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  1. These days Secretary and Boss rom-coms are doing well on cable tv so I want that for our couple...I wouldn't mind Fantasy genre either. After what MBC did to our couple last year(Couple awards), I don't want them to work again on that channel. I want a cable tv..hopefully TVN because cable tv has a lot of freedom with kisses and umm..bed scenes. Hey, KSH is legal age now and can have such scenes.
  2. I haven't seen the fourth episode with subtitles yet and I haven't read the webtoon so this is just a wild speculation.
  3. Watched the episode live, even though, I didn't understand most of it. Today's episode has become my favorite so far. LYJ's jealousy was like cherry on top of his nekkid shower scenes. I am no longer on fence after today. @kaoriharang I am all in, what about you? I can't wait for the Library scene tomorrow and LYJ getting scared by KMS. I am a bit surprised that LYJ is realizing his feelings so soon but will he accept it or come up with an excuse to deny it?
  4. You don't need to stop visiting the thread or posting and nobody dislikes you. We are just being careful since we don't want any problems. If you just read and heed the rules, that'll be great. Backtracking and reading the pages would actually do you good since the mods themselves have come in and explained somethings in the thread. Basically, no shipper thread is allowed to talk about other fandoms(negatively)...especially rival ones which includes one half of your couple. The rival fandom members cannot be discussed either. No badmouthing other celebrities and their fandom. No spying on rival ships and discussing/mocking in this thread. You just stick to your couples and everything positive to do with them. If anyone has any negative to discuss, it's generally done through PM.
  5. Literally never seen YSH and KSH like this for their any other show presscon. Special, Special. No wonder SK(the country that hates shipping) and every other fan ships them hard. There is a good possibility of that. If it's true, fingers crossed for them and if not, there's still plenty of time for it. Can you please stop obsessing over YSH's last project and the other ship? It's against the rule to mention, talk about or discuss any other ship but ours. Only the insecure obsess over other ships. We are not such shippers.
  6. Finished watching both the episodes back to back and loved it. This show has all the markings of becoming my next crack. PSJ and PMY are perfect for their roles and their chemistry is pretty good. I am guessing it will become sizzling if the comics intimate scenes are something to go by. Can't wait for Wednesday-Thursday now. BTW, can someone PM me the spoiler about their childhood connection too? I don't really care about spoilers, they in no way diminish my enjoyment of the show.
  7. The proposal is sincere. It will make a certain lovely person radiate with pink light for sure. The guys are just being guys, laughing at all things sappy and love. I am sure even they must have liked the sappy proposal.
  8. Total delulu but.... KSH tags L for challenge because her Oppa is not on Instagram YSH: Opens an Instagram account ASAP
  9. Credit: @AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I guess everyone is patiently waiting for the break up news. But we don't need to wait for the actual news guys.....military = breakup. OYS is a free bird and can date a certain sexy monkey if she wants now and if she isn't already.
  10. Happy Birthday to our Queen! Being total delulu here but maybe her YSH Oppa rushed to SK for her bday. I know, I know, still pretty young to "date" but still.
  11. Love her shoes! So elegant and striking! KSH looks beautiful. Haters are calling her fat? She is still 18 and has baby fat on her. Sheesh. They should be ashamed of themselves. Woman all over the world are fighting for good body image and not shaming other people for their different body structures and yet, here they are, the pathetic haters, trying to pull a 18 year old down, just because she has accomplished in 10 years what they haven't in decades of their sad lives.
  12. There have been many clues actually, even in the show itself and the barely there BTS. We just have to be very observant and prior knowledge of their work also helps a lot. It won't be in vain. Trust me on this. I can't say more since we are being watched like a hawk by external eyes. So I have to be vague. Just trust the couple. Patience is always rewarded. I doubt there will be an official break up announcement. Koreans already believe that they have broken up. Military = break up. Its as simple as that in their eyes unless the couple has been together for months/years and are very committed. Since OYS was in the get to know each other phase with him for barely a month, I don't think they were committed. Plus distance in new relationships are a tie breaker. His genetic family disease(which is kept a secret) is so severe that he is going to take days off from the military for treatments in the hospital. So he's going to be pretty busy with military and his treatment for any romantic relationship. Would a relationship last in such scenarios? The chances are zero. OYS won't imply anything. Its upto her agency to do that and there's a 99% chance that the break up will get like a sentence or a passing mention in either her next project announcement or her new relationship announcement.
  13. Is it already going to be 3 months that the show ended? Where did the time go? Anyway, still waiting patiently for "good" news. Good things come to those who wait and we have been very good, although somewhat naughty and perverted and for that, the blame falls totally on Seungyeon.
  14. So possessive, this guy. L maintaining his distance and touching YSH but YSH is all about KSH. He has never behaved like this with any other costar. KSH is special. No matter what anybody claims or forces. BTW, after reading his latest interviews, it's clear that he is very introverted and will never go for; neither will he be comfortable with an extrovert in the long run. He needs an introvert who can be social (KSH ) to make him comfortable and bring him out of his shell a little.