is alarmed. The Aunt's reaction causes Sister Yoon to think more seriously about applying. The Upstairs Tenant enters Sister Yoon's office. She hands him a printout of the Doctors in Africa webpage and tells him that she is thinking about applying. He doesn't know how to respond. Then he receives a phone call and has to Get Going. Corporate Jerk sits forlornly in his office. Eun Soo joins him. She advises him to make another attempt to reconcile with Rich Brat. In her hospital room, Halmoni attempts to feed her granddaughter but she has no appetite. Eun Soo enters the room and greets them politely but Halmoni responds rudely. That's what Eun Soo gets for dropping her defamation suit. Rich Brat suggests that Halmoni go for a walk. The old bag stomps out. When they are alne, Rich Brat denies that her reluctance to reunite with Corporate Jerk has anything to do with Eun Soo. "It's not you, it's me." The two women have a pleasant conversation and agree that neither has any remaining ill will toward the other. As Eun Soo leaves the hospital, Eun Soo encounter's Rich Brat's father. She thanks him for the evidence he submitted in her court case. Eun Soo's mother and grandmother talk in the dry cleaning shop. Eun Soo's grandmother complains about her aches and pains. In their living room, the Yoons discuss Rich Brat's reluctance to reconcile with her husband and return to their home. When Corporate Jerk returns home, his brother accosts him and urges him not to divorce Rich Brat. Corporate Jerk enters his bedroom and notices that he is still wearing his wedding ring. Morning. At the Yoon family breakfast table, Corporate Jerk and Sister Yoon are missing. Sister Yoon and the Upstairs Tenant sit in a cafe drinking juice. He tells her that her wish to serve in Africa is a noble one and she should go for it. That's not the answer she hoped or expected to hear. OK, she says, I'm leaving almost immediately. He extends his hand. She walks out without shaking it. Sister Yoon has somehow managed to smuggle a large quantity and variety of carryout food into her bedroom. As she eats, she ponders the Upstairs Tenant's jerkhood. In his apartment, the Upstairs Tenant studies a drawing of Sister Yoon and cries. The twins join him and notice that he is crying. They ask where Sister Yoon is and he tells them that she is going abroad to treat ill people. Rich Brat's father drives his daughter home from the hospital. They stop and look at the river. He discusses the impact of her mother's dath and his failings as a father. He suggests that she give her marriage another try. They get out of the car and sho should appear in the middle distance? Why it's Corporate Jerk. Rich Brat joins Corporate Jerk. A romantic song swells in the background. He asks her to marry him again. and slips a new engagement ring onto her finger. They embrace. She cries. When Corporate Jerk and Rich Brat return to the Yoon house the rest of the family is so absorbed in a television show that they do not notice them. They go upstairs to their bedroom. It was all a ruse. As Rich Brat notices that their bedroom is filled with baby stuff, the rest of the family enters and welcomes her back. She cries. In his bedroom, Rich Brat's father submits an online application on his laptop. Is he also going to Africa? In their dining room, the Yoon family sits down to a meal and Father Yoon says that he is happy to see everyone back together again. Everyone admires Rich Brat's new ring. Then everyone stares at Sister Yoon as she almost vomits.
  9. My thought was that the four of them would go to Africa as a family unit. Fine educational experience for the twins. By the time they return to Korea, the family will have grown to five (or more) without the storm and stress they would experience due to Sister Yoon's pregnancy if they remained in Korea.
  10. Maybe they will end up going to Africa together. That would neatly avoid any issues Sister Yoon might otherwise have with her family.
  11. SYNOPSIS, EPISODE 103 Mother and Father Yoon, the Aunt, and Club Jerk discuss Rich Brat's illness. In Rich Brat's hospital room, Corporate Jerk sits by his wife's bedside. Her father arrives and he and Corporate Jerk go into the corridor to talk. Corporate Jerk tells his father in law that he has not yet decided whether he will seek a divorce, and that he plans to remain with Rich Brat the rest of the night. Rich Brat's father tells him that if he isn't committed to Rich Brat, remaining would be counter-productive since his daughter has not gotten over him. Corporate Jerk says that he will stay. The Yoon's receive word that Corporate Jerk will be at the hospital the remainder of the night with his wife. Mother Yoon opines that Rich Brat may be faking it. Her husband tells her to stifle herself. But he considers what she has said. Corporate Jerk sits by Rich Brat's bedside and remembers good times he had with her. He pulls out the Divorce Agreement, considers it, and tears it up. Rich Brat wakes up and tells her husband to leave and not come back. Eun Soo enters Corporate Jerk's office with fresh clothes. He tells her that his wife is better. Eun Soo returns to work. In the dry cleaning shop, Eun Soo's mother and grandmother discuss Rich Brat's illness with the Aunt. Everyone hopes that the fetus is all OK. Eun Soo is called by her mother. She is relieved to learn that her daughter is not experiencing any negative fallout from Rich Brat's illness. Halmoni sits by her granddaughter's bedside. Rich Brat awakens and they check the time: 9:00 pm. Corporate Jerk calls Halmoni and she pressures him to come to the hospital room but he obeys his wife's instructions. Halmmoni riffs about men, fish and bicycles. Then she shifts gears and urges her granddaughter to reunite with Corporate Jerk if he is willing. She says that will not happen since Corporate Jerk does not love her. The Yoons hold a family meeting. Corporate Jerk says that he wants to reunite with his wife. His mother is angrily opposed. Mother Yoon thinks Rich Brat is mentally unstable and doesn't want her in the house. Father Yoon, on the other hand, tells his son to proceed but only if he is certain he has made the right decision. Morning. When the clock strikes noon, Formerly Clueless says she's going to the Aunt's cafe to eat cake. The Assistant Manager, remembering that Eun Soo's brother once worked at the cafe, decides to tag along to keep an eye on her. The Manager thinks that cake for lunch is weird but agrees to join them. He calls it an "American Lunch," equivalent to Continental Breakfast. Eun Soo remains to finish some work. At the Aunt's cafe, Eun Soo's brother is waiting for Formerly Clueless. He is not especially pleased when Formerly Clueless's co-workers follow her into the cafe. She sits down with Eun Soo's table and sends strong Find Another Table vibes to her two supervisors. The Manager is introduced to Eun Soo's brother while he and the Assistant Manager exchange side-eye. The Former Department Store Supervisor has been in the cafe earlier but left abruptly when the Aunt told him she had a cold. She is shocked when he returns with cold medicine. She thanks him effusively. He beams. Mother Yoon awakens from a nap. She leaves her bedroom On A Mission to thwart any reconciliation between her son and daughter in law. At the restaurant, Father Yoon looks worried. Club Jerk tells him that he should visit Rich Brat at the hospital, as he cleaarly wants to do. Club Jerk tells his father that if his brother wishes to reunite with Rich Brat, he wil support his decision. Father Yoon arrives at Rich Brat's hospital room and encounters his wife peeking into her room. When they enter the room, Rich Brat is surprised to see them. The Upstairs Tenant is upstairs with his son. He learns that his daughter is with Sister Yoon doing girl things. Turns out, they are shopping for lingerie in a department store. Walking home, Sister Yoon pushes the female twin out of the path of a speeding bicyclists. [NOTE: Urban Bicyclists Are The Devil.) She begins to regard Sister Yoon in a new light. Then she bawls. When Sister Yoon and the female Twin arrive home they are cagey about their purchases, since they are Unmentionables. The Upstairs Tenant, Sister Yoon and the Twins sit down to dinner. Sister Yoon is surprised when the female Twin serves her dinner. So is the Upstairs Tenant. Father and Mother Yoon arrive home. Mother Yoon is no longer opposed to her son reconciling with Rich Brat. At the end of the workday Corporate Jerk encounters Eun Soo in a corridor. He starts to ask her a question and then thinks better of it. Eun Soo sits on a park bench. Her husband arrives with bicycles and they peddle off together. Did I mention that Urban Bicyclists Are The Devil? They stop and enjoy a picnic. He asks her what she thinks about Rich Brat reuniting with his brother. The Yoons hold another family meeting. Eun Soo tells the others that she is willing to deal with Rich Brat. Corporate Jerk enters Rich Brat's hospital room with flowers. She dons her Brat Face, throws the flowers to the floor, and sends him away.
  12. SYNOPSIS, EPISODE 102 Morning. Sister Yoon walks forlornly into her bedroom. Laying on her bed, she stares forlornly at the pregnancy test dipstick. When the Aunt walks in, she rolls over to conceal the dipstick and feigns a stomach ache. The Aunt tells her it serves her right for eating so much. Halmoni barges into Rich Brat's father's bedroom and wakes him up. He is severely hung over. She rants about him drinking too much and closing his clinic. Turns out she isn't concerned about his welfare. Rather, she is worried that people will connect his closed clinic with Rich Brat's recent legal setback. Fed up, he turns up the stereo to drown out Halmoni's voice. Then Rich Brat joins Halmoni, turning off the stereo and ranting about how he is contributing to her problems. Blessedly, Rich Brat runs from the room and Halmoni pursues her. Mother Yoon brings coffee into Corporate Jerk's bedroom. Even though it is Saturday, he needs to go to the office to catchup on his work. In their bedroom, the Aunt is like, Let's go to the movies, Let's go shopping. Sister Yoon doesn't feel like doing anything. She hides under the covers until the Aunt leaves. Night. Rich Brat's father is in the living room. His daughter walks in holding her stomach. He offers to take her to the hospital. Rich Brat rasps that even if she was going to the hospital, she wouldn't go with him. The Upstairs Tenant works on a webtoon. His daughter has an upset stomach. Eun Soo hands Corporate Jerk some laundered clothes. She also takes the opportunity to suggest that his separation from Rich Brat has dragged on too long. Morning. The Upstairs Tenant comes downstairs and catches his daughter borrowing money from Eun Soo's grandmother. She leaves without explaining why she needs the money. Mother Yoon joins Eun Soo's mother in her shop. They have a frank exchange of views and make peace. The Real Estate Lady walks in and offers to fix Eun Soo's mother up with a male friend. And he is rich. Eun Soo's mother isn't interested. The Aunt brings the Former Department Store Supervisor coffee. She brings a cup of coffee for herself and sits down at the table with him. She strikes several poses and fiddles with her hair. He tells her she looks different today and she prepares to receive a compliment. Actually, he is wondering whether she is sick. The Upstairs Tenant enters Sister Yoon's office and sits down. He has deduced that his daughter is entering puberty. She promises to talk with his daughter later that day when she helps her with her homework. Eun Soo's Formerly Clueless Co-Worker has been following the Upstairs Tenant's webtoons since she knows that Eun Soo's brother is contributing story ideas. She thinks that a character in today's toon is based on herself. Sister Yoon sneaks a peek at the Daughter's diary while waiting to help her with her homework. To her diary, the daughter has confided that she has had her "first Great Nature." Father Yoon calls Rich Brat's father. He learns that Rich Brat has been depressed. Rich Brat is sick in her bed. Her father enters the room and finds her unconscious. At the hospital, he is told that Rich Brat is suffering from severe malnutrition. Rich Brat awakens and they have a heart to heart and reconcile. Halmoni arrives and gushes. Off camera, Sister Yoon and the Daughter have discussed the Facts of Life. On camera, the Upstairs Tenant eats a cake with one candle with the Twins and Sister Yoon, and he gives his daughter a bouquet of flowers. Corporate Jerk comes upon Eun Soo trimming her husband's nails and is jealous. Corporate Jerk finds a bottle of soju and the three of them have a drink. Corporate Jerk asks, "What do women want?" Club Jerk responds that "Sometimes a cigar is only a cigar." Or something like that. Corporate Jerk receives a call from Halmoni and learns of Rich Brat's illness. Eun Soo drives Corporate Jerk to the hospital. In the car, he laments that he treated Rich Brat too harshly. In her hospital room, Corporate Jerk stands and watches his sleeping wife. She awakens and they stare into each other's eyes.
  13. SYNOPSIS, EPISODE 101 Night. In their bedroom, Eun Soo tells her husband that she has decided not to sue rich brat. (Fashion Note: Eun Soo has lost the modified "mullett" hairstyle, last seen when rock bands with names like Bread and Meat Loaf roamed the earth.) In his bedroom, Corporate Jerk works on his laptop. He thinks that he hears his wife's voice, but when he turns to reply, she isn't there. He takes the draft divorce document out of his desk and studies it, shoving it back when Eun Soo knocks and enters. They retire to the common area between their bedrooms. Eun Soo informs Corporate Jerk that she is dropping the suit. She opines that Rich Brat has grown in eight years and genuinely wants to preserve her marriage to him. In response, Corporate Jerk doesn't know what to say but says it at considerable length. Morning. The Yoons gather for breakfast, absent Rich Brat. In Halmoni's house, Rich Brat tries to make her bed but fails. She goes downstairs to join Halmoni and her father for breakfast. Rich Brat announces that she is thinking of returning to the United States to study and "se her friends." Halmoni is like, You didn't have many friends there; Hell, you hardly have any friends here. The Manager enters Corporate Jerk's office and informs him that they are having difficulty getting all of the financial reports done since Rich Brat is gone. Corporate Jerk tells him to bring all the files, he'll do them himself. The Manager returns to his workgroup and remarks on Rich Brat's absense. Eun Soo informs the work group that Rich Brat is pregnant and leaves it at that. Sister Yoon enters her waiting room, sniffs the air, and tells her Assistant precisely what he had for lunch. The Assistant wonders what's up with her enhanced sense of smell. Rich Brrat's father sits in his office and remembers a Halmoni rant about how he is responsible for his daughter's impending divorce. He reminds his nurse that he is closing his clinic for an extended period of time. In her cafe, the Aunt is surprised by the return of the Former Department Store Supervisor from vacation. They flirt eagerly. He gives her an expensive hand mirror he bought on his trip. She tears up and tells him that this is the first gift she has ever received from a man. He smiles bashfully. Eun Soo and Club Jerk are cooking up a storm in the kitchen. They are surprised when Sister Yoon joins them and tells them that she wants to learn how to kook. Eun Soo and her husband have a pretty good idea about why she suddenly wants to learn how to cook. Mother Yoon enters as her daughter exits. She tells Eun Soo and Club Jerk that Corporate Jerk won't be home in time for dinner because he is swamped with work. The Upstairs Tenant and Eun Soo's brother consult on a webtoon. When one of the twins enters and asks whether Sister Yoon will be by that evening, Eun Soo's brother deduces that she must be a frequent visitor. In the absence of Corporate Jerk and Rich Brat, the Yoon family enjoys a cheerful dinner. They drink beer and Father Yoon offers a toast, noting that some flowers bloom later than others. The Aunt jokes about getting married and Father Yoon says that should that happen, he will be so grateful he will give her husband a kiss. The Aunt remarks that Sister Yoon is eating more than usual. At Halmoni's house, the chauffeur assists Rich Brat's father into the house. He has self-prescribed soju: use as needed. Halmoni is like, Why would a man living in my house want to drink? Morning. Eun Soo struggles to awaken her sleeping husband. At breakfast, Sister Yoon informs her family that Rich Brat's father has closed his clinic. Club Jerk and Eun Soo walk past high school students entering their school. As she regards them, he asks whether she would like to return to teaching. She is wistful but non-committal. When Eun Soo's grandmother joins her fellow volunteers at the Center, she discovers that one of them knows Halmoni's maid. They are gossiping about Rich Brat's return to Halmoni's house. Eun Soo's grandmother does not seem happy to learn about Rich Brat's change of fortune. Halmoni enters Rich Brat's bedroom (in an unfortunate muu muu) and struggles with her granddaughter, who is stuffing her face as though food will be declared illegal in five minutes. Rich Brat complains that she misses her husband. Halmoni is like, Men! Can't live with 'em, Can live without 'em. Rich Brat runs for the nearest toilet to vomit. The Real Estate Lady joins Eun Soo's mother in her shop. She has learned that the Aunt received a gift from the Former department Store Supervisor and wonders whether she has as well. Eun Soo's mother tells her, "No." Eun Soo enters her mother's shop as the Real Estate Lady exits. She tells her mother that she has decided not to sue Rich Brat. Eun Soo tells her that sure she lost eight years of her life, but if she had remained a teacher she would have married the feckless jerk she was engaged to. Eun Soo tells her mother that she learned from the detective that Rich Brat's father had verified Formerly Bullied's testimony. She tells her mother that he has closed his clinic and seems to be going through a rough patch. The Upstairs Tenant and Sister Yoon are eating in a restaurant. Or rather, he is watching her eating in a restaurant. Her Ox-Hunger surprises him. As he demolishes a lamb chop, she informs him that she would also like some pizza. He is happier than he should be to order it for her. Then he remarks that if he didn't know better, he would think that she's pregnant. She checks her i-phone and discovers that her Time Of The Month is long overdue. Suddenly, she is no longer hungry. Morning. Sister Yoon lies on her bed and regards the Pregnancy Tester, which advises that she is indeed.
  14. This has not been the experience of my Korean in-laws. Probably if one is applying for a student visa things are a bit easier because there is a clear beginning and end date. Also, if one's family is wealthy enough to send one to study in the US, there is much less likelihood that one will overstay one's visa for economic reasons. Otherwise if one is a Korean of working age, obtaining a visitors' visa is quite chancy and certainly involves at least one interview. The fear of American Embassy personnel is that the visitor will not return to Korea when the visa expires. Also, if one has ever applied for a visitors' visa in the past and fouled up one's paperwork Embassy staff is pretty unforgiving. Also, there are requirements for periodically updating information even for Koreans who have travelled to the United States on visitors visas and returned in the past. My 81 year old sister in law, who has travelled to the U.S. and returned to Korea per her visa requirements many times in the past, and is obviously no threat to anyone, had her recent visit to the US delayed by several weeks because she wasn't aware of the fact that she needed to file an update. Despite the fact that none of her information required updating. I just remembered an additional detail. Getting a visa to travel to the US is difficult enough that there is a flourishing industry of attorneys and other "visa coaches," many of whom provide advice that is dubious or even counter-productive. Several decades ago one of my wife's nieces fouled up her visa application based on such advice and last year still could not obtain a visa. Her family had to cancel their trip to the US, despite the fact that her husband is a Korean police officer.