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  1. SUNNY AGAIN TOMORROW RECAP, EPISODE 28 Park waits in a tent bar for Hwang, but she doesn’t show up and he can’t reach her by phone. Then he receives a call from Kang. Hwang arrives at the tent bar, but Park is gone. Kang stumbles back to the table from the loo. Lee is still there, but sporting his most implacable fish face. By now Kang has drunk enough that she is looking a bit fish faced herself. They bicker, Lee somewhat more coherently. Kang begins to cry. Lee begins to yell. Park charges in for the rescue. Lee gets up to go but on his way out, Kang tells him he will live to regret it. As Lee reaches the sidewalk, Hwang arrives and asks where Kang is. Lee tells her that Kang’s friend arrived to take her home. They are gone by the time Park and Kang emerge from the restaurant. Park and Kang discuss Lee. Park opines that Lee looks more like a cockroach than a fish. Hwang invites Lee to see a movie with her over the weekend. He tells her he prefers to watch Netflix on his computer alone at home. Lee tells her that he heard her ex-boyfriend is getting married. Lee, Mr. Le Mot Juste. Kang arrives home and gives her Mom a drunken hug. Halmoni is awakened by a wailing sound. It is Hwang’s Mother, weeping in the living room. Hwang’s Father wants her to go to bed before she wakes up Halmoni, but of course her intent is to wake up Halmoni. Halmoni enters the living room. We learn that in addition to being self-pitying, Hwang’s Mother is also drunk. Just the right condition for a confrontation with Halmoni. Then she gets into it with Yoon. Hwang’s Mother insists on throwing a pity party but no one else wants to attend. Hwang arrives home and joins her Mother’s audience. Her Mother, who the night before goaded Hwang into saying she preferred Yoon to her, adds this to her list of grievances. Morning. Hwang’s Brother searches for his cologne and realizes that it is missing. Hwang’s Mother awakens with a headache. We learn that she has no memory of her previous night’s performance. Then she smells her husband’s cologne and rushes to the commode. Hwang’s Father heads for work. Like a 12 year old who has just slathered on the Axe, he thinks he smells phenomenal. Then he sprays on a bit more. Hwang’s Mother encounters Halmoni in the living room and asks why she is Aigooing. Kang’s Mother also has an Aigoo for her daughter as her sore eyes meet the morning light. Kang remembers berating Lee, but thinks that happened in a dream. Then she realizes that it wasn’t a dream. Kang stands outside the door to Lee’s office at the Home Shopping Network Lee arrives and they bicker. Did I mention that he is still affecting a backpack with that business suit? Aigoo! Lee brushes past Kang and enters his office, but not before confessing that he is arrogant and obnoxious as charged. In his office, Park receives a text from Hwang apologizing for her no-show. Kang confesses to Kim that she screwed up the Home Shopping deal. Kim views this as a Teachable Moment. Park Sr. works on a new pair of shoes in his shop. In Yoon’s office, Hwang’s Mother is apologizing for the night before since everyone has told her that she needs to. They enjoy a sisterly moment. Yoon notices her heel-less shoes in a bag and remembers that they need to be repaired. As Hwang’s Father makes the rounds in his Mall Cop uniform, he hears Park Sr.’s raucous laughter wafting from Kang’s Mother’s shop. Hwang’s Father waylays Park Sr. on his way back to his shop and they bicker. As Hwang’s Father attempts to storm off in a huff, he runs into Yoon, who has arrived with her heel-less shoes. They retire to his workspace for a Talk. Yoon agrees to keep his secret. Then he asks what she is doing there and she says she was just passing by. Yoon returns to her office with her still heel-less shoes. She wonders why she couldn’t tell Hwang’s Father that she was at the shoe shop to have her shoes fixed. As Hwang approaches the Home Shopping building, she espies Park standing outside with some roses. He notices her before she can avoid him. He tells her if she doesn’t want them she should give them to her Mother. Lee’s Father enters the House of Yoon as Hwang’s Mother is berating his wife. He interrupts his wife before she can properly abase herself. Taking her by the hand, they storm out of the House of Yoon. Now Hwang’s Mother is stuck with no one to supervise. Lee’s Parents arrive home. Lee’s Father tells his wife to forget about working, he’ll support her properly from now on. Lee’s Mother is not unhappy. Night. Hwang’s Mother is alone in her bedroom, still wincing from her encounter with Lee’s Father. Hwang enters and gives her the roses. Then Hwang apologizes and her Mother is appeased. Hwang returns to her own bedroom. She has saved one of the roses for herself. Kim directs Kang to go to the House of Yoon and buy some dresses for inspiration. Yoon gives Kang the stone eye, since she told Kang never to come back. Kang returns her stone eye and tells her that she is there to shop.
  2. SUNNY AGAIN TOMORROW RECAP, EPISODE 27 Hwang phones Park while he, his Father and the Kang household are having an alcohol fueled cookout. She discusses her altercation with her Mother. Their relationship is clearly moving beyond the anonymous drinking buddy stage. Back at the cookout, Park Sr. is the life of the party. Then Kang, her Sister and Mother simultaneously sing and dance until Park Sr. demands that they stop. Leo is trying to learn Korean by watching Korean dramas. Lee’s Sister is realizing that this isn’t going to work. Morning. Hwang gets the evil eye from her Mother as she leaves her house for work. Yoon and Halmoni eat breakfast while listening to Hwang’s Father Mansplain how to escape from a stuck elevator. He apologizes to Halmoni re a misunderstanding they had the night before. Surprisingly, she also apologizes. Hwang’s parents bicker before her Father leaves for work. Her Mother is angry that her husband ate breakfast with Halmoni while she stull has a live grudge against Halmoni. Hwang’s Father steals some of her Brother’s cologne before heading for work Park and Kim are alone in their office. Park fills Kim in on Kang’s disaster at the Home Shopping Network. Meanwhile, at the Home Shopping Network, Kang is waiting for Lee in the hallway. Lee hustles into his office and slams the door on her face. The woman who works with Hwang and Lee arrives and is like, Who are you? Kang gives the lady her business card. She allows Kang to bring her coffee. Kang enters the office with the woman’s coffee. Lee takes note of her Trojan Coffee maneuver and is not amused. Kang has a cup of coffee for Lee as well but he gives it his Fish Face. She pitches her wares while he attempts to ignore her. In his shop, Park Sr. affectionately recalls his last encounter with Yoon. In his work space, Hwang’s Father has changed into his Mall Cop uniform and is drenching himself in his Son’s cologne. He is also giving his hair a careful comb. In Kang’s Mother’s shop. Hwang’s Father has given her coffee. But the heavy cologne odor is wreaking havoc on her allergies. He leaves and she immediately feels better. Hwang’s Mother arrives and just misses her Husband, who is leaving to buy allergy medicine for Kang’s Mother. She recognizes Kang’s Mother through the window of her shop. Before she can enter Park’s shoe shop, she is sickened by the strong odor of cologne. In Park’s shop, Hwang’s Mother asks a few unsubtle questions about his relationship with Yoon. Flustered, he denies that they have a relationship. Yoon tells Lee’s Sister that she would like her to appear in one of her fashion shows. After the meeting, Lee’s Sister happily informs her Mother. Hwang’s Mother arrives back at the House of Yoon just in time to overhear Lee’s Mother trash talking about how she is the manager only because she is Yoon’s Sister. Lee’s Mother is flustered when she realizes that her boss was lurking in the wings listening to her critique. Lee’s Sister returns to her office to work. Hwang’s Mother mentions, to Lee’s Mother, the “non-Korean” guy who came by asking after her daughter and recommends that she keep a vigilant eye lest her daughter “have to get married” like she did. Lee’s Mother is like, Touche. As Kang is dragging her richardsimmons back to the office, she receives a phone call from Hwang. Kang meets with Hwang. Hwang tells her that Lee, and hence the Home Shopping Network, are impossible at this time but she can hook Kang up with another vendor. Hwang tells Lee that it’s time he kept his promise to have dinner with her. Hwang and Lee enter a restaurant and, what a coincidence, there is Kang . . . Lee Fish Faces but realizes that he is trapped. Hwang and Kang are enthusiastic about the fried chicken. Lee, less so. Park leaves the office for the day. Kim remains to see if Kang will show up. Park enters a restaurant and sits alone at a table. Leo watches another Korean drama in his bedroom. Lee’s Parents return home from work and bicker. Hwang’s Mother sits alone in her office and feels sorry for herself. Back at the restaurant, Lee and Hwang observe as Kang gets drunk on beer. Kang gets up to “tinkle” (direct quote.) Hwang finds an excuse to step out, leaving Lee alone at the table. Kang returns and Lee watches as Kang gets drunker. Emboldened by he alcohol, Kang begins telling Lee about himself. Lee responds in kind. Kang begins to weep. Just as Park arrives and, quickly assessing the situation, squares off with Lee.
  3. SUNNY AGAIN TOMORROW RECAP, EPISODE 26 Park Sr. offers Yoon an ice cream cone. Yoon ponders whether to file a sexual harassment complaint. Yoon decides to accept the ice cream. They sit on a park bench and Park Sr. thanks her for her advice re dealing with his son. Saturday Morning. Kang lurks in the Home Shopping Network’s parking garage. Lee drives in. She waves. He takes the car to a whole ‘nother level, parks and attempts to escape. Lee clears the security door, which closes on Kang in the nick of time. Hwang receives a call from Park as she arrives at the office for a little weekend work. She is initially frosty, but warms when he thanks her for her advice on dealing with his Father. Lee approaches and Hwang hangs up on Park. She asks Lee how the meeting went and Lee says he doesn’t want to work with “that company.” As Lee walks away Hwang, still standing in the hallway, receives a call from Kang. Hwang meets Kang for coffee. Klang explains the origins of Lee’s prejudice against her firm. Kang says Lee has a frozen heart, appropriate for someone from the fish case. But Kang assures Hwang that if she can get Lee to meet her again, she will grovel in the manner to which Lee has become accustomed. Hwang brings Lee a cup of coffee. When he thanks her, she tells him it is from Kang. He’s like, Oh-h-h man-n-n . . . As the doorway to Hwang’s office, Kang nearly falls into her office because her ear is pressed to the door. Then Kang is startled as Lee emerges looking even more long suffering than usual. She is wearing one of the shirts she is trying to sell the Network and pitches its virtues. Kang follows Lee into a place of business, which unfortunately is the men’s room. Lee emerges from the loo and commands her never to return. Halmoni complains to the maid that the lox sodium foods she demanded are not savory. She tries some of the side dishes her Son In Law brought home and likes them. Kang’s Sister arrives at the Yoon residence to tutor Hwang’s Brother. They bicker. Park Sr. tells Kang’s Mother that he has reconciled with his Son. Park Jr. concludes a phone conversation with a potential author. They are to meet next week to discuss a contract. As he fist bump in triumph, Kang drags herself into their office. Park diagnoses Love Trouble. Kang explains that love has nothing to do with it. Yet. He gives her a pile of Smile For Success books. Halmoni beats her shoulders with a backscratcher that resembles a short golf club. Her maid brings several boxes into the living room. Halmoni has ordered herbal medicine for everyone. Halmoni confronts Yoon with her box of herbal medicine. Yoon is like, You shouldn’t have Hwang’s Brother tells his mother that the tutor is OK but complains that she demands to be addressed as “Teacher.” His Mother tells him to suck it up. He also has received herbal medicine from Halmoni but is willing to give it a try. Hwang’s Mother discovers that Halmoni hasn’t bought her any herbal medicine and is angry for some reason. Leo asks Lee’s Sister how he might best learn Korean. She recommends Korean dramas. In the living room, Lee’s Mother picks a fight with his Father. He agrees to increase her household allowance and she agrees to fold his laundry. Evening. In the courtyard, Kang’s family and the Parks eat Korean barbecue. When Hwang’s Father returns home from work, he finds his wife sulking in bed. Hwang’s Father is hungry and remembers the side dishes Kang’s Mother gave him. But when he goes downstairs to eat them, he discovers that Halmoni has eaten them all. They bicker. Everyone comes downstairs to watch. Then Hwang’s Mother lights into Halmoni for always favoring Yoon, like with the herbal medicine Hwang follows her Mother to her bedroom and tries to calm her down. Hwang’s Brother follows his Father out of the house and tries to calm him down. Hwang’s Mother unloads on her again for the shopping trip with Yoon. Then Hwang says she wishes she were Yoon’s daughter. Freeze frame, Hwang and her Mother’s angry faces.
  4. SUNNY AGAIN TOMORROW RECAP, EPISODE 25 Yoon calls Hwang and tells her that she is ready to talk possible collaboration between the House of Yoon and the Shopping Network. Kang and Lee discover that they are supposed to meet with each other and the meeting goes South before it is properly begun. Lee leaves the room. When Kang corners him in the hallway, he tells her he would rather meet with a cockroach, Korean Hardguy Style. Kang leaves the Home Shopping building and is dejected. She accurately notes that Lee resembles a robot whose “No” switch is stuck. Or perhaps an arrogant fish. Kang and Yoon pointedly ignore each other on the sidewalk as Yoon flounces by. Yoon meets Hwang and tells her that she has decided not to do the deal. Yoon is like, No offense – but my creations on a Home Shopping Network? Hwang’s Father, in his Mall Cop garb, looks in on Kang’s Mother’s Shop. She gives him a free lunch. She mentions that he looks pretty well maintained for a widower. He doesn’t correct her. Kang’s Mother introduces Hwang’s Father to Park Sr.. Hwang’s Father immediately recognizes him as the man Halmoni insulted when he returned their dog. Hwang Sr. lays the bafflegab on like a cropduster, hoping that Park Sr. won’t recognize him. But when a woman walks by with a small white dog, the jig is up. Park Sr. is like, I’ll see you around – and when I do, I’ll kick your richardsimmons. In his shop, Park Sr. notices the bandage Yoon applied to his hand the day before. He recalls what she said about the importance of doing work you love and applies it to his Son’s situartion. When Kang returns from the Shopping Network Kim has prepared a celebratory meal but there is nothing to celebrate. She tells him the deal is still a work in progress. The three of them perform a Korean ritual beseeching success for their new businesses. Park gives Kang a box of business cards designating her as a “CEO.” Yoon buys Hwang clothing in a high end department store. Kang calls Hwang. Hwang promises to call Kang back tomorrow. She recalls Lee’s Fish Face. She complains about Lee to Park, who incorrectly surmises that Kang is experiencing romantic difficulties. Kang indignantly denies the truth of Lee’s surmise. Hwang’s Father arrives home with the side dishes and Halmoni complains they already have more side dishes than they can eat. Hwang and Yoon arrive home. Hwang’s Mother notices all of the stuff Yoon bought for Hwang and is irritated. Hwang talks with her Mother, who is testy. Then she talks with her Father, who is like Don’t ask. Then she encounters her Brother, who is testy. Leo and Lee’s Sister greet Lee’s Father at the end of the day. Lee’s Father wonders how he ended up with a Son In Law who’s prettier than his daughter. The three of them try out a Korean-Italian translation app which does not work flawlessly. They decide that maybe they are better off miscommunicating directly with each other. Her Father says something. She tells Leo that she will translate what he said when they return to their bedroom. Lee returns home and encounters his irritated Father. In their bedroom, Lee’s Sister explains to Leo that he needs to learn Korean ASAP. She further explains that homicide in Korea is rare but not unknown. Lee encounters Leo and gives him the Full Frontal Fish Face. As Park returns home, he remembers one of his Father’s angry lectures. Then he receives a call from his Father and he enters the house, expecting a confrontation. Instead, they drink soju and reconcile. Kang sits in her bedroom and is inspired by her new business card. Saturday morning. Halmoni brushes her dog. Yoon offers to take the dog for a walk and Halmoni is like, No Way. Hwang receives a call from Park. When she gathers that it isn’t work or drink related, she becomes haughty. But when she learns that he followed her advice and reconciled with his Father, she is glad. Who should be walking and jogging in the park at the same time? Why, it’s Yoon and Park Sr.. He sees her resting on a park bench. When he returns and offers her an ice cream cone, Yoon is like a deer in the headlights.
  5. SUNNY AGAIN TOMORROW RECAP, EPISODE 24 Yoon and Park Sr. are stuck in the elevator. But Yoon doesn’t begin to suffer until Park Sr. begins to sing. Hwang’s Father helps Kang’s Mother change a lightbulb. She’s like, “My hero!” He learns that she is a widow. She tries to give him free side dishes but he insists on paying for them. Kang’s Mother notes that Park Sr. is not in his shop. She reflects that now that Park Jr. is jobless, she needs to discourage her daughter’s romantic interest in him. A woman needs a man with a salary, not a man with a dream. Hwang’s Father sits in his break room and reflects that he should have married Kang’s Mother. Park Sr. and Yoon are still trapped in the elevator but at least he has stopped singing. But his stomach is growling. And so is her’s. He complains that his Son quit a perfectly good job because he was unhappy. She tells him to be happy that his child is still around to cause him grief. At this point, the lights come on and the elevator door opens. Yoon notices that Park Sr.’s hand is bleeding. She bandages it and they sit on a park bench and talk. She tells him that he obviously loves his job so he shouldn’t begrudge his Son finding a job he can love. Park Jr. is cooking stew as Park Sr. returns home. He tells his son he has no appetite and heads for his bedroom. Hwang’s Father returns home. Halmoni grudgingly cooks him a bowl of rice to eat with the side dishes. Yoon arrives home and limps to her bedroom. Lee’s Mother pesters him about pursuing a relationship with his most recent Blind Date. He tells her he has no interest in marrying the Blind Date or anyone else. She leaves her cold fish Son’s bedroom in frustration. Lee begins to examine the clothes Kang submitted for consideration. Lee’s Sister receives an ankle massage from Leo. Her parents enter the room and are scandalized. Then Lee’s Mother tells her husband that her own ankles could use a massage. He doesn’t recall a provision for ankle massages in their graduation agreement. Then she tells him it is part of his agreement to fake being part of a happy couple. Eventually each couple heads for bed, but only Lre’s Sister and Brother In Law’s smiles are sincere. Kang’s Mother learns that her daughter is now sharing an office with Park’s ne’er do well Son. Kang visits Park Sr.’s shop. He gives her a pair of shoes he has made for her. She tells him to have faith in his son. He tells her to leave before she is late for her appointment. Park calls Hwang and thanks her for lending a sympathetic ear the other night. He tells her that confession might be good for her soul as well. She tells him that she has to go. Kang arrives at the office. Park tells her that Kim is already hard at work organizing her half of the office. Kang shows off the registration certificate for her new company, and her new shoes. Hwang arrives at work and Lee tells her to set up a meeting with the woman who gave her the clothing samples. She tells him the name of Kang’s company and he thinks it has a familiar ring, but can’t quite place where he heard the name before. Hwang calls Kang and tells her that Lee would like to meet up today, if possible. Hwang meets Kang in the lobby of the building and tells her that she won’t be attending the meeting because something has come up. So it will be just Kang and Lee. Kang has ten minutes to kill before the meeting. Lee sees Kang lurking in the hallway and is not pleased. Lee orders Kang to leave. Kang tells Lee to stuff it because she is there for an important meeting. She’s like, Wait until the Big Shot I’m here to see hears about how rude you are. She heads off to the appointed conference room, leaving Lee fuming in the hallway. Kang enters the empty conference room. Lee enters and he and Kang tell each other to leave. Freeze frame as Kang and Lee discover who they are appointed to meet.
  6. SUNNY AGAIN TOMORROW RECAP, EPISODE 23 Hwang awakens and discovers that she has fallen asleep on Park’s shoulder. Hwang returns home and greets her prodigal father. Park awakens in the library and finds that Hwang has left. He sees that she has left him a text on his phone. Park encounters Kang as he returns home. She tells him she tried to visit him at his office but he was gone. She is surprised by his newfound interest in comic books. They agree that she can use the empty desk in his office. Park enters his house and sits down with his Father for a Heart to Heart. His Father still can’t fathom why he gave up his secure salary . He is disappointed when he is unable to shame his son into returning to his job. When Park Sr. follows his Son into his bedroom, the tables turn and his Son begins shouting at him. Park Sr. gives up and leaves the room. Lee’s Mother bursts into her daughter’s bedroom as she and Leo are initiating foreplay. Leo tries to hug his Mother In Law and she scurries out of the room. Leo struggles with chopsticks at breakfast. Lee and his Sister try to make Leo understand the importance of addressing people by their titles rather than their names. For the most part the Yoon family is cheerful at breakfast. Halmoni is the exception. Yoon pressures Halmoni into apologizing for ordering the cook to throw out the side dishes her Son In Law’s Mother prepared for him. Now that he has gotten a job, he is becoming more assertive. He strides proudly out of the house in his salaryman suit. On the job, Yoon’s Brother In Law has changed into a Mall Cop uniform. He is introduced to Kang’s Mother and they recognize each other. Later, he visits her in her shop and they reminisce. Kang drags Kim into her “office” and introduces him to Park. Kim is surprised to find that Kang actually has a workspace. The plan is for Kang and Kim to share half of the office space. On her desk, Hwang notices the pin that Kang gave her to repair her ripped dress. She receives a call from Park and they arrange to meet. Hwang joins Kang in a café. Kang tries to pitch Hwang on selling a load of cheap shirts she has bought on the Shopping Network. Hwang tells Kang that she needs to work up a formal proposal that she can submit to her superiors. Hwang talks with Lee. She persuades him to be open to doing a deal with Kang. Kang sits down with Kim and Park and tries to figure out how to register a trademark. Kim and Kang bicker. Park mediates. Yoon’s Nephew meets Park’s Sister and tries to get her to persuade his Mother to cancel the tutoring job. She tells him that it’s a job and she needs the money. We recall that they initially met when she substituted for a friend on a Blind Date. We learn that he had falsely told her friend that he was a medical student. Park Sr. sits in his shop and has a headache. Park Sr. arrives at a building to buy leather. As he waits in the lobby for the elevator, Yoon appears for some reason. The elevator arrives and she reluctantly joins him in it. The elevator lights go off and they are trapped.
  7. Kang's Mother and Park Sr. have assumed that their children will become a couple. When they instead hook up with Hwang and Lee, Park Sr. and Kang's Mother will be free to become a couple.
  8. SUNNY AGAIN TOMORROW RECAP, EPISODE 22 Kang, her Mother and Sister eat watermelon. Their snack is interrupted by Park Sr.’s loud shouting from downstairs as he berates his Son for resigning from his job. Kang’s Mother goes downstairs and tells Park Sr. to pipe down. Pipe Jr. then explains to his Father how much he wanted to start a business of his own. After Park Sr. strikes his Son, Kang and her Mother restrain him from committing further violence as Park Jr. retreats to his room. Park Sr. collapses into an aigooing mess. Park stands in his darkened bedroom and reflects on the mess he has made. Hwang’s Brother complains to his Mother about the tutor she has hired for him. After he whines at length, she tells him that life is tough and then you die. Then she tells him he can choose between sticking it out with the tutor and joining the army. Hwang’s Mother calls her Mother In Law but she has not seen her son.moni learns that her Son In Law is still missing and is like, good riddance. They bicker about the gift of food thatHalmoni ordered the maid to throw out. Hwang arrives home and her Mother complains to her about her missing Father. Hwang informs her Mother that she met him earlier that day and he is doing ok. Morning. Park looks in on his sleeping Father as he leaves for work. Park encounters Kang as he leaves the house and invites her to stop by his office. The expanded Lee household eats breakfast. Leo is having trouble adapting to Korean food. Lee’s Father remembers being kissed on both cheeks by his Son In Law the night before and winces. Kang arrives at the sweatshop and exasperates Kim. Hwang is beginning to wonder about Lee’s obvious lack of zest for his job and life in general. She asks him if he has a girlfriend and he ignores her, as though a man needs a girlfriend like a bicycle needs a fish. Yoon’s Sister talks with Lee’s Sister and offers to fix her Mother up with another man. Lee’s Sister is irritated. Yoon talks with her Sister and complains about her sore feet. She asks Yoon why she didn’t buy a bespoke pair from the shoemaker she recommended. Park calls Kang’s Mother and learns that his Father is sulking in his shop. Park notices a sketchbook filled with cartoons on his desk. Kang’s Mother takes Park Sr. some lunch. He ignores her. She tells him he didn’t exactly distinguish himself the night before. They bicker. Kang blunders into a bad deal with a fabric merchant. Kim berates her. Hwang’s Father is cleaning up the sauna. The sauna manager tells him to work faster. Then he receives a phone call and is emboldened to quit his job at the sauna. Hwang’s Father returns home. Halmoni is not pleased to see him. Emboldened by the telephone call, when Halmoni bickers, he bickers back. Halmoni is surprised to hear the whipped dog bark. When his wife joins them, he tells her that he has found a job and goes to his bedroom. When his wife pumps him for details on the job, he is not forthcoming. She tells him that maybe she can still persuade Halmoni to buy the academy for him. He tells her that he is sick of kissing up to Halmoni. Lee’s Mother gives his Father a new Marriage Graduation Agreement. To wit: we will not be Man and Wife but pretend to be Man and Wife for the benefit of the Son In Law. They bicker. He signs. Hwang and Park converse on the phone. When she learns about his confrontation with his Father and his propensity to read books when stressed out, they meet and she gives him a pile of comic books, aka “graphic novels.”. He is initially like, WTF? But soon he is enjoying them. Kang arrives at Park’s office but he is out and his office door is locked. As Park continues to read the comic books, Hwang falls asleep with her head on his shoulder. Park is not unhappy.
  9. @fanofr I forgot that there is apparently a Korean taboo against in laws marrying. Thus if Park and Hwang hook up, Park Sr. and Yoon would experience severe cultural headwinds if they pursued a romance. There was a lot of discussion of that taboo in the Soompi forum for the drama, The Unusual Family. In that drama, the uncle of the groom and aunt of the bride scandalized their families by falling in love. They were finally able to marry, but only because it was discovered that the uncle had impregnated the aunt during a drunken night of passion which neither of them remembered, and being a single mother in Korea is an even bigger taboo than marrying a close inlaw.
  10. I suspect that Kang's Mother and Yoon will fight it out for Park Sr. . No need to assume that Yoon will win. @fanofr I'm actually beginning to warm to the Leo character. I think we were meant to infer in the beginning that he was Slam-Bam-See You Later Ma'am Eurotrash, so his acting served its purpose. I suspect that from now on his character will primarily serve as a target and launching pad for jokes by other cast members, so all he has to do is show up.
  11. SUNNY AGAIN TOMORROW RECAP, EPISODE 21 Lee and Hwang discuss the dishonest supplier with their boss. Then Hwang and Lee decide to go to the fabric store. At the sweatshop, Kim notices that Kang seems to be learning the trade. Kim sends Kang out of the shop with a list of items to buy. Kang shops at the fabric store. Kwang eavesdrops as a saleslady tells Kang she’ll give her a special price for fabric. As Kang is paying the “special price,” Hwang interrupts the transaction and rips into the shoplady for ripping Kang off, telling her she is getting the wholesale price when she is actually being charged retail. Then Hwang tells Kang about a store where the same fabric can be had at a cheaper price. Kang is like, WTF? But also grateful. Before Kang leaves, the shoplady lowers the fabric’s price to the true wholesale price and Kang buys it and leaves. Kang runs after Hwang and thanks her effusively, but Hwang is dismissive and walks off arrogantly. Before Hwang can strut a proper distance, she is accosted by a purse snatcher. Kang comes to her aid and wreaks some Bruce Lee on the thug’s richardsimmons. Kang notices that Hwang’s skirt is ripped and fashions an impromptu repair. Hwang smiles for the first time. Hwang gives Kang her business card, and she recognizes the Shopping Network. Hwang says she must work in the same field. Kang says,, well not exactly . . . They depart on friendly terms. As she walks away, she encounters Lee talking on his phone and giving the rest of the human race the stink eye. She blocks his passage. He is not pleased to meetcha. Kang draws upon her knowledge of scatology and analyzes his character, then departs in a huff. Lee thinks it’s early and the day is already headed South. Hwang rejoins Lee and invites him to have brunch with her. He claims another engagement and departs, as is his wont. Kang returns to the shop and relates her exploits to Kim, who is not impressed. In his shop, Park Sr. notices the scarf Yoon left behind. Hwang stops by Yoon’s office and pitches a possible deal with the Shopping Network. Yoon is noncommittal.. Yoon’s Sister and Lee’s Mother go off to lunch so Yoon is alone when Park Sr. enters her store to return the scarf. He is shocked to find her humming happily as she fiddles with some dresses. When she notices his presence, her mood abruptly changes and they bicker. Before he leaves she offers him a reward for returning the scarf and he is insulted. But as they part, they look wistfully at each other despite themselves. Park Sr. decides that since he is near his Son’s erstwhile office he may as well have lunch with him. But when he calls “the office,” he lears that his Son no longer works there. Kang joins Park for lunch in a café. As they talk, Kang learns for the first time that Park quit his “perfectly good job” to start his own business and is like, WTF? He makes her promise not to tell his Father. He tells her that her fashion startup could obtain small business assistance from the Korean Government and share office space with him. Hwang meets her Father for lunch and he complains about Halmoni’s insulting treatment. She tells him that like the rest of the human race he should find a job whether he likes it or not. After all, there is a reason “work” is called “work.” Hwang asks whether he would want her to marry “a man like you” and he apparently wouldn’t. Hwang’s Brother realizes that he lost some sketches he made when someone jostled him on the street. He tells Halmoni that he is leaving the house to study but she tells him that his tutor has just arrived. His Mother apparently failed to inform him that she had made the appointment. Kang’s Sister arrives to tutor Hwaang’s Brother. They recognize each other from their earlier encounters and neither is thrilled. Leo, the Husband Formerly Known As The Fey Caballero (and maybe in the future as “Meatball” if he develops an Archie Bunker/Meathead vibe with his Father In Law), arrives at the Lee Manse with his roller bag. Lee cringes as his Father, who knows no Italian and Leo, who knows little Korean, attempt to communicate over drinks. Alcohol + a language barrier. What could go wrong? We learn that Leo is short for “Leonardo.” Lee Sr. pantomimes that if Leo makes his daughter cry, he’ll hang from a meat hook. If he is lucky. In her bedroom, Lee’s Sister talks with her Mother. She thanks her Mother for attempting to reconcile with her Father. In the living room, Lee’s Father is descending into an alcoholic stupor, with Lee and Leo headed roughly in the same direction. Lee’s Father seems to sober up quickly when Leo kisses him on each cheek, but then lapses into a stupor. Lee pushes Leo away before he can repeat the gesture. Leo and his Father In Law end up in a drunken heap. Park and Hwang meet for drinks in a tent bar. He tells her he is keeping a secret from his Father. She tells him that he might as well confess the secret to his Father and get it over with. As Park returns home his Father is seething. Park tells his Father he has something to tell him but before he can get it out, Park Sr. asks if he was fired. When he learns that his son quit the job voluntarily, he is furious.
  12. SUNNY AGAIN TOMORROW RECAP, EPISODE 20 Kang tries to kiss up to Kim but he rejects her approaches, Korean Hardguy Style. Finally he deigns to accept a cup of water from her. Yoon walks into the shop of the great shoemaker she has heard about. When she encounters Park Sr. in the shop, she demands to speak to the shop’s owner. Reluctantly, she allows him to measure her feet. Park Sr. advises Yoon to approach life more cheerfully, she protests that he doesn’t know her. She is not pleased to learn that her reputation for nastiness has spread far and wide. The more he tries to perk her up, the more her face curdles. She gets huffier and huffier, then leaves in a huff before buying any shoes. Kang’s Mother comes into the hallway. She and Park Sr. agree that Yoon is a nasty piece of work. Yoon’s Brother In Law sleeps in a massage chair in a sauna. He drops his locker key on the floor and someone steals it. Park arrives at his office and dumps the manuscript he won’t be publishing. In his office at the Home Shopping Network, Lee is busting a supplier’s bollocks. The supplier tries to bribe Lee and Lee orders him out of his office. Lee’s parents ponder Korean-Italian relations in a coffee shop. They agree to accept Meatball for the time being but to keep him under close surveillance. Then Lee’s Mother insists that they need to hide their “marriage graduation” from their new Son In Law, so Lee’s Father must move back into the house. He struggles to fathom his estranged wife’s logic. They agree to postpone their “graduation” from their marriage so that they can devote their full time and attention to supervising Meatball. Lee’s Mother walks into her Daughter’s office and tells her she can bring “what’s his name” home. Yoon arrives for work and walks frostily into her office, oblivious to the happy Mother-Daughter reunion. Yoon sits sour-faced in her office as she recalls Park Sr.’s jaundiced assessment of her jaundiced personality. Then she notices that she left her scarf in Park Sr.’s shop. Back at the sweatshop, Kang struggles to learn the rag trade. In the sauna, Yoon’s Brother In Law hides his head under a towel as Halmoni and his wife enter and make themselves comfortable. Halmoni says he will return home soon because she has frozen his credit card. He listens as they plot how to make his life miserable when he inevitably returns home. The newly expanded Lee household sits uncomfortably in their living room. Leo has brought a bouquet of flowers. When Leo learns that he will be allowed to live with his wife, he gives his Mother In Law a double cheek kiss. When he lunges toward Lee and his Father to repeat the gesture, they both shrink away. Back at the sweatshop, Kang has shown Kim more fashion sketches and Kim is tearing up more fashion sketches, Korean Hardguy Style. He tells her to research what women want to buy, then sketch some designs of clothes that women might want to buy. As they drag themselves home at the end of their respective discouraging days, Kang and Park encounter each other on the sidewalk. They sit at a table outside a convenience store but they don’t drink beer, because if they were drinking beer the cans would be OB Blue. He makes another attempt to Mansplain life to her. Park and Kang arrive home. Park Sr. is pleased to see that his Son is sober. Park Sr. asks if his supervisor has been giving him a hard time. His son truthfully answers “No.” Lee’s Sister and Brother In Law agree to move into the Lee Manse. The sauna manager opens Yoon’s Brother In Laws locker for him and he discovers that his wallet is missing. He asks the manager to call the police. The manager says nothing doing until he settles his bill, which he can’t do because all of his money has been stolen. The manager tells him to call his family and have someone bring the money. Rather than accept this humiliation, he agrees to mop the floor to settle his debt. Hwang returns home and finds Yoon mooning over her missing daughter. Hwang isn’t in the mood and goes to her room. Once again, she flashes back to the day her cousin went missing. She feels guilty but she also remembers that her cousin was a selfish brat. Kang checks out the goods in a fabric store. As fate would have it, so are Lee and Hwang. Kang is paying for some fabric. Then Hwang approaches her and rips the bills from her hand.
  13. Lee's parents are not that fond of Leo to begin with. But worse, marrying without one's parents permission is a major breach of the Korean Code, regardless of her age.
  14. SUNNY AGAIN TOMORROW RECAP, EPISODE 19 Kang goes for a run and flashes back on recent bad experiences with would-be employers and Yoon. Yoon’s Sister is awakened by her Son who whines about his tutor. She tells him that she will think about getting him a new one. Kang shows up at Kim’s sweatshop and tells him she is ready to learn the fashion business from him. He tries to discourage her. But she threatens to call the Police about the sketchy contract and he decides it’s better to tolerate her in his shop than face her in court. He gives her a pile of binders to read. Her virtue still intact as of Monday morning, Lee’s Mother shadows his Sister at the House of Yoon to make sure that she neither hankies nor pankies with her legal husband. Yoon and her Sister walk in and Lee’s Mother pretends that she doesn’t know her daughter. Yoon breaks the heel on her shoe. Her Sister runs to get her another pair. Yoon likes the shoes. Alone in her office, Lee’s Sister makes contact with the Fey Caballero (hereinafter, Leo) on the office landline. Hwang’s boss wants her to talk with Yoon about doing a line of clothes for the Home Shopping Network. She also saw Hwang with Park at the tent bar and thinks they look like a nice couple. Hwang winces. Lee takes note. Actually, he doesn’t. She tells him that Park isn’t her boyfriend and he has no idea what she is talking about. In his office, Park receives a call from the man who was to be his first published author. He has jumped ship for a better offer. Park sputters into the phone. Lee’s Sister starts to leave at the end of the workday but is waylaid by her Mother. When Yoon’s Sister tells Lee’s Mother that she has to work late, Lee’s Sister makes a run for it. Yoon’s Sister notes that her Husband is running up big restaurant bills on their credit card. Later, Yoon’s Sister learns that her sales associate is her designer’s mother. Lee’s Sister leaves in a cab before her Mother can catch her. But her estranged husband drives up in the nick of time and they Follow That Cab. Lee’s Parents arrive home and bicker. The cab driver somehow managed to evade them. He tells her that since their daughter is an adult there is no grounds to annul her marriage. He suggests that the only alternative to persuade their daughter to divorce Leo. But Lee’s Mother doesn’t want to be the mother of a divorcee. Time to grasp the bull by the tale and Face The Situation. Or Not. Lee’s Mother searches and finds her Daughter’s passport/ Lee’s Sister and Brother In Law have dinner. Back at the sweatshop, Kim is piling work on Kang. In a tent bar, Yoon’s Brother In Law is plying himself with drink. Park enters the tent bar and sits at another table. Yoon’s Sister notices that her Husband isn’t around. She receives another credit card alert re his drinks at the tent bar. She calls him and tells him it’s time to come home. He drunkenly rings off. She lets the rest of the household know that he has run away from home. Halmoni is not sad. Lee’s Parents step out of their house and find their Daughter and Leo on the doorstep. Leo shields Lee’s Sister from her Mother’s blows. They try to tell Leo to go home but don’t know how to day “go home” in Italian. Lee arrives home and surveys his feuding family. Everyone enters the house. Including Leo. Leo gets down on his knees and pleads. Lee’s Mother tries to day “go away” in Italian. Lee informs his Parents that attempting to make his Sister divorce may not be a viable option. Meanwhile, Kang’s Mother doesn’t think that her daughter’s plan to enter the fashion industry via Kim’s sweatshop is a viable option. Kang says her dream has always been to be a fashion designer. Must be that Bad Yoon Blood flowing through her veins. Back at the tent bar, Park is pounding the soju as he receives more bad news about another author. Park arrives home and stumbles into his Father’s arms. His Father puts him to bed. Kang sits in her bedroom and tries to sketch fashion designs. Yoon tells her Sister she really likes the shoes she borrowed. Her Sister gives her the name and address of the shoemaker. Yoon’s Brother In Law has apparently spent the night at a sauna. Refreshed, he goes to a fast food joint for breakfast. Kang shows Kim the designs she drew the night before. Kang looks on in horror as Kim tears the sketches into little pieces.
  15. It looks like more comic relief is on the way as Leo (the "Fey Caballero") marries into the plot. He and Lee's Sister vaguely resemble Ricky and Lucy of "I Love Lucy." Since the couple doesn't have the means to live on their own, there will probably be an "Archie Bunker v. Meathead" vibe between Leo and his xenophobic Father In Law. Lots of possibilities for boilerplate domestic comedy with these two characters if "writer's block" rears its ugly head. According to "The Internet," the man who plays Leo is actually a Frenchman who moved to Korea and has become a Korean television personality.