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  1. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 110 Jung points out Kim’s flunky to Gil. The Flunky is accepting a bag of EJ Cosmetics an accomplice has just brought him. Jung pulls out her phone and begins to video the Flunky and his accomplice. Gil wonders: What is she up to now? Jung tells her something BAD is afoot. Gil asks how Jung knows this. Jung is like, Bad knows Bad. While talking with Hong and Big Shot, the Stepmother learns that Kim’s Flunky has bought a selection of EJ Cosmetics. Hong and Big Shot conclude that Kim’s underling must be planning to adulterate the cosmetics with something noxious. They decide to lay a trap for Kim. Kim takes a call from his Henchperson and tells him to proceed. He has a premonition that the Henchperson will somehow manage to fornicate this up. Speaking of which, Kim is having difficulty reaching his Mistress on the phone. The Stepmother receives a call from one of her agents and goes into another room to speak confidentially. Jung enters Big Shot’s apartment and gives him her latest video clip. He scolds her for endangering herself. Then, his Mother walks in on them. Jung hauls richardsimmons out of the room. When his Mother asks if they are dating again, he denies it. She tells him she could never accept Jung as a daughter in law since she has seen her at her worst. Big Shot affects a Long Suffering look while outside the apartment, Jung overhears. In her bedroom, Jung reflects that Big Shot’s Mother Has A Point. The Aunt overhears Gil’s Brother and the Stepmother discussing whether Hong has her kidney. She joins them and makes a fuss. She and Gil’a Brother ask what the Stepmother got in return for her kidney. The Ste[mother, she lay low. Exhausted, Hong and Gil slumber chastely on the same bed. Madame Goo enters and pitches a Mother Dog. They argue and she leaves. Hong takes Gil home so she can sleep in her own bed. S After Hong drops her off, but before she can enter her house, Gil receives a call from Madame Goo. They meet in a café. Madame Goo tells Gil that she knows about her kidney transplant, and has concluded that she is not an acceptable partner for Hong, who also has a kidney transplant. Gil politely suggests that she Stuff It. Goo is like, Well you can’t get pregnant, can you? Then she flounces off. Gil returns to her bedroom to mope. Then she receives a sweet text from Hong and weeps. Hong keeps checking his phone but receives no response from Gil. Hong sits outside Gil’s house leaning on the horn, 1950s James Dean style. Gil joins him – only it turns out to be Lee, not Hong. That’s what she gets for ignoring his heartfelt text. The Manager of the Small Café enters the Stepmother’s office and excitedly announces, She will see you. The Flunky tells Kim that a woman has just filed a complaint against EJ Cosmetics and will appear at the Genius stockholder’s meeting, which is about to begin. Big Shot’s Mother irritates Jung’s Mother by asking for her help in finding a “good woman” for her son. She’s like, I could find you a reconditioned woman. Gil encounters Hong on his way to the Shareholder’s meeting and gives him her necklace with the lucky EJ charm. Hiting! Madame Goo enters the boardroom and discovers that Kim has invited a gaggle of presstitutes to the meeting. As the Stockholder’s meeting begins, the Stepmother is meeting with Kim’s Mistress in the Small Café. Madame Goo plays incriminating video and audio clips. Kim squirms.
  2. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 109 Gil tries unsuccessfully to call Hong but his phone is turned off. Jung’s Mother takes her Ex some oxtail soup at the Small Café. He’s like, WTF? She examines his wounds and surmises that he allowed himself to get beaten up because he wanted to protect Jung. In the hallway outside of the Small Café, Jung eavesdrops and is touched. She weeps. As Big Shot sits in his apartment plotting revenge against Kim, he is surprised to hear Jung at his door. Jung confesses her hurts and sins and apologizes for almost getting Big Shot killed. Big Shot tells her that since he was able to recover the audio file of Kim she recorded, she has redeemed herself. Gigolo walks in on his wife as she guzzles red wine. She emotes about her Son’s career reversals. The Stepmother tracks Hong down at his Mother’s old house and tells him that she now knows that it was not his Mother who stole her money and reported her to the police. She tells him that he does not yet truly understand his Mother. A crew of women, including the Aunt and Stepmother’s assistant, hand out samples of EJ Cosmetics. Gigolo arrives and decides that the Aunt is contributing nothing but a sour mood. After he spirits her away to the Small Café, Madame Goo arrives and the three of them bicker about who has contributed more to EJ Cosmetics’ success. In Kim’s office, Hong extends ironic thanks for his contribution to the product launch: toughening him up by continually confronting him with obstacles. Hong tells him that he plans to repay him at the stockholder’s meeting. Kim is like, Aw shucks. Gil and Hong arrive and help to distribute free samples. Hong listens to the audio file Big Shot has brought him. They plot their next move against Kim. Hong tells Big Shot that the Stepmother is talking to Kim’s mistress, through whom Kim embezzled funds from Genius Cosmetics. Madame Goo is surprised to find a bottle of kidney medication, just like Hong takes. She is more surprised when Madame Gong tells her that the medication belongs to Gil. Jung packs her things and hits the road. She leaves a note telling her Mother not to worry. As Jung walks down the sidewalk, she encounters the EJ Cosmetics team handing out free samples. Then she notices Kim’s Flunky observing from a distance. Jung approaches Gil and signals her to be quiet. Then she points out the flunky, who is accepting a bag of EJ Cosmetics an accomplice has just brought him. Jung pulls out her phone and begins to video the Flunky and his accomplice. Gil wonders: What is she up to now?
  3. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 108 As Hong enters the press conference, an image of his Mother saying that she is too busy to visit her son at the hospital on the day of his kidney surgery flashes on a video screen. As the presstitutes begin to question him about the video and his kidney transplant Hong begins to buckle. Then he recovers his confidence and reminds them that he is there to answer questions about EJ Cosmetics. In his office, Kim learns that the press conference was successfully concluded. He commands an underling to fire all Genius Cosmetic employees who attended, including Madame Goo. In Madame Goo’s office, Lee surmises that the video was probably edited to portray Hong’s Mother’s actual behavior in a false light. Jung’s Father restrains Gigolo, who wants to go to Kim’s to fatten his lip. In the storeroom, Hong sits alone viewing the video of his Mother. Gil enters and Hong says that after viewing the video, he has finally succeeded in purging his Mother from his heart. He will henceforth concentrate on the living people in his life who love him. Jung overhears Big Shot’s Mother talking with her Mother. She learns that her Father has been badly beaten by Kim’s thugs. Jung takes off running to the Small Café where her Father is resting. Her Mother follows her. After her Assistant plays the video clip of Hong’s Mother for her, the Stepmother sits in her office trying to sort it out. The Aunt enters and tells her that the video is now going viral on the Internets. Big Shot enters the electronics tech’s shop. The tech hands over a thumb drive with files he has managed to pull off Jung’s voice recorder. Then he warns Big Shot that someone tailed him to the shop. Big Shot spots Kim’s two Dumkopfs and the three of them take off running. Gigolo, who has stalked Big Shot to keep his son in law out of trouble, joins the chase. Later, Gigolo sits with Big Shot on a park bench and applies ointment to his damaged face. He tells Big Shot that he is going to have to stop running into doors. They bond and Big Shot tells Gigolo that over time he will learn to call him “Father.” Madame Goo enters Kim’s office and tells him that he can’t fire her because she had permission from HR to attend Hong’s press conference. Kim’s face sours. Then she tells him she has called a shareholders meeting to fire him as CEO for his criminal activities. Jung rushes into the Small Café to comfort her Father. He tells her that he was beaten up because he found information that incriminates Kim and that he views his wounds as badges of honor. She berates him for being foolhardy and storms out of the café. Jung stands in the corridor and cries. Gil turns a corner and encounters Jung. She follows Jung to the rooftop. Afraid that Jung is planning to jump, Gil grabs her from behind. Jung is like, WTF? After some back and forth Jung utters an apology of sorts and departs, leaving Gil to wonder whether Jung has really Changed Her Ways. The Stepmother approaches Jung’s Father as he is doing community servitude in a public park. She sees his wounds for the first time and tells him to take the rest of the day off. He tells her he’s fine and continues working. The Stepmother is like, Aigoo! Gil’s Brother returns home with some hospital records. He now knows with near certainty that Hong has the Stepmother’s kidney. Madame Goo and Big Shot’s Mother give Gigolo and Big Shot hell for getting their faces banged up. Gigolo and Big Shot are like, Men Gotta Do What Men Gotta Do. Jung’s Mother has dinner with her daughters and asks them about their goals in life. One wants to the a doctor’s wife, the other wants to be a lawyer’s wife. The Aunt comes home and awakens Gil’s Brother, who is asleep on the couch. He goes up to his bedroom, not noticing that he has left the medical records with his Aunt. By the time he races back down to retrieve them the Beans Have Been Spilled, the Cat Let Out Of The Bag, etc.. Not quite. Gil’s Brother grabs the records from the Aunt and persuades her that they only involved the Stepmother’s annual physical. As he leaves, though, the Aunt reflects that she also saw Hong’s name. In his bedroom, Gil’s Brother wonders what the Stepmother received in return for giving her kidney to Hong. Hong stands in the darkness wondering whether the video accurately reflects how she felt about him. In his bedroom, Big Shot has just listened to the incriminating audio file which Jung recorded. Big Shot vows to bring Kim to Justice.
  4. Who donated Gil's kidney? Likely Hong's late Mother. No worries. All will be made well in the end.
  5. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 107 Jung’s Father arrives to clean the Pawn Shop. The Aunt tells him she is beginning to trust him. The Stepmother has recovered all of her memories of Kim and vows to wreak revenge. Kim sits in his office with his flunky, staring at his phone. He says that he now has information to get rid of Hong for good. Hong is swarmed by reporters as he walks down a sidewalk. Before Hong can freak out, Madame Goo appears and tells the gaggle to get lost. As Lee departs with Hong, Hong smiles and indicates that his panic was faked. Back to Kim’s office. Kim gloats because he thinks that Hong almost fainted when he encountered the reporters. He tells one of his Thugs to take five because Hong will destroy himself without any assistance. The Manager of the Small Café tells the Stepmother about the sudden appearance of the swarm of reporters. The Stepmother figures that Kim was behind their appearance. Jung’s Father talks with his Ex and learns how Kim involved his daughter in his plot to murder Hong and Big Shot. Jung’s Mother attempts to rouse her daughter, who is sulking in her bedroom. Jung’s Father appears at Kim’s office and begins upbraiding him about his treatment of his daughter. When Kim tries to brush him off, Jung’s Father says that if Kim trifles with him, he will pay Kim’s Mistress a visit. Kim sputters impotently. Madame Goo and Gil decide that Hong needs a rehearsal before his press conference. Big Shot walks in on Hong and Lee as they talk in the storeroom. Lee departs and Hong and Big Shot agree to help each other. Big Shot gives Hong his thumbdrive with evidence on Kim. Big Shot’s Mother talks with Madame Goo and learns for the first time that her Son has been suspended from the bar as well as fired from his job. Big Shot visits an electronics specialist and asks him to attempt to revive Jung’s pocket recorder, on which she thought she had recorded incriminating statements by Kim. Jung’s Mother visits Big Shot and asks him to let bygones be bygones and to treat Jung like a “sick friend.” Big Shot visits Jung at the Beauty Shop and tells her that when she is ready to talk he is ready to listen. She sulks and is not Ready To Talk. While doing his community servitude, Jung’s Father notices Kim’s underling meeting with a couple of thugs. While he attempts to film their meeting, they turn on him and rough him up and steal his phone. Gigolo fixes Jung’s Father up and pronounces him brave but reckless. Madame Goo tells the Stepmother that Kim has a Special Video Clip that he thinks will sink Hong. Big Shot eats dinner with his Mother and Gigolo and confesses his firing and suspension before she can bring them up. Hong is tricked into undergoing a rehearsal for the press conference at Gil’s house. Madame Goo warns Hong that Kim will probably ambush him at the press conference with an upsetting video featuring his Mother. As Hong enters the press conference the next day, an image of his Mother saying that she is too busy to visit her son at the hospital on the day of his kidney surgery flashes on a video screen.
  6. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 106 With her phone, Jung takes a photo of Hong entering a warehouse and sends it to Kim. Hong is taking inventory in the warehouse when he hears a knock on the door. Then he hears someone rattling the doorknob. It is Big Shot. Hong tells Big Shot that the boxes in the warehouse are empty. Big Shot agrees to join hands with Hong until Kim is brought down. As Jung is approaching Kim’s office to collect her reward, she hears him on the phone in the hallway as he is informed that Big Shot is in the warehouse with Hong. She listens in horror as Kim orders a hit. Jung arrives as the warehouse is belching smoke and starts freaking out, believing that Big Shot is in the warehouse. She is restrained from running to the warehouse by her Sister, who for some reason is on the scene. As an ambulance arrives, Jung faints. Kim pretends to read a book in the library for the benefit of CCTV. A flunky approaches Kim and gives him the all clear to return to his office. Gil’s Brother finds Big Shot by Hong’s bed in the hospital and is like, WTF are you doing here? Big Shot says that Hong was running a fever so he brought him to the hospital. Gil’s Brother is like, Can we talk? Big Shot tells Gil’s Brother that he and Hong are united for the time being. He and Hong fought, but that was the day before. Gil’s Brother explains that Hong’s fever is likely associated with his kidney transplant. Now it is Big Shot who is like, WTF? As Big Shot stands in the corridor looking dumbstruck, Gil runs up and he directs her to Hong’s room. Later, he watches wistfully as she fusses over Hong. Lee reports to Madame Goo that Kim’s thugs tried to blow up Hong’s warehouse but the dumkopfs managed to injure themselves as well. Jung awakens from a nightmare in which she unsuccessfully attempts to warn Big Shot as he is walking toward his doom. As Jung leaves her bedroom she hears her Sister talking about an actor who just died. Thinking that she was talking about Big Shot, Jung takes off running. Jung’s Mother discovers that Jung has left the house and starts freaking out. Jung pounds on the door of Big Shot’s apartment pleading with him to come out. She is no longer wearing her baseball cap so a Turning Point has been reached. She is not wearing any shoes, so there is also that. As Big Shot encounters her while returning to his apartment he, not for the first time today, is like, WTF? Bewildered, he leads her into his apartment for a Talk. Big Shot washes Jung’s feet (Is this a Biblical allusion?) Then she apologizes for almost getting him killed. Jung tells him that she has an incriminating recording of Kim but when she tries to play it, all we hear is static. Big Shot tells her to stop trying to run with the Big Dogs. Kim wrings his hands as his Flunky explains that Big Shot and Hong were gone by the time his Thugs reached the warehouse and managed to blow themselves up. Just as he thinks things can’t get any worse, he hears a shrewish roar from the reception area. The Stepmother enters Kim’s office and gives him what for. He wishes he was anywhere but Yogi. Kim receives a call from a surviving incompetent Thug and can’t resist reaming him out even though the Stepmother is Standing Right There.. As she listens, she remembers how she first knew Kim, flashing back to a scene decades ago where Kim is chasing her down an alley. The Stepmother lights into Kim, reminding him that he stole the money she loaned to Hong’s Mother and then tried to frame the Stepmother for Loan Sharking. She tells him that if he tries to harm Hong again she’ll kick his richardsimmons. He affects nonconcern. When the Stepmother leaves, Kim is on the phone instructing what is left of his posse to destroy all of the evidence. Gil meets Big Shot’s Mother and expresses her appreciation for her Son’s role in saving Hong’s life. Gil visits Hong. He explains that since Kim is trying to kill both him and Big Shot, they are allies for the time being. Madame Goo, Lee and Jung’s Sister plan a press conference. Jung returns home and apologizes to her Mother. Her Mother asks what she is apologizing for. “All of the above,” Jung says, explaining that she never intended to hurt anyone – only Take Their Stuff. Just as Jung’s Mother is celebrating the Return Of The Prodigal Daughter, Jung breaks bad again, insisting that she will never apologize to the people she almost got killed. She tells Jung to get a good night’s sleep, hoping she will be less of a monster when she wakes up. Hong is enjoying a morning stroll when he is confronted by a passel of presstitutes and photographers. Hong gets that Panic Attack In The Headlights look.
  7. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 105 Big Shot sucker punches Hong but Hong fights back and they both end up sprawled on the sidewalk in the rain. Big Shot complains that Hong saved him from being disbarred. Hong observes that if he were Big Shot, Big Shot would be living a better life. Big Shot is like, But you have money! Hong is like, But you have a Mother who loves you! Pobrecito mucho, guys . . . In Kim’s office, a female flunky finishes giving Jung a TSA. Jung pleads for forgiveness and assures Kim that she is still Dirty Deeds Done Cheap. Kim tells her to find Hong’s warehouse. As she leaves Kim’s office, his Underlings regard her with contempt. Kim calls an underling into his office and tells him to leave Jung alone since she is too scared to cause any further trouble. We learn that Kim’s plan is to destroy Hong’s warehouse before his scheduled product launch press conference. Gil tries unsuccessfully to raise Hong on the phone. Jung’s Sister enters and sucks up to her. Gil is pleased to learn that she has been handing out free samples of EJ cosmetics. Gil asks Jung’s Sister if she is serious about marrying her brother. She’s like, I’m turning 30 soon. Do you have any other questions? Madame Goo is on the phone with reporters talking up the product launch. Jung’s and Big Shot’s Mothers bicker about whose offspring is on the Wrogest Path. Big Shot overhears his Mother defending him and is saddened. Jung arrives home in time to overhear her Father tell her Mother that he is determined to become a better man for her sake. She goes to her bedroom and cries alone. Lee takes note of Hong’s banged up face. Hong tells him he ran into a door. Hong gives the Stepmother a box of the new cosmetics. She takes note of the EJ branding and is pleased. The Stepmother tells Hong that when she thinks of his Mother she gets angry – but also her heart aches, for reasons she can’t fathom. The Stepmother and her brood have breakfast. Gil’s Brother notes that his Stepmother and Aunt seem to be getting along better these days. In response, Stepmother and Aunt bicker. Gil’s Brother asks her if he should pursue a question even though he might not like the answer. She tells him yes. Then he resumes wondering who has whose kidney. Big Shot enters the Stepmother’s office. She remarks that he and Hong must have run into the same door. She tells him that he is at a crossroads and the Right Path can only be travelled with Hong. Big Shot is like, Lord make me good – but not yet . . . She tells him the Repentance Train won’t wait at the station for him forever . . . Hong encounters Gil and explains that he ran into a door. Jung is wearing a baseball cap again so we know she is breaking bad yet again. Jung follows Hong but so do two of Kim’s Thugs. She observes as the Stepmother’s Thugs arrive and scare Kim’s Thugs away. Jung remembers that Kim threatened to end Big Shot’s law career. Also he told Jung, “I know where your Sister works.” With her phone, Jung takes a photo of Hong entering a warehouse and sends it to Kim. Hong is taking inventory in the warehouse when he hears a knock on the door. Then he hears someone rattling the doorknob. Freeze Frame of Hong’s apprehensive face.
  8. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 104 Hong and Big Shot meet on a dark street corner and agree to join hands against Kim. Jung calls Kim to report this meeting. As Jung is ringing off, Gil steps out of the darkness and confronts her. Jung tells Gil to bug off and resumes stalking Big Shot. Big Shot, who has been aware of her presence all along, calls her out and tells her the Facts of Life: Kim will discard her like a used tissue as soon as he takes out himself and Hong. On the phone, Big Shot’s Mother encourages him to keep punching. He is overcome by emotion. Lee gives Madame Goo a bottle of EJ cosmetics. She is disappointed that Hong didn’t launch it under the Genius label. Gil and Hong enjoy a celebratory meal with the Aunt and Stepmother. Gil’s Brother joins them and squirts champagne on everyone. Gil’s Brother questions Hong about the transplant. Hong doesn’t know whose kidney he has. Jung’s Sister gives her Mother EJ cosmetics to try out on her customers. Jung arrives home and begins to figure out that Kim attempted to steal Hong’s cosmetic formula. In the Small Café, Jung’s Father starts to take a drink but decides to call his Ex and ask about his daughters instead. Jung meets Big Shot and tells him that she will help him defend his law license. Kim’s hirelings attempt to tail Hong’s car but the Stepmother’s hirelings cut them off. Kim rages about the incompetence of his Thugs to an underling. Kim learns that Hong has scheduled a press conference and is like: Ain’t happenin’. At the factory, Gil and Hong watch the cosmetics roll off the production line. The Aunt hands out samples of EJ cosmetics at the hospital. Hong and Gil hand out advertising flyers until it starts to rain. As they take shelter, Hong has a flashback about his Mother. Big Shot leaves the .Bar Association after receiving a one year suspension. We learn that Lawyer Choi intervened to stop Big Shot from totally losing his license. Big Shot knows that likely Hong asked Choi to help. Jung enters Kim’s office and tries to surreptitiously record their conversation. He notices and angrily seizes a small voice recorder from her pocket. Hong meets Big Shot expecting some thanks for saving his law license. Instead, Big Shot punches Hong in the mouth, leaving him sprawling on the ground.
  9. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 102 Jung’s Father hands the Stepmother a pieced together note which seems to implicate Kim in a personal sex scandal. We learn that he first considered blackmailing Kim with the note. Old habits die hard. He also repeats that he is worried about what Kim and his Thugs may do to Jung. The Stepmother arrives in Kim’s office for a meeting. As she is about to sign the contract, Hong strides into the office. The Stepmother beams in satisfaction. Hong hands the Stepmother his Product Certification Report. She notes that it is dated a day earlier than Kim’s but is otherwise identical. Just then, Kim receives an urgent call informing him that “his cosmetics” are defective. Kim then serves as an involuntary witness as the Stepmother signs Hong’s contract. As the Stepmother leaves Kim’s office, she recalls the video Hong showed her of Kim’s thugs stealing the fake cosmetics from Lee’s car. She remembers Hong telling her that he wasn’t afraid of Kim’s Thugs following him because he knew that she had PI’s following him as well. We also learn that Hong’s Mother left notes warning about Kim which Hong reviewed. Back in Kim’s office, he and Hong square off. Kim tells Hong that he is “worried about his health” in the As Hong leaves the Genius Bui8lding, he encounters Big Shot in front of a notice in the lobby announcing Big Shot’s termination. He tells Hong to keep walking. Hong and Big Shot face off on the rooftop. Big Shot tells Hong that they are not allies. Gil works with some designers to perfect the cosmetic bottle. As Gil leaves the meeting with the designers, we see the bill of a familiar Baseball Cap protruding from a nearby corner. As Jung stalks Gil she thinks she is being subtle, but she is the only woman on the street wearing a Baseball Cap. Gil turns and tells Jung to return to the Omma who loves her. Big Shot is outside Kim’s office demanding a meeting. Kim’s Thugs recommend that he go away. Hung observes this scene from down the hall. On his way out Big Shot encounters Jung and warns her for the Thousandth Time to stay away from Kim. For some reason, Jung thinks Kim “owes her” and she won’t stop bothering Kim until she collects. The Beauty Shop is full of Halmonies getting perms. Big Shot’s Mother walks in and, to Jung’s Mother’s surprise, resumes her old duties. When Gil enters Madame Goo’s office with the latest bottle designs, Goo tells her that she has reconciled herself to Gil’s relationship with Hong. In the Small Café, Gigolo and the Manager practice a duet for an event at the orphanage. Jung’s Father and Sister are frightened by a bug in the Pawn Shop. Jung’s Sister is in the Pawn Shop because, in her latest suck up effort, she is bringing the Aunt dinner. The Stepmother wonders what to do with her evidence of Kim’s adultery. Hong tells Gil that he is naming his new company EJ Cosmetics. We learn that Hong went to his Mother’s house and confronted Memories of her while retrieving her notebooks. At the hospital, Gil’s Brother review’s Hong’s medical chart. When he gets to the part about Hong’s kidney transplant, he is Thunderstruck.
  10. The writer is teasing us with another mystery: Apparently Rogue Director Kim and the Stepmother have encountered each other before. At the beginning of their meeting in #101, he remarks that he thinks they have met before. After he leaves, she has a similar feeling and is trying to remember the circumstances. Probably something to do with her relationship with Hong's Mother. @sungyoliw @dramaninja When IW loses the baseball cap, we'll know she is on the road to redemption,
  11. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 101 Rogue Director Kim assures the Stepmother that his cosmetics will launch next week. He claims to be almost sorry that he bested Hong, since he is “like a nephew to me.” In her office, Madame Goo lambastes Hong for allowing Kim to outsmart him. Lee walks in and says that Kim stole decoy cosmetics, while the real cosmetics are safe in his apartment. Madame Goo and Gil then lambaste Hong for deceiving them. Women! Is there no pleasing them? Hong says he has one final “big show” to enact for Kim. Lee rushes out of the Beauty Center carrying an apparently unconscious Hong on his back. Jung, in her baseball cap and field jacket, takes note. Big Shot is on the phone with the Bar Association, asking WTF with this ethics complaint? As he is digesting the fact that Kim dropped the dime on him, Jung enters his office. She tells him about Hong but is confused when Big Shot doesn’t celebrate. Jung watches as two burly Thugs throw her Father out of Kim’s office and threaten to rearrange his face for stealing information. Jung a[[roaches her Father and he attempts to persuade her to leave the building with him before it is too late. Gil enters the Stepmother’s office and tells her that Kim has stolen Hong’s cosmetics. She is surprised when the Stepmother seems to be prepared to invest money with Kim even though she believes Kim has stolen Hong’s product. She says if Hong was stupid enough to allow Kim to steal his product, he doesn’t deserve her money. As Gil is leaving, the Aunt accuses her of being ungrateful to the Stepmother. In his office, Kim listens as an underling reports that Hong has collapsed. He also reports that the cosmetics are being analyzed and steps have been taken to assure that the factory will not manufacture another batch for Hong. When the underling asks Kim what they should do about Jung, he says they need to “use her once more” before discarding her. And by the way, send Hong some flowers. Finally, Kim concludes that since the Stepmother has bought his story, she has lost her marbles. Jung’s Mother and the Rice Cake Lady talk. Jung’s Sister has come up with a plan: Distribute advertising flyers for the Beauty Shop with sample rice cakes attached. Gil’s Brother distributes the flyers and rice cakes on the street. After the Aunt knocks him over, injuring his leg, she takes over. After Gil’s Brother sends her a video, Jung’s Sister is happy that the Aunt has been tricked into distributing the flyers. Jung considers the warnings she has received from her Father and Big Shot. Then her Father texts her and tells her that They Have To Talk. Big Shot tells her Son that since Kim has gotten to Hong, he’d better watch his back. As Madame Goo is talking with Hong and Lee, she wonders whether Kim has secreted a spy camera in HER office. Big Shot’s Mother tells Gigolo that she will work at the Beauty Shop until she can pay off a debt she owes. Then they can register their marriage. He asks what he can do to help. When she issues a lengthy list of demands he retaliates by singing a song. Jung joins her Father in the Small Café. He warns her to return to the Right Path before she breaks her Mother’s heart. Jung returns home and reads her Mother’s advertising flyer, which assumes that Jung will work in the Shop as a skin therapist. She enters the therapy room which her Mother has set up for her and breaks down in tears. Gil apologizes to the Stepmother. Morning. The Stepmother is in Kim’s office about to sign the investment agreement. Hong enters Kim’s office and is like, I’m B-A-A-A-CK!!!
  12. Unless I misunderstood, before he said he felt fine he said he needed to go in for a routine checkup after his product was launched. The important thing is the reference to his having had surgery and the timing of the surgery.
  13. In #100 while at dinner at Gil's house, Hong says that after his product launch he needs to go to the hospital for a routine followup to his "surgery." Gil's Brother takes note of the fact that Hong's surgery took place "in the Winter." Does anyone else think that Hong has the Stepmother's kidney and Gil has Hong's Mother's kidney?
  14. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 100 In the Small Café, Jung’s Father finally succeeds in piecing a significant shredded document together. He cackles, telling himself he has finally identified Rogue Director Kim’s weakness. Gil sits in Kim’s office as he gives a document the hairy eyebrow. She tells him that the Stepmother wants to see his new cosmetic as soon as it is available. He asks after Hong, saying he regards Hong as a nephew. Gil suggests that he deliver this newsflash directly to Hong. Kim is like, Touche. As Gil is Jung, in the hallway, reflects that she told Kim she is at his beck and call, so why hasn’t he beckoned or called me? Just then, Gil emerges from Kim’s office. From around a corner, Jung watches Kim bow to Gil. Jung has collected an additional grievance: Why is he treating her nicely when he treated me like dust? Jung texts Kim’s assistant: Remember me? Gil leaves Genius Cosmetics. A few seconds later, she sees Jung leave the building. Gil knows that means trouble. As she descends the steps to the sidewalk, Jung receives a call. It’s Kim. As she is telling Kim she of course will do anything he wants, Big Shot arrives and summons her for a Talk. Big Shot tries to talk some sense into Jung but she stays on message: Gil must be destroyed. Kim can help. In the storeroom, Hong and Lee wonder how their information leaked and how Kim will manage to release his product next week. Big Shot barges in and tells them that Kim met Gil and apparently knows about Gil’s relationship with Hong. Hong encounters Gil in the hallway and is like, WTF? She explains that she was dispatched by the Stepmother to Kim’s office at the last minute. She also tells him that she saw a note with Jung’s phone number on Kim’s desk. Jung has dinner with her Mother and Sister. She wonders how she can follow Kim’s instruction to keep an eye on Hong when she no longer has a job at the Beauty Center. Apparently Kim has told her that if she proves herself with this assignment, bigger things will follow. In her bedroom, Jung figures that she somehow needs to find a way to spy on Hong and Lee while they talk in the storeroom. Jung’s Father sits in the Stepmother’s office while she brings him coffee. He tells her that working at a nursing home as part of his community service was too depressing. She reminds him that he tried to have her confined to such a facility against her will. He tells her that although their relationship didn’t work out, he hopes she can accept Jung’s Sister’s relationship with Gil’s Brother. Lee encounters Madame Goo in the Small Café and comments on her new hairdo. She is pleased. Nightfall. Madame Goo, Gigolo, Big Shot and his Mother have dinner together. The two women bicker. Gigolo announces that he will register Madame Goo as his daughter next week. Big Shot’s Mother makes it clear that then she will be Madame Goo’s Omma as well. Madame Goo bristles. Hong has dinner with Gil’s family. The Aunt pumps him for information on his wealth. Hong mentions that he has to go to a hospital soon for a follow up to surgery he had several years ago. The proverbial lightbulb goes off over Gil’s Brother’s head. Jung’s Father, in the Small Café, surprises Big Shot by telling him he wants to bring down Kim to save Jung from a life of crime. Big Shot tells him that Kim is a devoted family man so the only way to bring him down is by exposing his illegal business dealings. Jung’s Mother surprises her Ex as he is cleaning her Beauty Shop. He tells her that he believes that if he cleans her shop regularly, the Universe will forgive his misdeeds and Jung will return to the Right Path. Ha! Jung, wearing her baseball cap and Korean Army field jacket, is hiding behind some boxes in the storeroom. Madame Goo speaks to the Beauty Center staff. Everyone giggles at her latest hairdo. Lee and Madame Goo meet in the Small Café. Of course he likes her new hairdo. Lee and Hong confer in the storeroom as Jung eavesdrops. Hong hands Lee a document to deliver to someone. Jung follows Lee and Hong outside and watches as Lee drives off. She calls Kim and notifies him of Lee’s errand. In the Pawn Shop, Jung’s Sister arrives with a piece of junk purse and flatters the Aunt when she identifies it as a counterfeit. Before she leaves, she passes a free jar of cosmetics to the Stepmother’s Assistant. Before driving back to Seoul with the first run of Hong’s new cosmetics, Lee stops to answer’s Nature’s Call, leaving the cosmetics unguarded in the car. Bog Shot enters his office with the morning mail. He discovers that a complaint has been filed against him with the Bar Association. Lee returns to the car and (Surprise! Surprise!) the cosmetics are no longer in the front seat. Or be back seat. Or the trunk, which may have been a better place for them to begin with. He has an Oh Guano! Moment when he realizes that the car’s black box has also been stolen. The door to the Stepmother’s office opens and Rogue Director Kim enters with a Smug Smirk.
  15. I HATE TO LOVE YOU (AKA I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU) (AKA LOVE RETURNS) RECAP, EPISODE 99 Hong arrives at the factory. As he opens the door to step inside, someone seizes him from behind. It is Big Shot, who spirits Hong into the shadows. They watch and listen as the Thugs are instructed to scare Hong but not cause superfluous damage. “The Factory Manager will do the rest.” Hong turns to Big Shot and is like, WTF? Big Shot is like, Don’t look a gift shyster in the mouth.” Hong stupidly initiates a loud argument, which attracts the attention of the Thugs, who fan out to locate the source of the voices. Big Shot and Hong haul richardsimmons. Although Hong trips and they are forced to take cover behind a nearby car, the low-rent Thugs manage to miss them. In her bedroom, Gil is unable to raise Hong on her phone. She remembers her rude response to Big Shot when he encountered her in the hallway and asked where Hong was. Gil attempts to leave the house to look for Hong, but is waylaid by the Aunt who wants to complain about her Brother’s relationship with Jung’s Sister. Meanwhile, in their bedroom, Jung is berating her Sister re her ill chosen Boyfriend. Jung’s Sister retaliates by noting the unrequited torch Jung still carries for Big Shot. Jung then picks an argument with her Mother. Rogue Director Kim, who is obviously smarter than the hired help, sits at his desk watching CCTV footage of Big Shot helping Hong escape. Big Shot helps Hong, whose leg has been sprained, enter his apartment. They square off again. Big Shot makes clear that he still doesn’t like Hong, but couldn’t stand idly by while he was injured for no reason. Hong contends that he out-smarted Kim because he went to the factory without his secret cosmetic formula. Big Shot counters that he almost outsmarted himself, because the Thugs would have killed him before they would allow him to leave without giving them the formula. When Hong explains that it was all part of his grand strategy to “Bring Kim Down,” Big Shot throws up his hands. Disgusted, Big Shot gives up to leave. Before he reaches the door, Hong thanks him but warns him that Kim probably already knows that Big Shot double crossed him. Big Shot enters his apartment and stares at his thumb drive containing videos which incriminate Kim. But he fears that he may have fallen into his own trap. In her living room, Madame Goo receives a credit card alert on her phone when Big Shot’s Mother buys groceries. When her Stepmother returns home, Madame Goo pretends to be engrossed in her magazine. But she can’t keep quiet about the card charge and a catfight ensues. The Manager of the Small Café walks in on Jung’s Father as he drinks soju and attempts to piece together shredded documents from Kim’s office. He laments that his sins have impacted both of his daughters. Jung’s Mother and Sister come downstairs and discover that Jung’s Father has cleaned the Beauty Shop. His Ex realizes that it must have been him who cleaned the shop but still can’t believe it. The Stepmother arrives at the Pawn Shop and discovers her Ex tidying things up. The Stepmother and Aunt wonder what he’s up to. Assistant Lee and Hong confer in the storeroom. Lee has found another factory to produce Hong’s cosmetics. Mmes. Goo and Gong confer in Goo’s office. Goo’s cell phone buzzes every two seconds. Big Shot’s Mother is making a series of small grocery purchases to get under Goo’s skin. Gil tells Hong that Kim is talking about rolling out his new line of cosmetics by the end of next week. As Jung’s Sister arrives at the hospital to meet Gil’s Brother, the Aunt arrives out of nowhere and engages him in unwanted conversation. The Stepmother has a meeting scheduled with Kim. She orders Gil to go in her place. In the park, Jung’s Father distributes pastries and milk to elderly women. The Stepmother and Manager of the Small Café watch him and wonder whether he has truly changed his ways. Then her memory flashes on his past misdeeds. Jung’s Sister visits the Pawn Shop. With the promise of cut rate cosmetics, she persuades the Stepmother’s Assistant to give her the lowdown on her boss. Kim encounters Big Shot in the lobby of Genius Cosmetics. He tells him the rollout is next week and orders him to be ready to fulfill his role. Big Shot wonders how Kim can be rolling anything out if he still does not have Hong’s formula. Big Shot notices Gil entering Kim’s office and is like, WTF? In Kim’s office, he fixes Gil with a Look.