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  1. I remember you, you asked for proof about KB's past shortlived relationships from me and liked a post from a certain someone about reporting us all. LOL. Anyway, you can understand why we can't share the info on a public forum. The example is free for all to see with what happened to a recent couple ship from TVN show. As such it shouldn't be hard to imagine why we would want to protect our couple. So no, we won't be presenting concrete proof and facts until it's safe for the couple. Believing or not depends on every person, we won't force anyone. Ah, 27, maybe more than what we think. Rumor has it that a certain someone is stalking a certain acc on IG. Coincidentally, I like it too.
  2. Yeah, this show is about plastic surgery and how people shouldn't force others to change themselves just because they don't fit their category of perfect. It also teaches that if one has had plastic surgery, you don't point it out or ask about it or say that this part can be better if its changed. Something we clearly saw KS reprimanding SA about. I personally don't ostracize people who have had plastic surgery, celebrities or normal people. Like I said, to each their own. But unless its confirmed, we shouldn't indulge in harmful spreading of rumor. Even a comment made in passing can spread rumors and reach unimaginable proportions.
  3. OYS acc being private may have a different meaning than we think. Don't worry though, they know how to keep in touch.
  4. So you watch shows to judge features of actors and actresses in shows? To each his own, I guess, but whats wrong in learning values and realities from a KD when its been imparted in every episode? A lesson that is obviously needed, it seems. BTW, the forum is to discuss the show, characters, actors, storyline. Commenting on plastic surgery that the actors may have done come under rumors and that is frowned upon. But, I think the mod can be more clear about it.
  5. Is this the scene from the preview where she asks why he is looking at her like that and he replies that he too, does not know? Can't believe we have to wait one more day to watch the episode. Are we getting just one episode or two tomorrow?
  6. Really? You are judging looks of actors & actresses and commenting on which body part can be better in a show which is trying to teach that looks shouldn't be judged and shouldn't matter? SA works in a coffee shop called "Spirit" or something. It can be clearly seen in the scene where MR's bully from high school visits her workplace.
  7. Why is SR speaking French when she was learning German? Anyway, Chan is going to realize that his uncle and SR like each other. Poor guy. At least he has his friends and the girl who likes him. In the preview it seems SR managed to meet that old teacher who was going to give her the place of second violin and he will help her hone her skills again. I hope TR won't try and sabotage that. Although chances of that is slim to none.
  8. Happy Birthday YSH! BTW guys, can I ask for a favor? If any of you are friends with acc owners of shyshy page, can you ask them not to tag YSH and KSH together? Lets just use hashtag (#shyshycouple #yooseungho #kimsohyun , etc) but not tag their real accs and make them uncomfortable or awkward. Right now they are very honest but if we shippers keep being so loud and obvious, it can make them uncomfortable and more guarded. Something that happened with a recent tvn couple. Lets set a different example. Let's not work to oust them but to support them even from the shadows if need be. They are still too young after all, let them take their own sweet time. What do you guys think?
  9. Rewatched a few scenes from the past episodes. I wonder if WJ started liking SR because she found something of his and ran to give it back to him. The flashback we saw of her running behind WJ could be their first meeting where he fell for her and started painting her portrait to gift and confess. Although, everybody thinks that TR is the least shown character in the show, but I think in actuality, it's KHT whose screen presence can be measured in seconds which is sad because he looks so devoted of a friend to SR. I actually feel sad for him that his love/crush towards SR after so many years will lead to nothing but heartbreak. I would like them to be at least friends again at the end of the show.
  10. Are you talking about Edmund Angerer? But that is still disputed and some even suggested that Michael Haydn(Joseph's younger brother) may be the composer. All we know for sure is that Joseph Haydn is not the composer and Leopold Mozart was given the rights to it. He will remain the composer till its proved otherwise so SR is not exactly wrong. She is a new professor though, so that can explain her not knowing the real composer. Or she may just be bad at her job. LOL. That happens when you don't love your job. Anyway, it's true that she has sailed in the evil ship, but she hasn't sunk too low as yet.
  11. @Mau_Cherry Wow, good catch! The writer has thought the story through! If I had to guess, I would say SR will go away to Germany to complete her studies OR she will be in a concert by the teacher who had first given her a break in his team and that scene with WJ on the beach with her poster is when she will come back. @stuartjmz My not being surprised at TR being the typical second female lead had nothing to do with your claims or inside information. It was basic story telling and character understanding. Humans are a competitive being. Jealousy, insecurity is the obvious trait of many, especially professionally. There was a reason why TR was introduced as being in the same profession as SR. She is still too young to be a genuine mentor. She is still at an age where she will see other talented violinists as competition. Especially, SR because SR is her age and even young was pure talent and had no family connections. You may see it as cliche and predictable but from my perspective, its not, because from the start we knew and saw that SR loves playing Violin by her feel and talent over a set setlist. I said this before but IMHO talent trumps training, and if that talent receives training, watch out, which is why TR is insecure of SR even now. There will always be a difference between someone who has been trained in a craft and someone who genuinely loves it. Be it playing an instrument, writing, painting or anything else. This is why, I did not find it cliche that a 17 year old SR knew about the composer but TR didn't. Because SR loved it and studied the music, its detail with a passion, whereas TR only pursued excellence due to her pushy mother. She had no reason to google about the music(as a doubt or just extra information) when the detail was given in her book. Anyway, for your sake, I hope TR doesn't become too evil.
  12. Ah, thanks, that clears it up. No wonder they didn't connect each other to the accident. I wonder when the writer will get to it. It's already been 8 episodes and KHT has still to play a part in the love triangle to bring them together. I am guessing its through KHT that WJ will realize that SR is the girl he liked and about her absentmindedness in wearing NSM's jacket all the time. Edit: Just realized something. Chan's mom is a Doctor. Perhaps she is how KHT will come to know about SR and will try to take her away?
  13. This is what I gathered without subs so I maybe wrong about what happened in the episode. This is not a fanfiction. Looks like SR finally came clean about having been in coma for a few years to WJ but since he didn't connect her to the bus accident quickly, I gather, she may have been vague about the years. WJ told her about his trauma too but again vaguely. I wondered if SR used to like WJ too but her reaction to him on the bus was not of a girl liking a boy. So the flashback of she following WJ in the past episode may have been she just following him to give him back something that fell from his bag or bike? We have been shown how SR goes to great lengths to return things to the original owners. About Jennifer, I think by now its clear that her husband was one of the people who lost their lives in the bus accident. Also that she was pregnant. Either she lost her child from shock of loosing her husband or she came to know he was having an affair with (lady in yellow) and lost the child then. Which maybe why she has closed herself down and acts like a Robot. In today's episode, the lady in yellow looked haughty and not at all apologetic to my eyes. I wonder why she tracked down Jennifer after so many years..money? Property that should have been hers if the divorce had gone through and the man had married her? Now Chan. This sweet boy. I feel for him, I really do. My eyes welled up today for him when SR was leaving. I am sure he will just swallow his feelings and root for his uncle and SR but that will be heart wrenching to watch. I honestly don't mind RA for him. She seems to prioritize him and his health over whatever attention/affection she expects from him. Sadly, looks like TR is headed the typical second lead way. Something I am not surprised by TBH because as much as we like second characters, they are there as props to help our leads grow character wise. When writing a story, a writer always envisions the leads, the story, the end result and decides on which supporting characters are needed and how they will help the leads change and grow till the epilogue. Though a good writer knows how to make them grow with the leads too. Here's hoping that TR learns to get out of her parents thumb and pursue what she wants without any pressure. If it's still Violin, great, if its something else, still great.
  14. What a wonderful episode and even more of a wonderful preview. I am so happy to see WJ being happy and his old self. All thanks to SR. With TR in the preview, I understand her jealousy and trepidation. If not for SR going "missing" this TOP spot would have been SR's because SR genuinely loves Violin and was not pressured like TR was by her mom. She only excelled because of that pressure and when forced to do something, a person looses their passion for that craft, especially when someone talented is waiting in the shadows. Even 2nd, SR would have stolen the show and if she had gotten time to hone her skill professionally, she definitely would have been the best Violinist surpassing TR. TR knows and recognizes that and hence her jealousy for someone who has not played for 13 years.
  15. Perhaps, she met KHT and is moving in with him? I am guessing she would feel familiar with him since they are childhood friends, plus her one month with WJ and Chan is soon to run out.