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  1. RECAP, EPISODE 57 In the hospital waiting room, Officer Moo's Brother confronts the man whose car he rear-ended. The man says he bought the car only two weeks ago, now it is totaled, and he wants his car fixed pronto. Officer Moo arrives and talks with her Brother. By now, both the Flunky and Drunken Chaebol are also lurking in the waiting room. The Flunky smirks. Drunken Chaebol gazes at Officer Moo with a look of Deep Longing. The Flunky hustles him away. Officer Moo and her brother talk in the hospital cafeteria. He tells her that his insurance will cover no more than $300 worth of damage. Total damages are $140,000, Drunken Chaebol and the Flunky return to his hospital room and bicker. The Flunky tells him to "get over" Officer Moo. Drunken Chaebol tells the Flunky that he doesn't trust him. Officer Moo and her brother return home and their Mother emotes. Officer Cha calls Officer Moo. Officer Moo tells him that she is too tired to meet him. The Caretaker brings him some food. She tells Officer Cha that she plans to reimburse Officer Moo's Mother for the funds she absconded with. He says it's ok. She doesn't know that her husband has already reimbursed Officer Moo's Mother. Officer Cha's Father gives the Caretaker amateur acupuncture treatment for her indigestion. He turns off her phone. They go to sleep. Since her phone was turned off, the Caretaker oversleeps. When she rushes into the kitchen, Halmoni is making breakfast. Halmoni scolds her. Officer Cha's Sister smirks. Officer Cha's Sister tells halmoni that she "wishes" she could "move out of the house." Officer Moo's Brother tells his business partner not to let his mother know that his insurance won't cover the cost of the accident. Officer Moo's family plus the Business Partner eat breakfast. When Officer Moo's Brother and Business Partner leave the table, her mother tells her that she knows her son's insurance won't cover the cost of the accident. At the Substation, Officer Moo discusses her Brother's accident with her fellow officers. Officer Moo's Mother and her Chingu discuss the automobile accident. In his hospital room, Drunken Chaebol watches his father eat a meal. His Father complains that the Stepmother is neglecting him while she is busy, and successful, investing in the stock market. Drunken Chaebol's Father asks him why he got drunk. When he guesses that it was due to a woman, Drunken Chaebol does not deny it but offers no details beyond the fact that she slapped him and spurned his advances. Officer Cha's Sister and her husband are in their restaurant, which is very busy. She complains that the Caretaker should be there to help her. Her husband reminds her that the Caretaker is sick. When business dies down, Officer Cha's Sister runs off to meet the Stepmother in a restaurant. The Stepmother gives her a list of tutors and tells her to pick one, and not to worry about the cost. Drunken Chaebol's Father and Sister talk in her workspace. The Stepmother calls and tells her that she will not be able to meet her for a drink as they had planned. Her Father wonders what the Stepmother is up to. The Stepmother asks wheter Officer Cha is "seeing" anyone. The Sister lies that he isn't, claiming that he has no interest in women. Officer Moo's Brother arrives at the Substation and talks with Officers Cha and Moo. When Officer Cha leaves them alone, he tells Officer Moo that he plans to go to jail since he doesn't have the money necessary to repair the car he hit and he doesn't want his mother to cover the cost with the rent money He leaves. Officer Moo is distressed. When the Stepmother returns home, her husband and stepdaughter are waiting in the living room. Her husband angrily leaves the room. She learns that he was with her stepdaughter when she called to cancel their meeting. When she joins him in their bedroom, he scolds her for breaking the date with his daughter. When she explains that her meeting with her natural daughter ran late, he explodes in anger. She tells him that she will never again discuss her relations with her natural children and leaves the room. He is left gape mothed. Officer Cha's Sister and her husband discuss her meetings with the Stepmother. He is worried that her Father or Halmoni may find out. They discuss her unhappiness with her brother's relationship with Officer Moo. He warns her not to attempt to involve Halmoni in breaking the relationship up. Officer Moo visits the accident victim in the hospital. She begs him to let the accident costs "slide," to no avail. Drunken Chaebol enters the room and overhears their conversation. Officer Moo goes to the gym and vigorously assaults a punching bag. Officer Cha joins her. She cries.
  2. RECAP, EPISODE 56 In her car, the Stepmother pulls up in front of the Substation. She watches Officcers Cha and Moo leave the Substation. Officer Moo notices and is like, Whatcha' Lookin' At? The Stepmother turns her head gives a fire hydrant a thorough appraisal as Officer Moo gets into her squad car. Officers Cha and Moo eat lunch in a cafe. Officer Moo tells Officer Cha that she can handle the Female Colleague herself. Drunken Chaebol's Father, Stepmother and Sister visit him in his hospital room. The Father and Stepmother depart, leaving him alone with his Sister. When Drunken Chaebol's Father and Stepmother return home, his Father opines that Drunken Chaebol must have gone on a bender because he was concerned about his Sister's romantic travails. The Stepmother does not disabuse him of this notion. After he leaves their bedroom, she tells herself that he would have a fit if he knew his son was interested in a "single mother." Officer Moo and her family plus her Brother's Business Partner eat dinner. Officer Moo's Daughter needs a martial arts uniform for a school play. Officer Cha meets her and brings her the uniform. They talk under the stars. Officer Moo enters her house and encounters her brother, who is drinking an OB Beer. He tells her that he's still shaken up by the incident involving his Mother and Drunken Chaebol's Father. She tells him to keep on keeping on. Back at the hospital room, Drunken Chaebol's Sister asks him if he knows Officer Moo. He's like, Aw Shucks. Busted. She gives him an exasperated look while he stares into the middle distance. Officer Cha returns home and encounters his Sister. She puts him on Blast for borrowing her son's old martial arts uniform to lend to "That Woman." She's like, Are you telling me not to meddle in your life. He's like, Actually, Yes I am. Her husband joins them and tells his wife to cool her jets. They return to their bedroom. But when his wife tells him that Officer Cha is dating a Single Mother, he too is scandalized. Officer Moo's Brother talks with is Mother before leaving on a road trip. Officer Cha's family eats breakfast. His sister gives him a Hate Stare. The Sister Mother Dogs at her son. Halmoni asks the Sister why she is absent so frequently from the restaurant. The Sister fibs that she is spending all that time looking for a tutor. The Sister gets into a row with other family members about her treatment of her son. Officer Cha's Brother In Law joins him in his bedroom before he heads for work. When Officer Cha confirms that he is dating Officer Moo Seriously, his Brother In Law has no words. When Officer Cha checks in with Halmoni before heading for work, she asks what's going on between him and his Sister. Nothing, he explains. Officer Moo returns to her Substation from an awards ceremony. Everyone congratulates her. After a while, the Female Colleague gets huffy and leaves the room. Officer Moo follows her into the break room and tries to make nice, to no avail. An Ajuma is knocking on the door of Officer Moo's Brothers former workspace, but of course there is no answer. When Drunken Chaebol's sister arrives, they have a cup of coffee together. The Ajuma tells Drunken Chaebol's Sister that she has a business opportunity to offer Officer Moo's Brother. Officer Cha's Sister and Husband bicker in their restaurant. She pressures him to accept money from the Stepmother so they can open a franchise restaurant. Then the Stepmother calls and tells her that she has found a tutor for her son. The Stepmother answers the doorbell. The Flunky has arrived for a Talk. She tells him that she is afraid that her husband will have a heart attack if he discovers that his son is interested in a single mother. Officer Moo's Brother is driving late at night. He is becoming drowsy. There is a crashing sound. As she is about to leave for a dinner with the other officers, Officer Moo receives a call informing her that her brother has been in an accident. Apparently Officer Moo's Brother was not huurt in the accident, but he ran into a car and damaged it and the car's driver is in a neck brace. They talk at the hospital. As the other driver is demanding that Officer Moo's Brother pony up the money for repairs,, the Flunky arrives and gets an earful. He smirks. Officer Moo arrives and talks with her Brother in the waiting room. By now, both the Flunky and Drunken Chaebol are also lurking in the waiting room. Drunken Chaebol gazes at Officer Moo with a look of Deep Longing. She notices his presence. Fade to Black.
  3. @chdom @deadorblack Both of you comment on the puzzling prejudice against widowed mothers among some Koreans, at least as depicted in this K-Drama. Does anyone with actual knowledge of Korean society wish to comment on the remarriage prospects of formerly married women and mothers in Korea? My impression, based on very limited anecdotal evidence, is that men in Korea are much less willing than, e.g. men in the U.S., to marry widowed or divorced women, particularly those with children. I say "men in Korea" rather than "Korean men" because I know Korean American men who are quite happily married to formerly married women with children.
  4. @evie7 Thank you. What a hoot! With her natural and step sons each pursuing Officer Moo, the Stepmother is like a hurricane approaching shore with two cities in her potential wake. On which will she land? Stay tuned.
  5. RECAP, EPISODE 55 Officer Cha's Brother In Law has followed his wife to a restaurant where she is siting at a table alone, obviously awaiting someone, and confronts her. He grabs his wife's arm, Korean Caveman Style and is about to escort her back to the restaurant when the Stepmother appears. The Stepmother examines her real daughter's husband like one would inspect a piece of trash. Officer Cha's sister is like, Omma! Her husband is like, WTF? The Stepmother commands them both to sit down. She tells the Husband that "You might not be happy to meet me." He lies. Of course he is delighted to encounter a barracuda. Not to mention, discover that she is his Mother In Law. He doesn't recall signing up for this when he registered their marriage. Officer Cha's Brother In Law notes that his wife's father has already remarried. The Stepmother says, she doesn't care. She is here to transform their lives through the magic of her riches. She is like the Serpent and her daughter is like eve, who has already taken a bite out of the apple her Stepmother is proffering. Officer Cha's Sister makes clear that her husband had better Bite The Apple too if he Knows What's Good For Him. The scene ends with Mother and daughter exchanging Cheese eating Smiles. Fade to black. As she and her husband approach their restaurant, Officer Cha's sister insists that she will continue to see her natural mother -- and that her husband should not tell her Father or Halmoni about it. Officer Cha's Brother In Law realizes that he now has two Mothers in Law, a fate worse than Two Deaths. Officer Moo's Daughter rides her new bicycle through the park. She is accosted by Drunken Chaebol, who has forgotten to wear a raincoat and bring a Hershey Bar for the child. He asks her if she remembers him. She does: He's the jerk who threw trash on the sidewalk and had to be reminded to pick it up. She thinks it was Santa Claus who bought her the bike. Before he can say Ces't Moi, Officer Moo's mother approaches and he slithers away. Officer Moo's Mother's chubby chingu berates her for leaving Thug Sr.'s employ without first engaging him in a Full And Frank Exchange Of Views. Officer Cha's Father has coffee with the Caretaker's Son in his workspace. They are interrupted by a police officer, who asks the Caretaker's Son when he and his partner will be moving out. The next day, he is told. The Caretaker's Son swears his Father In Law to secrecy about the eviction. Officer Cha's Father returns home and tells the Caretaker that his meeting with her son went well. The Caretaker goes into Halmoni's bedroom and offers to dye her hair. Officer Cha's Brother in Law sits in the Courtyard. He is joined by Officer Cha's Father. what's the problem? Nothing, Officer Cha's Brother in Law explains. Officer Moo's family enjoys a Korean Barbecue dinner. The Business Partner is a guest. Officer Moo's Brother tells his Mother that they are moving out of their office space. She tells him that it is fine if they move the business into their house. [Product Placement Note: Yet another round of OB Beer.] Thug Sr. has breakfast with his daughter and the Stepmother. He complains about the absence of his son. The Stepmother says he must be out drinking again. Thug Sr. begins to press his daughter about marrying the Flunky. She tells him that if he continues to press her, she will move to the United States. As Thug Sr. finishes dressing himself in their bedroom, he asks the Stepmother why she is suddenly cooking such huge meals for him. She announces that she will begin making substantial monetary gifts to her natural daughter so she can live a "decent life." A "decent" life based on filthy lucre? He is more concerned about his own "brats" who "don't respect their Dad." Thug Sr., in his office, tries unsuccessfully to make a call. The Flunky enters and sits down. Thug Sr. complains about Drunken Chaebol but tells the Flunky to continue working on the "Inheritance Project." He also instructs him to be Prepared if the Stepmother decides to ask for a division of property. Drunken Chaebol's Sister walks into Officer Moo's Brother's workspace and discovers that it has been cleared out. At the Substation, the Supervisor announces that Officer moo will receive a commendation for apprehending the thief. Everyone is happy but her Female Coworker. Drunken Chaebol's Sister enters the Substation. She and Officer Moo move into the Break Room for a Talk. The Sister is trying to get in touch with Officer Moo's Brother. Officer Moo tells her that this is not such a great idea "right now." After the Sister leaves, Officer Moo explains the situation to Officer Cha. Officer Cha's Sister enters her son's bedroom and tells him that she will try to arrange it so he can study abroad. He's like, Why would I want to do that? At the restaurant, Officer Cha's Sister questions the Caretaker about her Son's return to Korea. When the Caretaker Gets Going, she and her husband bicker about the Stepmother's forthcoming largess. Officer Cha enters the squadroom unnoticed and witnesses the Female Cplleague haassing Officer Moo. The Female Colleague receives a call from Officer Cha's Sister and leaves the Substation. The Female Colleague meets with Officer Cha's Sister in her restaurant. When the Brother In Law brings the women chicken, his wife wants Friew With That. The Sister tells the Female Colleague that when she marries Officer Cha there will be plenty of money to rent them an apartment. She is shocked to learn from the Female Colleague that Officer Cha only has eyes for Officer Moo. Officer Cha returns home and goes to his bedroom for some Peace and Quiet but is pursued by his sister. She complains about his love for Officer Moo, a Widow and moreover, a Single Mother. He tells her to mind her own business or "I won't let it slide." Officer Moo and her Brother eat dinner in a cafe. He is surprised when she wants to order a drink. She tells him about the visit from Drunken Chaebol's Sister. He listens, Korean Hard Guy Style. In a ba, Drunken Chaebol is knocking back the shots. He attempts to stand but is Unable. A cellphone rings in Thug Sr and the Stepmother's bedroom. The Stepmother answers a call from the Flunky. Drunken Chaebol is in a hospital bed under the calculating gaze of the Flunky. When the family arrives the Flunky relays the Doctor's diagnosis: Severe alcoholic insult o the gastro-intestinal tract which will require several days of bed rest. Thug Sr. and the Sister leave the room. The Stepmother lingers and reassures the Flunky that the Sister will get with his program Or Else. then they leave the room together and he tells her about Thug Sr.'s plans to fight any division of property. He also clues her into Drunken Chaebol's crush on Officer Moo. Officer Moo is sitting in the Break Room when the female colleague enters and puts her on Blast for stealing Her Man. Officer Cha enters and hears all he needs to hear. He orders Officer Moo out of the room. He reprimands the Female Colleague for tatling to his Sister and leaves the room. In her car, the Stepmother pulls up in front of the Substation. She watches Officcers Cha and Moo leave the Substation. Officer Moo notices and is like, Whatcha' Lookin' At. the Stepmother tuns her head gives a fire hydrant a thorough appraisal. Officer Moo knows that she has seen the Stepmother somewhere but Can't Quite Place Her.
  6. @newyee Well you were right and I was wrong. The Female Colleague now certainly looks like a worthy match for the Flunky (except he is a sneak and the Corporal at least declares war openly.) There's always the possibility that the Stepmother will encourage her real daughter to divorce her financially challenged husband and marry the Flunky. That would keep her Joy Toy closer at hand. @stuartjmz Perhaps we can agree that if the Stepmother wasn't pure evil to begin with, she has certainly gotten "up to speed" in record time. Re Corporal Jang, as things currently stand she can't make much trouble for Officer Moo because she is under Officer Cha's supervision.. I notice that the name of the rogue internal affairs officer (Hong, the "Grim Reaper") has resurfaced. I wonder if Corporal Jang will try to strike at both Officers Cha and Moo with some kind of misconduct allegation. @sava2sava I suspect that the Stepmother encouraged Thug Sr. to double down on his conflict with his daughter for the same reason she fed him the Oxtail soup: Because she knows the stress will be bad for his heart. The Flunky will soon have to go all in with either the Stepmother or Thug Sr. because she will leave him (and leave him with as little as possible) if she doesn't succeed in killing him first. It will be interesting to see how long the Stepmother remains involved in the lives of Drunken Chaebol and his Sister.
  7. RECAP, EPISODE 54 Drunken Chaebol's Father lolls on his sofa like a beached whale. He tells the Stepmother that he is awaiting the arrival of his daughter's unsuitable suitor. She asks why he asked the Maid to stick around. He grunts, Korean Caveman Style. The doorbell rings. Drunken Chaebol Sr.'s Father lumbers toward the door. Officer Moo's Brother's image appears on the CCTV. Drunken Chaebol's Father buzzes him in. Officer Moo's Brother and Thug Sr. square off. Officer Moo's Brother looks the thug in the eye and introduces himself. Officer Moo's Brother is not surprised to be sucker punched by Thug Sr. runs in the family. He is surprised when his mother walks into the room and drops a dish on the floor. Officer Moo's Mother steps to the thug and protests. She is surprised to learn that her son is the Sister's forbidden boyfriend. Officer Moo's Brother responds evenly to Thug Sr.'s accusation that he "seduced" his daughter to "climb the social ladder," as though joining a crime family is anyone's idea of ascent. He takes his mother's hand and they leave the house. The Stepmother takes her husband's measure and finds him even smaller than before. Her reptilian brain plots her next move. The Sister drives up to her front door Officer Moo's Brother and Mother are leaving. But neither has anything to say to her. The Mother looks bac for a second byt her Son drags her forward, Korean Caveman Style. The Sister enters the living room and puts her parents on Blast. Her Brother enters and she correctly attributes what just transpired to his evil doing. She leaves the room. Drunken Chaebol is berated by his Father. He is surprised to learn that the erstwhile Ajuma was the Unsuitable Suitor's Brother, and dismayed as well. Because that means the Ajuma is also Officer Moo's Mother. Since Officer Moo's Mother and Brother know wat a dirtbag he is, he realizes that his odds of winning Officer Moo's heart, or whatever, have declined from zero to a negative number. Drunken Chaebol leaves the living room. Thug Sr. and the Stepmother are alone. The Stepmother, who prefers her household staff to be servile and dumb, opines that she had a "bad feeling" about Officer Moo's Mother "from the beginning." Officer Moo's Brother and Mother return home. He apologizes. She tells him he has done nothing wrong. She tells him to feel sorry for Thug Sr. since he doesn't know any better. Officers Cha and Moo have concluded their date and are reporting for their next shift. She tells him that they should enter the Substation separately so that no one will know that they are dating. Officer Moo enters the Substation and greets her fellow officers, who immediately note the wardrobe upgrade. She greets her Female Colleague, but there is a chill in the air. And not from the air conditioner. When Officer Cha walks in, everyone snickers because he too shows evidence of a Fashion Upgrade. He and Officer Moo realize that their attempted ruse availleth not. Their Supervisor assigns them to apprehend a malefactor who has been stealing from thrift shops. Officers Cha and Moo sit in the darkness in their patrol car on a Stakeout. She calls her mother and learns that she has been sleeping. She asks her Mother what is wrong. Nothing, her mother explains. Officer Cha asks her Partner why he transferred to their lowly substation from the Serious Crime Squad. He does not respond. She tells him that she read that the Internal Affairs Officer who tried to get her fired was really gunning for him. He reminds her that curiousity is dangerous for cats and police officers alike. The Crime Family Princess sits in her bedroom and looks sad. Drunken Chaebol enters and she turns her back on him. She asks him if he is satisfied. Actually in large part he isn't, but he cannot explain that to her. He leaves the room. She weeps. The Flunky lounges in Drunken Chaebol's office reading a magazine. Drunken Chaebol storms in. He has figured out who dropped the inconvenient speck of guano in this Father's ear. He tells the Flunky he was better off the day before, when his Sister only thought his name was mud. The Flunky says he only answered Thug Sr.'s question. Drunken Chaebol tells the Flunky that he isn't exactly on the expressway to his Sister's heart. The flunky, feeling his oats, tells Drunken Chaebol that his chances with the Sister are still better than his chances with Officer Moo. Drunken Chaebol flies into a rage, apprising the Flunky that he was always out of his Sister's league. As the Flunky smirks and leaves the room, Drunken Chaebol calls him a "Ruthless jerk." Morning. Thug Sr. enters his daughter's bedroom while she is sleeping. He puts his palm to her forehead as if taking her temperature, then walks out. In their bedroom, Thug Sr. tells the Stepmother that his daughter has a fever. She tells him that she's given her some medicine. Thug Sr. worries that he may have gone too far. The Stepmother tells him that he is Father of the Year. In fact, he should double down until he is sure that his daughter's spirit is crushed. Officers Cha and Moo are still on stakeout. After Officer Cha leaves the Patrol Car to answer a Call of Nature, the Perp drives up. She leaves the car and approaches him. He gives her some Attitude. She gives him some Martial Arts. Officer Cha arrives and they complete the Apprehension. When Officer Moo's Brother arrives at his workspace he finds Drunken Chaebol loitering in the hallway, all Penitent-like. Drunken Chaebol would "Like to talk." Officer Moo's Brother is like, Talk To The Hand. When Officer Moo's Brother enters his workspace, his Business Partner is pouting. He is happy that his Mother, the Caretaker, wants to treat him to a free meal. He's unhappy that since she works at a chicken restaurant, only Steamed Chicken and Fried Chicken are on offer. He declines an invitation to visit the Chicken Restaurant with his Business Partner. Officer Cha's Father and the Caretaker talk in their bedroom. She tells him that she will be meeting her son at the restaurant. He gives the Caretaker his paycheck to manage, Korean Style. The Caretaker and her Son eat at the restaurant. It looks like fried chicken. Officer Cha's Sister arrives at the restaurant earlier than expected and is introduced to the Caretaker's Son. Likely her next stop will be Halmoni, since the Caretaker has told her that her Son is in the United States. Perhaps she will end up with the Flunky, since they both like to spread Stuff around. *But if she drives the Caretaker away, who wil do her housework and cover for her at the restaurant? Decisions, decisions . . .) Officer Cha's Sister's reception inspires the Caretaker's Son to Get Going. The Caretaker follows him and suggests that they Go Someplace To Talk but he doesn't want to. Officer Cha's father arrives and the Caretaker's Son reiterates that he needs to Get Going. When Officer Moo returns home, she finds her Mother sitting in the living room staring vacantly into space. Officer Moo follows her Mother into her bedroom and learns about the Thugs, the Sister and her brother. But her Mother still doesn't know the half of it: That the woman Drunken Chaebol is pursuing is her daughter. Her Mother regrets counseling Drunken Chaebol's Sister to comply and settle for the Flunky. Officer Moo comforts her Mother. The Caretaker calls her Son. He is short with her and rings off. Officer Cha's Father enters and comforts his wife. The Caretaker enters the kitchen and encounters Officer Cha's Sister, who apologizes for interrupting her lunch with her son. Then the Caretaker hands her the money her Husband gave her. The Sister becomes Peevish and charges out of the room. But not without the money. The Sister returns to the Restaurant and tells her Husband about her sudden wish to move out of the family home. He's like, Where would we get the money to do that? Officer Cha's Nephew returns home from school and enters Halmoni's room. they Talk. He tells Halmoni that his Mother has been "Acting Weird," hiding new clothes in his room and etc.. Officer Cha's Brother In Law enters his bedroom. He remembers seeing his wife secrete a billfold in their dresser. He locates it and is shocked to discover that it contains a small fortune. His mind conjures explanations for her sudden wealth and he is not happy with any of them. Officer Moo is sitting in the Break Room. The Female Colleague enters. Did someone suddenly turn the thermostat down? The Female Colleague tells her that she knows about her and Officer Cha and if "she doesn't have a lot of worries, she should." Officer Cha enters the Break Room and the Female Colleague Gets Going. Officer Moo tells Officer Cha that their relationship is Da Bomb. And it is about to explode. Officer Cha's sister ostentatiously applies makeup and flounces out of the resstaurant. Her husband decides to follow her to the source of her Sudden Wealth. He enters a restaurant where his wife is sitting alone at a table and confronts her. He grabs her arm, Korean Caveman Style and is about to escort her back to the restaurant when the Stepmother appears and regards him arrogantly. When his wife addresses her as Omma he's like, WTF?
  8. RECAP, EPISODE 53 Officer Moo returns home and encounters Drunken Chaebol. He seizes her wrist, Korean Caveman Style. Then he attempts an apology and invites her to punch him. She's like, Do you think a punch is enough? You deserve Fire and Fury Like You've Never Seen. Then she continues into her house. Drunken Chaebol mopes about on the street. it looks like the actor playing Drunken Chaebol is attempting to summon a tear, without success. Officer Moo enters her house and speaks with her mother. They talk about her Father's death. Her mother tells her that her employer is trying to save her daughter from hooking up with a man who is economically unsuitable for her. Officer Moo thinks that this rings a faint bell but lets it go. Drunken Chaebol's Father stomps into his Daughter's bedroom and tells her she'd better Get With The Program. And that means Getting With The Flunky. Drunken Chaebol's Father returns to his own bedroom and joins the Stepmother. He complains that Drunken Chaebol is out drinking like a drunken chaebol. She tells him not to worry. Likely, she thinks that alcohol is as good for her stepson as Oxtail Soup is for her husband. He suspects that his daughter may be dating an honest man and vows to send some muscle out to eliminate the Flunky's competition. She tells him that Drunken Chaebol is on the case. Officer Moo's Mother enters Drunken Chaebol's bedroom to vacuum it and finds him still in bed. She wonders if he has been "rejected by the single mother he has been chasing around." Drunken Chaebol's Sister is on her way out the door but the Stepmother makes her sit down for some Stepmotherly advice. She pressures her stepdaughter to stop seeing That Guy and start dating the Flunky. "Your father and I just want you to be happy" and other lies are told. The Stepmother orders Officer Moo's Mother to prepare Hangover Soup for Drunken Chaebol. Then she leaves the house, ostensibly to buy flowers. At the Substation, we learn that Korea apparently has a version of Crag's List where some scammers are lurking. The Officers are told to Be On The Lookout. Officers Cha and Moo talk in the break room. Her stomach hurts. Drunken Chaebol's Father sits in his office. He is looking thoughtful, which is not a good thing. The Flunky enters, which is also not a good thing when Thug Sr. is looking thoughtful. Thug Sr. asks the flunky to identify his competition. After feigning reluctance for a second, he fingers Officer Moo's Brother. Thug Sr. makes a call and orders up an Investigation. Officer Cha's Sister and Husband are preparing food in their restaurant. He is seething. She complains that the Caretaker is not there doing her work. Then she receives a call on her cell phone. She tells another Ajuma that her son will be joining their expensive tutoring group. When she rings off, her husband asks where the money for that is coming from. She says not to worry about the money, she'll take care of it. His suspicions grow. Officers Cha and Moo eat a meal at a restaurant. She refers to eating as Stress Reduction. She tells him the sad story of her Brother and the Love That Can Never Be. the Female Colleague enters the Cafe and is Not Happy With What She Sees. She departs, unseen by and without speaking to the couple. Officer Cha drives Officer Moo home. Officer Moo's Mother arrives as Officer Cha is departing. Officer Moo and her Mother enter their house. Her Mother interrogates her. E.G. Who's he? Just a guy I know. Etc.. Perhaps her Mother has been inspired by her employer to become a Romantic Mentor. Stay tuned. Officer Moo's Mother brings her son a large plate of food as he attempts to work on his computer. He complains that he has already eaten dinner. They discuss the fact that Officer Moo is Dating Someone. Officer Moo's Mother worries that the Someone may not be Suitable. As Officer Cha returns home, Halmoni and the Caretaker are playing cards. After Officer Cha leaves the room, Halmoni tells the Caretaker to invite her son for dinner. The Caretaker falsely states that her son is studying abroad. The Caretaker enters her bedroom and admits to her husband that she lied to Halmoni about her son's whereabouts. He tells her Not to worry. Too much. Officer Cha's Sister enters her bedroom. As is now her Husband's wont whenever she appears, he gives her the Hairy Eyeball. When she tries to be ingratiating he knows something is up and finally asks her about the expensive goods secreted in their Son's room. She claims there was a big sale, 95% off, so she took advantage. She accuses him of being suspicious and storms out of the room. Now that she is back in character, he seems reassured. In their respectivve bedrooms, Officers Cha and Moo prepare to go out on a date. He obsesses over movie tickets. Ahe, clothes. Halmoni has bought some new bedding for the caretaker. Officer Cha's Sister is being sullen. The Sister pressures the Caretaker to spend more time working in the restaurant. Re the sister and her Mother, this road apple didn;t fall very far from the tree, or whatever. Officer Cha looks in on the three women as he is leaving for his date. Halmoni and the Caretaker are delighted. The Sister is like, A date? With who? Officer Moo walks out to meet Officer Cha. Unsteadily in her high heels. Her frock is a scandalous two inches above the knee. She offers to return to her house and change. He grabs her arm, Korean Caveman Style, and guides her into his car. He has to remind her to buckle her seatbelt. Officers Cha and Moo eat a snack in a restaurant after the movie. Drunken Chaebol's Father paces in his office. He receives a call from his investigator. He shouts something angry and Korean into the phone. Officer Moo's Brother and his Business Partner carry a package into their workspace. Officer Moo's Brother receives a phone call and the blood drains from his face. Drunken Chaebol sits in his Massage Chair, which apparently is in the "Off" position. His Father enters and berates him. He has discovered that his daughter's unsuitable Suitor is the same person his Son had earlier contracted with for advertising work. Drunken Chaebol doesn't bother to tell him that he stole his ideas, paid him nothing, and assigned the project to someone else. His Father steams out of the room. Drunken Chaebol's Sister steps into the hallway and encounters Officer Moo's Boyfriend's Business Partner. He tells him that Officer Moo's Brother received a call from her Father and left for parts unknown. Surmising that her Father has ordered up the Boyfriend Special, she runs for the exit. The Stepmother asks Thug Sr. why she asked the Maid to stick around. The doorbell rings and Thug Sr. goes to the door to answer it. He sees Officer Moo's Brother's image in the CCTV and buzzes him in. He introduces himself to Thug Sr. , who strikes him as his mpther enters the room and drops a dish.
  9. @finebyme I wouldn't use the word "pride" in connection with Drunken Chaebol. When I was growing up a prime insult used by the Grayhairs was "He/she doesn't know any better." Wrongful conduct based on total ignorance of ethical norms. That pretty much sums up Drunken Chaebol. @angelwingssf With respect, I would suggest that it is good to see Drunken Chaebol cry. Sometimes acquiring an ethical sense requires some degree of discomfort. I think that you are absolutley correct that Thug Sr. and the Stepmother want the Sister to marry the flunky because he Capices "La Cosa Nostra" (this thing of ours.) If I recall the Godfather movies correctly, the daughters were all raised to move up the social ladder, but the families engineered their marriages to men who were outwardly respectable but actually corruptly involved with and "witting" re the families they were marrying into. There is a dilemma here. Neither Thug Sr. nor the Stepmother want the Sister to marry the brother of a cop for obvious reasons. But if the Stepmother wants to reestablish relations with her children, she must ultimately be willing to not only share confidences with the sister of a cop, but a cop as well. @newyee Both the Flunky and the female Colleague are cluelesly (less in his case than her's) pursuing persons who are not interested in them. There, I think, their similarity ends. The Female Colleague is basically kind and conscientious (see, e.g., her interaction with the elderly citizen with Alzheimer's.) She's in love with someone who is not interested in her, but hey, if that's a crime, we've probably all been guilty of that at some point in our lives. The Flunky doesn't beat the guano out of people for a living, but he knowingly provides legal cover for people who do, so at bottom he is no better than a thug. @sava2sava Yes, the Flunky is like a fly, flitting from one family member to another, picking up and dropping a little dirt on each stop. I also agree that Drunken Chaebol's Sister is pursuing her own course while attempting to avoid giving offense to her parents. At the dinner, she made it clear via body language that she'd rather make love to an oil slick than hook up with the Flunky. I would imagine that with Officer Cha's sister's now open and shameless pursuit of the Stepmother's money, her ability to obstruct her brother's relationship with Officer Moo will be precisely Zero. @deadorblack At this point I can't tell whether Officer Cha's Brother In Law is "kindhearted" and "patient" or simply "long suffering." We're all acquainted with men and women who put up with problems they realize are beyond their spouses' control because, so far as their spouses are in control, they are good and decent. Officer Cha's Sister certainly has a condition beyond her control (hyperthyroidism) that her husband tolerates, but we have yet to see her exhibit any positive personality traits whatsoever. (She's like a thermostat with only two settings: Rage and greed.) A few years ago I read about a "study" which concluded that men who married women primarily because they were physically attracted to them tended to have longer enduring marriages than men who married women because they thought they had certain positive personality traits. I guess that makes a certain amount of sense. (If a man wakes up the next morning after a major row with his wife, she's going to look the same way she looked the day before. But if he married her because he thought she was "easy going," he'll probably have some doubts.) That's about the only explanation that I can see for Officer Cha's Brother In Law's continued willingness to suffer his wife's behavior. Officer Cha's Brother In Law certainly deserves better than he is getting (at least onscreen) from his wife.
  10. RECAP, EPISODE 52 As Officer Moo's Brother returns to his workspace, Drunken Chaebol confronts him in the hallway. Drunken Chaebol sucker punches him. He is about to do it again when Officer Moo approaches and slaps him. As Drunken Chaebol is learning that he has just assaulted Officer Moo's brotheer, his Sister and Officer Moo's Business Partner approach. Drunken Chaebol asks, Your Brother? as he realizes that he has Stepped In It big time. Then his sister piles on. Officer Moo's Brother tells Drunken Chaebol that his punch was a waste of energy because he is no longer dating his Sister. Officer Moo's Brother drags his Sister away, Korean Cave Man Style. Officer Moo's Brother's Business Partneer follows, leaving Drunken Chaebol alone with his Sister. She berates him. He does not bother to reply. Officer Moo and her brother sit at a table in his work space. She learns that Drunken Chaebol was the abusive client AND the jealous brother of his erstwhile girlfriend. He makes her promise tot to tell their Mother. Neither know that their Mother is employed by the Thug Family. Drunken Chaebol and his Sister return home. His Father and Stepmother join them in the living room as his Sister berates him. Thug Sr. gathers that his daughter was dating someone and is Not Pleased. Drunken Chaebol enters his bedroom. He realizes that his pursuit of Officer Moo has likely reached a dead end. Officer Moo's Daughter enters her Uncle's bedroom and rudely awakens him. Officer Moo enters and summons them to breakfast. Officer Cha's Father talks with the Caretaker before he leaves for work. Officer Cha and his Brother In Law arrive and follow their Father out the door, leaving the Caretaker alone with Officer Cha's Sister. The Sister is inexplicably nice to the Caretaker. It turns out that the Sister wants the Caretaker to cover for her at the Restaurant. Officers Cha and Moo usher an elderly woman into the Substation. It turns out that the woman has Alzheimer's Disease. The Officers locate the woman's information in a database of elderly persons with memory issues and call her family. At the Restaurant Officer Cha's Sister rushes off. Her Husband wonders what she is up to. Drunken Chaebol's Sister enters Officer Moo's Brother's workspace but he is not there. His Business Partner greets her without enthusiasm. He tells her that Officer Moo's Brother is working at a construction site for income to keep their business afloat. Drunken Chaebol's Sister shows up at the construction site. Officer Moo's Brother is not happy to see her. He dismisses her, Korean Hard Guy style. Officer Moo's Mother is working in the Thug Family's kitchen preparing a huge meal. It turns out that the Flunky is to be the Guest of Honor. Drunken Chaebol's Sister, unsuspecting, arrives home. Her Stepmother tells her to prepare a special dish for the Flunky. Whe approaches the task without enthusiasm. She tells Officer Moo's Mother to leave for the day. Officer Cha's Father returns home. Halmoni tells him that the Caretaker is helping out at the restaurant. When the Caretaker returns home, he tells her that he will have a Talk with his daughter about her sloughing off her work on the Caretaker. The Caretaker tells him not to bother, everything is fine. The Flunky arrives at the Thug household with a bouquet of flowers. There is a noticeable chill in the air. At the dinner table, Thug Sr. and the Flunky throw back shots and carry on. When the Flunky turns his Cow Eyes on the Sister, she turns away. Officers Cha and Moo practice martial arts at the gym after work. Officers Cha and Moo eat dinner in a restaurant. The Flunky joins Drunken Chaebol at the Bar. Lady Luck does not smile on them tonight. Neither does any other woman they know. The Flunky learns who Officer Moo's Brother is and indigestion sets in. Drunken Chaebol wonders how he can revive his prospects with Officer Moo. Officer Cha drops Officer Moo off at her house. They have a Relationship Talk. Officer Moo's Brother arrives home. His Mother wonders why he smells like Ben Gay. She lifts his shirt and discovers two pain patches on his back. He claims a hard day at the office. Drunken Chaebol loiters in the darkness outside of Officer Moo's house. In her bedroom, Officer Cha's sister talks on her cell phone with her Mother. When her Husband enters the room, she rings off hurriedly. He gives her the Hairy Eyeball, and not for the first time today. He knows something is up when she stutters rather than screams at him. She claims that she was discussing tutoring with another Tiger Mother and stomps out of the room. Officer Cha's Sister has left her cell phone in the bedroom. Before she returns for it, her husband ascertains the number of the last person his wife talked with. When she leaves the room with her phone, he calls that number. As it happens, the Stepmother has left her phone in the bedroom while she is otherwise occupied. When Thug Sr. answers, the Brother In Law is non-plussed. Then he becomes suspicious. Officer Moo returns home ane encounters Drunken Chaebol. He attempts an apology and she putss him on blast. She guesses that he hought he could toy with her and he is guilty as charged. She invites him never to approach her again and enters her house. He stands alone on the sidewalk and struggles to formulate a Plan B.
  11. RECAP, EPISODE 51 Officer Cha walks away in the darkness. Officer Moo approaches him from behind and embraces him. Officer Moo turns around. They embrace and kiss. The Caretaker tells Halmoni that she will sleep in her room tonight. Halmoni is like, WTF? You're married. Sleep in your husband's room. Officer Cha and his Brother in Law wish their Father a pleasant evening. Officer Cha's Sister joins in, then is hustled off before she can make a scene. Officer Cha enters his bedroom. He sends a "Good Night" text to Officer Moo. Officer Cha's Sister enters the dining room as the Caretaker is setting the table for breakfast. They engage in a tense but civil exchange. Officer Cha's Sister returns to her bedroom for additional sleep, complaining to her husband. Officer Moo's Mother enters her Son's bedroom and discovers that his Business Partner has spent the night there. She invites him to move in. At breakfast, all members of Officer Cha's family appear to be delighted with the feast except for his Sister. Then Halmoni figures out that the Caretaker cookeed the breakfast all by herself and berates the Sister. By the time the other family members succeed in stifling Halmoni, the Sister leaves the table. Officer Moo enters the break room. When she sees Officer Cha, she begins to leave. He's like, Why are you running away? She asks him if he slept well. He assures her that he didn't. Drunken Chaebol and his Father talk in his office. His Father asks if his Sister is dating someone "unsuitable." Drunken Chaebof denies it but his Father is not convinced. At the Substation, the Officers discuss how they helped a woman with Alzheimer's. Officers Cha and Moo depart for their patrol. The Stepmother is in her bedroom slathering on makeup. Her Stepdaughter joins her. The Stepmother pressures her to date the Flunky. The Stepmother asks her Stepdaughter to cook a meal for a Special Guest. Officer Cha's Sister and her husband bicker. Then she leaves for an unspecified appointment. She joins her Mother (the Stepmother) in a restaurant. She returns the purse and the money her Mother sent her asking, What kind of woman do you think I am? Her Mother starts in on how she can buy her a new restaurant and and help her out in other ways. The Sister obviously begins to waver. The Sister's defenses crumble completely when her Mother starts talking about sending her son abroad to study. Officer Moo's Brother and his partner consult with their advertising client. they also help him out with some carpentry. Officer Moo's Mother and Drunken Chaebol's Sister have lunch in a cafe. Officer Moo's Mother jokes that she would love to have a daughter in law like her. She is startled. Drunken Chaebol's Sister and Officer Moo's Mother return home. When Drunken Chaebol's Father sees his daughter carrying a small bag of groceries, he begins tp berate Officer Moo's Mother. Drunken Chaebol's Sister tells her father that he is acting like an Equine Posterior and storms out of the room. Her Father is like, Is it something I said? The Caretaker brings lunch to Officer Cha's Brother In Law and his Son. The Son tells his father about the expensive clothes his mother "bought" and hid in his bedroom. He rushes home to have a look at the clothes. Officer Moo and the Female Colleague interact awkwardly as they change at the end of the day. When Officer Cha's Father arrives home, he is surprised to find the Caretaker waiting in the Courtyard for him. She tells him that she wants to go grocery shopping with him "like other couples." Drunken Chaebol talks with the Flunky in his office. the flunky tellss him that his Sister is "still dating" Officer Moo's Brother. Officers Cha and Moo eat dinner in a restaurant after work. As Officer Moo's Brother returns to his workspace, Drunken Chaebol confronts him in the hallway. Drunken Chaebol sucker punches him. He is about to do it again when Officer Moo approaches and slaps the wind out of his sails.
  12. The Stepmother had an, ahem,, "Interlude," Cougar Style, with the Flunky one evening during one of the earlier episodes. Then she started pressing her stepdaughter to marry the Flunky. At first I thought her goal was to have a "Son In Law With Benefits," but now she doesn't seem likely to stick around long enough to partake. . I think that she believes that the Flunky "owes her," and will therefore serve as a sometime spy and agent in her ongoing struggle with Drunken Chaebol's Father.
  13. @euraka @Lunkera I like the slap! In Drunken Chaebol's case, I wouldn't be adverse to a well placed knee or foot either, if you catch my drift. Interestingly, the slap to the face (almost always the woman slapping the man) was a staple of American films from the 1930s-1950s. My impression is that since the 1960s there hasn't been much of that going on in American films.
  14. @deadorblack Thank you. A few days ago when Officer Cha's Sister heatedly repeated her mother's (Drunken Chaebol's Stepmother's) version of why she left the family and Halmoni and Officer Cha's Father did not respond, some commentators suggested that their silence was evidence that the Stepmother's version of events was correct. Based on my observation of my wife's family, my own guess was that Halmoni and her Father were too astonished by her gross rudeness to respond. Officer Cha's Sister's antics would be more typical for an American family. But even in the U.S., it is unlikely that adult children who conducted themselves as Officer Cha's Sister did would be living under the same roof as their parents, or at least not for much longer. I know that my wife would quite likely never have addressed her own parents as Officer Cha's sister did. And as for verbally attacking her grandparents, Fuhgeddaboutit. Even in the U.S., we would typically treat a grandparent with more respect. Even one as nasty as Halmoni.