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  1. I don't think the Stepmother exactly abandoned EJ or put her up for adoption in the normal sense of those words. If the Stepmother was EJ's mother, likely "Mr. Gil" was her Father and they arranged for the "foundling" to be "found" and adopted by Mr. Gil and his wife. Thereafter the Stepmother moved in to the Gil household to help care for Mr. Gil's wife and EJ. Under the circumstances, that was as close as she could get to creating a normal family environment for EJ.
  2. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 68 In the front yard, Gil's Brother tells the Aunt and Gil that he knows where the moving company is storing the Stepmother's possessions. As he tells them about the Spy Cam, Jung arrives and overhears. Jung fixes the three with a malevolent look and is like, What do you think you're doing? The Aunt tells her they are looking for a place in the front yard to bury kimchi. Jung is like, "A likely story." Nevertheless, they persist. Gil's Brother grabs a shovel and starts digging while the Aunt supervises. Jung responds with Caterpillar Eyebrows and returns to the house. Gil's Brother emphasizes that he learned about the Spy Cam from Jung's Sister and urges the Aunt to back off. Gil says Mr. Oh has agreed to alert her if Jung's Father attempts to peddle any of the buildings. Jung's Mother awakens in the Stepmother's bed. The Stepmother is sitting in a chair next to the bed. Jung's Mother is shocked when the Stepmother addresses her by name. The Stepmother matter of factly notes that Jung showed up at the house drunk the night before. Jung's Mother apologizes while the Stepmother looks on uncomprehendingly. Then Jung's Father struts in. Jung's Father is like, What are you two doing in here? Then he orders his ex-wife to leave. As Jung's Mother emerges from the bedroom she finds her Daughters and Ex-Husband sitting in the living room. She attempts to persuade her two daughters to return home but neither is willing. Jung's Father chimes in and tries to talk Jung's Sister out of the house with equal lack of success. Then Jung's Mother asks her to postpone her wedding. Jung is like, No way. Jung's Father tells his Ex that she is embarrassing him. She's like, I can't embarrass you, you're embarrassing me. They bicker. Gil searches some boxes in a storeroom. Then she discovers a small box with some diaries and account books. Back in her bedroom, Gil reads a diary and cries. Then she notices a key. Big Shot drops by the Beauty Shop and has an amicable conversation with Jung's Mother. He assures her that he is committed to her daughter. She, mistaking him for a good influence, asks him to help Jung "return to her senses." Madame Goo, learning that Hong and Gil have each taken a day off, summons Assistant Lee into her office. He fibs, saying that Hong is sick with the flu. In the hallway, Assistant Lee attempts to search for Hong's missing charm without attracting attention. But he attracts Jung's attention. He makes the mistake of telling Jung that the charm is very important to Hong.He further errs by telling her that in times of stress, Hong likes to hold the charm in his hand. Gil enters the apartment as Hong is sleeping. She shows Hong the key she has found and wonders whether it has anything to do with the documents they are seeking. Hong tells Gil that he is worried about something indefinable that may have something to do with his Mother. Madame Goo, who has been given the password to the apartment, makes an entrance. She's like, The two of you are not allowed to tete a tete. Then she refers to Hong as her nephew, catches herself, and then lies that Assistant Lee is her nephew. The Manager of the Small Cafe helps the Stepmother practice writing her name while the Aunt searches for the Spy Cam. The Manager, who knows nothing about the Spy Cam, assumes that the Aunt is being her usual weird self. Frustrated, the Aunt hits the Stepmother in the head with a pillow to "help her recover her memory." They bicker. Jung's Father is on the phone finalizing a real estate deal. He promises to bring the "owner of the building" to the settlement conference. When the Stepmother enters her bedroom, he promises to take her "to someplace nice tomorrow." When he sits down and ponders how to sneak her out of the house, she asks him what he is doing. He says that he is thinking. Then she surprises him by clobbering him with a pillow to help him think. Jung confronts Big Shot's Mother with the diamond necklace she tore off and left in the Beauty Salon the previous day. Big Shot's Mother tells her that she doesn't want it. And furthermore, she tells Jung, "Stop calling me Mother." Big Shot's Mother tells Jung, If you want to know why I don't want my Son to marry you, go to the marketplace and see what they are saying about you and your family. Jung slumps out of the Small Cafe. Gil and Hong walk from place to place searching for something the key fits. He suggests that they visit the store that was the scene of his Father's death. She thinks he's nuts. Back at the Small Cafe, Big Shot's Mother gripes to Gigolo about her Son's relationship with Jung. He tells her to brace herself because he suspects that her darling son is in cahoots with Jung's Father. She denies it and storms out of the cafe. Hong eyes the Store from the sidewalk. He sees the Store Manager he talked with yesterday chatting with Madame Goo. Now he knows the source of the BS the Manager fed him yesterday. When they walk out of the shop onto the front steps, he hides around a corner and eavesdrops on their conversation. The Manager tells Madame Goo that she was uncomfortable lying to Hong. Madame Goo assures her that she will be rewarded for her service. When the Manager walks back into her store, Hong confronts Madame Goo on the sidewalk and confronts her with her lie. Then he strides away, Korean Hard Guy Style. Mdame Goo catches up with Hong and tells him it is all for his own good. He tells her that she often undoes herself with her cunning. And furthermore, MYOB. He strides away again, Korean Hard Guy Style. She remains fixed as tears well in her eyes. Gigolo and Big Shot drink soju in a cheap cafe. Big Shot regards the older man resentfully as he advises that it is better to follow your heart than your mind. Big Shot begins downing shots in rapid succession. When Big Shot orders a sixth bottle of soju, Gigolo stops him and they have a frank conversation that Big Shot is unlikely to remember the next morning. Big Shot compares himself to a car without breaks and passes out. The Sun rises over Ill Gotten Manse. The Manager of the Small Cafe arrives to assist the Stepmother but she is nowhere in the house. She calls Jung's Father but is not surprised when he doesn't pick up. Then she calls and notifies Gil. Big Shot works in his office, looking very chipper with a man who in real life would have a Katzenjammer the size of Alaska. Despite looking chipper, Jung enters and apprises him of the fact that he reeks of alcohol. Big Shot receives a call. He speaks into the phone: A contract? He asks Jung to leave because he has work to do. In the real estate office, Jung's Father is about to sweet talk the Stepmother into applying her seal to the sales ccontract. Jung's Father receives a call from Big Shot and steps out of the real estate office to take it. then the Realtor heeds Nature's Call and heads for the Men's Room, leaving the Stepmother alone. The Stepmother reviews the Property Register and a memory speaks.
  3. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 67 Jung's Father walks in on the Stepmother as she remembers signing the documents. At first she gives him a blank look. Then her face turns serious and she gives him the Hairy Eyebrow. As the Aunt walks in on them, Jung's Father is asking the Stepmother what she remembers signing but she has lost the memory. He and the Aunt bicker. The Manager of the Small Cafe asks Gil about the missing photo album. Gil doesn't remember the photo albums. Then the Aunt storms in and begins berating the Manager for no apparent reason. When the Aunt storms out, the Manager remarks to Gil that she wonders whose side the Aunt is really on. Gil says the only thing she is certain of is that the Aunt is on her brother's side. The Aunt recalls Jung's father's statement that she'd better team up with him because if the Stepmother never regains her memory, the Aunt will be penniless. He told her that if she cooperates with him, he will give her the Stepmother's old house. The Aunt is not sure how to respond to his ultimatum. Jung sits contemplating the charm Hong dropped. Her contemplation is interrupted by the arrival of Madame Goo. They reaffirm their alliance to "help" Hong. Big Shot arrives and Madame Goo gives him a Look before leaving. As Jung and Big shot head out for dinner they each receive phone calls from their Mothers demanding that they come home Right this Minute. Then Jung and Big Shot invite each other's mothers to dinner. As Jung's Mother is about to leave her shop for dinner, Big shot;s Mother arrives and she learns that they will all be having dinner together. Big Shot's Mother makes a crack about Jung's Mother's expensive clothing and the financial origins thereof. Jung's Mother is like, What about the sable coat YOU want? Then she notes that Big Shot transferred his affections from Gil to Jung when their financial fortunes changed. The two women are cursing and pulling each other;s hair as Jung and Big Shot arrive. Jung and Big Shot separate their angry mothers. In her bedroom, Jung listens to her Mother's complaints. When Jung learns that Big Shot's Mother is accusing her family of financial chicanery, she becomes concerned. Then Jung's Mother hands her the two page list of gifts her future Mother In Law is demanding. Jung heads off to talk with her Father, leaving her Mother sputtering. Big Shot and his Mother arrive home and angrily berate each other. She begs him to cancel his marriage to Jung before it is too late. He's like, "Put some ice on it" and leaves the house. Gigolo calls Big Shot's Mother and invites her to dinner. On the sidewalk, big Shot catches up with Jung. She is glad to hear that he is still resolved to marry her. Hong returns to the store where his Father was stricken. He asks to meet the owner. The Manager immediately recognizes him "after all these years." She repeats Madame Goo's claim that the Stepmother was a vicious loan shark who helped drive his father to an untimely death. Hong walks down the darkened street, confused and discouraged. Gigolo and Big Shot's Mother walk through a supermarket and gorge on free food samples. Jung's Mother stands in a store and walks Gigolo and Big Shot's Mother pass by on the sidewalk. In her Beauty Shop,, Jung's Mother sits down to a solitary dinner of chicken and soju. The Manager urgently pulls Gil aside and tells her that the Stepmother seems to be regaining her memory, but thus far only in fleeting flashbacks. They agree to keep pen and paper handy so that they can record anything the Stepmother may say that could be significant. Jung enters Ill Gotten Manse and loudly summons her father. She walks in on the Stepmother and the two women lock eyes. Jung's Father enters and Jung stomps out of the room. Alarmed, Jung tells her Father that she is afraid that the Stepmother's memory is back because she appears to recognize her. He tells her not to worry. He pulls out his cell phone and shows Jung surveillance video of the Stepmother. Obviously, he has equipped the house with a Spy Cam. Jung's Sister approaches and, unseen, overhears her Father telling Jung what a genius he is. As Jung's Father is bragging about throwing the Stepmother's photo albums out, Jung's Sister makes her entrance. Jung and her father pretend they were talking about her wedding. He leaves and Jung's Sister makes clear that she noticed that Jung and her Father stopped talking as soon as she entered. Jung is like, Whatever, and flounces off. When Gil's Brother arrives home, Jung;s sister alerts him to the existence of the surveillance camera. Just as she is telling him that her Father destroyed the photo albums, the Aunt storms in and makes a scene. All of the other members of the unhappy household arrive and a shouting match ensues. The Aunt demands that Jung's Sister move out and Jung's Father demands that Gil's Brother move out. The Stepmother walks in and orders them to stop fighting. The Stepmother collapses and the Aunt, Gil and her Brother run to her aid. Jung's Father stands around looking like a jerk. Jung flashes him a Look. Hong sits on the bed and is conspicuously quiet. His two roommates wonder what's up with him. Hong asks Gigolo what happened at his parent;s store and Gigolo tells him that not only does he not know but Madame Goo doesn't have the slightest idea either. Hong begins to smell a rat. At Ill Gotten Manse, Gil and her Brother enter the Stepmother's room as a doctor and nurse leave. The Aunt and Jung's Father continue their argument about whether Gil's Brother or Jung's Sister should move out of the house. There is a loud pounding on the door and Jung;s Mother, now quite drunk, lurches into the house assisted by a cab driver. She collapses to the floor as the cab driver leaves. The Stepmother enters the room and Jung's Mother seizes her in an inebriated embrace. The Stepmother is like, WTF? Jung's Mother rants vaguely about "accepting my punishment" and then passes out. The Stepmother takes her hand. Morning. Jung's Father looks in on the Stepmother and his wife, who are asleep in the same bed, and is disgusted. In the front yard, Gil's Brother tells the Aunt and Gil that he knows where the moving company is storing the Stepmother's possessions. As he tells them about the Spy Cam, Jung arrives and overhears. Jung fixes the three with a malevolent look and is like, What do you think you're doing?
  4. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 66 The front door opens. Jung's Father is surprised when Jung's Sister enters T with her suitcase. She smiles. He doesn't. The Aunt, Gil and her Brother aren't very welcoming either. Jung enters the living room and drags her Sister upstairs. The Aunt demands that Jung's Father remove Jung's Sister from the house. He's like, Give me time to think. Jung drags her Sister into a bedroom and demands that she move back so their Mother won't be lonely. Jung's Sister sugests that she go live with their Mother if she is so concerned. Jung says that she needs to stay there to "guard Dad." From the hallway, the Aunt can be heard attempting to tear the door to the bedroom down while the two sisters bicker. "Gil arrives. Since it's her bedroom, she has the key. Gil enters and asks what the two women are doing in her bedroom. Jung and her sister ignore her and continue to bicker. Gil looks on in disbelief. Jung's Father calls his two daughters out of the room for a conference. Jung's Mother walks into her daughters' bedroom and looks wistfully at their empty beds. Big Shot walks in on his Mother, who is compiling a lengthy list of gifts she wants from Jung's family. He's frustrated that she has also been infected by the Greed Bug. Gil, Jung and her Sister attempt to sleep in the same bed. The attempt is no more successful than you would expect. The Stepmother is in the kitchen taking some medicine and drops a pill on the floor. Jung enters and imperiously picks the pill up and hands it to the Stepmother, who pops it into her mouth. Jung begins to ask her a series of questions. The Stepmother says that Jung;s Father is her husband but Gil is a "pretty lady who lives with us." As Gil enters the kitchen, Jung is badgering the Stepmother, asking whether she thinks Jung is pretty to. Then she tells the Stepmother that she is only pretending to be ill Jung tells her that she must be scared because she "gave Dad that building and there is nothing you can do to put him behind bars." The Stepmother throws a cup of coffee in Jung;s face as Gil makes her presence known. Gil restrains the Stepmother from refilling her cup and dousing Jung with a second cup of coffee. Jung threatens to expose the Stepmother's fakery and storms out of the kitchen. The Stepmother asks Gil, Do you want to wash your face too? Gil narrowly avoids getting her own face full of coffee. The unhappy blended family sits down to bowls of instant ramen. Jung's Father complains that the fare is not up to the standards to which he would like to become accustomed. The Aunt demands more money for living expenses. Jung's Father complains that the Stepmother's medical care is costing "him" a fortune and Gil reminds him that he is spending "Her" money. Then they all begin trading accusations and insults. Jung attempts to reprimand the Aunt for disrespecting her husband. When she turns to her Sister for support, her Sister recites a litany of basic household expenses her Father is neglecting. Gil's Brother smiles to himself. Jung's Father storms into his bedroom and shuts the door. He wonders what's up with Jung's Sister. His phone rings. It's Realtor Jang. He has a buyer for one of the properties but his offer is exceptionally low. Jung's Father is like, I can't talk now -- I'm coming to see you. Just as he begins to head out the door, Jung's Sister tells him she's going with him. Suddenly he wants to go wo the department store with her instead. Big Shot enters his office and encounters Hong looking around. Hong drops some legl work on Big Shot's Desk. Undeterred, Big Shot is like, Did you find what you're looking for? the two men square off. Hong tells Big Shot that now that he is marrying Jung, he has definitely "passed the point of no return." Hong refers to a "secret that only you and" the Stepmother know. Hong leaves the office as Big Shot wonders what he was talking about. Then he wonders if Hong knows about the Foundation. In the laundry room, Gil reprimands Hong for dealing with Big Shot by himself since "He is slyer than you are." Hong understandably takes offense. Gil tells Hong that she thinks that the Stepmother stored the incorporation papers for the Foundation at the orphanage. since she is busy, Hong volunteers to go alone. The Stepmother and the Manager of the Small Cafe cheerfully leave a public bath. The Manager remarks that the Stepmother seems to alternate between regaining her memory and losing it again. She wants to do something with the Stepmother before she loses it again. Big Shot's Mother sits with Gigolo at the Small Cafe. They are interrupted by Jung's Mother who hands her a piece of paper with the date for the wedding. Big Shot's Mother is surprised that the date is so soon. Then Big Shot's Mother hands her a list of her wedding gift demands: two pages of items, including a sable coat for the "Mother In Law." She's like, Since this wedding is about money, give me some. They bicker. Jung's Father and Sister are in the Pawn Shop. The Stepmother looks on warily as Jung's Sister admires a high end handbag. Just as the Aunt walks in, Jung's Father orders the Assistant to take his daughter into the storeroom and show her the other handbags. The Aunt has figured out his "Agenda:" The Beauty Center goes to Jung and the Pawn Shop goes to Jung's Sister. Then the Aunt demands the Pawn Shop for herself. Jung's Father is like, We'll talk. In the Stepmother's office, Jung's Father tells the Aunt that if she had evidence strong enough to demand the Pawn Shop he would already be in jail. Since he is not in jail, he can therefore gie the Pawn Shop to his daughter, No worries. Gil and Hong are at the orphanage. The Nun has been unable to find any papers left by the Stepmother. Before they leave the orphanage, Hong plays a game of soccer with an orphan. We learn that the Stepmother as a baby was found by the Nuns under a tree at the orphanage and grew up in the orphanage. We also learn that in her 20's the Stepmother volunteered at the orphanage and for a while showed up with a foundling who was "later adopted by a good family." [Yo! @Loretto ] Hong and Gil drink coffee in a cafe. Gil reflects on the difficult life the Stepmother has lived. Gil notes that but for the Stepmother's generosity, her life would have been as difficult as the Stepmother's. The Stepmother is in her bedroom with the Manager. The Manager can't find the Stepmother's photo albums. She speculates that Jung's Father has gotten rid of anything that could help the Stepmother regain her memory. With the Manage's help, the Stepmother practices writing her name. Hong walks into the Beauty Center ad withdraws his phone from his pocket to take a call. as he does so, the charm he picked up in the alley in episode One drops out of his pocket and he doesn't notice. As he hurries into Madame Goo's office, Jung happens by and picks up the charm. Madame Goo tells Hong that she now remembers the Stepmother as one of the most ruthless loan sharks who drove his Father to his death.. Hong is like, No way! She's like, You could look it up . . .She tells him to forget about Gil and focus on his work. Hong puts his hand in his pocket and discovers that the charm is missing. In the hallway, Hong searches the floor for the charm but cannot find it. Jung appears and mockingly asks if he is looking for something. He runs out the door. She is like, WTF? Then she examines the charm and ponders its importance. She notes that the charm has the initials EJ (Gil's.) In her bedroom, the Stepmother practices writing her name. Suddenly she remembers sitting in her office signing a stack of documents. Jung's Father walks in on the Stepmother as she remembers signing the documents. At first she gives him a blank look. Then her face turns serious and she gives him the Hairy Eyebrow.
  5. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 65 As they sit waiting for the clerk, the Stepmother seems out of it. Then she looks sharply at Jung;s Father as she recovers her memory of how he told her that she was ignorant and uncouth and that he only married her for her money. Suddenly the Stepmother has a headache and can't continue. Jung's Father pockets five property transfer documents and carries her out of the Center, piggyback style. Gil and Hong search for the Stepmother on the street, calling the her name name. Then they encounter Jung's Father and the Stepmother. He is in a rush to take her home. At the house, the Stepmother seems out of it. Jung's Father immediately leaves, claiming that he needs to run several errands. Then Hong says he also has an errand to run related to recovering from his panic disorder. Gil and the Stepmother persuade him to let them go with him. In her bedroom, Jung's Mother watches the shopping channel. She remembers her argument with Big Shot's Mother and is angry. Jung's Mother answers a knock on the door. It is the Rice Cake Lady. She tells her about a "rumor" that her ex-husband married the Stepmother. At first Jung's Mother attempts to make light of it, but then is disturbed that her ex-husband's shady dealings have become common knowledge. Jung's Mother learns that Big Shot's Mother spilled the beans and immediately wants to go to the Small Cafe to confront her. Jung's Father meets with the Aunt in the Stepmother's office. He tells her not to trust Mr. Oh, claiming that he was blackmailing the Stepmother. He tells her to put Mr. Oh in touch with him if he contacts her again. Jung's Father congratulates himself on getting the Aunt to confirm that Mr. Oh is the source of her information on his misdeeds. Jung's Mother storms into the Small Cafe fut encounters Gigolo rather than Big Shot's Mother. He proceeds to charm her. Jung's Father swaggers into Big Shot's office. He tells him about Mr. Oh and waves about documents for the five properties he wants to sell. Big Shot warns him to cool his jets on the sale of the properties. Jung's Father scoffs. As Jung opens the door to Big Shot's office, Big Shot is demanding that some of the properties be transferred to his name. Clueless, Jung's Father is like, You have Jung, that should be enough. Big Shot doesn't see it that way. Jung quietly closes the door. In the hallway, Jung watches her Father depart. When Big Shot emerges from his office, she lights into him. She confronts him with the audience: You're planning to take the buildings and leave me behind, plus find a way to blame it all on my Father. As he tries to shut her up, his Mother arrives on the scene. She berates Jung for being a conniving dog's mother. Jung snorts. Her Father arrives on the scene and joins the fray. Assistant Manager Gong arrives and tells them that since the lunch break is over, their argument is also over. Jung looks at Big Shot and asks "What should we do?" He answers her by storming back into his office. Ms. Gong lifts her eyebrows to the heavens. Jung's Father and Big Shot's Mother enter the Small Cafe and she and Jung's Mother begin to argue. Tlhen Gigolo enters the fray and he and Jung's Father glare at each other. Jung follows Biog Shot into his office and rips him a few new ones. She tells him that he, she and her father are all in the same stolen boat, like it or not. He responds by asking her to marry him. She's like, WTF? She stands in his office, flabbergasted, while he goes to the Small Cafe to break the news to her Father. Big Shot and Jung walk into the Small Cafe, and into the four-sided argument. Just as his Mother announces that she will never approve of their marriage, Big Shot announces their marriage. The four combatants seem united in a speachless, Oh Guano! response. The Aunt finds Gil's Brother and repeats the BS Jung's father told her about Mr. Oh. Gil's Brother assures her that his BS was BS. In an automobile, Hong, Gil and the Stepmother pull up in front of a store. The Stepmother walks into the store and falls. Hong runs to assist her. Before he can reach her, he has another flashback about the crowd scene that occurred when his Father died. Then he recovers. Then the Stepmother remembers "this place" because she was part of the crowd scene. The Stepmother sleeps in the car while Hong and Gil stand by a river and talk. He explains that his Father died in the store they were just at and thereafter his Mother was bullied by loan sharks who showed up at the store on a daily basis Gil tells him that he is making progress in confronting the origins of his disorder. they exchange terms of endearment. He tells her that he thinks that his past and the Stepmother's past must have intersected at the location. At the Ill Gotten Manse, Jung's Sister talks with Gil's Brother. When he leaves to run an errand, she goes into the house to search for her Father. Jung's Father is on the phone making arrangements to sell the five properties. He claims that the Stepmother is fully agreeable to the sale. Jung's Sister overhears him and is exasperated. Jung's Sister rushes out of the house and encounters Gil's Brother as he returns to the house. She gives him an excuse for her hasty departure. But before she leaves, she asks about the Stepmother's condition and learns that she is making progress but not fully recovered. Now fully aware that her Father is a swindler, she Gets Going. Hong talks with Madame Goo about his visit to the store. He asks her whether she knew the Stepmother in the past. Madame Goo tells him that she lived in a different province when his Father died. Jung's Mother sits in her house and aigoos. Jung's Sister drags in and they talk. She learns that Jung is getting married. The Mother opines that Jung "doesn't look happy" and Big Shot "looks like he's being sold." Jung's Sister retires to her bedroom. Jung's Sister sits on her bed and recalls her Father's larcenous words. She deduces that his plan is to sell the buildings before the Stepmother fully recovers her faculties. She resolves to put a stop to the wrongdoing and begins packing her suitcase. Jung's Mother walks in on her Sister and is disturbed to learn that she plans to move in with her Father. When Big Shot returns home, his Mother asks if he really intends to sell himself for money. He responds with some bafflegab. Gil enters the Stepmother's bedroom. When she asks her what she remembers about the store, the Stepmother gets a headache. Then the Stepmother starts talking about her "baby being sick" and "needing surgery." [NOTE: @Loretto If you are still around, it looks like the writer may ba bout to confirm your theory that Gil is the Stepmother's natural daughter.]They are interrupted by the entrance of Jung. Jung gives them a nasty look and leaves. Gil begins to question the Stepmother again about her baby but the Stepmother wants to sleep. The Aunt returns home and finds Jung lurking in the living room. Jung greets her rudely and departs. Gil calls Hong and tells him she has a plan for finding the Stepmother's Will and the incorporation documents for the foundation she wanted to establish. The doorbell rings. Jung's Father is surprised when Jung's Sister arrives with her suitcase. She smiles. He doesn't.
  6. @Pam_Van Fossen I used to laugh at stories of Halmonies accosting actresses who play nasty roles in K-Dramas but I think if I say Han Hye Rin (Jung)min a supermarket I wouldn't be able to restrain myself from slapping the dragon fruit out of her hand.
  7. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 64 In his bedroom, Jung's Father is concerned that the Stepmother is making progress and may recover her memory. He reaches for his phone and calls the longterm care facility and orders them to send an ambulance and "several strong guys." In the living room, the Aunt, Gil and her Brother are happily feeding the Stepmother. In his bedroom, Jung's Father paces nervously while awaiting the arrival of the ambulance crew. In the living room, the Stepmother remembers when the Aunt and her fellow private high school students made fun of her while she collected recyclables to survive. The memory angers her. Then she begins stroking Gil's face and brightens. Gil's Brother says that even painful memories are good because they stimulate the Stepmother's brain and promote her full recovery. Jung's Father steps into the living room and makes a show about stepping outside for fresh air. While Gil's Brother and the Aunt are out of the room, two burly men enter the living room to seize the Stepmother and are confronted by Gil. Gil's Brother enters the room and he and Gil struggle with the ambulance men while Jung's Father keeps ordering them to take the Stepmother away. The Aunt enters and attacks Jung's Father, pulling his hair. The Stepmother attempts to hide under a coffee tale. Jung has packed her things and is being driven to her Father's ill gotten mansion by Big Shot. He advises her not to cause trouble. She does not take the advice well. They pull up to the house just as the police arrive. Standing outside the house, Jung is like, WTF? Big Shot deduces that nothing good for him is happening. The Police stand in the living room trying to make sense of the situatoin. Jung runs in and attempts to pull the Aunt off her Father. Big Shot attempts to assert authority as "Ms. Kim's lawyer," orders that the Stepmother not be moved. In his bedroom, Jung's Father confers with Big Shot. There is a falling out between thieves. Jung's Father is angry that Big Shot disrupted his plan to warehouse the Stepmother. Big Shot is angry that Jung's Father's greed once again caused him to act thoughtlessly. As they talk Gil's Brother, out in the hallway, begins removing the doorknob and lock to the room with a hammer. Big Shot opens the door and Gil's Brother and the Aunt enter the bedroom. Jung;s Father pretends to apologize for "acting thoughtlessly" but claims that he was acting in the bests interests of the Stepmother. The Aunt calls BS on his performance. The Aunt accuses Jung's Father of attempting to secrete the Stepmother so he can continue looting her assets. With wounded innocence, Jung's Father falsely maintains that the Stepmother gave him the building he sold as a wedding gift. Big Shot looks like he would like to throttle Jung's Father before he gets them both into more trouble. On the principle that once you've dug a hole for yourself it's best to keep digging, Jung's Father adds a richard simmons and bull story about how the aborted sale of the shop near the police station was a simple misunderstanding. While Big Shot is deducing that the Aunt learned of the illicit property transfers from "Mr. Oh," Gil's Brother tells Jung's Father that he, Gil and the aunt will care for the Stepmother from now on. Jung's Father is happy that the subject has been changed from his illicit property transfers. As the Stepmother cowers in her bed, Jung is informing Gil that she is joining their unhappy household. They bicker. Jung dares Gil to prove that her Father is a criminal. "You protect Ms. Kim. I'll protect my Father." Then Jung Brazenly asserts that she is the Stepmother's lawful Stepdaughter "and you are nothing." The Stepmother gets out of her bed and begins pulling Jung's hair while Gil attempts to separate the two. Freed, Jung regards the two women haughtily and Won't Let It Slide. Jung gives them a demonic look and struts out of the room. Gil calms the Stepmother and tries to persuade her to let her deal with Jung. Asleep, Hong has a nightmare about ambulance attendants taking his stricken father away while he watches in terror. Later in his dream, he watches crowd riot outside his Father's hospital room demanding their money back. Assistant Lee awakens him from his bad dream. Hong receives a phone call from lawyer Noh. In her bedroom, the Aunt learns that Jung will be bunking with her for at least one night. The two fight over possession of the bed. Gil and the Stepmother are asleep in the same bed. In her sleep, the Stepmother speaks Gil's name. Gil is encouraged. The Sun rises over Ill Gotten Manse. Gil enters her bedroom and discovers Jung examining her jewelry. They bicker. Jung tells her to move out with the Stepmother or she'll be kicked out. Jung flounces from the room and Gil is flabbergasted. The Stepmother is sitting in her wheelchair when the Manager of the Small Cafe arrives. Jung's Father announces self-importantly that the Manager has been hired to take care of the Stepmother. The Aunt regards the Manager warily. the Manager smiles pleasantly. The Manager explains that she is a licensed caregiver with a degree in rehabilitation therapy. Jung's Father, who thought he was hiring a mere custodian, is shocked and not altogether pleased to learn of her qualifications. The Aunt wonders why Jung's Father is pretending to be so pleasant and agreeable all of a sudden. Jung's Father recalls a conversation with Big Shot in which they hatched a scheme to sell off the Stepmother's properties before she fully regains consciousness. The scheme calls for Jung's Father to spirit thee Stepmother away to the Community Center while no one else is around and have her stamp her seal on some forged paperwork. Big Shot's Mother arrives for work in the Beauty Salon and learns that Jung has moved into Ill Gotten Manse. When she remarks on Jung's greed, Jung's Mother defends her. Big Shot's Mother informs her that she seems to have contracted a case of the Greeds herself. Jung's Mother says that she is just jealous of her. They bicker. Big Shot's Mother tells her to "take this job and shove it" and storms out of the shop. At the Beauty Center Jung and Hong confer. He relays information from Lawyer Noh: In addition to a will, the Stepmother prepared a document giving most of her assets to a charitable foundation she was forming. Gil finally realizes that Big Shot is eyeball-deep in Jung's Father's scheme to steal the Stepmother's assets. They resolve to attempt to find the missing notarized documents. Hong cautions her that they can't let Big Shot know that they are aware of the documents. They plan to search Big Shot's office at the first opportunity. Big Shot's Mother enters the Small Cafe, where Gigolo is singing a romantic ballad. Now that she is jobless, he hires her to work in the Small Cafe. In her office, Madame Goo gives Gil some documents to take to Big Shot. Then she asks about Gil's love life. Before she is required to answer, Jung enters and gives both women a nasty look. Gil departs, leaving the two harpies alone. In his office, Big Shot worries about "Mr. Oh" and how Gil's Brother came to know of him. He thinks that perhaps the Stepmother's Assistant can provide some answers. Warily, Gil enters Big Shot's office with the papers from Madame Goo. Back in her office, Madame Goo listens in disbelief as Jung informs her that she will "help" her keep Gil away from Hong. She is also shocked to learn that Jung knows about Hong's true identity. Madame Goo stares, mouth agape, as Jung issues her ultimatum. Back at Ill Gotten Manse, Jung's Father pretends to help the Manager provide therapy to the Stepmother. Jung's Father has found his chance. In her wheelchair, the Stepmother is being pushed down the sidewalk on the way to the Community Center under the guise of giving her some fresh air. he surveys his surroundings to assure that he is being neither noticed nor followed. They reach the Community Center but before he caan wheel her inside, the Manager appears. Back at the house again, Jung's Father is once again putting on his attentive husband act to gain the Manager's confidence. The Stepmother is making progress in learning how to get around with a walker. In the front yard, the Stepmother is learning to walk with a cane. Again, Jung's Father makes a show of helping. Gil views this as she arrives home and wonders what Jung's Father is up to. The Manager has business at the orphanage. Jung's Father tells her that he will take the Stepmother for some air in the park. After the Manager calls Gil, Gil and Hong run to the park and, of course, neither the Stepmother nor Jung's Father are anywhere to be found. In the Community Center, Jung's Father smirks while a clerk prepares the documents to be affirmed by the Stepmother. As they sit waiting for the clerk, the Stepmother seems out of it. Then she looks sharply at Jung;s ather as she recovers her memory of how he told her that she was ignorant and uyncouth and that he only married her for her money.
  8. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 63 Jung resentfully observes Hong and Gil running out of the Beauty Center. Assistant Manager Gong takes several boxes of cosmetics into Madame Goo's office as Jung also is entering the office. She hears Madame Goo mention Hong's name and maliciously observes that she saw him running out of the building with Gil. With more malice, she notes that they appear to be involved in a romantic relationship. Madame Goo is shocked but recovers and tells Jung to mind her own business. Jung pretends to be interested in Hong, Madame Goo observes that Jung appeared to be interested in "someone else" (Big Shot). They have a catty exchange and Jung flounces out of the room. Alone in her office, Madame Goo muses on Hong's apparently complicated romantic life. She unsuccessfully attempts to reach Hong on the phone. Big Shot catches the Aunt eavesdropping on Jung's Father and the Stepmother through her bedroom door. At first startled, she brazenly returns to eavesdropping. Big Shot knocks on the bedroom door and enters, leaving the Aunt frustrated on the outside. Dishes and food are scattered throughout the room. The Stepmother is asleep. Big shot confers with Jung's Father. Jung's Father says that they need to immediately transfer the Stepmother to a longterm care facility but Big Shot warns against it, telling him that the Aunt has proof of his fraudulent property transfers. Big Shot suggests that Jung's Father strike a deal with the Aunt. Jung's Mother watches a home shopping network and is about to make the latest of many purchases using her newfound and ill gotten wealth. She starts to take a nap but then is startled by the realization that her neighbors are judging her. In the Beauty Salon, Big Shot's Mother surveys a large pile of newly ordered and delivered goods and is appalled. Jung's Mother rushes downstairs and is excited that they have arrived. She brags that new appliances will be delivered soon. Hong and Gil arrive in Lawyer Noh's office but are told that he is in the United States on a long visit. The Stepmother awakens and asks Jung's Father for carp bread. She is clearly disoriented. He pulls out her seal and coaches her on how to use it -- when he tells her to use it. Back in Noh's office, an associate tells Hong and Gil that the Stepmother prepared a will before Noh left for the United States and sent the only copy back to the Stepmother. Hong and Gil drink coffee in a cafe and ponder the whereabouts of the Stepmother's will. The Stepmother is alone in her bedroom with the Manager of the Small Cafe. When the Aunt joins them she is hocked and hurt when the Stepmother curses her out. The Stepmother's memories seem to be stuck in the period before Mr. Gil's death. Jung's Father enters the room and orders the Manager and Aunt to leave. In the kitchen, the Manager of the Small Cafe notes that the Stepmother was happy during the early stages of her relationship with Jung;s Father, despite his fake motives. She tells the Aunt that her arrival ushered in a period of unhappiness. The Aunt is like, Well I never . . . Jung's Father eavesdrops on their argument. Whenthe Aunt refers to Jung's father's misconduct, the Manager defends him and exits in a huff. Jung's Father proposes to hire the Manager of the Small Cafe as the Stepmother's caretaker and the Stepmother is agreeable. Jung enters Big Shot's office and demands an explanation of their problems now that the Stepmother has regained consciousness. He gives it. She asks if he has any regrets about their current situation. When he demurs, she notes that "It's not like I can choose a different father" Big Shot sits alone in his bedroom and cogitates. He's like, the die is cast . . . Hong and Gil confer with the Manager of the Small Cafe. Madame Goo enters and orders Hong to come to her office for a Talk. Hong and Madame Goo argue bitterly. He tells her that he is making progress with his panic illness and she can butt out of his love life. Then he storms out of her office. In a library, Gil's Brother consults texts relating to his Stepmother's condition. He encounters Jung's Sister on his way home and she offers to help him, saying that she needs to redeem her family. He thanks her and agrees to call on her iwhen she can be helpful. In Assistant Lee's apartment, Big Shot's Mother cooks a meal for the boys. The doorbell rings and it is Madame Goo with a bottle of wine. they tell her that she can stay and eath but by no means can she consume the wine. Jung talks with her Mother while she packs her things. She is moving in with her Father to help preserve their ill gotten wealth. Her Sister enters and they bicker. Jung's Mother and Sister express their disgust as Jung heads out the door. Jung admits that she is "going where the money is." In the living room, the Aunt, Gil and her Brother are happily feeding the Stepmother. In his bedroom, Jung's Father is concerned that the Stepmother is making progress and may recover her memory. He reaches for his phone and calls the longterm care facility and orders them to send an ambulance and "several strong men."
  9. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 62 The Stepmother is in a wheelchair and Jung's Father is sneaking her out of the hospital. He sees Gil's Brother at the front desk and picks up speed. Gil's Brother receives a call from Jung's Sister apprising him that the Stepmother has been removed to an extended care facility and that Big Shot is involved in the transfer. Hong visits Gil in her hospital room. The Aunt rushes in to tell them that the Stepmother is missing from her hospital room. Jung's Father waits impatiently in the lobby of the hospital. Gil and Hong arrive and a heated argument with Jung's Father ensues. Big Shot arrives as Gil holds the Stepmother, halting Jung's Father's attempts to move her. Gil's Brother accurately observes that Big Shot is a lying snake. As Big Shot attempts to wheel the Stepmother out of the lobby, he physically prevents the Stepmother from being moved. When Big Shot gives the Stepmother's wheelchair a strong push, Hong regains his bearings and knocks Big Shot to the floor. Big Shot struggles to his feet and insists that he and Jung's Father have legal authority to move the Stepmother. The Aunt accuses them of stealing from the Stepmother and they insist that she has no proof. Wrong: She has evidence that they have misused the Stepmother's seal. Amidst all of the chaos, the Stepmother speaks for the first time since she regained consciousness: She wants to go home. As the family leaves the hospital with the Stepmother, Big Shot and Jung's Father hang back and plot. Big Shot orders Jung's Father to stay with the Stepmother at all times. Jung's Father leaves and Hong approaches Big Shot. He observes that Big Shot has thrown away his conscience and retrieving it will take longer than he can imagine. Jung;s Sister talks with Gil's Brother. He tells her that Big Shot and her Father have looted the Stepmother's assets and he can prove it. She doesn't want to believe it. Big Shot's Mother confronts Jung;s Mother with her illicit ownership of the Beauty Salon. Jung arrives and claims the right to whatever her Father can steal from the Stepmother. Then she gives Big Shot's mother an expensive necklace purchased with stolen money. Jung's Mother cations her not to be so brazen. Jung's Sister walks in on them and asks point blank whether their father is stealing from the Stepmother. Jung asserts that their Father is too stupid to pull off such a scheme. The Stepmother doesn't recognize her bedroom because it is in the old house. She has problems expressing herself but asks them to stop fighting. Gil's Brother notes that she will require continuous psychological therapy if she is to recover. Big Shot confronts the Aunt privately. He challenges her about the existence of the "certificate of seal by proxy" for a building. The Aunt tells him that there was not just one but two. Big Shot is thrown for a loop, because he is unaware that Jung's Father sold more than one building. Gigolo is cooking dinner for his two housemates when his daughter pounds on the apartment door and storms in. Assistant Lee walks out of his bedroom in his undies and panics when he encounters Madame Goo. Hong flashes back again to the unpleasant family memory. He now knows that his panic disorder stems from the event. On the phone, Jung's Father is lying his richardsimmons off to Big Shot, denying that he sold a second building. Gil brings food to the Stepmother's room. Jung's Father opens the door, grabs the food, and locks the door. An Ajuma arrives and says that she is there to work as a caretaker. When the Aunt tries to send her away, Jung's Father insists that she stay. The caretaker attempts to feed the Stepmother but she refuses to eat and knocks the dishes to the floor. Jung's Father physically restrains her and they struggle. The Aunt, Gil and her Brother hear the signs of struggle through the door and view it as a sign that the Stepmother is recovering her faculties. At the Beauty Center, Jung needles Gil about Hong again. Gil ignores her. Gil receives a call from Hong and Jung leaves. In the Small Cafe, Hong and Gil remember the name of the lawyer the Stepmother used to work with. As they leave the cafe on the run for his office, Jung observes them warily. In her bedroom, the Stepmother is refusing to be fed by Jung's Father. He slyly coaches her to refer to him as her husband and she appears to go along with it. But then she starts throwing food at him.
  10. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 61 Gil hallucinates seeing the Stepmother in her office. As Gil holds an envelope containing the $20K in proceeds from the sale of her stuff, Jung's Father arrives, grabs the money from her hand, and claims she owes him the money as a commission for selling the goods in "his" shop. The Gangnam restaurant owner agrees to allow Gil to work off the $20K. Gil joins the Stepmother in her hospital room and weeps by her bedside. Gil hallucinates running after the Stepmother in an open field. The Stepmother grabs Gil's hand and opens her eyes. A doctor rushes into the room. He says that although the Stepmother has regained consciousness, it will take time for her to regain full functionality. The Aunt is out of jail and arguing bitterly with Jung's Father. She notes his criminality and he demands, "Prove it. Gil's Brother rushes in with the news that the Stepmother has regained consciousness. He and the Aunt head for the hospital while Jung's father, frozen in place, has a panic attack. First Jung's Father grabs a suitcase and considers making a run for it. Then he phones Big Shot. Big Shot panics and says he will head for the hospital. Then he tells Jung's Father that he'd better head for the hospital and do the devoted spouse thing. Back in the hospital, the Stepmother is unable to speak but can blink in response to Gil's questions. As Gil, her Brother and the Aunt stand by the Stepmother's bed, Jung's Father barrels in and begins acting like a jubilant, devoted spouse. Gil, her Brother and the Aunt aren't having it. Big Shot arrives at the hospital and encounters Jung's Father sitting in the corridor. He orders him to get back to the Stepmother's room and resume his devoted spouse act, regardless of the family'disdain. Big Shot opines that he has done nothing illegal and that the worst that can happen is that the Stepmother will divorce him. They plot to move her to a long term care hospital. The Aunt discovers that she has to work off some of the $20K in the Gangnam restaurant and storms out of the hospital room. Jung's Father hallucinates that the Stepmother has recovered and is choking him to death. Then he awakens and discovers that he has fallen asleep next to Gil's Brother in the hospital room, and that Gil's Brother is choking him in his sleep. Jung's Father tells Gil and her Brother that they can leave, he'll take it from here. They're like, Not in your life. The three of them get into a brawl and the doctor rushes in to break it up. Jung's Father requests that the hospital prohibit anyone but him from seeing the Stepmother. Big Shot arrives in time to eavesdrop on this exchange from the hallway. At the Beauty Salon, Jung, her Mother and Sister learn from Big Shot's Mother that the Stepmother has regained consciousness. They do not celebrate. Jung calls Big Shot for an update. He tells her that her Father is not in any trouble yet. Her Sister waalks in and asks, What trouble? Jung asks her, Where do you think he got all of the money he has been spending? Gil arrives late for a meeting with Madame Goo and Jung. Madame Goo notes that Jung's sales figures are poor -- i.e., zero. When Jung coldly asks Gil about the Stepmother's condition, Madame Goo takes note and asks her why she is so interested. Hong tells Gil that she can go to the hospital and he'll take over cosmetics sales for the day. After Gil leaves, Madame Goo approaches him and tells him that he can only hand out samples, he is not "qualified" to sell cosmetics yet. Big Shot is on the phone looking for a place he can warehouse the Stepmother. Jung enters his office and demands thelowdownon Hong. Big Shot reluctantly gives it. Jung begins cogitating on how she can eleminate any threat from Hong to her ambitions. Jung walks in on Gil and begins needling her about Hong. Gil tells her to buzz off. Jung tells her she's lucky but luck has a way of running out on people. Assistant Lee and Gigolo give Hong a box of samples to distribute. Assistant Lee tells Gigolo that he will surveil Hong and intervene if he has any panic attacks. Gil arrives at the Gangnam restaurant to work and is told that Jung's Father requested that she be assigned harsh tasks. She is assigned harsh tasks and sets to. On the street, Hong is experiencing no success in distributing samples and suffers a panic attack. Then he recalls Gil's words of encouragement and rallies. Jung's Father orders that the Stepmother be transferred to a long-term care facility. Despite the fact that the Doctor tells him that she would be better off staying where she is. The Manager of the Small Cafe enters the Stepmother's hospital room as Jung's Father is lifting the Stepmother out of bed and preparing to spirit her away. When she challenges him, he beats a hasty retreat out of the room. In the darkness, Gil is scouring kitchen implements behind the Gangnam restaurant in the cold when Hong approaches. He pitches in to help and tells her about his success in approaching people and distributing cosmetics samples. In her hospital room, the Stepmother sits in a wheelchair while the Aunt talks to her. Gil arrives and promptly collapses with a fever. Her Brother and the Aunt rush Gil to the emergency room. Jung's Father returns to the Stepmother's hospital room where she is sitting alone. He calls Big Shot. Jung's Sister overhears Big Shot talking on the phone about a long-term care facility and adds 2 and 2. The Aunt returns to the Stepmother's hospital room and is alarmed to find it empty. A nurse arrives and the Aunt learns that Jung's Father has checked the Stepmother out of the hospital.
  11. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 60 Gil runs to join her brother in the Stepmother's hospital room. She learns that the Aunt has been arrested for the property daamage she caused at the Gangnam restaurant and that the owner is demanding $20K or the Aunt will be jailed. While they talk, the Stepmother is moving her fingers, unnoticeed. Jung, her Mother and Sister return home. Aigoo! is the word of the day. Jung seethes about stains to her ill gotten finery and threatens to file her own suit. Jung's Mother stomps upstairs in disgust as her Ex-Husband bloviates. Big Shot's Mother arrives and eavesdrops as he discusses the incident at the restaurant with his daughters. When Big Shot's Mother returns home her Son, who has just gotten off the phone with Jung's Father, explains that the Aunt caused $20K of damage to the Gangnam restaurant. She opines that perhaps since Jung and her family were dining high on the Stepmother's dime, they had it coming. She states that she is embarrassed for her Son and Jung's Mother. Gil pleads unsuccessfully with the Restaurant owner to drop his demand for $20K from the Aunt. The Aunt and Gil's Brother argue at the police station. The Aunt begs Jung's Father for money, to no effect. He rants about how he had a right to treat "his family" to the lavish meal. Then he tells her that he will pay the $20K if she gives up her claim to the Beauty Center and agrees to move out of "his" house. At the Beauty Salon, Gil's Brother apologizes to Jung's Mother and asks her to help convince her Ex-Husband to settle with the restaurant. She tells him to leave, there's nothing she can do. Big Shot's Mother arrives in time to witness this exchange. Jung's Mother senses her employee's disapproval. She rants that the dinner and finery were just compensation for the years she put up with her Ex. At the police station, the Aunt attempts unsuccessfully to call Gil and whines about her situation. Jung's Father arrives at the police station and confronts the Aunt. It turns out that he is at the station to respond to the charges filed against him by Gil and her Brother. Jung's Father write out his statement as fake tears flow down his face like a mighty river. The Aunt seizes the paperfrom his hands and his tears immediately stop. She mockingly reads aloud his tale of overspending out of grief for his stricken bride. She physically attacks Jung's Father while a police officer struggles to separate them. Jung's Father calls Gil and says that there is definitely no way he will help the Aunt now. Hong takes some photos of Gil for her makeup sales project. In the Beauty Salon, Jung's Mother and Big Shot's Mother examine the cosmetics she has been assigned to peddle. Jung leaves the room and Big Shot's Mother says that she has "changed a log." Jung's Mother mistakes this statement for a complement. Assistant Lee, Hong, and Gigolo come up with a plan to help Gil sell cosmetics on the street. Gigolo remarks that they are all more creative living together and muses that it would be good for Madame Goo if she joined him. Hong and Lee are immediately like, No way! Gil's Brother sleeps in a chair in the Stepmother's hospital room. Gil joins him and they discuss the Aunt's situation. Gil realizes that she can come up with $20K if she sells her designer clothes and handbags. Gil sets up a display of before and after pictures (taken of her by Hong) on the sidewalk. Sales are slow. Hong places a call to Assistant Lee. Big Shot loads boxes of cosmetics into Jung's car. Jung tells him that she won't put too much effort into selling the cosmetics since the "Beauty Center is mine now anyway." He warns her that she should treat Madame Goo more seriously. Assistant Lee dances on the sidewalk, attracting buyers to Gil's cosmetics stand. From a distance, Madame Goo proudly observes. Gil receives a call from her Brother telling her that the prosecutors are demanding the $20K today. Gil heads for the Pawn Shop. Big Shot tells Jung to keep an eye on Hong at the Beauty Center and let him know what he is up to. She is puzzled but he's like, Trust me on this. In the Stepmother's hospital room, the Manager of the Small Cafe is disgusted by Jung's Father's proposal to move the Stepmother to a four-person room to same money. He heads for the Pawn shop. In the Pawn Shop, Gil is selling off her designer clothes and handbags. Gil walks into the Stepmother's office and hallucinates that the Stepmother is there. As Gil holds an envelope containing the $20K in proceeds from the sale of her stuff, Jung's Father arrives, grabs the money from her hand, and claims she owes him the money as a commission for selling the goods in "his" shop. The Gangnam restaurant owner agrees to allow Gil to work off the $20K. Gil joins the Stepmother in her hospital room and weeps by her bedside. The Stepmother grabs Gil's hand and opens her eyes.
  12. @Pam_Van Fossen From the previews it looked like Prof. Jung was physically "relocating" the Stepmother himself. I suspect that In Jung will follow her mother's lead and surrender to temptation for at least several episodes. Gil's Brother is kind of making it hard for her to do the right thing.
  13. @mjmartinez @xiashenghan Thanks. I don't feel so incompetent. Usually I can find a subtitled version of a Friday episode by Monday but the internet cupboard was bare. I suspect there is an interesting story behind the source/s of these subbed versions. The subbed versions all seem to come from a single source but appear on websites that are here today, gone tomorrow, and back again the next day. Can anyone fill in the blanks? This is a curious corner of the Internet economy, to say the least.
  14. @xiashenghan I laughed when Big Shot went through his "It's really over" bit after Gil told him off. He actually looked like he was surprised. I see that Madame Goo and the Aunt continue to be unpredictable. Kind of like the cartoon where an angel is whispering into one ear and a devil into the other. We're at the midpoint now so I predict that the Stepmother will be wiggling her fingers for at least fifty more episodes -- more if the show is extended.
  15. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 59 Jung's Father is stalking the Aunt as she walks down the street. The Stepmother's Business Associate, who investigated Jung's Fathers shading dealings for her, is sipping coffee in a cafe. Gil's Brother joins him and introduces himself. The Business Associate fills him in on the fraudulent transfers of the Stepmother's property. Stunned, Gil's Bother walks slowly down the sidewalk. He remembers Jung's Father's phony lovey-dovey gestures to the Stepmother. Gil tries to phone her Brother but he isn't picking up. Jung's Sister remembers her Father offering Gil's Brother money for "evidence." She ponders the word "evidence." Jung's Father swaggers into Madame Goo's office and makes himself at home. A warm welcome he does not receive. He begins to complain about Hong's hire as a stockboy. They are interrupted by the abrupt entrance of Gil's Brother. Madame Goo is like, Who you? WTF? Jung's Father claims that the office is half his and asks her to "give them some privacy." Gil's Brother confronts Jung's Father with his dirty real estate deeds. Jung's Father taunts him, daring him to hit him. Hong encounters Madame Goo eavesdropping outside her office. When he learns that Jung's Father and Gil's Brother are in her office, she unsucessfuly tries to stop him from joining them. Jung enters and witnesses the final stage of their argument. Hong walks in as Jung's Father denies any impropriety. Before Hong can call BS on him, Jung's Sister arrives with a document for Madame Goo. She is surprised when she finds the three men in Madame Goo's office, but no Madame Goo. She leaves immediately. Gil's Brother begs Jung's Father to confess his sins to the Stepmother and request forgiveness. When Jung's Father sneers, Hong leads Gil's Brother away. Jung's Sister drags her into an office and demands to know what their Father is up to. Jung tells her to start attending the "family gatherings" so she can figure that out for herself. Gil's Brother fills her in on Jung's Father's real estate thievery. She restrains him from returning to Madame Goo's office and beating the guano out of Jung's Father. Hong suggests that they report Jung's Father to the police department for credit card theft. Then they realize that he may have forged a letter granting him Power of Attorney. Gil decides to file a lawsuit. The Aunt remembers her visit with the realtor who was involved in Jung's Father's abortive attempt to sell the shop near the polie station. He claimed that Jung's Father had simply asked how much the shop was worth. She thinks his denial that Jung's Father entered into any transaction with him sounded too well rehearsed. Big Shot receives a call from the realtor informing him of the Aunt's inquiries. Big Shot tells himself that even though he has covered all of Jung's Father's tracks that he knows of, he still has a bad feeling that some evidence remains exposed. In her bedroom, Jung's Mother models her latest expensive outfits in front of her mirror. Big Shot's Mother calls for her. When she unthinkingly leaves her bedroom to answer, she is embarrassed when Big Shot's Mother sees her ill-gotten duds. Big Shot's Mother returns home and is jealous of Jung's Mother's new finery. Big Shot's Mother sits at a table in the Small Cafe and sighs. Gigolo Goo joins her. He tries to give her a rose but she's after bigger game. Madame Goo enters the Cafe in time to witness Big Shot's Mother plying her Father for more "tangible" gifts. Madame Goo joins them and eggs her on. When Big Shot's Mother leaves, prematurely terminating their date, Madame Goo gives her Father a Meaningful Look. Jung's Sister enters the Stepmother's office for a Talk with her Father. When he invites her to an expensive dinner with her Mother and Sister, she decides to hold her fire. Back at their apartment, Assistant Lee confronts his two roommates over some missing gourmet food. In the darkness, Gil and her Brother approach the police station. In his office, Big Shot is deep in thought. his cogitations are interrupted by a knock on his door, followed by Gil's entrance. She informs him of her complaint against Jung's Father and asks him whether he is involved in his misdeeds, a rhetorical question to be sure. Then she asks when his pursuit of her became dishonest, or was his heart larcenous from the start? He knows he is Busted and looks hurt, but denies nothing. Big Shot relates his conversation with Gil to Jung's Father. Jung's Father is alternately clueless and brazen. It is clear he may be the worst client Big shot ever had. Big Shot sits in his bedroom and remembers Gil's angry indictment. He's like, I guess this means our relationship has truly ended. Jung's Father returns home and angrily confronts Gil and her Brother. He threatens to evict them, then storms out of the house. The Aunt overhears Jung's Father talking on the phone about his big dinner at a Gangnam restaurant. Walking down the street, Big Shot's Mother sees Jung's family, all expensively dressed, piling into a new car for their trip to Gangnam. In the hospital room, one of the Stepmother's hands is moving. At table in Gangnam, the Jungs are not cheerful diners. When the Aunt appears and gives the tablecloth a good yank, sending the dishes flying, the dinner goes further South. Back in the hospital, the Stepmother is moving her hand more vigorously.